Unraveling Part 2

Slowly waking up, my eyes fluttered open as I saw a dark figure across from me. “Bonnie what the hell did you just do? Why the hell did you do that?” I heard his voice speak as I slowly sat up on the couch, he came rushing to my side to make sure I was okay. “Damon… look at you acting all doctor like” I smirked slightly and noticed the features on his face weren’t budging. I knew I had to explain to him why I did what I did but I didn’t want to tell him the /real/ reason so I made up a little white lie.. Well I mean it wasn’t /all/ a lie. Most of it was true. “I Did it because you’re my best friend and I didn’t want to face these vampire hunters alone… Plus I would have missed you okay?”

I groaned wincing in pain as I held my head up with my hand. “Bonnie are you okay? I could’ve kept drinking… I could’ve killed you”. Damon said as he rubbed my back gently. “and yet you didn’t”. I chuckled softly trying to lighten the mood up a bit. “Bonnie… why aren’t you healing?” He glared at me as my wrist was still bleeding. “Here” He bit into his own wrist and placed it up to my mouth as I took his blood. Within a few minutes my body was starting to heal. “I still feel like shit though” I smirked and Damon gave me one of his infamous smiles. “You can stay here tonight. I’ll look after you incase something happens”. I nodded and got comfortable on the couch as I saw him walk to his mini bar and pour some bourbon.

“Hey… are you gonna share?” I asked raising my brow as I heard him laugh a bit pouring a drink for me. “You really think I was going to leave you out?” He asked with a smile as he came over and handed me the glass before I took a sip. “Thank you”. I downed the glass and placed it on the table before taking a deep breath. “Damon….the reason why I wanted you to come back was because… I mean I have something to tell you…” I stopped and wasn’t sure if I was ready to tell him how I felt yet… “Bonnie are you sure you’re okay?” He asked me as I nodded and swallowed hard. “Yes.. I mean we’ve gotten closer over the years and I started to fall… I mean I lo…..”

Mid sentence, I was interrupted with the front door wide open and Caroline rushing in. “Guys she came back… I don’t know how but….Elena is back!” My eyes grew open, as I saw the brunette girl who was my other best friend stand before Damon and I. “Hi Bonnie….Damon…I’m back… I’m awake” I saw the tears in her eyes as I looked over at Damon who was also in shock as I walked over to Elena and wrapped my arms around her. “It’s so good to see you”. After we pulled away, Damon and Elena hugged as I took a step back, I grabbed my bag and headed for the door. “I’ll…. see you guys later. I don’t feel so good” I nodded as everyone was giving me a confused look. “Bonnie!” Damon yelled out after me and I looked back at him and told him “Damon maybe some other time…Goodnight”. and with those last words, I walked home. “I guess my feelings will go with me to the grave” I told myself as I sighed feeling tears trickling down my face.