Summary: Dan has accepted his sexuality, but has a plan to truly feel comfortable in his skin. He wants to yell it out (quite literally) for the world to hear that he’s gay. His plan doesn’t unfold exactly how he wants it to, but the alternative is quite nice, and he ends up having a date because of it. Heavily based on the iconic video by Miles McKenna, “Coming Out to Strangers” (x)

Words: 4065

Warnings: none really besides a brief food mention and the usual swearing

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Jim looked between the four monsters slowly. “…There are more of you.”

“Hi, Jim!” Steve said cheerfully. “Haven’t seen you in a while!”

“I was deployed,” Jim replied. “I like your sarong.” He looked pained. “Jesus Christ.”

Steve proudly tugged at his green sarong with yellow starbursts. “But you can’t be mad because I’m wearing clothes!”

“…Could have chosen something darker,” Jim said, then turned to the hulking feathered creature sitting on the back of the couch, taloned feet clutching into the fabric, then at the spidery woman standing on the ceiling. “…The hell,” he muttered, then sighed loudly and began fiddling with his cuff links.

Bucky came up beside him, claws tapping on the floor. “You’re all dressed up.”

“Yeah,” Jim replied dryly, batting him away when he started to sniff at him. “Stop it, you weirdo.”

Bucky held his hands up and trotted over to the couch, instead leaping on the feathered figure and tackling it backward onto the cushions. It’s startled shriek gave him goosebumps.

Jim stood up a little straighter when he saw the brunet coming down the stairs. He was dragging his feet a little, and his shoulders were slumped. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Tony said quietly.

“Where you guys going?” Steve asked, tilting his head.

Jim made a long annoyed sound and wrapped an arm around the younger man’s shoulders. “Funeral.”

“Oh.” Bucky sat up, a feather sticking out from between his sharp teeth. “Whose?”

“Are you for real?” Jim asked angrily, then ushered Tony out of the mansion.

The monsters watched them go, frowning.

“…It’s not like we know everyone that they do,” Steve mumbled, crossing his arms.

Natasha made a thoughtful noise and began walking toward the stairs. Well, the ceiling above the stairs.

“You didn’t tell us it was your parents,” Bucky said, hurt.

Clint ruffled his feathers in agitation. “We thought they were just on another trip!”

“It wouldn’t have changed anything,” Tony said shortly, brushing past them. He felt Steve’s tail start to wrap around his legs and reached down to smack it away. “I want to be alone.”

Jim watched him go, frowning, as he hung up his suit jacket in the closet. “He didn’t tell you?”

Natasha turned from having watched Tony leave as well. “Admittedly, we react to death quite differently from humans.”

“Still, he should have told you,” Jim sighed. “You would have asked where his parents were eventually.”

“Not really,” Bucky admitted. “We only see them every once in a while, and we usually avoid them anyway.”

“You guys are literally the worst,” Jim breathed, in awe of how terrible that was and why that, perhaps, was why Tony hadn’t told them.

Tony didn’t turn from staring at the wall, clutching his pillow to his chest. “I said I wanted to be alone.”

Natasha tilted her head, acknowledging, before dropping from the ceiling and flipping to land on her feet on the floor. “That was an hour ago.”

“Well, I still wanna be alone! So get out!”

She ignored him, as she usually did, and instead began muscling him out of his suit jacket. “You’ve wrinkled it.”

“Natasha, what the f–Get off me!” Tony exclaimed angrily, trying to fight her off, but she had four arms and Tony only had two, and she was already stronger than him by virtue of what she was.

Natasha peeled his dress shirt off as well. “Take off your pants.”

Tony blinked up at her, then leered. “Pity sex?”

“I will wrap you up in silk and hang you from a tree,” she threatened, turning to walk toward his dresser.

Tony threw his hands up, letting out an angry gust of breath.

Natasha returned with a pair of MIT sweatpants and a band t-shirt. “You should be comfortable while you mourn.”

“That’s the thing, Natasha,” Tony spat. “Mourning is just kind of inherently uncomfortable.” Still, when she held the shirt up threateningly, he snatched it from her and put it on, because who knew you could threaten someone with a shirt?

Seeing that he wasn’t making any move to take his slacks off, she sighed, irritated, and reached out to pull them off of him. “I’m not going to pretend I understand,” she told him, tugging them off. “You know we won’t,” she added. “Which is probably why you didn’t tell us. You’ve wrinkled your pants, too.” She held them up, scowling. “…But I will miss your mother playing the piano.”

Tony froze, sweatpants halfway up his legs.

“And I will miss Howard, for the times he was sober and kind to you,” Natasha continued. “And I will be sorry that your parents have ceased to exist in your life. But you are not alone. We don’t always… understand in ways you would like us to.” She frowned, folding the slacks up. “But we will be here, when you need us.”

Tony tightened his grip on the waistband of his sweatpants, knuckles turning white. His eyes filled with hot tears, and he bit his bottom lip to try to keep them from falling as he hurriedly pulled his pants the rest of the way up.

Natasha tilted her head as she looked at him. “Perhaps, I will learn what true mourning is when you pass. You are my dearest.”

Tony choked and lifted his hand to cover his mouth, tears rolling down his cheeks.

Natasha frowned at him and pulled the boy into her arms, wrapping all four of them around him tightly. “I do not understand, but I will support you as you mourn. And so will everyone else.”

Tony turned his head to hide his face in her neck, trying to muffle his sobs.


Gif source:  Obi-Wan

Imagine sharing your room at the Jedi Temple with Obi-Wan, your master.

——— Request for anon ———

You had grown used to sharing the room with him. It was how it always had been since you’d become his padawan and he your master. Though, living with someone in as close of quarters as a room allowed you to know all of their habits, good and bad, and he had no problem correcting you of yours.

“Make your bed,” Obi-Wan reminds you right before you hurry off from the room that you shared. You glance towards his own bed, not perfectly made but still made well enough. Quite the difference to your messy sheets.

With a sigh, you turn on your heel to quickly do as he says, “Yes, Master.”

A Man Of No Consequence

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW)
COMPLETE. All chapters may contain spoilers!

CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark
CH 12: Breath Of The Glacian
CH 13: Redemption
CH 14: Cure for Insomnia
CH 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Chapter 1: Into the Lion’s Mouth

The fireworks have started. You clutch your camera, as you feel a wave of butterflies fly up your stomach, hearing the first whistles rambunctiously shooting up into the sky, followed by a loud rattling; a sudden reminder that you’re here for a reason beyond just taking photographs. The smell of sulfur quickly follows.

God, those things are dangerously near, you realize. Not unlike the man wearing the long coat and a fedora, leaning on the balcony with his back turned to you, only a few meters away.

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phantasmaturgia  asked:

Good evening! I just saw your post about the Music of Marie Antoinette and since I can't attend the event, because I live in central Europe I wondered if you could enlighten me about the difference. I'm very enthusiastic about baroque music. Thank you for your time! :)

Hi! So great you are interested in baroque music! I have to say that living in central Europe is quite an advantage! Many festivals, concerts and groups are pretty near you.

There are many differences between a baroque (or early music if we’re talking about other older periods) and “modern” or classical interpretation: many things from the number of musicians playing to the speed they choose to play.

For a simple and fast explanation I’m gonna give two examples of very well known music in two quite different versions: Vivaldi’s four violin concerti Le Quattro Stagioni (ca. 1721, published in 1725).

First, this version by the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, conducted by Kenneth Sillito, Violin: Julia Fischer.

And now, this other version by the Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Conducted by Clemens-Maria Nuszbaumer, violin: Midori Seiler

WARNING: this video version has a choreography (that I find quite distracting) but the music is PERFECT. The four concerti are based in a sonnet, and the choreography is based in that sonnet, so you can read it HERE if you wanna know what is going on there XD.

Both are VERY different, right?

Well, the first version is like the ones we usually hear by a quite famous chamber orchestra (nowadays conducted by Joshua Bell). Of course it’s nice and good, but I have to say it is not the way i like my Vivaldi played.

The second version is by one of the most famous chamber orchestras who plays (mainly) early music.

Taking a look at the videos (and of course lending an ear) some of the differences easier to spot are:

  • The tones are different. Musicians in an orchestra tune their instruments to A, but before the late 19th century, A was not the same pitch everywhere (I know, wtf). Modern A is 440 hz but a baroque A could be as low as 392. Baroque performers nowadays use A=415 hz to tune their instruments. That’s why the second version is in a lower pitch.
  • The vibrato. Look at the violin players in both videos. The ones in the first version use their regular vibrato, and the ones in the second do not. In baroque music the vibrato was an ornament, so when it was used there was a reason for it, or sometimes it could be used at the end of a long note. This also applies to singers.
  • A baroque version may not sound like the music you remember. This is a funny one: in the baroque era many of the ornaments or embellishments that we now think as fixed in the music, were not even written and the musicians were supposed to add them to the music according to their taste and (of course) were supposed to know how and when ti use each and every one. Now, this make that people working with the music with no ornaments add their own ornaments and that makes that no version is just like another and that my friend, is what for me makes baroque music (played in a baroque way) so appealing. This is particularly delicious with singers (just went to a concert of Philippe Jaroussky last week and he never sung a single phrase the same way twice. I love him).

This of course, is very broad and simplistic way of explaining but I think these are the easier to spot details. Remember as well that many of these musicians may be playing original instruments from the period or reproductions, that also sound (and look) quite different from the modern versions (check the wind instruments! They were/are awesome!), and that the places where this music was played were different from our modern music halls, so a different sound and number of musicians were needed (in those times something like Mahler’s symphonies weren’t even an idea).

Also to all readers: if I wrote something totally outrageous and out of place or plainly wrong, please let me know and correct me! I’m always happy to learn and correct my infromation <3

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you now any good new fics that are more canon? At they Hogwarts years, during the war or, the only kind of AU that I really like about Jily, post-war (Au!They survived)? I feel that I read all of the good ones and the reasonable ones.

Here are a few new/ongoing ones, plus we’d love suggestions!

Title: Lily Evans and an Incredible Amount of Romantic Bullshit
Author: whatpassesformymind
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 13 [WIP]
Word Count: 62,275
Summary: With one year left at Hogwarts, you’d think the stress of N.E.W.T.s would be enough to keep everyone occupied. But Lily’s friends are getting ideas (and dates), Remus has a secret (or two), James is being strangely well behaved, and things might look quite different by the time these seventh years leave Hogwarts…

Title: Sober
Author: LovelyFlowerAK
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Humour
Chapters: 13 [WIP]
Word Count: 49,097
Summary: The first time James and Lily get drunk are very interesting stories. As are the last. And, really, everything in between.

Title: Summer’s Where It Began
Romance, Friendship
12 [WIP]
Word Count:
1977 the summer before James Potter and Lily Evans started their final year at Hogwarts. Among chaos and heartbreak this is where their whole relationship all began…

Title: Their Halcyon Days
Chie (Chierafied)
Drama, Romance
14 [WIP]
Word Count:
Before they gave birth to a legend, they were just students, trying to hold on to hope as the war threatened to tear their world apart.

I feel like Katie McGrath gets typecast...

into the role of the young woman who finds out that who she thought was her father is not actually her real father and someone else is her father…

Examples *spoilers*:
In Merlin as Morgana Pendragon (she is the king’s ward and finds out that he is her bio father)
Slasher as Sarah Bennett (finds out that her “parent’s” murderer is her bio father)
Supergirl as Lena Luthor (finds out that her adoptive father is her bio father)

Now, I know that we only saw a little of her in Jurassic World but… you know…


written by Charles Trapunski
June 2, 2017

The Exception is noted theatre director David Leveaux’s adaptation of Alan Judd’s novel The Kaiser’s Last Kiss and stars Canadian icon Christopher Plummer as the Kaiser, Australian Jai Courtney as captain Stefan Brandt and English actress Lily James as Mieke, who all become embroiled with each other in the film. This past TIFF, we were lucky enough to sit down with James and Courtney for a paired interview and they revealed many layers of the powerful and intriguing film.

Brief Take: Were you familiar with the source material before filming?

Lily James: Not before. I read the script first, which I loved.

Jai Courtney: No. I, too, read the script and then the book, which I loved as well. I think they were quite different in some ways, the structuring I think.

Brief Take: Did the two of you have any familiarity with each other prior to production?

LJ: Jai and I never met before we started filming.

JC: I had been watching Lily from afar. *laughs* We’d never met.

LJ: *giggling* We’d had a few weird texts.

JC: I spent a lot of time around her. *laughs*

Brief Take: In your film, characters have divided loyalties.

LJ: Yes, that’s what’s really beautiful about the story. These people form relationships whom you would never expect to want to have anything to do with each other. You can overcome that, and the humanity of that, the imperfect nature of people and love…

JC: No, you’re right. I think you’re bang on. It’s love over ideology, and I think it asks the question of, certainly the characters, “what sort of man are you when the uniform comes off?”, and the importance of that search for truth and sort of really understanding to what you stand loyal.

Brief Take: What was it like to work with Christopher Plummer?

LJ: I mean, working with Christopher was just completely incredible, he’s phenomenal to watch and it gave me chills. It’s just power and truth and he’s fun and funny and such a charming, wonderful man.

JC: He’s a funny man, he’s a very funny man, and he’s obviously such a legend. I think we felt really privileged to be not only in his presence, but to be able to share the screen and get into such lovely, rich material with such an incredibly gifted actor as himself. So it was really exciting and I think something we’ll never forget.

LJ: Hadn’t he wanted to play this part for a long time? So I feel very grateful to have been part of this moment for a long time, and I think everything really came together. His Kaiser is like…the part he was born to play.

JC: It all happened quite beautifully, the timing, and I think he was about the age of the real Kaiser and I think David Leveaux was the perfect director for the story. We felt really lucky to be a part of this with him in the title role.

Brief Take: Christopher Plummer has had a versatile career path. What did you learn from him and wish to aspire to from his career?

JC: I think what is most true, and what Christopher has always been in the pursuit of was storytelling, really, quite simply. I think practically it’s interesting and you can diversify and jump through large high-energy kind of pieces and maybe more obscure artsy things. I think, like any actor, and he’s one of the greatest, you’re in the pursuit of challenge and growth, and I think even now at eighty-something he’ll try to challenge himself and grow as a performer. I don’t think that the desire ever stops, so it’s admirable and quite inspirational to see someone of his caliber and experience still going after that, and something I hope to echo.

LJ: Such vigor and passion as well is infectious.

Brief Take: What was it like working with a director who has done primarily theatre work?

LJ: I think what was great about working with David was that theatrical background because we had quite extensive rehearsals and we went about it in the time you don’t always get on a movie.

JC: I think that he brings that atmosphere that is rooted in the lens he sees storytelling through. It’s  interesting because the two mediums are vastly different in their preparation, but their approach is the same, and finding the truth in what you’re doing, the art and the musicality of a piece, those are universal themes.

LJ: I felt like I was in safe hands in regards to truth, and what he felt was truthful, whether that’s on stage, or whether you’re watching it from a monitor, I think it’s the same.

The Exception is now playing in select theatres.

Flustered // Kylo x Reader

Anonymous said: do you write nsfw? and if you dont, could just write a steamy kylo x reader where shes like- a maid sorta, and shes helping him undress one night and gets flustered?

I do not write nsfw, but I attempted to write something as steamy as possible?? I tried. I hope you enjoy!!

Originally posted by trashwilldo

Your feet ached from the tedious amount of labor you put into each day. With every step down the mazelike halls, your soles burned as you hissed at the pain. From standing erect all day, your lower back was in severe need of attention. Or a heating pad. Working as a handmaiden for the Commander did do this to you often, and you couldn’t tell whether or not it was worth it.

Working for the First Order did have its benefits; free housing, safety, and getting paid. Which were all things you sought out in a job. However, the constant pain your body suffered through week after week made you contemplate leaving. All you did was wake up to tend to the Commander’s daily needs. Well, you never conversed with him face to face, but the head handmaiden and your boss, Amelia, dictated what he wanted done to you and the other two ladies who worked alongside you.

Because you had never met the Commander, your only clue as to what his personality was like were based off of rumors. And almost everyone on the bas said that the Commander was a cold hearted, selfish asshole who felt no human emotion towards anyone or anything. You thought that it had to be impossible, the man was still human and he deserved to be treated like one even if he could strike a temper sometimes.

However, today was different. Amelia came to you in the later afternoon and said that you were going to have to work her night shift because she wasn’t feeling too well. Now her job was quite different from yours. Yours simply entitled to make his bed, change his sheets, and clean his room. Hers was more…personal if you will. At night, she’d draw his bed and help the Commander change for the night. The whole process made your stomach turn, but if you wanted to keep this job, you had to do it.

Finally reaching his room, you breathe in a shaky breath before knocking on his metal door softly. “Enter,” a deep voice calls from inside which you can only assume is the Commander’s. You type in the code to the key pad to the left of you as the door wooshes open to reveal the tall, lanky figure of the Commander. His back is towards you, but he radiates a certain sense of masculinity and power. The back view of his head shows raven locks that slightly waves in the back. When you enter, he senses eyes on him as he turns around to face the presence in the room. Now facing you, he immediately takes in the sight of you. You stand there, clearly frightened, in your black pants with a flowing silk blouse. “You aren’t Amelia…” he smirks as you gulp.

You open your mouth to speak meekly, “No, sir Commander. She wasn’t feeling to well, sir, so she asked me to fill in for her, sir.” You tried to speak with the upmost respect to one of the most powerful men in the galaxy. In no way did you want to disrespect him.

A small chuckle reverberates through his chest due to your intimidation. “That’s alright. Do you know what to do?” he asks, an eyebrows raised. You shake your head as he smiles. “Okay,” he walks out of the room into his bathroom as you breathe out, releasing the stress you have bottled up.

All of the rumors you heard about him must have been all exaggerated because the Commander seemed quite refined and gentle according to your first impression of him. Placing down his flannelled, black pajama pants along with a black shirt, you start to draw his bed for slumber. Folding back the sheets, you can only imagine why those employees said those things about him.

When he comes out of the bathroom, he has discarded the outermost robe off of himself as well as his large leather boots. He raises an eyebrow at you as if to say, “Are you ready?” But you knew if your heart that you weren’t ready for what was about to happen.

Gulping, you approach him as you hold his clothes. “I didn’t catch your name?” he asks as he starts to peel off his top.

“(Y/N), sir,” you say as he pulls his shirt over his head, revealing his physicality to you. Your breath hitches in your throat as your eyes fall on his ripped abdomen. His body is perfectly toned, not an ounce of fat on him that you could see. His biceps were actually the size of a child’s head as you continue to scan his body. Clearing his throat, you look up at him as a teasing smirk plays on his face. “Excuse me, sir.”

He chuckles once more as the sound makes your heart flutter. “It’s no problem. I’m not used to it since Amelia doesn’t have eyes set out for anyone,” he takes the t-shirt from you, tossing it on effortlessly. The next part was pants and you knew you had to look away from this part. Turning your head, you hand him the pants as you hear him unzip his pants. You can only imagine what he looked like.

In your mind, you couldn’t deny that the man was incredibly seductive. He had those bedroom eyes that you only heard of and the smirk that danced on his face made you feel some way you had never felt before.

Finally, he finishes his changing as you take it as your cue to leave. Giving him a small smile and curtsey, you walk towards the door before you hear his voice call for you. “So, you think I’m attractive?” he asks as you freeze. He can hear his footsteps as you gulp. His presence is right behind you as you bite your lip hard.

“I-I’m sorry, sir, I don’t u-understand,” you lie through your teeth.

That same chuckle comes out of his full lips as you get chills. You can feel his hand slip around your waist and he dips his head to speak in your ear. “You know that I can hear what you’re thinking…you’re just so loud…I can only imagine what you’re like in the bedroom,” he teases. His words rolled off his tongue like butter as you feel yourself melt into him. You were a mere handmaiden, but in that moment you couldn’t care about what you were. It was what you two were in that moment.

Turning around, his face is impeccably close to yours as you look into his deep brown eyes that toy with you. Sighing you speak, “Sir, I-“

You’re cut off as he shoves you against his wall and pressing his lips onto yours roughly. You moan into his lips and he smiles into you. Grabbing your behind, you hoists you up as you wrap your legs around his waist, tangling your fingers into his dark waves. The both of your lips in sync as his hands massage your body in every way possible. All of the pain you were experiencing before was now replaced with pleasure as your desire for him grew more and more.

Continuing, he starts nibbling your neck, placing love bites all down your neck and collarbones. “Sir-“ you breathe out.

“Kylo,” he corrects as he reconnects your lips, passionate and heavy.

Tugging on his roots, you pull away as he desires to go on, kissing your top half. “Kylo, this is wrong. We can’t do. This. Not now,” you tell him.

He pulls away from you and he places you onto the floor. He searches your eyes for something more as you insist. You wanted to go on, like nobody’s business, but you knew that something was bound to happen. Smiling he places a hard kiss to your lips sore from the previous harsh kisses laid upon them moments before. “Fine,” he speaks against your lips as he opens the door of his chambers. “We’ll continue tomorrow. I’ll make Amelia call in sick again.” With a quick kiss and a shut door, you are left there in the hallway, completely confused about what just happened…


It was a big step for the both of us to make our relationship public.

We were worried as to how our colleagues would react, although they are our friends. We decided to tell Ronald first, he’s like a little brother to William and myself after all.

Well, the announcement went quite a different way… instead of him being surprised, he kinda looked disappointed that we didn’t announce our wedding yet *giggles*

And apparently everyone at HQ knew… I wonder if the rumors about the underground gambling regarding our relationship are true…

anonymous asked:

Name a rapper with a unique flow to you, I wanna hear it :D

Well Nucksal is one. His flow is…hard to explain actually lol. Legendary Temo who was on SMTM5. Her flow is very unique. I think Timberland used “wavy” (like waves basically) to describe it. Hash Swan. His style is really like monotone but he can really ride the beat well. His flow is almost always right on the beat. Tech N9ne, his flow is REALLY interesting. I would describe his as “wavy” to because it really just flows so well and smooth. Obviously it’s quite different than Temo’s though. The the typical “trap” flow. I don’t even know who started this particular style because it’s been “swagger jacked” by SOOO many people. But I’ll use the most infamous song (in KHH) who used this flow that I’m talking about: “YGGR”. It doesn’t sound all that “unique” now but when songs first started coming out with this flow in the US it was REALLY popular and REALLY unique. 

That’s off the top of my head but I’ll probably think of more later.

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Mechanical Engineering: Latent Heat

Let’s look in detail at the process of boiling a pure substance.

We’ll start out with a compressed liquid. We’ll say it’s water at 25 deg C. Moreover, let’s say it’s contained in a cylinder with a piston so that the pressure inside the cylinder is always at atmospheric pressure.

If we start heating up the cylinder, the water inside will expand slightly. The pressure will remain constant as the piston moves with the water’s expansion. Once we get to 100 deg C, the water exists as a saturated liquid - any additional heat will cause it to vaporize.

If we keep adding heat to it, things get interesting. The water will start to boil. It’s volume will increase drastically, but its temperature will remain the same. All the energy you’re putting into it is going into the phase change. The amount of energy it takes to go from a liquid to a vapor is called the latent heat of vaporization. (Similarly, the amount of heat it takes for a solid to melt into a liquid is the latent heat of fusion.)  So while the water in your cylinder is in the process of boiling, it exists as a mixture of saturated liquid and saturated vapor. Its temperature will remain at a constant 100 deg C throughout the process. Although its apparent volume will increase, its specific volume - the volume per unit mass - will also remain constant.

Once all the water has been vaporized, if you continue adding heat to the cylinder, the water will start to rise in temperature again and its specific volume will start to increase. In this state, it exists as a superheated vapor.

The entire process we just described looks like this.

Note that this show temperature vs. specific volume for only one pressure - if we varied the pressure as well, things would look quite different. The interdependence of temperature, volume, and pressure will be important in our analysis of thermodynamic processes.

11/2/2016 - Bloodbath Radio mini!
  • Met: Heeey, hello!
  • Good morning, good afternoon, good night!
  • This is your ghastly host, DJ Met,
  • It's time for Pitch Station's Bloodbath Radio!
  • Met: Well!
  • This corner here is quite different from the usual Bloodbath Radio!
  • it's mini!, I say. mini!
  • Met: By the way, mini! is almost like "Man! Iwishicould Notgetmy Innardsdestroyed!"
  • With that said, welcome!
  • Mogeko: And I am the fluffy cuddly DJ Mogetan~
  • Met: Even though it's a horrible creature, I think it can also be a pretty decent punching bag! Ya~y!
  • Mogeko: Why are you so mean!?
  • Met: So, I've been receiving your messages in preparation for this program! Waaah~! (Clap clap clap)
  • Met: This is a listener called "yura"'s message!
  • "Good evening, Met-chan!
  • Lately, the fall season has been getting pretty rough.
  • Some people say that Fall is the --- season; what would be your idea of Fall?"
  • Met: Oh, that's easy!
  • Fall is beat-up season!
  • No beat-ups, no life!
  • Yeah!!!
  • Mogeko: I think that's what you say all year long...
  • Met: Shut up! I'll beat ya up too, ya bastard!
  • Met: ...A-hem! Next message!
  • This is a message from listener "Snail"!
  • "Please tell us which type of girl ya love the most!
  • Hmmm-mmm! That's a tough question alright...
  • Met: Wellll, I love all cute girls! <3
  • But hey, aren't ALL girls cuties? <3
  • Met: But also, girls with very strong temperaments are the ones I like even MORE!
  • Mogeko: What about Mogetan?
  • Met: To the next message~!
  • Mogeko: WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?!?!?!?!
  • Met: This one's from listener "Guro-loving minor"!
  • "Do you always beat people up unarmed?"
  • Met: Nonono!
  • Even though I also really like doing it hands only~
  • But yeah, I do have a favorite weapon!
  • Met: Ta-da! My beloved weapon! Met-chan's steel pipe~~!
  • Mogeko: Uh... Why's there already blood on it?
  • Met: It's from the last Mogeko who showed up!
  • Met: O-kay, next! This one's from "mushi!"
  • "Why did you become a ghost, Met-chan?"
  • Met: Because I died! Of course!
  • Mogeko: Ulp... Mogetan's friends are all dead... Hic...
  • Met: Wanna do it too? Becoming a ghost!
  • We're accepting new members all year round! Yay! YaaaY!
  • Translator's note: ("iei" is also the word for those portraits of dead people the Japanese usually put beside their mourning shrines. Untranslatable puns ahoy!)
  • Met: ...Eh-hem!
  • From listener "SUSHI LOVE"!
  • "Do you have a person you really like, Met-chan? What kind of person are they?"
  • Met: ... The person I like?
  • Met: Thaaaa~t's obvious!
  • It's Big Sis Hanten!!!
  • Met: But of course, that'll go unrequited forever.
  • That gal...
  • Met: Oh, nevermind! If you tell anyone that, you'll die!
  • To the next one! NEXT!
  • Met: From "When will Roachykins melt his icy heart?!?!"!
  • Met: "DJ Met-chan, good evening!
  • I really love the Ivlis/Satanick/Licorice family but,
  • how should I go about taking care of them?
  • If there's a way to solve this mess, please tell me!
  • Thank you very much!"
  • Met: ...Hm.
  • Met: This is about the Devil!
  • Anyway, I dunno much about that, not being interested in guys and all...
  • Mogeko: Porn niches?
  • Met: Ah, I got it!
  • Met: So, next week, I'll call a guest over!
  • Who? Devil-chan in the flesh!
  • Mogeko: Eh? You'll call him over?! He'll come here!?
  • Met: If I called him, it's be one hundred percent chance of him coming over! So let's go!
  • I'll do it! I'll do it!
  • Mogeko: I get a real bad feeling about this...
  • Met: So! To the next one!
  • Met: From listener "HIMIKO"! "What are Kurotsuno-chan's three measurements?"
  • Met: ...
  • Met: Of course I know that! They areeeee~~.......
  • Mogeko: ......
  • Mogeko: ...Hm? Met-chan?
  • Mogeko: !?
  • Mogeko: Eh? Huh...? Ah...
  • Mogeko: (I see... There are a lot of things in this world that must be left untouched, moge...)
  • Mogeko: Mo... Mogehahahahaha! It turns out Met-chan is in no condition to continue! So, this is it for today!
  • Mogeko: T-this was Bloodbath Radio, with your host, DJ Met, and the fluffy cuddly Mogetan!
  • Mogeko: So, 'til next week!
  • Mogeko: Huh? Will there really be another program next week?
  • Mogeko: .......
  • Mogeko: B... Bye, bye!
Neverland academy Peter X Reader Part I

I love ur writing!!!! Could u do one where pan is a student at a high school and he’s a player and kinda rules the school with the lost boys. And the reader is a new student and annoys pan a lot because she always ignores the boys attempts to get her in bed. The girl(reader) is a bit shy but she stands up for what’s right and maybe throw Bae in somewhere? Sorry it’s really specific….. If u can’t do it it’s ok. Thanks.

Sure thing Sweetie x Just so you know, there will be a part one and two for this!!

You walked slowly down the the narrow halls of Neverland Academy. Each step had become slightly slower than the next. all around you, papers were thrown to and fro. Lockers hung open and dismantled making it seem as though the school had been abandoned. Which it had been for quite some time. But somehow it had the funds to be put it back into its regular state appeared out of thin air. How peculiar for an academy to have such a disheveled look. Had it been your old school, the teachers would have thrown a fit. It was then you heard the faint sound of laughter fill the air. You approached it with caution, for fear of the unknown led you to believe that maybe this was all a dream. Maybe your mother and father hadn’t sent you off to another land so far from them without so much as a petty explanation.

You entered the classroom, head down and eyes lowered to the floor. If it wasn’t for that stupid paper airplane that hit you in the temple, you wouldn’t have even bothered looking up. But you did, and there he was. A young teenage boy with crispy brown locks and defiant green eyes stared back at you in awe. One hand was wrapped around the slender waist of pretty blonde girl. The other hand held pan flute so majestically carved in a beautiful ivory wood, you couldn’t help but stare.

“Hey new girl,” said the blonde with her beautiful green eyes arching back at you. “Haven’t you ever heard to keep your filthy little eyes off of things that aren’t yours!” She then looked up at the boy who laughed along with her.

He smiled then brushed her off to the side, which of course, she did not like. He gracefully walked over to you, slicked back his hair and held out his hand. You looked at it and reluctantly shook it.

“My name is Peter.” He said his green eyes looking deeply into your own. “Sorry about her, she gets jealous when a newbie shows up.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” You replied trying not to seem at all interested. “I am looking for the teacher? Is he here?”

Almost immediately, every eye turned towards you. More laughter filled the room. You looked around and saw that the room was filled with mainly all boys. Some girls here and there but for the most part, they were all boys. Many of them young and shouldn’t even be in the same school as the majority who seemed to be older.

Peter laughed and shook his head. “There are no teachers at Neverland Academy. Just me. Course, I wouldn’t consider myself a teacher, cause that means you have to take responsibility and that’s something I don’t do.”

You looked at him wide eyed. How could there be no teachers. Clearly he was just pulling some sort of prank. But as you looked around at the little eyes of the room everything started to fall into place. The unkept lockers, the messy hallway; But how could it be that this school was survived by children?

“Oh I get it. Haha very funny. This is some sort of prank isn’t it?” You asked your eyes searching the unfamiliar faces of these lost little boys and girls.

“If you wanted a school with rules and teachers, perhaps you should go back to your mummy and daddy’s place!” The blonde girl retorted.

Peter held up a hand signaling her to be quiet. He then looked at you, his eyes searched your entire body. He then smiled a mischievous yet simply dazzling grin and took you by the hand. 

“Allow me to show you around my lady. For we wouldn’t want you to be a lonely lost girl on your first day at your new school now, wouldn’t we?”

You took your hand back and followed Peter out the door. He stopped in the doorway and turned to a young man with long strangled dirty blond hair. 

“Felix, you’re in charge. Search the premises for any “unwanted” visitors if you must.”

The boy called Felix nodded and then shut the door behind Peter. Peter than turned his attention back to you and still had on that same dazzling mischievous smile. He led you down the dusty corridors showing you where the bathrooms were, then he led you up the stairs to where the cafeteria was. It’s long tables stretched for miles with dusty cups and dinner plates. You walked alongside him disgusted by the filth and the rodents that came along with it. This would certainly not past inspection back at home.

“This way.” Peter muttered under his breath. You turned the corners to find yourself at the principal’s office. He opened the doors and led you in. The office had to have been the cleanliest part of the whole entire tour. In the middle of the office was a comfy bed. To the side was a desk that was perfectly tidy. No graffiti had been placed on it, no scratch marks or anything. Pan then came close behind you. You could smell the woodland pine and spearmint as he whispered in your ear. 

“How is it that you came here?” 

You turned around and backed away from him. 

“I was sent here by my parents. How is it that you took over this school?” You asked backing into a wall.

“Better questions put by me to you,” Pan said drawing out a his knife. “Now Y/n, how did you get here? Who are your parents?”

You looked at him, you could tell that there was tension in Pan’s voice. You shuddered as he inched himself closer. 

“How did you know my name?” You asked him remembering that you didn’t give it to him when you first came in. “I don’t recall giving you my name?”

“I know everyone who enters on this island. I know their dreams. I know why they are here. But you! Well, my dear you’re quite different. I can’t read into you like I can with the others. There is something strangely off about you and I can’t tell what it is?” He said putting his dagger away.

Peter lifted up your chin so that way he could see you eye to eye. He then closed in on you. You tried to fight the urge to kiss him but you somehow couldn’t resist his charm. It was the knock on the door that made Peter pull away. 

Peter scowled as he rushed over to the door. He flung it open to see a boy with dark black curly hair and Peter’s blond girl friend waiting his arrival. 

“What!” Peter barked causing the girl to jump back a bit. 

“Found this one snooping around outside your office.” Baelfire said holding the girl’s wrist tightly. 

Peter rolled his eyes and looked back at you. “You! Go with Baelfire, I have to teach this one some manners.” 

The girl’s eyes who were down cast suddenly looked up at Pan and smiled. Pan pushed you out of his office and then it was you and Baelfire walking down the hallway together. 

“You sure got Pan’s attention.” Baelfire said walking side by side with you down the dusty hallway.

“Who?” You stopped in your tracks?

“Peter Pan? He runs the school.” He said as he continued to walk down the hall. 

“Peter Pan!” You said nearly shouting at Baelfire. Surely you must have been dreaming. “That was not Peter Pan!”

Baelfire laughed as he turned towards you. “Oh no, that boy you weren’t about to make out with wasn’t at all Peter Pan. Just so you know miss, he’s got sort of a rep at our school for being a ladies man. That little blonde girl who he calls Wendy is his “favorite lost girl”. 


Baelfire gave you a smug look and laughed. “Yeah his favorite.” 

You gave him a disgusted look and continued walking down the cluttered hallway, kicking the trash as you went along. Surely the name Neverland didn’t phase you as you thought it was just a tribute to the famous author J.M Barrie. But as you looked at the walls of the building, there was no fresh paint, no teachers and just no form of discipline. But as you pondered all this, Peter’s question’s were starting to arise in your mind. Why did your parent’s send you here? Why didn’t they travel with you to this school. Something didn’t make sense, and it was up to you to find out what it was. 

Part II coming soon….

@heiirloom liked for a starter ! [x]

It wasn’t often that Ilia found herself outside of the village she called home nestled in the forest and she never really left alone. The roads weren’t exactly known to be the safest the various creatures that roamed and would attack travelers. Currently she was accompanying her father as they did a bit of trading with nearby villages. It was one of the few times Ilia had seen more than what their small village had to offer. The few peoples he had met on the road had seemed friendly enough and what she had seen in the village they had found themselves seemed just the same.

Kakariko Village too was known for growing crops and she could see a few cuccos as well. Even though it looked quite different there was familiarity with the crops and animals that laid about. As she hopped off the small wagon they had traveled upon the young woman’s attention instantly went to the mare that had carried them this far. She offered her a sugar cube that she retrieved from the pouch strapped to her leg in gratitude to her. Glancing around she noticed a woman who appeared to be praying knelt next to one of the many statues lined up.