I’m always kind of torn between wanting to dress everyone up differently or stick them in uniforms so they all match, especially in Awakening, since… well, they ARE all Wardens.

But I still rather like the armor I have on for Loma now, so rather than change her, I found a retexture of the Grey Warden armors. 

I can always pretend the black armors signify that they’re Ferelden-based, with Loma’s red sash/hood thing signifying she’s the leader. And Wardens wear other colors to show where they’re from.

…Look this is a fantasy game if I want to treat the uniforms like this is Legends of the Hidden Temple, I will.

I need to do another Alex Rider timeline analysis. It’s at the point where I’m convinced that each book runs in it’s own slightly different ‘verse, which really kind of works. I would love, LOVE to see a more comprehensive Alex Rider comc/graphic novel universe. The stuff that’s out is going on my Amazon list. It would be interesting, and probably mildly horrific, to see Alex Rider get adopted by DC. The concept of having several slightly different ‘verses would fit in quite well, especially with all the timeline shit, and with the different relationships between Alex and Yassen and John.

The main reason I want to do another timeline analysis is because John and Yassen and Ian? AUGH. It pains me. IT PAINS ME. And the ASH shit. I would love to know how much truth ASH told in Snakehead. Anyways, from what I can tell, John should only have been with Scorpia for a year or two? And I #need-to-know how that relates to Yassen’s age and Alex’s birth. Also, Ian… didn’t become MI6 until after John and Helen’s deaths? The Wiki suggests that he was at Cambridge before that? I’d like to know how long, what for, and how far he got in his education.

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Hey Papyrus, has your brain finished rebooting yet? Introduce yourself! It's only polite! I mean, you never know, you and this visiting Sans could have a few things in common...

Return of Monster Kid!

Frisk is keeping a watch on the duo, and they seem to getting along quite well after their culinary differences were put to the side in order to work together. They don’t know 100% what’s going on, but making the best of it!

Wish we could say the same for the other Sans and Papyrus.

Sans wouldn’t be Sans without his puns, no matter the timeline.


Yo~ long time no post any Lucky Dog thang. I remember I promised someone I’ll post more Lucky Dog stuff. Sorry for the long long delay. Actually, this was for @terracannon876′s collabo-fanbook. I think I drew this around October 2014. The contest is also over so I think it’s now ok to post this publicly.

I really love Ivan and Gian coz they’re so funny! This comic might be fluffy and corny as hell but if you have played the game or at least know the “Best End” for Ivan’s route, this comic can be interpreted quite differently. Well, it was on purpose lol Ahhh~ the good times. Ivan is such a pure-hearted crybaby I love him! <3

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(1) Pls tell me about Chanbaek rings :( I really love Chanbaek but.. in 60% photos about the rings I don't look the similarities and other photos I see is the same ring AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK

Ok so here, is a picture

Here is their couple ring or whatever you want to call it. And people have compared it to a man marriage thingy and voila! It’s so similar! So I guess that’s how the rumor started because they both had a ring from a wedding thingy. Could be a couple thing, might not be~ 

Both are from the same company, well that’s what people said, and they’re quite different. So they are not the same ring. Would that still be considered a couple ring then?

And then I guess they had another couple ring like this one

Left is Chanyeol’s and right is Baekhyun’s. Somewhat similar, the colors are a bit different. (But they are close enough to be couple rings) But I don’t think this is from a wedding thingy like the other one. 

Then I saw this picture, Baekhyun seems to have a completely different ring! (*distracted by the difference in the two’s hands) I think I read a person’s blog somewhere and they said Baekhyun lost one of the rings? And he has another one…I guess?

But since I wasn’t really a Chanbaek shipper when the rings were in the rage my mind is bleh. I just somewhat heard about it. 

Ugh! Why can’t this be as simple to understand as the tattoos they had?

*sigh* Your the beat to my heart~

And I think this person mixed up the rings, the one Chanyeol is wearing is that wedding one, while Baekhyun’s is that other non wedding ring I used as an example. 

Hope I sort of answered your question XD

;_; I have failed as an analyzer *sigh* time to do more research.


{ gravity falls + daemons fusion } —  WENDY CORDUROY + SLENDER MONGOOSE 

(The concept of daemons is borrowed from the His Dark Materials series. A daemon is a person’s soul manifested outside of their body, which settles into the form of an animal that most resembles them in character as the individual matures.)

>> Common Slender Mongoose Traits: independent, socially-tolerant, nonjudgmental, affable, loyal, playful, flippant, optimistic, confident, courageous, collected, tough, adventurous, straightforward, self-indulgent, indolent

Slender mongooses tend to spend a significant amount their time by themselves. But while they may hunt alone, males will often form coalitions of four or more, which defend a single territory that overlaps with the home ranges of up to six females. They are remarkably laid-back about sharing their space, and engage in very little conspecific aggression between the different individuals inhabiting the same territory. Members of this species will calmly forage within sight of each other and are even known to share dens and territories with other mongoose species. It is not unheard of for males with their mates and young even after they’re born. Mothers are fiercely protective of young and will attack anything that she perceives as a threat, no matter how big they might be, and cases of them continuing to spend time with their young even after they mature have been documented. Males in captivity can behave protectively and look after baby and juvenile mongooses of their own volition as well. Slender mongooses are also known for exhibiting juvenile play behaviors even when they are adults. They will frequently chase and play-fight each other, and their games can even be extended to include members of other species. They will utilize the signature mongoose method of cracking eggs and hard-shelled prey (which involves flinging the object between their back legs to smash against a hard surface) with non-edible items simply because they find it enjoyable. Their dietary habits are also extremely diverse; they will eat literally anything that is available to them, from insects to snakes to birds to eggs to garbage. They are fearless little animals, and will not only kill and eat poisonous snakes, but they’ll do so by brazenly walking up to them and engaging them in combat instead of trying to ambush them. In order to kill the snakes, they must be able to follow and react swiftly to their enemy’s movements, dodging and feinting until they are able to deliver the killing bite. Although capable of digging their own dens when necessary, slender mongooses instead mostly use pre-existing hollows and crevices for shelter. They’re rarely active until late in the morning, when the day has become warmer, and they usually spend most of their time lazily sunning themselves before heading out to hunt. They may not emerge from their dens at all during overcast or cool weather.

While she doesn’t tend to be the life of the party and generally keeps to herself a lot, Wendy is not a shy girl and is certainly not averse to socializing with others when she gets the chance. She spends most of her socialization time with her small group of close friends, but also sees no problem with hanging out with younger kids like Dipper and Mabel or older people like Soos and Stan, and she treats everyone pretty much equally, regardless of who they might be. When she does bond significantly with someone, she tends to stay loyal to them and will defend them ardently until her trust is irreparably broken, as seen when she sticks up for Dipper repeatedly to her friends and supports Mabel when the unicorn calls her a bad person. Also, as she clearly enjoys joking around and having fun whenever the opportunity presents itself, Wendy takes little in life that seriously, and treats most things with her own special brand of casual good humor. However, she does have her limits with how much socialization she can handle, as evidenced by the fact that she doesn’t spend a lot of time with her family because they often stress her out just with how crazy and bombastic they can act. This tendency to withdraw when overstressed notwithstanding, actually getting her to that point is pretty difficult to accomplish. She’s laid-back and adaptable, able to roll with the punches and take most of what life has to throw at her in stride. She adjusts well to change and can acclimate to most situations in a very short time, and she’s perfectly willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals. Detailed planning is not her strong suit; she’d much rather live predominantly in the here and now and wing it when the time comes than concern herself with details. She’s also confident and assertive, and isn’t prone to worry about what others think of her or how she comes across to them. However, although she can be driven when it comes to specific situations, on the whole, Wendy is an unequivocally lazy, unambitious individual with very little self-motivation unless it’s to do something she wants to do. She doesn’t seem to have any real plans for her future apart from having as much fun as possible as soon as possible, and has no problem slacking off on her job whenever the mood strikes her to go hang out with her friends.



Herbert is actually leading Sarah down the stairs. Am I now to assume he put that dress on her as well? Quite different from Jouko Enkelnotko’s angle – he played the scene with the idea Sarah was wearing his mother’s dress, and he was quite displeased with that.

Photo from Helsingin kaupunginteatteri’s website.

human nature.


This land certainly isn’t Ylisse, or Valm, or Plegia. There’s no doubt that he’s truly entered another world–he only wishes that Anna had been more specific in what he was supposed to do here, exactly. She had stressed that his intervention in this Outrealm could very well be the difference between life and death for somebody quite important…but she hadn’t elaborated further.


Gerome supposes there’s no point in griping about it. At the very least, he’s found the slave traders she had ordered him to locate–the only hint he had received, besides a cryptic description of a woman he must seek–and he considers it to be good fortune that the bulk of the men are passed out in a drunken stupor for the night.

There’s a soft song, almost like a hymn, coming from the edges of camp. Minerva had been drawn here simply because of the sound, and now Gerome approaches the location with great caution, having already incapacitated a nearby guard. The odds of this are too ridiculous…this must be who he’s looking for.

In the moonlight, his armor shines coldly as he places a hand on the bars of the cage, narrowing his eyes at a figure within. They’ve got her trapped like an animal…how disgusting.

“Peace. I have no affiliation with these honorless slavers.. Somebody sent me to assist you.” He cuts his eyes to the side, wary of trouble. Minerva is a spiny shadow close by, hiding in the mountainous crags. “…Does the name ‘Anna’ ring a bell?”

(He doubts it. The enigmatic merchant probably has her own reasons for this.)

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Well, this certainly was an interesting universe. It was quite different from the others he'd seen, what with everyone serving a different purpose than normal. Perhaps he could spend some time here getting to know the world before he started reaping, see if anyone in this world had knowledge of his existence or other worlds, such as Sans and Flowey had.

Papyrus trailed silently behind the strange visitor, not a huge fan of the aura he put off. If this guy was here to cause trouble, he needed to be the first one to be attacked. The judge code would restrain him otherwise. He gasped lightly as he stepped on a branch, praying that the other hadn’t heard him.


Recently, I mentioned a gig quite unlike one I’ve had yet. It was definitely a creative challenge–which of course is always the interesting part. Instead of selling a product, event, or even filming a fiction narrative, I was tasked with doing a combination of both. Incorporating security camera footage into some kind of narrative to create a modern “Wanted” poster for five individuals who recently stole some gear from the Colorado location of Glasscraft/Winship. My starting point was the recent “Burglar Wants a Taco” spoof, but as the situation and security cam footage were quite different, (and well, I am a different video producer) the end result is its own little creation.

The morning after the night Glasscraft, Inc. posted it to their YouTube page, I got a call asking my permission for it to be used on a Colorado 9News broadcast. I gave it, and it will be featured on their station at some point soon, if not today. 

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okay, sorry I just wanted to know since I also want to be a psychologist but live in the UK ❤️

Ohh well it might be quite different for you then!!💫 good luck

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hii! once you get this you have to answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this on to 10 of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is super cool!) 💕

How sweet~!

1: My eyelashes(they’re long and naturally curled).
2: My ability to spell quite well.
3: That I accept others’ “quirks” and differences.
4: My kindness to animals.
5: That I’m a vegetarian.

Thank you! Many blessings to you, my dear. <3

The consensus seems to be Adderall/Vyvanse with racetams is neurotoxic. Does this also apply to Noopept?

from Reddit I’ve searched on here, and I couldn’t find an answer from someone who seems educated on the topic.I would assume that it would also be an excitotoxic combination, as well, since Noopept and racetams work similarly. However, there are definitely quite a few differences I’ve found looking around the net. Anyone more knowledgeable about the topic want to weigh in? via /r/Nootropics

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What about intp and ESTP friendship?? Both female

I have a friend who I think is an ESTP (though she hasn’t actually taken a test) and we get along quite well. ESTPs are a good mix of fun and spontaneous but also logical, so the types can connect through their Ti quite well. The biggest difficulty would just be a major difference in how much those types usually socialize, so the INTP could feel pressured to do more or the ESTP could get bored. As long as they know how to handle that though, sounds like a great friendship.

PS. I’m turning off my asks for a little while cause I have a ton in my inbox and it’s lowkey stressing me out cause I can’t keep up with them. They should be back up in a day or two; I just need to catch up.