Very old Kitsune AU Collaboration with Pochihi!!!! (After being set up by irisnairel)
Okay but seriously Erika’s so great and soooo nice THANKS FOR AGREEING TO DO THIS WITH ME MAN 

Stepgrandma gets bonus points tbh i don’t actually think she’s ever called me my birth name since she found out

Granted I hardly ever see her so she has less chance of screwing it up but it’s just. Kind of nice to know, at these overwhelmingly crowded family gatherings where everyone says hi to me or nods awkwardly and then avoids names and pronouns for the rest of the time, there’s at least one person who’s going to loudly say “And how have you been, Dalton”


Spoilery Talk Below

Alternate Title: Somepony that I Used to Know

Well this episode was a lot of fun. It was great that they called on prior events from the show, even though they were miniscule by any standard, rather than create a new memory to play off of. The unresolved tale of Moondancer’s party has finally been answered! And it was quite an answer, at that. Well written, well executed, great moments of drama and humor, it was just good. It’s the quality of episode that I get up in the morning for.

I’m going to go ahead and nip the Twilight Sparkle parallel conversation here. Yes, using Twilight’s design, recolored, is serviceable if not particularly creative. It gives the opportunity to explore a different path, visually, that Twilight might have wandered down. Yes, her color palette is similar to Sunset Shimmer, another Twilight parallel. I think this is more of a coincidence of the colors working well in contrast to Twilight’s. Yellow and purple, baby, you can’t go wrong. I think, as a stand alone design, Moondancer’s is excellent, and does a good job of matching her posture, her character, and her voice. But maybe I just have a thing for thick necked sweaters and shirts.

Ask me questions... ON AIR

Hey guys! composerose (of ANN and Rose’s Turn) and I have decided to try recording a podcast! 

We’re going to be discussing the start of the new anime season, whatever we’ve been watching/reading/playing lately, and Gatchaman Crowds, which we are watching especially to discuss on air. As two smart, cool, well-spoken, and humble feminists, things are on track to be great. Just one thing is missing: your questions! If you have something you want to ask us about any of the above, or just anything in general, shoot one of us an ask and maybe we’ll discuss it on the podcast.

anonymous asked:

Hey sorry to bother you but I've just seen your post about taking melatonin, I've just been put on it by my doctors, how do you feel about it?

Well I’ve been on melatonin since I was fourteen years old, and it took a bit to find the right dose that worked, I take three 3mg tablets. They’re fast acting so I take them in at night half an hour before I go to sleep, I like them, I don’t seem to have many nightmares on them, as I did before. My friend also takes melatonin, and has done for years she thinks they’re good too. I suppose the only problem is with my anxiety disorder, I sometimes get myself so hyped up stressing over something, they don’t work as well sometimes. But most of the time they’re great :) just make sure to tell the doctor if you think you’ve developed any symptoms. I wouldn’t worry too much, as it is melatonin, which is the natural chemical that the brain makes to make you sleepy, so you’re not putting anything in your body that you don’t already have :D hope I helped, my ask box is always open in the future, for anymore questions, and I hope the melatonin works, insomnia sucks brass monkey balls


nature’s top five khiii worlds wishlist! { 1 / 5 }
arendelle (frozen)

“sure, we’ll help you get your sister back!”
“sora! are you kidding?! it’s too cold out there!”


Game Aesthetics: Rochelle (Left 4 Dead 2)


★ skyeweek 2015 → day 4: favorite moment(s)
everyone thinks flowers are so delicate, but they really are quite resilient
it is the thorn that protects the rose. or in this case the d a i s y.

happy birthday, angel eyes.

okay i just heard this and I love it xD
although the screamo parts concern me greatly😂 tokyo ghoul characters singing unravel! idk if you guys have heard this yet but this is great :D ken-the-amada cardboardkhrushchev (( taken from nii chan on youtube ))


turn your investment portfolio into a modeling portfolio

“I shoot backstage portraits at the Grammys every year. People come back and feel great. They’re dressed well and maybe even just won a Grammy or three. Sometimes I’ll ask if I can get one without the award in their hands. That’s what happened here. And I think you can see all the personalities in this shot. And they’re subtle, too. Green Day, a lot of times, go over-the-top and off-the-charts with their poses. I feel like Mike [Dirnt] is super-confident. Billie [Joe Armstrong] looks like he is a real rock star through and through. And Tré [Cool] has that little crazy look in his eyes he always has, although he’s holding some of it back. I like that. And I love using that backdrop. It strips everything else away so it’s about the artist. I started shooting on that backdrop back in the day after seeing the Irving Penn photos of the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane.” - Danny Clinch (x)

Story time

Once upon a time my parents took a very young Oranges to see a lady who was employed by the indiana school system to test me. I was homeschooled for most of my elementary years so I would be taken to see these people from the state, and they would test me to see if I lived up to the state standards. In the test was a section where you had to draw a scene from a story and then write sentences explaining it next to the drawings.

So, naturally, I drew a story about Gali getting her final kanohi and the toa celebrating. And I had to explain it to the lady. It was very hard to draw because the room they gave me was super small, so I drew outside of the given area so I could get all six toa in.

wait until you heard what I drew on my SAT answer sheet

Nightwish, at least on the first leg of the North American EFMB tour, didn’t have fitted shirts, only normal t-shirts. I got one of those, but normal t-shirts always have the unfortunate effect of making me look like I’m wearing a potato sack (this is not a look I enjoy). 

But there was a post that went around a bit ago by maslenitsa-pancakes that she could do alterations on shirts into dresses and oh 


GOD this is so cute

Look she even used the bottom piece from the shirt to make a little bag

And the skirt’s all flowy so I can do cool things like pull a scale (completely cold don’t judge me) while wearing it

Moral of this story is that if you’re into comfy, cute dresses (or fitted shirts/tank tops, she can do those as well) that don’t fit like potato sacks you should order one from Halsa. 10/10 would order again.

I’m a lucky, lucky gal.