Will being adorable as all heck in And the Woman Clothed with the Sun for anon 

“Quick drawing” art challenge / #22 I Almost Lost You

Alright, the game already did a great job with this one, so well… I just sticked to the canon, heart-melting hug after the final battle <3

1 hour and a half, reference used for the bodies.

You can check the rest of the art challenge here :3

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i think its unfair for people to write chloe off as a horrible person. shes clearly shown scenes where she was lighthearted and cared like when they went to visit kate in the hospital. like if i was in chloes situation id be acting that way too with the whole. dad dead, step dad awful, close friend missing/possibly dead, awful things happening in the town in general,

Like I said! She’s a great character and well-written, just troubled. I don’t think she’s horrible, though. She clearly has a heart. She’s just not an ideal love interest to some people like me and that anon, due to her questionable morals, dangerous lifestyle and sometimes abusive behavior.

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Ah ok, I have a chance to get one local for 250 in near mint condition, doesn't look or feel too bad. May give it a try

Could be a well worth it experiment. $250 sounds great. Is it just the gun or all the bells and whistles they show online? If you end up getting it let me know what you think.


This life gets bitterly cold. Sometimes you just need to cling to the person you can claw your way out of the dark with.”


Hi. I’m Beth from findbeautyinyourbones.

It’s been a few months since I did an updated face comparison, so here we are!

I weighed 246 pounds in the photo on the top and right now, I’m at 157 happy little pounds.

These photos were taken 3 years apart, and a lot has happened between them. I lost over 100 pounds between 2012 and 2013, gained more than half of it back during my pregnancy (and lost it, again), and did a whole lot of soul searching.

Now, I can finally say that I’m not letting depression win anymore, and that I’m putting myself and my well being above just about everything.

You are destined for greatness.
You just gotta make it happen.

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School Reading Tips

Have trouble focusing on boring books you have to read for school? Have problems with reading comprehension? Well I may have just a found a great solution! (It certainly has helped me!) it’s great for me because I love to draw even though I’m not very good at it. It’s great for several different kinds of learner because it involves listening, drawing, and writing if desired.

1. Download your book as an audio book

2. While the audio book is playing, begin doodling and writing small tidbits that you think seem important or worth drawing/ writing

3. That’s it. It’s literally that simple!

This simple technique helps fully occupy your brain so it’s much harder to become distracted and it makes reading more fun! Plus, if you have to write an essay on the book, you can use your drawings and notes to help guide you and refresh your memory when your trying to recall facts, themes, plot, etc.

“Rick, what is that?”

“That, Morty, is an abomination, that’s what that is.”

One of my relatives did story-boarding for this show and since they just had their season 2 premier I wanted to do some fan-art. Congrats!

ace enjolras who doesn’t like to have sex and grantaire is like ‘cool’ and rubs his back instead and they get all chill and relaxed and it’s really intimate but not sexual and enjolras is v pleased 

or ace enjolras who doesn’t mind sex at all but just doesn’t really have any drive to do it but he would still like his partner to feel like everyone’s having a great time so when he does have sex he’s like ‘well that’s…! wow! that was just…. great job, there. the bit with the… yes. well done. that was definitely some sex.” 

or ace enjolras who feels completely indifferent about sex and doesn’t really assign any special meaning to it and will offer a bj if u get up and make him breakfast he’s always a slut for breakfast 

all the ace enjolrases


Black Sails meme: [¼] pirates
 ↳ Ned Low  

“The truth is, I’m not a particularly skilled captain. Navigation is foreign to me, I have no gift for politics. So what am I good at? This is going to sound absurd, but I make the men feel better about themselves. See, every man here has served under a captain who uses violence to achieve an end. To terrorize, to advertise. When the men see that, they can spot the lie. They know that their captain is, in some part of his soul, sickened by his own actions. And the lie infects everyone who sees it. But with me, when the men see me slaughter the crew of the Good Fortune, when they see me cut out a man’s tongue from his mouth for lying, when they see me burn a boy alive in front of his father’s eyes, they know, they can see it in my eyes…there’s no lie there. There’s no seed of remorse there. I simply don’t have it in me.”

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Do you know any blogs that makes edits, gifs or reblogs stuff about Mass Effect often like you do. I need more blogs to follow

Yes and there are a lot of them!
I suggest tracking the meedits, meedit and general mass effect tag.
I can’t name everyone who reblogs ME stuff because I could name all the people I follow.

So a few names who do edits/gifs/fandom stuff: shapard, aryatloak, theillusivewoman, aesfocus, biotictrash, yrunes, spacerbrat, kurinth, tethrasing, dataheights, themiddleofsomecalibrations, itsjaneshepard, lady-z13, oh-sweetsummerchild, baggesa, nameislooney, ajay-ghalle, cosmozefirweillusive, miyku, shadowbrcker, talyzorah, vorchagirl

There are many others (genuinely apologize if I didn’t put you in the list, I just looked at the source of recent stuff in tags). 

Also cool blogs to follow: ladiesofmasseffect, masseffectladies, everythingmasseffect and mass-screencap-effect

And people who often talk mass effect with me: velynven, alae-in-ignis, inglorious-boshtet, huggablekaiju, wisconsinwarlock, sifaseven, artissan, ultiman73, wendybyday