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Do you know any blogs that makes edits, gifs or reblogs stuff about Mass Effect often like you do. I need more blogs to follow

Yes and there are a lot of them!
I suggest tracking the meedits, meedit and general mass effect tag.
I can’t name everyone who reblogs ME stuff because I could name all the people I follow.

So a few names who do edits/gifs/fandom stuff: shapard, aryatloak, theillusivewoman, aesfocus, biotictrash, yrunes, spacerbrat, kurinth, tethrasing, dataheights, themiddleofsomecalibrations, itsjaneshepard, lady-z13, oh-sweetsummerchild, baggesa, nameislooney, ajay-ghalle, cosmozefirweillusive, miyku, shadowbrcker, talyzorah, vorchagirl

There are many others (genuinely apologize if I didn’t put you in the list, I just looked at the source of recent stuff in tags). 

Also cool blogs to follow: ladiesofmasseffect, masseffectladies, everythingmasseffect and mass-screencap-effect

And people who often talk mass effect with me: velynven, alae-in-ignis, inglorious-boshtet, huggablekaiju, wisconsinwarlock, sifaseven, artissan, ultiman73, wendybyday

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3. What do you think about your mun’s significant other or their crush?

Well,mun doesn’t have a crush, just lots of great friends! Though,there is this one person who is really close with mun,though she’s become pretty distant from them. They hurt her pretty bad and I don’t like them! Mun says she’s over it and that I should play nice with them but I don’t wanna! So I’m not gonna! 

Anyways,they love mun a lot but mun is still warming  back up to them. I don’t like that person at all. Yes they’re very nice to me but they did something and mun well,She looked,not like herself. She’d avoid mirrors and no matter how much I cheered her up I could barely get a smile out of her! It broke my heart so much! I love mun,she’s goofy and gives me sweets! Though she can be strict,it’s all with the best intentions and only wants to see smiles! I can’t forgive anyone who hurt her like that!

I’m proud though! Mun is smiling so much more now and cheers everyone on! She stopped letting that person hurt her and I’m glad! So thank you guys! You guys mean the world to Mun! All of her followers make her so happy and she rambles on and on about how sweet you are and smiles when she gets questions. You make her happy which makes me happy! Plus,Happy mun=more sweets for me~!!

“Really, human… Really? Do you have to read while sitting next to me? I mean, I’m trying to sleep and you’re just… Oh great! Well that’s just great! You’re taking a photo of me! I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!” #TheInternalDialogueOfMyCats #BooksAndCats #OpenYourPagesAndFly #Books #TheSacredLiesOfMinnowBly (at 📖 Books & Cats 🐱)

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Have you ever thought something like doing a show on YouTube about the history of martial arts cinema? I would love to see it and support you on the technical side if you needed

Short answer: yes. I just don’t know that it would get enough interest. I’d probably do one of kung fu cinema rather than martial arts and that’s super niche.
Some people review Hong Kong movies really well (The Silver Spleen) and have a great format. I just wouldn’t know how to top that. I’m not sure people want to see me sat in front of a camera blabbering on about choreography.


“Well aren’t you just fucking full of great manners and respect.” 

Why some people couldn’t be bothered to listen to her, Emery would never know. Who disrespects a 6ft, 210lbs woman in all black leather and spandex, a diamond spiked collar and a FUCKING ANIMAL SKULL MASK? Are people just ignoring the blood? She isn’t scary she’s fucking respectable - oh wait… Or maybe she’s both


Winx Club Dream Cast  |  Helia - Logan Lerman

Birthday: September 2nd

Origin: Linphea

Skills and Weapons: Skills: Skilled fighter pilot, double agent, espionage, poetry, drawing. Weapon: Laser String Glove

Relationship: Flora

Helia is Flora’s boyfriend and Saladin’s nephew. He is an artistic student as well as an excellent pilot, and shows great strength. He is a pacifist, just like his girlfriend, Flora.

Out of all the Specialists, Helia is the most mature. Once being described by Brandon as being a pacifist, he loves writing poems, drawing and romance. He is calm and doesn’t have a temper, he is also very encouraging and he’ll never get jealous. He is very artistic and he is not afraid of making important decisions and doing what is right, even if his friends disagree with him. He is very daring at times, such as the time he kissed Flora in Darkar’s Realm. Helia is also not afraid to voice his thoughts, as shown in Season 3, when he acts as a medium, like Nabu, between Sky and Bloom, or Musa and Riven.

He also has much faith and belief in Flora, persuading her to trust herself such as when she tried to heal the Flower of Life, and when she tried to free herself from the roots cast by Diana. He also openly expresses his strong belief in her for example when she wrapped Anagan up in vines he stated proudly, “Flora’s magic is really strong, he’s not getting out of that anytime soon ”.

His uncle is Saladin, the Headmaster of Red Fountain. He was the best student at Red Fountain before he dropped out to go to art school. He later rejoined Red Fountain in the other boys’ second year and joined Sky’s team. He would have been in his third year in Season 2, had he not dropped out after the first year (in the school year before Season 1). He becomes Flora’s boyfriend at the end of Season 2 and Timmy becomes his best friend. Helia is never jealous of anyone.

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I love Kendall but all your points are so valid!!!

I genuinely like her as a person as well. In fact I think that all of the Kardashians are great. I just do not like Kendall’s work as a model.


This life gets bitterly cold. Sometimes you just need to cling to the person you can claw your way out of the dark with.”

why is that marshmallow wearing people clothes we just don’t know



Hi. I’m Beth from findbeautyinyourbones.

It’s been a few months since I did an updated face comparison, so here we are!

I weighed 246 pounds in the photo on the top and right now, I’m at 157 happy little pounds.

These photos were taken 3 years apart, and a lot has happened between them. I lost over 100 pounds between 2012 and 2013, gained more than half of it back during my pregnancy (and lost it, again), and did a whole lot of soul searching.

Now, I can finally say that I’m not letting depression win anymore, and that I’m putting myself and my well being above just about everything.

You are destined for greatness.
You just gotta make it happen.

Instagram: bethbowerss

School Reading Tips

Have trouble focusing on boring books you have to read for school? Have problems with reading comprehension? Well I may have just a found a great solution! (It certainly has helped me!) it’s great for me because I love to draw even though I’m not very good at it. It’s great for several different kinds of learner because it involves listening, drawing, and writing if desired.

1. Download your book as an audio book

2. While the audio book is playing, begin doodling and writing small tidbits that you think seem important or worth drawing/ writing

3. That’s it. It’s literally that simple!

This simple technique helps fully occupy your brain so it’s much harder to become distracted and it makes reading more fun! Plus, if you have to write an essay on the book, you can use your drawings and notes to help guide you and refresh your memory when your trying to recall facts, themes, plot, etc.

Help Save RC9GN!

Hello everyone, I and many others are in serious need of your help. I have been an avid cartoon fan for all 16 years of my life, and I have seen too many wonderful cartoons wrongfully cancelled or discontinued. Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Futurama are just a few. Well there is another great cartoon that might suffer the same fate if we don’t do something: Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.

RC9GN is a cartoon on Disney XD. Few people know of it, as few people even have the channel. The advertising for it is a laughing stock, and episodes are shown at odd times. Disney never gave this show the attention it deserved, and now it’s about to give up on it. The second season finale is going to show in only a few days, and the show still has not been renewed for a third season.

The fandom has been trying its hardest to get Disney to pay more attention to Randy, but it’s been difficult. People have sent countless e-mails and letters, but all they get back is robot responses. We are tired and frustrated, but refuse to give up on the show we love so much.

We do have hope: it has been said that the UK may have the final word when it comes to saving Randy. The episodes air in the UK a few months after the US, and Disney has said that if the show gets good ratings there they might renew it.

But for everyone in the US that own the Disney XD channel, I implore you: watch the season finale. It is the US’ last chance to show Disney how much we love this show. It might not sound great to start a show at the end of the second season, but we need as many people to watch it as possible. You don’t even have to pay attention to the episode, just leave your tv on for half an hour. Randy means so much to so many people.

The episode airs on Monday, July 27, at 8:30 Eastern time, 7:30 Central time, on Disney XD.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you can help us. Some may say this is pulling at straws, but I have faith in my fellow cartoon lovers.