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Spideypool Headcanons - Part 1

queerlyalex, GENIUS, has come up with a Spideypool AU concept where Scott is Spiderman and Stiles is Deadpool. I’m very much in love with this idea and naturally these ideas popped into my head. So here, have some random scenes! I may add more headcanons if inspiration hits again. Weeeeee!

Oh, and this is unbeta’d, so all mistakes are mine. Onward!


The first time Stiles sees Spiderman “up close” - swinging from buildings with mesmerizing grace because wow the way that body is moving and bending - Stiles walks into a pole.

Stiles has just complimented Scott (Can you believe it they’re on a first name basis and everything! How Stiles originally came by this information is not important… There may have been some form of following involved. Following which led to Stiles maybe, sort of, surprising Spiderman in his bedroom. Hey, he just wanted to introduce himself because Stiles is a big fan all right, and Scott had been making it difficult to officially meet him. Stiles get’s the secret identity thing, he does - see they share that in common! But they’re both on the inside right, so that’s like instant camaraderie or something. Masked people should stick together! Wait, no, not all masked people because Stiles has standards. The point is - this inner monologue is getting out of hand. Scotty and Stiles are on a first name basis. Yay!) and he just knows he’s blushing.

“Aw Scott, you’re turning red.”

Scott tilts his head. “My mask is red. You wouldn’t even know if I was blushing or not.”

“You did the head duck thing, which is universally known to be a sign of bashfulness. I complimented the roundness and mathematical perfection of your Derrière and then you ducked your head, thus bashfulness and rosey cheeks.”

“Stiles, you made a grabby hand gesture and said “dat ass,” there was nothing poetical about it.” Stiles bites his lip at Scott saying his name. His heart is totally not fluttering like they’ve got delicate butterfly wings. That’s just ridiculous.

“Technically I just did, and either way it was a compliment.”

Scott seems to pause at that before shaking his head and Stiles distinctly hears a huff of laughter. Stiles it totally winning him over.


“Psssst, Scotty.”

“Dammit Deadpool, I told you not to say my name,” Scott hisses, looking around to make sure nobody heard, which really Scott?

“Aw no, you don’t have to use my code name,” Stiles gasps, clutching his chest. “You’re the privileged one. And you just outed yourself by confirming your name in such a manner. You’ve got to be careful about that, bro. If you just went along with it, you’d be fine, no one the wiser that that isn’t another Alias. Plus, literally no one is around to hear us, unless other people have habits of hanging out on top of 60 story buildings when the sun is down and the moon is full. If so, I’m seriously going to question how parents are raising their children these days.”

“What - that’s not the point,” Scott sighs.

“I know, the point is I don’t want to have to warp your beautiful name, like - what is that trend,” he says snapping his fingers, “mashing two names together? That would make you… Scodyman? God no, that sounds like a disease. You’re more like a cure if anything else.” Stiles waggles his eyebrows for emphasis, hoping it’s not too dark for Scott to miss the movement beneath his mask. Based on - aha, yes! He’s rubbing the back of his neck, another sure sign of rosey cheeks. Stiles always knew he was a smooth talker.

“Just, be careful where you use my name Dead- Stiles. I’m not just protecting myself with this mask, but those close to me.”

Stiles kind of melts a little at that. Stiles - he may not have anyone to protect anymore like Scott does, not really, except maybe himself, but. He get’s it. Stiles may not always have a firm grasp on tact, but he would never oust Scott like that. The very definition of Good Vigilante Extraordinaire or not, Scott is just good, he deserves the best and to be protected.

“Yeah,” Stiles says softly, “I know you are buddy. I would never do anything to hurt you.”

Both are quiet for a few moments just facing each other, the muffled sounds of the city below the only audible noise.

Scott reaches out and gently squeezes Stiles forearm. “Thanks, I know you wouldn’t.”

When Scott pulls his hand back, Stiles can’t help but stare at the spot. He’s quiet for so long that Scott finally asks, “Stiles? You okay?”

“You touched my arm,” Stiles whispers in awe.


“I am never washing this spot again. It’s been purified.”

“Oh my God.”

Exactly one year ago today, I started watching Sailor Moon, the best show I’ve ever hated and the worst show I’ve ever loved.

Friendly reminder to stop what you are doing and back up your hard drive RIGHT NOW

My computer was being slow and acting strange for the past fews weeks and I kept telling myself to back it up and never did. It died last night. RIPPPPPP

Perfect romantic partners for each sign
  • *check your Venus sign as well*
  • Aries:Someone who is romantically submissive and loves fun and is exciting and daring; isn't afraid to take chances and experience new things.
  • Taurus:A loyal and understanding person, who can handle their possessiveness and is very open and speaks their mind (doesn't hide their opinion).
  • Gemini:Someone with a great and light-hearted sense of humour and doesn't take "banter" too seriously. They like a dominant person and someone who is very flirtatious.
  • Cancer:A loving person who helps them see they are amazing and wants to spend all their time with them. Someone with a great sense of humour and a plan for their life.
  • Leo:Someone who loves to be adored, someone with self respect and someone with interesting stories and an exciting life. They like social people who can bring them friends and experiences along with love and affection.
  • Virgo:Someone who is reassuring and adoring; they do not like laid back people who people who struggle to fully commit. They want someone to give them full attention and pull them out of their shell and have fun.
  • Libra:Someone who give them love, time and attention but understand they need time to their self and for their friends. Someone who is social but has time for them and someone with self respect and a sense of creativity.
  • Scorpio:A very open and very understanding person, who has a huge heart and intellectual capabilities. Someone who is light hearted but can take things seriously and has a good judge of the right time to say something.
  • Sagittarius:They love interesting people, who have different but exciting hobbies from them, so that they can try them out and learn new things, They love someone who is intimate and open, so they can get to know every last detail about their partner. They don't want to be tied down to one place.
  • Capricorn:Someone successful or with potential, and a helpfu attribute would be for them to be intellectual and fairly intelligent (but not too intelligent). Someone who has time for them, and someone who is very loving and can take them out of their shell.
  • Aquarius:They like quirky people who stand out from the crowd, they are attracted to weirdness and weird likes and hobbies. They want their partner to have a sense of humour and be very open minded.
  • Pisces:Someone who likes or can accept clingyness, someone who can take control in decisions and loves to be showered by affection. They crave intimacy on a romantic level and love spending alone time with their lover.
The TAG Team Friending Meme!

So, I was talking with Madi, and as seen, she was doing a kinda meet and greet for the rpers. I suggested we start a friending meme to include more of those who don’t. THUS I have written one! :Db What is a friending meme, you may ask?  LET ME EXPLAIN.

1. Copy and paste below into a new post.
2. Delete the stuff in parentheses.
3. Answer only what you feel comfortable with! <3
4. Tag it with “TAG Team Friending Meme” and POST IT! :D
5. ???

Check out the tag! Follow some people, get followed by some people. MAKE SOME NEW FRIENDS, YEAH. :D SO GO FORTH. DO THE THING. o/

The TAG Team Friending Meme!

Preferred name? (Names, nicknames, online alias… whatever you prefer to go by!)
Age? (“Yes” is always a viable answer. ;) )
Where are you in the world? (Be as vague or specific as you’re comfy with!)

Your favourite TAG [& TOS!]…

Friendships/otps/brotps etc?

Do you TAG RP and if so what is your character/blog(s)?

Other favourite books/music/movies/shows/games etc?
How you spend your free time when, *gasp*, not at the computer?

What will people find on your Tumblr? (What fandoms you reblog and all that!)
Have any other Tumblr blogs? (Since many of us have more than one.)
Do you mind being sent asks/fanmail?
Do you have anywhere else people can contact you/find you? (ONLY if you are comfortable sharing! Deviantart/Twitter/Skype/plurk etc!)

Anything else? (Say some words! …or leave a hilarious gif… OR BOTH. Your call. XDb)

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Levihan 5.

“5 - One night stand and falling pregnant AU”

Levi: Who’s that?

Hanji: Hi! It’s Hanji from the party at the end of July. You know, the one you invited for a drink.


Hanji: Hey! Are you here?

Levi: Yeah.

Hanji: Don’t you remember me?

Levi: How the fuck did you get my number?


Levi: Which bastard gave it to you?

Hanji: *laughs at the end of the line* None.

Levi: So where the hell do you have it from? I didn’t…

Hanji: I checked it when you were sleeping. I called to myself from your mobile.

Levi: Bloody hell! And what do you want?

Hanji: I’m pregnant.

Levi: Wonderful, really. And who’s the wretch?

Hanji: *cackles* I’m pregnant with you, idiot.

Levi: *chocks with hot tea* Fuck you, that’s impossible.

Hanji: Don’t make me laugh. We both know it is possible.

Levi: What do you want? If you want money…

Hanji: Stop fooling around. In this case it’s obvious we’ll have to get married. Or at least settle down together.

Levi: The hell are you talking about?

Hanji: I don’t have time to be a single mother. I have to spend a lot of time at the university…

Levi: I do work too, shitty-glasses.

Hanji: Oh, come on. I’m a researcher. No idea what you would have to do to beat me.

Levi: And you won’t get to know.

Hanji: Oh, I’ll tell you. I know something about everything and my research is a total priority…

Levi: And you’re still stupid enough to inform me about shit like that by phone?

Hanji: Sorry, I don’t have time to meet this week but you can come to talk about details next Thursday at 1:15 p.m. I’m gonna have 30 minutes long gap in my schedule that day…

Levi: Shitty-glasses!

Hanji: Sorry, I have no more time now. See you next week. Bye.

Levi: *throws his mobile into a wall*

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So you have no problem with saying all Mexicans are rapists? That it's just a joke?

Okay okay. No. That was not my intent at all. And if it came across as that way, then I apologize (@the other fiery anons in my inbox as well). I actually deleted my response earlier because I guess I didn’t wORD IT WELL ENOUGH AND I GOT SOME RATHER NASTY RESPONSES. Mostly because I was and still am struggling to word what I’m thinking, which earned me someone telling me to “go to hell” in my inbox, which I mean….sorry, already there tbh.

Anyway, I’m all for being passive and not hating on others, so I’m sorry if I don’t want to throw constant hate at someone for a negative statement. I am plenty aware that being racist and acting as such is not okay. I’m plenty aware that Amy said things that were not okay. And I’m not trying to defend her for it either. I will acknowledge it, cringe, and move on.

But I’m just saying. Jen for example, has said things like “I broke out my rape scream for you!” Which of course, was offensive and not okay. And both she and the fandom were aware of that, which I think is the perfectly appropriate response. I personally, do not believe in getting so worked up to the point of saying that Jen can’t hang out with Amy when we don’t know either of them at all. Amy could have very well just slipped like Jen does and then gone “oh shit that wasn’t okay” later. 

Does that make it okay? No. And people are definitely entitled to dislike her for that reason. But literally, the only reason I got into this fiery discussion of DEATH which I immediately want out of, is because I’ve seen near constant hate on both Jen AND Amy for hanging out with one another. 


Music Tag Game

Thank you booksandreaders for tagging me in this, you have no idea how much I’ve always wanted to do these!

So, I think you just put your iTunes on shuffle and post the first 20 songs that show up. Then, you share the fun by tagging people!

Sounds good, let’s do it!

1. Nails For Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks // Panic! At The Disco

2. By The Throat // Chvrches

3. Million Dollar Man // Lana Del Rey

4. These Four Walls // Little Mix

5. The Headmaster Ritual // The Smiths

6. Dying Is Fine // Ra Ra Riot

7. Genius Next Door // Regina Spektor

8. Wings // Birdy

9. I’ll Be Home For Christmas // She & Him (I love christmas songs omg)

10.Today Was A Fairytale // Taylor Swift

11. The Wizard and I // Wicked

12. Sum of Our Parts // Mary Lambert

13. The One That Got Away // Katy Perry

14. 22 // Taylor Swift

15. I Don’t Dance // High School Musical 2 (yes)

15. Ghost // Halsey

16. Space Dementia // Muse

17. Mowgli’s Road // Marina & The Diamonds

18. The Run and Go // Twenty One Pilots

19. Comeback // Ella Eyre

20. The Kids Aren’t Alright // Fall Out Boy

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Dragon Con is getting to be too much...

OMG, the Sheraton is sending out emails to 2015 Dragon Con attendees, offering them the chance to book a 2016 room right now if they pay the entire cost up front with all room attendee names (no name changes after booking).

Yeesh, if anything makes me feel relieved about skipping DC after this year, this was the sign. Over a year in advance, shelling out well over $1,000, with no changes?

As much fun as DC is, it’s getting way too crowded and expensive. The host hotels sell out in minutes and it’s more of a mad scramble of a lottery than anything. The Hilton is basically booked forever due to letting each year’s attendees have priority booking for the following year at check out. And if you lose the host hotel lottery, the room prices on overflow hotels skyrocket for the weekend, to double what they were in 2011. (And when you’re talking five nights, that’s a difference of almost $1000 after taxes and fees).

The stress from organizing this year was insane… So bad that I had some pretty unpleasant physical symptoms like another stomach ulcer.

The best part of DC for me is getting to see friends from all over the country, do group cosplays, and just hang out with awesome people I don’t get to see outside DC. But fewer and fewer of those people attend each year. Some are starting families and can’t travel with such young children. Some have gotten priced out, with DC expenses costing double what they did a few years ago. Some have just decided it’s too overcrowded, too stressful.

And I’m firmly in the ‘too stressful’ camp. I intend to have an awesome time this year that makes the stress worth it, but honestly I just feel relieved about washing my hands of DC after this year.

You gave me some wonderful memories, DC, and will probably give me more next week. You got me back into cosplay after a long hiatus, a hobby that has enriched my life so much. I’ve made some wonderful friends that I will continue to treasure. I got to meet several authors/artists I respect, and even my childhood idols Wendy and Richard Pini, creators of the comic that was my first real fandom.

But after September 7th, it will be time for me to say goodbye and take the opportunity to visit some other cons all over the country.

I intend to start with cons close to some of my DC friends, so I can still visit them at half the cost (or less), spend more time with those friends, and eliminate a huge stress/anxiety factor in my life.


I don’t know what they’re so happy about but here’s them accidentally fusing (for the first time)