Clearing up from FNaF misconceptions

I’ll do it in bullet point form to make it easier to understand.

1. I do not hate the game Five Nights at Freddy’s and I am not shitting on the game Five Nights at Franky’s. If you watch me actually play the game I try the new game and figure out what it’s about with the help of two vets, learn and appreciate the lore, and find myself enjoying the game despite the pre-meditated notion to want to dislike the game because of how a loud sub-group of the FNaF fandom behaves (toxic af). I put aside my differences with the crazy fanbase of the game (again not everyone, if you are not batshit bonkers then I am not talking about you), found myself to be enjoying it, even though I did not find myself as startled by the content as others would consider proper. 

 2. With the evidence as presented here, I would like to further state that in the previous Tumblr post I never once discredited the game Five Nights at Frumpy’s, but moreso the inane concept that individuals are expecting a person to force false reactions towards content to appease desires that he, given the current context that the individual has already stated, finds no terror in the subjected video game entertainment, is purely, and utterly, batshit ludicrous and I will poke fun at that notion till I am too old to care anymore. (Yes that was a long butchered run-on sentence and I am damn proud of my knife-work)

 3. In conclusion, y'all have a nice day, but please refrain from putting words in someone’s mouth who is fully able to speak their peace on the matter like the big boy he is - and though you may see yourself as some kind of holy crusader for your video game fandom, you’re making yourself out to be the chihuahua that just, won’t, shut, up. And that’s no good.


Family are the people who embrace you with open arms, no matter what. They can see the pain in your eyes, even when you’re fooling everyone else. Family’s about laughing louder, smiling bigger, and living better. Family’s like fudge. Mostly sweet, with a couple of nuts. And although we’re not related by blood, we’re bonded by something much stronger. Love.

In today’s news- Mod gets over her idiotic pride and admits she needed to go back and change some pages! 8′D

So, I honestly don’t know why I changed my mind, but in the first pass of this section the goop sticking to the tree was going to be pink! Y’know like… gross bubblegum or something… Anyway for whatever reason I changed it to yellow/white at the last minute and I’ve never liked it. I won’t be pulling a George Lucas and remaking loads of pages or anything but, you know what? I was wrong, and I’ve wanted to fix it for a long time so I went ahead and did it.

So… yeah, just altered these few pages, that’s all. Just bringing it up here in case anyone went back to re-read and was like ‘wtf why did it change colour’ and yup the reason is I hecked up but I feel better for changing it.

When I was watching LND for the first time
  • Erik: Not everyone can be like Christine
  • me: Erik, this is how people get shot.
  • Meg: *Does the thing*
  • me: *flips over table*

Me, myself and I…and a kickboxing double bass drumming baby on board! Here’s a belly picture for you ☺️
I am still feeling well and seem to have a dream pregnancy. Yet at week 27 things start to get heavier and I am slowly adapting to an easier routine. Nevertheless, rocking the stage a bit is good for body and mind 🤘🏻 And for babies :-)
This picture was taken last night in #Kemi in #finland before the #raskastajoulua show! It was a good party 🎄 Tonight we landed in #rovaniemi , who’s coming? #floorjansen #marcohietala#villetuomi #antonyparviainen

“Until a woman meets my exacting high standards and has the right sort of musical knowledge - by which I mean knowledge I personally approve of - I’m quite happy to stay alone, and you should be too.”