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"Well that's the single most impressive thing I've seen someone do" with Dick and Babs please?

Dick was a man of many talents, as most people who know him already knew. However, he also had a knack of having lots of hidden practically pointless talents that made for great party tricks. For example, he found out that he was really good at towel origami, he could also do some fairly decent magic tricks (though these weren’t nearly as impressive when shown to actual magicians that he knew). But by far his most impressive talent was his flexibility. So naturally, when he and his friends decided to play Twister at a party, he knew that he would win. It was almost inhuman how he was able to twist his limbs, but at least he could showcase the fact that even though he was human, he could still beat superhumans in a game of skill. When he got off the mat he was given some compliments from his opponents, some grumbles that an acrobat/gymnast shouldn’t be allowed to play, and a few challenges to a rematch. “Well that’s the single most impressive thing I’ve seen someone do.” Dick spun around to see Barbara standing near a wall with two drinks in her hands. She offered one to Dick, gesturing for the two of them to sit. “Aw thanks Babs, you’re flattering me.” Dick gave her a grin while she just rolled her eyes “But seriously, that was pretty epic. And also disgusting. How on earth can you do that and not tear a muscle?” Dick shrugged “Maybe that’s my superpower, the power to be super cool and be really good at Twister.” Barbara chuckled “Yeah, that would be the lamest superpower ever.” Dick let out an overly dramatic gasp “How dare you? I’m obviously blessed with the power to demolish my opponents at the noble game of Twister, the game of true heroes.” Barbara laughed “Oh, I apologize, I didn’t grasp the importance of the game. Still, that was pretty impressive, even though you may have hurt some people’s feelings.” “How? It’s just a game.” Barbara shrugged “You never know, in such a noble game some people get pretty competitive.” “I will fight for my title as Supreme Twister Champion, I had to use all of my skills to win that position of nobility and honor.” Barbara rolled her eyes again “You are such a dork, I can’t believe you’re legally an adult with the way you act sometimes.” 


[ @ask-the-cursed-birb​ asked: Someone that isn’t quite on Isle three, hmm? I think I can rule out Cala, becaus e moisture is bad for you, certainly not Brineybeard… After all these questions, I don’t think anyone in the Ghost Train is your type…. Someone in the Casino? Piroulleta? (previous here)

anonymous asked: *loud whisper* Guys I’m pretty sure it’s Mme. Pirouletta how do you not remember Bookie is adorably obvious (unless I’m wrong whoops) (probably because of this)

No, no! She’s a very good dancer, that’s all! I don’t, um - women, that is - (overlapping) Not that there’s any - I just prefer - (slams shut, embarrassed)]

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Well you've now had my undivided attention for two full days, I hope you're proud of yourself! I just read the entirety of "The Camera Loves You" And well, Let's just say I didn't stop until she had gotten the girl, and saved the world :D I couldn't help but notice that according to ffnet it was all written in the span of a month and a half and well.. damn, that's hella impressive. Mad respect.

Yeah. The Camera Loves You was 130k words written in 40 days. And boy have I got a treat for you: there’s a sequel called “The Dreaming” which is 240k words and probably my most favourite thing that I’ve written ;)

Pack warmly before going in, dude! :)

Alternative dialogue rejected from Dishonour Among Thieves
  • Sliske: Yo, I killed Guthix.
  • Zammy: Yeah, and what?
  • Sliske: Well, that's pretty impressive.
  • Zammy: So? I have better hair than you.
  • Sliske: ...
  • Sliske: I also have the Stone of Jas.
  • Zammy: I have a godsword named after me.
  • Sliske: ...
  • Sliske: ...
  • Sliske: *cries*

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I see many people have jumped on your psych-101 train, but I'm not a psych major first year undergrad. I'm actually a scientist, as in, a real professional. I'm sure you know psychology isn't much of a science at all, let alone an exact one, so I feel for you and your team. I was only trying to help you, but I should have known you're too trapped within your own delusion to be bothered. It's quite something, though. And I wish you the best. Be well, if you can ever find your way back there

A real life scientist huh? well gosh thats so impressive that you came here and admitted that you’re completely and utterly unqualified to discuss this as you’re neither a professional in the field of psychiatry or psychology or have your own experience with cptsd and dissociation disorders to back up your claims!

You know what, i’m a ‘real professional’ too, but it matters in what you see.
Your claim that being “a for realsies scientist of unspecified discipline” makes you some kind of expert on psychiatric care is akin to me; a professional tattooist, wandering into an accounting firm and telling people that ‘actually, tattooing sometimes involves money so I should be considered an expert on finances thanks’.

Also my dude, psychologists and psychiatrists are not actually the same thing, psychology being the broad study on the way the brain works, and psychiatry being the medical science that studies and treats mental illness and other mental maladjustment.

In case your keen scientific mind can’t google up the difference let me explain:

Psychiatrists are doctors (with a PhD in medicine, which you dont have) with additional post doctorate specialist training in psychiatry (which you also don’t have) who treat mental disorders (which, i’m assuming from your profound ignorance and insensitivity to the topic, you also don’t have).

(which you are not) study mental activities (which you admittedly do not do) whether they are healthy or disordered.
But not all psychologists are therapists.  
You may be confusing psychologists (one of the many things you are not) with clinical psychologists (which you are also not), or psychologists with a specialization in therapy or counselling (which you are again, not).

All of which you would of course know if you knew anything at all about psychology or psychiatry, my dear Actual Scientist.