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🚫 out of self-defense misunderstanding and fear

Maggie stared at the wound that had just been inflicted upon her, allowed her one eyed gaze to travel up the blade and handle, along the trembling hand that gripped it…up the arm to the terrorized face of the man who seemed to trip over his own stumbling apologies.

Maggie’s pupil constricted into a pin point as anger filled her, drawing back her fist,

she snarled, punching him full force in the face, sending him flying into a wall, the knife he had clutched clattering uselessly to the floor, coated in her blood as she glared at him - it wasn’t even worth killing him…let the inmates have him…what an eyesore; Maggie turned on her heel and walked away from him, blood dripping from her wound an a macabre trail.

It’s weird: I haven’t been in school for six years and teachers around here have either completely forgotten me, or act like I was in their class two seconds ago.


                         { nuisance }

                Even though he isn’t much of an art lover, Minato feels the need to walk all the way over to Koi’s Art Gallery. He expects the building to look as grand as the masterpieces it houses, but instead, the Art Gallery looks nothing less than a normal house. And just in front of the doors stands a lone figure, blocking the way inside.

                        ❝ You’re in the way. ❞