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What's the best kind of hair dye you've used? Like that hasn't faded. I liked manic panic, we had to use color stripper to get it out.

okay WELL manic panic is good if you’re looking to bleach before you dye

but the best one i’ve found that requires no bleach is l’oreal feria. i dyed my hair from dark brown to raspberry colored and it doesn’t need any bleach to turn out vibrant. the only bad part is that i sadly discovered they do test on animals!

if you aren’t okay with animal tested products, then i would’nt use the l’oreal one! i’m not really okay with testing on animals either, so if anyone has a substitute for l’oreal’s it would mean the world!

hair faq!

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Could I have a match up please? :) 5'3 with long black hair (like to my butt) and brown eyes. I'm very ambitious, super sarcastic, sassy, and brutally honest. If I'm mad, people will know lol. I love singing, running marathons, and reading/studying. I can come across as kind of cold but am probably the biggest softy when you get to know me :) also I'm the friend who'll be the first to do something weird and crazy

I match you with Near.

The both of you are ambitious, turning nearly everything into a challenge. While unhealthy in some people’s eyes, it works out well as it keeps you both moving forward, and gives you something in common. As well as ambitious, both of you are brutally honest, though in Near’s case it’s more that he has no filter, so there are no secrets between the two of you. Your sarcasm goes over his head most times, leaving him confused and you utterly exasperated in most cases. He enjoys hearing you sing, opts out of marathons, but enjoys helping you study, or curling up with you to read.

About me!

So, I got tagged by fix-it-in-post! (x)

I tag: daslebenmitdz feyrawr kleiner-wildfang sun-skalli xxgongaxx (only if you want to, of course!)


  • name: Felicitas 
  • nickname: Feli
  • where do you live: in the oldest city of Germany!
  • favourite color: light blue
  • hair length: atm really long
  • hair color: dark blonde/light brown, somewhere in between  that
  • eye color: blue/grey
  • siblings: a younger brother 
  • area of work/study:  theology student, doing my masters
  • are you under 18: NOOOOPE, I’ll turn 26 in december
  • do you live at home: Yes, if you think that living somewhere means that it is your home. (I don’t live with my parents anymore, that’s probably where the question was aimed at - we get along well, but I moved out 6 years ago, so it is kind of like a second home.)
  • music genre:  that really depends on my mood, classical, opera, pop, rock and a bit indie… a few of my recent favourites you can find in this youtube playlist. I also did a music tag once. My all time favourite band is probably Queen, I don’t listen to them all the time, but whenever I do, I love it.  
  • movie genre: Are there queer characters in it? and aside from that: St. Jacques… La Mecque  La mala educación Paris je t’aime  (I need to rewatch that one!)  Kokowääh; and a bunch on action movies, like james bond, batman begins, x-men, also star trek. guilty pleasure ;) If only they had more/any female heroes! 

this or that:

  • are you: single or taken? single
  • are you: short or tall? depends on the comparison! 1,72 / almost 5′8
  • are you: shy, loud, friendly, quiet or avoidable: I’m a bit of an introvert, but I can also be outgoing. depends on the circumstances.
  • are you: atheist, wiccan, christian, satanic, catholic, jewish, muslim, mormon, agnostic, jehovah’s witness, or not sure what you believe? progressive christian catholic. (I don’t agree with a lot of the teachings on sexuality, obviously)
  • does your future profession have anything to do with: medicine, law, children, animals, or entertainment? probably young adults.
  • do your fears include: commitment, heights, death, needles, the dark, or thunder? not really, heights a bit.
  • do you: laugh or stutter when you’re nervous? no, when I’m nervous I am usually quiet
  • do you: chew on pens, bite your nails or shake your leg? no
  • do you: want piercings or tattoos? maybe get my ear pierced?
  • do you: want to get married eventually, never want to get married or not know if you want to get married?  eventually, yes.
  • do you: want children eventually, never want children or not know if you want children?  maybe?
  • have you ever: kissed someone who’s name begins with an e, t, l, j, m, or d? nope
  • would you rather: live in the country or the city? uhhh… I’d like both. atm city


  • ever dyed your hair: no
  • does someone like you: like, like like? not that I know of.
  • have you kissed anyone in the last 31 days: no
  • ever cheated: no
  • ever been cheated on: no
  • do you like your body: yup
  • favourite quote: hmm, I don’t really have one? this one’s good ;) 

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This dating thing sounds fun! I just turned 22, female, 5'11", my eyes are usually brown, though I've been told that they change colour if I'm really excited or in the right light, and at the moment my hair is green! I really love getting to know people, as well as learning new things! I'm also a total nerd and a spaz when I get excited. The kind of date I'd take you on... I'd probably cook you your favorite meal, then go out to the lake to walk and end up sitting in the grass in the moonlight~

You sound really awesome. Also yes pls cook me food let’s date.


These are some progress shots of my Maidenhair Fern! 

(Excuse the blurring) The last image (5th) shows just how dehydrated the fern was about 7 weeks ago. Maidenhair Ferns are known as the ‘diva of houseplants’ and I certainly experienced that! This fern has been so inconsistent. I originally had it in the darkest corner of my room and very well watered but it turned brown. I then thought I had over watered it so put it in my windowsill in full sunlight and less water. No success. This kind of continuos relocation around the house continued for about a year until 7 weeks ago when I decided to really commit myself to getting the plant to its happiest state. 

I added some miracle grow solution, added pebbles into its tray submerged in water & used room temp water instead of cold straight out of the tap. But most importantly, I found the perfect position for it. I have learned that my fern loves bright light but not direct. I installed a shelving system next to my window which meant I could have it positioned in a well lit area yet not in hot intense sun. A spray of water a day and a weekly feed seems to have kept it in a stable condition! I have seen immense progress. The colour is a healthy green and there are so many curled up and delicate fronds appearing at the base. Have I finally conquered this tricky plant? 

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☆- Marcel. Elijah. Rebekah. One by one they've turned their back on me. It's been 70 years, Lorenzo. Seventy years of space and change - how long before you turn yours as well? (Origins)

Send me ☆ + a question and my muse will have to answer it truthfully 
with absolute honesty. ~ No Longer Accepting

“Sevnety years to nearly six hundred Klaus,” Enzo said softly, brown eyes flicking up to watch the hybrid as he spoke. This felt like the kind of question that held a possibly explosive reaction if he said the wrong thing, though he could hardly blame his sire what with all the betrayal recently. 

“It’s simple Klaus,” he added letting his lips turn up in a small smile as he reached out to grab Klaus’ wrist tugging him down into his lap. “Never. I‘m never going to turn on you, do you know why?”

Leaning forward he brushed his lips over Klaus’ and trailed one hand up his back into his hair. 

“Because unlike them I’m in love with you,” he purred against him, lips still moving against his. It made all the difference in the world because Enzo, unlike everyone else, didn’t have to come back to Klaus this time. He could have walked away, let his sire continue to think him dead. Instead he’d come back because he loved him and wanted to be there and nothing Klaus ever did could change that. 

New Item Available on the Frida & Andy Shop on Etsy

Clementine’s Arrow Agate Ring

Clementine looked down at her hands and new what she had to do. Head West. Her taupe, neutral colored agate ring pointed the way to a life far more fun and cactus filled than the one here.

This large statement arrow ring is sure to turn a couple of heads. Not that it bothers Clementine since it is gorgeously hand wrapped with gold wire the beautiful brown agate stone will be able to show off not only her awesome manicure but also great sense of style. This ring is adjustable as well making it the perfect gift for the friends she’s hoping meet out in New Mexico. The ring measures about 2 ½ to 3 inches total and is a one of a kind showstopper.

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Led Zeppelin & Madonna.

Heya sweetie!

Led Zeppelin: 4 turn ons

(Okay, I’m not sure if these are turn ons, but I like them )
1) if you’re kind to animals.
2) cute, romantic gestures.
3) lip biting.
4) piercings in unusual places… idk why tho.

Madonna: Describe your crush

Well… at the moment my crush is perhaps my height, a wee bit taller with brown, medium length hair, big adorable brown eyes. She’s older than me, also louder and more out-spoken… but the sad part is, it seems like she’s taken. They call it a crush for a reason I suppose, aha. x