while ashton was on tour, his little girl learned how to use facetime. they talked whenever they could, even though there was a time difference so ashton would sometimes stay awake until the middle of the night to talk to his daughter. one night, little irwin was hearing noises while she was trying to sleep, so she snuck your phone out of your room and facetimed ashton. “hey baby, aren’t you supposed to be sleeping?” he asked. she told him that she was scared of the monsters in her room, and ashton frowned because he couldn’t stand seeing his little girl so upset. “put the phone under the bed and i’ll check it out for you,” he told her. when she did, he made sure to be very loud when he told the monsters to stay away. when he saw his daughter’s face again, she had a tiny smile on her face. “did you scare them away?” she asked him. ashton smiled back, wishing that he could be there to hold her and make sure that she was happy, to make sure that she was never scared of the things that weren’t real. “yeah,” he said, “they’re gone. so, do you wanna hear a bedtime story?”
and so his baby girl tucked herself back in and fell asleep to her dad telling her the plot of star wars. when ashton heard her start snoring, he whispered “i love you, baby” and hung up the call, crossing off another day on his countdown until he got to go home to her.

Side Effects

I was going back through some of my old MH posts, I started thinking about Jessica, I accidentally a thing. Idk don’t really know what this is.


It’s three in the morning and you’re still awake. 

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You may recall I did some embroidery while snowed in, earlier this year. Well, at long (long) last, I’ve made PDF patterns of two of my designs, and they’re available to buy!

Each pattern is $2, and includes the design plus a color & stitch guide. You can buy them from me on Etsy, or on Gumroad if you’d like to download some free zines while you’re at it.

And yes, the Rebel Scum design is up next.

Then deaths began to accumulate, though still scattered: sudden deaths, entirely unexpected deaths, as well as deaths which were fought long and hard, to the very last breath. Many now have quietly prayed for many friends to die. Many have marvelled at thestrength of young hearts in prematurely aged and emaciated bodies. Deaths overlap. Sometimes the death of a comparative stranger is felt more deeply than that of an old flame. Names disappear, and surely few have time to honour all the anniversaries of deaths. Many weeks and even months would be packed with little else. Sometimes entire groups of friends are swallowed up as if they had never existed. Looking through old photos one becomes aware of a growing army of the dead. You learn to avoid certain streets, certain towns, certain cities. Often bars and clubs feel intolerably thick with ghosts, though they usually encourage one to have a good time. To avoid ghosts it is necessary to find new social haunts, but nowhere remains ghostfree for long. Then you learn to stop trying to avoid them, for their messages are important.
—  Simon Watney, Imagine Hope: AIDS and Gay Identity.

tranquilambiguity  asked:

do you have any other movie recommendations for infj?

This is essentially a list of my favorite movies, the first section are movies I think INFJ’s would love for various reasons, second section is less so, but still great movies. Asterisk denotes my ABSOLUTE faves

  1. **Mommy dir. Xavier Dolan (drama, mother tries to help her violent child ft. sad neighbor)
  2. **Mother dir. Bong Joon-ho (drama/thriller, a mothers son gets arrested for murder and she sets out to prove him innocent) (literally just watch the opening scene oh my god)
  3. Requiem for a Dream dir. Darren Aronofsky (drug addiction of all kinds, psych thriller, wild ride)
  4. **Black Swan dir. Darren Aronofsky (psych thriller, identity, desire for fame)
  5. **Oldboy dir. Park Chan-wook (psych thriller, revenge, the hero quest, love story)
  6. Snowpiercer dir. Bong Joon-ho (dystopia, classism, determinism)
  7. **We Need to Talk About Kevin dir. Lynne Ramsay (a mother tries to come to terms w her effed up son, bad shit happens)
  8. Memento dir. Christopher Nolan (told backwards, revenge, he can’t make new memories so he tattoos the shit out of his body to remember shit)
  9. The Prestige dir. Christopher Nolan (magic, hats)
  10. A Clockwork Orange dir. Stanley Kubrick (sadistic kid in weird future gets into loads of shit)
  11. **Princess Mononoke dir. Hayao Miyazaki (all miyazaki should be watched (especially Spirited Away) but this is my fave, hint: main dude is sometimes classed as infj)
  12. **The Tale of the Princess Kaguya dir. Isao Takahata (about love and life, beautiful, I cried)
  13. Wolf Children dir. Mamoru Hosoda (two half-wolf siblings grow up and try to navigate between being both human and wolf, bonus: interesting gender relations)
  14. **Audition dir. Takashi Miike (THRILLER/HORROR girl murderer? I can’t even remember but it was amazing)
  15. Her dir. Spike Jonze (I think we all know)
  16. **The Silence of the Lambs dir. Jonathan Demme (crazy dude eats ppl and bae is like wtf)
  17. **Mr. Nobody dir. Jaco Van Dormael (a boy who doesn’t exist doesn’t make any choices so that all the possibilities can all exist at the same time, +love stories)
  18. **The Imposter dir. Bart Layton (sick doc about a guy who pretends to be this family’s long lost child AND GETS AWAY WITH IT FOR A LONG TIME DESPITE OBVIOUS DIFFERENCES IN APPEARANCE)
  19. **Under The Skin dir. Jonathan Glazer (alien preys on men and devours them + tries to navigate humanity, a race she or they don’t understand)
  20. **Drive dir. Nicolas Winding Refn (a drama/thriller of a getaway driver and his romance w an innocent, I don’t remember honestly)
  21. **Pan’s Labyrinth dir. Guillermo del Toro (a young girl finds a fantasy world)
  22. BONUS:: the tv show Hannibal has an INFJ lead, and it’s a VERY OBVIOUS INFJ lead, Will Graham, aka Bae, so please please watch it’s amazing (it’s also about Hannibal the cannibal)

Other movies that aren’t my personal fave, but INFJs will probably enjoy::

  1. Amelie
  2. The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  3. Fight Club
  4. V for Vendetta
  5. Donnie Darko
  6. Inception
  7. The Matrix
  8. Lost in Translation
  9. Melancholia
  10. The Fountain
  11. Se7en
  12. Moonrise Kingdom
  13. Magnolia
  14. Gattaca

Less INFJ-y but great movies::

*Heathers dir. Michael Lehmann (too many people named heather, murder disguised as suicide, teenagers killing teenagers, but all rlly funny??)
Wreck-It Ralph dir. Rich Moore (makes me cry every damn time)
*Whiplash dir. Damien Chazelle (drummer wants fame and is abused by teacher)
*Nightcrawler dir. Dan Gilroy (weird guy does weird shit at night with a camera and sometimes dead bodies)

If anyone has movie recs for me I am ALL EARS. I love movies, clearly`



These three, =v= (Left to right: Cozmo, Sasta, Brave) They were Pokemon OCs a few years ago and they were pretty well developed, two of them even had pretty long lasting relationships, Sasta is the clone of Cozmo so for a while they had an identity crisis until big bro Brave decided that cause Sasta’s a clone, all three share DNA, thus twins became Triplets!~ (You can obviously see the inspiration for Red.)