Every single Taylor album was released in October except for Fearless, which was released in November. It will be

9 years - Taylor Swift
5 years - Speak Now
3 years - Red
1 year - 1989

Yall im GONNA cry 😭

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Who are Dan and Phil?

Okay wow you my friend are about to get an education

Dan and Phil are two British YouTubers who are my life pretty cool. They’re best friends and they live together in London. 

This is Dan, aka danisnotonfire (full name: Daniel James Howell):

He wears a lot of black but is generally pretty adorable. Commonly referred to as ‘trash’ and ‘giant meme’ and ‘accidental model’. He is also ridiculously tall (both he and Phil are). Currently sitting on around 4 million subscribers. Known for his existential crises and funny videos with some deep point.

(look at this fucking model shit it makes me so angry)

He started YouTube in 2009, when he looked something like this (he was basically a fetus):

And this is Phil, aka AmazingPhil (note the difference in capitalization. It’s very important. Full name; Phillip Michael Lester):

Phil is basically the personification of sunshine and rainbows. His videos are funny and genuine and very adorable most of time. A lot of people go on about how he’s innocent because he doesn’t swear, which is bullshit really he is a 28 year old man; he just knows he has a lot of young viewers and he likes to make his channel good for them (oh, and Dan is 24 by the way). He currently has almost 3 million subscribers (a great injustice as he deserves a lot more)

This is what Phil looked like in 2009, when he and Dan met (Phil started YouTube a few years before that though, 2006 I think):

Cat whiskers? What cat whisk- oh, those. Time to learn about this amazing thing called phil is not on fire.

The day Dan and Phil met, they made a video together, on Phil’s channel, and called it ‘phil is not on fire’. That was in 2009 and since then there’s been one every year, in November. They are loved more than life itself by most of the phandom (that’s us, by the way. Hello). Have a look at this:

(2011 was a year of tragic haircuts for Dan)

We’re all kind of ridiculously excited for number 7 but you can’t blame us, it’s tradition.

Oh, and a lot of people ship them. Ship name: Phan. I personally ship it, some people think it’s weird, some people swear it’s already real. Up to you, my friend. There’s a lot of phanfic (which is exactly what it sounds like. And phanart. Basically we stick a ‘ph’ in front of anything and that makes it ours).

They’ve also written a book! It’s called the Amazing Book is Not on Fire, and they’re going on tour in October around the time it’s released. The whole book thing caused a shitstorm when it was revealed: a lot of people accused them of being sellouts, but those people are kind of idiots. But hey, you can watch the video they made explaining it and decide for yourself. In my opinion it’s an incredibly genuine thing.

Almost forgot about the gaming channel! They started it last year and it’s pretty awesome. Their Sims4 series is an absolute must watch. Seriously.

That’s a pretty good intro to the world of Dan and Phil, I’d say. Come join us :D


Dan’s Channel

Dan’s Second Channel

Dan’s Twitter

Dan’s Tumblr (warning: horrendously inactive. Probably has secret account somewhere but no one knows what it is).

Phil’s Channel

Phil’s Second Channel

Phil’s Twitter

Phil’s Tumblr


DanAndPhilCrafts (???)

Hope you enjoy! :D

(none of the images are mine, just found them on google images. Feel free to add stuff and let me know if one of the images is yours and you have a problem with me using it.)

McFarlane uses a number of tropes and jokes that are incredibly offensive, outdated, and just plain out of style. Basically, the cartoons he creates validate the idea that its okay to be homophobic/racist/transphobic as long as its passed off as comedy. And of course, people come up with the age old argument of “It’s satire! It’s supposed to be offensive! That’s what makes it funny!” But you see, kids watch these shows. They watch them starting at the age of 11. Do they know that it’s not meant to be taken seriously? No. They grow up thinking that this is the way to act. They believe that, as long as they’re joking, it’s okay to be offensive. Eventually, with the institutional racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia that is so deeply ingrained in American culture, these ideas mutate into a belief that they should hate people who are “out of the norm,” so to speak. This is the problem with the American media conglomerate, but more specifically, McFarlane. The general idea is that hate speech, which is unprotected by the first amendment, can be used in a humorous manner to create satire, which most believe to be protected by freedom of speech. In any case, satire doesn’t translate to the young minds of children who are, for some reason, allowed to view these programs. What the young audiences are receiving is not humorous, but a lesson on how they should act. But let’s discard all that for a moment, let’s pretend that the offensive nature of the show is acceptable because it is meant as humor, and not meant to be taken seriously. The quality of McFarlane’s work, however good it may have been at the time of its original reveal, has deteriorated massively. The shows themselves aren’t very likeable, they’re boorish, and derive any interesting material from sheer shock factor alone. To sum up, there is absolutely no reason to defend the work of Seth McFarlane. His shows are outdated, a remnant of an older time. They could be compared to an elderly person who refuses to let go of their outdated beliefs and ideals because “That’s how things were back then.” It’s completely unacceptable, and the network, unsurprisingly being Fox, should do everything in its power to remedy the problem.

i think it’s very important to take note of the fact that bruce isn’t always dark and brooding – one of the reasons i don’t think highly of bruce’s portrayal in the nolan films was because of this, the fact that he was continually portrayed with this continuously angry, hate-everything-and-everyone kind of personality. of course, i acknowledge that from a movie-making standpoint that this take on him is plausible due to all he goes through plot-wise, but batman’s got a lot more to his character than just those qualities that fandom tends to reduce him to. i liked many aspects of the nolan films but this is one i’ll never get over, and i know that hey, they’re movies and they tried but there’s so much else to bruce than was depicted in them. he makes plenty of mistakes and bad choices because yes, at the end of the day he’s human and like everyone else beneath the cowl, but this doesn’t make him an inherently bad person. in this regard, nolan had a big impact on a generation of potential fans that never got to read the comics/see the shows, which makes me really sad.

to reinforce this, i’d like to add that batman genuinely cares about a lot of people. he cares about his villains – he wants to help them, deep down, and it tears at him that he’s caught in this eternal conflict with them, and has to stop them time and again from destroying the city they all share as a home. batman’s enemies are mostly victims of circumstance, many of them are mentally ill ( as written and shown in this famous example of batman helping harley quinn. )

i’m trying to include as many aspects to bruce’s personality to my portrayal as i can, because at the end of the day, despite all his faults – the batman’s fighting for justice and the reason he sacrifices so much and continues to be the batman is because he cares. he’s capable of kindness just as much as the next guy and he’s shown plenty, and what’s important is that even after everything that’s happened to him, he still abhors the idea of killing. he doesn’t ask anything in return for what he does, but understanding would be nice.