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The dazzling shine of the car is what first catches your attention, but it’s your curiosity that draws you to it. You feel almost compelled to approach the silent, sleek sports car that rests along the side of the steet, illuminated by the nearby streetlights. You’re certain that you’ve never seen this car before, and that puzzles you to no end. You live on this street, after all, and to your knowledge none of your neighbors had gotten a new car. You didn’t recognize it from anywhere else in town either, and with how small a place Jasper is, you’re sure you’d remember a car as nice as this one if you had ever seen it around.

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Ahhhhhh you can't leave me on a cliffhanger! I need to know if Yoongi's gonna be angry. He prolly won't be, he'll be a total dorky sweetheart but I still need to see it!!!

Well it’s Tumblr to blame! Tumblr doesn’t want me to put more than 10 pics in a post so I always have to separate it in 2 halves! And it’s actually sad since I usually have 11-13 pics and i STILL have to split it!!! (But it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna make you guys suffer 🌝🌚)

Seeing the Suitors naked (accidentally)

Mildly suggestive…

Alyn - well you didn’t see *all* of him; it was a hot day in Wysteria and you went to the stables to check on your favorite horse. Alyn and some knights were in the courtyard practicing combat and he must’ve been really hot (lol) because he had removed his shirt and .. .well all you see is those washboard abs dripping with sweat as his muscles flex and strain while wrestling. *Melts*

Nico - you leave your room late at night to get a snack, opening the door you check the hall, right, then left; only to see a butt naked shiny Nico from the back sprinting down the hall- his rock hard glutes flexing as he goes. He took a bath and forgot his towel XD what a nice ass he has…

Byron - while visiting Stein you decide to take advantage of the wonderful bath the castle offers. You walk in all ready to have a nice soak, when through the steam you see the King of Stein, eyes closed, waist deep in the tub, reclining with his elbows resting on the edge… and that shadow in the water makes your imagination wander…

Giles- you were supposed to go see him in his office, but he’s not there, so you head to his room. You knock, pause, and open the door when you don’t hear anything in response, only to see Giles in his full naked glory, turning around just as you enter to see you. He’s toweling his hair and covers himself, but wears that damn smirk on his face….you’ll never be able to face him in lessons… and dammit Nico…

Leo - when it’s super hot in Wysteria, he just doesn’t like to keep clothes on, so anytime he can, he runs around in his underwear. It’s a slow day at the Palace and so he doesn’t think anyone’s really around, he’s just chillin’ in his office when you go to ask him a question and he’s sitting there spread eagle (buck nekkid by now) on the sofa reading through some documents… you turn three shades of magenta and everyone can hear him laughing throughout the Palace.

Rayvis - he’s visiting Stein caslte, you’re visiting Stein castle and there’s a mix up in your bathrooms, so he’s there with the water running, totally naked and you just think the maid turned on the bath for you when you walk in wearing only a towel - you scream, he screams… both of you apologize and then he ends up saying something dumb like, “I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry saw you naked…”

Sid - you go to the library one night to grab a book to read when you find a super sloppy passed out drunk Sid, he’s got like half his clothes off and he’s fallen asleep on the sofa in the library… down to his underwear, he’s sleeping there all sprawled out and not leaving much to the imagination… is he well endowed?

Louis - you’re visiting his duchy, up early one morning, and you’re curiosity gets the best of you- he said there was a library down this hall, opening the door you find him with his pants around his knees as he’s pulling them up- and you get a good look at everything down there -he looks up to see you and you’re both immediately tomato red with steam coming off the top of your heads… everything is awkward the rest of the day…. eeeee!

Albert - he’s chucking some laundry into the bins in the common wash area, he realizes his shirt has a stain, so he just removes it as well, might as well take care of it now… although he feels a little weird walking back to his room with out a shirt, he passes you and Nico in the hallway and he self consciously covers his nipples ;)

Robert - something got to him and so he had a little too much wine, so he’s sitting on the balcony and he just felt hotter and hotter, he’s taking off piece by piece and he throws one over the edge, you’re walking in the garden below only to have a pair of pants land on your head, when you look up to see a drunk, naked Robert dancing in the dark … ooowww…

Mukuro, Hibari and Byakuran acting Protective of their s/o


    “Pardon the intrusion ma'am, but may I have a quick word with you?” Your teeth pinched your lower lip in an attempt to prevent a groan from leaving your mouth. You had been assigned to go undercover as a teacher at an all male privet school. Something about the headmaster organizing a heist to take the large shipment of guns’ that the Vongola was able to obtain before they were shipped out to local small-time gangs.
   "Yes, what can I do for you, Professor?“ You took a page from Murkuro and allowed charming, but hollow, tight-lipped smile stretch across your face. You stood from the chair behind the desk and turned to the Professor in the doorway. It took everything not to cringe at the smell that wafted off of the man. Had no one told him about deodorant, or better yet the magical thing called a shower?
  “Well, you see myself and a few of the other teachers have some concerns.” He cleared his throat before continuing. “You see,” you felt your face twitch as he stepped into the classroom and shut the door behind him, “multiple of us believe that some of your choices of attire might not be the best and most professional choice.” That made you pause in your internal complaints.
   Glancing down at your deep purple long sleeved bodycon style dress. A white and purple scarf was draped across your shoulders, your black heels sat innocently underneath the large oak desk. Pearl bracelet and earrings where your choice of jewelry this morning. “And pray tell is wrong with my choice of work clothes?” You glanced back up at the man only to cringe seeing that he had gotten closer to you while you were assessing your clothes of choice.
   "Well, you see,“ your eye twitched at the repeated phrase, "as you know we are an elite all-male privet school.” He cleared his throat out. “With the boys here are at a certain age where they start to notice the opposite….,” Your inner monolog drowned the rest of his yammering out. This guy had to be bullshitting you, there was no way he was going to pull this kind of crap on you. “and thusly we would like you to start wearing less revealing clothing so you do not distract the boys from their studies.” He was.
   "Kufufu…“ Before you could open your mouth to lay it into the sexist skin hating ass, a laugh flooded the large lecture room. "That was quite an unwise thing to say, for a man such as yourself.” You both watched as the familiar pineapple haired man melts from the shadows of a corner.
   You watched in exasperation as the color from the professor’s chubby face drained into a pastel white. Beady eyes rolled to the back, and his heavy-set body hit the tiled floors with a heavy thud. You shot a look at the illusionist. “That was unnecessary, I could have handled the pig myself.”
    Murkuro gave his signature laughter before taking your hand in his and placed a feathered kiss on the back of it. “I have no doubt that your sharp tongue and harsh words could have done just that. But I could not help myself, the thought of others staring at what is mine with such dirty thoughts fills me with rage that is beyond control.”
    “I am not some property to own you ass.” You grumbled and jerked your hand back to your side. Despite wanting to seem made you could feel your cheeks turning red. Twisting away from the man before you in hope he would not see your embarrassment, even though you know it was no use he saw everything it seemed. “Let’s just get out of here already.” You fled the room before he could say anything.
   "Kufufuf…. of corse.“ His long stride made it easy to catch up with you. You felt his long arm snake its way around your waist before pulling you close to his side.


    A deep sigh passed through your slightly chapped lips. You were stuck at home today, as per Hibari’s demands. You had gotten a minor concussion the last mission that you had gone on, and despite being cleared for work, the ex-chairman had forced you to take the day off. The thing about being stuck at home that you shared with Hibari it always ended up being too quiet for your tastes. Even when Hibari was home the large home was quiet seeing as Hibari was not one to fill the silence with mindless chit-chat and in the end neither were you. But that quiet was different than this one, this one filled your being with a strange sense of unease.
   Your eyes panned the room in despite need to find something to do. You pause as you spot your thin black phone that sat on the dark chabudai in the middle of the open living room. Your eyebrows raised in thought and glanced down at your attire. You had decided to be lazy today and chose to wear nothing but one of Hibari’s button down white shirts over a pair of one of your most expensive lingerie sets that you own. You never really wore any of them as much as you used to. You had stopped since you moved in with Hibari. Seeing as he had a habit of ripping the fragile fabric when he became impatient. You had learned your lesson when you had decided to wear a one of a kind limited edition set on one of the few dates that he had taken you on.
   A sly smile crept onto your lips. If he thinks that you would spend a dull day at home while he got to go out and have fun with no complaints, he had another thing coming.
   A deep scowl was permanent on the skylarks face today. So was a migraine that pounded behind his eyes, and the one that sat on the couch across from him. Today seemed to tick on forever for him, normally it would be someone else that sat across from him, someone more desirable. Instead, he has had to deal with the blond herbivore ever since he stepped through the entrance of the underground safe house. If you had been here with him, the blond herbivore would have left the moment you had opened your mouth. He never understood why the Chiavarone boss listened to you instead of him. His deep frown got deeper at the thought of depending on you. Suddenly the sound of vibration on solid wood broke through his musing.
   Not giving a damn if it was rude he reached for his thing flip phone that sat on the coffee table between the two black leather couches. Looking at the small screen on the front of the phone ‘1 new text message from Bambina’ it read. The corner of his mouth twitches up for a fraction of a second at the name you had placed your number under. You had been a bit upset when you had learned that he had put your name as week herbivore instead of your real name or a cute pet name. So you had stolen his cell phone just to change your name, it had been about half a week before he had gotten it back from you.
   Shaking his head off his drifting thoughts he opened the mobile device with a sharp flick of his wrist and opened the text. What he saw had caused his mind to go blank for a moment. There you sat staring up at the camera with wide eyes and a slight pout on your painted lips one of his old buttons down shirts was completely unbuttoned and shrugged down low so it showed off your shoulders. It wasn’t odd to see you in his clothes you stole his shirts and sweatpants on a daily basis. What caused him to pause was what you wore underneath.
  A sharp whistle broke his trance. "Hibari you are one lucky man. Is that a bustier and garter?” Sharp eyes snapped to the man that now leaned on the couch behind him looking over his shoulder and at the picture of you on his phone. His teeth ground togeather in irritation how dare this pathetic herbivore think he could look at a privet picture of you and think he can get away with it.
   Before Dino even realized what had happened he was on the floor with some of the most painful injuries he had ever felt that were inflicted by the younger man. “Tell Sawada that I am leaving, and if he ever sends you to my office again he will be retrieving you back in a body bag.” The tall man rumbled out and walked swiftly out the door before he could be stopped. He had something that needed to be done.


   You adjusted the large floppy sun hat to sit more firmly on the top of your head. It was one of the warmer days in Dublin surprisingly seeing as it almost fell. But you weren’t complaining, this gave you a chance to window shopping one last time before it became too cold for you. It was also a nice time to finally wear a new outfit that you bought last week. It was one of your more flowy pieces, with a long dark blue skirt that had a thick leather belt that wrapped tightly around your midsection. It was light and with each step, you took you felt the soft see through material that made the outer layer brush against your bare ankles. It made you feel like twirling in circles just to watch the fabric fan out around you. The shirt you decided to pair it up with was a cream colored tank top. You had accessorized with wedges with blue straps, a brown leather bag, and a wooden necklace.
   You hummed happily, feeling confident with your choice of clothing. It was going to be a good day today. Just as that thought passed through your mind you suddenly felt a large calloused hand snatch one of your swinging arms and jerk you back into an alleyway you were passing.
   "Ah!“ You squeaked out when one of your ankles twisted at a weird angle because of the sudden side motion. You stumbled back into the rough brick wall of one of the buildings, scraping your bare arm. Looking up at the culprit that rudely jerked you out of your happy thoughts. "What the heck was that for?” You demanded the man that was still gripping your arm in a death grip.        He was a tall man in his late twenties if you had to guess, dark messy hair. five o'clock shadow, and bright blue eyes. A heartthrob if you had met him in a more polite fashion but no.
   "I’m sorry for the rude and hasty introduction but there is no time for a proper greeting.“ A light Russian accent colored his hastily spoken words. "My name is Isaac and you must follow me and do exactly as I say okay?” He asked as he started to drag you down further into the alleyway towards where a dark car with tinted windows was parked.
   "NO! Not okay! What the hell is this? Get off me!“ You shouted and tugged at your arm in an attempt to shake his grip off, but his grip held strong.
   "I’m sorry Ma'am but like I said there is no time to explain, all you need to know is that you are in great danger and I am here to help you.” He explained without looking back at you.
   "Here to help me?! It’s more like your the one that’s the danger to me! HELP!“ You screamed as you reached down with your other hand to grasp his middle finger and pulled it back as far as you could. This was the wrong way to use this move but you couldn’t remember how they had shown you how to get out of a death grip from the front, and you had to do something. Though your attempt to get free was not successful. "SOMEONE HELP! RAPE! KIDNAP!” You shouted at the tops of your lungs.
   "Oh…What do we have here?“ A calm deep voice sounded from behind you. At the sound of another person caused a deep rush of relief passes through you. You weren’t going to be taken away by this weird and rude man. Speaking of the man he had frozen mid-stride, the abrupt stop had caused you to bump into his broad back. He slowly turned his head to look behind you. His once tan features were now a sickly white, his bright blue irises were now a barely visible rim surrounding his blown pupils. A thin layer of sweat had gathered on his forehead where a vein now bulged out in fear.
   You too turned your head to look behind you. Standing there in an all white Italian cut suit was your savior. He was tall, and a shockingly head of white hair despite his young age. His eyes were a beautiful shade of violet that matched his button up shirt and tie. He looked like an angel except for the wide fox-like a smile that was painted his lips, and the strange glint that shown in his eyes.
   "Why Issac, if I hadn’t known any better I would say you were trying to steal my sweet flower away from me.” The angelic man purred. His voice was light and airy but had a threatening undertone to it. His head cocked to the side his eyes squinted shut, giving a fighting smile. “That is against the rules you know. No one is to touch my flower except for me. And you know very well what happens to people who break the rules.” His lavender eyes cracked open, the fox-grin still persistent as the day.
   "I’m sorry Byakuran-sama.“ The Japanese title sounded weird mixed with a Russian accent to you. But you were too freaked out to ponder the odd combination. You had no idea what was going on. Angel man had called you his flower, and yet you have never met him before this day. And despite your inability to remember a face, you could never forget meeting someone with that hair and eye color combination.
  "Byakuran, we have to get going it’s almost time.” Suddenly another voice spoke from behind the white haired man.
   "Oh, is it that time already?“ Byakuran gave a giggle, which was odd to hear from a grown man. "Why don’t you take my flower to the car while I deal with Issac here, Sho-chan.” As told a redheaded man with glasses stepped out from behind Byakuran. He smoothly walked forward and grabbed you by the arm leading you to the car to the end of the ally.
   You were too shocked on what had conspired to make any objections about being dragged off by a stranger once again. All you had known that today you had met the devil who had gone by the name of Byakuran. That day you had met the man that says that he has known you for your whole life while you knew not of him. Each time you think back to the encounter and his explanations your head started to pound in confusion. But in the end, you had met the man that you love, so you couldn’t really complain much.

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I like this blog already! *-* How would a first date with Sans, Stretch, Red, and Rus go? Please and thank you! :D

Glad you’re enjoying this strange place! And aw, first dates. I’m already blushing…

I’ve never been on a date. Whoops.

Undertale Sans (Classic/Sans)

When you first see him, he hasn’t seen you quite yet. He’s repeating his greeting to you over and over again, prayers for the date to go well mixing in. In one hand, he’s holding a huge bouquet of your favorite type of flowers, the wrapping around it your favorite color as well. He actually sees you for the first time when he turns around to continue his pacing. When he realizes that you had been listening, his face flushes blue and he stutters out a butchered version of his greeting.

Once he realizes that there’s no way to recover from that, he shoves the flowers in one of your hands and grabs the other to lead you to the cafe he picked out (one of Muffet’s). The entire time he’s a blushing mess, only managing to make a few shitty puns here and there.

After having a snack, he takes you to a planetarium to see the stars. If anything, the only stars you’re looking at are the ones his eye lights turn to at the sight above him. He apologizes after, stating that he had meant to point out all the constellations to you but got sidetracked. He walks you home, admitting that he flubbed up this date.

If you give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him that you’d love to go on another date, he’ll be on cloud nine.

Underswap Papyrus (Stretch)

Stretch is a more laid back date kind of guy. After picking you up at your house, the first thing on the agenda is going to some little-known sandwich shop for lunch. The two of you share some nice conversation and Stretch makes so many puns related to the shop that you lose count. “lettuce get to know each other better, honey,” he says when a piece of lettuce falls off his sandwich. “my jokes are pretty good, hamirite?” as someone orders a ham sub. “now romaine calm, but I think some skele is thinking about how gorgeous you are.”

Once your stomach hurts from laughing, he brings you to a nearby shopping mall to do some window shopping. The two of you go into all sorts of shops, trying on nice clothing, silly things, and the such. When a certain time arrives, he brings you to the closest movie theater to see whatever movie you think looks the best. Near the middle of the movie, he leaves to use the restroom and ends up being gone for a good ten minutes before coming back like nothing happened.

After the movie, Stretch walks you back, making up plenty of jokes about the movie. At your house, he produces a bag from one of the shops you two had been in. Inside is one of the things you had actually admitted to wanting to go back and buy. With his face bright orange, he stutters out a request to “do this again”. If you agree, he lets out a sigh of relief and promises to text you to set up the next date. He actually ends up going down the sidewalk with a skip in his step.

Blueberry had to ask him what happened since he was just staring into space for an hour with a smile.

Underfell Sans (Red)

Red isn’t exactly the date sort of guy. His ideal date would be bringing you home, so he’s clearly out of element when it comes to preparing an actual date. Since he wants a familiar environment, the date will be a dinner at Grillby’s. You end up meeting him there, Red having sat in an actual booth instead of at the counter. Your favorite drink is on the spot you sit down, along with a small box. He admits that his brother, Edge, picked out the gift since, “NO BROTHER OF MINE WILL MAKE A FOOL OF HIMSELF IN PUBLIC.”

The first five minutes or so of the date go by in awkward silence. While you shift uncomfortably, Red gets up to get the two of you more drinks. A monster comes up and tries to flirt with you while he’s gone, having noticed how uncomfortable you were. As you back further into the stall in order to get away from the creep, he gets surrounded by a red light and slammed into the ground.

“that’s my date,” Red snarls out, calling the monster a slew of awful things. Grillby glides by and escorts the monster out with a swift kick to the tush. He shows up later with a drink on the house. After the incident, Red apologizes and manages to make decent conversation the rest of the night. On the walk home, he gives your shivering form his sweatshirt. At your door, he apologizes again for what happened. When you tell him you look forward to another date, he wraps you in a big hug before taking a short cut away.

He forgets his jacket. When he gets it back on the next date oh god you’re wearing it still and it smells like you.

Swapfell Papyrus (Rus)

Rus doesn’t like being in public. It makes him nervous. So, his ideal date is taking you to his house on a day Black won’t be there. He brings your favorite take out to snack on while you two binge-watch a television show neither of you have seen before. It’s comfortable. When the sun sets outside, Rus mentions he was somewhere else to go. He makes sure you’re perfectly ready before taking a short cut to a secluded section of nearby beach where you can perfectly see the stars. He points out all of the different constellation, excitedly telling you the stories behind them.

When you inevitably start to shiver, Rus hesitates just a minute before giving you a sweatshirt. It’s super comfortable, and when you tell him that you need to get yourself one just like it, he nearly faints. Wearing something of a different monster’s Underground was like proclaiming that you were theirs. Oh no, you’re too amazing.

You fall asleep cuddling against him. When you wake up, you’re in his bed. He’s asleep on the floor next to you, one hand holding yours. He wakes ups shortly after you, face covered in a blush when he realizes where his hand is before he practically flees, saying he’s going to make breakfast. The next day, a package arrives at your house. Inside is a sweatshirt that looks just like his.

I mean, when a man reaches…a certain age,” he tried again, “he knows the world is never going to be perfect. He’s got used to it being a bit, a bit…” “Manky?” Nobby suggested. Tucked behind his ear, in the place usually reserved for his cigarette, was another wilting lilac flower. “Exactly,” said Colon. “Like, it’s never going to be perfect, so you just do the best you can, right? But when there’s a kid on the way, well, suddenly a man sees it different. He thinks: my kid’s going to have to grow up in this mess. Time to clean it up. Time to make it a Better World. He gets a bit…keen. Full of ginger.
—  Terry Pratchett, Night Watch

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It's getting boring how you post Yondu so much 🙄

Well I love Yondu and a lot of people love him as well, seeing all these headcanons being sent for him and Kraglin just makes me smile so much that honestly i’m having fun and that’s what makes me happy about being on this blog :) I’m sorry to bore you but at this moment Yondu is the character that stole my heart and truly gets me inspired and motivated to write more :)

Demencia: I’d wish you good luck destroying these minions, buuuuuut…They’re ALREADY DEAD! 

Black Hat: We are well aware!

Demencia: The lizards wanted me to give you a message. “Hiss…Sss-ss.” Roughly translated, it means…Hmm, now, what was that human word for that again? …Traipse? …Tripe? Oh, TRAPPED! Right! …They say we’re trapped.

Black Hat: We know, damn it! For evil’s sake…Where did they all come from?

Demencia: Well, see, when a mommy zombie and a daddy zombie love each other very much…Hee hee hee!

Black Hat: Perhaps I should save the zombies the trouble and silence you myself!

[Source: Fire Emblem: Awakening]

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Is it bad that I want Liam to stop talking about Zayn altogether? I feel like they went from one extreme to another in .5 seconds and no one is buying it now. A good 98% of the tags that I've seen in the "pillowtalk is my favorite song" post were either "too late", "damage control", or "we still remember what you said". Unless we get a reunion we're they both seem comfortable. I'm going to side eye his genuine their "support" is. The titanic interview was just heartbreaking . 💔

Well, and see, I’m going to guess that’s nahhhht the attitude that Team Loammy is looking for.  Fandom sentiment seems a smidge better now, but I think its more or less a wary one? After seeing the way the last week has played out, this is my general attitude to Team solo!Loammy:

But I wonder if they feel they fucked this up? Loammy won’t have the #1 spot, but he’s going to debut somewhere in the top 10 in the US and UK markets (which is good!), though the real test will be how it fairs on radio and second week sales. 

It seems pretty clear they’re reading fandom comments (hi Doyen Global interns!), but they reallyyyyy need to regroup and do better then whatever this goat rodeo is. As far as fandom is concerned, you fucked this shit up, my dudes - now’s the time when you maybe need to earn your paychecks and fix it. 

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*yeets in* is that gaster I see??????? Well hello there I'm just gonna drop... this.. here... *drops a note saying 'pls can I ask for HC of relationships with Gaster post-void, where his s/o managed to bring him back? Thank' and runs away*

Are… Are you ok? ~Mod Feral

UT Gaster

- He’s a little {Very} confused at first. He’d been trying to get back in a permanent physical state for a while, but nothing seemed to be working. Even Sans seemed to have given up on getting him back.

- When he finally realizes what happened, he’s relieved and thanking you.

- Don’t expect hugs right away if at all. He knows he’s a little goopy and doesn’t need you dealing with that.

- He’ll still find ways to show both affection and gratitude.

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No, Poppy Fitzpatrick. Who will clean her clock with less warning and provocation than Roosje. Poppy’ll probably hurt her worse than Elena as well, seeing as she’s not a cop. Fortunately (or not) Jason distracted her away from Jayme at this point. Now you know why Archi’s finding it necessary to drink heavily.

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Do ya think Phichit's hamsters would have interacted well with Vicchan?

See, i WANT to say yes but also i have yet to meet a toy poodle that was not insufferably aware of how they were descended from the hunting dogs of kings, so …. i dunno.

Song Shuffle Tag

Yay I was tagged by @catsrtheboss
Thank you very much 😊

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the songs they listen to. Put your music player on shuffle and list the first 10 songs that come up. Afterwards, tag other people to do this!

Well let’s see:
1) “Beautiful Mess” - Kristian Kostov
2) “Fire Blue” - Duvchi feat. Loreen
3) “A million Years” - Mariette
4) “Future looks good” - OneRepublic
5) “Hymn for the weekend” - Coldplay
6) “Thunder” - Imagine Dragons
7) “Statements” - Loreen
8) “Fire in the Rain” - Måns Zelmerlöw
9) “Wechselt die Beleuchtung” - Laing
10) “King” - Years & Years

I’m just going to tag a few people although most of them probably did this already:
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Random headcanon, but I feel like Yoosung would be a hoarder. I mean it's sorta canon Yoosung has a messy place to the point where mould and cockroaches live with him, and since hoarders struggle to accept what happened to them and move on from it, I think it would fit his character well.

yeeah i can see that

Treasure Chest

On my shelf my happy box
wrapped in chains
and locked with locks,
Painted red and painted blue
blood from me
water from you,
See the demon sit astride
do you wonder
just what’s inside?
Perhaps you can coax him away
he likes to eat
a child each day,
Bring for him a little boy
who cries from fear
but never joy,
Oh see how you’ve made him grin
see his fangs
go sinking in,
How cute! He’s got that little head
takes it now
beneath the bed,
Here’s your chance your chance at last
make your move
and make it fast,
For the lock I have the key
unwrap the chains
open and see,
Look now love look long and well
for what you see
is truly hell,
Oh my dear you’ve so been had
you thought me good
but I’m quite bad,
This box it holds my very soul
eternal anguish
in a fiery hole,
All the good you did forsake
bought your place
in the flaming lake,
There to swim forevermore
like each like you
who’ve come before

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men always use the age thing as a weapon against women. you have no idea how much I encounter this. they ALWAYS want to remind women that once they are no longer 20-22 they have to lower their standards because her greatest value ever was her youth and how no man wants to fuck her personality or her degree but her hot young body. I see men well into their 40s talk complain about why they should settle with a 28 year old who gave her best years to another man while they get leftoevrs? GROs af

Lmao its so true and so gross which is why we need more representation of older women (by which i mean literally anything over 25) in media.
Also fuck men who think like this. I hope they feel better soon

Prompt fill for this month’s @meflashfanwork theme: What Might Have Been.

Many decades after the Reaper War, Shepard looks at Kolyat and wonders what Thane might have been like it he’d lived. Background Shakarian.

The Father in the Son

It had been 50 years since the end of the Reaper War. In celebration, countless invitations had been made to Shepard, but she turned them all down. Instead she and Garrus opted for a reunion of friends and crewmates at their home.

For the Normandy crew, the reunion was less a celebration and more a time to reminisce. Fifty years was a long time, but they were all aware that some scars never healed and for every victory they’d had back then, there was a terrible defeat as well. They didn’t see each other as often as they used to, or as often as they should, and Shepard was keenly aware with each new ache in her body, that none of them were getting any younger. Eventually these get togethers would get smaller with each passing year. Garrus must have sensed her melancholy, even among the laughter of their friends, regularly seeking her out and placing a hand on her waist as they talked, to ground her in the here and now.

Shepard took a moment away from the others to refill her glass. From across the room she watched Garrus and Kolyat talking, both probably still grumbling about the problems in C-Sec. Kolyat’s wife, Iralia, was talking to Tali. She wondered if they might be talking about the new drell settlement on Rannoch since, if Shepard remembered correctly, Kolyat’s son was one of the coordinators.

Her eyes found their way back to Kolyat. He was starting to show his age, they all were, but she was more aware of it with him. It had been too many years since she’d seen him in person. After the war she’d kept in touch, tried to assist him in any way she could. It wasn’t something Thane asked her to do, and she knew Kolyat was an adult, but she still felt an obligation to look after him. It eventually turned into a friendship that crossed many decades and many milestones.

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