I forgot to formally introduce my ‘new’ hair oops


this bias tag was probably the most tiring n difficult thing ive done all summer (tagged by: mngyusgf 97xu hngjsoo emohoshi) im not fake for coups (or hoshi) those were chosen by emohoshi

bc of this i lost 17 yrs off my life so i’m too tired to tag anyone but kinkyungsoo

tagged by Chloe :D


1. name (or in my case, nickname that i want to go by but nobody ever calls me besides my parents and like two people on tumblr)
2. url
3. title of blog
4. color
5. crush
6. cap locks
7. band(s)
8. number
9. drink
10. THE TAGGED PEOPLE AREEE: Maggie :3, madammn, mrswhoruessr, hennyproud, fiestadog, tattooedjehan, fiftyshadesofjae, and Johnathan :P i’m so sorry if i didn’t tag you and if you wanna do it then consider yourself tagged and go for it :D