A Little Too Late ((With Mistakes))

Anonymous asked: hi! can you write a laf x reader one where in one of them (a) likes the other (b) but the other doesn’t (and maybe has a relationship), so a tries to get over b? something like that idk how to explain it well HAHA sorry, and thanks in advance!

A/N: Probably rewrote this 80 times. Thanks to @myalexanderhamiltonjustyouwait for helping me end it. And I love this idea, I just don’t know if I executed it correctly.

Word Count: 1765

TW: Angst angst angst angst, drinking, mistakes, sex mentioned but no smut. 

AU: modern ((IM SORRY))

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader ((not really lol)

When he met you, he was coming off of a plane from France to his new home, America. He was participating in a foreign exchange student program with his ((also new)) college. You were there to pick him up.

The second he stepped out the terminal in his baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt, he knew he made a mistake wearing such hideous clothes. You looked absolutely stunning in a flattering (F/C) dress that hugged your curves and showed off your legs and arms while being modest. It complimented your dazzling (E/C) orbs, to which he was absolutely entranced in.

You were stunningly beautiful, while he was giving off a stunningly poor impression.

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anonymous asked:

Just a casual repeat of something that's been said about 800 times already, but YOU'RE WATCHING LUCIFER YES HUZZAH if you get any au ideas please share except don't hurt us too much

lol the only AU idea i have currently (and which i DESPERATELY NEED) is emma and killian meeting lucifer and chloe


  • emma and chloe bond and become friends, like, immediately. they understand each other really well and feel comfortable with each other in a way they rarely get a chance to be. they team up to solve crimes and chloe’s a little skeptical of this “savior” thing, especially magic and fairytale…. she has enough on her plate with señor so-called satan over here, she doesn’t need this too… but she really likes emma and they make a great team.
  • killian and lucifer spend 5 hours straight arguing about who is the more devilishly handsome. lucifer insists that killian can’t say that BECAUSE HELLO WHO IS THE ACTUAL DEVIL HERE? ME. THANKS, IT’S ME. killian refuses to stop saying that he is devilishly handsome because it’s a fact.
  • emma and chloe need to solve a case without their clueless boys interfering = put a mirror in front of them. all set.
  • killian and lucifer stop arguing long enough to have a drink. then they talk about their deadbeat dads, their dark pasts. they sympathize about living in their brothers’ shadows. they may like each other. maybe.
  • lucifer takes killian to the wonders of his closet. killian has never seen such things. they both are sharp dressed men. hmm. this idiot is a pain in the arse but there are worse things. maybe.
  • meanwhile, henry and trixie immediately meet up and become friends.
  • lucifer is dumbstruck at the idea that killian loves henry and actively enjoys seeking out and spending time with him. “wait you mean… on purpose??? isn’t there a treat you can give him??? something to shut him up… knock him out??? scrape him off???”
  • lol, no, killian likes the lad, they’re friends, they’re close.
  • lucifer just shudders for 10 minutes while warily looking around for trixie, who wants to show him henry’s storybook
  • emma and chloe need the boys’ help, show up to get them, lucifer and killian strut around in their black leather and subtly attempt to show each other up with their ladies watching, but get the job done
  • later, emma tells killian that henry looked good with a little girl running after him, maybe one day they’ll think, you know, of expanding their family.
  • later, purely to get his goat (lucifer, after all, hates goats) chloe mentions that trixie looked good with a sibling…
  • lucifer’s horrified screams wake up people in the next county, accidentally blow up half of lux

              I feel really tired and mentally drained all of a sudden — ( especially when I think hard about how long and exhausting my flight to Alaska will be tomorrow r ip ) — but I just wanted to share with you guys one last idea.

You know how there’s actor aus and singer aus and band aus and the like?

              –––––––– well, get ready for HOLLYWOOD au ( aka the captain planet lol )

              just imagine!

  • apollo, the hot-shot young music mogul with an all-girl group, The Muses, that’s sweeping the nation! 
  • hermes, the up-and-coming screenwriter who's known for his playful wit
  • eros, the dreamy soap opera star who started dating a cute small town girl (much to his agent’s distaste)
  • poseidon, the snarky and fabulous make-up artist with a monster fetish who’s just so done with everyone’s shit

              and tons, tons more!

              –––––––– would YOU make it in THIS tough neighborhood?

so I’ve had these ideas for some smut-fest bumbleby one shots that I want to do sometime, but tbh idk if I’ll ever really write them.

Why, you may ask? Because I’d fucking terrified of getting kinkshamed lol.

But really, when I write bumblebee stuff, because I relate to the two characters so very much, I’ll often project bits of myself onto them, and well, thats how you’d end up with the stuff I want to write, but am far too bashful to actually do so.

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I really like your work, in fact I've read your stuff on ao3 so many times it's getting ridiculous now. I'd love to read more of your stuff but I'm afraid and sorry to say I'm not that big a fan of teen wolf and was just curious as to why all the tw and is there anything else besides it? I don't mean to offend you in anyway I just genuinely wanted to know

Hey, nonnie!

Aw, thank you, I’m glad you like my stories!

Well. Tbh, I don’t even watch tw anymore, so I have no idea why I still write fic for it LOL (okay no, I LOVE Stiles, alright?)

Anyway. Most of my stuff really is Teen Wolf, but - if all goes according to plan - I will soon back to writing commissions, and might even try my hand at getting published, so that’s something to look forward to, maybe? :D

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(For the artist asks) 2, 5, 12, 25, 26

2. How long have you been drawing?

Since a bit before kindergarten, but more seriously around 2nd grade. I’m 25 now. I don’t wanna do the math so there’s an idea, lol.

5. What’s your favorite thing to draw?

People. I get frustrated and bored with other things usually, but I really enjoy drawing people.

12. Is it okay for people to ask you about your process?

Of course! Not sure how well I’ll describe things, haha, but I’ll try.

25. Do you like to draw in silence, or with music?

Music. Definitely.

26. For digital artists: what program(s) do you use?

Primarily Paint Tool SAI but I do use some effects and brushes in Photoshop for touch up.