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Are there any ghosts you still have trouble talking to/ connecting with??

(Don’t let anybody know lol)

On a more serious note, I am more mature about how I treat everybody now. I can recognize when I’m having a really emotional reaction and get re-centered… 

I mean, they were banned from coming over a couple of years ago, but after they realized I was serious about this whole interspecies relationship deal they haven’t done much to break the rules - so I won’t do anything even though personally, I’m not a fan.

But it’s really a case-by-case thing. It’s why FAIR helps so much. That way I have a set of predetermined rules and agreements that keep things pretty professional.

I have this idea for a story. You know that old idea that people who are destined to be together have a red thread attached to one another to bring them together (the red string of fate)? 

Well what if there was something along those lines (like a line of energy or something, so it wouldn’t get caught up or trip people lol), and it showed up on people around the age of 18 or so. In society, it’s one of the most honored and important things to happen, so once the line appears, one spends the next days/weeks/months/years searching for the other end, their soul mate. 

The main character’s 18th birthday comes, and they’re thrilled to finally be able to partake in this amazing experience their parents/teachers/friends all have gone through. Only, their birthday comes and goes, and there’s no line. Nothing appears at all. Their best friend’s birthday comes soon after, and lo and behold, they have two lines appear. 

Turns out the main character is asexual and aromantic, and their best friend is polyamorous. 


so. i need commissions? for something vaguely important!!!!! (nothing like groceries or rent, though guys, it isn’t a necessity! I just really need it for like a personal reason lol!)

so. I make art, and I will write anything you want!

here is some of my writing that could help you get an idea of my stuff.

I could write you something with your OC’s or an imagine. I could do imagines with whoever you want. No smut.

art front, I have a couple of things to offer. you could have a personalized mood board, like either one of the ones below.

each of anything you want is $10! 


I make products as well, which you can see here.

I could also do any drawing of an idea you want, of ships! I will draw Larry, muke, cashton, whatever and anything you want of it! (No smut though!)

please please consider commissioning me! :’))))

Heneral Luna meets Inside Out

Anger as Heneral Luna
Heneral Luna as Anger

I had this crazy idea at work awhile ago and i’ve realized both ideas go well together, Heneral Luna being hotheaded and all. I thought, who would’ve controlled the emotion helm of Luna (it was really obvious LOL)

mix anger with joy, you’d get a lunatic (pun intended) Heneral Luna laughing to his crazy ideas or when someone challenges him
mix anger with anger and you’d get rage, hence the kind of rage he showed to Mascardo and Anolino.
mix anger with fear and you’d get hatred (well close enough on the scenes where he hated people being undisciplined and all)
mix anger with disgust and you’d get the loathing he displayed on their meetings, where he was trying to convince everyone to get ready for another war and to fight for our freedom but was countered by the merchants who wanted to befriend the Americans
mix anger with sadness and you’d get betrayal (re: his death) 

I hope people will watch and continue to patronize these kinds of films (especially Filipinos!) because its about time we learn long forgotten lessons from our national heroes. Looking forward to Gregorio del Pilar’s movie.

p.s.: congrats again Team Heneral Luna for being nominated for Best Foreign Language Film category in Oscars 2016. I wish you guys all the luck!


Heneral Luna is a historic biopic film of Gen. Antonio Luna, the fiery general of the Philippine History directed by Jerrold Tarog.
Inside Out is a film by Pixar Animation Studios on Riley’s emotions, directed by Pete Docter & Ronnie del Carmen

New Japanese Name in Class (True Story)
  • Friend: hey... I'm gonna change my name.
  • Me: really? What is it?
  • Friend: Yousuke.
  • Me: where did you get the idea?
  • Friend: LoL
  • Me: ah... I might as well too.
  • Friend: What is it then?
  • Me: Aoba.
  • Friend: Alba?
  • Me: no... Aoba.
  • Friend: Obama?
  • Me: NO. AOBA. As in A-O-B-A.
  • Friend: oh aoba.
  • Me: *sigh* sensei~ can I change my name again?
  • Sensei: oh no... What is it this time? This will be your last chance.
  • Me: Aoba.
  • Sensei: Alba? Weird.
  • Sensei: oh Aoba... Blue reef.
  • Me: oh so that's what it means. Reef that is. Is it a girls name or boys name?
  • Sensei: it's usually a girls name...
Hannibal Re-Catch: Savoureux

Welcome to my recatch of Savoureux, aka the episode title that I didn’t know how to spell until I wrote this intro. I swear I learn something new each recap!

What else did I learn this episode?

Well, Will’s life pretty much sucks because someone *pointed look at Hannibal* went and framed him for murder (But, guys, his heart was in the right place. Intentions are more important than actions, right? RIGHT??). Alana dodges bullets, but still feels wounded. Jack is really hung up on the idea of Will being an intelligent psychopath despite his abysmal clock-drawing efforts. And the Wendigo is actually a pretty cool guy once you get to know him. 

Join me as I revisit the Season 1 finale of Hannibal and view it through the lens of the entire… Well, hopefully you know the drill by now. I’ve written twelve of these things already. (LOL what is my life?) 

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sweating Foxy (under the sun)

oh what i hv done in my lyfe?? lol i expected to make it just a doodle but then i made it into my usual, simple colour artwork x’DD

yes he’s sweating alot and he needs to take of his shirt to get a cool breeze over his…six packs chest and yeah i’m really in dilemma which background colour to suit this seductive mood/theme (so that’s why i made the two variation xD;;) which one is probably the most suitable?? /shrugs

reblags are appreciated and choose which one do you think suits well (cuz i’ve no idea;;)

Well, that’s it. As you’re reading this, my gif-spree of Person of Interest is complete. No idea how I missed 3x04, but I went back for that one gifset. 

My aim was to complete it before season 5 aired and by some miracle, I managed to do that. Apologies to people who don’t watch the show but still follow me (though I think most of them unfollowed me already, lol). Welcome to new followers! And for people who haven’t been watching the show before but got interested in it because of the gifs; I hope you will support the show by watching it on CBS next Tuesday night. CBS doesn’t deserve the ratings, but the show does. Let’s help it go out with a bang. and maybe lay some groundwork for a possible re-boot in some time.

Here are some details of the gif-spree;

  • 1184 gifs
    • 1131 from episodes
    • 37 from bloopers
    • 16 from promos and interviews [so far]
  • 2.08 GB in gifs.

I started watching the show on December 10th, thinking that Shaw was dead (forgive me, I’d only seen gifs of the end of 4x11 and nothing else), and then finding out Shoot was gloriously still on.

Posted the first gif on January 1st and just finished the last one today, May 1st. 4 months of spam, I’m sorry I’m not sorry. That’s almost 10 gifs per day average. I can’t remember when I started doing one episode per day to catch up, but again I am so sorry for the spam.

Good news is I’m done for now. We’re 2 days away from 5x01 and I’ve been so busy making gifs every day that I have been too distracted to think about that.

2 days guys, Holy Shit! We’re so close! 

This show really reminded me of the brilliance that is Amy Acker. I’d already been very impressed with her acting in Angel with the change between Fred and Illyria, but she really knocks it out of the park as Root.

I just wanted to say that even if my gif-spam made a handful of people watch the show, then I’ve reached my goal. Thank you for followers who stuck by me during the spam of a show you might not even be watching.

Below are a couple of my favorite gifsets I’ve made. Some got the attention I think they deserved, some didn’t. But that’s life. I can’t predict what every one of you would like, lol. 

First meeting

Creepy Root is creepy

First Aid 101 with Sameen Shaw

The volume’s turned way down

Hearty eyes mother fucker

Shaw + Bear

Hints for the end of the show?

That was kinda hot

Shoot shooting

FBI agent Root

Making my way downtown…

I love it when you play doctor

Pandora’s Box

Keep it in your pants Root

Keep it in your pants, Root part 2

Quickie behind the make-up counter

Shaw stop being so hot please

Goddamn Amy Acker

Root reminding Shaw of their sexcapades

This could take all night

You can let go now

You can end me all you want

My name is Root

We’re perfect for eachother

First on-screen kiss


Goddamn Amy Acker part 2

Goddamn Amy Acker part 3

Goddamn Amy Acker part 4

Root overload

Before 2015 ends, I would like to share some of MY FAVORITE sims from this year (IN ORDER) :

***WARNING - this might get emotional***

  1. Aria, Samir, Nolan & Naami - they are my MAIN family. I have allowed you all to follow their lives with me from the VERY beginning. They will always remain.
  2. Aspen Palmer (@ASTOLDBYASPEN) - and her fiance Omarion Ryan… When I first started the whole “SimTube” idea, I didn’t know how well it would do. I didn’t think many of you would GET IT or understand… but I am so happy that I did it & I look forward to more “videos”, lol. 
  3. @topnotchtara - I just started this RP blog and I am already loving her. I know many people have RP blogs and it’s starting to become “popular” or whatever, but for me, Tara is just really fun.
  4. Amber Woodworth (AKA “Basketball THOT”) - This is my personal gameplay so many of you don’t know about her but basically, when “Get Together EP” came out, I started a Basketball Wives club with her as the leader… Chilllleee, it’s just too much drama. lol.
  5. London Winters - many of you may know London from @ebonixsimblr‘s “Chocolate City” as Mikel’s ex-girlfriend from high school. Well, she is also Tara’s (from my RP BLOG) bestfriend… see, all of my characters connect somehow, lmao. 
  6. Reese Tanner - Although I don’t play this legacy anymore (it got up to three generations) , I still consider Reese as one of the most unique looking sims I’ve ever created. She’s way different from my “style” of sim, and I like her because I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone while creating her.

So yeah, these are my favorite sims from 2015… AND 2016 lmao. 

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How can you even call it a redemption arc if Regina's literally blamed someone else for all of her crimes? i really do not get what the hell they are doing and now this sneak peek which is just, and lol at evil queen saying what she did about robin. Well she certainly did love him as whole did seeing as her and Regina are same

Honestly, I have no idea what the writers are going for anymore with this Regina and EQ arc. I’m hoping that the EQ is not killed by that sword, because then what does Regina learn? It’s too easy.

I’m glad that the EQ clarified that she use to love Robin, but is now glad he’s dead. That explains her never mentioning him. So does that mean that the dark part of Regina had no feelings for him? Only the lighter part?

Is the EQ capable of love? Hyde was. I don’t think the “rules” for this split were very well thought out. I think they wanted to revisit the EQ, without tarnishing Regina’s “redemption” and this is what they came up with.

At this point, though, if it means no more double Lana on my screen, I’m fine with the magic sword mowing her down. Whatever, anything so we can move on from this split storyline.

So I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to say to you guys for weeks now. I’ve bounced a lot of things around in my head… Keep it short and sweet? Get all touchy feely? Make em cry? (kidding.)

Well, here I am, totally winging it. Actually, I don’t know if this is the best idea, but here goes nothing.

So what is this post about? In a nutshell, I just want to thank you all. A simple “Thank you” really isn’t enough, but I have to say it regardless. Both of my YouTube channels passed 16,000 subscribers within the past week, and maybe it’s just me, but I seem to be getting a lot more love than usual lol. And not just on YT either. Instagram, Twitter, here on my blog, you guys have been so unbelieveably supportive and kind. I truly appreciate all your messages, comments, tweets, etc. Even if I can’t reply, I do at least read them all. They honestly make my day. The fact that you guys are comfortable talking to me, a complete stranger, and sharing with me, asking for my advice, sending love my way; is such a strange phenomenon, and I’m so grateful. 

What I think a lot of people don’t understand about being a part-time “YouTuber” is that for me at least, YT functions as this alternate world. I’ve said before that sometimes YT Katie is almost like my alter ego. I can be whoever I want to be, portray myself however I’d like, reveal and conceal whatever I’m comfortable with. My internet world is really the only thing in my life that I feel like I have full control over. That’s not to say that I’m not being myself on camera, more like I’m being the best version of me, the me I’d like to be.

And that makes it that much nicer to hear that you guys enjoy the content I produce. It makes me so happy to know that I make some of you laugh and smile. I love to hear that I helped you feel better, whether it was about yourself or about going off to college, I’m just glad I can help. 

Something I think people forget sometimes is that I’m just your average 22 year-old. I don’t have my life figured out. I don’t know everything. I don’t have all the answers. I’m just like you.  

That being said, some of you already know this hasn’t been the easiest year for me. 2013 ended pretty terribly actually, and it didn’t really get any better. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of amazing opportunities have come my way (um 17 MAGAZINE!), but apart from that it’s been tough. Most of you know I haven’t graduated yet. That alone elicits a lot of its own issues. Feelings of failure, anxiety, frustration. Fun stuff like that. I got hit hard with a lot of unfortunate, unavoidable situations this year that completely blindsided me. I’ve never been so stressed out. I was so drained and so annoyingly unmotivated. And then for a while, my computer was broken, so I couldn’t make videos for you guys, which made me feel even more lost than before. Then it was fixed, but I got bombarded by more hate than I’d ever received. Most of them were dumb, generic comments, riddled with grammatical errors I might add, but it got to the point where I really started to question why the heck I even bothered. 

I’ve been making videos for over 4 years now, been blogging for about 3 years, social media-ing it up for about 3 years as well. When you dedicate that much time to something, you’re bound to hit a rough patch. I hit mine this year. For a solid two months I was truly considering quitting. I always told myself that once it started to feel like work, I had to stop. What’s the point in putting so much time and effort into something that doesn’t seem to give anything back? “Get a real job,” is a phrase I am all too familiar with. When filming felt like a nuisance and editing felt like a chore, I knew something had to change. Right now I’m still trying to figure out how to manage my channels and school and my new internship and everything else. I still don’t feel like I’m 100% back in the game, but like I said, I don’t have all the answers, but I’m trying.

HOWEVER. You guys have made me feel SO much better. Whenever I feel like all this isn’t worth it, I get a comment telling me my videos are awesome or that my makeup is on point lol. Little things like that have big effects.

So again, thank you. In all honesty, you guys are probably the most supportive and encouraging people in my life right now. You really don’t know how much you mean to me and how much you’ve helped. Thank you for accepting my awkward, sarcastic, asocial self. Love you all.


…aka thekatizzzle/katizzzletalks :)

“I’m not dead yet!” - I know I haven’t posted much lately, but believe it or not, it hasn’t been for a lack of work on my part. In fact, I’ve been caught under a bit of an avalanche of art stuff these last couple months. Unfortunately, it’s mostly been stuff that I can’t really share or talk about too much …. yet. But know that there’s some really cool, really exciting projects on the horizon. Plus, I’m hoping to get back into my regular routine of prints and sketches after the new year. I have an idea for a whole series of … well, you’ll just have to wait and see. lol

For now, though, here’s an Eevee & Vaporeon a friend of mine commissioned me to do.

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I am so sorry but would you mind explaining the ending of Immolato for me? It was really confusing. Thank you so so so so much. *bows*

Sure, I can definitely try. Well, at least from my perspective. Honestly, if you aren’t familiar with this story beforehand, it can be pretty confusing (which I can say about most comic stuff, lol).

 The opening scene, I am not sure if that needs explaining, but just in case…

I think Bruce’s fight with Owlman really changed his perspective of the world due to the multiverse. Actually, this seems to be the whole running theme of this doujinshi. How the different characters cope with the idea that there are infinite worlds and versions of themselves. I guess Bruce ended up getting a less jaded outlook than Tommy, because he sees it more as, since there are so many worlds where he did and did not make certain choices, he mine as well get the most out of his world instead of holding back so much. So I guess that’s why he decided to show up naked on Clark’s bed and make it very clear to Clark what he wanted, lol. Clark was trying to be such a gentleman though, but we all know he just wanted to jump Bruce ;)

I think though, Bruce realizes that despite his super powers, Clark is more human than most, and that is the part of him he fell in love with. The guy who, despite his godlike abilities, is someone who is so compassionate and values life. Clark is still having trouble accepting himself though since he saw what he was capable of through Ultraman’s handywork. I think though he and Bruce will get through their trauma together :)

As for Ultraman’s chapter, after Bruce destroyed the bomb in the last volume, the Justice League defeated the Crime Syndicate (Ultraman and Owlman’s group), and from what Ultraman said, he was imprisoned for the last two years in their own world. I’m sure their Luthor and what was left of their world’s Justice League were the ones in charge of keeping him incarcerated. Howeverm in the opening scene, you can see Ultraman somehow escaped his imprisonment and from what I gather he and Lex fought it out, and Lex lost.

Right before he kills Lex, their conversation I think can be interpreted in many ways. Lex saying “you don’t even know what you had,” I thought he meant that Ultraman didn’t realize what he had since Ultraman lost all his memories of being Clark after the accident that led him to become Ultraman.

In this world, Clark was never a Kryptonian and was actually a human. My memory is fuzzy but I think he was some kind of famous well respected astronaut, and his ship ended blowing up during a launch. He nearly died, but the government did experiments on him and saved his life. They thought he was a good candidate for the experiments because he was such a good man in his past life, but when he was reborn, he lost all his memories, and the power got to his head and he became Ultraman. I think it is very important that Clark was raised so humble by the Kents and in large part, is the reason he doesn’t stray, but Ultraman lost his memories and with it his morale compass.

Yume, however, thinks Lex meant that Ultraman didn’t even realize what he had in way of him losing his own Owlman because even though they acted like they hated each other, they were a lot closer than they pretended to be. Like Owlman gave his life purpose, and after he died, Ultraman lost his meaning in life.

A third possibility is that Lex looked into another world and saw one where Ultraman was actually a hero and worked alongside the other CSA members as heroes instead, and he saw how much happier and more content that life was for him, and then he sent him to that world.

Which is actually what happened right after Lex died. He apparently set some kind of timer on the device on his arm, and it sent Ultraman to another world. One where Ultraman probably didn’t lose his memories of being Clark, and became Superman and worked alongside Tommy who actually became Batman, and they probably became their own kind of Justice League.

When Ultraman appears, it is set during the time the Justice League was fighting Darkseid and his army when it was trying to invade Earth. Unfortunately in this world, their Superman and Wonder woman were killed by Darkseid.

When he first appears, he is greeted by this new world’s Luthor, who apparently is a villain and seems like he has loosely sided with Darseid. He tries to kill Ultraman with kryptonite but it doesn’t work because Ultraman is weak against blue krypotine, not green kryptonite. Also during their interaction, I think Ultraman has some kind of an epiphany about why his Owlman had been so bitter towards the multiverses. I think now he is a bit fed up and realizes that no matter what he does “it doesn’t matter” (as Tommy put it) since what he does has already been or not been done. I think his world’s Tommy has really affected everyone in this series mentalities. Now life is kind of boring to Ultraman.

When he meets up with this new world’s Tommy, I think he realizes his counterpart in this world was that of the heroic Superman. For whatever reason, he decided to play along and take that Clark’s place in the world, and that’s how the story ends.

The reason I find it so messed up is because you have no idea what Ultraman decided to do to that world. Did he finally decide to turn over to the side of good? Is he just pretending to be good and will later double cross everyone? Who knows? It’s up to the reader to decide and that makes this ending’s possibilities infinite? Haha, and that’s why this was the perfect ending for a story with a theme based on the multiverse. The ending can go any way.

Anyways, I hope that explanation helps you out a little better in understanding the ending. I’m sure others probably interpreted differently too, so I can’t say I’m 100% right, but I think it at least makes it a bit more clear? I hope at least, haha.

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I Just read your post about how mercy treats genii like her own science experiment, and I really like it! There's a rare voiceline in game of genii yelling "Angela!" When mercy gets hurt, what do you think about that? It adds a lot more in for just one voice line, I'd love to hear what you think.

oh wow that is pretty interesting i had no idea!! :0 well i’d still assume genji is nice to her because i mean if he can forgive hanzo i’m pretty sure he’s at least okay with her aswell lol. genji is way too nice tbh so it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t hold it against her more than he has a kinda…  healthy suspicious attitude towards her intentions at times,, and since they were both in old overwatch it’s just natural that they’re on first name basis, but wow that is pretty cool! love that 

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Robert is a much better Dingle than he is a White. He fits in so much more. Even wearing a lovely man cardigan. Lol. Who do you think he'd get on with most? I think he and Belle would be alright chatting.

You’re definitely not wrong, nonnie! He fits in so well with the Dingles! He can be who he is around them and that is so wonderful to see. 

He and Belle could probably get on quite well. I can imagine they’d have some nice, calm conversations. For some reason I can also see him and Zak getting on really well! I don’t know why… maybe it’s just the idea of Robert bonding with the patriarch of the family. But maybe as well Zak could tell him a few stories about Jack! I can just see them both sitting down and having a real, proper chat. 

Well way to think on your feet then anon! I do still like that whole idea, even if like every trial captain would be side-eyeing me from all over the islands lmao (oh god though I could never be a fighting type leader, I’m not nearly.. intense/fit enough for that)

Oh wow you really got this whole thing down to a science doncha? With how complex Nintendo’s been getting with these games I’m sure that could be the next feature lol. But hey that’s real creative too!

Hai lovlies || Hope you are thoroughly enjoying your weekend!!!

Have you started reading ‘The Trespasser’ by Tara French or plan to? I’m buddy reading it with the lovely @alice.in.wonderbookland We’re respectively on chapters 7&8. It’s dense and SO good!!! The intricate details are necessary. Going to get ALOT reading done today. What are you currently reading?

Also I have been wanting to do a Q&A…I am a hardcore introvert and extremely private, but this is our little community and I’ve never really mentioned a WHOLE lot about myself even though I ramble. On top of the fact you have no idea what I look like {Well 2 ppl here saw me in person…hee hee🙈} so there’s no face to put with the photography lol. Anyhoo, fire away my loves!! What do you want to know?

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