~25k fic rec

for alexis @wildwomanofthewoods

a long way down (to the bottom of the river)

play the odds

follow me down this time

married for a week?!

true love’s gold

a whole new world

let’s savour what we’re falling over


taking tips and getting stoned

with your love we could breathe underwater

come along with me

love is a word (you gave it a name)

led by your beating heart

sweet, where you lay

in dreams

bring out feelings in me i never show

let me make a thing of cream and stars

You will always wander among my thoughts till the day I die.
—  Poets Love Her

Hi! I just wanted to give you a gift! I love your comic so much! along with your art! I made humanized version of Swapafell bros. Also an art of the barbie girl video you made! 😍😍😍 it was an amazing.

Also sorry if my art is messy, I’m still a beginner hahah!
I hope you like it!

I LOVE IT!!! I love your human version of them!! Thank you so much ;/////;
Teenagers on tumblr are complaining about people drawing NSFW fan art of Wendy’s mascot...

And I’m just sitting here thinking, “Wow, you must be new to the internet".

Like…it’s been this way for at least 15 years now.  You came here late.  This is something you’re just going to have to deal with, because complaining ain’t gonna do shit

listen to me.  

don’t get your hopes up. 

destiel is never going to become canon.  

destiel is never going to become 

destiel is never going to

destiel is never going

destiel is never

destiel is