I never talk about personal stuff, but fuck it, I’m really bored. I go to vocationary college. I think that’s what it is called. Anyways, at least in Germany that means working 70% of the time. Fulltime. I get payed. Like 40% of what I would actually get, but hey, to me it’s a lot. Basically I’m learning to be a bussiness man. Even writing that seems weird. Well, translation is part of it as well, I love the English language. But it’s mostly office work. Don’t know what the fuck I’m doing there. The only job I’d ever truly like is directing film, and I’m in a fucking office. Hard to explain how I got there. Was really depressed, left Spain and was generally confused about a lot of things, and on top of that the Wii U was failing. Hard times. I guess I just wanted to do something considered correct, and something that didn’t take too much time, since I knew I wasn’t convinced at all. Anyways, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t learned a lot. Talking to people isn’t easier, but I’m pretty good at acting as if it is. I generally know better how to respond to certain situations. I’m in an almost all female class, and it’s become easier talking to girls. An irrational and completely stupid fear anyways. I have also met some wonderful people.
But most of the time it has been shitty. I have nobody to blame but me for not just pursuing what I like, and it’s probably me making everything worse than it is in my mind, but this last year and a half has fucked me up pretty bad. I have lost what little innocence I had left. I’m surrounded by people unhappy with their lifes, who try convincing themselves their job they don’t give a shit about is really important, and who think putting other people down will make them feel better. A whole bunch of nonsense which apparently like 80% of people follow, making everything more difficult than it could be. Don’t even get me started on the bureocratic shit I see every day.
Sometimes I was really motivated. This only happens when you really like the people you are working with/for though.

I guess, as cliched as that may sound, I feel really empty. I’m tired as shit in the evening, it’s a miracle when I get to play a game, or read, or watch a movie. I don’t have anybody to hang out with, far too much time to think about the past (which I really miss) and I sleep like shit.

And this is without counting all the other paranoia inducing bullshit, like stuff which has happened to/with my family, which I won’t get into.

Still, I’ll probably look back at this part of my life with nostalgia some day. Somehow there are beautiful aspects to some of the worst moments.

What I’m saying is if you wanna do something do it. There is no right or wrong option anyways. All part of the fiction which is our current society. Do what that Shia LaBeef guy said. Just dew it. Not like this dumbass right here.

Good and Bad Side of The Until Dawn Squad
  • SAM- 
    • Good: aw man what a sweetheart.  
    • Bad: spends way too long in the bath smh people are dying
  • MIKE- 
    • Bad: he can eat a dick for that prank tho
  • MATT- 
    • Good: People pleasin’ good guy, heart o’ gold right there. 
    • Bad: Why even have player choices as him i mean really we’re just gonna do what Em wants.
  • JESS- 
    • Good: If she ain’t feelin’ it you ain’t gettin’ any, MICHAEL. 
    • Bad: Girl don’t go outside DONT GO OUTSI– god dammit jess.
  • EMILY- 
    • Good: it takes effort to kill this bitch she’s resilient as hell. 
    • Bad: shut up just shut up just stop pls shut up
  • JOSH- 
    • Good: hes a cool dude aiight and his production skills A+  
    • Bad: Homie y u punish only the most innocent friends.
  • ASHLEY- 
    • Good: i mean i guess she took that punch pretty well?
    • Bad: “actually ya know what im pissed at you for accepting my offer to sacrifice myself for you how about i let you die now” 
  • CHRIS-
    • Good: A+ dance moves, shotgun skills, witty humor, cute af, etc.
    • Bad: lol the fuck you thought, Chris is perfect bye.
  • boy: tell me what u want ;)
  • me: Well, to be completely honest, what I really want is to have unlimited knowledge on oceans and space. Did you know that approximately 5% of the ocean has been explored? That means there is still 95% left to be explored. There is an entire WORLD underwater and we know nothing about it. Imagine all the hidden beauty and gems in the ocean, imagine all the undiscovered sea creatures that live there. Imagine all the mermaids, living their life with all their cute fish friends. And SPACE. Oh my god. My head starts to hurt every time I think about space. To me, it's absurd that some people don't believe in the notion of other lifeforms on other planets. We are NOTHING compared to the endless universe out there, so what makes our planet so special? How do we know that there isn't another planet out there with life forms, who are also wondering if they're the only ones that exist? How do we know that there isn't a planet in a far away galaxy that exists of nothing but wildflowers? Listen to me. Aliens are real. We don't know ANYTHING. Some people are so oblivious to the fact that there is so much left to learn about our planet. People are DESTROYING the planet, instead of WONDERING about it. If more people just allowed their minds to wander, they could truly see the beauty in Earth and could truly see how much there is to learn. You asked me what I want? I want to know everything there is to know about oceans and space and I want my mind to always be in complete wonder and fasciation about this whole entire universe that we are apart of. That's what I want.
  • boy: i meant. .. . liek.. what do you wnat .. like ... sexually.y. hence ., the winky.., face....

I was just thinking. You know teens having dreams about freeing themselves through caravan rides and midnight conversations with their friends and drinking black coffee and listening to Radiohead which is all well and good but it s not freeing. Its not freeing because its aesthetically acceptable if u know what I mean. All this wanderlust bullshit like u only wanna do it because u saw it on tumblr. Try and think really hard about what’s actually freeing for you. For me its eating a perfect apple.

au college ally is really keen on watching cooking shows but not having time to actually do any of the recipes bc she has to study. also she doesnt know if she should major in gender and women’s studies or go straight for the artistic singing stuff.

my cousin is in town til friday because he’s a freshman at UO and he’s crashing at my place and he’s a good kid but definitely well within his Reddit Phase if u know what i mean

he’s not awful by any means but y’know. still watches totalbiscuit, really likes Cinema Sins, probably very into r/funny. etc

Fake fans -.-

At school 2day:


“Oh my gosh i’m totally in love with that asian guy from 5 seconds of direction!!”

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i feel the same about being worried shinoa/yuu will be a thing?

like, and not because im a mikayuu shipper, ill actually be quite fine if they dont end up together either because their bond in general will always be super strong anyway.

and i love shinoa but i really despise forced hetero romance hah and honestly the small shinoa/yuu hints and the mINISCULE mitsuba/yuu ones (like wtf why even add those??) are just HORRIBLY FORCED and u cant deny that. i mean cmon shinoa wasnt?? interested in yuu really at all imo from what i could see and then guren just like outta the heckin’ blue says “or did u really end up falling in love w/ him” and oh !!! suddenly feelings!! i just? uh…no? what? ????? why their friendship was so good why

yuu and mikas love for eachother (family or not O: !) is reasonable and not forced because, well, we all know why. it feels natural because they were like family at one point (still are but for a while they didnt see eachother and ye). the rest of the romantic/love plots thrown in dont…but u know, theres gotta be some hetero romance in everything right, so why not just force the main girl we have who is a total badass and strong character on her own to be the main charas love interest?

thats my MAIN problem with shinoa/yuu, and why i cant ship it.

i love owari no seraph but dang i hope they dont focus on that. even just a little.

  • my crush: ya so i have a crush but im really not good at telling people how i feel, and-
  • me: oH well i think you should just tell them
  • me: because i mean what's the worst that can happen
  • me: its always best to tell people how you feel
  • me: you know, be up front
  • me: you know
  • me: dont keep it bottled up
  • me: you know just say it just tell them just let out your feelings just
  • me: ya

hello lovely people on the internet, how are u all? anyways, a few days ago, (12.22.15) i reached 200 followers !! like omg how is that even possible ?? i have this blog since july and for like some people 200 followers is nothing, but do you even realise how many 200 is djxmsk, well to me it means a lot, and i appreciate every single of you following my blog and i never thought that i would have met nice people here on the internet :-)

but yeah so this is my first follow forever so i dont even know what to put here tho lol. i dont follow a lot of blogs, tbh i need to follow more hehe. but if i forgot you or put you in the wrong category, tell me and i’ll fix it ^^

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Master Post of Links Every U of T Student Should Know

1) U of T Calendar

This is where you can find things like important dates, degree requirements, and other general information regarding how things work. Some important sections would be credit/no credit and late withdrawals, and exams, the last thing you want is to accidentally commit an academic offence.

2) Breadth Requirements 

When you come to U of T of any university you need a general education to be a “well rounded student”. Unfortunately, this means taking classes that are not exactly fun and they can usually be really dry and uninteresting.

How does this work?
You need EITHER:

A) 1 FCE in 4 breadth categories OR
B) 1 FCE in 3 breadth categories AND 0.5 credits in the remaining 2 categories

What’s an FCE?
It stands for “Full Credit Equivalent”, this means 1 FCE= 1 full credit course OR 2 half credit courses.

How do I know what’s a full credit and what’s a half credit?
Look at the course code. For example BIO120H1F

Bio120 is the course identifier, it identifies the department and the level/class if the first number is a 1 then it is a 100 series course, 2 is 200 series, 3 is 300 series and 4 is 400 series. H tells you it is a HALF credit course so you only get 0.5 credits for passing the class if instead it was a Y instead of an H it tells you it is a full credit course. F tells you it happens in the FIRST semester, if you are taking it during the normal school year (September-April) this course would occur during the September-December term in the summer it denotes May-June. S is second semester which is January-April in the normal year or July-August in the summer terms. Y is full year meaning you take the class from September to April (or May-August in the Summer). It is important to keep in mind that just because you take a full year course does not mean it will be a full credit, always look at the course code in its entirety.

How do I know what breadth requirement a course fulfills?
Many sites such as course finder and griddy will tell you which category the class satisfies, just look under “Breadth:” and it should tell you. If you are entering the school now or recently have, don’t worry about the sections called “distribution requirement” this is for students who started at the school several years ago.


Course finder


3) Griddy

Amazing website to plan out your timetable before course selection day! Just type in the course code in the search bar and select which class you want:

I’ve already selected which campus I wanted upon first entering the site

Let’s try selecting CHM138H1F

This should show up, red indicates there would be a conflict in your schedule, green means it would be assessed as okay. Make sure to read through to make sure you have all the prerequisites (classes you need to already have taken), corequisites (classes you need to take at the same time, and exclusions (classes you can’t take if you take this class or classes you can’t have already taken if you want to take this class)

A note for science classes: If there are L (lecture), P (practical aka Lab), and T (tutorial) sections you must chose one of each. You cannot alternate physics labs with chemistry or biology labs as physics labs occur every week (at least in PHY131/132) you CAN alternate chemistry and biology labs as long as they occur biweekly aka every other week. You can do this by making sure that you P sections have the same section code but end in different digits. For example I have chosen P0501, so I can alternate this lab with say a BIO120 lab with the section code P0502.

CHM and MAT tutorials are mandatory as you receive quizzes in them, if you get 100 on all of them you basically don’t need to write the last one because MAT135/6 is best 5/6 quizzes and CHM138/9 quizzes are the same way, except you write only either 4 or 5 quizzes instead of 6.

I suggest you come up with a few schedules because depending on your start time you may not get all the sections you want.

What’s a start time?
A start time is the time you can begin your registration on ROSI on your registration day, the earlier the better. You will not be able to login to ROSI on that day until your start time.

How do I check my start time?
This year, start times will be released on ROSI on JULY 18TH 2014, you can check the day you register for classes here and there is a tab on the top left hand side of ROSI once you log in to check you start time on the 18th

Registration instructions?
It’s pretty easy but the school has an outline here basically you go here and log in then go to course enrolment on the left hand side of ROSI

type the course you want in the boxes

and it will take you a page where you just select ONE of each L, P, and T section offered. CHM138H1F cannot be changed at this time so instead I used CHM139H1S as an example:

again ONE of each section that is OFFERED

then you’re done and you can look at your personal time table in the tab just above where you fill in all your information of select the “personal timetable” tab on the left hand navigation bar


As you’ve been introduced to ROSI above, this is the student web service where you register for everything, order transcripts, see your GPA and credits, financial information, timetable, personal information, etc. Do some exploring and get to know ROSI

5) Course Finder

I’ve also introduced you to course finder, you can access this from ROSI. You basically just type in the course code you want and it will tell you information about the course such as meeting sections, location, spaces available, etc.

If you click on the add requirement button you can also filter by breadth requirements. After selecting the requirement don’t forget to click ADD REQUIREMENT. You can filter through other options on the left hand side bar

6) Degree Explorer

My favourite new page! Here you can basically plan out the next five years of courses. A lot of people ask me how to use it so I’ll show you how (be patient the site is really slow and don’t forget to hit REASSESS after each change and wait for it to load……again):

you’re going to be on current status when you login, go to the planner tab

Next you’re going to have all the courses you’re currently taking, have taken, or have failed already there. For privacy’s sake I’m just going to open a new planner

First open up the program of study tab and/or POSTs in you’ve already registered for them (you can’t until you’ve completed first year)

I’ve covered my info up but you should see everything when you open your tabs up. Look at the requirements and start trying to add things to complete them

Then just go to your planner and add programs you would want where it says add program in the above picture

Then add the courses it says you need in each requirement. To do this go up to your planner and hover your clicker over which ever session you want to add a course to, such as fall 2014 and click add a course which will appear after you move you mouse over the section. then just type what course you want and if it turns green, it’s been assessed as okay, if it turns orange you are missing a requirement and need to go back and fix it

That’s basically it, have fun planning out your life!

7) Library Search

Helpful in finding books for Arts students remember to get the call number and ask a librarian where you can find the book, it’s hard to explain but you’ll get the hang of it. Science students you’re gonna want Gerstein, it’s the science library located between University college and the Medical science building. If you go to their site you can get access to Web of Science and Web of knowledge as well as other search engines that you’re going to need later on and in your biology classes especially.

8) Timetable List

Tells you when everything will be offered this year. Priority indicators are important make sure you click on them, you may not have priority and may need to wait for priories to be lifted before you can join the course or you may have to hop on a wait list.


Student loans for Ontario students, apply for 30% off which you won’t have to pay back.

10) GPA Scale

Most. Important. Information. Ever. You need at least 1.3 in your sessional GPA and 1.7 in your cumulative GPA to remain in good academic standing. Here’s a flow chart for academic probation:

11) Portal

This is where most profs will post class stuff. Some don’t like MAT135/6 but they’ll mot likely have their own class site.



anonymous asked:

do you think dio's weird fashion sense in p3 stems from how he just got out of 1888 and arrived into the world of 1987 and wore what he wears because everything was so New and Cool to him or has he always just worn weird things like those dang pants in p1? i know this is really just araki's taste (maybe) but i'd like to hear it from his point of view. asking u caus you're really good with dio and (dk rapper voice) You Know Him Well

I mean, like you said it’s definitely Araki and his love of fashion.  Funny thing is that Araki’s always inspired by irl fashion but when he draws clothes it’s more about feeling - what feels right for the character - and less of, “could this outfit exist in physical space in the real world?”  So the outfits he draws can get way more surreal than even the irl couture that sometimes inspires them.

But you’re asking for an in-universe explanation.  You’re totally right, Dio and Jonathan tbh both wore really weird stuff in Pt.1 … so it’s probably less about everything being new and cool so much as Dio just keeping on wearing stuff that uniquely suits Dio.  Although I’m sure he appreciated 80s synthetics after the stuffy textiles they had when he lived in Victorian England.

I’m also like 95% sure that Dio’s ‘questionable’ fashion in Pt.3 - not so much when he’s revealed in his short coat and those ‘pants’ at the top of the stairs in his mansion, but all the stuff he wears as Shadow Dio - is supposed to be couture, or at least couture-inspired.  I’m convinced for reasons that the infamous trashbag dress is based off an 80s Valentino silk collection full of draping and dramatic cutouts.

So I think a lot of what Part 3 DIO wears is supposed to look lux and dramatic in keeping with his being a dramatic guy who also gives off a chill and sensual vibe, but I mean, again, it’s not really stuff anyone could or would want to pull off in the real world.

anonymous asked:

(sorry if u already got this my internet bleeped up) It's probably nothing but isn't it weird how Stiles was going to lose his virginity in a wine cellar (a basement) and then he supposedly lost it in... a basement? I would say it's the lighting but Stiles looks good in any and every light

Not entirely sold on whether Malia and Stiles really did the nasty in that basement, but I get what you mean. So we have two cases of near sexual/sexual experiences in basements. 

Should we read anything into that? Well you know me, I say we over-analyze it! 

So what does basements symbolize?

Traditionally speaking basements are associated with fear, bottling up, hidden and/or negative feelings. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean anything, but I find it curious that Jeff chose to put two cases of Stiles potentially having sex with a girl in basements, indicating this is something he not necessarily fears, but still has some bottled up and hidden feelings about. As you probably know I’m firmly in the bi!Stiles camp, so this does serve as a hint that there is more to this for Stiles - that he’s got hidden feelings concerning sexuality that he’s bottling up and maybe even fears, especially if he’s scared it might complicate the relationships with the people he cares most about, namely his dad and Scott. 

Stiles was also kissed by Malia when held captive in what I assume is an underground cell in Mexico. A thing he reacts to not with joy, but shock and what looks like slight apprehension. (I still don’t think their relationship is nearly as evolved and sexual as people assume)

But you might say, TW sometimes flip tropes on their heads. Perhaps basements are a symbol of good things in the show since Stiles is “getting lucky” in them? Let’s review… 

Looking back, it’s not a stretch to see how basements are in fact a place of fear and bad shit in Teen Wolf. 

Interestingly Stiles also dreams about being in the basement at Eichen House being confronted by bandages, which we know he fears. He’s not awake, it’s his subconscious creating the images, and it’s in a basement which often represents fear. 

Isaac was also locked in the freezer in the basement so the symbol of fear holds true there as well. Isaac still has negative feelings about this as we saw clearly in Motel California. Also the Lahey basement is a creepy place with lots of appearing/disappearing dolls… 

Boyd and Erica was held captive in the Argents’ basement. Stiles was beaten by Gerard. All negative situations that lead to fear.

Derek was held chained up and tortured by Kate in the basement under the burned down Hale House. Derek and Peter were held by the Calaveras in basements. 

The pattern suggests that basements = fear and unpleasant situations and feelings in Teen Wolf. The fact that Stiles had two sexual encounters with girls in basements, does make me wonder if it’s a hint towards internal fear and unresolved feelings surrounding his sexuality. 


Okay so i dont really wanna get into discourse, but.
So this is what comes up when u google sga and queer. I know this doesnt mean everyone views it this way but this is why some ppl dont wanna use sga. Cus its used by homophobic christian ppl.
Im not saying for ppl to use queer if u dont wanna, just don’t attack the ppl that do and dont push sga onto everyone.
Also pls dont harass me please and thank u.