Jefferson: So what I believe you are trying to say, is “thank you”.

Hamilton: “Thank you”?!

Jefferson: You’re welcome!

Hamilton: N-no that’s not what– i mean, why would I ever say–

Jefferson: I know it’s a lot. The hair, the bod..

Hamilton: oh my god

Obi-Wan: Are you there?
Vader: yep just sitting in another stupid meeting about mining or some other dumb bullshit idek whats up
Vader: btw i thought u said u were done talking 2 me lol 
Obi-Wan: Yes, well, this is an extenuating circumstance.
Obi-Wan: You will never believe who I saw yesterday. I had to tell someone. 
Vader: well i know it wasnt ahsoka lol 
Obi-Wan: What is that supposed to mean??
Vader: nm who’d u see babe
Obi-Wan: MAUL. 
Vader: WTF 
Obi-Wan: I KNOW.
Obi-Wan: Emphasis on “was”. 😏
Vader: LOL 👏 holy shit i wish id seen that 
Vader: wait MAUL found u???? FFS i have the worst fucking inquisitors

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Okay so I think I'm in love with Gaston from beauty and the beast I mean Luke Evans 😍😍... but then there's Bucky as well. Could u do a Bucky x reader where beauty and the beast is coming out in theaters and the reader is in love with gaston and Bucky gets hella jealous. Really cute and fluffy tho. Thanks ❤❤❤

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: none (unless you’ve never seen beauty and the beast and don’t know what happens to gaston, because if that’s the case, then, spoilers lol)

A/N: OH MY GOD, BATB WAS SOOOO FANTASTIC!!! I agree with you, gaston was amazing and luke evans was perfeeeect! this is really just some fluffy and funny piece. I enjoyed writing it so much!! hope you like it love <3


“Pleeeease, Bucky!”


“Come on, just this one time. I promise I won’t ever ask for anything ever again.”


You dramatically fell from your sitting position next to him face down onto his lap, pretending to be devastated.

His fingers ran through your hair.

“I know you’re only pretending, (Y/N). We’ve been in this relationship long enough.”

You let out an annoyed ‘Ugh’ and got on your knees.

“I just want you to use your Avenger title this once, so we can go to the premiere of the movie! You know how much I loved ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when I was younger!”

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I was playing a game in overwatch were these two people with the same battle tag were in a group (on was capitalized and one wasn’t) and they were obviously smurfs (people who have played before but their levels at like 11 and stuff, they just make new accounts)

Well one of them kept saying ‘daddy just bought this game for me!! :D’ and a lot of other cutesy stuff thanking their 'daddy’ and everyone else was like 'lol what r u, 12???’ But my internet dwelling ass knew, I KNEW….

So I said in chat ’ I don’t really think that persons a father…’ And my team asked me what I meant and I said 'I think theyre DADDY ya know what I mean?’ And the fucking people said 'you’re the first person to ever get it right..’

Just, days in the lives of overwatch players I guess

Good and Bad Side of The Until Dawn Squad
  • SAM- 
    • Good: aw man what a sweetheart.  
    • Bad: spends way too long in the bath smh people are dying
  • MIKE- 
    • Bad: he can eat a dick for that prank tho
  • MATT- 
    • Good: People pleasin’ good guy, heart o’ gold right there. 
    • Bad: Why even have player choices as him i mean really we’re just gonna do what Em wants.
  • JESS- 
    • Good: If she ain’t feelin’ it you ain’t gettin’ any, MICHAEL. 
    • Bad: Girl don’t go outside DONT GO OUTSI– god dammit jess.
  • EMILY- 
    • Good: it takes effort to kill this bitch she’s resilient as hell. 
    • Bad: shut up just shut up just stop pls shut up
  • JOSH- 
    • Good: hes a cool dude aiight and his production skills A+  
    • Bad: Homie y u punish only the most innocent friends.
  • ASHLEY- 
    • Good: i mean i guess she took that punch pretty well?
    • Bad: “actually ya know what im pissed at you for accepting my offer to sacrifice myself for you how about i let you die now” 
  • CHRIS-
    • Good: A+ dance moves, shotgun skills, witty humor, cute af, etc.
    • Bad: lol the fuck you thought, Chris is perfect bye.
  • my crush: ya so i have a crush but im really not good at telling people how i feel, and-
  • me: oH well i think you should just tell them
  • me: because i mean what's the worst that can happen
  • me: its always best to tell people how you feel
  • me: you know, be up front
  • me: you know
  • me: dont keep it bottled up
  • me: you know just say it just tell them just let out your feelings just
  • me: ya
↠words are my talent until i’m with you

↠ genre: college! au; fluff/romance; humor

↠ word count: 2.6k

↠ request: could you do the college! hansol one? thank u!

↠ authors note: ahh i finally got round to this enjoy (it’s long… again)

  • Well here we go the college! Hansol au I mean to write a couple of months ago
  • I think his major would be music
  • And his minor would be something like psychology
  • Because he knew music was his passion
  • and it had been as long as he could remember
  • and he figured that along the side psychology would be good because he finds it really interesting how the mind works
  • and he’s interested in how emotions work because that’s kind of what he harnesses when creating his music ya know?
  • So it’s kind of linked
  • he also does dance
  • because he figured that it was a good idea to stay in shape and it was cool because it kind of linked with the music

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I really think Jay’d remember Leliana, and remember her well. ^u^ I mean they ran into each other at least twice before, in strange circumstances, of course he does (and he does his best to try and pry the story about how she knows Tallis out of her. xD

I just want them to be weird kind of sort of friends. I want him to hear about her part in what happened at the White Spire. I want her to know a lot but never say anything about it to anyone who might use that knowledge to ill ends. ;u; Idk how likely that is but that’s what I want.


Okay so i dont really wanna get into discourse, but.
So this is what comes up when u google sga and queer. I know this doesnt mean everyone views it this way but this is why some ppl dont wanna use sga. Cus its used by homophobic christian ppl.
Im not saying for ppl to use queer if u dont wanna, just don’t attack the ppl that do and dont push sga onto everyone.
Also pls dont harass me please and thank u.

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Chessy I'm sorry abt your eczema I know it's a pain in the arse :( also WE REALLY LOVE YOU don't say that what we love about you isn't real I mean you just write your honest thoughts here don't you?? maybe we can't know you well from tumblr but we can see that you have a beautiful heart (and also are gorgeous btw)!! I hope you feel better inside and out soon xoxoxo

love you to the moon and also that other moon we have that no one talks about but u can literally google its real

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Sorry for ignorant asks in regards to Islam, and equating isis to Christian violent militia also making light of anti-shia oppression. It was in poor taste but will not apologize for calling out oppressive and violence in all groups. You are a kind person who means well & what I said calling u someone with victim complex was not cool and in poor taste. Sorry.

But that’s what I don’t understand – I never suggested you stop calling out those violent militias. Myself and other Shias – literally all other politically active Shias I know – have been talking about and holding those militias accountable from the beginning – so I’m really confused as to why you were talking to me like this in the first place??? Can you maybe address WHY your first response to me discussing anti-Shiism was ‘well!! There’s shia and Christian criminals too!’ Like ofc there are. There’s criminals among every demographic. But does that mean we stop talking about systemic violence? Does that mean we stop talking about systemic anti-Shiism which has always existed? Also, how is it possible you hold ALL Shias and Christians accountable for the acts of these isolated paramilitaries, but not Sunnis for Isis? Not Sunnis for Saudi Arabia or the acts of saddam Hussein? Maybe think about this behaviour a little more closely.

I never said you couldn’t criticize them. But don’t become so blind and childish in your analysis that suddenly you can’t tell the difference between ISIS which is centuries in the making, and decontextualized abuse of power by paramilitaries which only came into existence AFTER Isis. ‘I can’t even tell the difference between Isis and Shia and Christian criminals anymore!! Ahh!!’

Of course I accept your apology and I appreciate you reaching out. But I hope you can address WHY you immediately felt the need to delegitimize this convo about persecution of minority sects and non-Muslims with ‘Shias are bad too’.

anonymous asked:

Can abuse come from someone who isn't a parent or bf? Like a teacher that also took part in other parts in one's life? Is it common for ppl who were abused to think 'but maybe it didn't really happen' or 'what if I'm making it up'? Can abusers mean well? Can detaching from a person u feel abuses you make you a bad person because maybe they didn't? How can u tell if sth is abuse? Do nightmares about them give validation or is that too subjective? How are ppl supposed to know how to act and think?

I’m the anon from before, I would also like to ask specifically about emotional abuse towards mentally ill minors. When the (maybe) abuser takes a “mentor” role, and promise healing, say they know what’s best better than the minor. They remind them of their bad reality perception (-why else would they have anxiety) scold them when they’re offended by harmful words because they should be greatful or it didn’t really happen u don’t understand reality, triggering panic attacks on purpose to “help”

If the mentor laughs at your symptoms and uses them, but also compliments u on the things you’re unconfident about. If the conditioning isn’t only negative but with positive related to them as well. If one’s perception is disordered to begin with (maybe). How is the kid supposed to act? How do they find out if they’re making it up or if they’re really being hurt?

I know you have hundreds of asks I’m sorry, I just really look up to you and am in a difficult spot so I figured getting your input could help I’m sorry Thank you (emotional abuse anon)

Hi anon,

I’m going to respond to this point by point since you have a number of questions within your ask. 

Can abuse come from someone who isn’t a parent or bf? Like a teacher that also took part in other parts in one’s life?

Is it common for ppl who were abused to think ‘but maybe it didn’t really happen’ or 'what if I’m making it up’?


Can abusers mean well? 

Yes. Many do mean well, although what that means might be different from what we usually think good intentions are- for example, an abuser might believe that although what they are doing is unpleasant, that is has to be done to help or  teach the person being abused, and so they are doing a good deed to provide that service. Of course many abuser do not mean well.

Can detaching from a person u feel abuses you make you a bad person because maybe they didn’t?

Yes, guilt and uncertainty is common. 

How can u tell if sth is abuse?

There are some checklists online- like this one -that help you think about whether what you’re experiencing is emotional abuse. Most of these checklists are mostly talking about romantic relationships or family relationships, but the gist should still apply. 

Do nightmares about them give validation or is that too subjective?

Nightmares are a tough thing to evaluate because we really don’t know much about dreams. It is possible that nightmares about a person indicate waking fear of that person, but sometimes nightmares are not really about the content of the nightmare at all. 

How are ppl supposed to know how to act and think?

I don’t think I understand this one. 

How is the kid supposed to act? How do they find out if they’re making it up or if they’re really being hurt?

I can’t tell you how a child is supposed to act in the situation you’re describing. I think getting some outside support and advice would be helpful, to figure out what’s going on and how to respond. That might be a parent, family member, teacher, school counselor, religious leader, community leader, therapist, doctor, etc- but often getting another opinion from an adult is helpful. If a relationship is harmful, it doesn’t matter if the other person “knows more” or is trying to help or also does nice things, or whatever- it’s still a harmful relationship. 

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i feel u on feeling like ur writing is cringey. makes it hard for me to edit my work bc rereading it is just not fun. but man, dude, you know what, that terumob snippet you put up? that there? that was solid writing. that was powerful and interesting. that was good storytelling, good word crafting, good writing. don't let self-doubt convince u otherwise.

God thank you so much, it really means a lot. Ive always wanted to write and I think that’s what I wanna do with my life is write/draw stories and I only started to seriously put my effort into it around like ? November ? December?? I don’t really know but I’m VERY beginner. I use to write shit for my OCs all the time but I had no damn clue what I was doing but I was like 11 so I mean ??? Whatever But I’ve never been confident with my stuff which made me stop writing and I wish I kept up with it. I’m just now learning the way I really like to write tho and Im becoming a little more confident in my stuff which is why I’ve been posting a bit of it lately. I’m glad some people enjoy it!

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ghost mum!!! my friend z-sans just asked u a question!! i really hope they're alright; they have so much to live for and they're so sad all the time and it makes me like "FU CK i SU cc as a friend!!" do you happen to have any advice? i really wanna help 'em out. :'^)


you talk to them about it, don’t make me be the messenger pigeon! i’ll never know your friend as well as you know them, so since you’re both looking at my blog, i think you two talking and establishing what the other can do to help when they’re upset is waaaaaaaay more helpful than anything i could suggest

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My anxienty is killing me please help... So there is this girl I like way too much and she is nicer w me than anyone was before but I don't know what to do when I'm w her bc I'm still a virgin and she wants to do it w me but I'm like really nervous and I would like it as well but I don't know what to do so..I mean like I'm like super feminist and I don't even shave my legs or anything, would this be disturbing or something? Could you give me any advice? PS: I'm a girl too

hi my gal! u gotta pls pls make sure u remember that u do not have to do Anything you’re not comfortable with. if ur not ready, ur not ready, if u need time to take it slow, then thats what u gotta do!! communication is so important, even if u wanna do things, u might not necessarily feel comfy or in the right mindset to actually do it? and also do not feel like you have to shave or do Anything, she should be accepting of ur choice and ur freedom to take care of your body in any way, and if she’s not, then it’s not worth ur time i think!! but srsly, if ur not ready, that’s okay, you have to take things at your own pace x


uhh forcin myself to do Really Stylized Stuff well one to make art Fun again and also cuz i just dont like where my art is going lol

im always worried about doin super stylized stuff though cuz i worry a bout becoming one of those artists who is Really up their own ass about their style u know what i mean lol

  • boy: tell me what u want ;)
  • me: Well, to be completely honest, what I really want is to have unlimited knowledge on oceans and space. Did you know that approximately 5% of the ocean has been explored? That means there is still 95% left to be explored. There is an entire WORLD underwater and we know nothing about it. Imagine all the hidden beauty and gems in the ocean, imagine all the undiscovered sea creatures that live there. Imagine all the mermaids, living their life with all their cute fish friends. And SPACE. Oh my god. My head starts to hurt every time I think about space. To me, it's absurd that some people don't believe in the notion of other lifeforms on other planets. We are NOTHING compared to the endless universe out there, so what makes our planet so special? How do we know that there isn't another planet out there with life forms, who are also wondering if they're the only ones that exist? How do we know that there isn't a planet in a far away galaxy that exists of nothing but wildflowers? Listen to me. Aliens are real. We don't know ANYTHING. Some people are so oblivious to the fact that there is so much left to learn about our planet. People are DESTROYING the planet, instead of WONDERING about it. If more people just allowed their minds to wander, they could truly see the beauty in Earth and could truly see how much there is to learn. You asked me what I want? I want to know everything there is to know about oceans and space and I want my mind to always be in complete wonder and fasciation about this whole entire universe that we are apart of. That's what I want.
  • boy: i meant. .. . liek.. what do you wnat .. like ... sexually.y. hence ., the winky.., face....

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Arent you gay? What if random tumblr is a dude or something else? They shouldnt ship people they dont know

Random tumblr is a girl o_o  I’ve talked to her and thanked her countlessly for sending Elise’s songs to my followers as well as other people people.

Have u ever watched the L word? I feel like a terrible gay bc I started watching it but got really bored nd apparently everyone else likes it :/

I really haven’t watched anything “gay” except Carmilla (I mean unless you consider all the yuri anime/manga I consumed + Legend of Korra) bc I have a weird, but picky taste in what I watch.  I’m really not interested unless something attracts me to it.  It might sound weird but I don’t watch things just bc there’s lesbians/wlw in it so I never really was part of the “gay migration” as people put it.  Which is also why you rarely see other ships on my blog bc I simply can not get into anything else.  You’re fine anon d:  I’m the weird one.