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hello ellie, i have a few tiny comments/questions: 1) do you go by ellie irl? or more regularly are you heloise? 2) you have ferris bueller spelled with one L on your about page:) 3) love yourself!!!!!! love yourself love yourself do it!!!!!! you're a kind and well-intending soul with a talent for writing and dogs exist and life is meant to be simple and love yourself!!!!! i certainly love you. we talk (i'm only anon rn bc im not logged in rn) and from afar i love you loads. voy a continuar

(continuing, thankfully not in spanish) you’re the kind of person i really wish i knew irl. you’re the kind of person who makes me smile because good souls are universal. you’re the kind of person who reminds me that anywhere i go there will always be someone with an open heart and a ready smile. truly truly truly, thank you for being you

ok can i just say that i’m staring at this with a really fucking half-assed smile on my face rn this is rUDE

i actually don’t know what to say

‘you have bewitched me body and soul’ doesn’t seem to cover it

ok considering that i am incapable of doing anything other than spluttering and gaping i’m going to reply to ur comments

1) in real life i go by heloise, though i wish i didn’t. those who know me well call me ellie, and ellie is my childhood nickname. so like. to family and friends it’s ellie.

2) ty for pointing that out i have fixed it and i think i spent 5 hours googling how to correctly spell it when i was chucking on my about page and simultaneously wound up just typing from memory so idek

3) i’m-a-tryin. like. seriously i am. i just don’t understand how anyone cOULD love me?? i get caught between overwhelming narcissism and complete lack of self-esteem. so like. it’s difficult.

and oMG we talk?? jesus christ. (i mean i had a half-assed thought in the back of my mind that this was coming from halin - it was the spanish that made me think that i swear - or lucie - but i don’t rekcon?? we’re too close for that - or emi. but like. the writign style is too far off for that. i was also thinking noe ngl)

well thank YOU nonnie i love you too bc this is honestly like. too much ok you’re too nice and wonderful and lovely and idk what to say ok i love you to the moon and back

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you could've tagged the life is strange with a spoiler tag? thanks btw

i mean, LIS has been out for a while?? and it’s pretty well known that people die in the game up the wazoo. so i didn’t think i’d have to tag it since the fanart was vague enough that if you havent played the game before you wouldn’t really know what scene or characters it was referencing. if i thought it was too spoilery, i could’ve tagged it, but on the other hand you could’ve kept the passive aggressive anon message that doesn’t change anything to yourself too so i mean i guess we’re even.

don’t get me wrong i’m gonna be more careful to tag potential spoilers from now on, but that’s because i don’t want people spoiled. not for you. cause i don’t like your tone lmao

okay so everyone knows ana is the good grandma who is protective and feeds u well and gives u candy. now, we don’t know what sombra looks like, but I have a prediction that she will be the reverse ana grandma. I mean the type of grandma that lets you do whatever you want. you want some food? okay let’s go to mcdonalds and complain until they give us food for free. need some lunch money? k let’s go rob a bank. anything for her grandchildren.

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Ceterosexual isn't used that much from what I've seen esp since like isn't it hard to judge if someone is nb unless they tell u? I guess if u use the term as a way of saying "I feel safer with other nb ppl like myself"

well it’s also hard to judge if someone is a boy or a girl unless they tell you y'know? there was a term, skoliosexual, before that but we all recognized pretty fast that it was bad bc skolio means bent and it was implying that nb are bent. anyway ceterosexual is really no different than any other sexuality? it’s just saying you prefer to have relationships with nb people, just like lesbian is a girl who wants relationships with other girls. it’s the same deal.

- mod emery

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Hey it's the rant anon! Ok so lik I'm taking this SAT prep course right and its p expensive and lik...I'm not improving and my scores aren't getting better my teacher yells at me and I feel l'll get a panic attack if I go back but I really don't want to disappoint my parents who've immigrated all the way here for me lik I've already failed wit the mandarin classes they signed me up for for years idk could u rec coping methods? 谢谢你

Sorry this reply is so late, I kept trying to think of some good advice to give you, and honestly? The answer is I don’t. Cope, I mean. I don’t cope well, and the methods I use aren’t things I’d feel comfortable recommending to anyone.

I think what you need to do is to try opening up channels of communication with your parents, which I know isn’t really a Thing that immigrant families do, but if it’s affecting your mental health that badly, then they should know? 

I think ultimately your parents immigrated because they want you to have a good life, and so that you can grow up to be happy. And what they need to realise is that what you’re going through now, it’s not making you happy, and isn’t exactly the opposite of what they want for you? That you won’t have to 吃苦 like them? I don’t really know how tutoring/prep courses work in America, but is it possible to stay in the same course but change teachers? Having a teacher yell at you to the point where you feel that terrible isn’t conducive to learning, and I definitely think you should bring it up to your parents.

I understand the whole ~not wanting to disappoint your parents~ thing, but really, 孝顺 should only go so far when it is your own health on the line. I know it feels like your parents have poured out so much of themselves for you, and you feel like you should give yourself back out of some sense of filial piety, but there is only so much of you… How can you 孝 when there is none of you left? 

sorry that this was pretty useless overall, but I’m not a particularly good role model or the paragon of mental health, so I can’t really tell you how to cope.

*me during a primetime interview*
interviewer: so did you ever think that what youre doing would ever impact the world this way? on this scale?
me: well of course i worked hard and i felt passionate about it but this is really by God’s Will that i’ve gotten so much success
interviewer: how did you perfect this art form? i know many before u have tried but it was you that revolutionized what it means to express feelings and relate to the masses.
me: memes are my life i really had no choice.. writing and painting and dancing and filmmaking just wasnt satisfying the intensity of my emotions anymore

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what? it's be nice to tist night? alrighty buddy you asked for it (but not really). tist, you're literally the best. like your fic is amazing, well-written, well-thought-out, and honestly the most entertaining read I've had in a long time. and if that wasn't enough, you're a badass friend, too! you're almost always there for everyone who comes to you for advice AND you take the time to consider how what you say is going to affect everyone else. you're super rad bud.

you all are the worst can’t you be more like that mean anon that was like i didn’t know u could get any sadder, you sad sad boy

Personal vegan rant... Sorryyyy ..

Still being judge cuz m vegan hmmm sigh 😒😒😒 really tired of hearing lies , like I get what your intention is BUT don’t go shoving your ‘opinion’ in my face and almost forcing me to agree with u. Like do u ever take d time to just check out what the hell is going on in d animal industry ? Maybe just out of curiosity ? cuz I know u damn well don’t give a damn. It’s some pretty fucked up scary shit going on there (animal industry) . And no , I am NOT at all in anyway better than you or anyone, I mean no one effing is on this entire universe!! No one is more superior than another , for as long as we’re human , we’re constantly making mistakes. But there’s always a way to make things better , if u try cuz u know all life forms are equal n important. But damn , just sad cuz u still don’t get it … And trying to is furthest from your list. This is personal btw

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Good good. And oh my god im laughing. But i mean, theyre so cute how can u not like pizza aus. YOOO I READ THE VERKWAN ONE AT WORK. NOT EVEN KIDDING, THAT WAS THE CUTEST SHIT EVER. i also thought vernon was written really well like i could feel how awkward he was in it.

I READ THE VERKWAN ONE AT WORK TOO! IT WAS SO CUTE AND I JUST SQUEALED THE ENTIRE TIME!!! but seriously if you haven’t read those yet, read them and lemme know what you think!!!!

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how are u planning on getting into modeling??? (sndskjn this sounds. really mean i'm sorry that's not what i mean i'm just genuinely curious on how u get into the industry!!)

well i know ppl who do it already but theres also the normal way that us not affluent ppl do which is you know get some headshots and practice practice practice and hope someone wants your #look on whatever theyre selling or whatever youre modeling for

janimoon replied to your postI know it’s pretty dumb but listen so my dad’s…

It’s not dumb and ridiculous at all! Not if it means a lot to you! And that’s the beauty of doing your own wedding (or whatever really) that you can pick and choose what traditions/typical things you like and change the rest. I’m happy for you that you’re feeling even more comfortable with this!

Originally posted by stefanieshank

(^^ this is me rn))) THANK U JANI!!! and yeah, my thoughts exactly - when I caught myself thinking about it I was like whoa well that’s a new level of accepting myself that I’ve achieved guess I should congratulate myself on that. I still find it a bit ridiculous though, but in a good way?

oh and btw you’re invited to the wedding as well - whenever and wherever it may be - it looks like I’m making up the guest list NOW and you’re on it this is ridiculous and beautiful I love it %)))))))

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>\\\< Every draw you make looks so soft. Why is so soft? It's so cute!

I don’t really get what you mean by soft but if you’re talking about dem soft tummies, well know that soft tum > all :3
thanks for the nice words ! u ou

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1- What does ‘love’ mean to them?

“Love? Oh, well, u-um, I don’t, uh. I don’t really know.”

“…like, um, there’s, like, different types of love, and stuff, right? Like, um. I like all of my friends a lot! And, um. I mean. That’s a kind of love, right?”

“And, then, like, um, there’s, like, where your family loves you! I, uh. I mean. I think. I never had a family. Except Kankor! But, um. He, uh. He un-adopted me. So, um. I, uh. I wouldn’t really know.”

“But, um, then there’s, like, love love! And, um. Love love is weird. I don’t, uh, really know what it is, honestly. Like, um, people make it out to be all special. But. Um. I don’t know. Like, uh, there’s times when people have made me feel all strange! Like, uh, my stomach feels all weird and stuff, and, uh, just. I’m really happy to be around them! Like, um, more than I am with friends! But. Er. I don’t really, uh, know if that’s love. Like. Love just feels… too special to actually be possible, I guess? I, uh. I d-don’t know. I just, um. That feeling usually ends badly, so, u-um, it can’t really be love, right?”

“And then, like, um, I know some people, uh, like to do weird things, with, uh, their things. Like. Uh. To make all the storks not have to do stuff, and stuff. But. Um. I, uh. I don’t know about that. Th-that just seems weird.”

“Er. I, uh. I think friends are the most important, though? I mean. Um. They’re the only kind of love I’ve, uh, really had, and, um, it usually ends the best.”

(@king-kankor for the mention!)


Natalie: [Voicemail] I’m really not sure if you’re getting any of my messages but ———— I just wanted you to know that —— Well, that I’m worried about you. I miss you and I’m worried sick, Michael. I don’t know what’s going on but I do hope you’re alright. I’m sorry if I said or did anything on the trip that was out of line ——— I… I didn’t mean to mess things up /again/. I’m sorry.
Michael: [Rings back after 3 weeks]
Michael: N——Nat? I—— I’m so sorry Nat. I don’t know what happened. One minute I was with you in the casino and the next minute I blacked out then woke up in the morning on the top of some massive building I—— I don’t know. I know this sounds just like the plot of the hangover but I swear I’m telling you the truth! You wouldn’t believe the hell I’ve been through Nat—— I’ve only just been able to recover my phone—— you’re the first person I’ve called. Not even rung my mum back yet. I’ve managed to scrape up just enough money to get a flight back to LA, obviously I don’t have any of my cards with me because they got stolen so I’ve had to scrape up as much money as I can by other means, I’ll—— I’ll be home soon, Nat. I’ll be home soon. I love you.