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my main Game Theory is just that gsc happen around the same time as dpp (they lookin for that fre sha red gyarados still after all) and then either x&y happens or it doesnt n u get the events of rs/e or you get oras.

bw is not super long after gsc because theres a rocket who has settled down and got married n stuff in unova n mentions that he was gonna revive TR so its either a little after rs/e or the same time

sun & moon are around ~9/10 years after the first games…. red n blue r big boys

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If you still want those... 48 for Harry/Nathan

“You look so cute in glasses.”

Nathan’s arm sneaked around Harry’s waist as Harry looked at himself in the mirror. He frowned and his mirror image did the same. The new glasses he had bought were thick-rimmed. He wasn’t sure if he liked that. In all honesty he didn’t like wearing glasses period, but the contact lenses itched after a while.

“I don’t look cute,” Harry said and a kiss was dropped on the back of his neck. Then Nathan’s face look at him over his shoulder, smiling.

“I’m sorry to say, but you really do,” Nathan said with a grin. His other arm snuck around Harry’s waist as well, molding himself against Harry’s back. He didn’t look sorry at all.

“I don’t look cute,” Harry said again, still frowning at his face in the mirror. “I look handsome.”

Nathan broke out into pearls of laughter.

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Harrison Wells

It really depends which one you’re talking about: 

1. Cupcake Wells (aka Original Unaltered Timeline) - granted we only saw him for like 5 minutes but he seemed like an adorable, sweet man and I’m sad he died. 

2. EoWells: Oh major douche. I despise him, but he’s awesome to watch on screen, and damn if he didn’t play evil so well

3. E3 Harry Wells: I love him! I was anticipating this one because I knew he wouldn’t be like the first two - a major cinnamon roll or a completely evil human being - so I figured he would be somewhere in the middle, and I love how he’s been shown. He’s snarky, sarcastic, and yeah, a bit of an asshole, but he has the best interests of the people he loves at heart - which now includes the team, because even though we all know Jesse will come first, he’ll tell them now and will place trust in them. Easily my favorite Wells of the bunch!

Send me a character/ship and I’ll give you my honest opinion

So much love for last night’s episode!

Caitlin: “Hey Harry, are you really sure you have to leave?”
Harry: “Just a lot I still have to fix on my Earth.”
Cisco: “Yeah, but you know it’s more fun when you’re here helping us fix stuff on our Earth.”
Barry: “He’s right - it hasn’t been the same without you.”
Caitlin: “The team doesn’t feel complete without Harrison Wells.”

Cisco: “Will it test their attitudes, too? I’m not sure I can stomach another Wells with your bedside manner.”
Harry: “I care for you, too, you jackwagon.”

HR: “You… you’re… handsome.”
Harry: *Scoffs* “I know.”

Harry: “This is Dr. Caitlin Snow, she is brilliant.”
Caitlin: “Hi.”
HR: “Single.”
Harry: “Don’t!”

Harry: “We don’t have to go through all the tears again, do we, gang?” GANG. Seconds later: “I was talking about myself.” *brb, crying*

Harry: “Ok, Cisco, out with the old, in with the new.”
Caitlin: “Aw, you’ll never be old to us, Harry.”

Harry: “Oh, one more thing, while I’m gone, never, ever, no matter-”
WHAAAAAT?! He’d better come back at some point and finish that sentence.

Harry so knows it was Caitlin who got Barry out of the mirror.

I’m all for different incarnations of Wells (you can never have too much Tom, and he was hilariously brilliant depicting all those different versions of Harrison Wells), and I’m very excited to see just what HR will bring, whether it’s good or bad, but Caitlin and Harry will forever be my favourite Snowells

Also: All the WestAllen. Wally and Jesse. YES.

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Being totally honest, since you seem to know the boys so well, do you think Harry could date a fan? And I mean a hardcore fan like us lol

Yep. I think he’d get a kick out of it.

“Hey I’m gonna wear this…” *holds up leather choker* *gives that smirk because he knows* “yes? No?”

you can rest easy knowing hedwig was well looked after in the afterlife; it was confusing and terrifying and sad at first but a little while after arriving she felt a light weight on her head and looked up to find her boy, harry potter, staring warmly down at her and smoothing out her feathers, just like he always did

except… he had hazel eyes? and he looked a bit older than hedwig remembered, and who was that red-haired woman with him?

hedwig is confused again. but harry is here, and all is well, so she tucks her head under her wing and falls fast asleep.