AU in which Harry discovers the world of fashion, courtesy of Pansy.

Inspired by thethaumas’s headcanon: “Adult Harry realizing that he doesn’t have to wear tentlike clothing, goes shopping and becomes hellishly fashionable (maybe with Pansy’s help? Who he’s snarky friends with) And Draco is just destroyed whenever he sees how hot Harry is now.”

Pansy strode into her friend’s apartment, not bothering to knock. Her heels clacked against the gleaming wood floors as she tossed her purse down in a velvet armchair and poured herself a cup of tea. 

“How in Salazar’s name did you get in again?” Draco demanded, storming out of his bedroom in a fluffy robe. “I changed the wards just last week!” 

“This tea is cold,” Pansy drawled, flicking her wand toward the cup and murmuring a heating charm. “Now hurry, our reservation is at ten.” 

Draco rolled his eyes. “You’re intolerable.” 

“I’ve got to be at work by twelve, Draco. If you make me late, I’ll charm your beloved eyebrows off.” She cast him a pointed look when he made no move toward his bedroom. “Pronto.” 

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Picture Harry and Eggsy finding themselves in a hostage situation along with Arthur and Eames for a second. Maybe they’re kept in a room together for a few days, waiting until the right opportunity to escape presents itself.

I just want to think about each couple sitting against opposite walls and eyeing each other with distrust.

Well, Arthur covers that part. Harry keeps polite (if not cold and calculating) conversation. Eggsy is practically climbing up the walls trying to find a way out and Eames is half-sprawled on the floor, biting on a toothpick he kept who-knows-where and trying to goad the kid into a game of 20 (dirty) questions.

anonymous asked:

Well say Harrys future wives is all that. Good PR savvy and so One. Would it be possible? Or do you think the royal straff and family would make her do less PR work so she can't get more popular than kate?

She and Harry will always be held back from doing more than W&K. Look at Harry now- he is going to be gone all summer doing charity work in Africa but he is getting minimal press for it- thats not a coincidence. But its also not Harrys style to be attention grabbing just for a pat on the back. However, no one could stop him and his wife from doing private visits and trips to Africa and if someone just happened to get some pictures of it, there wouldnt be an issue. So yes, I do think that she could become more popular if she does it right. I just hope that they are smart and get their own separate press office from Will and Kate someday so no one can hold them back.

I would just like to remind everyone that only 2 days ago, Liam told Sugarscape that none of the other boys have girlfriends. He didn’t say a word about boyfriends, but he did specify that none of them have girlfriends.


The full video of Harry in the restaurant today with James Corden and his wife.