• Neurodivergent person:I hate myself
  • Neurotypicals:Well no-one will ever love you until you love yourself ^_^
  • Neurotypicals:You have to think positive!
  • Neurotypicals:Anything is possible just look at all these inspiring disabled people who have done these amazing things despite their horrible tragic conditions!
  • Neurodivergent person:I like myself
  • Neurotypicals:OMG stop glorifying mental disorders!
  • Neurotypicals:All these self-care posts telling you that you're still okay if you can't do certain stuff are so offensive get out there and do all the things you can't do!
  • Neurotypicals:It's so conceited and shallow to post selfies/compliment yourself/actively try to like yourself like we told you to do!
  • Neurodivergent person:Well what the hell am I supposed to do?
  • Neurotypicals:Basically just stop being disabled

Just for the record, I’m going to make some predictions about what CMW is going to give us next…

She will claim to be proadoption by saying that Killy is an example of positive adoption, as well as Killy’s adoption of Henry.  Her writings on this subject will still manage to be horribly offensive.  As I understand her most recent reasoning she thinks Killian is King Arthur’s biological son and that Merlin adopted him (she will likely gloss over her racist assumptions that the casting of a black British man as Merlin was a misdirect because Merlin was supposed to be Killian’s father).

She will likely say that SQ is horrible because Regina is horrible and Emma is perfect and Killy’s soulmate.  I’m honestly expecting her answer to be more about the fandom than the relationship because I don’t think she consider it seriously.  She may say that Regina and Rumple will ally themselves with the Dark One to keep Emma and her baby from being freed.

She will claim that the true love CS baby that Emma is carrying will help her battle the dark one and that Killy and Henry will defeat Regina and that this will represent the rejection of the “selfish” Regal Believer adoption.

I fully expect a fair bit of Lana hate to show up this time.  Hold on folks, I expect this to be the most offensive post since her Easter Sunday Bible Abomination.

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I know this is old news but can you explain what AIB is and what the controversy surrounding it was about? Thanks!


So, AIB is a comedy group that hosted a celebrity Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. Comedy Roasts are really popular in the West, you basically get a famous person (or, in this case, two) up on stage and insult them. It’s supposed to be funny, but it’s also supposed to be kind of a tribute. Anyone who agrees to be roasted knows what they’re getting themselves into, so it’s already assumed they’re good sports lol

So the AIB roast was a live event that was later uploaded on youtube and went viral. The thing about roasts is that they’re always offensive…that’s sort of the point. Well, between Bollywood having a lot of easily bruised egos and India being a generally more conservative society, the jokes made during the roast did not go down well. There was a lot of swearing, there was a lot of insults being thrown at everyone, there were blatant sexual references. It turned into this big thing where other celebrities who weren’t even there were being asked to comment on it, and cases were filed against people who didn’t do anything besides sit in the audience. 

I know that kind of comedy isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but common sense tells you that it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, so it’s unfortunate that the AIB team faced so much backlash. I guess it just wasn’t something the audience was ready for. But it developed into a bigger debate about censorship and the controversy sort of took on a life of its own.

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umm.... no offense but there is no such thing as "female pronouns" lmao she/her are what cis girls use but non girls can use she/her as well.......

Oh, my mistake! I suppose I meant feminine pronouns? Or I should have just said “she/her” pronouns, sorry!!

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Some people are saying that it's rather offensive that people are tagging nsfr? Or perhaps patronising bc they are supposed to be rejecting temptation instead of avoiding it? So idk if I should tag nsfr or not? Either way anything that I tag as nsfr would just end up being tagged nsfw as well so yeah

I think it’s nice of people to tag it. If you’re offended but it, just don’t blacklist it. Some people need it tho, so appreciate that.

I personally don’t blacklist it because I blacklist nsfw anyway, but as to food and stuff I don’t mind. But you never know what others want, so don’t make everything about you I dk. If you don’t want it just don’t blacklist it, but don’t go around calling people offensive.

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ok no offense but everytime i read a confession about someone not liking jadison you get so judgmental and rude. like i get you have your opinion but this tumblr was supposed to let us express it and not get judged for it. i get we have no say in jacks life but oh well people are still not gonna like her for her past mistakes but you cant just put people down because they dont believe in jadison. thats like putting people down because they dont believe in something like god for example.

did you really compare this to a god or am i dreaming, because i am screaming and now i figured this rhymes, i am so talented 

From an email dated May 27, 2006 -

“i suppose i should also warm You, as i do know myself pretty well in this regard, but at some point, probably soon, i will become a little neurotic and panic, needing reassurances that the bond between us is real.  it will just be my uncertainly kicking in, and only because this is becoming so very important to me and i so desperately want it to be real.  please to do not take offense to this when it happens, as it is not about anything You may have done wrong, but just my own uncertainly at the depths to which i am holding feelings for You.  this is just something that i know that i go though every time a relationship starts to seep deep into my heart and i am warning You now because i don’t want You to be scared away or begin to think i am some kind of freak for repeatedly asking for You to reassure me.”

even back then, when becoming involved with someone over the internet, someone i had never seen, I knew how it would end, how i would start to break down, freak out, become a neurotic mess.

turns out it ended horribly. not because of me, but because she was lying about almost everything about herself while i had been naive enough to open up completely and let her in to me in a way that was potentially dangerous. She wasn’t that kind of person but she could have been.

By November of 2006 I had disconnected from that world all together, abandoning people who actually did care because of the scar she left on me. I think a part of me has been trying to find a way back ever since.

A Sincere Apology

I have made a very big mistake and have offended quite a bit of people. I am truly sorry for the post I made regarding Roman’s daughter in this Bray and Roman storyline feud. It was a stupid thing to say, I understand that now. I’m reading a lot of posts and comments calling me a freak, a monster, and other negative titles. Any of my followers can attest that I am not any of these things, however, I do understand why those who are unfamiliar with me are angry with me and my blog. I do not expect for all to be well again, but please know I did not mean anything from what I said. It wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously or to the extreme measures that is has traveled. I sincerely and deeply apologize for any anger or offense i may have caused to anyone.

I realize for a lot of you, this will not suffice or mean anything. Please note, however, that I made a stupid choice and I really would like to apologize because of it.

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Hi, um, I just gotta ask, but isn't it sort of cheating to ask followers to tag food stuff during ramadan (like, aren't you supposed to show strength and such about it?)? And it's like you're saying muslim people are so weak that they'll break down and eat food if they see a picture of it! I'm not gonna treat muslims like babies! It's almost offensive, don't you think? We tag food because muslims are so weak??? #nsfr is infantalizing and offensive! :O

well no its not really cheating because ur still taking the test of faith? like you thought “hmm if i cleaned my social media, it would be one less problem to think about” nd all i did was encourage that.

 the other half of the test would be offline. its not like im going to be able to block food in real life tho am i lol??? and i never said muslims were weak (]we really really arent) all i said was that it could tempt some people?? if your followers want to block the food tag, they can, if they dont, they wont have to. 

but by you refusing to tag it at all, they’re only left with one choice. so just pls go read a book nd look at a plant or something just tag ur stuff

You know there’s like this theory that humor actually either degrades or at least changes over time,

it starts out with like nice sitcom humor I think then idk dark humor?, offensive humor, and basically ends up at youtube poops and memes.

and it’s supposed to almost be like your teeth you know how like, you can protect them well, but once they decay you can’t actually get them back to normal.

it’s the bottom man.

we’re done. 

it’s this or nothing now for us

Moms are supposed to be the ones who handle arguments the civil way, but no apparently my mother finds it acceptable to call and leave rude voicemails as well as hang up on me the second I say something she finds offensive. I was having such a good few weeks….this is gonna disrupt things

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Hey! As a HP, can you practice witchcraft? I'm really interested on it and I don't know if it could offend the Theoi. Any tips?

Well as a Hellenic Polytheist, I do practice magic, so I suppose that answers the easy question of ‘can you’. The thing is, you can ask any of the HPs on this site and they are all likely to give you a different answer. I’ve seen that some HPs think that using magic is offensive to the gods for various reasons but I’ve never personally gotten that feeling. Nor have I read anything about HP that expressly forbids practicing magic. In the end this question is between you and the Theoi. 

The fun thing about witchcraft is that it is inherently secular, so you can practice it separate from your religion (which is what I do). I’d suggest that you pray about ask the Theoi if they have a problem with you practicing witchcraft and then go from there. 

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what was that "cake" with the stuff about dan not being racist even about? maybe i'm just lucky i'm out of the whole drama thing in the phandom, but when the fuck did dan say anything that could be seen as racist??? (i'm v confused tbh)

Ah, bro I forgot about that, and it was only yesterday. Goes to show how well my focus is tbh. Well, Dan said he answered the phone in an Indian accent bc he wanted to protect his identity from creepy fans that got his number and stuff. I suppose it’s up to each individual to decide if it’s offensive, I still just don’t necessarily think it was racist bc he wasn’t using the accent to appropriate their culture or way of life, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i can’t decide if it’s offensive to people or not. however, i do still stand by the point that he isn’t racist. idk, take it how you will ig

There’s this guy I work with who has… idk, this funny habit or something of needing to constantly remind everyone he is a heterosexual male…

Like tonight there was a lady with a low cut cute, frilly, flowery summer dress.

“…That a lot of cleavage,” he says once they’re out of earshot.  “Did no one else notice that??”

& when after a moment I said, “Oh, yeah, we could see..”

He says, “Well, I suppose you could be noticing for different reasons…”

……………..dude, you are making quite the assumption there.

although.  maybe.  I mean, I was noticing, “she’s attractive”; his general attitude seems to be… mild offense? that they’re making him take notice?

I’m confused. why do people bring up ‘well these black people are cool with it’ when talking about something that’s offensive to me. like just because a few black people are okay with something I’m supposed to be too?? like black people have some kind of hive mind and we fall into unison real quick. I’m not going to be fine with something just because other black people are cool with it.

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"Somehow, I think you'll do it anyway." Iruka laughs, reaching up to ruffle her hair. "It's not until next year, anyway. There's a lot of time yet. I think I'll miss running around after the kids... But I think that if I get my work done early, I might just get away with playing in the playground during the breaks. You'll have to help me with those massages of yours, though; being headmaster is infinitely more stressful than being a teacher!"

                  ❝ ah,  i see how it is! ❞ a mock pout falls in the force
                  of  her  laughter, head shakes, though no offense is
                  taken. ❝ well, i suppose if that’s all i’m good for! well,
                  grandpa  headmaster,  is anywhere hurting today? i
                  wouldn’t  want  you  to  break before the new school
                  year! ❞

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Ah ok I didn't mean any offense by it I am sorry, my knowledge about trans isn't that well I just assumed that if someone was a trans male they wouldn't want to... Feel female? or like what their birth gender was, suppose idk I shouldn't have assumed sorry about that, but Ye that was when I thought they actually made kakashi trans since it's a sensitive subject about 'what makes a man a real man'

well its nice of you to apologize, but.. still, having a kid doesnt make you “feel female” and idk i can tell this isnt coming from a bad place so.. just try not associate genitalia or reproductive organs with specific genders bc a lot of trans ppl dont want to change these things and they dont have to, but thanks for apologizing, and being willing to learn

edit: i also dont rly know.. what to make of the last part?? sorry (but im not gonna talk more about this)

So I was telling my grandma about my job interview for a social work company (bearing in mind social work is supposed to be a non-judgemental profession) and she was like ‘maybe you should cover up your arm tattoos during the interview’ but I was like ‘well my friend (male) has loads of tattoos on his arms and he got a job there so it shouldn’t be a problem’ and then she was like ‘ah yes Molly, but he is a man so it’s different, you don’t look like a woman with tattoos ’ AND I JUST …………………

one of ur friends said they wanted to have they/them used and you guys accepting that is.. supposed to cover up the fact yall are offensive as fuck? nice job

thats basically the whole “white person: WELL my friend is black” shit