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10, 14, 30 Pretty please when your able to of course ❤

Hey hun! 

10. How would you describe your style?

Oh man! Well for work, I like to keep it simple with dress pants and a blouse paired with flats. I tend to wear solid colors more. But if I’m not working and with it always being hot as hell down here, probably shorts and t-shirt of tank and flip flips.

14. If you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?

Oh wow! Hmmm….I would probably say Maine. I spent a lot of my summers there by the ocean and hiking. It’s just a peaceful, simple place and I like that. 

30. Whats your favorite candle scent? 

Okay, so I spent two years in college working at Bath and Body Works, so I have A TON! Mahogany Teakwood, is just the PERFECT blend of musk and man…it smells amazing! I also love the holiday scents around fall and Christmas time.

Thank you for the questions @magicalflower!

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