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About the fanfiction ask~ would you please repost it or rebloge it~ because I'm always checking in this blog~ and I love your SerVamp human age au so I would be so lucky to be able to read the fanfic about it~ 💙😻🌹

@tinanightray-blog Thanks so much btw! Here’s some text links to both fanfics so far on ao3!

1.) The Ultimate Costume Quest by WonderfulChaos 

(it’s fanfic about the Servamp Kids picking costumes and preparing for halloween!!! it’s so cute I died at least 3 times while reading it. ;w;)

2.) Come Over And Make Dinner by Mintysnowflakez

(It shows the povs of each Servamp characters daily life basically, mostly the little kids~! ALSO REALLY CUTE AND SIMPLE~~~~~<3 hints of KuroMahi as well. ^^ For some reason its warns you about “adult content” before reading but I think that was a mistake on the authors part, cause there is none of that kind of thing at all in it, so don’t be alarmed!)

BLESS THESE LOVELY PEOPLE FOR AGE AU FANFICTION!! Make sure to comment and leave kudos on their work everybody! I am sure they would really appreciate it!!! 

  • me:*joins family for a meal*
  • family:wow you never come out of your room!
  • family:*sexist bullshit*
  • family:*racist bullshit*
  • family:*homophobic bullshit:
  • family:*transphobic bullshit*
  • family:*islamophobic bullshit*
  • family:*bigoted bullshit*
  • me:you've just insulted me and my friends and our family
  • family:UGH you pick at eVERYTHING
  • me:*gets angry*
  • family:why are you angry?
  • family:you have nO RIGHT
  • family:we did nothing wrong
  • family:you're overreacting!!
  • me:*goes back to room*
  • family:ugh she's so difficult
  • family:she tries to pick fights
  • family:she's so unreasonable
  • family:she never even spends time with us

Also Cindy. It’s Canon. Now.

Roman: *Ahem* Water Tribe.

Exclusive Outtakes from Dan and Phil LICK RACE!!1! (A Phan Drabble)

a phan drabble by zeldainhiding I don’t even think I’m sorry


‘Is it that time?’
‘It is!’
‘You still haven’t told me what we’re doing yet!’
‘Well… It’s called… A Lick-off, no, wait, a Lick Race, no- no- Dan! Dan! Not that type- nO!’
‘I don’t understand how we can do this on camera Phil… Not that I’m complaining…’
‘Staaahp Dan! Hey! Ummfph-’


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Group Disney trip told by Mabel and Pacifica’s Instagram posts. 

A totally self-indulgent photoset, I love imaging these four as shitty friends/weird couples and I love thinking about them taking trips outside of Gravity Falls and getting into trouble. 

I have more of these but I wanted to get these done so I can get in out of my head since I have a ton of deadlines for school at the end of month. 


I pushed the date for chapter 15 back to March (although there’s a good chance I’ll be ready February) because I decided to attach a very special companion piece at the end of 15, which should be read before 16.

As of now it might be called “Walnuts and Caviar Sandwiches” which makes zero sense to anyone who hasn’t read it, but there is no word to describe how beautifully it will tie into Home. I can’t say what the subject is (because I want it to be a surprise), and I don’t think anyone will be able to guess because the details are only first mentioned in chapter 15. Which is sitting in Notes for only me to see *clasps fingers evilly like Mr. Burns*

I also really want to include artwork for this extra piece (estimated to reach 30k), which again calls for more time. Thanks for waiting! (◕‿-)

At the beginning with you.

A/N: Dedicated to all those who encouraged me to write this ;)

Summary: Inspired by a beautiful dream I had the privilege to have, where Hook and Emma get married at the beanstalk. 


We were strangers, staring out on our journey.

Never dreaming what we’d have to go through.

Now here we are, suddenly standing;

At the beginning with you.


Having sailed across many vast seas and visited many new and wondrous lands in his adventurous lifetime, very few sights in the universe now rendered Killian Jones truly speechless.

He’d seen Wonderland and its cheerful, if not deliriously multicoloured chaos of impossible sights. Then there was the Enchanted Forest; magical, bright and full of heroes and swords ringing with battle cries. New York. One time, even Oz. And Storybrooke, of course.

How could he ever forget the strange town that had enveloped his lost compass and pointed it north towards the home he’d been seeking? 

Having explored and savoured all these lands and realms and stored their memories like paintings, there was still only one sight left that would render Killian Jones to complete solitude. 

Emma Swan.

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Rise of Alicorn Joe Part 6

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Derps: And besides, if he does take over Equestria, as long as he doesn’t ban video games or somethin’, I’ll be okay with him as ruler.

Unnamed: Well you’re obviously not going to help me stop him…