you know what english isnt my first language ( well technically its my fourth) and i never went to an international school so i spent hours and hours on learning grammar rules and i still cant properly speak it ( my teachers couldnt speak it either so i had to learn by watching tv shows ) and spent infinite time on the internet reading writing english all these years spent and in the end i talk like such english much wow this is ridiculous this is an outrage petition to stop this culture of using wrong grammar 

Kim Kibum’s poster for “In the Heights”

Wellp falling asleep at 6am last night sure seems like a mistake now

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How did you meet your fiancée? How did you (or she) propose? How did you know it was "time" to propose? Thanks!

Well, technically we went to elementary school together (I crossed her face out in my yearbook and put “stupid”–but that’s another story) and high school together. We ran in different crowds because she was a dancer and I was in art/basketball. Fast forward a couple years to my sophomore year of college, I was getting out of a horrendous relationship (for the second time) and had sworn off women (ha) but Courtney (we have the same name 😑) hits me up on Twitter because I was bitching about the movie The Vow and how much I hated it and she hated it too, so then we realize we have all these mutual friends, she follows me on tumblr, we realize how much we have in common and we haven’t stopped talking since. I’m the first girl she’s dated so I didn’t really have any expectations and just thought we were gonna be friends–fast forward 2 ½ years and I proposed on New Year’s Eve on our friends rooftop in Brooklyn as fireworks went off at midnight. We were dressed snazzy and there was champagne, you could see the city skyline from the roof and I was proposing with a ring I couldn’t afford and that was everything she didn’t want. Lol. But she loved the ring and the proposal even though some drunk lady wandered over and started yelling and ruined the moment and even though it was really too dark to see me and Anna didn’t get us in the frame of the pictures. It was so perfectly imperfect. And here we are, 7 months later. (:

Also, how did I know the right time? I really didn’t. I was so nervous–I didn’t even bother practicing what I was going to say. But technically I had drunkenly proposed to her in August a couple months before because I had moved away and wanted to make sure she knew I wasn’t going anywhere. So really this proposal was just a do over to do it right. Haha

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I'm about to start High School, do you have any advice to study? or how to be more organized. Please.

Oh baby! oh well, I went to high school in Korea, so it might be a little different from what you’re going to go through but well, let me be general. :)

  • Preview is as important as review; at least, read your text book before class.
  • If there is any syllabus, use it when planning the entire semester.
  • Have a good calendar or planner to mark all your assignment dues, deadlines for anything, exam or quiz dates, etc.
  • Don’t be afraid to visit your teachers and ask them questions, or have any kind of conversation with them.
  • Find the best study spot for you–home, starbucks, library, classroom, or..?
  • You can form a study group depending on the style, assignment, or any characteristics of a class.
  • When studying or learning, actively write and speak–you’ll memorize better.
  • All above is really important but I’d like to tell you that one of the most important thing you need to do throughout your high school life is to figure out what you want to do after you graduate. Career? College? What do you want to study? Where do you want to live? What kind of person do you want to be? Role models? — I suggest you try to answer all these questions whenever you meet new people, learn something new, study something, go somewhere new, get any kind of inspiration, etc. :)

Hope it was helpful. :) Good luck with your new start, dear. Have a good day!

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Where in the U.S. did u live?

Well I went to school in Michigan so I lived there for a couple of years then I moved to New York for a bit too.


[ mon. ] [ 13 july. 2015. ] [ 5.07pm ]

First day of school went well! I have more homework than my bullet journal shows but I’m getting through half of it because it’s all due on Wednesday. 😄

We’re doing poetry in English and I excel in this part of the subject as it’s a creativity-based topic, despite the fact it isn’t narrative writing. I’m so excited!

Oh, I’m also doing History now and I’m so happy! I prefer History over Geography to be honest, I’m not sure why.

Prepare to see me a lot more active now that I have homework and stuff to do! Thank goodness I wrote my assessment calendar in my bullet journal

QUICK STORY: So my senior year I went to my schools college night to scope out what possible colleges I wanted to go to so I go to each booth and I’m there with my friend and she’s like “Jen you’ve literally stolen a pen from every booth we’ve been to” and I open my bag I literally had 15 pens in my bag I didn’t have any pens when I came that night. So I literally challenged myself to see how many pens I could take that night, I ended up leaving with 43 pens. I have no shame.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *quick fact* I lost every single one of those pens before my senior year ended. 43 pens GONE Idk what happened to them??? Oh welp

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Aw man, I have definitely thought about this as well. A former coworker went to school with a fairly well-known NHLer (not going to say who), and said when he got his ELC he bought an obnoxious car and did doughnuts in the Tim Hortons parking lot because he was so cool. But also that he went out with her best friend for awhile and his dick was — she lowered her voice for this — pathetically small, so maybe badass Timmies joyrides (it was a small town) were compensating for something.

That said, a great part of this sort of fiction is idealisation, of a sort: a world where everyone lives happily ever after with their partner’s perfectly sized cock and an excellent sex life. I may undermine the first expectation occasionally, but I’ll let everyone have their own personal headcanons on the latter ones. Which I’m actually curious about! Nikita’s canonically hung (I mean, Luke may be seeing his first erect dick up close and in person, but he’s a teenage boy, he’s seen plenty of them in porn), but other than that I tend to avoid size mentions in the sex scenes, so.

What’s everyone’s headcanon, there?


The following is a poem I wrote for an English assignment in grade nine, enjoy. 

I don’t like homework because
It makes me mad and sad
It is a useless cause
I also hate to add

 Why do teachers do this
Give us 30 questions
I love it when you dismiss
I never pay attention

 At night I work in frustration
I really want to murder
I feel like I’m in a corporation
We need questions that are shorter

 Why must we do homework
It makes me want a rolo
I didn’t do my homework
Whatever YOLO