🎵 True mi have di game pon lock, dem wah code
Just link wit some hot gyal out ah road
True mi have di waist small, pretty, bus whine
Rolex nah deh pon uno dutty gyal time? 🎵


“Jason stop being a drama queen and let me…”

“No (Y/N) it’s not that bad.” Jason protested trying to swat you away.

“Jason Peter Todd, you are bleeding everywhere and you are going to sit down and let me help!” You shouted and he sat down. You began to clean out the wound and he winced mumbling words under his breath. 

“Don’t.” He said when you started to laugh.


You dorks are such embarrassing crybabies! >w>;;

Special shout out to that genius anon who wrote the “Given the chance, I’ll do it again in a heartbeat” line in the RR meme (that I couldn’t find anymore due to the number of comments/threads)~ just wanted to say you’re the reason for this dj, whoever you are~ thank you! That line gave me feels! O3O)/ 

I hope you see this!