*learns that they’re rebranding KHUX into Union [Cross] and adding Ven*

*Spends 3 hours attempting to gut phone to put KHUX back on it before giving up and finding old phone to play it*

*Gets from quest 146 to 258 in 24 hours*



“Jason stop being a drama queen and let me…”

“No (Y/N) it’s not that bad.” Jason protested trying to swat you away.

“Jason Peter Todd, you are bleeding everywhere and you are going to sit down and let me help!” You shouted and he sat down. You began to clean out the wound and he winced mumbling words under his breath. 

“Don’t.” He said when you started to laugh.


You dorks are such embarrassing crybabies! >w>;;

Special shout out to that genius anon who wrote the “Given the chance, I’ll do it again in a heartbeat” line in the RR meme (that I couldn’t find anymore due to the number of comments/threads)~ just wanted to say you’re the reason for this dj, whoever you are~ thank you! That line gave me feels! O3O)/ 

I hope you see this!

Play Me A Song, Write Me A Story

alternative title was ‘i’m aggressively aromantic but i tried really hard to write this and it actually turned out okay so I’m proud of it probably’ but that didn’t quite have the same ring to it

Genre: FLUFF, teacher AU

Word Count: 12.5k wow @ me

A/N: This was supposed to be under 8k but then I got too invested in the little world I wrote and then I really wanted to postpone writing my other fic above 10k (coming soon I promise) and so this was born.

Summary: Dan is an English teacher who loves words but doesn’t quite love his job, and Phil is the new band conductor/music teacher with bright blue eyes that Dan loves to describe.Their friendship blossoms instantly, despite both of them wanting more right from the start. 

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fun home
kathy xenos
fun home

oh hot damn, this is my jam | fun home medley (days and days, maps, telephone wire, ring of keys) → fun home cast

I am so in love with this show that it physically pains me, and the only way I know how to pay tribute to things I love is in the form of a cover. So, as there’s no backing and I am terrible with instruments, please enjoy this a cappella medley of (my favourite) beautiful songs of fun home! Also, check the show out or even just the cast recording if you can - it will change your life for the better, I promise you. I am in awe of the cast (Beth Malone, Sydney Lucas and Judy Kuhn in particular leave me a bawling mess of emotions), the writing, the music - it’s all gobsmackingly awesome and real and beautiful.