A Summary of the GPF 2016 Men's SP

Overall thoughts/reactions:

Javi is a #ninja and can defy the laws of physics

Patrick’s SP was cleaner than Mr. Clean’s Dry Eraser

Shoma my precious son :’(

I hope Shoma isn’t hurt or disappointed I just want my smol son to be happy

Nathan…just…let’s hope for a better FS????

Adam deserved better™


Yuzuru thoughts/reactions:



Forgetting how to breathe for his entire SP

I’ve ascended


Yuzu is #unimpressed by his score

That quad loop™

Yuzu and Pooh interactions :))))))))

Brian being Brian

Best part:
The B. Esp commentators

Final thoughts:
In Jin Boyang we trust

YOOOOO I’m rewatching Yuri on Ice and noticed something, look at this:

Episode One VS. Episode Six

look at how far he’s come, look at how much more confident he is in himself and his skating. the first screen cap is from not long after he let himself (and presumably his nation) down at the Grand Prix Final and the second is from when he has decided to prove to himself what love is with a gold medal from the GPF.

if this isn’t character development I don’t know what is

anonymous asked:

HeY yOu! Did anyone EVER tell you that you're a ball of sunshine and creativity? No? Yes? Well they should more often. Also,I'm afraid I have the 25 dollar question of the hour (that literally made no sense whatsoever...) May I ask how you draw a full body sketch? Lately I've been bummed out because I can never draw a full body sketch (I can only draw from the neck and up)... Also,how can you draw with symmetry? It's quite hard and is like an experts opinion on it. ThAnK yOu and have a great day

hello!!!! aH well i’m no expert myself since i’ve never gone to art school and my only source of Artistic Education™ are youtube videos lmao but i’ll try to explain as best as i can!!

when drawing a symmetrical full body, i personally find that it’s easiest to do it when you’ve already got the hang of the shoulders since theyre kind of the “starting point” to a full body drawing?? for me at least?? so here’s a bit of a tutorial i made to do just that + a tiny review about the shapes i use in a full body drawing (i’m only focusing on the shoulders for now so let me know if you need more explanation on that!)

(((also, you are about to be subjected to some pretty terrible handwriting. you have been warned.)))

and there you have it!! this is my first time drawing out a tutorial of any kind so idk if it helps at all but i hope it does! i’d love to help out some more if you’d like so just hit me up whenever! :)

Dear Self,

Maybe in 2017 you will finally learn to take a hint.  Like, when the universe is trying to tell you to stop doing the thing, maybe stop doing the fucking thing. Because you know the universe is always right and you are always wrong.  Let’s work on that, shall we?

December 9

In 1953, during the Red Scare, US corporation General Electric announced that it would terminate all employees who were communists.

Thank heavens we’ve since come to understand that you can’t just discharge or exclude from society an entire group of people based on their arbitrary membership in a group that is somewhat unpopular among many in the population.

I’m sorry to everyone I’ve harmed. I’m sorry for everything I’ve done. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be the good person I swore to be. I’m going to do my best to be a friend to my friends again and not be horrible anymore. I hope everyone understands.

Mechanic 5: The Forest

Sorry for the delay! Heads up, this is an extra long chapter so heads up. Will be cross posted at my FF.net account as well.


Pyrrha hummed happily as she walked back to her dorm. Normally Mondays were always a bit rough, having to get back to work after a weekend of free time, but she was in a cheery mood. After all, she couldn’t wait for next Saturday to start training with Jaune.

There was definitely a lot of potential lying in wait within that boy in her opinion. How dedicated he was, how much Aura he had, he seemed like a bundle of raw potential that just lacked proper instruction. If she was honest with herself, Pyrrha wasn’t completely positive she’d be the best teacher, but she would do her best. She was reading through some books on teaching in the library when she took a break from schoolwork in order to prepare, but she had realized she forgot one of her textbooks in the dorm.

As she opened the door, she found her book sitting on the desk, exactly where she expected it. Grabbing it, she was about to return to the library when she remembered her scroll. She had forgotten to plug it in last night, and it had died so she left in in their room to charge. Figuring it was good by now, she grabbed it from her bed, noticing a few messages. Checking them, she nearly dropped her phone in terror.

Ditching her textbook, she took off at dead sprint, dashing down the hallways, yelling apologies to anyone she nearly collided into.

The rest of Team JNPR and team RWBY were already around a table, diligently working. At least some of them were. Blake was lost in one of her “romance novels”, Nora was passed out, and Jane was face down on the desk, groaning in bitter defeat about not understanding any of the text. Ruby was in a similar situation, but Weiss was showing her pity and helping her work through it at the moment. The all jumped to attention as they saw Pyrrha come sprinting in, out of breath. Pyrrha always had her composure, and would never be as disruptive as to sprint into a library so they all assumed something had to be wrong.

Pyrrha just held up her phone to the group as she rested her other hand on her knee, catching her breath. The dorms and libraries weren’t exactly close.

Yang took the phone, reading the messages out loud for everyone.

“It’s from Jaune” Yang said with a teasing tone at first.

“Do you, and your friends, want to come over tonight? I want to make you guys something special as thanks for helping me.” She started off, raising an eyebrow at Pyrrha. “Helping him?” She said with a smirk.

Pyrrha just rolled her hand, indicating for yang to keep reading as she finally managed to return her breathing to normal.

“Oh, shoot! I’m out of Sap for the pie. I found a special local recipe that I wanted to try…” Yang continued.

Weiss sighed. “He should check things like that before sending out invites.” She said, shaking her head.

“There’s another message.” Yang said. Her eyes widened as she read ahead.

“The stores are out of stock, but the sap can be found in Forever Fall. That forest is just north of Vale so I’ll just go collect some, so if you guys want to come over, just head over tonight and I should be back by then. Don’t worry I’ll bring my sword and shield to be safe. Either way, let me know if you guys can make it! Thanks again.” She finished.

Weiss had her head in her hands, Blake was already packing up as Ren woke up Nora and quickly gathered their teams stuff. Jane was the first to speak up.

“He… he wouldn’t go off into Forever Fall alone right? Sure it’s just right outside Vale, but the forest is still littered with Grimm. A student going in alone is dangerous, but a civilian is just suicide.”

Pyrrha just looked grim, “His dad doesn’t get here till tomorrow, with the rest of his family so I’m pretty sure he’d go alone. He probably doesn’t know how dangerous the forest is.”

Ren took a deep breath. “Maybe he just stayed near the edge, right near the walls are pretty safe and watched for travelers so he could be back by now.” Ren offered, only half convinced.

Pyrrha paced back and forth. “I called him and he didn’t pick up. By the time we get to the store, if he’s not back it will be a long time before we could make it to Forever Fall, but we cant wander around Forever Fall looking for him if he’s home.

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Okay, so, this should be pretty obvious by now, but Erina’s good looking. She’s described as ‘pretty’, but for her time period she’s attractive. She has the heart/oval face shape that was seemingly in vogue. Her hair is blonde, the Victorian’s favorite color for locks back then, and long. Eyes are blue with long, thick lashes, another sought-after trait, and her skin is of a pale complexion with slightly rosy cheeks without the use of cosmetics.

I usually don’t like to toot my muse’s horns, but for her day she’d be the ideal (if not nearly so) woman. She’s got a good temperament, is gentle and intelligent, yet still has her wits about her, is clever, and can hold her own. Some men weren’t a fan of the latter, but plenty were.

The only fault I can think of with her would be her height, since she’s taller than a good chunk of men back in her day would have been, but she looks good at her stature in my opinion…That, and perhaps her social class. But based on the manga, her outfits seem to be made from something akin to silk or taffeta, based on how it looked to me, which signalled to me she wasn’t a ‘country bumpkin’ like DIO claimed her to be, but probably mid-upper class.


You dorks are such embarrassing crybabies! >w>;;

Special shout out to that genius anon who wrote the “Given the chance, I’ll do it again in a heartbeat” line in the RR meme (that I couldn’t find anymore due to the number of comments/threads)~ just wanted to say you’re the reason for this dj, whoever you are~ thank you! That line gave me feels! O3O)/ 

I hope you see this!


                                            we have more in  c o m m o n                                                                                                                                        than i thought.