A Promise (Klance)

Summary: a really short Klance moment where Lance confronts Keith regarding the vlog. I’m still dead.

Warnings: I guess a little a

Lance walked into the observation room to find Keith staring out into space.
Keith has been here quite often lately, probably because hardly anyone else was coming here.

Lance’s heart was beating with agony. He came across something that not only made him feel extremely guilty, but also broke his heart in every possible way.
He could just try to ignore it, knowing that Keith will be angry, but Lance couldn’t; he needed to get this off his chest.

“Hey, man.” He sat down beside the Black Paladin. Lance was nervous and a little scared because he didn’t know how Keith would react, still… this had to be done.

Keith eyed Lance suspiciously, but returned to look at the nothingness quickly.

“Look, you’re going to be angry and perhaps you… you’ll kill me, but I’ve watched your vlog.” Lance explained.

Keith’s eyes widen and every hair on his body stood straight. “What?! Those things are private! Are you serious?!” He raised his voice, feeling exposed. Lance knew way too much now. Oh god. Keith’s face became red in anger and shame. “I can’t believe–”

“Keith, shut up!” Lance said with force, catching Keith off guard. “Please, just listen to me now, okay?!
I always thought you’re weird and an asshole, I thought you’re ‘emo’ and a loner, but the reality is you’re not a loner… but lonely… and, god damn, being lonely sucks hards, Keith. I know.
I… I can only imagine what it’s like when your mother leaves you. I know that, but…” Lance took all his courage and reached out for Keith, holding his face gently between his palms and looking deep into his eyes. Keith was startled, like frozen in place, but made no effort to stop Lance either.

“I can only speak for myself but, Keith, we’re a team now. You can always, no matter what, count on me. Yes, I’m an asshole, too… sometimes, but… I would never do anything to purposely hurt you, okay? I would never leave you, abandon you, God, I would never reject you, I would never, Keith, I– nevermind… you… you get the picture.”

Lance pulled back and suddenly Keith felt cold. He watched how Lance rose and smiled at him softly, making Keith’s stomach twist and turn.

“I hope you believe me, Keith, because it’s the truth,” Lance said and walked towards the door. Should he have said the L-word? No, it didn’t matter. Keith needed to hear that Lance was there to stay and not the L-word even though it would’ve been nice to also get that off his chest.

Lance reached the door as an impact almost knocked him over.
Keith buried his face into Lance’s back and wrapped his arms tightly around his front. He sobbed as silently as possible, but Lance knew, leaning back a little and cupping his hands with his own.
Lance gave Keith a moment, then turned around and wrapped him in a real, genuine, but mostly tight hug. Keith’s head was resting on Lance’s shoulder while Lance’s hand has dived into Keith’s dark hair as Lance whispered soothing words to calm Keith down.
Keith clung to Lance as if his life depended on it, as if Lance was the only person in the universe… and in this moment he might as well actually was for Keith.

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“Jason stop being a drama queen and let me…”

“No (Y/N) it’s not that bad.” Jason protested trying to swat you away.

“Jason Peter Todd, you are bleeding everywhere and you are going to sit down and let me help!” You shouted and he sat down. You began to clean out the wound and he winced mumbling words under his breath. 

“Don’t.” He said when you started to laugh.