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Hi there! Hope you are feeling better, and thank you so much for creating YCPfE. Not sure if you're still accepting kink prompts, but you mentioned that Viktor waxes 8D So.. just wondering if we could get a scene where he waxes Yuuri. Thought it'd be pretty hilarious and well. Sexy. Thank you!! :3

I don’t think I’ll be able to put it in YCPfE, so here’s a little something for you:

“Are you sure about this?” Yuuri asks Victor warily as he sits on the edge of the soft table.

“It’s fine,” Victor nods with a smile. “I get it done all the time. It doesn’t hurt that much.”

Yuuri crosses his arms across his chest to cover his nipples that are peaked because of the cool air in the room. “Yeah, well, I’ve got sensitive skin,” Yuuri pouts. Victor is just as peculiar about his skin-care regimen, so Yuuri believed him when he told Yuuri that he’d enjoy the feeling of being waxed. 

“It’s better for you than shaving,” He’d said. 

But Yuuri is starting to get more nervous the closer it gets to having hot wax on him. Because Victor has convinced him to go all-out. Which meant he’d made an appointment for not just his chest (although, what was the point, really, since he barely had any hair on the majority of his torso), but also his… down there. 

“It’ll feel so good at the end, though,” Victor says. Yuuri has the distinct feeling he’s not actually doing it for himself, but it’s for Victor. He was fine sticking to trimming and shaving, honestly. But it’s hard to say no to Victor when he brings out those puppy dog eyes he’s learned from Maccachin. 

There’s a light tap on the door before a young woman enters quietly. “Hello Mr. Katsuki,” she says, closing the door behind her. 

“Hello,” he nods. He’s not sure if he’d prefer his esthetician to be male or not. But since she has a special certificate to work on… well, balls, he figures that he might as well trust her. 

Victor gives her a dazzling smile. “I’m Victor. I hope it’s okay for me to be here. Yuuri really wants the emotional support, you know.”

She smiles back and nods. “Sure. Okay, and if you’re ready to start, I’ll just ask you to take off your underwear, Mr. Katsuki,” she says, setting up her supplies next to the wax that’s already hot to the side of the table. 

Victor, for his part, moves away and around the other side so he’s completely out of the way. Yuuri takes one last look at Victor and then at the woman before carefully stepping off the table and slipping out of his boxers. 

He carefully lays down, face-up, on the table, keeping his eyes on the ceiling instead of what the woman is doing. He doesn’t really want to see the hot wax because he might chicken out. Victor just grins down at him.

After a few moments, the woman turns back to him, having everything prepped and ready. “If you’re ready, Mr. Katsuki, we’ll start.”

He doesn’t say anything, just gives a quick nod. 

After doing a quick cleansing, she starts with his chest, smearing hot wax across the part with hair. The pain when she rips it off is more than he’s used to and his eyes tingle with a couple reflexive tears. He glares up at Victor, who is still grinning. 

“Did you want to hold my hand?” Victor coos. 

Yuuri is about to say ‘no’, but the next strip is just as painful, and he automatically moves his hand to grasp Victor’s. It hurts, but thankfully it’s a pain he can live with. 

But then, once she’s finished with his chest, she moves further down. She directs his legs open so she has full access. There’s not a lot of people that have seen this part of him and he feels fairly self-conscious with a stranger peering at his bits. But Victor squeezes his hand lightly and distracts him for a moment. 

There’s only so much distracting he can do, however, because as soon as the first bit is ripped off, Yuuri knows this was a bad idea. It hurts so badly. “I hate you,” he tells Victor. “You’re an asshole.”

Victor just laughs. 

He was lying, the bastard. Just because he’s had it done for years and is impervious to the pain now doesn’t mean Yuuri won’t hurt. 

“You owe me,” Yuuri tells him through gritted teeth after the next pull. Victor just keeps laughing. 

“It wasn’t that bad, was it?” Victor asks once they’re out of the salon and on their way home. 

“It was,” Yuuri disagrees. 

“It would have been better if she was nice enough to let me put the lotion on at the end,” Victor muses, finger pressed to his lips.

“I’m glad. She was efficient. You would have taken your time and I just wanted it to be over.” Yuuri tells him. 

“But it feels good now, right? Nice and smooth.”

“Smooth, yes, but it still kind of hurts,” Yuuri frowns. 

“I can’t wait to take a look myself,” Victor says. “Feel how smooth you are.”

That makes Yuuri look over at him. Victor’s biting his bottom lip. And suddenly understands why Victor had requested he do this. 

“…I expect kisses to make it feel better,” he says.

Victor looks over at him with excitement in his eyes. “Oh. I’ll be thorough.”

Stolen Innocence *Part 2* (2nd Half)

Jace Waylan X Reader

Word Count: 1525

Requested: @florenceivy 

Request: Part two of the stolen innocence (part two)

<< Part 1 (2nd Half)

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Alec walked into the institute carrying you, you were asleep you’d fallen asleep on the way back Magnus and Alec spoke about keeping you with Magnus but thought it was better for you to come back just in case the Clave decided that you were to close to the downworlders to be any use. “Alec hold on!” Victor called.
“What?” Alec asked turning to him.
“I want to talk to her.” he motioned you.
“She’s sleeping,” Alec answered shortly.
“Well then wake her up.” Victor faked a smiled before walking over to one of the tables.
“He’s a douche.” You noted. Alec put you down his arms are still around your shoulder as if you’d loose your balance. Victor noticed that you were up and walked up to you.
“(Y/N)” he smiled.
“It’s the villain.” You mumbled looking over at him.
“From what I’m told you let Jace go,” Victor informed you.
“You heard right,” You answered.
“Is that so?” he asked.
“Mmmhm” You hummed looking over at Clary who had stormed out her mother and Simon following her.
“Why?” Victors asked.
“I love him.” You answered, you walked passed him and back to your room passed Clary and her mother.

You sat in your room doing nothing in particular and trying to occupy your mind when Clary walked passed, you frowned and got up, you walked out of your room and down to hers you saw her sitting on her window seat. “Let me guess…” she looked over at you “Alec.”
“How’d you know?” she asked deflated.
“He’s the only one that doesn’t trust you.” You answered.
“You don’t trust me.” Clary pointed out.
“No, I don’t like you, that’s different.” You answered walking in “we don’t get along because we are similar in certain senses… We’re both very stubborn, we are both pushed into something we never wanted and we both want our old lives back.”
“Why are you telling me this?” she asked. You shrugged as your eyes welled up.
“I miss him I guess…” You answered. “Alec pines for him and Izzy… I don’t know they’re all different and it’s suffocating but you miss him the same way I miss him and you don’t care about the laws you just want him back.”
“Thanks, I guess” Clary smiled.
“Anyway, I’m about to sneak out because I’m bored.” You shrugged and Clary smiled.
“I might do the same.” She smiled.
“Be careful.” You warned. She raised an eyebrow. “Jace isn’t here to tell you.” You left after than sneaking out and going to the Hotel.

“(Y/N) what are you doing here?” One of the vampires asked as you walked up the stairs.
“Why does it matter to you?” You asked.
“(Y/N)? Where have you been?” Raphael asked as you rounded the corner.
“People keep trying to ground me… It’s not fun.” You mumbled.
“I don’t imagine it would be.” Raphael smiled walking over to you. You went on to explain what had happened to you after Raphael had pointed out that your collar was gone, he then told you about what Simon had done.
“Don’t blame him.” You defended the absent vampire.
“Why?” Raphael asked lazily.
“Because that Shadowhunter is tricky, if I didn’t have the assurance of the Clave I would have been kicked out about 3 times.” You explained.
“You’re different,” Raphael answered,
“Yeah, he can’t manipulate me.” You answered. “But Simon can be manipulated and he probably doesn’t even know it.”
“So help him find Camille,” Raphael suggested and you rolled your eyes.

“So why are we in India?” You asked.
“What are you doing here?” Magnus asked.
“Disappointing the Clave, Impressing Raphael.” You answered.
“Is that a good thing?” Simon asked. You gave him the so-so gesture and he nodded.
“So what are we doing?” You asked.
“Looking for Camille,” Simon answered.
“In India?” You asked as you walked down the corridors into the house.
“Camille lives wherever she wants. Homes all over the globe. She’s always liked to spend the winters in Agra. She loves the smell of lotus blossoms.” Magnus explained.
“Who doesn’t?” Simon asked as you walked into the first room.
“Hmm. I recognise that. Ming dynasty.” Magnus hummed. “Of course I recognise it. It’s mine.”
“Well, unless she’s in that vase, she’s not here. So, come on. You said there are, like, 62 other rooms we have to search.” Simon said walking towards the door.
“You go on. I have a few things Camille never returned after one of our many breakups. I wanna find them.” Magnus explained and you rolled your eyes.
“So you’re not going to help me find her?” Simon asked pointing the sword at him.
“I Portaled you to India. The rest of your sire squabble is all on you. Now go. And find me when you’re ready to leave. Preferably after you dealt with Camille.” Magnus clarified.
“Right, because why would you need a powerful warlock when you’ve got a scrappy nerd from Brooklyn?” Simon said through gritted teeth jabbing at the air with the weapon in his hand.
“What are you so afraid of?” Magnus asked still cradling the vase.
“Where do I start? Elevators. Snakes. Clowns. Raphael trying to burn my junk off” Simon listed.
“You’re dead you have no use for that stuff.” You smirked.
“You’re a vampire, Simon. You’re tougher than you think. Honestly, it’s time to man up.” Magnus said taking the sword off of him and gesturing the next room. Once Simon left he looked at you and you nodded following him. You followed Simon as he called for Camille, you both walked into a room and Simon was immediately attracted to the statue. You sat on the chair next to it.
“Whoa” You heard Simon say and you looked around to find the snake on the floor slivering towards him, he ran over to the door but it wouldn’t open, he then turned to the snake  “Hey, hey, snakey. Nice snakey. Go away, please. Encanto. Who am I kidding? I still suck at encantos!” Simon frantically looked around eyes landing on you, you were lazily laying around in the chair. “Do you want to help me!?”
“No, I don’t think I do.” You smirked. “You need to learn… So learn.”
“Oh, God. Okay. You’re a vampire, damn it. There are no pointy objects. There’s no fire. Nothing to be afraid of. Everything’s gonna be fine. You’re gonna be fine.” Simon mumbled to himself as he watched the snake, he was standing on a stool now, but your attention was pulled to him when the snake started breathing fire.
“Oh… That’s… Mmm” You hummed as he backed up towards the door.
“Magnus!” Simon yelled. “Magnus! Magnus! Get me out of here!” No one answered. “Okay, you know what? I’m a vampire I’m a vampire and I’m gonna prove it. Right now.” Simon encouraged himself up before throwing his hand up and successful using Encanto to get rid of the snake. “Yes! That’s right! Get outta here! That’s what I’m talking about!” Simon cheered and you high fived him. “Hey, Magnus.”
“There you are.” Magnus sighed and then noticed the snake. “And there it is. My baby.”
“Your baby?” Simon asked.
“I created it for Camille ages ago. The best gift I ever gave.” Magnus nodded and you smirked.
“Couldn’t do a dragon then?” You asked, he just glared and you laughed.
“Great. Well, then, maybe don’t include me on your Christmas list.” Simon informed.
“He didn’t scare you, did he?” Magnus asked.
“No, of course not. I encantoed him. No big.” Simon answered and Magnus smiled at him. There was a ringing in the room and you pulled your phone out and answered. “How do you have my number?” You asked.
“That’s not important I have a plan to save Jace, I’m on Valentine’s ship, Dot is here-”
“Hold on, I thought Dot was dead.” You frowned.
“We thought she was but we have a plan to make sure that we can all get off the ship but we need your help,” Clary answered.
“Okay, talk.” You ordered.
“The wards around the ship can be broken but we need you to make it seem like you did it not Dot,” Clary answered.
“Okay, if you temporarily break the wards so that I can track you and get in I can help, although you assuming I couldn’t do that is quite a blow to the self-esteem.” You smirked.

You arrived just as Clary and Jace were starting to run so you stopped the two guards before they became a problem stabbing them both. “Ah (Y/N)!” Valentine greeted.
“Hi.” You waved, you noticed that Jace had staggered to a stop.
“You can’t break the wards.” Valentine smiled.
“No, my magic isn’t strong enough on its own but that’s what unconscious warlock is for.” You smirked drawing his attention to Dot, who was knocked out on the floor “I can syphon her magic and break the wards see.” You smiled breaking the wards and watched as Jace and Clary jumped overboard.
“Bye.” You waved before jumping and letting the wards close.

Part 3 (2nd Half) >>

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Fic Idea for the Taking!

This is a fic idea up for grabs, in case anyone gets inspired…

A few years after the movie, Félicie and Victor leave for New York where Victor got an internship and Félicie goes along with him. Part of the idea was exploring how that change would affect Félicie’s relationship with Odette, Camille, and Mérante, as well as her relationship with Victor in New York.

This idea is courtesy of @afrye97


The room was dark and cold. The only light that came in was from the window outside the hospital room from the lights on the other neighboring buildings. “I can save you.” the smooth, yet sinister voice said. He wasn’t someone that Danielle had recognized before. His voice belonged to a person she had never known of. “But,” he said. “It comes with a price.” Danielle felt her stomach drop at those words. “I can save you, but you will become my one faithful, obedient, and respectful student of mine. Do you understand?” He said with a hint of a smile playing on those lips of his. Danielle felt the continuation of her tears sliding down over her temples and into the roots of her black hair as she nodded her head. “You will answer me when I speak to you, Danielle.” he said sternly. “Y-yes.” she said with a shaky voice. “Good. Then it’s settled. A deal is a deal.” he said. Moving in a few steps towards the edge of her bed, he looked down at her one last time. He leaned down beside her, “I will see you soon.” he spoke just before his lips made contact to her feverishly warm forehead. The beep-beep-beep of the heart monitor she was attached to began to fade into one long beeeeeeeeeep. She flatlined. 

She awoke with a gasp so loud that her fiance too woke up abruptly. Danielle was coughing as she tried to recover from the nightmare she had. “Baby, baby, baby, baby! Are you okay?!” Victor asked as he hugged her shaking body against his own. These nightmares were becoming a nightly occurrence and it scared Danielle to see that nearly every night, she woke herself up from a nightmare of her dying. She felt even worse knowing that she woke up Victor with her as well. Victor got out of bed and hurriedly grabbed a cold water bottle from the kitchen as quickly as he could. Rushing back, he handed it to her as he wrapped his arms around her back. “Drink up, babe.” he said soothingly as he patted her back. Danielle coughed a few more times before she gulped down the freezing cold water that felt refreshing against her insides that felt like they were on fire. After the handed Victor the water bottle she sighed heavily as she tried to forget about the nightmare. “Are you alright? Do you want to talk about it, hun?” Danielle shook her head. “N-no… no.” she said softly as she rubbed the back of her neck. Her entire body felt like she got hit by a truck because every muscle in body ached. She closed her eyes and tried not to see flashbacks from the dream. It was hard not to though. The vision of her heart beat on the monitor beeping away. The feeling of the man’s lips against her forehead. The way he said, “I will see you soon.” It shook her beyond belief. Victor gave her shoulders a nice long squeeze which made her open her eyes and smile faintly. “I love you.” she said quietly. “I love you too.” Victor said as he kissed her temple. Dani leaned her body in against him and sighed again. Dani glanced at the clock just in time to watch it turn 3:01 am. 

Sunday Morning

Prompt: “AU where Killian likes to make Emma angry.”

Emma and Killian are neighbors who live in the same apartment building.

It started with little things. 

Small, subtle things that would require a bit of hard work to take note of.

But, strangely enough, it all started once he’d moved in across the hall.

Maybe she shouldn’t even be blaming him. Maybe she should be blaming Ruby.

It was Ruby’s fault that he had even moved into the building. Apparently they were good friends, who met at whichever bar Ruby used to work. When they’d heard that their neighbor David was looking for a roommate, she didn’t even wait two minutes before calling him over.

Emma had made his acquaintance a few times before, once or twice at the bar. He’d even come over to hang out with Ruby, a fact that did not go over well with her fiance, Victor.

And why would it? He had a tall, toned body, perfectly tanned skin, thick, dark hair that could never seem to be tamed, a dazzlingly white smile, and eyes bluer than the clearest of clear skies.

Not to mention his accent. It literally turned anything he said into instant sex.

Killian Jones was everything a girl could ever want. 

Thankfully, Emma Swan wasn’t a girl anymore, and it would take more than a pretty face to calm her down this time.

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