Baby |Derek Hale Series imagine|

PART ONE! Derek x reader x Liam

Relationship: Derek and reader are bf and gf and Reader is like a motherly figure to Liam
Y/N = your name Y/L/n = your last name
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Derek’s Pov:

I ran on all four legs to Liam’s house. He was slacking off on the werewolf training as Scott was busy so of course I had to take over! I made it to his house and transformed back to human. I looked at the house that was surrounded by a gloomy lilac…sort of magic. It was trapping the house and anyone who was in it. I walked towards it slowly being wary of its power and magic. I knew it at once that eerie enchanted witches of the Navaland. Navaland was a island infested with evil spells, magic and especially witches! I decided being wary was going to work so I ran towards the purple spell, as I made contact with it it flung me back. I got up quickly to try and hit it again but someone came walking out of the house.
“Well hello der!” The witch called to me while holding poor Liam by the ear.
“Don’t call me that! Now realise this spell and let Liam go!” I yelled aggressively.
“Don’t you want to have a little fun der?” She said seducingly “I have a girlfriend you idiot!” I felt the anger rise from my chest to the rest of my body.
“Its either you love me or I cast a spell on this silly little boy over here!” She instructed pulling Liam closer to her. I shot Liam an apologetic look although he already knew who I had chosen. Y/N. We had known each other since we were teenager and I had a crush on her back then, I have a crush on her right now. But we had only really had been together for about three years now and I loved her more than anything. I would never ever cheat on her, She was who I had chosen.
“Never.” I yelled at the witch as I ran towards the house. This time I didn’t get flung back, i fell onward as if i had gotten through. The truth was I had gotten through.

The witch was no where to be seen and the lilac spell had worn off so it was no longer surrounding the house. I stood up, brushing the dirt off my body.
“Liam?” I called looking around for any sign of the boy “Liam!” I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find him anywhere. That was until I heard a noise. And unfamiliar noise, a baby’s cry. I looked around and there, sat on the floor right where Liam was a baby. And the weird thing was was that he wore a name tag saying ‘Liam’ on it. I stared at the crying baby, clueless on what to do until Y/N came and picked the sad baby up walked into the house with him. She came out again, 5 seconds later still holding the baby.
“YOU. ARE. going to TELL. me EVERYTHING!” She exclaimed as I easily agreed still shocked at what just happened.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines