atom-melon asked:

for sleepover saturday!!! if you were a monster high doll, what do you think you'd be/look like?

I’m gonna scream this is so good!!!

well I have the luck of looking/being similar to Robecca Steam, so I default to her as my patron monster, since I love steampunk looks and was 16 when she first came out, and my name is Rebecca S, and I really relate to her idk!

But in the interest of making this more fun, I’ll try and answer your question.

I think I’d be a sea monster of some sort. Actually, I think I’d be an alien mermaid from Neptune’s moon, Triton.

I’d be icy and starry and indigo colored; maybe iridescent or bioluminescent. I think I’d have legs that could function as a fin.


Fifth Harmony + Reflection Posters (click for full size) 


“more than anyone in the sand, naruto has understood gaara’s feelings. that’s why he won’t let himself let gaara go. to naruto, gaara is a companion who knows the same pain as him.”


This is amazing ! But people go and be stupid homophobic assholes and try to ruin every good thing that happens. I think it is amazing what They did.

I watched it.. they show that its perfectly fine they are so chill about it!

ONLY THING I find weird or wrong with it is the 1 mom says “This is Taylor’s other mom” Why mom say “this is my wife” or something like that.

Watch it :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1fYLt0CezA

so as most ppl will know by now i hit 1k followers last night!! I wanted to do smtn special for 1k and i thought this would be a good way to celebrate and, at the same time, highlight how amazing my followers are 

right so the rules:

  • must be following me (i know i know but seeing as it’s to highlight my followers it only seems fair)
  • only reblogs count but feel free to like it if you want to go back to it later or whatever
  • if this gets under 50 notes i’ll not bother with it because that’s barely enough to even cover all the categories and it would be a bit stupid 
  • I’ll pick three winners per category because i want to appreciate as many of you as possible


  • best victim blog
  • best arctic monkeys blog
  • best vampire weekend blog
  • best the strokes blog
  • funniest blogger
  • kindest blogger
  • most inventive url
  • best theme
  • best icon
  • best overall

if you win i will link you in my updates tab or description (rotated a category per week) and i’ll leave the deadline as the 30th of june so you have the whole month to enter this - good luck everyone, and thank u all again so so much for getting me to 1k!! 

  • best URL
  • best theme
  • best sherlock
  • best benedict
  • best multifandom
  • best original content: GIFs
  • best original content: graphics
  • best overall 
  • nicest blogger
  • funniest blogger
  • Yasmin’s favourite
  • Rachael’s favourite
  • must be following Rachael and Yasmin (we will check)
  • must reblog this post (you don’t have to do it more than once)
  • ends april 2nd
  • must reach a shitton of notes
  • 1 winner per category
  • 1 runner up per category 
winners get:
  • eternal love
  • a follow if not already
  • our friendship 
  • a place in our updates tab
  • a link promo
runners up get:
  • our love 
  • a follow if not already
  • a group promo


I’M DOING MY FIRST EVERY GIVEAWAY, SHIT IS EXCITING AS HELL!! HAHAHAH.. Okay, I’m calm! So, what’s in this giveaway you may ask? It’s only


Pretty rad, right? Check below for all the information you need.

How long will the give away last?

One month 5th Feb 2015 - 5th March 2015.

Can anyone enter?

Of course! I want everyone to have a chance in winning this. Also, I’m not doing this for followers, so you don’t even have to follow me, but if you do, that would be much appreciated.. Just sayin, hah.

Will you ship internationally?

Hells yeah I will!

I’m under the age of 18, can I still enter?

YES! I just need proof that your parents/guardians are fine with you giving out your address to me, hey if it helps, my address will be on the back of the package, so I’m kinda puttin myself out there, too.

How many reblogs can we do?

Well, no one likes a spammer, so I’ve thought about it, and one like + one reblog seems fair enough.

Does my ask have to be open?

Absolutely, if your ask is not open, how can I let you know you won?

Will you make posts about who won?

  • Yeah, only because I know tumblr likes to eat asks, so I will @ the url of the winner as well as send a message, if I have not received a reply within 24 hours, a new winner will be picked, in saying that, I will make a post once I have received a reply.

So, I think that is all, if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate in asking me. I wish you all good luck, and yeah, haha. OH! You need not reblog this from me, and please PLEASE do not delete the text. GOOD LUCK!



“Oh, what’s this… has a middle schooler wandered off into our camp? Do you even understand what kind of place is this…”