Happy birthday to our precious visual, Kim Himchan ♡ B.A.P is nothing without your stunning good looks, your charismatic aegyo and your spine tingling deep voice. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for BABYz, and alsofor your members. Your love and care for them reaches new heights, and every day we should count ourselves lucky to have you be such a big part of B.A.P. Thank you again, for everything, and I hope you have an amazing day with your loved ones.
We love you, we miss you. Happy birthday, Himchan!

Listening to Sukira and my heart is breaking,

Ryeowook only heard the news not long before broadcast and you can hear the hurt in his voice. It is bora but the camera is panned up so you can’t see his face. They’re playing more songs than usual and they’re all sad ballads…It must be so hard for Ryeowook to do this. My respect for him has shot up to be honest. He’s brave for doing this although it really hurts to hear how sad he sounds…My poor baby ;_____;