Who you should fight: Critical Role cast

Matthew Mercer: you can fight Matthew Mercer. The man is incredibly intelligent but he’s not especially buff. He might surprise you though, lanky people can be wily fighters. It would be an interesting fight regardless of who won or lost. He’d probably thank you for being a fan and help you to your feet if he defeated you. You can fight Matthew Mercer. 

Marisha Ray: Do not fight Marisha Ray! Not only does she know actual marital arts, she used to be part of something called Fight Club where they used melee weapons. Dangerous with her fists or weapons. Do not fight Marisha Ray. (Also if you fight Marisha Ray I will find you and then *I* will fight you because she has enough jackasses being rude to her, and that needs to stop.)

Liam O’Brien: first you would have to catch him. The man runs 10 miles every day for fun so … good fucking luck. Even if you do catch him why would you want to fight him oh my god leave Liam O’Brien alone! (Also if you did fight him, you’d then have to defeat the combined rage of Sam, Laura, me, and half the fanbase charging to his defense.) You can fight Liam O’Brien but at what cost

Taliesin Jaffe: you can fight Taliesin Jaffe. You shouldn’t, but you can. He has the power of Luck Manipulation granted to him by mysterious dark forces. Before you can blink, he’ll have defeated you, probably using something obscure from history. You can fight Taliesin Jaffe, but he’s going to win. 

Laura Bailey: you can fight Laura Bailey but you will lose. Either she’ll take you out at the knees right away, or she’ll wink at you and you’ll fight yourself for her honor. Have you seen Laura Bailey she’s so cool and charming and amazing. You can fight Laura Bailey but you’ll lose. And you’ll deserve to lose, because how dare you.

Sam Riegel: you should absolutely fight Sam Riegel. Anytime, anywhere. Fight him in a Denny’s Parking lot, a grocery store, an arena. Fight this man. Win, lose, who cares? You must fight him

Travis Willingham: you can fight Travis Willingham. If you’re buff he’ll fight you fair. If you’re smol and fierce he might be a little flustered. If you’re weak he’ll probably let you get in one hit before putting his hand on your forehead and keeping you at arm’s length until you wear yourself out. But he’d be nice about it. You can fight Travis Willingham. (Please note if you hurt him, you’ll have to answer to Laura Bailey, and that will not end well … for you.)

Brian Foster: you can fight Brian Foster. I’m pretty sure you’d win too. He self-deprecates so much, he might fight and defeat himself before you could even get to him. You can fight Brian Foster. (But like, maybe you shouldn’t. He beats himself up on the internet enough as it is.) 

Ashley Johnson: no. How dare you even think about fighting Ashley Johnson. Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done. 


relatable day6, a mood

Bad Temper


Requested: Jealous Shawn. Not sure I like this but I tried.ย 

Word count: 2,658

Originally posted by shxwnmendess

โ€œI think this might actually be it!โ€ I said, folding the last box together. I ran my fingers through my hair, breathing out heavily.ย 

I thought it would never end. No matter where I looked, there had always been more boxes to start on. But now, Iโ€™d actually unpacked the last one.

โ€œWhat?โ€ Shawn yelled from the other room, fumbling with his precious guitars as always.ย 

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Originally posted by smendesgifs

Pairing: Shawn x Reader

Requested: nope it sorta just came to mind

Warnings: Drunk/mad Shawn??? Angst?? Shitty writing??? Idkย 

A/N: So I posted this yesterday then deleted in and re-edited it and shortened it a bit so it could be a bit enjoyable, enjoy! @nobravery here it is AS PROMISED

Screams and shouts echoed through our apartment, mean words were thrown at one another, stuff we didnโ€™t mean.

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Talks Machina Highlights - Episode 102
  • Pre-show picture: Travis photoshopped into an Eagles uniform
  • Matt’s birthday is on Thursday! Brian gives him a thoroughly mangled cake.
  • No TM next Tuesday, because it’s the 4th of July.
  • Matt: “Look, I have half the internet wanting to fight me after that episode.”
  • Matt had three or four more battlemaps prepped that will never see the light of day, including two that were in the tower that they knocked down; there were a lot more challenges that the party completely overcame by bringing the top of the tower down to them.
  • “Your imaginary boyfriend was killed by your real-life fiancé.”
  • Keyleth knows it’ll take some time to prep for Vecna, so right now she is entirely focused on Vax.
  • Matt: “The book we’re releasing after the campaign guide is The Man-Ass of Tal’Dorei.” Travis: “There’s a fold-out calendar.”
  • Travis thought the Earthquake spells were just gonna weaken the structure of the tower, and then they’d still have to climb it… “What caused the TPK? Our own hubris.”
  • Travis’s GTFO-alarm went off at the very first turn of the first round when five members of the party were paralyzed. Marisha knew that Keyleth’s wisdom was high enough to shake it off, but she quickly realized that everyone else would need to roll a natural 20.
  • VM would’ve had a chance to stop Vecna’s ritual. Once Delilah saw them and knew the threat, she escalated the timeline. On the other hand, if they’d taken too much time, they would’ve come back through the orb to the Shadowfell and just found a giant crater with no clues as to where to go. Matt emphasizes that things will happen regardless of where they are in this arc, whereas the Conclave arc had the baddies settling more on their laurels and VM had a little more leeway to plot and scheme.
  • Matt points out that almost no DMs ever get to run an epic-level game, especially since 5e is still relatively new. Travis: “We’re gonna peter out and start gradually leaving the game.” Matt: “I will run you over, Travis.”
  • Marisha talks about how Keyleth has started going into very competent crisis-mode in the moment, but she’s very freaked out at the prospect that Foresight may have given Vax a vision of his own death (which is essentially what that failed first Disintegrate amounted to), and after putting him through that, she doesn’t think Keyleth will use it again.
  • Travis: “There’s a whole line of vacuum-cleaners called Vax.” Brian: “That’s fucked up.”
  • Vecna’s a keeper of secrets and knowledge; he knows everything about VM. He immediately targeted those who had range and mobility.
  • Keyleth had mixed feelings in the past about True Resurrection, just because of the moral implications of wielding that sort of power, but now things have changed. (Matt mentions that Pike may have leveled and might have access to it as well.)
  • Brian points out that you can have those standards and principles, but everything goes out the window when it hits close to home.
  • Keyleth is also concerned about how the Raven Queen’s influence is going to come into play; Vax could be standing right in front of her, and she’d still feel like it was borrowed time.
  • True Resurrection bypasses Matt’s resurrection ritual completely. It does require 25,000 gold in diamonds, however…
  • Grog is feeling better about Scanlan being back after seeing him in action again.
  • If everyone had died and Pike was the last one standing, she was gonna ask the knight to send her to Grog so they could at least go out in a blaze of glory together.

MS-DOS Machina in the Dark:

  • Marisha wins the roll for hosting!
  • After a rough episode, Marisha paces around the living room for half an hour. Travis and Ashley are advocates for avoiding the internet and going straight to bed.
  • Ashley thinks Matt does the best Pike impression.
  • Marisha’s “Sleeves are Bullshit” shirt was a gift from Laura.
  • Matt: “Whenever I see a mansplaining comment on the internet, it just goes through a Papyrus filter in my mind. ‘Well, actually…’”
Asylum (Part 3)

Yes, I, Mod Loo, have created a part three. I’m sorry, I just love this AU so much, and I couldn’t resist. I hope you enjoy it!


The four doctors stood outside of the building, talking like they normally did. Nogla had gotten used to the asylum at this point and was in the same boat as the other three.

“Man, Squeaker will not leave me alone about gummy worms. He’s got like an addiction to them,” Nogla complained, fixing his glasses.

“It’s not as bad as Delirious. Still going on about me letting him out. And every once in a while he’ll slip a little extra in there, making it more and more uncomfortable,” Evan sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“Eh, you’ll get used to it. You just gotta keep pushing them back,” Tyler said.

“And hope that they get better. Ohm’s gotten much better,” Bryce said happily.

“We know. You wear the bunny ears he made for you everyday,” Evan replied, rolling his eyes.

“What? I think they’re cute.”

Everyone rolled their eyes and talked some more.

“Hey fellas, did ya miss me?” Everyone turned to see another doctor standing there with a smirk plastered on his face. Immediately everyone’s eyes widened.

“Brian!” Bryce exclaimed, going up to him for a hug.

“Hey man, you actually survived. We thought you were dead, you know,” Evan joked, giving Brian a pat on the back once Bryce let go of him.

“So you’re back from Ireland, huh? Well, you should’ve stayed, since we got a replacement,” Tyler grinned.

“Oh, really now? And who is this replacement?”

Tyler motioned towards Nogla, who had a blank expression on his face. “Uh, hi, I’m Nogla,” he said awkwardly. Brian broke out into a grin.

“Another Irish man? Thank god, it was getting lonely eating all of the potatoes by myself,” he joked. Nogla started to laugh, and everyone caught up with him.

“By the way, while you were gone, your patient was a pain in the ass,” Tyler said. Brian gave him a confused look.

“My patient? Are you sure you’ve got the right one? Cause my patient is an angel.” Tyler scoffed.

“He maybe an angel to you, but he’s really a sadistic fuck. Your patient’s fucking insane.” Brian was even more confused.

“Are you sure you’re talking about Moo? My Moo?”

“Uh, yeah. Who else?”

“You’re full of shit, Tyler. My Moo isn’t like that. I think Mini’s getting to your head.”

“Excuse me?”

“Guys, guys, let’s not argue, alright? Let’s just be glad that Brian is back, okay?” Bryce said, interrupting the two. Evan nodded.

“Yeah. So Brian, how many potatoes did you eat while you were gone?”

“I ate all of the potatoes!” He said with a laugh, causing everyone else to laugh.


Brian sped walked to his patients room with excitement. Moo was his favorite patient, and he had missed him. He quietly opened the door and shut it behind him, the grin still on his face. “Moo?”

Moo sat up from his bed quickly, turning around with a surprised look on his face before he smiled widely. “Brian!” He giggled. Brian’s smile widened as he sat next to Moo.

“I’m finally back from Ireland! How were you while I was gone?”

“Oh, it was terrible. I missed you so much, you know. I just couldn’t wait for you to come back,” Moo said with a sad look on his face.

“Well, I’m here now. Also, Tyler said that you gave him some trouble. Do you have any idea what that’s about?” Moo shook his head, a confused look settling on his face.

“No. I was being a good patient, I swear.”

“Don’t worry, I believe you. Now, I’ve got to go to check up on some others, but I’ll be back, okay?” Moo smiled sweetly at him, nodding. Brian smiled sweetly at him before getting up and leaving. Right after the door closed, Moo grinned and started to laugh manically.


“I swear to you Moo isn’t all that innocent,” Tyler argued.

“Well, I swear to you that he is. He said he had no idea why you said he wasn’t doing well,” Brian argued back.

“Can’t both of you just let this go? I want to enjoy Brian’s Terminator voice, not listen to him argue for a solid hour,” Evan finally groaned, looking at the two. The two stopped before sighing and finally agreeing to drop it.

“Thank you,” Evan said with a sigh of relief.

“This isn’t over, piggy!” Brian yelled in his Terminator voice, causing everyone to laugh.

“Oh man, that’s actually pretty good,” Nogla admitted with a laugh.

“Exactly. He’s the best of the best at impressions,” Bryce said.

“You’re damn right I am!” Brian exclaimed, earning more laughs from the group.

What You Need [Kyle Spencer x Reader]

Request: “I came up with this thing about pre death Kyle having sex with his so and telling her how much he jerks off about her and asking if she touches herself idk man it just hypes me up. So maybe a HC on that?” - Anon

Warnings: SMUT, fem!reader, maybe a little bit off-prompt, masturbation by both people, dirty talk, PROTECTED SEX (FINALLY, GUYS! FINALLY I WROTE SOME CONDOMS IN!), probably more

Word Count: 1.3k

A/N: Couldn’t figure out how to make this a set of headcanons, so I decided to write it as an imagine instead. Hope that doesn’t bother you! & I’m so horrible when it comes to describing/talking about masturbation in general. This turned out pretty… Like, okay-ish, though. 


Kyle never liked skipping classes. He honestly never saw much of a reason for it. You’re going to college for a reason, right? Why not bother to show up? He had worked his ass off in high school for his scholarships, so he definitely wasn’t going to disappoint whoever was paying for his education.

Well, this was one of the rare occasions where he didn’t want to sit through another one of Professor Jackson’s long, boring lectures about lord-knows-what. It was usually something mundane, such as bridges or roofs. He would stand in front of the projector and talk about different types of bridges and their purposes for the entire hour and a half long period, never pausing or taking a single silent second.

Kyle simply didn’t feel like attending that today, and because it was his last class of the day, he decided to head home to the fraternity house. His brothers (well, most of them) would be in class, so he could probably catch a small nap before you or them got home.

You always got home before Ky. This was because your last class was a shorter walk to the house than his. Because of this, you would usually greet him at the door every day. But he knew he would be the one greeting you today. When he stepped inside of the house, it was weird not seeing your big smile in front of the door. Anyway, he sighed, beginning to walk up the stairs, only to stop midway up when he heard a light sound.

He stayed absolutely silent, continuing up the stairs. Upon hearing it for a second time, he was almost certain that it was moaning. Was someone really having sex in his room? If one of the boys was fucking some sorority girl in his bed again… He knew it was Archie. It was always Archie. Well, it was Brian that one time, but still, mostly Archie. He was going to kill him.

Grimacing, Kyle braced himself, unsure of what ungodly sight was going to lay before him as he opened the door. Just as his hand touched the doorknob, a needy moan of his name made him freeze, unable to open that door. His mind rushed with every possibility of what could be happening behind it, but he couldn’t decide on just one of the hundreds of crazy scenarios to side with. Suddenly, his mind jumped to you. Of course it was you. You had to have come home early, and he wasn’t going to accept another thought about it.

Somehow a bit relaxed by the thought, he took a deep breath, reaching over to flip the hallway light off. He opened the door slightly, peeking inside. It was you. He let out the breath, still staying silent as he looked over at you.

You were almost completely naked, laying on Ky’s side of the freshly-made bed, your clothes laid in a neat pile on your pillow. Your hand glistened with a certain shimmer as your body arched in a pleasured angle. The bits of your hair that wasn’t in a ponytail was stuck with sweat to your face, framing the heavenly expression on your face.

It took him a second to process the sight. Within those few moments, you had noticed him standing at the doorway. He had pressed the door open farther, now clearly visible through the white frame. He wasn’t sure how to react. He didn’t know whether to fulfill his urge to strip off all of his clothes and join you, or to run away and never look back.

“Kyle,” You spoke up, not stopping your actions, only slowing the small rubs of your thumb across your clit. “come over here.”

He instinctually moved forward, pressing the door shut and locked behind him. He was numb as he stepped towards you, examining your exact position. He swallowed hard as he waited for your next instruction.

“Take off your clothes.” He was eager to follow your orders, beginning with the jacket on his shoulders. It landed on the floor as he kicked his shoes off, using each of his feet to pull the sock from the other. Soon, he was left with only his boxers on. “Come. Here.” The obedient boy walked to the edge of the bed, standing still.

Noticing his strained boxers, you laugh. “I want you to touch yourself. On the bed, with me.” 

Quietly, he laid on the bed next to you, not quite sure of how to start. Did he just whip it out and go to town, or was he supposed to await further instruction? Kyle was never particularly good at being submissive. The two of you usually had somewhat equal roles when it came to sex, so he never much got the chance to, anyway. 

“Take off your boxers.” You purr. He raises his hips without another thought, sliding the shorts from his body. As he looked at you, he noticed that you looked satisfied with the job he was doing. You began to slick your finger against your wetness again, slipping a single digit into your entrance. Ky whines lightly, resisting the urge to stroke his member. 

He continued to moan and fuss while he watched you, feeling himself somehow near his release. He had never, ever been able to do cum without some sort of contact. “Baby, please? Fuck me.” With a nod, you agree, reaching into the nightstand for a condom. Handing it to him, he rolls it on with ease.

It took only seconds before you were on top of him, guiding his cock into you. You sank down, letting him fill you up. His breath was heavy, deep moans straining against his throat. 

“Kyle?” You ask, easing yourself down all the way. “Do you get off on watching me?” He felt somehow ashamed when you asked him that, but still replied with a small nod. Satisfied with his response, you move your hands to grip the headboard, beginning to rise up. He lets out a throaty moan as you slide back down. “Do you think about me when you touch yourself? Because I know you do. I always know, Kyle.”

“I always think about you.” He whimpers. “I love thinking about your tight pussy sinking onto my cock, just like you’re doing right now. I can’t control myself when you do that. You always feel so good, and I want you so bad.” Another strangled sound escapes him as he tries to continue his sentence. “And I fuck you until you can’t feel your body anymore, until you scream my name so the entire house can hear who makes you feel that way. All of my brothers, shit, know you’re mine.”

Grinning, he thrusts up to meet your hips, knowing that it’ll take you by surprise. “Kyle!” You squeal, laughing lightly. The process repeated for a few more minutes until Kyle couldn’t take it any more. He squirmed in the blissful agony under your body, his beautiful face contorting into one much stranger. You came shortly after, but continued to ride him for the remainder of your rush.

Eventually, you dismounted him, rolling onto the now-messy bed. Kyle slides the condom off, tying it at the base and tossing it in the trash bin next to the bed. He lets out a small groan, rolling over towards you.

“God,” He laughs. “That was amazing.”

“Maybe I should be more dominant sometimes.” You roll over into his open arms with a big grin on your face, knowing that there’s going to be an even-better round two later.

Hickies (Wonpil Comedy/Smut)

Request: Can you do a wonpil scenario where you give him hickies in a very obvious place?? Please & thank uu

Summary: Teasing Wonpil, hickies and Day6 donโ€™t go very well together.

Tags: Comedy, slightly smutty (teasing and hickies), mentions of sex

Word count: 830

Note: Enjoy this short blurb of comedy/smut hahaha.

Originally posted by demfluffycheeks

You had no regrets. You had been teasing the hell out of Wonpil for the whole day, walking around in just his oversized shirt and panties, brushing against him โ€˜accidentallyโ€™, and bending down to pick things you โ€˜accidentallyโ€™ dropped.

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something more - two

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: CEO!FWB!Tom AU

*Notes: I donโ€™t know how many part this will have so iโ€™m kind of just going with it hgjfdhj hope you enjoy :)


oneย // three

โ€œ(Y/N), my office.โ€ You finished typing out the last word on your computer before scooting out of your chair and heading toward Tomโ€™s office. You walked in, leaving the door open, with a confused look.

โ€œYes, Mr. Holland?โ€ His expression was unreadable โ€“ but, it looked hard. Focused. He gestured toward the door.

โ€œShut the door.โ€ Your mind wandered to all the things he wanted to do. You two hadnโ€™t been able to see each other outside of work since last week when you showed up at his apartment. So, to say the least, you were excited and a little turned on at the fact that he wanted you so bad heโ€™d risk getting caught by the whole office in the middle of the day.

โ€œYou gonna take me on your desk, Sir?โ€ Your voice came out sultry as you slowly walked over to him, your hands already reaching for the zipper on your pencil skirt. Tomโ€™s hands came out to stop you, though, only earning him another confused look.

โ€œThatโ€™s not why I called you in here, love,โ€ you blushed, a little embarrassed. You cleared your throat, soothing out the non-existent wrinkles on your skirt instead, and standing up straighter.

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160417 박정아의 달빛낙원
Brian (a cappella) singing “For the nights I can’t remember” by Hedley 

Their live perfs last night were glorious (as usual)  the jamming session and individual intros (w/ instruments) were lovely as well! 

But this little Brian perf took the cake for me ; u ; his singing is so beautiful and look at that precious smile when he finished ;;;; he is seriously so talented and cute (even tho some ppl vehemently rejected his man bun/apple hair lol) 

I don’t have a bias yet but I think I might be reaching a decision soon 🙈 and also, pls check out #DAY6~ Stan talent, stan DAY6  (@day6kilogram)

Dreaming of You (Peter Parker x plus size reader)

Part 1 : https://fandomimagines131.tumblr.com/post/162033798757/thinking-of-you-peter-parker-x-plus-size-reader

Part 3: https://fandomimagines131.tumblr.com/post/162343874582/missing-you-peter-parker-x-plus-size-reader

Part 4: https://fandomimagines131.tumblr.com/post/162449075617/loving-you-peter-parker-x-plus-size-reader

Warnings: Slight mentions of sex, asshole boyfriend, some cursing.

Notes: Peter and the reader are juniors and Brian is a senior. I also might make a part 3.

Hope you enjoy:)

(Gif credit to owner)

You and Peter had become pretty good friends after your encounter with him the other month, much to Brian’s dismay. Sure he knew you wouldn’t want to go off with some dorky nerdy boy, right? But still he knew that Peter liked you and Brian would go out of his way to make Peter jealous, whether it was just simply kissing you or going up to you, while being in a middle of a conversation with Peter, and smacking your ass telling you that he can’t wait for tonight since his parents weren’t home, leaving you a blushing mess.

And it was true what Brian thought Peter did like you a lot. In the matter of a week he completely forgotten about Liz and all he could think about was you. He would think about what it would like to be your boyfriend, what it would be like to hold you, and sometimes he let his mind wander into what it would feel like to pleasure you, worship your body. But then there was a big problem the fact that you had a boyfriend. Even if you did brake up with Brian, you wouldn’t go off and date a nerdy, no body like him, you probably would have a long line of popular guys wanting to date you. So Peter just kept his feelings to himself.

Then one day at gym class everyone was on the field, you were standing in a group with your friends, Brian standing a few feet away from you, and Peter and Ned standing a couple of feet away from Brian and his friends. Peter was just trying to mind his own business but he looked over at you in your short shorts. He heard a howl of laughter coming from Brian and his friends knowing they had caught him staring at you.

“Hey Parker how about you quit staring at my girlfriend.” Brian shouted over to Peter and then turned back to his group of friends. Lucky for Peter you didn’t hear what Brian had said. Peter couldn’t help but listen in on their conversation.

“So Brian how is y/n.” Some of Brian’s friends asked. Brian crossed his arms giving a cheeky smile.

“She’s great I don’t really know how to describe it. But let me say this I am never going to date another skinny girl ever again. I’m telling you man big girls are where it’s at.

“Have you two done it before?” Another one asked. Brian smirked and nodded "Yea how is she, in bed?“ Brian continued to smirk, Peter clenched his fists. They shouldn’t be talking about y/n like this. He began to step closer to the group to hear them clearer.

“Yea she gets a little freaky in bed.” He lifted his head and looked around to see if anyone else was listening, and then he whispered “She does this thing with her mouth…” Brian was cut off by Peter.

“Hey! Stop talking about y/n like that-t.” Peter tried to act tough but it didn’t work out well since his voice cracked. Brian and his group of friends laughed at Peter’s attempt.

“Listen nerd, you don’t need to worry about y/n. It’s non of your business what I say about her. She’s my girlfriend not yours.” He glared at Peter. Before their fight hot more heated you walked up to where Peter and Brian oblivious to what they were talking about.

“Hey guys.” You smiled sweetly at them “What are you two talking about?” You asked as Brian wrapped an arm around your shoulder.

“Oh nothing just talking about the homecoming dance, right Peter?” Brian glared at Peter.

“Yea-a totally-y.” You laughed at Peter’s nervous and shy answer.

“Well baby let me just say your ass looks great in those shorts.” He whispered to you but loud enough for Peter to hear. Then Brian grabbed your ass. But then you turned to him glaring at him whispering a not now to him. “Babe my parents aren’t going to be home tonight maybe we could……”

“Oh sorry babe but me and Peter were going to study for our history exam.”

“Oh yea that’s-s fine.” Brian tried to not act angry but inside he was livid.

“But you can still drive me home, I might have ten minutes to do something.” You winked at him, waving goodbye to him and Peter and then walking off to your group of friends.  

Brian picked Peter up by the collar of his shirt. “Listen dork stay away from my girlfriend. Don’t ever fucking think about going near her ever again.” He dropped Peter causing him to fall to his knees. He just quickly nodded and stuttered an okay to Brian before he walked off.

Peter’s Pov
Okay so y/n was coming over to my apartment today to study. God I’m so nervous. Luckily I convinced May to go shopping so y/n and I had the apartment to ourselves. I was still debating whether I should tell her about what Brian said about her. As much as I hated Brian, I didn’t want to see y/n’s heart break, so I decided not to tell her.

After ten minutes of waiting the doorbell rang. I quickly got off the couch and went to the front. I checked my hair once more before I opened the door. When I opened the door I was faced with a crying y/n. Without even a greeting she walked into the apartment, hugging me and crying into my shoulder. Oh my god. She’s hugging me. Okay Parker don’t screw this up.

“Hey are you okay.” She didn’t reply. It was kind of getting awkward just standing in my door way so I asked “Do you want to head back to my room.“ She nodded and I guided her to my bedroom. She sat on my bed, tears still falling from her face. I sat next to her and wrapped my arms around her again. After I tried my best to comfort her I asked “If you want, you can tell me what happened it might make you feel better.“ She nodded and I let go from her hug.

“Well me and Brian-s were driving back to my house-e” You continued to cry. “And-d he told-d me I wasn’t allowed to talk to many guys-s especially you-u….” she began to cry harder so I wrapped my arms around her again. “so-s I told him he wasn’t-t the boss of me-e, and then, then he-e….” She choked out another sob “He slapped-d me and called me an ungrateful bitch-h…” She then looked up to meet my eyes. Hers where puffy and red from her crying “So-o I told him-m to stop the car, then-e he did, so then I told him that-t we are over-r and he just left he didn’t-t even care.“ She sobbed again.

“Hey y/n come on. We all know he didn’t deserve you.” You both looked into each other’s eyes “You deserve someone that will take care of you, that will love being with you every moment they spend with you. Brian’s an ass anyway." She laughed "I know you could do so much better than him.”

Then she stopped crying for a second. And then looked around the room and back to me. “You know what you’re right." She then smashed her lips into mine. I was shocked at first not kissing back but then I started to kiss her back. Her lips were so soft and tasted like strawberries. Then she depended the kiss was wrapping her arms around my neck.

She then pulled back from the kiss and we pressed our foreheads together. "I-I didn’t know-w you felt that way about me-e.” You smiled at me.

“I always have.” I smiled back and leaned in for another kiss. I then pulled apart from the kiss after a couple seconds.

“I know this might be a bad time, but-t will you-u go to the homecoming dance with me-e?”

“Yes.” She nodded hastily “Yes I’d love to.” We both smiled at each other as she pulled me into another kiss.