Spirited Away

With the fast paced lifestyle of the modern world, numbers of stress and anxiety are reaching new heights. It’s vital to take time for yourself to ensure your own mental well-being. Whether you’re religious or not, meditation is an effective way of reducing stress levels. Read on to find out how to slow down time with the art of meditation.

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20 charts show how America is doing a lot better than the media would make you think

The American Dream is dead! We’re no longer #1! America is falling apart!

With all the sensationalist media coverage of everything from America’s terrible economy to the Ebola epidemic, you would think America is on the brink of collapse.

And yet, the data tells a very different story. | Follow micdotcom

10 reasons why headstands and& inversions in yoga are good for you : 

“1. By reversing the flow of gravity, a headstand simulates a “face lift” by letting your skin hang in the opposite direction. The inverted position of a headstand also flushes fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face, creating a glowing effect on the skin. 

2. Headstands increase nutrients and blood flow to the scalp, decreasing onset of grey hair. Some yogis say that it will even convert grey hair back to its natural color! 

3. Headstands stimulate and provide refreshed blood to the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. These glands are vital to our wellbeing, and are considered the master glands that regulate all other glands in the body (thyroid, pineal, and adrenals). This includes our sexual hormones, so you can expect better sex with a consistent headstand practice.

4. When the adrenal glands are flushed and detoxified with headstands, we create more positive thought. Depression will decrease, as going upside down will almost always put a smile on your face. 

5. It’s great to bust out a headstand at a party. Your peers will be impressed!

6. Improved circulation occurs with a headstand practice. Because the heart constantly has to pump blood upward to the brain, the headstand gives the heart a rest and reduces unnecessary strain. In addition, while in headstand de-oxygenated blood is able to flow more easily from the extremities to the heart.

7. Any fluid that is retained in the feet is able to drain (edema), therefore reducing the onset and prevalence of varicose veins. 

8. Headstands increase digestive fire and increase body heat. The intestines are cleansed by reversing the pull of gravity, while releasing congested blood in the colon.

9. Headstands strengthen deep core muscles. To hold a straight headstand for an extended period of time, the practitioner must engage the obliques, the rectus abdominus and the transverse abdominus. To really engage and strengthen the core, pike the legs by lifting and/or lowering both legs at the same time when coming in and out of the pose.

10. Eliminate your chances of having an ischemic stroke, as scientific evidence shows that this type of stroke rarely occurs in individuals that consistently do headstands!

Although I recommend learning headstand from a qualified teacher, its multifaceted benefits should not be ignored. Headstands can be contraindicative if you have neck injuries, extremely high blood pressure, ear and eye problems, if you are menstruating, or have acid reflux.


Staying Connected in a World Full of ‘Connection’

Have you ever noticed that after a while of scrolling through feeds and feeds of social media, you begin to feel.. Well, disconnected? Although sites like Facebook can make us feel connected, think about what you’re really doing on those sites. Most likely you’re scrolling through endless pointless statuses, liking photos you don’t really like, and clicking through other peoples selfies aimlessly. Here’s some tips to feel more alive.

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The best predictor of  how happy we’ll feel in the future, far better than our age, income, or marital status, is how happy we’ve felt in the past. And a plausible explanation is that we have a baseline level of overall good feeling from which we only temporarily depart. We’re consistent in how happy we say we are because we keep returning to the same default mood, and this default seems to have a genetic basis.

Alaska named the state with the best well being

Earlier this week, the rankings for the U.S. states best (and worst) for the well-being of its denizens were published by the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, which named the Last Frontier as the top American state.

In the index, well-being was defined by five key elements: sense of purpose, social relationships, financial security, relationship to community and physical health.

Here’s what state had the worst well being