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i think we all need some john domestic bliss fluff, given recent events

“Is a chicken really a bird if they can’t fly?” you asked, swinging your knees side to side. You and John were squished into the doorway, sat with your knees bent on the stoop, as the sun slowly slipped behind the brick wall that lined the yard.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

You laughed, and bumped your knees to his again.

“Well, well you think of a bird, you think of it flying around. But chickens just- “

He looped his arm up over your shoulder so he could pull your head in, and planted a big kiss.

“You really shouldn’t interrupt, Johnny, it’s rude” you sniffed, knocking your nose against his.

“They’re domesticated fowl” he replied, ignoring your comment, and turned back to check on Katie. You furrowed your brow, watching his profile with wide eyes.

“Oh, are they? Mr Smarty Pants”

He turned to smirk at you for a moment, adjusting his arm around your shoulder.

“Katty, just scatter it about, love. We’ll be here all night” he motioned with his hand.

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FFXV Comrades: Aranea shows up

Aranea: Nowhere’s safe anymore. You’re here to help, aren’t you? Then get ready cause here they come!

Aranea: Think that’s all of ‘em - for now. Y’know, I’m impressed. Didn’t think you could hold your own so well.

Aranea: Then again, I’d be pretty disappointed if the Kingsglaive couldn’t take down a few measly daemons, especially with all that royal power at your disposal. At any rate, I doubt we’ve seen the last of ‘em, so keep your eyes peeled and your arms at the ready.

Fic: I Don’t Feel Nothing (’til i taste my own tears) - Charity/Vanessa

Ah well, here we are again - all five of us in this fandom.  I love you all, individually and collectively.  We thrive.  And, honestly, I haven’t written fic for quite a while, so thank you for getting me back into it.  It’s been fun.

Today, dear readers, I’m tackling that trope.  You know the one: someone wakes up in hospital to see someone else by their bed.  Well, how could I resist?  Obviously, I couldn’t.  I didn’t.  I’ve never met a trope I didn’t like.


crytalstellar  asked:

I saw that you were gonna sell the Ray plushies again hhh well you also be doing the earphone holders again?

Yes, I’ll sell a limited amount of earphone holder at early December ^^

There’s some kind of glitch in the coding of either tumblr or xkit where sometimes blognames and tags don’t link to where they should, but instead when you mouseover you see an url like “dashboard/blog/undefined” or something. So I clicked just for fun and what do you know, there is a blog named undefined. Not what I was looking for, but at least now I know the syntax that makes blogs appear in those annoying superimposed windows that don’t show up properly in your history so you can’t find them again. Well, maybe I can now that I know what to start typing in the address bar. Thanks, glitch.

The lesson herer is probably to name yourself after a placeholder error code in order to boost your visitor count.

Tengan: Mitarai, we’re in the middle of a Killing Game! What could possibly be so important that you’re still on your phone?

Mitarai: Well, I need to call my girlfriend.

Tengan: Well I- Come again?

Mitarai: You see, our one-year anniversary is coming up, and I want to see where she wants to go so we can make reservations early. 

Tengan: Oh… and all this time I could’ve sworn you were…never mind. 

Mitarai: What? You thought I was single? 

Tengan: Well, no, I just… I thought you were into… you know, it really doesn’t matter. 

Mitarai: Well it matters to me, because frankly it sounds like you thought I was-

Munakata: Where’s Yukizome?!

Tengan: Oh would you look at that Yukizome died we should go do something about that we’ll continue this conversation never.


Bet you didn’t expect to see me again!

Well no, I’m not dead, just sufferring from various different things.

I have had a very hard time this past month and things aren’t going to get any easier in the near future. I won’t go into the details, but just know that I’ve been dealing with a lot of problems both personal and general.

Since I found some time now when I can actually sit down and relax, I thought I would take some time to give a little reassurance to everyone that no, I haven’t given up on you.

Actually, I want to bring to light a couple of major things:


I know, I know, you’re fed up with me going MIA at times, but I can’t think about anything else at the moment other than getting my life back into its normal state. That’s why this needs to be done, and it’s best to announce these things than go missing without a word.


2) I’m going to be changing the blog

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think it’s time that I do a few “adjustments” to what I do here. The blog will remain Hakuouki-centered, but a few things - that I can’t disclose at the moment - will be changed. I will update on the changes to come when I actually get around to making them.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect, and I guess you can say that I’m going through a lot of changes within myself, hence why I deem it necessary to also change the blog. I do solely hope that these changes will do it justice, and hopefully make the whole experience enjoyable for both you and me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for caring about this idiot in general. I know you will all be understanding and supportive, so a big thank you to you all in advance!

I will also get around to finishing all of those requests you sent in when I get back from my little “break”


anonymous asked:

ES are ridiculous. Even if Sam and Mackenzie broke up, he won't be with Cait. There won't be a reveal. Do they think Sam would never date again? Well, they would be in for a surprise, cause he would date again and maybe the new gf would be from Glasgow. Then ES would be truly fucked, cause there would be more sightings and more events. So maybe they should consider this during their victory lap.

Exactly Anon! No matter what, Sam and Cait are NEVER going to be a couple in real life. Cait has been with Tony for over 3 years–this is IT for them. Sam and Mackenzie are still together, but even if they break up, it won’t change a thing, Cait won’t suddenly dump Tony to date Sam. All the ES are doing is causing themselves and everyone else in the fandom misery. I wish they could accept reality, be happy that Sam and Cait are with people who make them happy, and then maybe we could ALL squee over Jamie and Claire–fictional characters–like normal people do. Hope springs eternal….

bulletproof-in-blvck  asked:

You can answer this privately or not but thank you in advance if you are able to help me. I'm currently in the process of organizing my masterlist and I'm trying to have all my tagged things linked but sometimes a certain piece of writing is missing (even if it has the same tag) and other times, a piece of writing isn't linking properly even if I copy the link address and paste it. I was wondering if you had similar problem and how you fixed it? Thank you again!

well, having a lot of links and quite the number of masterlists, i do come across problems like these all the time. but i usually just unlink and link them again. and often times refresh the page again and again before relinking them. sometimes if that doesn’t work, i delete the whole masterlist and relink them again (or copy and paste the code aside, and paste the code back in with a new page).

if all that doesn’t work, i try to link it again another time. sometimes it could be a bug or something wrong with the server in tumblr that’s acting up but that’s just my assumptions. hope this helps!


“Mhmmm….” She muttered as she opened her eyes when I was surfing around the Data Bank. “Sweetie, are you hacking again?”


I quickly closed the Data Bank website, leaving any finds unrecorded, and opened up a new tab and typed the SimTube website swiftly. As she got up from the bed and walked onto me, I finally managed to ‘wipe’ everything before she fully saw it. 

“Oh? It must be a video then.” She said, with her sleepy voice. “Thank Wills you don’t hack and steal money again.”

“W-well, I just watch this Sim hacks something, so,…” I replied, triying to cover what I recently did. “… I was trying this urge to hack stuffs again, so I watched the video.”

“Good. Sour Cream, please don’t let your brother comes here. It’s bad.”

And she took a sleep afterward.

If the Jasper and Lapis story plot is about toxic relationships the Lapis-Peridot one is about loving someone who is badly traumatized. The effort, the carefulness, the fear they carry with them that can make them thoughtless. 

It can be hard. And maybe they won’t get through it today or tomorrow or anytime soon, but the arcs of SU bend toward love and recovery.

It bends toward the idea that things will grow in dead places again, that things do become colorful and well again, that people recover.

I think they’ll get through this.


Finally! I wanted to draw this Dapper Boi :D Congratulation on hitting 17 million subs @therealjacksepticeye 

You’ve done soo much for us and I wanted to give something in return, it’s not that good but I hope you like it ^^ (again, if you ever come across this post lol) btw I’ve been calling this Dapper dude Dipper Dapper for some reason or Booper Dapper (silly I know) and I might keep it just cause XD

And this is unrelated but I just wanna share it, here we go~

So I just watched a movie called Kono Sekai no Katasumi Ni (In This Corner of The World if I’m not wrong) and it’s so damn GOOD. So the story is set in Japan (duh) at the WW2 era, almost the same as Hotaru no Haka (which is also one hell of a feel train) and it follows the life of a woman named Suzu from when she was a child to grown up, this movie can be a bit confusing (maybe just me) if you don’t really pay attention, but it’s a very beautiful movie, tbh it shattered my heart. I like the art style the most, it gives an old time vibes which is my favorite and works really well with the story, also it’s cute. So, if you like some old timey, slice of life and somewhat hearth breaking movie, I really recommend this for you. Lol I’ve talked too much, well there you go! Again, thank you Jack for being there, you always brighten up my days! ^^

hello there!! have you been doing well, angel? if not, this is a gentle but firm reminder to get your shit together. but hey, why shouldn’t you be proud of yourself? you have conquered so many years of your life and - no don’t you dare try to be modest, every single tiny achievement matters. + I’m here to tell you that failing is NORMAL. everyone fails at one thing or another but succeed at another. And if you feel that you aren’t successful at anything, then darling you haven’t tried hard enough.
alright alright, before I begin ranting out of the topic, let’s get started.

note: this is a part of the get your shit together masterposts. To view the other articles in this category and to view the topics in this that I’ll be covering in future, go here.

avoiding negative feelings

the biggest reason why I don’t have that many negative thoughts (note that I said “many” and not all. I too have bad days once  in a while) now because I realized that I, and only I, am completely on my side. I’m there for me at all times, throughout my life. And doesn’t it sound stupid to be against the only player on my team?

once i realized that, it become so much easier to work at par with myself and to love myself. I became more patient with myself, started embracing my flaws and loving the person that I was. sounds pretty cringy? that’s only because we don’t talk about these things and we feel they aren’t worth talking about. However if you really want to conquer life, loving yourself is the most important layer in this many layered cheesecake and yes, i like food.

cheat code: so how do avoid negative feelings? the answer lies in realizing your worth and capabilities and being on the same team as your own self.

dealing with negative feelings

now we come to the part when you are having negative feelings. Everyone has bad days and negative feelings but you can deal with ‘em in a better way than feeling low and wasting your entire day. and here’s way number one -

figure out what triggered you. when I have a bad day I sit down and list down what exactly provocated the bad day. these were my reasons -

  • someone said I was being annoying
  • I didn’t get much done that day
  • I felt gross and untidy

then, find solutions to those problems.

  • hey, everyone don’t have to like you. you are proud of yourself and that’s enough.
  • Make a list. Do those things. I don’t care if you’re tired, do those things. If you don’t do them, you’ll feel guilty and that’s never fun.
  • god, just go take a shower again. (taylor, you stink.)

as you see, the problems were really petty and solutions are pretty simple. but remember that these problems aren’t negligible. this method works bc once you figure out solutions to them, you figure out a method how to fight them so that the same problems to affect you again. Now I know that when I feel gross I need to take a shower and not roam around like a stinky animal. See what I mean?

lastly, realize that these things are not worth you losing control of yourself and walking around like a dead zombie #rip.

sometimes I have negative feelings because I feel under confident or not sure about something. when this happens, which leads me to way number two - I have a convo with myself.

ok mate, why do you feel down? um I don’t feel sure about this presentation. what if I screw this up? what if the teacher is like this is so shit?? what if I never get to eat donuts again???

seriously? well, I can assure you that donuts aren’t going extinct. as for this interview, listen child. you have prepared for this shit, you can do it. doN’T freak out and don’t think you can’t ace this. you can, trust me.

talking to myself not only helps calm me down but also gives me a sense of purpose. That I have promised myself to ace this and I cannot let myself down. 

loving yourself

  • understanding why

why should you love yourself?

bc you yourself crave the feeling to be loved. isn’t being in love simply magical? Well, so is being in love with yourself. it is even more magical tbh. this is bc you are with yourself 24/7 and when you start loving yourself you become much more aware of yourself and you have able to work much better since you are able to identify your flaws and strengths. Remember when you used to bitch about that girl on whom every guy had a crush and you none? (same fam #LongLiveTheHobos) Turns out that someone does have a huge crush on you. Love yourself, your brain craves for you.

  • take yourself out on dates

raise your hand if you think dates are great. I agree. They are even better when you go out to a restaurant bc like food is great. it is super important that you take your own self out of dates and not only bc you are hungry but bc a conqueror (yAS THOSE ARE MY PEOPLE) knows the value of taking time off for himself. These are not simply slogging through the weekend and binge watching Netflix, mind you. That’s a huge waste of time, froind. A conqueror makes a date official. cheat code: remember that your dates have to be memorable and most importantly, well earned. Here’s a checklist to make your dates more special.

  • positive energy, check.
  • more smiles and hugs, check.
  • a happy mindset, check.
  • and how about a list of things that you can do for yourself?

the turn a bad day around challenge

here’s the first challenge of the get your shit together series! I introduced this bc readers said that the topics on here were easy to say but harder to carry out.I do agree with that but hey, I never said that getting your shit together would be easy. by completing the challenges you can implement the ideas I’m trying to propagate here and also get a feel of having that particular area under your control.

  • task one: when you are having a bad day, sit down. list down the reasons why it was a bad day and why are you feel down. it can be as simple as not getting enough sleep and feeling grumpy.
  • task two: list down the solutions that you can use to overcome those problems.
  • task three: remind yourself that these petty problems cannot cost you your valuable time and that you are a badass bitch and you can handle everything.
  • task four: make a to-do list. I know you haven’t done no shit today so now is the time to shine. don’t put like a thousand things on the list tho lmao. three - four would do enough for the moment.
  • task five: do those things. seriously, do them.
  • task six: (and this is the nicest one) treat yo'self!! you have literally turned around a bad day and done so much shit! you have successfully conquered this day, a day which would have been spent lamenting and getting nothing done. maybe go treat yourself to some delicious pumpkin pie from a bakery (share with me pls); you really do deserve it!! I’m so proud of you :^)

and that’s it, it’s a wrap! if you have any questions/suggestions regarding anything I said up there (or maybe you just wanna talk about food), feel free to send in a message! my other masterposts are here and to request a masterpost, leave your question in my ask box!

I hope you all are well, stay safe and conquer life, you amaze conqueror :“)