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this is a little embarrassing but it’s supposed to be a set for the seasons prompts but I couldn’t finish all on time… enjoy it regardless? :’D

“I promise to take your feelings more seriously” Isn’t a confession of love?

Which means Juvia had to die for Gray to consider being in a relationship with her because that’s completely healthy, I guess???

So what this boils down to is Gray will blame himself, because he has had all of these important people in his life die for him and when Juvia comes back he will feel obligated to return her feelings out of guilt. The basis of all healthy and stable relationships.

Just when I thought this ship couldn’t get any worse.


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Imagine finding a really awesome blog and just sitting down covered in blankets as you scroll through all their really cool posts.

I don’t get how my friend gets like 10 guys hitting her up on Tinder after matching with them and has gone on 5 sorta dates in a week? Like I matched with a bunch of people but maybe one will shoot me a message every other three days? BRO, I am willing to talk, just not send the first message. Help me build this shitty bridge that will probably lead to nowhere.

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I’m kind of dying to an assignment because I went to a salt flat / lake in the weekend and was dabbing into the sunset instead of writing said assignment : / I was in my natural habitat, a lake full of salt 


Greg Lestrade is a world-renowned and highly respected entomologist who prefers a quiet life at his microscope than rambling through the wilds to enjoy the beauty of the bugs and butterflies as nature intended.  One day, a new neighbor moves in, Mycroft Holmes, a reputable scientist in his own right, and proceeds to make himself quite the fixture around Lestrade’s home, hoping to get his new friend out to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  Of course, it could be that Mr. Holmes, has other intentions than friendship on his mind, but that can be his little secret for now… as well as his technique for enticing the most intriguing specimens into Lestrade’s study to bolster the temptation…