things zevran thinks a lot but doesn’t say
  • perhaps i should not offer to pick locks quite so often
  • why does ferelden insist on freezing cold weather
    • and such poorly-made boots
      • and so little brandy :(
  • sten would make an excellent cuddler, would he not? so big and strong and warm and … likely excellent at other things too
  • when will the warden decide i am no longer useful, i wonder?
  • it is surely not possible that they actually enjoy my company
  • i imagine it would be for the best if i left quietly during the night. certainly i would not be missed
  • i am sorry. i have hurt so many and i am sorry
    • i am the one who deserved this hurt
      • and i am so very, very sorry
        • for everything.

It was a while before Marinette realised she loved a boy she didn’t know. That no matter how many times she stared at the airbrushed photos she owned of him, cut out from newspaper articles and torn out of magazines, there was no way to really know a smile that never moved. The model, the perfect son, the ideal – she didn’t know that Adrien.

The Adrien she did know wasn’t always as cool. He loved puns and every time he cooked he put his house at risk of burning down. He was selfless, kind, and more than a little lonely in ways that were hard for her to understand. Some days, he stood beside her in a black suit, cracking stupid jokes from behind a mask - her rock, her support, her partner in (fighting) crime.

The Adrien she knew had plenty of different smiles. Her favourite was the one he always had after pulling away from a kiss – fond and soft, framed by eyes with the warmest of gazes. It was always a little bit crooked, and she thought it was more brilliant than any of the ones she had ever had stuck to her walls.

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I hate E-wording my own writing.

About halfway through the GAC chapters now. Thank god it’s a holiday so I can probably bust through three more today.

Just, ugh.

I hate reading my own stuff sometimes.

Oh hey a little run down of the Clocks piece/steps I take in painting? Sorry for my messy handwriting. Posted this on Twitter, but I realize it may interest folks on here too maybe? Like said at the bottom, sometimes I just use the ms paint sketch or sketch directly into PS. However, sometimes I just don’t sketch at all! Depends on what I want to paint and my mood. I just paint how I feel like.

This may seem like a lot of steps and take long, but really it isn’t. The sketching and putting down flat color (and maybe putting shades) goes by super fast and the most time spent is doing the actual painting part, but even then, I paint pretty quickly as well, though again, that will depend on what I am painting.

As for my actual painting technique, I might make a video on that? I may not though? Either way, there are others who have tutorial videos anyway and will explain theirs much better than me?


So, @kapeluszniczka and I passed our exams and decided to celebrate it with an update of our lame Valentine’s Card!

Enjoy ((Graphic design is our passion: the sequel))

Part I



Ladybug Review

           The Newest Hero is a Ladybug and a Black Cat?

         In recent years there has been a cry for more relatable, tangible, and ethnically diverse characters. But not just any type of characters, no, no, female characters. And more than just that, female, superhero archetype, characters.
Sure there have been female superheroes for a while now but many of those characters have been little more than eye-candy for the male population that has control of the superhero franchise. Super-heroines such as Wonder Woman and Super Girl come to mind, with their disproportionate bodies and reveling outfits. Companies such as Marvel and DC have recently begun a campaign to change the way their super-heroines look and act, but the stigma of being scantily clad and not being female fan friendly is already set within those characters.

         Thankfully, there is one large group of individuals across the big pond from us that have heard this cry for a relatable, culturally diverse, fun, quirky, superhero female. They have heard the people’s cry and they have delivered. Beautifully.  
          Thomas Astruc is the creator of “Miraculous Ladybug”, and with the help of companies such as Zag toon Animation, Method Animation, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation, SK Broadband, Curl Stone, AB Animation, Bandi, Disney, TF1 and PGS this show will surely stand the test of time. This is a project “that goes east to west, from Japan to the United States,”1 according to Aton Soumache CEO of Method Animation. It first aired in Korea, then France and finally the United States, slowly making its way around the world, for anyone that needs a little bit of ladybug luck in their lives.  Ryuji Kochi, general manager of Toei Animation has said, “there is nothing to compare”2 Ladybug too, and he is right.

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Sterek AU - Scott isn’t bitten by Peter on the night he and Stiles go into the woods.

Stiles, of course, sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong and ends up seeing something he probably shouldn’t have. Derek just wants to make sure that Stiles isn’t going to tell anyone about werewolves (and possibly lead the Argents right to Derek’s door step) and will stay of it, but Stiles just can’t leave it alone and gets caught up in all the supernatural drama anyways.