As promised, here’s a look at the 3rd anyme DVD sales~

Pretty much the same numbers as volume 2, and, as always, AnY missed the top 20 for Blu-ray, so proper numbers for that are unavailable right now. I’m guessing volume 3 Blu-ray sales will be similar to volume 2 as well, which was around 1.4k from memory. 

Tbh, I’m more interested in seeing how the OVA will sell, seeing as it’s grouped with volume 19 of the manga. That’ll be fun to see *nod nod*

How Athos and Ninon's marriage discussion REALLY went down...
  • Athos:so yeah since it turns out my crazy ex-wife is still alive and still my wife i suppose i can't ever be married to anyone else but her what an absolute bummer WINK
  • Ninon:athos did you just say WINK
  • Athos:no of course not i mean she's all murder and tits and she has this weird thing about flowers but really magnificent tits and ugh i just hate her WINK WINK WINK
  • Ninon:fml seriously

the fact that i know that i don’t have to work more at my job after august makes it like really hard to go to work like, it should make it easier to know that i only have 16 more days to work, but it really doesn’t, it just makes me wanna be at home for a month until i move and not do  a n y t h i n g  at all

demonic-butler-in-a-tailcoat asked:

"Oh? I haven't seen you in a while, then again I haven't really gone looking. It's good to see you've made it back to Japan, how are things little one?"



There was silence and staring for a moment, but after processing the familiar voice and face, she finally spoke, with hints of unintentional sarcasm flowing through every word. In all honesty, none of it was meant to be offensive, but more like wary.

“…Oh yeah. Things are doing g r e a t, I suppose. What about you? …Still hungry?”

  • sardonyx:*confirmed to appear again in future episodes*
  • alexandrite:*also confirmed to appear again in future episodes*
  • sugilite:*recently reappeared, although it was just for a few seconds*
  • me:*gazes out window* when will my opal return from the war

thank you huang lei laoshi for taking care of yixing. and to yixing, for always walking to the end without ever giving up, for daring to challenge yourself, for conquering your own mountains again and again, thank you. (x)