experiment goal: to determine whether smarties are an effective tea sweetener

hypothesis: smarties will sweeten the tea, but also introduce unwelcome flavor profiles due to their flavoring

procedure: procured one cup (≈12 fl oz) of Barry’s Tea Gold Blend black tea, hot. added 2/3 of a single roll of smarties candy (10 candies). wait for candies to dissolve, then stir well. tea will be sampled after stirring concludes.

fun fact about Heavydirtysoul: that drum solo in the intro is actually a very well-known sample from a 60s funk song!

it’s called the Amen break and is the most widely sampled piece of music in history - and a Google search told me it’s barely been mentioned in reference to Heavydirtysoul, so I thought I’d share for the 21p superfans who want to know the music history behind it. the Amen break is a 6-second drum solo loop that got picked up by the 80s electronica community and found its way into literally thousands of songs across multiple subcultures of music. for the longest time nobody knew where it came from, but it was eventually traced back to The Winstons’ song Amen, Brother from 1969

here’s the song that it came from - the drum track loops throughout it, but it can be heard most clearly at 1:26. cool, right?

侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~ Sample Voice 2
  • 侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~ Sample Voice 2
  • 谷根千 (Watanabe Hiroshi)

侵食レンアイ~case02 中原奏多~ Sample Voice 2 (CV: Watanabe Hiroshi) 

*NSFW, headphones advised. 

Release Date: November 25th, 2016.

Beers of the weekend

After reading the latest issue of Draft magazine I had a yearning for a double IPA. Not a single, a double!

Second from the left is what I’m having tonight: Rebel Rouser IPA from Sam Adams. It’s “Relentlessly Hoppy” according to the label. As I reached to grab that bottle I saw Sam Adams has a bunch of Rebel IPAs. Four of ‘em ended up in my basket. I’m gonna be so full of hops… I don’t know, will it make my pee smell bad like asparagus does?

A guy at the liquor store was giving out trial cups of beer. Normally I don’t take samples because the sample person starts talking to me. Then I feel guilty if I don’t buy that product.

Well guess what the samples were today? You betcha – Sam Adams Rebel IPAs. Proudly I held up my carrier to show the sample dude how I already had some in my basket.

You know what? He didn’t really seem to care.

Starco Fan Rap
  • <p> <b></b> This is how it goes, this is the one<p/><b></b> She is the Stars, and he is the sun<p/><b></b> They'll never give up, they'll never be done<p/><b></b> As far as their chemistry, they're second to none<p/><b></b> You can call it boring, you can call it cliche<p/><b></b> Doesn't matter what you call it cause it's here to stay<p/><b></b> There will always be doubt, there will always be hate<p/><b></b> If you think you know us, Ha, try again mate<p/><b></b> There is beautiful art, and stories to be told<p/><b></b> From when they are kids , to when they grow old<p/><b></b> Stories of their children, and art of their life<p/><b></b> To when they get married, and life with no strife<p/><b></b> If you don't believe me then look for yourself<p/><b></b> I'll show you what I love, I'll show you myself<p/><b></b> We have a thousand kisses, and a thousand hugs<p/><b></b> They're so freaking cute, it's almost like a drug<p/><b></b> So you want me to prove it, you want a sample<p/><b></b> Well here it goes, I'll give you a thousand examples<p/><b></b> First we have Nova, and her little brother Sol<p/><b></b> Then we have Amanda, and her friend Axel<p/><b></b> Then we have Comet, and his sister Estella<p/><b></b> This is a rap, so I'm always in acapella<p/><b></b> Then we have Astrid, with Calum and Lumen<p/><b></b> There all so lovely, both human and mewman<p/><b></b> Then we have Elizabeth, and her enemy Jam<p/><b></b> With Luna, Mars, and Galaxia, oh man<p/><b></b> Then we have Celeste and Stella, and Celeste and Castor<p/><b></b> With Stella, Mia and Castor, as far as this rap I'm no master<p/><b></b> If you ever need more there's always comics<p/><b></b> Like the fantastic Broken, nothing really atomic<p/><b></b> Then we got Between Friends, with Beautiful Execution<p/><b></b> Like many comics, ours can achieve perfection<p/><b></b> Then we have AU's, and there are too many to name<p/><b></b> Like bad boy or mermaid, none that are lame<p/><b></b> We have are goods, we have are bads<p/><b></b> But when we have each other were always glad<p/><b></b> Whether platonic or romantic, love is love<p/><b></b> So precious and pure like a dove<p/><b></b> No matter what happens, we love Star and Marco<p/><b></b> There are millions of ships, but there's only one STARCO!!!!!!!!!!!<p/><b>(DISCLAIMER:</b> HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED MY TERRIBLE RAPPING SKILLS, THE CONTENTS OF THIS RAP COULDN'T HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE WITHOUT MY FELLOW STARCO SHIPPERS AND NONE OF THE NAMES YOU SEE ARE MINE, BUT NAMES CREATED BY MY FELLOW SHIPPERS AND FRIENDS, AND I MADE THIS RAP TO KEEP MY MIND FOCUSED AND CLEAR FOR WHATS GONNA HAPPEN, WITH THE FINAL TWO WEEKS OF EPISODES FOR SEASON 2, AND I HOPE EVERYONE REMAINS HAPPY AND STRONG AS WE ENTER THAT HIATUS UNTIL SEASON 3, I LOVE YOU GUYS, AND THIS STARCO LOVER WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU GUYS IF YOU NEED IT, I PROMISE, AND REMEMBER, "SHIP STARCO WITH LOVE" (^^)<p/></p>
彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 Sample Voice
  • 彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 Sample Voice
  • あさぎ夕 (Suzuki Yuuto)

彼と添い寝でしたいコトぜんぶ 藤木空 Sample Voice (CV: Suzuki Yuuto)

*SFW. What a cutie! ヽ(( > ▽ < ))ノ「大好き!だいーすき!」可愛すぎいぃぃ〜

Release Date: January 27th, 2016.



Well… the samples are. Which means photo examples and I’m up for taking orders!
All scarves are $45- made from a smooth chiffon fabric. made in US, limited run and are 22inx77in.

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To remember this type of ELISA, imagine a sandwich! The antigen is the filling and the antibodies are the yummy bread. Hungry, aren’t you?

In this type of ELISA, an antibody of a particular antigen is adsorbed to the walls of well.

Then sample antigens are added.

If the sample contains desired antigen it will bind to the antibody.

After the unbound antigens are washed off, detection antibodies which bind specifically to desired antigen are added.

Unbound detection antibodies are washed off followed by substrate addition.

Sample containing bound detection antibody will give colour change indicating the presence of  antigen and the sample which do not have any bound detection antibody will be colourless.

Step-by-step guide to obtaining insurance coverage for top surgery! • /r/ftm

My friend made this incredibly thorough guide to navigating insurance re: top surgery after a tedious, months long battle with insurance involving multiple appeals to overturn a denial for coverage. The guide includes a general overview of insurance coverage and the steps you’ll need to take to start the process if you’re trying to use insurance for surgery as well as sample letters you can use if you need to appeal a denial.

A lot of effort was put into this guide and the intention is to help as many folks as possible. Please use and share this guide as needed! And if you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact the email listed in the guide. All feedback and suggestions are welcomed, the goal is to make this guide accessible to as many folks as possible!

Super useful resource.

Thank You Nice Chipotle Cashier
  • Cashier: *sees that my burrito has no meat but has pinto beans*
  • Cashier: Oh no are you a vegetarian!?
  • Me: *is a little taken aback cos I'm not but I didn't understand why he'd comment*
  • Cashier: Oh I don't mean to be rude, sorry it's just the pinto beans are cooked with bacon grease and I didn't know if you knew that and vegetarians usually get upset if they didn't know!
  • Me: Oh, uh no I actually just can't digest pork or beef and the chicken here just isn't my favorite.
  • Cashier: Oh cool, but have you tried the tofu sofritas? Those are a super tasty option.
  • Me: Uh no I haven't but-
  • Cashier: *goes over to start getting a cup* This is really good will you please try it, here it doesn't cost anything. *is enthusiastically making me a sample cup*
  • Me: *trying to ask him not to go to the trouble* But um really you don't have to- well um is it spicy at all?
  • Cashier: It's not too bad, pretty mild compared to the hot sauces.
  • Me: I'm sorry I can't, I'm allergic to capsaicin so I can't actually eat spicy things. *I felt a little bad cos he'd been so excited and his face just fell*
  • Cashier: Oh gosh I'm sorry...I just...oh man that sucks I wish I could just give you a hug. Nothing spicy?
  • Me: *laughs* Nope, but it's okay. But thank you anyways.
  • Cashier: Well, your hair looks really amazing! I hope you have a great rest of the day!
  • Me: *I thanked him and left, but idk it just made me smile he seemed very genuine and sincerely sad that I was missing out on spicy food*