So I’ve received these (the first one has been in my inbox for ages) and I didn’t know how to respond because apparently I’m just as socially awkward online as I am in real life so I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you. Thank you to those who enjoy my post because apparently you share my (sardonic, ironic and dark) sense of humour so really, thank you.
Also!!! Feel free to send in incorrect quotes you think will fit the characters to my inbox or just plain send me questions, I don’t mind!

Ok so I almost didn’t even bother posting this cause I’m so on the fence about whether or not I like it at all. But I figured I might as well since the damn thing kicked my ass in the doing. Dl Foreshortening is a bitch and a half, whyyyy did I pick such a hard pose?? Bleh, well, the point was to practice anatomy so. Here it is. Pharah about to punch some poor sap in the face drawn with exceedingly questionable quality. Next one of these I try to do I’m picking a less harrowing position. =~=

Other stabs at anatomy practice involving Overwatch

isak woke up first today at around 8:30. he really tried not to wake even, but he failed because even’s arms were around him so when isak got out of their bed, even immediately noticed.
“baby do you really need to wake up that early? we have plenty of time please come back to bed” even groaned sleepily.
 "no, even we still have some boxes to unpack. also have you seen that fridge? it’s gross i need to clean that up.“
"are you for real? i remember how eskild once told me that you’re a lazy kid and hate cleaning up your room” even pulled isak, who was still standing next to the bed, down onto the mattress and wrapped his arms around his waist. he was still tired because they had gone to bed at 4:00 in the morning, but he didn’t really care. he was just smiling because it was their first morning at their own place and he was ready to do whatever isak wanted.
“huh i just didn’t care because it wasn’t my own apartment also no one ever visited my room except linn and eskild of course so why should I have bothered? nah” he leaned to even sitting on the bed and kissed him softly. “so what’s the difference now? are you planning to invite people every day?”
“me? no. the difference in that now it’s our own place and i want it to be perfect.” isak smiled and kissed even again.
“awww isak it’s sweet and i’m starting to think that you’ve seen too many romantic movies already. i don’t recognise my grumpy boy!!” even pulled isak even closer until he ended up sitting on even’s lap.
“haha. since you’re already awake, get up and start unpacking these boxes and i’ll clean up that fucking fridge.”