well one of the parts at least

out of place, out of mind - 1

Sequel to “one step forward, two steps back (v.2.0)” part 1+ part 2.

“These chapters are short,” she said to herself, “you can knock them out in no time!” But brevity does not equate with simplicity, nor is simplicity easy to accomplish, especially where writing is concerned (for me). So more time has passed before posting than I promised, but thankfully the upcoming holiday break will give me time to focus on future chapters. 

This story is meant to replace “Instinct,” so the timeline starts after 4.14 and moves forward with it’s own trajectory. It does cull hints of plots from episodes afterwards (for instance, Claudia becomes caretaker, you’ll glean the rest) but then spins off in it’s own direction. It is a fix it on many levels and requires some knowledge of the show (as well as “part 1,” linked above). 

TV RULES APPLY to this whacky thing, so it moves pretty fast and loose, and hopefully works as a whole. I’m sure there are typos, I’ll fix them later. I hope you enjoy it!


“What the hell, H.G.?“

Helena blinks awake and tries to focus on the faces above her, their identities hazy at best.

"Pete, she just woke up!”

“But Myka didn’t.”

“Seriously bro, give her a sec.”

The name Myka prompts other names, such as Steve and Claudia, to pop into Helena’s head.

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Tbh, once you’ve reached “success” as an actor, all you need is … a presence, some sort of likableness.

Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #162

Even if things weren’t always rosy, at least Rachel and Santana, for the most part, tried.

Well I was just listening to Hilary Duff’s iconic first album, Metamorphasis, while folding some laundry. And I thought “these songs are cheesy but I can’t wait til I find someone that makes me feel like this”

And then I realized that I’ve actually been listening to these songs and thinking that for OVER A FUCKING DECADE! AAND my personal life has not changed since then either.

So now I can’t listen to Hilary Duff any more and I’ve been reminded that I’m completely unattractive and I’m a giant mess that doesn’t deserve the kind of happiness that sixteen year old had.


It’s funny cause I know a LOT of people down in the 1700-1900 range have difficulty with shoddy teammates on a regular basis (on BOTH sides mind you), but in my experience, once you get up to around 2100ish, your teammates most likely know what they’re doing, and it becomes a “YOU better not screw up” moment

I usually do okay but there are games where I just do, absolutely garbage, and I feel super bad and am just crying inside like “IM SO SORRY TEAMMATES…I’M THE SHODDY TEAMMATE THIS TIME…”