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So this was inspired by @beltsquid‘s post about the watercolour collab paintings around Nate and Elena’s house + amazing discussion with various tumblr friends about Cassie colouring all over Nate’s journal. This is probably cheesy as hell, but here it is.

He wasn’t used to having an audience when he drew, and usually preferred not to have one, but the adoring eyes of his daughter were an exception he thought he could get used to. She had her chair pushed up close against his by the kitchen table, and was crouching on it to watch him sketch.

“What’s that?” she asked, poking at the page.

“It’s a mandala,” he explained, and she frowned at the word. “Or at least, part of one.”

“What does it do?”

He struggled to find an easy explanation, toying between accuracy and simplicity. “Well, it can be a lot of things, but this one—it’s from a place called Tibet, and in Tibet it represents the world, or the universe, which is like the world but a lot bigger.” She’d see a real one soon enough—Elena had only just finished booking another trip to Nepal, and they’d be heading out there in a few weeks. He wondered idly, as he often did, how Tenzin was getting on, and how old Pema must be by now. He also wondered if her and Cassie would get along, and smiled at the thought.

“What’s rep-re-sent mean?”

Nate’s attention was dragged back to his daughter. He opened his mouth to try and give her a definition, and he quickly began to question his grasp of the English language. “It’s like—to stand for something.”

Cassie nodded in understanding and looked at the page again. “So the circles you drew stand on the world?”

He chuckled. “No, not exactly. More like they mean the world.”

“Oh.” She turned to look at one of the maps hanging on the wall and shook her head. “It doesn’t look like the world. There’s no land.”

Nate smiled at her. “It’s supposed to symbolise the world,” he said. “To show all the colourful things in it, and how big and different it is. That’s why it doesn’t look like a map.”

“What’s symbolise mean?”

“It’s like represent,” he replied slowly, wondering how to break the cycle they seemed to be falling into. “The mandala is a simpler way of showing the world, or universe, even if that’s not what it really looks like.”

Cassie was apparently satisfied with the answer, because she suddenly jumped up on her chair and stared down at the paper.

“Can I colour it for you?” Cassie braced her palms on the table, tiny fingers spread out on the wood, and looked up at him hopefully with large, brown eyes. He wasn’t sure how he could possibly say no.

Elena had said to him once that their daughter must possess some form of arcane magic—a kind of adorable medusa-esque look that, instead of turning people to stone, would bend them to her will. Nate was inclined to believe his wife’s supernatural explanation for Cassie’s unending ability to convince people to do what she wanted, especially when he was seeing it in action.

“Let me finish drawing it,” he reasoned with her. “Then you can colour it; sound like a plan?”

“Sí,” she replied, and he grinned at the casual use of Spanish.

“Me daré prisa,” he said, and looked down at the page to get back to work. Cassie stayed beside him, her chin now resting on her folded arms, and followed the pencil’s movement with curious eyes.

Twenty-seven minutes later, Cassie was stationed at the table, armed with brushes and Elena’s water colour paints. Her head was bowed over the drawing, her hair pulled back into a tiny ponytail by her mother in a vain attempt to keep her clean.

“You should just make her a colouring book,” Elena said quietly, standing beside Nate in the kitchen and watching their daughter.

He laughed. “Yeah, maybe. She draws enough in my journal as it is.”

Elen looped her arm around his and rested her head on his shoulder. “Your sketches are a lot more interesting than generic princesses and races cars, too. She can learn about history and make your journal more colourful.”

Nate smiled into her hair. “As long as she doesn't—”

“I’m done!” Cassie jumped off her chair—she really needed to stop doing that—and raced into the kitchen to show her parents. “See?” she said, and pointed to the page. “I made it look like a flower!”

“That was quick,” Elena commented, then smiled down at the painting. Runny blues and greens and purples were soaked through the page, following some abstract pattern only Cassie knew the rhythm to. Small multi-hued fingerprints also dotted the edges of the page, like small petals off of her mandala-turned-flower. The detail was unintentional, he was sure, but no less effective. “It looks wonderful, Cass.”

A big, toothy grin was her response, and she turned it back around to look at it. “I want to give it to Sully. It looks like the flowers on his shirts.”

Nate nodded and extended a hand to grab the page. “Next time we seem him, you can give it to him. Let me hang it up on the fridge for now—”

“I wanna!” she protested, and then padded over to the fridge. She grabbed some of the letter magnets off the front of the door and arranged them at the top of the page until they spelled out Sully’s name: S-u-l-e.

“Now grandpa will know it’s for him,” Cassie said, hands on her hips and standing back to admire her work. Then she looked over her shoulder at her father, her magic gaze once again at full power. “Can you draw more? I want to make one for Sam now.”

He wasn’t sure how he could say no this time either, and pulled away from a smiling Elena to head back to the table. “Sure,” he promised, and felt painted-coated fingers slip into his palm. He looked down at Cassie and raised a brow. “What do you want this time?”

“A dinosaur,” she said, nodding to herself. “Yeah. A big one.” She spread her arms out, letting go of his hand for a moment. “This big.”

“I’ll need more than one page for that,” Nate said, frowning and sneaking a glance at his wife, who was biting back a laugh. “I don’t think—”

“I can colour them while you draw on other pages!” she insisted, bouncing on her toes.

His hand hurt like hell at by dinner time, and there was water colour covering a good portion of the table and floor around it, but the brontosaurus he drew for his daughter hung taped and painted up on the fridge, just under Sully’s mandala-flower, and Cassie was passed out in her chair, paint brush still in hand, so he decided it had been worth it.

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favorite and least favorite parts of everything that's happened?

*Favorite is finally getting to see the barrier break.

*If there’s anything comforting about what I did, it’s that it ended well…

*As for least favorite, I…

*It’s hard to pick just one thing. I did a lot of terrible things…

*I guess that’s my least favorite.

*That it took that many resets to get to the right ending…

Rob & Dixie • Part Two

Part Two of my fic for @amapola-flowers23 I hope you like it, Dix!!

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“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind?” Jayne asked, “I mean this weekend was for us and no one else.”

“You have to go,” I smiled at my friend, “Jensen Ackles just asked you to meet up, you’re going!”

“Oh my god!” She exclaimed, completely freaked.

“I know!”

“Well, you should at least text Rob back,” Jayne told me.

Rob had texted a couple times just to start a conversation but I had been too nervous to respond.

“I don’t know,” I said, ducking my head a little.

“Come on, you’ve got to go for it!” She beamed.

“I-” I began but my phone buzzed interrupting me. “Oh my god, it’s Rob.”

“It’s fate!” Jayne all but yelled. “What’d he say?”

“I think it was meant to go to someone else,” I said with a frown. “Something about being in only a bathrobe in front of his house for a skit.”

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<I had to put the gif just to make Dix laugh>

“Hmm,” Jayne replied, finishing her last touch of makeup. “I still think you should text him.

As I was walking through the parking garage to get to the car I started hearing voices behind me, a little scared I quickened my pace and pressed the unlock button on the keys.

"Holy shit!” I heard someone yell, “Dixie!”

I stopped dead in my tracks and turned to see Rob running towards me, leaving his friend, Richard, behind.

“Hey,” I smiled.

“Hey,” he replied, trying to catch his breath.

“Hey,” I repeated with a blush.

“Didn’t you get any of my texts?” Rob asked.

“Uh, yeah,” I answered, “I especially liked the one about you being in nothing but a bathrobe in front of your house. What was that about?”

“I don’t think that was meant for you,” Rob said with a laugh. “But if you got the texts why didn’t you respond?”

I glanced at the ground then back up to him, “I honestly don’t know.”

“Well since you didn’t answer over the phone how about I ask you in person,” Rob said smiling, “Do you want to go grab some lunch?”

“Sure,” I smiled, following him back towards Richard.

We went back to the green room backstage where Rob got his things then found the driver who was driving him around for the weekend and then were finally on our way. We made it to some local diner and took a booth in the back.

“So how was meeting your friend?” Rob asked as I was looking over the menu.

“Amazing,” I told him, “Actually, she’s out with Jensen right now.”

“No way,” he said, completely surprised.

“Yeah, I think we might be the luckiest people at the con, well besides you and Jensen.” I winked at Rob then looked back down to pick something to eat.

“You’re probably right,” Rob said, slowly grabbing my hand from across the table.

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I looked at our hands then back down to hide my blush, “I should’ve answered your texts earlier.”

“You should have,” he smiled.

We spent hours talking, just like we had on the plane. Soon Rob got a text saying he was late for rehearsal for the band and we left, carrying our conversation over to the car.

“Do you want to stay for our rehearsal?” Rob asked as he took my hand again, walking into the hotel.

“I mean if your band won’t mind, that’d be cool.” I smiled.

“Good.” He said kissing my cheek, “I just have to go grab something and I’ll meet you back here.”

As I waited for him to return I pulled out my phone and messaged Jayne, “Oh my god, Rob is <3…. there aren’t words to describe! How’s Jensen?”

“I’m freaking out, Dix!” She replied, “I’m glad you’re having fun with Rob! See you soon!”

I put away my phone as Rob was returning then took his hand and followed him to the stage area.

After being introduced to everyone I took my seat and the band began to play. With every song that Rob sang he continuously made eye contact with me and would barely ever look away. As the practice went on I felt my heart swelling with feelings for him and couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

“Thanks for walking me back to my room,” I said, turning to face Rob as we got to my door.

“Anytime Dix,” he smiled.

Slowly Rob leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. The world seemed to slow and the kiss seemed to last forever but not long enough.

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“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asked, pulling away.

I could only nod in response as he smiled and turned to walk back to the elevators.

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"a second time" ? Gaster, you might not have caught the drill right away and made a lot of mistakes, but you've still been a father to the boys at least once, and a good one I'd say. As soon as you accepted the role at least. (I hope I'm reading that wrong but I have a bad feeling I'm not). You... You were and are an important part of their lives. Please. Believe that a little more.

“Yeah, well…”


“You’d be in the minority.”


WACO: (May 17, 2015) Rival motorcycle gangs turned a local restaurant into a shooting gallery Sunday afternoon and when the gunfire was over, 9 people were dead and 18 were injured. Police initially said three gangs were involved, but later said factions from at least five gangs took part in the shootout. Police and troopers said the fight quickly escalated from fists and feet to chains, clubs and knives, then to gunfire. Gang members were shooting at each other and officers at the scene fired their weapons, as well. “It is one of the most violent scene I’ve seen in my 34 years as a police officer in Waco,” a officer said.

#TwinPeaksShooting #WacoThugs


a distinctive sound // an 84 song journey (in four parts) through a vast musical landscape, to the outer reaches of stereophonic sound, in all its majesty. for best results, use headphones, and consider taking the time to just sit back, close your eyes, and feel where the music takes you.

vol. 1: exploration // a 21 song introduction to the wide possibilities of stereophonic sound. // listen // download

1. stereo (mono mono) - the brunettes // 2. bread and roses - mr. hudson & the library // 3. a distinctive sound - gotye // 4. passion - yoshida brothers // 5. money - pink floyd // 6. upstairs - psapp // 7. my lover’s gone - dido // 8. a cowboy overflow of the heart - the avalanches & david berman // 9. space oddity - david bowie  // 10. bohemian rhapsody - queen // 11. the long island sound - beirut // 12. upular (3d version) - pogo // 13. such great heights - the postal service // 14. a venture - yes // 15. love affair - regina spektor // 16. long, long, long - the beatles // 17. spring and a storm - tally hall // 18. two small deaths - wye oak // 19. ekki múkk - sigur rós // 20. full moon in paris - amber rubarth // 21. stairway to heaven - led zeppelin

vol. 2: immersion // 21 songs to wander deeper into the wilderness of sound, and get lost in it. // listen // download

1. where is my mind? - yoav ft. emily browning // 2. hanna’s theme (vocal version) - the chemical brothers // 3. kettering - the antlers // 4. the last song ever written - stars // 5. e is for estranged - owen pallett // 6. hardwire - metric // 7. retrograde - james blake // 8. marta’s song - deep forest // 9. hide and seek 2 - imogen heap // 10. jacksonville - sufjan stevens // 11. grand central station - rogue valley // 12. the rip tide - beirut // 13. holocene - bon iver // 14. brothers on a hotel bed - death cab for cutie // 15. cologne (piano orchestra version) - ben folds // 16. new doomsdays - mimicking birds // 17. teardrop - massive attack // 18. angels - the xx // 19. smother - daughter // 20. creep - i’m not a pilot // 21. winter 2 - max richter/antonio vivaldi

vol. 3: submersion // 21 instrumental songs to meet you at the shoreline of a vast, deep sea of sound, and draw you under the waves with them, through dark, foreboding depths, and warm, sunny tropics, and all that lies between. // listen // download

1. prelude - the decemberists // 2. lose control - the vitamin string quartet // 3. black rose/green sun - h.omestuck // 4. summer 2 - max richter/antonio vivaldi // 5. morning talk/supersymmetry - arcade fire // 6. contact - daft punk // 7. wait it out (instrumental version) - imogen heap // 8. the garden - siddhartha barnhoorn // 9. mr. handagote - tomas dvorak // 10. breath and life - paul dinletir // 11. the bottom feeders - darren korb // 12. painted sun in abstract - trent reznor & atticus ross // 13. war is over/eta ya - paul cantelon // 14. the devil is in the details - the chemical brothers // 15. parents, prisoners, and the picture - bobby johnston // 16. isadora’s lair - christof dienz // 17. ashes to the wind/roux returns - rachel portman // 18. dearly beloved - kaoru wada/yoko shimamura // 19. la petite fille de la mer - vangelis // 20. foreground - grizzly bear // 21. time - hans zimmer

vol. 4: explosion // and finally, 21 songs to wrap you up in a rush, and pull you crashing back to the surface with bright lights flashing. // listen // download 

1. girls girls $ - theophilus london // 2. 551 - dessa // 3. paranoid android - radiohead // 4. shock to your system - tegan and sara // 5. pink batman - dan deacon // 6. express yourself - diplo ft. nicky da b // 7. monster - kanye west ft. jay-z, bon iver, rick ross, & nicki minaj) // 8. bang - rye rye ft. m.i.a. // 9. rampage - kavinsky // 10. love like a sunset - phoenix // 11. psyche - massive attack ft. martina topley-bird // 12. vision one - röyksopp // 13. what i got - sublime // 14. stay don’t go - spoon // 15. vulture - patrick wolf // 16. vow - garbage // 17. television - natalia kills // 18. beyond monday - the glitch mob // 19. drugs - ratatat // 20. super taranta! - gogol bordello // 21. la lights - grum


Watch Geologists Use Molten Lava To Grill Up Some Steaks

Molten lava reaches temperatures of at least 1300 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it a solid heat source if you need to grill up some steaks in seconds. Recently, students and geologists from Syracuse did just that as part of their Lava Project, and the resulting video is incredibly intense. In under six minutes, the heavily-protected team cooks up a party’s worth of t-bones, hot dogs, and salmon steaks—including searing one hunk of steak directly on the lava itself, for students who prefer their meat “well done.”


Chris Jackson’s speech to the cast of In The Heights before their Tony Awards performance (X)

I used to walk in the theater when we were doing In the Heights, knowing that one of my responsibilities was to look out for my little brother. If there was a problem in the company that was cast-related, they came to me. It was important for me to shield [Lin] from knowing what eight shows a week was. He was my guy, and he still is my guy. (X)

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

Body in well confirms Viking Saga

Archaeologists working in Trondheim in Norway are amazed by the discovery of a human skeleton in the bottom of an abandoned castle well. The skeleton provides evidence that confirms dramatic historical events mentioned in the Sagas.

The location and contents of the well are mentioned in Sverre’s Saga, a chronicle of one of the kings of Norway, and one of very few historical manuscripts describing events in the Norwegian Viking age and medieval period.

Scholars have questioned the chronicle’s trustworthiness as a historical document. But now, at least one part of the saga seems to hold truth – down to the tiniest detail. 

“This is truly astonishing. As far as I know there is no known example of the discovery of an individual historically connected with an act of war as far back as the year 1197. And the fact that this actually corroborates an event described in Sverre’s saga is simply amazing“, says lead archaeologist at the site, Anna Petersén. Read more.

I was hired to redesign a website to make it “mobile-responsive.” I explained that his site design was so old, I’d need to redesign it from the bottom-up to make it work on both mobile and the desktop. He wanted to avoid having Google take him out of search results, with their new “must be mobile-friendly” rule. When I submitted the site for his approval, he hated it–well, at least how it looked on a phone. 

Me: What’s the problem?

Client: I liked my old site. When you viewed in on a phone, it was just like a miniature version of the main site. This one doesn’t look anything like my site on a computer.

Me: Well, actually, it does. We just take the pieces and parts are rearrange them so that the text is bigger and easy to read.

Client: But that’s what I hate about it. The big text. And that it doesn’t look like my desktop site.

Me: Um…okay. Which do you want, a mobile-responsive website, or a site that looks the same on both a desktop computer and a mobile device?

Client: Can’t you do both?

Me: I’m not sure what you mean…

Client: Can’t you make it ‘mobile-responsive’ and make it look like a miniature version of my regular site, when you view it on a cell phone?

Me: Um…are you familiar with what “mobile-responsive” means? 


I’ve gotten a lot of stereotypical Latin roles. Whether they be gangsters, or thugs or this and that. I’ve purposefully made the choice, even when it’s a cool project or a great director or a part that will give me some sort of notoriety, to stay away from those kinds of things. One, because for me, as an actor, it’s just not interesting; but two, I don’t want to kind of perpetuate that stereotype.

It’s a very happy day in America, but this day is a rather black day in 3 other continents.
  • in France, two bombers associated with ISIS killed their boss and blew up part of a factory where they used to work, trying to kill more people.
  • In Tunisia, an armed assailant opened fire on a tourist beach, killing at least 37 people
  • In Kuwait, a suicide bomber associated with ISIS blew up in a mosque, killing 27 people and injuring hundreds more.

The idea for this happened because the chorus of One For The Money matches up so well with the awesome villains in Motorcity but then it turned out to be UNEXPECTEDLY even more BADASS than expected.  

If you have ever asked yourself “should I watch this ‘Motorcity’ thing” I would like to encourage you to watch this video and hopefully it makes that decision a little easier.

super kudos to @toastyhat who is responsible for at least 50% of this video.

Audio: One For The Money by Escape the Fate
Video: Motorcity
Program Used: iMovie


“Also your mom is a big fan of yours. But she is a big fan of the [Walking Dead] as well.” - Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (Feb 13, 2015)

for vampirebarbie85


Huge Stone Spheres in Mangistau, Kazakhstan

These weird stone spheres have puzzled Russian scientists for over two centuries since their discovery in Kazakhstan in the old Russian empire. Some of them are very small, some are large. Take a closer look… I have few theories in my head what the heck they could be, but I leave that to you to wonder, ok? Few minutes ago I received email from my good old friends from some part of Russia who invite me there, and tempt me to back on Siberian-hike-trek. Well… At least in this month I cannot, have other plans and important things to do with my own life, but I remember well what we discovered there and hope one day, soon, who knows, if nobody knows? ;)

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Part 5- And last but definitely not least, suga being the right-hand man to namjoon, he handles all the business side of things and makes sure that namjoons plans go smoothly, but also being ruthless with namjoon towards those that threat their members. And that's all I got 🤔😅 holy crap I'm super sorry on how many messages I sent, I just needed to share and that is all - hyper anon

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Jimin // Jungkook // Suga // V // Rap Monster


Words: 2677

You turned the key in the lock to Yoongi’s house, slowly opening the door and expecting to see him lying somewhere, asleep, or worse, not asleep. He’d been gone two weeks oversea’s for work Namjoon had forced him to scout out. Of course, you’d been worried the whole time, unable to call or even text him. The most you’d said to him was over a sad messaging system which restricted to 200 letters a message and wouldn’t allow emoji’s to portray your feelings and jokes. At least it allowed pictures, or else you would’ve just accepted him ignoring you for the whole time he was away.

You’d sent him a generous amount of pictures the whole time he’d been gone, teasing him to no end and driving him insane. Yoongi would definitely jump you if he wasn’t so drained. You knew he probably wouldn’t have eaten a home cooked meal since the day before he left, so you supplied yourself before trucking over to his place.

You stopped dead in your tracks, taking the sight of his house in before you. Jackets and shoes were spewed all over the floor at the front door, causing you to almost trip and fall. That wasn’t even the worst of it. 

Walking in deeper to the pit of hell, you spotted guns shucked onto the floor along with hundreds of either ripped or crumpled papers. His laptop was open on the table, but the screen was black. There was dim lighting only from the kitchen, where you dropped your bags off.

A voice rung from the back of the house, where Yoongi’s office was located. You began to drift toward the room, listening to the voices that rung with nothing other than aggravation.

“But Yoongi-” a voice cut in, causing a loud smack against something that sounded like wood to cut in.

“I didn’t tell you to talk, did I? No. Now shut the fuck up before I tell Namjoon you had an accident back in America.”

“Right…” The other voice trailed off, falling silent altogether. You leaned your ear up to the door, wondering how exactly your sweet boyfriend could turn into something other than just that- sweet.

“Anyway, a few of us are going to have to go to Busan and teach that kid a lesson. Put a bullet through his skull and leave it at that, get it? Figure out who’ll do it, I’m fucking tired.”

“Yoongi,” another voice chimed in, and you knew it was Taehyung. “Shouldn’t it be Jimin and Seokjin to go?”

“You think I’m going to send the best sniper and our poison expert go there to die? Nobody else knows the human body better than Jin so no way in hell am I sending those dumb asses out, especially alone. Taehyung, shut up.” His voice was less harsh than before, hinted with the affection Yoongi held for the younger boy. “You and Hoseok will go, Taehyung. Jungkook’s to amateur to be excellent at pick pocket like you, and he’d just weigh Hoseok down. This is too big to fuck up, so I need the both of you to succeed. I’ll pay you each 25% of whatever you find there, maybe more if I feel you deserve it. Now here-”

You began to pull away from the door, wondering if you should’ve heard any of the things you just had. Of course you shouldn’t have, but Yoongi told you everything anyway. You knew there was things he hid from you, which you were alright with, and this was no exception. He was just working, which was how he usually spent his days.

Right as you began to pull away from the door, it snapped open. You were met by a tired looking Yoongi holding the bridge of his nose and lightly massaging it. Upon spotting you, his eyes grew wide and he shoved you out the door.

“Keep making up a plan with the map I gave you.” Yoongi snapped, slamming the wood shut so nobody would see you. His arms seized your shoulders, pushing you towards the bathroom with an expression that read why-are-you-here?-you-definitely-shouldn’t-be-here.

“Yoongi, I-”

“If anyone saw you they would’ve shot you.” His voice was hushed as he closed the bathroom door and clicked the lock shut. His eyes hungrily met yours holding you against the sink. Yoongi’s shoulders were hunched slightly, and his button down shirt wrinkled. The slacks he wore were slightly stained with hints of red- blood

“I…” you cut yourself off. “Sorry…”

His eyes softened at your words, before engulfing you. Yoongi’s fingers tangled in your hair, while the other hand held your shoulder tightly to his chest. Your head laid against his shoulder, mind racing with thoughts of how exactly he still managed to be more put together than you even in a state such as this.

“I’m going to kick them out, okay? I need my reward for being alive still.”

“What?” You feel him begin letting you go, before placing a finger to his lips. Yoongi disappears back to the room, and you could hear him yelling for all the people to scatter. Yoongi returned, taking your hand and gently guiding you towards his bedroom, where the door hung wide open now.

“I brought food…Shouldn’t we clean up your place?”

“I’m tired.” His response was dull, but Yoongi’s hand tightened around yours. He began to unbutton his shirt, throwing it aside without a second glance and climbing on the bed. His room seemed to be the only tidy space in his house, and you made a mental note to begin cleaning once he was fast asleep. It was the least you could do to make his life a little easier.

You crawled after him on the bed, picking up the covers and draping them over his body before letting Yoongi wrap his arms around you. He was never like this, unless something was on his mind.

“Yoongi, what happened? You should’ve kicked me out. Namjoon will be-”

“I’m scared,” his voice was merely a breath, but it still caught your full attention. You sighed, bringing your hand up and down his back in comforting ways. His hands were shaking.

“Why?” You murmured lightly, and he shook his head against your chest.

“He knows about us…” Yoongi’s voice was quiet, and it still cracked with uncertainty.

“Who?” You were uncertain who he was speaking of, but a sense of dread filled you. His arms tightened around you, before Yoongi met your eyes.

“Namjoon found out who you were without even trying. He knows where you live, your birthday and even where you work. He told me I’m not being secretive enough with you, that anyone would be able to find you and…”

“And?” You kept on, wondering if you even wanted to know.

“Kill you.” His voice broke off, before getting up abruptly. His whole body was rigid as he stood up. He went over to his dresser, hitting his foot against it violently. You knew why his entire house was trashed, now.

“Yoongi, stop.” Your voice was as calm as it could be, but still wavered. He didn’t, anger overflowing around him and causing him to knock a lamp over onto the floor. It shattered loudly.

“Yoongi!” You sat up as well, going over and wrapping your arms around his back. His arms were pinned to his sides now, and for a moment, he calmed. His breathing was ragged despite barely moving, and you knew he was over working himself to the point beyond exhaustion.

“I don’t care if Namjoon knows, he won’t do anything, you know that. Nobody will find me, Yoongi…I’ll be fine as long as I’m with you.”

He didn’t respond, but faltered in return. You took it upon yourself to brush your lips against Yoongi;s back, placing your warm cheek against him and sighing loudly. He unpinned both of your arms and turned around.

“You don’t care?” He sounded unpleasantly disbelieving of you, making you shake your head.

“That’s not it. Namjoon already knew you were with me, so he just made them follow me around. Yoongi, everyone’s too scared of you to do anything. I’m not leaving you alone.”

“Why are you so stubborn? Didn’t you hear me tell you I was scared? There’s no way in hell I’m letting you out of my sight anymore. You have to move in with me and call whenever you go out. I’ll pick you up from work and take you there. Hold on…” He trailed off, reaching into one of his dresser drawers and pulling out a small bottle. Pepper spray? “Carry this with you.”

“Honestly…” You snorted, gently pushing his hand down. Yoongi was entirely serious, you could tell just by the way his lips were firmly pressed into a pout that made him look young, childish. “I don’t need it. I also won’t move in with you if this is the way you keep your house.”

He stomped his foot, throwing the bottle onto the bed. “You know I don’t keep it like this! Baby, let’s go get your stuff. Just some clothes right now, okay?”

“No,” your voice was firm, and you crossed your arms tightly across your chest.

“What do you mean, no? I’m not letting you leave.”

“I’m staying here to watch you sleep for a good 13 hours. After you wake up, I’m going to make you food and then we’ll go get my stuff. Better go to sleep, now.”

His eyes flashed for a moment, before a small smile met his lips. He crossed his arms as well, before leaning down and brushing his soft lips against your forehead. Once Yoongi pulled away from you, your hands snaked around his shoulders and pulled him in for a real kiss. The first real kiss you’d both shared since he left. It was a simple kiss, slow, long kissing that left the both of you breathless. It was Yoongi who pulled away again, holding you at arms length with glistening lips.

“I’ll kiss you more when I wake up.” His fingers seemed to be cutting into your shoulders by how hard he was holding you. It seemed as if he was restricting himself more, and you nodded to yourself.

Yoongi laid down in his bed, pulling you along with him. He probably guessed you’d get up after he fell asleep, so he only placed his hand gingerly on your hip. The both of you laid there for awhile, but you didn’t fall asleep.

Yoongi was lights out after a few minutes of shutting his eyes, but you wanted to be there longer with him. His mouth hung open slightly, while his head laid back deeply into the pillow. Your hand brushed a few strands of hair off his face, before you bent down and kisses his temple. 

Although sleeping so deeply, Yoongi stirred in his sleep and held you there. Untangling yourself, you knew he wouldn’t wake so easily, but you still did it as lightly as you could. He needed his sleep, and you needed to clean his pig sty of a house.

Over the few years of dating him, Namjoon had just found out about you. Although you knew it was something to worry about, you and Yoongi had been safe thus far. His boss wouldn’t do anything to hurt either of you, especially with Yoongi being his right hand man, and only computer hacker.

You pondered these things while walking around his house, cleaning up the scraps of paper and throwing them into the recycling bag. It seemed as though there was an endless amount of papers scattered everywhere, but once you stood up fully and took a look around, you saw you’d done a good amount so far. There was a visible dent in the layers upon layers of paper, and you were pleased.

Getting bored of cleaning you decided to begin making some food. It would still be hours before Yoongi woke up, but you were feeling a little hungry and it was fine to reheat it after he did wake up.

You ate and cleaned up the plates in the kitchen, before returning back to the dining room and resumed cleaning. It had barely been over 4 hours since Yoongi fell asleep but you were still hard at it.

Picking up one crumpled piece of paper you noticed how heavy it was. Unraveling it, you held a velvety red box that made your chest tighten. You wondered if in fact, you should open the box to see if there was anything in there. It was just to see if you could throw the box away or not, you decided. Just cleaning up…

You flicked open the box, and the door to Yoongi’s bedroom creaked open. A yawn erupted from across the room, causing you to look up from the ring sitting prettily in the box.

“Are you cleaning?” Yoongi’s voice was filled with sleep, it cracked with dryness and you snapped the box shut before standing up. In attempts to hide the ring box behind your back, you knew it was too late. Yoongi saw the box and cursed, before striding over to you and reaching behind your back to snatch it away. He failed, though.

“W-why are you awake?” You backed up, face flushing as he attempted to reach around you once more and take the box.

“I was thirsty,” his voice was flat, and you knew exactly why he had a ring in the box, and was attempting to take it away from you.

“Go back to sleep, okay?” You held out a hand, trying to keep him away from you. Yoongi’s brows furrowed, and he pinned your hand down before easily taking away the box.

“You opened it, didn’t you?” He sighed, fingering the box before propping it open with his thumb.

“No way…” You lied, looking away from the box. “I didn’t open it.”

“Liar. You’re telling me you didn’t see the ring I bought?”


“You don’t want to marry me?” He was grinning, looking down at you before picking up one of your hands and gently placing the box in it. In the new light, the ring shone. It was elegant, not too over the top. It fit both yours and Yoongi’s personality almost perfectly.

“Ask me properly…” Your voice came out as a breath. You couldn’t meet his eyes, feeling as if your lungs would burst by how hard you were holding your breath.

His fingers tickled under your chin, directing your face to his where he gave you a swift peck. You pulled away from the kiss, eyes searching his face but only seeing the soft blush that had formed along his cheeks. It was the first time you’d seen him swallow excess saliva so forcefully and fidget with the messy strands of hair sticking to his face.

“Don’t say no, okay?”

You nodded, watching as he dropped to his knee. Yoongi took a deep breath, and you let out a shaky laugh. It was the worst way to propose, the both of you knew. In a dimly lit, messy house with an only half dressed Yoongi, clumsy from sleeping for such a little time.

He looked up at you again, pure determination taking over his features before he took the box from you and plucked out the small circular metal.

“Will you…God…Will you ma…rry..marry…”

“Yoongi,” you murmured, causing him to stop talking and nod his head. “Just say it.”

“Oh, just fucking marry me.” He snapped this time, standing up and putting the ring in your hand. Oh. This was much more like the boyfriend you knew and loved. You slid the ring on your finger, inspecting it before looking at him with a smirk.

“Mm, I’ll fucking marry you.”

“Good, that means you’re stuck with me.” His voice was harsh, but it was clear he was relieved by your answer.

“Yeah,” you grinned from ear to ear. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”