well not really cuz my back is to it most of the time

Apparently my life is so boring lately(and I don’t post as much here)that people have stopped checking up on me…unless they moved then maybe they still are.

oh well, I got some awesome news today that I’m up for a pre screen phone interview to move to the mother baby unit at the hospital…I really hope I can get this position and they’ll be willing to give me full time so I can get the hell away from my current boss(although I don’t want to be the one to tell her I’m leaving cuz she’ll freak). Praying for good news, I’ll find out more Monday I guess.

My nephew is having is graduation party tomorrow so I’ve been baking today to get ready for it, I’m kind of excited but boyfriend will be working for most of it which is annoying. Hopefully my aunt and cousin get there earlier than expected so I’ll at least have a baby to play with.

Okay, guess I’ll go back to watching The Great British Baking Show now and waiting for my other half to get home