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     HEARTLESS AESTHETIC: The Beginning.

   “Well, Mr. Jest, I’ve sometimes come to believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

   His feet stalled all at once, his face turning to her, bewildered.

   Her grin fell. “What is it?”

  Jest’s eyes narrowed, studying her.

  Catherine cowered beneath the inspection. “What?”

 “Are you sure you aren’t the one the King is in love with?”

  It took a moment, but when the laugh came, It was honest and unforced. The idea that the King might wish to marry her was one thing, but the thought of him being in love with her was an entirely different realm of absurdity.

  “I assure you, he’s not,” she said, still smiling, though Jest looked unconvinced. “What does that have to do with impossible things?”

  “It just sounds like a queenly sort of thing to say,” he said, offering his arm again. Cath took it, though with more hesitation. “And, well, impossible is my specialty.”

  She peered up at his profile, his angled features, the mask of kohl. “That,” she said, “seems entirely believable.”

Dark Silence train of thought

Hi I am freaking out, how are you? these are my million mph thoughts if you’d like to read a huge fuckin brain dump, cool       

EDIT: this got very long I’m soRRY FJALKFD

  • Who was that really at the end with Anti??? was it Chase or Jack?? bc we heard a bunch of children’s voices, and still no true confirmation that Jack’s woken up from a coma yet
  • was this in real life or some kind of weird dimension? could it be a nightmare or a vision during a coma?
  • if the glitch bitch does ANYTHING to Chase’s children i will immediately unstan him
  • what if there’s some weird fuckin twist where that somehow wasn’t actually Anti at the end?? rational thoughts are failing me so idk if that’s even possible but??? aaaAAHHHHh???
  • so light changes are a sign of Anti?
  • Jack’s acting is absolutely incredible and I want to hug that man for all of this. Signe’s camera work is beyond amazing and I would like to hug her too. Robin’s editing is fucking insane for this and sells the atmosphere better than anything I’ve ever seen for him being the only person working on it, and I want to hug that cube man as well.
  • im supposed to be studying calculus whoopsies
  • that aint gonna happen
  • “aint” has the same letters as “anti” oh my god
  • Is Anti currently going after Chase or Jack? or is he somehow able to go after both simultaneously?
  • I feel like a fool for writing out a theory last week about why Anti wouldn’t appear
  • Anti just came in and bitchslapped that shit outta here
  • I am deceased
  • Jack I fucking love/hate you right now
  • I am super glad that Mayhem2k18 is still officially happening and didn’t end on that depressing vid of Chase
  • it makes a lot of sense that pink/red colors are associated with Anti since that’s literaLLY THE INVERSE OF GREEN
  • why is Anti barefoot. just…. why
  • he’s gonna go slappin all over Jack’s floors
  • unless he has socks on to keep them lil feetsies warm
  • don’t want a cold demon boi with cold demon toesies
  • all of the frames from the glitches are either terrifying nightmare fuel or extremely derpy looking. there is no in-between.
  • fucking hell Robin just how long did this take to edit???
  • why doesn’t Anti have a cut on his neck? is this before Say Goodbye even happened? or can he heal from that?
  • what if it’s not Anti at all?
  • I already asked that earlier fuck
  • building off of earlier thoughts: what exactly do the children’s voices mean? are they Chase’s kids (it better fucking not be), or just a manifestation of Jack’s fears and he always hears when Anti’s around?
  • the whispers in this video were the same as the one’s from Stories Untold 4 so… we were seeing the nightmare he woke up from, then?
  • I hate whispering sounds apparently
  • not like… in an “oh no teh whisper are scawy DX” kinda way 
  • but i just…. mmmm nope, do not like
  • that better not be another fuckin auditory trigger, brain; you’ve made enough of those, we don’t need normal things like whispering to join them
  • seriously without her helping out we wouldn’tve had NEARLY as amazing shots
  • …no offense Seán
  • but Signe is has an amazing eye for this stuff, you just worry about acting n shit, k?
  • i have rewatched the ending so many times now
  • Jack went from adorable giddy fanboy w/ Ryan Reynolds to absolute murder bean in a fuckin hurry
  • Marvin/JJ/whoever the fuck is tryna wake up Jack can y’all hurry it up please
  • ..but also don’t bc I love seeing freaky videos like this
  • so if we’re seeing Jack’s comatose nightmares, does that mean that Anti’s just a figment of his imagination
  • as in he’s never been real
  • probably not
  • that’s the last time we saw Anti wasn’t it
  • damn
  • maybe Jackieboy Man hasn’t shown up bc he and Jack are one and the same
  • I am 1000004% ready for a JBM vs Anti showdown
  • or Marvin vs Anti too
  • magic cat man deserves more showtime gdi, he’s the oldest ego here and he’s barely had any attention compared to Grits Bits over here 
  • gringle bungle,,,,, gloat boat,,,,,, grin bin
  • fuck this is turning into that ASG post from a while ago-


oh that got rid of the bullet points rip

  • it’s ok I fixed it
  • guess y’all kinda have an idea of how long I’ve been adding stuff to this now huh
  • hm I have an AP exam in…. 6 hours, cool
  • thanks Jack for choosing the day before it to dump the entirity of hell on us :D
  • no but really I missed this
  • can I start referring to Robin as “accomplice cube” again?
  • plz
  • that was one of my proudest moments here
  • and it’s quite fitting for now
  • Why doesn’t Jack remember the egos?? or is that simply his form of fuckery for us, and it doesn’t actually tie in to this bizarre plot thing going on?
  • Signe better not start pretending to not know the egos too…… shes the last one i trust ok
please dont follow me if u are mutuals with @.icedsodas/@.phantomemoji/@.owasera or whatever their current url is

this isnt a callout and i have no right to call it one because its mostly personal drama but please take the time to read this anyway (esp if ur mutuals with them) because theyve made me ridiculously uncomfortable over the course of the past couple years

lots of text and screenshots under the cut also tell me if its hard 2 read cuz of my theme and i will edit it (in the meantime u can right click an image + open in new tab to see high res)

u can either block them or me after reading this idrc which/rbing would help me spread the word to all my mutuals but u dont have to

tw for brief mentions of suicide

edit 5/12/17: so they talked to me about it and really only dug themselves further into a hole and made it even more obvious that they are stalking me. that conversation will be linked at the bottom of the post to keep it in chronological order, but if you already read it and want to see the update,  >click here.<

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video producer! kang dongho (part 1)

summary: dongho is a video producer at the company you’re interning at & things happen 
genre: fluff
a/n: reviving my blog to casually post this because i can lol also i broke this into parts because it was getting too long ;;;; this is my first attempt at a bulletproof scenario kinda thing so i would love it if you could tell me what you think!!! thank you for reading <3

link to part 2 here

  • the summer before you went off to university, you decided to find yourself a job to get some of that $$$
  • as someone who spent a lot of time watching tv shows & movies & stuff, you’d always been interested in work related to media
  • so you decided that you were going to get a job related to that field so that you could get some work experience for the future
  • there was this local company that made youtube videos that you had your eyes on
  • they always made fun videos which were super relatable and fun to watch, and they explored a lot of different ideas (think something like a local & smaller version of buzzfeed)
  • as you were browsing for job openings, you found out that this company was looking for interns for the summer
  • and even more importantly, they emphasised that they just wanted someone willing to learn, meaning no previous knowledge of like video editing/production or camera work or whatever was needed
  • this was perfect for you because as much as you were interested in the field, you had never gotten an opportunity to actually learn stuff so this was exactly what you were looking for
  • so you applied for this company and you got accepted
  • time skip! it was your first day going in for work and you were super nervous because this was your first real job that wasn’t working at a fast food joint or something and tbh you had absolutely no idea what you were supposed to do
  • once you entered the company’s office, you were brought over to the other new interns
  • before you had the chance to talk to them, another guy entered the room
  • he introduced himself as minki, and apparently he was the one who managed the interns
  • he gave you guys a super good first impression because he was totally casual and friendly in the way he talked to you and he actually brought you guys some chocolate as like a welcome gift
  • after briefing you guys about your work and company rules and stuff he asked you guys to choose one out of a few categories to kind of specialise in
  • there was stuff like video production, ideation, on screen stuff (idk), and stuff like that
  • you and a couple others chose video production and minki brought yall over to this other guy whom he introduced as dongho
  • he was apparently a senior video producer, and also the one who was going to be teaching you guys stuff
  • he was also very scary. he had like tattoos and slight stubble and an rbf and just overall seemed like a very stereotypical bad (and scary) boy
  • your first impression of him was terrible because he barely smiled the whole time he introduced himself and the work to you guys
  • what a stark contrast to minki
  • you started getting anxious once dongho started getting into teaching yall the basics because turns out most of the others already knew stuff about videography & editing
  • they would ask dongho questions about the software or something and his reply would have words you’d never heard before and you were just sitting there like. what. was i supposed to know this stuff????
  • it was honestly like you weren’t even there bc 1) you couldn’t find it in yourself to join in the conversation much bc you were shy around strangers and 2) you honestly couldn’t even if you weren’t bc you had no idea what they were saying
  • the others also weren’t really making an effort to befriend you
  • you were more than relieved to scurry out of there once the day ended
  • on the way home you were thinking is this how the real world is supposed to be bc if yes pls abort mission
  • anyways for the next few days it turns out that you guys were tasked to shadow a video producer each to like learn faster from more hands on experiences
  • and just your luck turns out the one you were supposed to be shadowing was dongho. you’re already slightly panicking at the thought of spending a whole day almost alone together with the Scary Guy
  • you were also lowkey confused about why you, the intern who probably knew the least, were with the Senior video producer but whatever you just went with it. at least you were getting paid for this 
  • so the next day dongho was supposed to go out on a shoot at this renowned local restaurant for a segment minki was hosting and you had to follow them
  • dongho was driving yall there and you were sitting alone in the backseat with all the camera equipment
  • as you guys reached the restaurant and dongho was trying to park the car, he turned behind to check the space and while doing so there was a fleeting moment when his eyes met yours in the backseat
  • and you kinda got jittery feelings for a second
  • “am i really that socially inept that just eye contact with someone idk well is enough to make me feel like this” you thought to yourself lol
  • but okay whatever you just dismissed it and got down for the shoot
  • throughout the whole thing you took careful notes of everything dongho was doing in a tiny notebook because you wanted to learn everything asap
  • there were moments when dongho would like set up the camera or direct minki to do certain things, and he would turn around to ask you to take note of that but he was surprised (and also impressed) to see that you were already on it
  • the dish minki was there to review was this super popular meringue pie and once he was done with his hosting stuff he offered the pie to you guys
  • you happily accepted the offer bc tbh the pie looked delicious
  • but dongho started whining about how he still had to dismantle the tripod although he wanted the pie super badly
  • (and you were kinda surprised bc,, the whining didn’t suit his image at all but it was .. kind of cute)
  • so you, being the caring intern you were, lifted a fork of pie towards him expecting him to take the fork from you
  • but nope. he decided to lean in and eat off the fork in your hand
  • you were flustered to say the least bc he had leaned in pretty close and minki just laughed from the other side of the table as he watched you being awwkard
  • but that wasnt the end of it. after a few seconds dongho was saying “i want more” and somehow you ended up feeding it to him again and omg? there is that jittery feeling again
  • you thought he was supposed to be scary but why is he so cute
  • and the tips of your ears were turning red but dongho didn’t seem to notice at all as he finished packing up the camera parts
  • (but minki on the other hand probably did and he’s probably already made a note to tell aron, another video producer at the company, all about how dongho is confusing the new intern)
  • as much as you try to dedicate all your attention to absorbing as much new information as possible, you start getting a little distracted as the week progresses
  • suddenly you find yourself thinking to yourself “has dongho always looked this attractive when driving”
  • he rolls up his sleeves once and “why does his tiger tattoo look so cool on him it’s a stupid design”
  • “i thought he was supposed to be scary why does he look like a baby when he laughs”
  • one day you spend time together with him learning how to edit a video and you steal a glance at his serious work face as he works on animating something in the video and you get that jittery feeling just seeing him that focused bc he looked so cool
  • at the end of the week of shadowing and learning and spending time with dongho, jonghyun (director of the company) comes in to see how you guys were doing
  • “how’s y/n doing? all good?”
  • dongho: “more than good. at this rate she’s going to become the best intern soon” he then proceeds to pat your head and smile at you
  • and his eyes become half moons and he’s looking at you kinda proudly
  • bc he was super impressed with your willingness to learn although you started out knowing nothing but he didn’t say that out loud
  • but your heart is beating super fast bc wtf why is he looking at you with that pleased look
  • and in that moment you knew for sure
  • you were totally & massively whipped for dongho

To address some points:
1. I used “get his dick wet” because that’s my kind of humour and I’m not sorry if you don’t find it funny
2. It’s also my blog so I talk however I want, as long as I know I’m not harming anyone
3. What that man felt for Lily was not love, it was obsession. He begged Voldemort to keep Lily safe. Only Lily, not James or Harry.
Idk about you but love means wanting the other person to be happy regardless of your own happiness. It means that you give yourself to the other person and you are willing to give more than you take. This also means you must already be a whole person by yourself and thus you shouldn’t expect the person you love to fill in some “missing piece” within you.
Snape did not care about her happiness. Had Lily lived, she would have been miserable with James and Harry dead. Say that Snape does end up “caring” for her, what do you think would happen when she learns that Snape asked Voldemort to spare only her and not James or Harry?
4. Snape’s literal motivation for fighting for the Light is because he was vindictive and wanted revenge on Voldemort for killing Lily. He wanted to find the only person who had a chance of defeating Voldemort, and if that meant fighting for the Light, he would do it.
Sure, he’s loyal to Dumbledore, but while some of it may be respect, he also owes Dumbledore hella for saving his life
5. Alright, asshole and abuser aren’t synonyms, but both adjectives DO describe Severus Snape.
I know this has been cited many times, but let’s talk about Neville Longbottom. This kid’s parents were literally tortured into insanity by Bellatrix. He goes to visit them at St. Mungo’s regularly, and can you imagine that trauma? Your parents not being dead but being pretty much as good as? They are literally walking corpses at this point, and he has Bella to thank for that.
But guess what, or who, Neville’s boggart is? Not the crazy Bitch who torture his parents! No, its one of his TEACHERS. Someone who was supposed to nurture him, or at least encourage his improvement, is the thing Neville is the most afraid of! And you can’t tell me it’s just because Neville is a soft boy, because we all know that Severus Snape is a salty man who decided to take out his aggression on a literal child just because “his Lily” would still be alive if Neville was the chosen one.
And if Neville did end up being the chosen one that Voldemort picked, Snape would not have CARED that Neville’s parents died. Nope, as long as it wasnt Lily.
6. You know who else had a terrible childhood? Harry Potter. Both Harry and Snape suffered abuse and neglect and isolation. They had terrible upbringings, and they BOTH suffered greatly because if it.
Sure, Harry made friends, people who gave him hope, almost immediately when he turned 11 and got to Hogwarts.
But guess what? Snape had that too, by the age of 9! Lily was his hope, the one good thing that could help him.
At Hogwarts, she stood up for him, even when he made mistakes. Eventualy, Snape made his decision to take the negativity in his life and turn it into more negativity by joining a genocidal cult bent on killing a group of people that Lily was part of.
Harry well could have become as bitter and cruel as Snape, but Snape could also have made the choice to, I don’t know, not become a Death Eater?

Lmao I’ve reread and analyzed those books multiple times over 12 years. That’s a lot of different mindsets reading one series.

(( I’m @-ing ppl bc I aint no Bitch))
@femsev @eggcats

Edit: apparently my app is going wonky bc I can’t @ ppl

anonymous asked:

can you rec yoi blogs to follow?

i don’t follow that many yoi blogs bc having a super active dash overwhelms me but sure!! you’re probably following most of these amazing people already if you know who i am but i’ll take any chance to gush about how great all the people in this fandom are :’’’) also keep in mind i tend to only follow otayuri-centric blogs

 in alphabetical order below the cut sorry this is so long omg

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dryraindrops  asked:

So, first of all, I am super excited to have found somebody as excited about the clone as I am. I've been thinking about it a lot since Butch posted his video. But, I'm confused, because I thought this was ten years into the future? Wouldn't original Danny be older? Like 24 I think? Aside from that, you guys got some really good ideas about this character, and I've been laughing at some of the comments for a good few minutes.

AHHHH someone else who likes the clone! Welcome friend!!! 8) lmao, I was browsing the Phantom tag yesterday was was so disheartened by how many people were irritable at all of the designs or downright kicking them to the curb. Which, is understandable, everyone has their tastes, and I agree that most of them are just…..Put Them Back embodiments, but it was still sad to see so little interest in the Clone.

Because its such a good idea ripe with potential, both for TUE levels of darkness and for hilarious scenarios. For once (ONCE) Butch has done okay by me.

And now to actually answer your question, lmao: Yes, you are correct, the original concept was Vlad for ten years into the future, with a teenage Danny clone (I do admit that’s super squick, like Vlad do you have no other hobbies besides being fucking creepy? Go outside and play some tennis my dude.) since the video was a part 2 to the original Phantom concepts for the ten year anniversary. However, at least in the ideas and concepts I’ve been talking about and personally throwing around, I’ve gotten rid of the ten year span.

Because it literally doesn’t make sense.

I have contempt for the official Phantom timeline bc its so inconsistent, but a majority of people have it taking place over a two year time span, based on the two summer episodes. (This is something I personally don’t agree with, but I have no evidence to argue it so I’m stuck like a petulant child grumbling in the corner) and Vlad gives Valerie her gear in S1 Ep10, Shades of Grey. I cannot recall if it was specifically stated in canon Vlad was using her to get Danny’s DNA, but I’m trusting the wiki bc I really don’t want to endure re-watching Kindred Spirits and D-Stabalized. If we assume that this had been Vlad’s goal from the start (something I disagree with and will touch more about below), that means that he’s been gathering Danny’s DNA for about a year to two years if we estimate heavily with the nonsense time between the episodes.

In that time span, he figured out how to do the cloning, built the equipment, went through countless prototypes to figure out all the bumps and snags, made several decently “functional” clones (Dani and the one he fucking murders as a display), made the “perfect” one, and figured out exactly what he needed to stabilize an artificial hybrid of ghost and human origin.

In two years max.

It would not take him ten fuckin years to recreate a successful perfect clone. Even if everything was destroyed twice and he lost Valerie’s “assistance”. And the reason for that is because he already knows how. The hard part is done. Once you know how to do something through so much trial and error, you know what not to do and what you should do the next time around. Vlad doesn’t need to re-figure out how to make a stable, perfect clone again, he can just get the equipment, the DNA, whatever and just do it.

Which he was most likely attempting to already do in D-stabilized.

[Edit: I neglected to look on the wiki before writing this entire thing bc I was confident I know the material and apparently I need to get a reality check on my ego bc I was completely misremembering D-Stabalized. The fallowing should be taken with gratuitous lumps of salt bc I’m salty at this discovery and also I haven’t changed anything in it.]

Why do you think he was going after Dani? Why would he want that information of “Why are you so stable?” if he wasn’t trying again? If he wasn’t at the point that he NEEDED to stabilize something? For future knowledge? Please. If Vlad was truly going to make another perfect clone, he would not wait several months after loosing the first doing literally nothing but tormenting Danny and being an ass, nor until after he’s figured out Dani. He was working on the Clone project for a long time under everyone’s noses in the first place, so who’s to say he wasn’t again?

I’m saying Vlad was literally within inches of succeeding in D-stabalized. That he already had a second Clone ready to stabilize.

[Edit: I was incorrect in thinking Vlad only wanted Dani to learn why she’s stable, he wanted to use her to make another perfect clone. I was close, but not close enough. I am still standing by my theory, however, canon can suck it. It’s still at least feasible.]

Hartman suggested in the video, as I’m sure you know, that the Clone (I call him Daniel bc there’s literally no way he’s not named Daniel.) has some of Vlad in him. And this, my friend, melds so well with where canon dropped off.

Vlad wanted and attempted to stabilize the clones with Danny’s full DNA, probably so it would be 100% Danny, enough to the point he was willing to murder Dani to figure her out/use her. However, after failing to get the mid-morph from Danny (failure 1) and failing to get anything from Dani (failure 2), Vlad would be unlikely to try the same things again. I would also like to think he’d also be unlikely to continuing to announce “OI I’M CLONEING YOU” to Danny, but it’s Vlad so you never know.

He would be forced to think of something else.

There is nothing in canon suggesting that Vlad couldn’t use his own mid-morph to stabalize a clone. He never brings it up, never explains why the mid-morph is the critical link aside from the fact that it just is. There’s very little info about just how these clones are made, so there’s no known rules to what could work and what wouldn’t. A possible reason this might not work is that it could function like body parts or blood types, where you need a match in order for it to be properly accepted. In that case, however, its just figuring out what you need to tweak in order to force an acceptance, something probably made easier to do when you’re in control of the entire genetic sequence you’re fiddling with.

This would not take ten years to do. None of it would. It would take at most, I think a year. Maybe two, but that’s pushing it. I also have a theory that Vlad was being so obtuse in Season 3 was to purposefully distract Danny, but take that as you will.

This is all of my fancy way of explaining why my personal ideas are set so close to the actual canon and kicking that gross ten years to the curb.

As for my forgotten notion about why I don’t think Vlad started cloning from Valerie’s beginning was because Vlad was still mostly focused on Maddie up until Maternal Instincts, which occurs 6 episodes after Shades of Grey. Shades of Grey is only three episodes from Bitter Reunions as well. That’s a pretty small amount of time for someone still (reasonably) sane to go “I liked that kid, I want him to be my son. I should clone him.”

I’d also like to state that in the four episodes Vlad appears in before Kindred Spirits (not including TUE) but after Maternal Instincts, not once is his main goal Danny. Nor is it ever Maddie, either. Danny becomes a factor in Million Dollar Ghost, however his main goal is still stealing the portal. In Reign Storm, he’s more inclined to use Danny than to try to make him his son, bc again: his goal is the artifacts. In Secret Weapons, Vlad isn’t even interested in Danny when he’s dropped in the middle of his lab. Tbh, I can’t for the life of me figure out what Vlad’s goal was in the whole sibling battle thing, he really just fucked his plans up himself in that one. In Masters of All Time, his goal was the cure, and again, had no problems using Danny as a pawn.

Kindred Spirits is the first place in the entire series where we see the extent of how far he’s willing to go to get Danny to be his son. The first episode where it’s his maingoal.

I just realized how close MaoT and KinSpirits are, I wonder if Vlad triggered the Ectoacne flare working with the ectoplasm for the clones? Hmmm, interesting.

Anyway, the point is: Vlad kept his cloning stuff a secret, but for how long remains a mystery. Mostly because there’s no point in time where it becomes obvious just how desperate he is to have Danny. Is it when he saw an opportunity with Valerie? Or is it after Danny ruins his attempts to get the Ring of Rage back from Pariah by blowing up the ectosuit so he was just like “Well fuck, now what do I do to keep myself busy?”

Getting back onto the topic of Clone and Original Danny, there’s a second, lesser reason I’ve personally bumped the time skip, and that’s because there would be literally Zero conflict between a 14 year old and a 24 year old.

OlderDanny would kick his ass, training from Vlad be damned.

OlderDanny would also not be fazed as much as a younger Danny as his identity being perverted by a clone. This is because the age gap would automatically render them as being two different people. OlderDanny would not see the clone as himself, at least not fully, because he’s already a mature adult. The clone could not torment Danny with the fact that he’s him, that he’s stealing anything, that he’s threatening his notion of being and sense of self. Because OlderDanny has nothing to fear about a younger version of himself; he’s stronger, wiser, and different enough. The dynamic simply doesn’t work. This is why Danny could be okay with Dani: he doesn’t see himself in her. He doesn’t think of her as a clone, as the doppelganger. Because she’s a girl, she’s younger, she’s different. She isn’t him in his eyes.

With an identical copy, that’s not something you can avoid or ignore. Can’t deny that its not your face twisting into that evil smirk that looks so wrong because its familiar but not. Its you, but its not, and its uncomfortable, its an invasion of privacy, the ultimate identity theft. Its a person that wears your face, sees with your eyes, speaks with your voice, thinks with your brain, and bleeds with your blood. And yet its not you.

The closest thing Danny had to this was Dan. But Dan could be defeated. Dan could be made so that he never existed in the first place, completely avoided.

Daniel could not.

Daniel’s creation is out of Danny’s control, his existence never takes into account what Danny wants or cares, because its done at Vlad’s whims. And that’s the worst part: the lack of control. To know that an identical yet completely wrong version of yourself exists against your will and you have absolutely no control over it is torture, especially for someone who already had cause to fear himself once before. Sure, Danny can fight Daniel, suck him up into a thermos, and maybe kick it into the ghost zone to try to be rid of him forever, but he would still exist and he could always come back. Unlike Dan.  And there’s nothing Danny could do about it.

What even could be do? Try to destabilize him? Ask clockwork to erase him from existence? Lock him in a thermos and bury him deep in the ice caps? Kill him?

Would Danny truly be the person to try any of those?

In other words, the closer Daniel is to being like Danny, the worse effect it would have. So its all about maximizing that to get the full potential of the conflict. Danny needs a reason to see Daniel’s creation as the ultimate line crossed, the “This has gone too far” moment. Danny needs a reason to not only despise, but fear his clone.

There are some….problems, with this, and I’ve already used them in my argument: the fact that it an other you is too different, you stop seeing it as yourself. And Daniel is not an identical copy. He has aspects of Vlad in him. There’s a very fine line to be walked, between Daniel being similar enough that it hurts Danny while being different enough to count as a different character. The design alone might already doom it. But fuck it, you people can pry my inverted skunk haired baby from my cold dead hands.

I realize that this is a very long response, and very little of it pertains to what you asked. However, I hope you enjoyed my analysis and my explanation of my personal reasoning. This was a lot of fun to talk about (I can’t remember if I got into some of the things in other asks or if I’m recalling them from a thing I was gonna post but hasn’t gotten to yet. If there are repeat things, I’m sorry! My memory is v bad.) and I thank you for the ask!

I also realize that a majority of this ask talks about making Daniel Danny’s worst enemy, which goes against the “They slowly become bed buds” ask I got earlier. I received that ask before I really had any ideas of what to do with Daniel, and since I’m loving this worst enemy idea, the conflict is understandable. The friend idea is still on the table tho! All it needs now is a climax, a trigger, a turning point. Something that changes the dynamic to start that “I hate you, but not as much as I did, and I kinda sorta enjoy your company a little bit.” ball a’ rollin.

Fuck if I know what that is tho lmao

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that anon was so rude, don't listen to them, your imagines are the best <3 also there was that other anon who said they'd like more jealous grizi but i'd actually love it if you could make an imagine/smut where you're the one being jealous! ofc i know you're really busy but if you have some time to do it i'd be really grateful, thanks!

u are so nice, thank u so much!!! 

and i loved that idea, but hope u like the imagine more than i do. it seems a bit rushed i think??? i’m not good with writing jealousy tbh, i suck so much at it… 

i think i will re-write this imagine later today lol. (it’s one of those i haven’t had the time to work on as much, but i wanted to post something, and i will edit it asap)

(also i haven’t made it a smut one bc i have so many smut requests rn, but if u want me to, i can add a smut scene to this imagine later on) 😌💓

For what feels like the thousandth time today, you hear Antoine snicker on the couch next to you, his phone in his hands and his feet propped up on the coffee table. It’s relatively dark in your living room as it is past eleven already, the only sources of light being the TV flickering in the corner of the room and Antoine’s phone screen, which illuminates his face and leaves no doubt that he is, in fact, laughing again. 

With a quiet — hopefully almost inaudible — sigh, you roll your eyes ceiling-ward. Not that Antoine would have noticed anyway; he’s way too engrossed in that oh so funny conversation that he has on his phone. 

Of course his laugh doesn’t usually bother you at all. As a matter of fact, it is one of your favorite sounds in the world. There is nothing better than knowing that the person you love the most is happy. However, you know who he’s talking to, and that’s what gets on your nerves. Or rather, who. Whatever. 

“Y/N,” Antoine chuckles, leaning over to you and shoving his phone in your face. Even the fact that he has the screen’s brightness turned up so high pisses you off. And then you’re even more pissed off because of your own huffiness. “Check this out.” 

It’s a meme. A fucking meme. A pretty funny one, too, but you can’t bring yourself to laugh because there really isn’t any humor to be found in the current situation. 

“Hm,” is all you say. Another message pops up on the screen and Antoine is quick to retrieve his phone so that he can read it. If possible, you’re even more annoyed now. 

It’s Charlotte he’s talking to. One of his childhood friends from France, who comes to almost every match, flies over to Madrid to visit him more than just a few times every year, and always brings a nice bikini and a Griezmann jersey. Even if there aren’t any games scheduled. 

That doesn’t sound that bad. You’d thought so, too. At least until you learned that she’s not only his childhood friend, but his childhood girlfriend. The first one he’s ever had. And you hadn’t even found out from Antoine — no, it was Charlotte herself who had told you. Nice. 

Quietly, Antoine laughs again. 

“Would you shut up, please? I’m trying to watch this movie,” you hiss. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Antoine’s head turn to face you, his eyebrows raised and his blue eyes glistening with surprise. 

“I’m … sorry?” he mumbles slowly, like he doesn’t really know what to say. Like he doesn’t know what your problem is. You want to laugh. Or maybe hit him. “Didn’t seem like you were watching it.”


“I don’t know. You were staring at the TV but … never reacted to any scene. Sorry.” He shrugs. 

You snort. “How would you know?”

Again, Antoine’s eyebrows perk up. “What do you mean?” 

“You’re only paying attention to your phone, aren’t you? So how would you know?” 

At that, Antoine’s eyes study you intently, his body doesn’t move at all. He’s biting the inside of his cheek, making his cheekbones all the more prominent. It’s something he always does when he’s deep in thought. 

“Are you mad at me?” he asks after a while. His voice sounds careful and a little rougher than usual. 


Even though you are looking at the TV again (not really watching the movie, obviously), you can feel Antoine looking you up and down ruminatively. 

“It’s just Charlotte.”

You draw a deep breath. “It is never ‘just Charlotte’.” 

“Okay,” Antoine says, stretching the ‘a’ as he turns around to face you completely. He even has the good grace to put his phone down on the table. “I don’t think I’m with you.” 

“Forget it, Antoine.” 

He groans. “Just tell me. I don’t want you to be mad.” 

“I’m not mad.” The eye roll that follows your sentence probably tells a different story, though. Antoine seems to think so, too, because he slouches his shoulders in exasperation. “I’m just not as much of a Charlotte fan as you are, apparently.” 

“What?” he laughs, but it sounds confused. “I thought you liked her?” 

“I did like her. Until she told me that she’s your ex and … I don’t know. You just … you talk a lot, don’t you? And she knows you really well. And— she’s pretty, too.” 

You have never felt this dumb before. Of course you’re still annoyed but Antoine is looking at you like he still can’t completely see what your point is, and there’s still a small, confused smile playing at the corners of his lips. 

Also, admitting that you may or may not be jealous of Charlotte is kind of hard, especially since you know that Antoine probably won’t understand your point of view and definitely won’t change anything about his relationship with Charlotte. And it makes you feel like an asshole, in a way. You should be happy that he has people from his past who are still in his present, who support him and remind him of where he’s from, of who he used to be. 

It still sort of sucks, though. 

Antoine blinks twice before he answers.

“Yes, we do. But I also talk a lot to my physiotherapist. And my coach. And Koke. And my car workshop owner. But I’m not dating any of these people.” 

“That’s not funny, Antoine. I’m serious.” 

Antoine shrugs. “So am I. You’re my girlfriend and Charlotte is my ex who I happen to still get along well with. Who cares? I don’t have any feelings left for her. She’s not the one I want to wake up next to, or who I want to see every day, or who I want to kiss whenever I feel like it. That’s you, and you know that.” 

You look at him, digging your teeth into your bottom lip. Antoine is smiling now. Like, really smiling. Full mega-watt smiling. 

“You don’t really think I’d ever try to replace you?” With one swift movement, he’s got his arm wrapped around your shoulders and pulls you close to his firm body. Then, he presses a soft kiss to the top of your head. “I love you, Y/N.” 

“I know. I’m sorry,” you sigh, resting your hand against his chest. “I didn’t mean to be such a bitch to you.”

“It really wasn’t that bad,” he says. “Oh, and for the record; you look way better in my jersey.” 

He doesn’t touch his phone for the rest of the night. 



This is me reading out the incredible and amazing fic by @aph-fedya called “Until the Spring is over”.
It was one of the best RusAme fics I have read so far and I can’t thank you, Zia enough for writing it and ah just doing all these things you do for this fandom and so this is like a very very early christmas or rather late gift I promised this summer… (I added some more under the cut)

And also, here have a weird and hopefully not too bad freeform sonett I wrote after reading your fic and combining it with sth else I had thought of recently (I’m sorry I already used the last two lines somewhere else… But I really couldn’t think of any more fitting)

Winter and Summer

Winter had not known such warmth
knew only the icy cold,
that was engraved into his body, mind and soul.
A creature of dead and despair.

Summer had not known such cold
knew only the radiant warmth
that was engraved into his body, mind and soul.
A creature of life and hope.

Yet the two were oh so similar,
their own reflection of another lifetime
They fell in love

Fell too deep, too fast, too demanding, too consuming
for they were foolish
knowing their hearts so easy to break.

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