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in canada right now it's 7;45 am so i'm assuming you're either up hella early or you just wont go to sleep again

why are y’all so invested in my sleep pattern like please just enjoy your canadian morning and dont worry about my sleep deprived australian ass 


Outlander 1.07: deleted scene

"…We have nothing now between us, save—respect, perhaps. And I think that respect has maybe room for secrets, but not for lies. Do ye agree?"  He spread his hands out, palms up, inviting me. I could see the dark line of the blood vow across his wrist. I placed my own hands lightly on his palms.
"Yes, I agree. I’ll give you honesty."  His fingers closed lightly about mine.


"We’re just livin’ for today"

Team Free Will Graphics Challenge | jaredcortese​ vs hallowedbecastiel
↳ prompt: For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) by AC/DC

“Ask Me My Name” ends with the jazz stylings of Chet Baker—another new artist for Girls.

“This season, we’ve been venturing outside of our comfortable rock and pop genres,” says music supervisor Manish Raval, recalling the Patsy Cline and Charles Mingus tracks that made appearances in earlier episodes.

“We try to find some gems from the past that we feel add a fresh flavor to the show,” Raval explains. “We thought this track did just that. With its very simple vocal intro, we thought it felt really cool and intimate.” In other words, a perfect soundtrack for Hannah’s lonely walk home.

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So...if gao!Felix would meet headcanon!Felix... Would they compliment each other how beautiful they are or would they fight over this? x3

110% certain they would fight.

but then…

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daily kagehina #14

There’s this legend back when they were still in high school.

third year students (couples to be more specific) who want to stay together even after graduation and the years to come, just have to meet under the shade of the huge tree near the gym. When no one’s looking, hang a piece of paper with your names on it and finish it off with a kiss.

Kageyama remembers shuddering at the thought of something so… so romantic, and remembers Hinata staring blankly at Tanaka who told them about it. He remembers how their third year rolled around and how Hinata kept stealing glances at the rumored tree after volleyball practice. He remembers how he kept telling himself that no he is not looking at the tree because he’s curious nope it’s just because Hinata kept looking. He remembers getting hit by a volleyball on the head that time.

But now, ten years later, Kageyama thinks that everything—the bruises he got from falling down after Hinata jumped on him with the reason, “I think it’s better if we hang it on the higher branches!”, the cut on his bottom lip after Hinata panicked and basically smashed their lips together because he heard someone coming, and the teasing from their teammates when they recognized the messy scrawl of ‘Kageyama + Hinata’—is all worth it, as he enters the apartment they’re sharing and finds Hinata wearing one of his smaller shirts while he cooks.

"I’m home."