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10 inspiring and helpful YouTube channels for digital artists

People are asking us how the art we share can be so good.

The answer this time isn’t so simple. An artist has his own way on shaping his style, he takes his time to experiment and so it becomes quite difficult for others to try learning his art style and making it their own. It’s even wrong.

But we can tell you that many artists learn by getting inspired by others’ art. Watching an artist while he paints can be motivating - and of course it can teach you a few technical tricks.

So, here there are ten YouTube channels you should check out.

1. FZD School of design

It’s a school founded by Feng Zhu, amazing concept artist with a lot of experience in video games, films and commercials. His videos are real episodes/lessons and they are very helpful. And, well, they even have a school in Singapore…

2. China digital painting

This channel doesn’t feature tutorials but shares full video processes by Chinese artists. In this period we are seeing many young artists inspired by an art style that’s typically Chinese - it features dramatic lighting and mood. Mind, though, that such technique can be found in other masters like Bouguereau and Rembrandt.

3. Ctrl + Paint

A channel dedicated to the digital painting in Photoshop. Very helpful for those beginners who want to learn how to use the software and how to get better with art in general.

4. Level Up!

One of the most known groups of digital art on Facebook can be found on YouTube as well. The founders are Wojtek Fus and Darek Zabrocki. Each session (episode) features a different digital artist. This is great because you can compare the different painting processes. The main theme of this channel is concept art and fantasy/sci-fi illustrations.

5. JJ canvas

This is the channel of Jorge Jacinto. He uploads speedpaintings, but they are very inspiring if you want to look at how a wonderful surreal landscape can be created in twenty minutes - in time-lapse of course.

6. Webang111

Another channel with time-lapse videos. Very inspiring if you are into colorful and cartoony illustrations.

7. Ross Draws

His art is wonderful and his videos are super funny! Check out his channel if you want to see how a fantasy illustration can be created from a simple idea - I mean, he starts with two rough lines to close the video with a breathtaking illustration. Crazy.

8. The Portrait Art

Okay, we know. This channel is not about digital art. But it’s amazing art anyway and if you are into realistic portraits, you can get inspired by watching these videos.

9. Cubebrush

Another channel with time-lapse videos, but a few are commented. The videos are about 2D and 3D paintings.

10. Noah Bradley

This artist is a master in the concept field and he doesn’t only talk about his digital method but about his career as well, giving lots of hints on how to become a better artist and how to enter the art industry.

We hope this post helps you. Good luck!

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Code: Realize: Steampunk Gentlemen

This is one I’ve been waiting for a long time to scan. Originally sold as a wall scroll at I believe the 2015 Summer Otomate Market, it was included with the illustrations for the visual fan book for the Code:Realize fan disk. Each and every one of the guys looks amazingly handsome. The suits are similar but not identical. It’s also worth noting that these likely served as the base for the outfits they use during the “Lupin’s Mafia” story in the fan disk (they look very similar as well).

My personal favorite of course is Van. I find it interesting most of the suits he is seeing wearing in illustrations are pin-stripe suits. Guess that’s his favorite. I’ve really become a big fan of steampunk ever since I got into Code:Realize and I have to thank miko’s gorgeous illustrations for that. Part of me wants to know what Saint Germain is writing, but I get the feeling with that look on his face, it’s better not to ask….

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

BTS Reaction to You Wearing a Revealing Dress to an Award Show


Anonymous: “BTS reaction to you wearing a revealing dress at an awards show (a dress that mostly shows your breasts are

Hey guys sorry for being MIA we kinda forgot to post lmfaooooo 

JinThe Vegas heat is no joke you thought while your stylist got you ready to attend the BBMAS with your love, Jin.  

Your stylist laid out two dresses. The first was a hideous long sleeved black dress– one which would have been a bad choice considering the warm weather. The second dress was a short white dress accented with summer flowers and a tulle skirt. The dress was perfect, but the neck was cut deep, real deep. The neck was deep and cut down to you mid-section in a V shape. You thought it would be too risky to wear to an award show, but then thought what the hay as the weather was ridiculously warm.

After some time, when your makeup and hair was all a tall dashing Jin walked in. You turned around to face him and noticed that he was covering his mouth. 

“Aigoo, where are your clothes?” Jin was quite conservative and seeing you in a revealing dress shocked him. He soon came to realize that it was pretty smart that you chose this dress considering the weather and who could complain. He though the dress was visually pleasing, to say the least.   

Once you two hit  the red carpet Jin would whisper some PG-rated things in your ear, followed by  "Let’s switch outfits IT’S TOOO HOT!“ 

Originally posted by cyyphr

Suga: When you asked Yoongi what you should wear, you didn’t know what you expected.  

"Whatever you want,” “ Anything,” and “I don’t know” were just a couple of his answers.  

You couldn’t argue though, Yoongi never really cared about your outfits or how you looked, and although it bugged you at first, you appreciated how he love you for you. 

For the award show, however, you wanted to look your best. You knew BTS always looked like kings on the red carpet, and you wanted everyone to know that you were Yoongi’s queen. So, you asked the stylist to help you out. She presented you with a gorgeous dress, one that you thought was prettier than you. You were reluctant at first, but soon gave in once you thought about what Yoongi would think.  

When the big day arrived, you waited for Yoongi to come pick you up from your room. When you opened the door, Yoongi would be frozen– his mouth would be left open and his pupils would expand. You were nervous at first, maybe he thought it was too revealing, or maybe you didn’t look really good. Before your thoughts could go any further, Yoongi would pull you into a hug and tell you how beautiful you looked. 

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J-Hope: After hearing of BTS’s nomination for an award, you were ecstatic because this meant you would be attending an award show with Hoseok. This wouldn’t be your first rodeo, BTS had many public appearances and you attended many with them. This time around, you wanted to stand out and be different from the regular party goers at the event. You decided to wear a backless red dress that left most of your upper half exposed. Hoseok was awestruck from the moment he saw you, he adored your outfit and wanted nothing more for the world to see his girl. Throughout the night, Hoseok would be uploading numerous pictures of you as well as constantly telling the members how lucky he is to have you. 

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Rap Monster: Namjoon was beyond excited to be nominated for so many awards and so were you. You were so proud of him and his members and were happy at the chance that you would be able to support them backstage. Everything was going perfectly while planning for the award show, the only thing was your outfit. You didn’t know what to wear and what would be appropriate. You wanted to match your boyfriend, of course, but you also wanted to impress him. So when the stylist came to you for an idea of what you wanted, you didn’t hesitate to tell her about the kind of neckline you wanted.   

When the day of the award show finally arrived, you headed to BTS’ room in your long, deep necked dress. You were excited to see what Namjoon’s reaction was. He always gassed you up about your fashion and couldn’t wait for to hear his hype. When you entered the room, all eyes were on you, especially Namjoon’s. When you saw the look on his face it would be like the look he gave you when you first met. He would walk to you quickly and take you into one of the bedrooms. 

“You look so hot, Y/N,” he would say. “How about we just stay here and I can un–" 

"Uh, Namjoon.. You kind of have an award show to go to.”  

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Jimin: As BTS gained popularity with their music so did their rep. This meant that the group would attend many award shows and after parties, all of which you were invited to as well. One party, in particular, was celebrating BTS’ win. It was a huge party with many people and you wanted to make your mark, so you did so with a bold dress. Your dress was pink and exposed your chest area quite a bit. Jimin was startled at your outfit choice, but it quickly grew on him. Throughout the night you’d catch him stealing glances at you followed by him embarrassingly looking away. What a mochi, you thought, what a goosedarnit mochi.  

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V: Knowing that Taehyung is the fashion icon in BTS, you couldn’t embarrass him with any ordinary dress at an award show.  

You decided to get in contact with the best stylist the world. The stylist placed you in a fashion forward piece that exposed your chest areas. The dress was a deep blue color that and hugged your body in all the right places and was accented with jewels. This piece was controversial, iconic, and fashion forward all at the same time. This made you anxious for what Taehyung would say.  

So there you stood, posing in the middle of the dressing room waiting for to V to arrive. Once Taehyung arrived he nonchalantly walked by, barely looking at your dress, lazily saying “cool dress.” He stood on the fitting podium while his stylist sized him up, and in slow motion, you scanned his body up to his face and that’s when he said it. 

“Try again hunty.”

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Jungkook: BTS were nominated for many awards at the award show that you would be attending to with them. You were going to support BTS, but mainly for your boyfriend Jungkook. Being your first award show, you wanted to dress to impress. When you found the perfect dress, you wanted to surprise Jungkook the day of the award show. When the day arrived, you called Jungkook down to your hotel room to meet you before you all left to head to the red carpet. You opened the door, somewhat seductively, and looked into Jungkooks eyes as he scanned your body from head to toe. 

“Wh-what are you wearing..” Jungkook asked in a nervous tone. 

Suddenly, he lifted his hand up to block something from his view. You looked down to where he was avoiding and noticed that it was at your exposed breasts. 

“You don’t like it?” You asked in an unintentional disappointed voice.  

Jungkook looked at you quickly and lifted up your face. “No, babe you look hot. I just don’t want anyone to give you any fishy looks. Only I should be able to see you like this.”  

You chuckled at Jungkook’s comment and pulled him out the door. Little did you know that Jungkook would literally be avoiding you the whole night because of your outfit. He was just too shy to see you like that and his eyes would be scarred for life. When it would be time to take pictured, he would just hover his arm around you. He would even go as far as pretending not to know you.

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Code: Realize: I Am Cardia 

A beautiful Illustration of Cardia used to introduced Saori Hayami as her voice for the upcoming anime due out on October 2017. More or less if I recall right, the quote says “There was a girl once who was called a monster. The only thing the girl wanted was to Love”, which is how we’re introduced into the concept of the story. I think by far this is the prettiest illustration of her and there’s something special about the confident way she looks. Strong heroines don’t come by often and even less well balanced ones that grow and develop over the course of a story. You go girl! Looking forward to seeing Miss Beckford in action! 

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter.  DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Mystic Messenger : Day 10 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

Please be considerate. I did it on my own.

If you are on phone, please setting the page to be seen in the computer version! On the phone, the answers are sometimes unaligned and it can confuse you…

In order to not bother and annoy my followers who don’t play this game by this looong post, I’ll put a seperate line. Click to see.

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Jiminie’s study! #1 
I still didn’t figure how I want to draw JiMin (also I’m still not confident with my flat colors), so i’ve doing studies about him and the rest of BTS of course, and honestly It’s so hard drawing real people, because I have to mix they looks and my style, and AH~, I’m tired but I’ll work harder, I promise, all for my boys, I also want to improve because I want to make comics (YES MORE COMICS ANTICIPATE THEM BECAUSE THE SHiP HELL IS COMING) and more draws about them, pray for me ashfsafhsah
Hope you like it! with some luck I’ll upload this week again 
Take care and eat well! 
Lots of love, Coco <3

“Painting on the computer“

Dean Ambrose (WWE)

I wasn’t sure how I should do. I made this today and I just figured I wanted to share it as well. Consider it some extra stuff to show some appreciation for Ambrollins.

It’s based on a dream fragment I had; a chibi Dean was sitting on a sand path, a palette in his hand and painted a laptop. I don’t know what he was painting since I only saw his back but I just figured, of course he has to paint Seth :’)

Don’t hit me for uploading a pic before “fanworks day” >< *covers head*


Spring Day pt. 4

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5

Jimin x Reader ft. Taehyung

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: You knew that married life with an idol would be challenging. You just didn’t know that it would be this challenging.

Word Count: 2763

A/N: I really wanted to upload this as soon as I finished it which means lots and lots of errors ahead! I will go through and edit it later.

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A hurried kiss found its way upon your forehead as you saw Jimin out the door, “Be careful, Jiminie!” 

“I will, and you be careful on your flight.” You were the apprentice of a well known photographer and later that evening, you were to leave to go to Japan on a business trip for a couple days, “And don’t forget to tell Jong Soo I said hi.”

“Of course. I’ll leave dinner for you on the table, make sure to heat it up okay?”

“I’m not 5, Y/N-ah.” He gave you another kiss, this time booping your nose.

“You’re not, but you are to me. Now go, you’re gonna miss the bus.” Jimin scrambled to find the time on his watch to check the time. You were right. He was going to miss the bus.

“Oh, shit…see you next week yeobo!” For one last time, he planted a quick peck on you lips and ran out the door. 

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Florist! Jinyoung
  • a tad more descriptive
  • google is advised for further understanding

- jinyoung was really intrigued with flowers ever since young

- his neighbourhood was filled with greenery, and as a child, he loved to go to the park near his house

- it always awed him how such things existed with so much colour and life

- it wasn’t a surprise that he grew up to be a florist

- jinyoung worked at his uncle’s shop, which was one of those aesthetic types, which resulted in a lot of photos being uploaded to instagram by their customers

- the shop was well known then but also for a certain cute boy working there

- jinyoung never minds the hoard of customers, mostly teenagers his age or a little older than him

- he often arranges bouquets for their significant other as a present, and does it according to either their favourite colours, meaning of the present or occasion, etcetera

- for him, it was a joy to do these things

- and of course, your friend recommended this shop to you

- she wanted to drag you along to pay the florist’s a visit since she wanted a peek of the aesthetic-ness of it all and the cute boy

- you had nothing better to do so why not?

- your first thought entering the shop was that it smelled really, really nice

- like a little fruity-refreshing kinda smell, but not too heady either

- there weren’t a lot of people in the shop either, and you and your friend were immediately greeted by a boy

- he was all smiles and wow,

- you might’ve been dreaming but he was glowing with a pale gold halo around him

- “welcome to baeby’s breath, how may i help you?”


- “we’re just looking around.”

- jinyoung gave you two another smile before returning to his place behind the counter

- you were walking around the shop while trying to tune out your friend’s aggressive whispers of how cute the boy was

- you had caught his name on his name tag pinned on his apron earlier, and you understood where the shop’s name came from

- but the shop was really organised and neat, with different types of flowers bundled together in a stalk and kept in small flower coolers along the sturdy wooden planks nailed to the wall

- there were baskets of dried flowers as well

- you were attracted by a particular type of flower

- it was called baby’s breath, and you briefly remembered the shop’s name

- it was made up of a stalk which branched out, and tiny white flowers bloomed above those branches

- you turned around, but came face to face with jinyoung, and you stepped back reflexively

- “you’re interested in these?” jinyoung points to the baby’s breath, and you nodded

- “they’re really pretty.”

- jinyoung seems to be deep in thought before taking a bouquet of baby’s breath and stares at it

- you didn’t interrupt him

- that is, until he gently pushed the bouquet into your hands and told you to bring it home for free

- you were flustered and dying of curiousity as well

- but as you left, jinyoung told you to visit more often

- you agreed, and you really did came more often, even if you didn’t have any intention to buy anything

- jinyoung’s uncle would smirk and ask jinyoung to take a break while he takes over, to spend some time with you

- there’s a tiny lounge behind the shop where jinyoung gave you a drink

- you two started to talk about your lives

- and you thought it was really cute how jinyoung’s eyes would sparkle when he talks about anything related to flowers

- he was also a very attentive listener and really seemed to be interested in your boring childhood

- which was funny tbh because no one ever listened so quietly to you about your childhood

- and when you asked him about why he gave you the baby’s breath for free, he was silent for a moment before answering

- “not many people appreciate it.”

- you swear you saw a hint of blush speckled on his cheeks but you couldn’t be sure

- but you get his point

- baby’s breath were often used as a filler for bouquets, and they weren’t really much appreciated as a flower itself

- unfortunately for the both of you, jinyoung’s uncle decided that it was time for him to get back to work

- before you left, his uncle whispered to tell you to search up the meaning behind baby’s breath

- you did that night, and the results left you unable to sleep

- since jinyoung wasn’t christain, some of the meanings couldn’t be implied

- which means,,,

- everlasting and undying love

- but then, it could mean friendship love or romantic bonds, so you were confused

- over these months, you admit you had developed a little feelings for jinyoung

- he was always there listening to you, never failing to make your heart skip when he smiles, and teases you sometimes

- all this made you want to stay by his side for a long time

- but you needed a clear answer, so you decided to ask him instead

- what was the risk anyways? love couldn’t always be reciprocated

- a few days later, you showed up at the shop again, and jinyoung rushed out to greet you

- he was a little sweaty, probably from the heat, but nonetheless carried that same, bright smile of his that made his eyes curve into little crescents

- you tried to ignore the pain throb in your body, thinking that it might be the last time you’d see that smile ever again

- “jinyoung, i need to tell you something important.”

- jinyoung’s uncle passed by and gestured for him to go along with you, and you both went into the lounge into again

- “jinyoung, i like you, more than a friend.”

- you watched as jinyoung’s jaw went slack, and your face fell, knowing that he probably won’t accept your confession

- you suddenly felt the urge to run away

- “jinyoung, i’m sorry, i have to go.”

- you reached out to twist the door knob open, but jinyoung pulled you back

- he was looking at you, his eyes concerned, and his face blushing too

- “i like you too, y/n, that baby’s breath-”

- you were suddenly filled with so much happiness that you went to hug him, cutting jinyoung off

- you felt jinyoung’s arms circling around your waist and pull you closer, his warmth radiating around you

- he smelled so good too

- like vanilla and peach blossoms

- when you two came out of the lounge, his uncle was applauding

- “this boy wanted to confess for so long, so i helped him a little.”

- jinyoung would be the cutest florist boyfriend ever

- he always conveys his love to you through flowers, and always ties it with a pretty ribbon with a note

- always writes sweet and encouraging things, like “you look beautiful today” or “don’t be stressed, eat well!! love you lots <3”

- suddenly all the pictures taken from the shop uploaded on instagram was about the both of you

Truth or Dare

I walked in through the front door of my best friends house. I was filming a video and Kian and JC. They’ve been my best friends for four years now. I’ve had a huge crush on Kian since the day I met him, but I couldn’t risk my friendship with him to say anything. JC knew because he’s always been there to listen to me and hear me out when I’m starting to lose my mind.

We began to film the video, JC and Kian both screamed into the camera “YOU ALREADY KNOW WHATS UP!” JC said “hey guys! Today we’re here with y/n and we’re going to be playing a little truth or dare! Uh I think everyone knows how to play so we’ll just get started. Kian you’re first, truth or dare?” Kian smiled “dare.” JC dared Kian to jump into the pool with his clothes on. Kian shrugged his shoulders and motioned to Bobby, who was filming, to follow him. “CANNONBALL” he screamed as he jumped in. I shook my head and laughed. “He’s insane.” I said to Bobby. Kian jumped out of the pool and picked me up and spun me around. I screamed at him to put me down laughing. He set me down on the couch and said “truth or dare?” Smiling mischievously at me. “I don’t trust your dares, so truth.” I laughed “What is your biggest juiciest secret?” He asked his eyes gleaming. “Kian I don’t have any secrets. You guys know everything about me.” Kian sighed. A few rounds later JC turned to Kian again “truth or dare.” “Dare” Kian never chose truth. “I dare you to finally tell y/n the truth about how you feel.” JC spoke slowly watching Kian’s face. My heart dropped into my stomach as I searched Kian’s face for any clue to what JC was talking about. Kian turned bright red. He turned his head away from me and I could tell he was mouthing something to JC. “Guys I am right here..” I quietly reminded them. Jc turned to Kian and then looked at me. “It’s a dare. You have to.” He said firmly “ugh okay.” He turned to me. He looked so nervous. “I uh, um well. Okay. Honestly I’ve kind of had a crush on you. Practically since the first day you walked through that door. And I didn’t want to tell you, because you’re my best friend. And I really don’t want to lose you, ever. But JC is an asshole and dared me to tell you so I have to and I’m rambling.” Kian stopped his eyes not meeting mine. The biggest smile appeared on my face and I jumped into Kian’s lap. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and held him close to me. “Kian look at me.” I said forgetting about the camera in front of us. When he didn’t look up I reached my hand down to his chin and pulled his head up gently until his eyes met mine. I smiled at him pausing and taking a deep breath. “Babe, you have no idea how long I have waited to hear you say something like that.” His eyes lit up “really?! You’re being serious?” He searched my face for any sign of me joking or trying to prank him. I nodded and smiled even bigger, he’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug. He pulled away and I poured not wanting the hug to end yet. We locked eyes and then his lips met mine. Jc cleared his throat reminding us that there was a camera filming us. Kian pulled away and looked at the camera and laughed. He looked back at me. “Truth or dare?” He asked me. “Truth” I answered. I don’t pick dares. He knows this. “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asked me. I smiled and pressed my lips on his. “Of course.” I answered. We turned back to camera as JC said “well, I don’t think I can get any more truth or dares out of these two today, so that’s all for this video! Like and subscribe! See you on Wednesday!” Bobby turned off the camera and him and JC went to go upload the footage to the computer. Kian smiled at me and said “I’ve wanted to call you mine since the day I met you. Every time you brought someone home, it took everything in me not to fight them or scare them away.” I smiled and kissed his nose. “I’m all yours babe.”

anonymous asked:

How would the RFA react to a super famous K-pop idol MC? (If you aren't really familar with K-pop then just a really famous pop idol MC) ^-^ thanks!

ah thanks for reminding me I need to listen to that k-pop song my friend told me to listen to;;;; also that i need to listen to k-pop in general i’m so bad at catching up to things lol 

but thank you for the request! I hope you like it~ (´∀`) 

i know i usually put V in for everything that says ‘rfa’ but ahhhh i might put him in another post. someone tell me they want v for this too and i’ll do it lol 

[ route spoilers! ] 


  • when she came over to his apartment, he automatically knew her
  • and he was shocked! this whole time he’s been flirting with an idol??
  • he was a big fan of her work! and she was a big fan of his!!
  • this was actually amazing…except for one thing
  • now they have to really be secret because they both have sensitive publicity stuff
  • or do they?
  • well, they do, but not for long 
  • both of their fans get the news and are so surprised!!
  • they all ship it though and he and mc are living
  • jaehee is the head of their ship, she provides fans with pictures 
  • but anyways, at home, they both are just so comfortable
  • they forget about the stress of being famous and just be with each other
  • zen especially finds comfort in the fact that he and mc don’t love each other for their fame, but for what happens when they get home 
  • which is literally sit and cuddle on the couch and sing silly songs together 
  • they have messy hair days and don’t wear pants and go out to the roof to stargaze
  • and im rambling but im in love with him so oh well


  • so he kisses her as soon as he comes up to her at the party
  • but why did she look so familiar?? o  hhhh 
  • “oh my god” yoosung pls don’t faint bby please
  • he’s a fan!!
  • wants her autograph lol 
  • when she first introduces him to her fans, yoosung is a bit scared
  • but they like him!! they think he’s cute and that they’re cute together 
  • he’s so thankful
  • thinks mc has a beautiful voice and always buys her merch
  • not stuff with her face on it, but stuff with lyrics or her label
  • mc asked him to do a duet with him once
  • he was so nervous, so they just uploaded it on youtube
  • and the fans liked him more!!
  • he can sing well!!! 
  • they ask to see more. so they go out more often


  • of course she knows mc! she’s a big fan!
  • already has some of her merch and now she’s her best friend??
  • and now they’re dating????
  • mc never hid her sexuality and she’s had past girlfriends before
  • but now she’s dating jaehee!!
  • mc does little shows at the cafe sometimes
  • business really booms on those nights
  • also guess who helps mc in their songwriting process?
  • jaehee does!!!
  • the songs they work on together are so cute
  • jaehee also shows up in a few of mc’s music videos when she’s not too shy
  • some fans ask why they never kiss in said videos
  • mc tells them jaehee’s not a fan of pda
  • but once, jaehee kissed mc in front of the paps
  • the fans went Wild


  • pop isn’t his type of music, but he knows mc
  • he listens to her music again. really listens to it 
  • and he kind of likes it
  • of course, he helps spread mc’s popularity
  • and helps comes up with merch ideas
  • he’s also so supportive! 
  • mc is doing something that makes her happy and inspires other people to do the same, it’s great
  • the paps have a field day at the party, however, when he proposes 
  • side note i have alternate proposal hcs for him and the others but that’s not this request lol
  • because no one knew they were dating in the first place!! 
  • and neither of them answer that question!!! 
  • they’re both just like “oh, i’ve been married to my wife/husband for ‘x’ amount of time”
  • yes, but how long have you two been dating
  • they just don’t want to tell everyone that they only knew each other for 11 days lmao
  • they do have a healthy, supportive relationship, though
  • and a cat. sorry, an Elizabeth the Third

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he knows, of course he knows
  • he’s also a fan
  • when he finds out, he buys a ton of merch
  • and when they meet, he gets to hear her sing live 
  • he loves it more than the recorded versions
  • while they’re on the run and stuff, trying to figure things out, saeyoung has nightmares sometimes
  • mc sings to him when they happen and it helps him calm down
  • they can’t be too public with their relationship
  • her fans know she’s dating him, but they know him as luciel 
  • and they’ve seen maybe two pictures
  • sometimes, they ask, but mc explained it as best she could
  • he’s still super supportive, though! 
  • goes to every event, helps spread new singles that she releases 
  • gave the fans an audio of him covering one of her songs
  • by playing it on stage as her birthday present whaaattt 
  • mc starts crying on stage, but happy tears awww

Well, better later than never. I wanted to do something for the meihem week, but I had no time, so there is it now. I’ve been ruminating about an AU for them, although it had ended getting out of my hands and becoming somewhat an open All-characters Au world… thing. xD (There will be meihem at some point, but it’s not a main point in the plot). It`s called for now: Solarwatch.

Basically, Mei is a field climatologist, specialized in dangerous atmospheric phenomena, who works for Overwatch industries. Overwatch is a big, wealthy company, specialiced in innovation in a lot of fields. Mei`s reseach is funded by the company. (funilly enough, I didn’t know the movie Twister existed until I explained this idea to a friend XD).

Which is what brings her to a lanky small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded mostly by old farms. Junkrat and Roadhog live there, taking care of their own business (?). The plot somehow start during one of the tornado alerts. While they are heading to their bunker, Junkrat takes his time admiring the destruction, which allows him to see a stranger (Mei) way too close to the danger zone. They end up having to fetch her into the bunker with them. Of course the van and all the equipment gets blown up and Mei gets stuck with the two farmers until the damage is fixed enough in the town for her to comunicate with overwatch.

The designs and ideas aren’t still 100% finished, so there can be some changes.

Although this has a plot, though, I’m not doing a full comic, but vignettes, sketchworks and some scattered illustrations. So it’s not going to be in chronological order or have an schedule.

It has been a long time since I uploaded anything to Tumblr, and well, I want to apologize for that. I will try to force myself to upload more stuff. Thanks everyone for the attention!.

Sorry if in the Au, or in the descriptions, there is some English mistakes. it’s not my Mother language. Thanks to @underloks for the help in English.

Part 1
: http://courageandvalor.tumblr.com/post/149058727979


My Top 5 Saber Class Servants

In order to celebrate the announcement of Fate/Grand Order being released in the west, I thought that I would do something rather special. I’ve always wanted to be more active on this blog, rather than some mysterious voice who randomly uploads from time to time, as well as branching out into a more ‘general’ Nasuverse blog. Of course, I’ll keep doing Servants, but I would like to do other characters, lore and similar stuff as well.

First off though, I thought I would upload my top five Servants in each class for the next week or so. I won’t be doing the classes that don’t have that many Servants in such as Avenger and Ruler since they don’t have enough Servants to really choose from. I also wanted to explain why I like these Servants so much, in order for people to know me better.

Let’s start with the Sabers!

1. Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus/The Whore of Babylon

Nero is my all-time favourite of the Saber Servants, mostly because of her personality. I have seen it described as a mix between Iskander and Gilgamesh which sort of fits. 

She’s very loud, arrogant, selfish, but she also has a loving heart. All she wanted was for Rome to love her as much as she loved it and it’s a simple story that works without being to complex. I’m also admittedly biased towards her, since Fate/Extra is my favourite of the game series. Also, she is voiced by Sakura Kinomoto! 

That’s pretty neat in my eyes.

2. Mordred

Out of Arturia and Mordred, I’ve always like Mordred much more. It’s not that I don’t like Arturia, but I feel that nowadays she’s a little overrated. Plus, Mordred has that biker chick thing going on and she’s always been rather obscure. Thankfully, she’ll finally get the spotlight in the anime adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha so I’m happy to see that.

Is it just me, but does her hair look like a pineapple?

3. Altera/Attila the Hun

One of the newer Servants in the Fate franchise, Attila is also amazing. Back in the days of her first reveal, a lot of us speculated that she was actually a humanoid form of Type-Mars, in similar fashion to Type-Venus’s V.V. With the release of Fate/Extella, that turned out not to be true, but it’s still an interesting take on her character instead of going for a generic Berserker Class Servant.

I also have to say, I really like her design. She seems so fragile, but strong at the same time. That’s how she’s always felt to me anyway.

4. Okita Souji

Remember when Okita was a joke Servant? I do, and it was nice to see her make a proper appearance in Fate/Grand Order alongside Nobunaga. I’ve got a soft spot for people wearing traditional Japanese clothing and it fits Okita really well, especially with how damn adorable she is.

I was also interested in the Shinsengumi when I was younger, so that probably had an influence. It is nice to see a rather ‘normal’ Servant who doesn’t actually have any magical powers. 

She was just that good with a sword.

5. Le Chevalier D’Eon

A nice, fancy design and an extremely cute Servant. Like Okita, they are also a very ordinary Servant who got in simply by being a badass with a sword. They were also from the same time period and country of my favourite Servant ever, so they have points there too.

A cool note that I like about them, is how ‘Musketeer’ they look. In fact, I imagine that if D’Artagan was born a girl or existed in the Nasuverse, D’Eon would be their splitting image. It might sound weird, but that has always stuck with me.

Guys! I haven’t been active these past few weeks because, as some of you know, i’m from Puerto Rico. It was devastated by hurricane María. The whole island is without electricity, some of us have water, some don’t. There’s only signal for Claro (phone company) in some places. The other telephone companies lost their antennas, and the ones who still had them.. well, people stole the copper.

Things are bad here, way worse than they report. There’s a lot more deaths than the media shows.. but other than not having light, water, cash to buy food and stuff, we’re going to get through this. This process has thaught me a lot.

I’m anxious to share more pictures with you guys, but since i have no electricity i can’t use my computer nor do i have wifi to upload them. And of course i want this situation to be over, but i know we’ll get through this. We’ll get on out feet again.

Important info about my TR fanart

I know I don’t draw a lot, but please read it, because it’s pretty important to me.

You are allowed to use my Team Rocket fanart with good intentions, in any way you like (AMV, graphic edits like icons/logos/whatever), as long as you credit me. No permissions needed.

I don’t share a popular opinion when it comes to reposting fanart (and fanart only, not commercial art), because… as an artist not only I don’t hate when it happens to me, I actually like it! You see, some people repost all their art on a few sites and I repost my old artworks here and there, but in the end I’m too lazy/busy to bother with reposting all of it and I also worry that people may think I’m annoying with spamming them with my old crap. So yeah. But you know, new fans are joining the fandom on Tumblr and they’re unaware that I was arleady drawing Rockets over 10 years ago. But hey, here comes someone to do the work for me, yay! They didn’t bother to tell me though so I could reblog it though, but thankfully @conretewings was here to tell me <3 But yeah I just reblogged the thing with my author comment and done :3 I was happy that someone liked my old stuff. If it was work that was arleady posted on Tumblr by me, I’d have asked them to take it down, because there would be no reason to double it when they could just reblog. But it wasn’t on Tumblr before, so… Oh, and I’ve always been ready for such situations, that’s why I sign my works and write the link to my page. That way you never go uncreditted, unless it gets editted out, but that’s a different story.

I don’t think reposting is stealing, as long as the viewer is ensured the poster didn’t draw it and as long as the said art is non-commercial fanart. I hate art theft and whenever I came upon someone claiming someone else’s art as theirs or even worse, making money off it, I reported them.

Of course, this would be way different with commercial art, because in such case, people get paid for views and likes, so it’s really important. If it gets reposted in another place, then that’s straightforward theft. But fanarts? You can’t make money off it.

Btw, why do I draw TR fanarts? Of course not for the money, we made that clear. For myself? If I did that for myself, I wouldn’t bother to finish a single one and publish it probably… For the fandom? Yeah, that’s it. I want my Team Rocket art to be shared and seen by as many fans as possible. And reposting my art on a site that it’s not on is a way to do it! So yeah, if you have something like a fanart blog then you are free to repost my old fanarts if you like. Just credit me *waves a finger* Haha!

I want my art to bring you happiness and inspire you. Only then I know that hours that I spent on it paid off. It makes me happy too (so I guess it is for myself in the end pff xD;). The only thing that I ask for is to credit me. A link to my tumblr or deviantart (musajirou.deviantart.com) would be much appreciated. I still hope I can become a proffessional artist someday :’). But I’m still lacking - technical skills, drawing speed, self-confidence…

Well my wish is to be still known in the fandom. I may not be as active as I used to be in the old days, because well, adult life kicks you hard in the ass at some point and you can hardly do anything about it. Recently I just feel forgotten and lonely more and more, although living in a foreign country and having practically no life outside of work has something to do with it. Even when I make a new fanart it doesn’t get as much publicity as in the old days :< Well, serves me right for drawing like once in a blue moon I guess. But yeah, I’ll upload my newer art to my deviantart soon, so people have an easy access.

Of course I’m not telling other artists to like this proceder as well, and I’m not trying to change their opinion, I just want to show that there are artists with another point of view on the whole matter.

Am I the only one who gets kinda nervous when people who appear to only play TS4 (or TS3) reblog CC that you’ve uploaded? I’m like, “Do they know it’s for TS2? Should I be mentioning this in the text of the post rather than just in the tags?” And then I think, “Well, maybe they play TS2, too” and go my merry way. But then sometimes I look at their blog and sometimes all I see is TS4 (or 3) stuff, and then I get nervous again. And then I think, “Well, maybe they play TS2 but never post about it.” But then I think, “But then why don’t they reblog other TS2 stuff, too?” And them I’m nervous all over again. 

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the reblogs, of course. I just don’t want people to be misled. Ah well. If this is the only thing I angst about, I guess I’m doing pretty well. But I do wonder if I ought to start mentioning that the stuff I upload is all/only for TS2 in the text…