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10 inspiring and helpful YouTube channels for digital artists

People are asking us how the art we share can be so good.

The answer this time isn’t so simple. An artist has his own way on shaping his style, he takes his time to experiment and so it becomes quite difficult for others to try learning his art style and making it their own. It’s even wrong.

But we can tell you that many artists learn by getting inspired by others’ art. Watching an artist while he paints can be motivating - and of course it can teach you a few technical tricks.

So, here there are ten YouTube channels you should check out.

1. FZD School of design

It’s a school founded by Feng Zhu, amazing concept artist with a lot of experience in video games, films and commercials. His videos are real episodes/lessons and they are very helpful. And, well, they even have a school in Singapore…

2. China digital painting

This channel doesn’t feature tutorials but shares full video processes by Chinese artists. In this period we are seeing many young artists inspired by an art style that’s typically Chinese - it features dramatic lighting and mood. Mind, though, that such technique can be found in other masters like Bouguereau and Rembrandt.

3. Ctrl + Paint

A channel dedicated to the digital painting in Photoshop. Very helpful for those beginners who want to learn how to use the software and how to get better with art in general.

4. Level Up!

One of the most known groups of digital art on Facebook can be found on YouTube as well. The founders are Wojtek Fus and Darek Zabrocki. Each session (episode) features a different digital artist. This is great because you can compare the different painting processes. The main theme of this channel is concept art and fantasy/sci-fi illustrations.

5. JJ canvas

This is the channel of Jorge Jacinto. He uploads speedpaintings, but they are very inspiring if you want to look at how a wonderful surreal landscape can be created in twenty minutes - in time-lapse of course.

6. Webang111

Another channel with time-lapse videos. Very inspiring if you are into colorful and cartoony illustrations.

7. Ross Draws

His art is wonderful and his videos are super funny! Check out his channel if you want to see how a fantasy illustration can be created from a simple idea - I mean, he starts with two rough lines to close the video with a breathtaking illustration. Crazy.

8. The Portrait Art

Okay, we know. This channel is not about digital art. But it’s amazing art anyway and if you are into realistic portraits, you can get inspired by watching these videos.

9. Cubebrush

Another channel with time-lapse videos, but a few are commented. The videos are about 2D and 3D paintings.

10. Noah Bradley

This artist is a master in the concept field and he doesn’t only talk about his digital method but about his career as well, giving lots of hints on how to become a better artist and how to enter the art industry.

We hope this post helps you. Good luck!

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Code: Realize: Steampunk Gentlemen

This is one I’ve been waiting for a long time to scan. Originally sold as a wall scroll at I believe the 2015 Summer Otomate Market, it was included with the illustrations for the visual fan book for the Code:Realize fan disk. Each and every one of the guys looks amazingly handsome. The suits are similar but not identical. It’s also worth noting that these likely served as the base for the outfits they use during the “Lupin’s Mafia” story in the fan disk (they look very similar as well).

My personal favorite of course is Van. I find it interesting most of the suits he is seeing wearing in illustrations are pin-stripe suits. Guess that’s his favorite. I’ve really become a big fan of steampunk ever since I got into Code:Realize and I have to thank miko’s gorgeous illustrations for that. Part of me wants to know what Saint Germain is writing, but I get the feeling with that look on his face, it’s better not to ask….

If re-posting please credit to “flowermiko” at Tumblr or Twitter. DO NOT UPLOAD TO ZEROCHAN. Thank you and enjoy!

Jiminie’s study! #1 
I still didn’t figure how I want to draw JiMin (also I’m still not confident with my flat colors), so i’ve doing studies about him and the rest of BTS of course, and honestly It’s so hard drawing real people, because I have to mix they looks and my style, and AH~, I’m tired but I’ll work harder, I promise, all for my boys, I also want to improve because I want to make comics (YES MORE COMICS ANTICIPATE THEM BECAUSE THE SHiP HELL IS COMING) and more draws about them, pray for me ashfsafhsah
Hope you like it! with some luck I’ll upload this week again 
Take care and eat well! 
Lots of love, Coco <3

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How would the RFA react to a super famous K-pop idol MC? (If you aren't really familar with K-pop then just a really famous pop idol MC) ^-^ thanks!

ah thanks for reminding me I need to listen to that k-pop song my friend told me to listen to;;;; also that i need to listen to k-pop in general i’m so bad at catching up to things lol 

but thank you for the request! I hope you like it~ (´∀`) 

i know i usually put V in for everything that says ‘rfa’ but ahhhh i might put him in another post. someone tell me they want v for this too and i’ll do it lol 

[ route spoilers! ] 


  • when she came over to his apartment, he automatically knew her
  • and he was shocked! this whole time he’s been flirting with an idol??
  • he was a big fan of her work! and she was a big fan of his!!
  • this was actually amazing…except for one thing
  • now they have to really be secret because they both have sensitive publicity stuff
  • or do they?
  • well, they do, but not for long 
  • both of their fans get the news and are so surprised!!
  • they all ship it though and he and mc are living
  • jaehee is the head of their ship, she provides fans with pictures 
  • but anyways, at home, they both are just so comfortable
  • they forget about the stress of being famous and just be with each other
  • zen especially finds comfort in the fact that he and mc don’t love each other for their fame, but for what happens when they get home 
  • which is literally sit and cuddle on the couch and sing silly songs together 
  • they have messy hair days and don’t wear pants and go out to the roof to stargaze
  • and im rambling but im in love with him so oh well


  • so he kisses her as soon as he comes up to her at the party
  • but why did she look so familiar?? o  hhhh 
  • “oh my god” yoosung pls don’t faint bby please
  • he’s a fan!!
  • wants her autograph lol 
  • when she first introduces him to her fans, yoosung is a bit scared
  • but they like him!! they think he’s cute and that they’re cute together 
  • he’s so thankful
  • thinks mc has a beautiful voice and always buys her merch
  • not stuff with her face on it, but stuff with lyrics or her label
  • mc asked him to do a duet with him once
  • he was so nervous, so they just uploaded it on youtube
  • and the fans liked him more!!
  • he can sing well!!! 
  • they ask to see more. so they go out more often


  • of course she knows mc! she’s a big fan!
  • already has some of her merch and now she’s her best friend??
  • and now they’re dating????
  • mc never hid her sexuality and she’s had past girlfriends before
  • but now she’s dating jaehee!!
  • mc does little shows at the cafe sometimes
  • business really booms on those nights
  • also guess who helps mc in their songwriting process?
  • jaehee does!!!
  • the songs they work on together are so cute
  • jaehee also shows up in a few of mc’s music videos when she’s not too shy
  • some fans ask why they never kiss in said videos
  • mc tells them jaehee’s not a fan of pda
  • but once, jaehee kissed mc in front of the paps
  • the fans went Wild


  • pop isn’t his type of music, but he knows mc
  • he listens to her music again. really listens to it 
  • and he kind of likes it
  • of course, he helps spread mc’s popularity
  • and helps comes up with merch ideas
  • he’s also so supportive! 
  • mc is doing something that makes her happy and inspires other people to do the same, it’s great
  • the paps have a field day at the party, however, when he proposes 
  • side note i have alternate proposal hcs for him and the others but that’s not this request lol
  • because no one knew they were dating in the first place!! 
  • and neither of them answer that question!!! 
  • they’re both just like “oh, i’ve been married to my wife/husband for ‘x’ amount of time”
  • yes, but how long have you two been dating
  • they just don’t want to tell everyone that they only knew each other for 11 days lmao
  • they do have a healthy, supportive relationship, though
  • and a cat. sorry, an Elizabeth the Third

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • he knows, of course he knows
  • he’s also a fan
  • when he finds out, he buys a ton of merch
  • and when they meet, he gets to hear her sing live 
  • he loves it more than the recorded versions
  • while they’re on the run and stuff, trying to figure things out, saeyoung has nightmares sometimes
  • mc sings to him when they happen and it helps him calm down
  • they can’t be too public with their relationship
  • her fans know she’s dating him, but they know him as luciel 
  • and they’ve seen maybe two pictures
  • sometimes, they ask, but mc explained it as best she could
  • he’s still super supportive, though! 
  • goes to every event, helps spread new singles that she releases 
  • gave the fans an audio of him covering one of her songs
  • by playing it on stage as her birthday present whaaattt 
  • mc starts crying on stage, but happy tears awww

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wait why were people mad at soraru and mafumafu? did something happen?

ah sorry to ask, but why were people unhappy with atr’s cd? i’ve been totally out of touch with the goings on of utaite recently and i have no idea what’s happening ;-;

Putting these two asks together since they’re the same question~ Well basically with the 2 new ATR singles they released 2 months ago, they pretty clearly said we should buy the limited edition versions if we want to see the music videos for Kaidoku Funou and Anti-Clockwise, and the LE versions of course cost extra money. Then a few days ago they uploaded them fully on Youtube for their 2-month anniversary and also briefly said it was due to illegal uploads of the videos on the internet that they decided to do this. There were a lot of people who paid the extra money for the LE versions to see the MVs, so they were unhappy and felt mislead with why they bought the version. But ATR apologized and Mafumafu clearly said that in the future they’ll announce in advance if they plan to upload content like that publicly, so that they don’t repeat this situation again.

Though I was kinda iffy about their choice to upload the MVs publicly under those circumstances, it’s really not a big deal if it doesn’t keep happening, which it sounds like it won’t! And I haven’t been keeping an eye on JPN side of the fandom much after the first day but as far as I can tell people were pretty accepting of their apology. And in the end, it’s the reprinters who are at the most fault here -_- I wish there was more ATR could do to prevent that stuff… :(


Well, better later than never. I wanted to do something for the meihem week, but I had no time, so there is it now. I’ve been ruminating about an AU for them, although it had ended getting out of my hands and becoming somewhat an open All-characters Au world… thing. xD (There will be meihem at some point, but it’s not a main point in the plot). It`s called for now: Solarwatch.

Basically, Mei is a field climatologist, specialized in dangerous atmospheric phenomena, who works for Overwatch industries. Overwatch is a big, wealthy company, specialiced in innovation in a lot of fields. Mei`s reseach is funded by the company. (funilly enough, I didn’t know the movie Twister existed until I explained this idea to a friend XD).

Which is what brings her to a lanky small town in the middle of nowhere, surrounded mostly by old farms. Junkrat and Roadhog live there, taking care of their own business (?). The plot somehow start during one of the tornado alerts. While they are heading to their bunker, Junkrat takes his time admiring the destruction, which allows him to see a stranger (Mei) way too close to the danger zone. They end up having to fetch her into the bunker with them. Of course the van and all the equipment gets blown up and Mei gets stuck with the two farmers until the damage is fixed enough in the town for her to comunicate with overwatch.

The designs and ideas aren’t still 100% finished, so there can be some changes.

Although this has a plot, though, I’m not doing a full comic, but vignettes, sketchworks and some scattered illustrations. So it’s not going to be in chronological order or have an schedule.

It has been a long time since I uploaded anything to Tumblr, and well, I want to apologize for that. I will try to force myself to upload more stuff. Thanks everyone for the attention!.

Sorry if in the Au, or in the descriptions, there is some English mistakes. it’s not my Mother language. Thanks to @underloks for the help in English.

Part 1
: http://courageandvalor.tumblr.com/post/149058727979

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Hello! I love your AUs and all your art it's honestly so beautiful and well thought out and just aahh it's just so good! I was wondering if it's OK to use your art as my phone background? I won't edit it or upload any screenshots of it or any kind of reposting (ofc). I wanted to make sure if it was OK and of course I understand if you don't want your art to be used outside of your own blog yknow, but I honestly don't know if it counts as reposting? (sorry if it's obvious and I'm just dumb)

yes, that’s totally fine!!! Tysm for asking though <333

Eunhae in 2014 - To every Eunhae fans ♥

1. Hyukjae started an IG account, and immediately followed Donghae. But Donghae didn’t follow him back, and finally he did, and he said :“He has begged me for total 4 hours!!!”

2. Donghae’s IG was hacked twice. The first time was when they were in Japan, and right after hae’s IG was hacked, there was a new account dongdonglee. Even though Donghae said the name was chosen himself, it matched so well with haohaohyuk! Hyukjae not only helped his little pabo to promote his new account, but also proudly said,“ Should I follow this account? I always told you to be nicer to me your little pabo!” And of course Hyukjae finally followed the new account of his little pabo!! The second time was during Christmas, Hyukjae uploaded the photo which the hacker dm him and said in a direct and blunt way : WHO ARE YOU!“

3. 2012 Donghae during Oppa Oppa FM said he wanted to go to Tokyo Tower, and wanted to kiss on the top of the Tower, Hyukjae replied then go. 2014 after recording a show, they went together to the Tower, and made it happen, makes us wonder if they kissed on the top of the Tower!!!

4. London Film Festival, a fan asked why Hyukjae came with hae, why can’t Donghae came himself? Donghae replied:” He looks so miserable so I took him along, without me he can’t do anything!“

5. Eunhae went to London together and spent the night before Hyukjae joined his family for his family trip in Paris. The next few days they simultaneously IG like telling each other they were fine. The last one Donghae IG : See You, and not long after, Hyukjae IG a video with his lips saying: Donghae, see…you!”

6. KTR, Hyukjae called Donghae, and during the conversation, Donghae asked for a song, but there was not enough time, Hyukjae said he would bring it back for Donghae to listen at home. Hyukjae then IG a kkt photo of his conversation with Donghae, with Donghae saying : I LOVE YOU MAN and a kissy dog face!

7. The next day, Hyukjae went to TLJ as part-time worker, fans asked Hyukjae where his necklace had gone, Hyukjae kept saying that he threw it away. He was asked twice and he said twice he still gave the same answer. Until a fan showed him the photo Donghae IG that morning, Hyukjae then said I threw it to Donghae….

8. Hyukjae called Donghae during the time he was in TLJ, at the end Donghae bobo fans, but Hyukjae bobo to the screen of his phone to Donghae!! Donghae was so cute with a pony-tail on his head! 

To be continued..

  • Ginny doesn’t really like Tumblr. She just randomly posts sports gifs (mostly football) and gushes over every girl she sees (so gay). She doesn’t bother to find any interesting blogs or something. 
  • Well, not before she stumbles upon Moonwitch’s blog.
  • All Ginny knows about her is that she is an artist (not even an artist, she is an art goddess, really), she is of Ginny’s age and she looks like a mermaid or a fairy (Ginny spent hours scrolling through her face tag and fainting a little at every selfie).
  • Ginny doesn’t even know her name and she is already gone. She opens her blog every day and wants to write her a message every day and never writes her a message, only sends a few anonymous asks. Even Harry, the most awkward when it comes to chatting up someone he likes, starts making fun of her. That’s annoying. 
  • She thinks Moonwitch’s drawings get more and more magical with every posted one (in all meanings of this word because she starts drawing more witches) and Ginny can’t take her eyes off them. 
  • She even takes arts course in college and tries to doodle in her free time. Only to understand that she likes to run much more. 
  • On the verge of her crush one lazy Saturday lunch Ginny sits in a coffeeshop, waiting for Hermione and Pansy, when a girl walks in. Ginny doesn’t believe her own eyes for a moment.
  • It’s her. Moonwitch literally sits a table away from her. In real life. In the coffeeshop across Ginny’s college. Wow. 
  • Ginny stares at her shamelessly for five long minutes. Moonwitch looks up and smiles at her for a couple of times, and her smile is so bright Ginny feels her cheeks burning immediately. She is almost ready to forget embarrassment and come to her table to say hi.
  • And of course this is when Hermione and Pansy decided to show up, stumbling in the door and laughing. Ginny wants to smother them both because when they are settled and done with the what’s-up talk Moonwitch is gone.
  • In the evening she replies to Harry’s text about tomorrow match and opens Tumblr as usual. She smiles excitedly at a new post (most likely a drawing that is still uploading). While it is uploading Ginny replies to another text which is just Harry panicking about the match (doesn’t suit Mister Captain well, does it?), and then she looks at it. 
  • She bites her bottom lip, but still lets out a muffled sound in surprise. A girl from the drawing looks a hella lot like… her?
  • “Saw this cute bean today and couldn’t resist,” Ginny reads the caption and a big grin spreads across her face. She saves the picture on her phone and finally does write a message to Moonwitch. 
  • The next time Luna draws her Ginny sits in front of her, trying to not move and stealing kisses from her when Luna switches brushes.

hellooooo <3

so this is my first time to do this but i hope i get money from this to get a tablet because my parents don’t want to help me and i want to do my next animation with a tablet…..                                                                                     and i’ll do the commissions first before anything else 

and a reminder i do everything with a mouse 

rules !

1-no nudity or sexual content i am fine with blood and gore                             2-payment first then i’ll start the drawing just for pure certainty                       3-any extra character well cost 5$ extra except for animations it well cost 10$ extra andcoal portraits it well cost 15$ extra                                                   4-i could ask you if i want to upload a speedpaint of your request of the digital painting and you can accept or refuse as you want

what i can do and can’t do :

i can draw any character from wherever it comes

i can draw any undertale au except undertail and underlust and of course fontcest

i can do poses and realistic expressions 

i can’t do any backgrounds      

i can do animations!

i can do coal pencil portraits but not colored

i can do full digital arts

i can do arabic font art in (diwany and thuluthe) i can form it into any shape or i can do it regularly 

so here is the list :

sketches and outlines:

chibis and icons:

digital paintings:

animations :

still image animation : 10 $

calm animated character : 15 $

mischevious animated character : 20 $

small scene animation : 25 $

big scene animation :35 $

(ps)the maximum of seconds for the animation is 10 sec no more than that

arabic font art (diwany and thulrhe):

coal pencil portraits:

remember any extra character :                                                      in digital art extra 5 $                                                                              in animation extra 10 $                                                                             in coal portrait extra 15 $      

did you like that and decided what you want?

send me an e-mail to superyoumna@gmail.com send me a sentence like this :

sketch : your request with reference or picture

outline:tradition/non perfect/perfect : your request with reference or picture     

digital painting : simple / full : your request with reference or picture 

animation : still image/calm/mischievous/small scene/big scene : your request with reference or picture 

Arabic font art : the word or sentence you want me to draw with or without a certain shape to form it in

coal portrait : your request with two pictures at least of that person

done… then what?

wait until i mail you back as soon as possible informing you if i accepted or rejected your request and if i accepted it i’ll send the final cost with my paypal account and the time it would take me to finish your request

i want to see a progress or a preview 

sure you can see it any time especially for coal portraits and animations if something you don’t like about it tell me to change it or fix it

how could i know if my commission was finished?

i’ll mail you that i finished your request and you can choose whether i send it as a file or upload it on “imgur” and i’ll send you the link

thank you <3


Okay so this is supposed to be read after the two vacation imagines that are already out.

Conor was supposed to be in charge. He was supposed to watch over his brother. He was the older of the two. He should’ve been looking out for Jack. He shouldn’t protected him. His brother. My fiancée.

Conor was in charge and he let Jack get hurt. He let Jack get in a fight on the night of our engagement party after he promised to keep an eye on Jack.

But I went home. I wasn’t feeling completely myself and I was tired so I decided to go home and let the guys stay out a little later while Anna and I went back to our flat since she was staying with us.

Next thing you know I get a call from Conor telling me to get to the hospital. Then I’m at the hospital waiting to hear about Jack’s condition.

He got into a fight at a bar, because some girl was getting close to him and he told her he was taken and next thing you know her boyfriend appears and starts swinging. Too bad they were outside and Jack backed up away from the guy. He backed up into the street, but he was still okay until the asshole shoved him further into the street where a car hit him.

Jack was hit by a car because…. I don’t actually know who to blame. I can’t blame Conor it’s not his fault. I can’t blame Jack he’s the innocent one here.


I’m the reason. If I just stayed and didn’t go home early I would’ve been there.

“Conor it’s my fault.” I whisper.

“Stop it Y/N, it isn’t your fault. Not at all, it’s my fault I should’ve stepped in.” He pulls me close to his body but all I can think of is how I want to be in Jack’s arms. I want to be asleep with his arms around me not in a hospital waiting room.

Two hours turns into four hours and four turns into five.

People keep showing up and telling me it’ll be okay and that Jack is strong, but it doesn’t help. Eventually everyone is just taking up the waiting room and I can’t even bother to look up to see who is standing above my place on the cold ground.

“Mrs. Maynard?” I hear a voice and my head turns to look at the doctor standing in front of me. I take a deep breath and point to Jack’s mom who is sitting next to Anna.

“I’m not Mrs. Maynard, that’s her.” I whisper and Conor who is sitting next to me pulls me closer to him.

“I thought you were the wife.” She explains in a kind voice and I nod understandingly. “You must be his mother.” She turns to her and she stands up while waiting for any information about her youngest son.

“Your son suffered severe head trauma and we had to do a craniotomy to relieve the pressure caused from the trauma. We stopped the brain bleed as well so right now he is stable, but he is going to be here for a while especially due to the significance of his injuries.”

“But that’s it?” Conor asks and she shakes her head.

“His vision may be affected by brain trauma, but it won’t be too severe and he did break a wrist but most of his complications were related to the head injury. You should be able to see him soon, but he does look a little different because we had to shave his head in order to perform the craniotomy.” The doctor explains and looks back at me.

“Why don’t you come with me?” She asks and I nod before standing up and following her away from the waiting area.

“He’s gonna need time and it’s not gonna be easy. He should regain all functions, but it’s not a sure thing. His vision will most likely be affected as I said, but speech patterns could be messed up as well. He may have trouble pronouncing things and remembering little things, but that’s the worst case. He won’t be forgetting you or his family he just might have trouble saying things and would have to go to speech therapy. However we think it went extremely well and before you ask, yes the person who did this was arrested.” She assures me and I nod. “Jack is currently in a medically induced coma so we can make sure he doesn’t move or anything before he heals more. He should be awake within a day or two.” She explain while walking down a hallway where nurses are everywhere and the doors to the rooms are clear glass for nurses to see through.

“I’m gonna break a rule and let you see him, but I can only give you ten minutes. After that I think you should go home and take a shower and get a change of clothes or maybe something to eat. When you get back you’re more than welcome to stay with him and so is his family. The other guests can only visit for so long considering there are so many of you.” She jokes and I smile at her.

“Thank you. You don’t realize how much this means to me. I’ve been up since I got the call six hours ago and I couldn’t sleep. I mean Jack is the one with insomnia not me, so it’s usually me helping him go to sleep, not him keeping me up.” I explain and the moment we stop at room 13 my heart aches for the boy sitting on that hospital bed with scratches all over his body, a cast on his left wrist and bandages around his head.

That boy is the one I fell in love with three years ago. That’s the boy I’m gonna marry, but that’s also the boy that I pray wakes up and proves to me that God has a plan.

He’s told me that phrase so many times over the duration of our relationship and I always yes him to death, because I couldn’t admit to him that I sometimes didn’t believe there was anyone. I couldn’t believe there was a god because I had watched so many horrid things happen to people I know and had barely any family growing up. I just couldn’t believe someone could have these things in their plan for me, but then Jack came along. He surely enough proved that I deserve to be loved and I don’t think whatever God there is, could be cruel enough to take away the one thing I cherish in this world.

“Oh love what have you gotten yourself into?” I laugh slightly as I take a seat beside the bed. “Look what happens when I let you out with the lads, you go ahead and nearly get yourself killed. Jack I can’t be having that if we’re going to get married. I’m gonna need my husband in tip top shape. I mean who is gonna carry my lazy ass from the couch to the bedroom or listen to my rants about anything and everything.”

“Jack I got the call and the first thing I thought about was our future. Not just us getting married but us having a family. I thought about our hypothetical family and how I wouldn’t get that. I wouldn’t get to have a son who looks like you and has your smile or have a daughter who you would treat like a princess. I wouldn’t get either of those things and all I could do was cry. Not because I want to be selfish, but because you’re someone so special and some child would miss out of having you as a father. Some child would miss out on having the best dad possible and the world would miss out on having such a kind and loving person walk the earth. I couldn’t handle the thought of not having you as a part of my life or of anyone else’s, because I was so lucky to have you in my life and everyone else needs someone like you. I can’t be here without you, I mean I could but I’d cry a lot and I’d miss you more than anything. I’d probably become a cat lady who never leaves her flat.”

“Anyway I just wanted to explain that I need you to pull everything you’ve got. I need you to be alive and healthy and waiting for me at the end of the aisle next year. Also everyone who watches the vlogs would be devastated and I don’t even think I’d be able to continue doing them and still act happy without you doing them with me. I mean we do them together. We’ve been doing them together for two years now.” I smile as I look down at my camera that I always have attached to me and today it’s on my neck like a necklace.

We started before we met. We met doing those videos and even though we both had over five million subscribers on our main channels, we never met or collaborated. Then I was making a vlog about moving in to my new place and he was doing his own video. We met when we saw each other and it has been amazing since then. After a year of dating we moved in together and we started our joint daily vlogging channel.

Now we’re engaged with over nine million subscribers on that channel and it wouldn’t be the same if one of us was gone.

“Jack just please be strong for me. You always are, but please be strong for me today. I want to come back here in an hour and you’re still gonna be alive. Then I want to be able to see you awake tomorrow, and after that I want to take you back home.” I rest my head on his bed as I continue to hold onto his hand.

“I love you Jack. I’ll be back in an hour I promise.” I kiss the back of his hand before standing up and giving him one last kiss on the cheek. I look back down at the camera on my lanyard and I pick it up as I walk out of the room.

This is my job.

“Hello everyone as you probably saw the last vlog was uploaded before midnight and it ended very well. Well moments after it was uploaded I got a call from Conor. Jack was about to leave the club when some of you guys wanted to take pictures, so of course he did, but the last person was slightly intoxicated and was coming onto him. Her boyfriend who was really really drunk got angry and thought jack was flirting and started a fight. He swung and Jack backed up into the street only for this guy to shove him back even more into oncoming traffic. Jack got hit by a car and had been in surgery for five hours and has been out for about two hours now. I only now got to see him for a few moments but later on I can stay for a longer time and he can have visitors. You may have already known because it was on the news, but in case you didn’t I just thought I’d clear it up.”

“Now I’m trying to stay hopeful, but I’m honestly scared that I could lose my best friend.” I explain as I walk outside into the brisk London air. “So basically I’m going to go home, change and shower since I’m still in my dress from last night, and come back so Conor can go home and switch out with me. Most of us have been here all night and have just been waiting for any updates and thankfully when we were updated they told us he is stable.”

“I’m gonna just upload this by itself, so you guys are aware of what’s going on, but I’m gonna try and upload the other video on his main channel that he planned to be uploaded tomorrow, and keep uploading vlogs, but I don’t know how much of this you want to see. He’s in a medically induced coma so he can heal because they had to do a craniotomy due to brain swelling. They say he might have affected vision and possibly some trouble speaking, so once I find out I’ll let you guys know, but I’m not gonna be posting as much content, so I guess any updates will be on my Twitter which is always in the description, but please keep him in your prayers. Thanks guys, love you as always.” I wave off and place the lanyard back around my neck before returning to the waiting room.

“I’m gonna go back home and change so Anna if you want to come with me?” I ask her and she shakes her head.

“I don’t want to leave him.”

“Anna I don’t want you seeing your brother like that. Not until he’s awake sweetie. Go change and when you come back I promise he’s still be here.” Mom smiles and I nod in agreement.

“Anna come on. Jack is okay, I just saw him and the doctor said we can see him in a few hours. We all know Jack wouldn’t want us sitting around upset so we are gonna go get changed and when we come back we are gonna play his favorite game. It’s called insult Mikey.” I laugh and Conor nods while pointing at the idiot who is asleep in his chair.

“Oh that’s too easy.” Conor adds and Anna lightens up a little.

“Well it’s also easy to make fun of Jack but we can’t do that unless he’s here so once he’s awake we’ll do that.” Josh smiles and Anna laughs and I see her smile for the first time all day however we sober up pretty quickly. That’s what hospitals do to you.

This is gonna be a long day.


Part 2 of this should be out soon.

a little summary of aaip last night:

  • uhm. sara esty is an angel sent to us from above. her singing voice and her acting were BEAUTIFUL and of course she’s a stunning dancer. my god i loved her lise so much
  • mcgee maddox (what a name) is the new jerry and he was really good!! i was surprised by how well he sang. his voice is SO deep tho when he spoke the first time i like clutched my chest like?? holy shit. but his dancing was flawless, his acting could use a BIT of work, but his singing voice was pretty decent. overall enjoyable.
  • nick spangler’s henri was good. i think what sets him and max apart is that nick very much plays henri struggling from the war. the dressing room scene with adam was REALLY intense and so was the scene where he punches jerry. he was more explosively angry than max was which was really interesting to me. i also didn’t buy 100% into the fact that henri is gay with him. idk.
  • ugh :/// etai’s adam did not :/// do it for me. some acting choices he made really didn’t strike me as adam and he was a lot less… grumpy. and that’s adam’s whole tripping off point. the post-s’wonderful scene and the scene at the top of act two were his strongest. when he tells lise “gO JUST GO ALREADY” after making a fool of himself, he like crumbles up a piece of paper and shoves it in his mouth and it was hilarious
  • EMILY’S MILO AH. okay i had some doubts after hearing audio of her but!!! i actually really enjoyed her milo. her voice is definitely different than jill’s but i think in a good way. it was interesting and she was so cute!!

About a week ago someone very nicely requested that I upload my Newcrest Theater, so I’ve separated it from the pizzeria (which never worked anyway) and put it on a 20x30 lot. It looks different from my original one because I’ve modified it in bits in pieces over the last several months.

Here are some pics I took while playtesting; it works pretty well as a bar (I used to use Simmythesim’s Cinema Mod with it, but it’s broken and needs to be updated for Movie Hangout); Sims will watch the TV but of course there’s always some clown who wants to stand and chat in front of the screen. XD

I’m hoping to get this uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning. And I would tag the person who requested it, but I forgot who they are! *facepalm* I’m sorry, I was on another computer and answered privately so I have no record of who you are! :( But I hope it’s OK that this is on a 20x30 and looks a bit different now!

anonymous asked:

hi... just wanna ask what's your actual stand on translation? before when That Summer translation got reported you said you'd stop if the author/website requested it. Now Unlucky Mansion's author knew about it too and has actually taken action/ expressed her disagreement with the translations, yet you still want to continue to do it? it doesn't matter if the translations are made public or private, you're still sharing to an audience you don't personally know who can share it anywhere themselves

yeah, i’ve been really complicated in terms of how i want to do this, so i can understand your question. i translate only because i wanted people who couldn’t understand korean to enjoy a story that i’ve been reading, but of course copyright and illegal uploads have been a controversial topic recently.

i’ve been considering doing the private blog/continued translations only because i felt that our fanbase was small enough that we could simply enjoy the chapters on that tumblr together. i’m well aware that this in itself is a problematic viewpoint since it’s still illegal uploading, which is why it’s still something i’m thinking about while the author is on hiatus. 

nothing’s set in stone yet, so i’m gonna give it some more thought - and if people want to add their two cents to this post, i’d appreciate hearing your thoughts. 

as of now, i’m still seeing the chapter summaries as the better option for Unlucky Mansion since it’s the legal way for me to continue sharing this story with you all. it’s also less troubling for people since i won’t have to make a separate, password-locked tumblr ahaha;;; 

thank you for asking this question though, it’s gotten me to think a bit more on how people view this topic ^^


I’ve tried uploading this post nearly a dozen times now, so here goes with another attempt. I’ve started making and selling jewelry! Bracelets, like these shown in the photos, as well as earrings and necklaces. I have a small container filled with jewelry in my desk now, though I have slowly been selling things as I go. Bracelets are $6, earrings are also $6, and necklaces are $10. Everything is handmade, and shipping in the states is free. Colors and charms do vary, so request what you want, and send me a message if you are interested. Of course, feel free to contact me with any questions, or request a painting commission, or a dreamcatcher, etc. I make and sell a wide variety of things. 


anonymous asked:

Usually unaffectionate S/O suddenly asks (with puppy eyes) Makoto + Sousuke + Rin + Momo + Kisumi + Sei to take a couple photo together to post/use on instagram. Have a nice day, admin!

Thank you! I hope you have a nice day too, dear anon!


Originally posted by ayatoh

He was quite shocked when you first asked him, but of course Makoto was more than happy to comply. He found it really endearing that you wanted to take some photos with the both of you in it, especially since this was something you wouldn’t normally do. Makoto took your phone from you and pulled you close so he could snap the perfect photo, but then again, any photo with you is more than perfect.

“Smile, _____-chan!”


Originally posted by matsuoka-rinrin

This was an unusual request coming from you, considering you weren’t normally all that openly affectionate, but Rin really couldn’t resist the cute look you were giving him. The two of you would spend ages taking selfies, all with an array of cute and quirky pose, until you took one that was just right. Rin would be sure to print it out so he could put it in a photo frame.

“_____, look at your face in this one!”


Originally posted by melonatics

Sousuke couldn’t help but chuckle at your sudden question, since it was rather out of the blue. As you were about to take a photo of the both of you together, he leaned in and kissed you on the cheek, causing a dark blush to tint your cheeks. Later, Sousuke was more than satisfied to see that same photo posted onto your Instagram account. He liked it straight away and left a few cheeky, teasing comments about it.

“Aw, are you blushing?”


Originally posted by taito-izzy

Momo was actually quite flattered that you wanted to take some photos with him; he didn’t initially think you were into doing stuff like that with each other. After taking the photos, the two of you sat and edited them, choosing the perfect filter and adjusting the lighting and colours. After selecting the right one, you uploaded it. Momo would ask you if you could send it to him, and he might just make it his phone’s background picture.

“Of course we can take a photo together, _____-chan!”


Originally posted by sejuurous

You… you wanted to take a photo together? How cute! Sei had always wanted to do that with you, but had thought you were uncomfortable with the idea. But now that you had asked him, well, it just made him swell with happiness. The adorable look you gave him when asking him about it was just about enough to make his heart melt.

“Ah, _____, you know I can’t resist those puppy-dog eyes!”


Originally posted by tsu-ri-tama

On the outside, Kisumi was smirking and trying to act all cool about it, but on the inside, he was dying from just how cute you were being. It really made him happy for you to open up and ask him to do things together, since you didn’t really do so normally. After taking the photo, he couldn’t help but let his feelings out and gush over the photo.

“Oh _____-chan, you look so cute in this!”

Blog Announcement

So if you recall last week I mentioned how Cheritz had contacted us and I was waiting for them to email back – I just got a reply from them today. I’ve sent them another email to confirm a few details, but here’s a brief(ish) summary of what’s happening so far:

  • They have asked us to take down any content from the VIP package, which we have done. 
    • For those who own the VIP package and are wondering what the characters say in the ringtones/text tones etc, we’ll probably create a text post later with the translations so that you know, but it won’t be accompanied by audio.
  • The VIP content seemed to be their main concern of what we’ve uploaded; there was no mention of needing to take down the other content, such as the main menu voice clips or the emoji translations. Of course, I don’t want to get ahead of myself so I’ve asked them for permission to keep those posts up as well and to continue to translate them.

We’ll have to wait for Cheritz to reply again, but it’s possible we’ll be able to continue translating some of the untranslated parts of the game to share with the English Mystic Messenger fandom. We hope we’re able to help everyone understand more of the game even if they don’t understand Korean :)

Thank you for all your support! We’ll keep you updated whenever we know more ^^