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No matter what trouble he’s in,
The number one most coolest hero always wins in the end.”

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Soulmate Potion

One day in potions class, Snape makes everyone brew a potion that will draw you towards your soulmate and of course, Draco and Harry are partered to brew this together. Towards the end of class, Snape instructs the class to test out the potion and everyone starts running around all over the place, drawn towards their soulmate. Some head towards each other while most of the class clusters at the door-locked of course to prevent students from leaving, but Harry and Draco dont feel anything. They just stand there looking confused and arguing a little because Harry’s potions are absolute shit but Draco’s potions are almost always perfect and there’s no reason why the soulmate potion is not working until they see how Snape is staring at them, looking more than a little queasy and oH

  • hange: armin! wait! you forgot your research notes on the study of the regenerative properties of telomeres within Homo titanicus flesh cells!
  • armin: oh, right. thanks mom!
  • hange: ...
  • armin: ...
  • hange: ...
  • hange: you're welcome, child
Es wird einfacher. Es wird nicht weniger weh tun. Das ist nun mal so. Aber es wird einfacher, morgens aufzustehen. Es wird einfacher, sich zu erinnern. Es wird einfacher, weiterzuatmen. Es wird immer weh tun, aber es wird einfacher, damit zu leben.
—  RIP

K: this is the only one i’ve ever owned and used. i… i never had the time or luxury to even think of having another one i guess? as i’ve said, no, i haven’t owned any other knives. i haven’t really owned any other anything but that’s something else altogether.

… because I can’t stop thinking about the one and only turtle-cat ;3


for stevetopsbuckysbottom | Bucky Barnes + personality types

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Never trust a man who says "well you're not perfect either" when you tell him he's been abusive to you. Don't let men think that you have to be flawless and perfect in order to live free of abuse. I don't care if you're the most annoying girl in the world, you don't deserve abuse. Took me a long time to realize this.


Me too :(


LUX AETERNA Chapter One by Ramonaflowersz (achilltatos​)

“It was weird, for he was not the most muscular, nor had he the longest legs, but as the starting shot rang out, he took steps that were almost hypnotizing; so fast he could not follow them. This boy made sport look like choreography, a dance, and Pat was left baffled.


The word popped up in his mind, almost as quick as the sound of the starting gun, and Pat grew confused. Was that a name? He couldn’t remember if he had ever heard that name before.”

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Hello!! I just wanted to say that I've been following you for a pretty long time now (I think over a year and a half) and your art has grown and improved so much and it's very inspiring! I was wondering how you draw bodies so they don't just look like noodles with decent heads (because that is all my art is right now, noodles with human heads)

2014 vs 2016

hello!! i think this is a problem many of us face actually, and it’s really about expanding your mind to me? we have to just really detach ourselves from our drawings to look at it from a third party’s perspective. 

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