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Escaping the Island - Part 1

Series Summary: You’re in for the fight of your life, trapped on a deadly, ghost-filled island with no way out. The only way to survive is by unraveling a murderous plot. Can you figure out who brought you here and why before it’s too late? Or will you, Sam, and Dean all become their next victims?

Chapter Summary: You accompany your best friend to a mysterious dinner at a beautiful, island-based mansion. But, when you arrive, you find that there may be more to this dinner than you ever would have thought possible.

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam

Word Count: 3101

Warnings: an overaggressive, manhandling man who grabs the reader; sexy, protective Dean; not much so far

A/N: This is my first ever series! I’ve been planning this for awhile and I’m really excited about it. It was betaed by the fantastic @cyrilconnelly, who helps me so much. I also threw in the quote for @because-imma-lady-assface‘s 300 Follower/Birthday/Will and Grace revival/all around extravaganza celebration! My prompt was a Jack quote (my fav!): “Sarcasm noted and quickly forgotten,” and I thought it fit really well in here. I hope y’all enjoy the first part of this 10 part series! Feedback is much appreciated.

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I was doing some work and then this popped in my head. Well, what I originally had in mind changed as I was writing, so… 

Haha anyway I had fun writing this. Back to work now ;-;


Stolen Diaries of MysMe (AU) – Entry #1

Today’s Victim: Saeran Choi

July 10th

Lately, I’ve been feeling really irritated. I don’t know what to do.

It’s all because of that woman named MC. I really don’t like her.

You see, my brother, Saeyoung, is REALLY annoying. In fact, I’ve always believed that he could win the award for the most annoying person in the world! I could never even imagine that anyone could ever be worse than him! But somehow, MC manages to aggravate me even more than Saeyoung does.

I’ve barely known her for two months, but I bet I could write an essay about how irritating she is.

She’s nosy, troublesome, and she always appears at the worst times! If only she could leave me alone.

She’s always asking so many questions…

‘Hey, what’s your favourite food?!’

‘Did you have another fight with your brother?’

‘How come you’re always looking out the window?’

Ugh. I don’t understand her. The worst thing is, she always stands so close to me when she talks to me. And then I get distracted by her eyes. It’s… the weird sparkling in them, I swear! I can’t help but notice.

I also hate how I always end up staring at her. It happens naturally, by accident. Whenever she says something, it’s so easy to lose track of her words because she makes so many interesting expressions, I end up tuning her out. I know it’s rude to ignore someone when they’re talking to you, but it’s not my fault that it’s so easy to lose myself in her voice. She just sounds so… sweet.

…Annoyingly sweet, of course.

She invades my personal space AND she’s always digging for information about me. She claims that she only wants to get closer to me, but I bet it’s an excuse. She’s just nosy, that’s all.

Ehh, it’s not like I mind too much… Sometimes, it feels like she actually cares about me, you know? I like that. Just a little. But again, it’s probably only because she’s nosy.

Well, even if she’s not nosy, she’s still a handful. Sometimes, there are guys who make fun of her, and I’ve also heard some other women gossip about her. I don’t know why, but it makes me upset when they do that. I don’t like when they treat MC that way—like she’s not good enough.

I’ve beaten up a couple of those guys who insulted her. Without her knowing, of course. It’s not like I was defending her. I only happened to disagree with their words. As for the females… well, I don’t like hitting girls. I didn’t want to touch them, either. Nasty. So I just messed with their social media. Nothing big.

Funny, I think they might have gone to Saeyoung for technical help after that incident, because he suddenly started bragging to me about how the girls flocked to him and called him smart. I didn’t bother to confirm my musings, though. I’m sure he would’ve grown suspicious if I tried to look into it, anyway. And then he would’ve asked what I had against those women.

How could I possibly explain to him that it was because of what they said about MC?

But as I said, she really comes around at the worst moments.

I mean, it wasn’t that big of a deal whenever she found me in my hiding places—at those times, I wanted to be alone. Because nobody understands how I feel. I just get tired sometimes, tired of everything.

But she’d always be there. I don’t know how or why, but she’d be around.

Still, I would’ve preferred that to happen, than for her to chance upon seeing my kind-of friend, Yoosung, confessing to me. It’s not like it was even real. He was only practising to confess to his crush later, so he’d asked me to help. Well, MC didn’t know that, of course.

Her lips had parted and her eyes were wide like saucers. And then she ran off without even waiting for an explanation. I’m not sure why she did that. But that really, really bothered me.

I don’t know how to confront her. So I’ve been trying to think of ideas for days, now. And now I can’t get her out of my mind.

…MC just bothers me a lot.



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can you do a follow up to the "dr1 guys having a nightmare their s.o died only to realize it was real" hcs with the v3 and sdr2 guys? ty!

Sure thing Anon! Another Anon requested the NDRV3 guys before so you can read this right here but here are the SDR2 guys!

SDR2 Boys having  a nightmare about their S/O being killed in the killing game, when they try and go see her it turns out it wasn’t a nightmare after all

Hajime Hinata:

- He’s running

- He heard your scream so of course he’s running towards it

- If he recalls correctly, the scream came from the supermarket

- When he gets there he’s panting heavily but he has to know you’re okay he has to kn-

- You’re lying in a pool of your own blood and your eyes are still open

- They’ve lost their shine, they’re dark and dead now

- He wakes up and finds himself struggling for breath

- “What a horrible dream. This killing game is really messing with me”

- He just kind of lays in bed and stares at his ceiling for a while

- “… I better check though”

- He gets dressed quickly and walks out, heading for your cottage

It’s not daytime yet but… This was too realistic…

He’s outside your door, he’s about to knock but then he just… Stops

Am I scared? Why am I scared?

He exhales before knocking once

No answer

He knocks again

No answer

- No. No please. Answer the door S/O. Please.

- “Hinata - kun?… What are you doing?”

- He turns to find Nanami sleepily rubbing her eye

- “Nanami… S/O is… Where is she?”

- “Do you not remember?…”

- “Remember?”

- “The trial for her death was yesterday… I think.”

- “Wh- That’s… Impossible!”

- “You’re probably blocking the memory out because you don’t want to believe it… But she’s gone now.. Sorry”

- He takes a quick glance at Nanami before quickly returning to his cottage

- “Ahhhhhhhh!”

- Why?!

- “Ahhhhhhhh!”

- Why did it have to be you?!


Kazuichi Soda:

- Where are you? 

- He was running all over the islands trying to find you but it was almost as if you’ve vanished

- He went to the fifth island, and he finally found you

- You were in the warehouse but the only thing that was different about you was the fact that you were stained in blood

- What… What’s going on?…


- He kneels by you… Maybe it’s just his mind playing tricks on him!

- It wasn’t… You were really dead

- He screams again but when he looks around he finds himself in his cottage

- “A… Nightmare?”

- He laughs a little, of course it was just a stupid dream!

- He gets up and just splashes cold water in his face

- He’ll see you at breakfast, yeah, that’s it

- As soon as the Monokuma announcement rings, he is ready to go

- Surprisingly, he’s one of the first people to breakfast

- People start turning up but.. He can’t find you anywhere…

- Did you sleep in?

- He turns to the nearest person who just so happens to be Koizumi

- “H-Hey… Koizumi do you know where S/O is?…”

- “Are you stupid?! F/n - chan got killed yesterday! Did you honestly forget already?! I thought she mattered to you!”

- “Wait… Killed?”

- “The trial was yesterday!”

- Yesterday… Wait… Then that… Wasn’t just a nightmare?!

- He starts shaking and crying

- “Wait, Soda? What’s wrong? Hey!”

- She grabs hold of his shoulders and tries to calm him down

Nagito Komaeda:

- S/O - san where did you go?

- He’s looking for you seeing as you promised to meet up with him but you were over an hour late

- At first, he thought you just stood him up but judging from your behaviour, you’re not the sort of person to do that so he decided to do a little investigation

- He did manage to finally find you

- You were at the beach house, lying on the floor with a knife in your stomach

- “S/O - san…”

- You didn’t reply of course, so he carefully knelt beside you

- “I’ll find who did this to you… Clearly they are filled with nothing but despair, and for that they will pay the highest price.”

- He just wakes up normally and stares at his ceiling

- “A dream?… The details were so realistic though…”

- He sits up and looks out of the window, it was still dark

- “Even if I did want to check up on her, I should wait until morning”

- Once morning finally does come, he makes his way towards your cottage

- “Nagito - chan! Good morning!”

- “Oh, hello Mioda - san”

- “Where are you going? Ibuki sees you’re heading towards F/n - chan’s cottage for some reason!”

- “Oh, I was going to check up on her”

- “EH?! Did she come back to life?! Is she a zombie?!”

- “Wait what did you say?”

- “That’s she’s a zombie?”

- “No, before that”

- “… I asked if she came back to life!”

- Came back to life… Does that mean his dream… Wasn’t actually just a dream?

- “Mioda - san, did we have a trial yesterday?”

- “Eh? Well yeah although Ibuki doesn’t remember a lot of it! You and Hajime - chan were the ones who did the most talking anyway!”

- You’re… Really dead… Haha… Dead… Hahahaha…. No… It wasn’t meant to be real… Is that due to his bad luck again?… Oh what a worthless human he is… He can’t even save someone’s life

Nekomaru Nidai:

-  What is this?!

- He can see you, but you’re lying on the floor in the library with blood pouring out of the back of your head

- “S/O!”

- It’s horrible, he doesn’t want to look at you like this but he still does

- How did someone as lively as you end up dead within such a short time?

- He was crying when the body discovery announcement rang

- When he woke up, tears escaped from his eyes

- “Dream… Just a dream”

- He decides the best way to forget about it is to go for a run

- Running along the beach is usually really calming yet… He still can’t seem to forget that dream

- Why did it seem so real? Urgh this isn’t helping

- He makes his way to the hotel, breakfast with everyone, with you, will definitely calm him down

- When he arrives there are already some people there but… You’re not

- Huh weird, you usually wake up early

- He waits a bit more but you still don’t turn up

- That’s it, he’s going to get you

- He power walks to your room and knocks on the door


- “Um… S-Sorry to.. Interrupt… But d-do you have to shout so loudly in the m-morning?”

- “Huh? Oh sorry Tsumiki”

- “Can I ask… Why are you k-knocking on S/O - san’s door?… She w-won’t answer”

- “Won’t answer? Why’s that?!”

- “Ahh! Sorry! Don’t you… Don’t you remember her trial yesterday?…”

- Trial?… Yesterday?…

- Without another word he goes back to his room

- He doesn’t come out for a while

Gundham Tanaka:

- When he heard the body discovery announcement the thought of the victim being you never even occurred to him

- He just casually made his way towards the crime scene

- When he got there, everyone was crowded around the body so he couldn’t quite see who it was

- “Tanaka - san! Please wait!”

- Sonia stood in front of him, blocking his way

- “Sorry She-Cat, I have to see who the victim is”

- “N-No! If you do…”

- He raises an eyebrow at her but gently pushes her to the side and makes his way towards the body

- When he does finally see the victim, he understand what Sonia meant

- “S/O?…”

- There are bruises on your neck, it appears someone strangled you

- He wakes up and finds himself breathing heavily

- “Just a dream” he says as he pinches the bridge of his nose

- He tries going back to sleep but as soon as he finds himself drifting off the Monokuma announcement rings

- He makes his way to breakfast and everything is just as its supposed to be except… You’re not present

- He decides it’s a waste of time to ask people about this so as soon as he finishes eating, he makes his way over to your cottage

- He knocks on the door but surprisingly he finds it open

- When he steps inside he finds it empty but the smell of you is present

- He doesn’t touch anything but he does sit on your bed

- Where are you S/O

- “Tanaka - san… Did you come here to remember S/O - san?”

- He looks up and finds Sonia standing in the doorway giving him a sad expression 

- “Remember S/O?”

- “She died yesterday… Don’t you remember?”

- No. No he doesn’t. His dream was just a dream… Right?!

- He puts his hands on his face

- Why… Why you… You promised him that the two of you will rule world one day

- Come back, S/O

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- As soon as he saw Peko running towards him he knew something was wrong

- “Young master… You must come with me right now”

- He doesn’t ask why, he just follows her

- She leads him to his very own cottage

- He instantly opens the door and sees you sitting against the back wall, throat slit

- “Ahhh!”

- He sits up in bed and turns to the spot you were in

- Nothing

- Should he be happy or concerned? This felt too real…

- He walks over and inspects the place more looking for things such as blood

- It’s completely clean

- At that moment, the Monokuma announcement rings

- He doesn’t bother listening to it, he just quickly gets dressed and makes his way towards your cottage

- “Young master.”

- He turns to see Peko standing behind him

- “Jesus f- Stop doing that.”

- “Sorry. Where are you going?”

- “To see S/O”

- “Sorry? I don’t understand”

- He gives her a confused look 

- “I’m going to meet up with her…”

- “But… Young master, we don’t even know where her body is”

- He grabs her shoulders and squeezes them


- “Ow… Don’t you remember? When the trial finished you ran to your room but she was already gone”

- He lets go and squeezes his hands into fists

- “DAMMIT! Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

- He starts punching the nearest wall and before Peko can stop him his hands were bleeding 

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He declared himself the leader of this group but really it was you who kept giving him a lot of helpful tips

- He was thankful for that, it’s good to have someone who understands you

- That’s why when he finds you under that table after the blackout he screams

- W-Why are you dead?!

- Or no is it a party trick? Yes that must be it! You must be faking this right?!

- You weren’t faking it of course, not with wounds like that

- He wakes up and he can swear he can feel the pain in his chest where you’ve been stabbed

- He is greeted with the morning announcement

- Time to meet up with everyone

- Before he can make it to the hotel he feels a tap on his shoulder

- When he turns, he finds Soda 

- “What do you want?”

- “Woah man, why so cold? I was just checking up on ya”

- “Huh? Why would you need to check up on me when I’m perfectly fine?”

- “You got over it so quick? Wow… I don’t know whether that’s impressive or… Insensitive in a way?”

- Wait, what is he talking about?

- Before Twogami has the chance to ask, Soda has already walked off

- He makes sure to sit next to Soda at breakfast before simply asking

- “What did you mean by that back there?”

- “Huh? Well you and S/O were a thing right? I thought you’d be a bit more sad after her death but… You seem the same as usual”

- “Wait. S/O’s death?”

- “Uh, yeah it happened yesterday… Don’t you remember the trial?”

- He drops his food

- How is this possible?! What happened in his dream couldn’t of been real!

- “Tog-”

- He leaves before anyone else can say anything more

- He goes to your cottage but… It’s empty

- Why is it empty?!

Teruteru Hanamura:

- He would always compliment you by saying that you look hot or that you look tasty enough to eat

- But he was not prepared to see you with an iron skewer through your heart

- He collapsed on the floor by you

- No… No this can’t be… Not you… No… NO!

- He wakes up with a pain in his chest

- A dream. That was just a dream

- He doesn’t move for a while, he has to calm down first

- Seeing something like that was… Scary, horrifying… He doesn’t ever want to see that again

- When he does finally decide to move, the pain in his chest doesn’t leave

- Why is that?

- He promised everyone that he will prepare breakfast and seeing as the Monokuma announcement hasn’t rang yet it means he has time to make something

- By the time he is done, everyone has already gathered

- Everyone… But you

- When he comes to Owari with the food that she basically snatches from him he stutters out the question

- “Um… Owari - san… You don’t happen to know where S/O - san is do you?…”

- As she’s stuffing her face with the food she looks up at him

- “Didn’t she die yesterday? Pretty sure it was her.”

- What.

- And she said it so casually too…

- So was that.. Not a dream?

- “I-Is that so…”

- He turns on his heel and walks back to the kitchen

- He begins to sob

- No… He will keep you alive… He’ll… He’ll name his new best meal after you… You’ll never be forgotten!

Monkey Business

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Summary: (Pre Negan) The reader is bored, so she spends the day with Carl

Warnings: None

A/N: I enjoyed writing it, but I think it sucks pretty bad I might actually remove it so i can totally fix it lmao… I’m more of a fanfiction person, so this is my first oneshot. But I hope it is as requested and you guys enjoy it!

Originally posted by thewalkingif

It wasn’t a secret that I liked Carl. In fact, I would even be surprised if he didn’t know.

But he liked Enid. And she liked him. Enid was my best friend, and I wouldn’t do anything that had to do with taking him away from her.

But now I was laying on the bed with my eyes shut, tightly gripping a pillow at my side, helpless as Carl hovered above me with another pillow in his hands up in the air as Judith casually watched us from her crib, positive that a few seconds from now, there would be clouds of down from the pillow all throughout the room.

*Record scratch, freeze frame*

Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

One hour earlier•

“Hey, uh, Sri, Glenn, Heath, and I are going on a run, would you mind helping Carl watch Judith while I’m gone?” Rick asked me.

“But he’s good with Judith. He shouldn’t need my help.”

“He’s just probably bored with spending time with only me. I mean, Enid is with Maggie and she’s his only other friend. But I can try to get her if you would rather not…”

“No! It’s fine. I’ll go. It’d be nice to hang out with Carl. It’s been a while.” I nodded at Rick as I left to go find Carl in front of his house with Judith in her stroller.

“Hey, Carl, going out or coming in?” I asked.

“Going out. You wanna come with?”

“Sure. I was looking for you anyway.”

He grabbed the handles of the stroller and walked forward.

“So,” he began as if he was waiting for a while to say this, “I heard that you like me? Is that right?”

Oh, jeez.

“I mean I guess I do. Who told you?”


“Haha, well, she likes you too.”

“She does?”

“Oh, yeah. And I know you like her too.”

“Anyway, we’ve been walking for a while. You can go back to what you were doing if you want.”

“No! I’ll help you watch Judith. I’m sure you’re bored with just the two of you and nobody to talk to.”


We got Judith back into the house and I started looking around the kitchen to see what they have that I can make for her.

I pulled the spaghetti box (hehe) out of the cupboard and got a pot to start boiling water.

“You can cook?” Carl asked me.

“No. This is seriously a matter of boiling water and then putting the spaghetti in the water, etc” Do you want me to teach you how to make it?”

“Yeah! This is useful information for this time.” He said sarcastically, but I wasn’t kidding.

“Alright, so we start with the water. Lucky you, I haven’t filled the pot yet, so here.” I handed the empty pot and turned on the sink. He just stared at me. “Come on, Carl. We don’t have all the water in the world. Go ahead.”

He stared at me dumbfounded as he filled the pot with the water. I rushed to grab it before it overfilled.

“Jeez, Carl, we have to hurry. Judith Is probably really hungry. Now I’ve turned the stove on, so put the pot on that eye. I already have the sauce warming up. Now we wait. But only a little bit.”

“Now what should we do while we wait?” He moved in front of me to watch the water start to boil.

“I should put your hair up. Don’t want to get any hair in the food now, do we?”


“I can do your hair! I just want to put it up.”

“No pigtails or braids or any of that shit. Enid pulled that one on me before.”

“But she’s really good at that stuff. She braids my hair weekly.”

“None of that. No monkey business.”

I laughed out loud.

“Look! The water’s boiling. Now take this spaghetti,” I handed him the box, “and put it in the pot.”

“Just dump it all in?” He asked. I nodded and he did it.

“Oh, look at her, Carl. She’s sleeping.”

“Now what do we do? Our customer is asleep.”

I tried to ignore that cute statement, “Well, are you hungry?” He shook his head, “I’m not either, so we can wait to cook.

“We should probably take her upstairs then.” He said awkwardly.



“I wanted to do your hair, but don’t worry. I will be back to get it done. Let’s go put this child to bed.” I picked her us and we started walking up the stairs.

Once we got up there and put Judith in her crib I sat down on the bed.

“Are you alright? You’ve seemed kind of off all day.”

“I’m fine.”

“Tell me what’s wrong. If it has anything to do wth me I won’t be upset.”

“Nothing that important, but Enid and I have been friends since this whole thing started. We came here and we both liked Ron, and I was put on the back-burner. I just hate that it’s happening again.”

“It isn’t. I don’t want it to. I would never do that to you. You’re my best friend.”

“I hope you’re right.”

All of a sudden Carl disappeared from my view and I thought nothing of it until something soft yet intense hit me in the back of the head.

I turned only to see Carl behind me with a pillow in his hand.

“Oh no, you didn’t.” I threatened as I picked up a pillow of my own and threw it at him.

“Oh yes, I did.” He shoved me down on my back and hovered over me with the pillow in the air. I looked over at Judith who was just waking up. she probably heard us.

He began to swing the pillow down with all of the force he could when I rolled off the bed, making him hit the bed so hard that the fabric split and feathers spilled out.

“Jesus Christ. We should probably clean this up before your dad gets back.” I laughed.

“We can wait,” he lifted another pillow up, “and if we don’t, he’ll live.” He smirked.

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Little nightmares fanfiction: The best dad!

*it Was morning and Six Was already awake. She tried to wake The janitor up.*

Six: Dad, Dad, wake up!! I wanna play a game with You!

*The janitor is still asleep*

Six: hmp! *she turns around and is about to go away when she suddenly sees two long hands grab her from behind. She turns around and notices That The janitor Was awake and Was pretending to sleep.*

The janitor: Gotcha, haha!!

Six:*laughs* oh no, i have been caught, haha!!

*The janitor carefully puts her down on The bed and looks at her in The direction she’s in and he smiles*

The janitor: so, what game do You wanna play, Six?

Six:*she quickly puts a hand on his arm and says, “tag, your it!” and begins to run away.*

The janitor: haha, i see, well well, here i Come! *he begins chasing her and laughs*

*Six laughs but gets caught by his long arms!*

Six: wha?!-that’s not fair, your arms are to long!!

The janitor: Yeah?, and your to short haha!

Six: hmp!!

*The janitor carefully puts her in his arms and hugs her gently*

The janitor: but i love You anyways!

Six:*she hugs back tightly* Aww, i love You too dad!


Nova: Reblogs are appricated and tell me what You thinked of it! ^^

sweetorganza  asked:

Do the salty ask meme for GoT! Or The Office!!

Salty Ask List

  1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?* Sansa and Littlefinger. No offense to anyone that ships it but I think he’s icky and that after years of being used and manipulated by men Sansa deserves something better with someone whose motives are clear and uncomplicated, someone who actually loves her and doesn’t just see her as a useful perk on his mission for power. 

  2. Are there any popular fandom OTPs you only BroTP?* Hmm idk about this one. I think that Brienne and Tormund is a popular ship now? If so, I only BroTP that one. I am hardcore Jaime/Brienne trash so I can’t see her with anyone else haha.

  3. Have you ever unfollowed someone over a fandom opinion? Yes, but it wasn’t spiteful. I simply didn’t realize that someone I followed for an awesome gifset was a hardcore shipper of something that I don’t like and posted about it all the time. I just didn’t want it on my dash is all. 

  4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?* Oh man. Yes. I do. my NoTP is Jon and Sansa. It used to not be. I used to like it and even understood it watching season 6. I also read some great fanfics by a couple of people I follow. But the fandom recently changed how I feel about it. And the more I think about it the more I think that it would be OOC for Jon. But that’s a personal opinion of course!

  5. Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?* See above. Jon and Sansa. Not everyone who ships it is like that. In fact I’ve made good mutual friends with some people who ship it. But the radical ones and/or anti-Dany people were abusive to me and it turned me off of the ship as a whole because I started associating it with those people. 

  6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?* Not really. I don’t hate most pairings. Like I have tried to say above, I am cool with people shipping with that want. If anything, fandoms are usually the problem, not the ships themselves haha. 

  7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?* Not really. I guess the closest thing is that I used to be really into Sansa and Sandor/The Hound but now I primarily ship her with Pod. I realize that this is a 100% crack ship that will never be canon but I have become obsessed with it overnight haha. 

  8. Have you received anon hate? What about?* I’ve received anon hate about shipping jonerys. People who claim that it’s gross for being incest, or anti-Dany people who claim that she will emasculate Jon or something. Basically nonsense. I also tried to make a meta about similarities between Sansa and Dany explaining why I love them both that really ruffled some feathers and I got some anon hate for that. 

  9. Most disliked character(s)? Why? My least favorite characters are obvious ones. Walder Frey (may he rot in hell), Robin Arryn, Joffrey. I actually loved Ramsay because he was a really intriguing and terrifying villain. Plus he was sexy af. Gotta love my confusion about being attracted to an evil sadist. I like Littlefinger as a character even if I don’t like him with Sansa. Like Ramsay, he’s a cool villain. Great scheming. 

  10. Most disliked arc? Why? Right now, Arya’s. I feel like her storyline with the Faceless Men was really disappointing and anti-climactic. I don’t know how I wanted it to end, but the way it ended was bad, to me. I think that there were lots of plot holes and that after all the buildup, it just should have felt more cathartic. I did like her murder of Walder Frey though.

    Second place goes to Jaime on the show. I don’t know why he is backsliding like this. I expected him to see through Cersei by now, and that speech he gave Edmure Tully was totally out of character and just really ugly. I feel like he’s back to season 1.

  11. Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? Well apparently the fandom doesn’t like Dany. There are dedicated anti-Dany blogs, and I can’t understand that. I love her. Anyway, she is tied with Jon for my favorite character so I definitely love her despite the hate. I also, like I said above, really liked Ramsay haha. I am not sad he died or anything. I just think he was awesome. 

  12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why? Idk about this. I think some people in the fandom are mad that Sansa’s arc changed so drastically from the book. If I am right about that, I don’t agree. I love what D&D did with show Sansa. I am sad that she suffered under Ramsay, but she is stronger for it and I feel like for the first time she is really in charge of her own destiny. She is badass and the queen of the North as far as I’m concerned. Very big improvement over hanging out at the Vale if you ask me. 

  13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character? Oh god. This will be very unpopular. I want Jon to take a break from the manbun. I get that people love the manbun. Fuck, I love the manbun. But I miss his flowing locks hahaha. 

  14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom? Unpopular opinion? Idk with all the negativity going around, it’s probably unpopular to feel positive. So I’ll just say overall I love this fandom. I have met some people through loving Game of Thrones who I consider to be true friends even though we only know each other via tumblr. I love my mutuals, especially my jonerys family. 

  15. Unpopular opinion about the manga/show? Idk if this unpopular, but I hate the Sand Snakes on the show. I think most people do? So I guess this isn’t unpopular. Idk I tend to agree with most people haha. 

  16. If you could change anything in the show, what would you change? If I could change anything in the show, I would have Arya’s arc go better. Ask me again after season 7. If jonerys doesn’t happen, I’ll say I want to change that haha ;)

  17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen… Instead of Jaime continuing to follow Cersei, I would have him turn on her in the eleventh hour and reconcile with Tyrion. Cersei is an amazing woman, but she’s got to go. I think it is wildly out of character for Jaime to continue to support her after her political climbing has endangered the lives of their children to the point of their deaths. I just feel that as a character Jaime should have evolved beyond this. He should have wised up before now. He has a good heart. She doesn’t. Oops. Bet THAT is my unpopular opinion. 

  18. Does not shipping something ‘popular’ mean you’re in denial and/or biased? Absolutely not. Shipping something is entirely subjective and based on emotions. If you feel something about a non-canon or crack ship, that’s awesome. It means you think like an individual. It’s only a problem when you try to attack other people/ships out of anger that yours isn’t happening. 

  19. What is the one thing you hate most about your fandom? The ship war between J*nsa and jonerys.

  20. What is the purest ship in the fandom? Gendrya. Hands down. Haha.

  21. What are your thoughts on crack ships? They are so much fun! The more the better. I want to write about my secret one one day. It will get no reads but I’ll be happy haha.

  22. Popular character you hate? I don’t hate any characters, especially not popular ones. 

  23. Unpopular character you love? Like I said above, Dany, apparently. And Ramsay. Lol. 

  24. Would you recommend XXX to a friend? Why or why not? Of course. I force everyone in my life to watch Game of Thrones!

  25. How would you end XXX/Would you change the ending of XXX? My dream ending has Daenerys and Jon falling in love and successfully uniting the kingdoms against the White Walkers. They win the war at the cost of many lives. King’s Landing is destroyed in the process. It turns out that Dany isn’t barren and they have a child. But when King’s Landing is being rebuilt, Dany realizes that what she wanted all along wasn’t a throne, it was a family and a place to belong. She thought that meant carrying on her family’s dynastic tradition but knows now that she can be happy with Jon in the North. The Red Keep is rebuilt without an Iron Throne and Tryion establishes a senate with representatives from all seven kingdoms and Essos. I know this won’t happen. It’s my wish though haha. 

  26. Most shippable character? Jon Snow

  27. Least shippable character? Ser Pounce 
a pint of ice cream

ship: ten/rose
length: 2.5k~
Hi guys!! It has been forever since I’ve written, so please go easy on me! I really hope you enjoy this though :D I got the prompt idea from this list

Dried tears on her cheeks, tissues scattered across the floor, and puffy red eyes.

Rose Tyler was in absolutely no state to answer the knocking at her door.

Whoever they were, they’d knocked once, twice, three times now. She finally picked herself up off the couch and dragged herself to the door, brushing her hand through her hair to make herself look somewhat more presentable.

She thought it could be a neighbor complaining about the noise (she’d been sobbing for hours, but she’d kept it pretty quiet, at least) or maybe Mickey or her mum checking on her (she honestly would prefer the first over the latter).

But when she finally looked through the peephole, it was not at all what she’d expected.

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The Heart Never Lies

Summary: After a month of dating, Riley is starting to feel a bit insecure of her relationship with Lucas especially now that she’s being bullied again and getting hate messages that she isn’t good enough to be with Lucas.  Will she decide to tell Lucas what’s going on or will the hate get to her and she decide to let him go? 

A/N: This story was inspired by the song “Because the heart never lies”  by McFly: The day that you fall, I’ll be right behind you to pick up the pieces. And if you don’t believe me, well just look into my eyes. Because the heart never lies…

You can also read the story here: Fanfiction.net

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'Modern day love story' AU Kurtbastian.

Written for Kurtbastian week: Day Seven: Theme-Online.

Well it’s the last day of Kurtbastian week, it’s been a wild ride. I can’t wait for the next one.

This one shot is based off the couple who fell in love over Instagram.

Summary: When Sebastian comments on a strangers Instagram picture, he doesn’t realize that it will lead him to his future special someone.

Kurt and Sebastian are both twenty-four in this, it’s set after they have finished college and both been working for a year. Sebastian is a lawyer and Kurt is a Fashion designer. Kurt studied at Parsons in New York whereas Sebastian studied at ‘NYU’ but since New york is so big neither had chance to meet. Sebastian graduated and ending up moving to LA after being offered a job there. Kurt works at Vogue as Fashion coordinator.

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Two Worlds Apart A.U. ~ Luke’s Imagine ~

Y/N = Your name
Y/BF/N = your best friend name

~ Your POV ~

You had a big love for Luke, but it couldn’t happen. Luke is the guy to have any girl he wanted, the girls would dye their hair crazy colours and wear band t-shirts he knows while you leave your hair or dye it but make sure it looks natural and wear typical girly outfits. Luke went to parties where he gets drunk off goon and vodka while you go to parties more fancy and class of champagne all the way from Italy to Sydney. 

 It was nine at on a cool early spring night at a fancy party, again. You had to dress up once again for your family, to impress people you have no idea about their existence and won’t see again. 

You then told your mother that you were going to go for a small walk to the park, though you aren’t allowed to go home yet, there was an awards later at 10 o’clock and one of them is for you.

You left the room and walked down the street, your arms felt the cool breeze and your heels clicked. You reached the park with a beautiful lake surrounded by beautiful trees. You slipped off your heels and walked over to near the lake. You stood on the grass, aware not to get your feet dirty and just look around.

“Excuse me, what are you doing?” You heard 

You turned quickly to the voice, he was standing in front of you. You were so shock you couldn’t land your turn and you were going to lose your footing until he held onto you. You squeezed onto him, you didn’t want to fall, your parents would kill you. Though you stood there for a minute or two longer embracing him, his cent and his amazing figure and how he also saved your life from your parents.

You let go, though he held and made sure you were stable “Sorry, I didn’t mean to give you a fright.” He smiled, he let go and held one hand and brought you the the bench facing the lake. You sat down and put your clutch to the aside and held onto your shoes. Once you were comfortable you turned to his blue eyes “Wow… Just saying that you are so damn beautiful.” He said, couldn’t keep it to himself “Your boyfriend is crazy to let such a chem alone, like. I’m sorry.” 

You laughed, Luke wasn’t as cool as you thought, he was lost for words “It’s alright, anyways. I don’t have a boyfriend.” You mumbled, that made you sigh “How about you? You seem a little bit of a charmer.” 

“No, I kinda want a girlfriend but every girl I’ve gone out with, only wanted the popularity that came with it.” Luke said honestly. He looked at you like a day dream it felt, though he was so beautiful, even with his little stumble.

You smiled at him “I kind of get you.” You said, he looked at you oddly “Though it’s more of the son’s parents that want their son to date me for what I may hold.” You explained, you sighed and looked away on how embarrassing it sound “It’s also worse because the latest guy I have come across has a horrible personality but my mother is forcing me to like him.” 

Luke laughed a little “That’s horrible. Your parents shouldn’t be doing that, it’s your life, live how you want to live it.” He told you. Your heart warmed up with him caring and he doesn’t even know your name “I give you one thing we are both bad when it comes to love.”

“Are you the guy I met a few years ago?” You asked, hoping he would remember you. Even if it was back when you were sixteen and you were on the train and a guy was harassing you, and Luke stepped in front of his friends saving you, saying he was your boyfriend but you never spoke just got his name from your friend that went to his school because you went to  private girls school.

Luke gave you a funny look as you guessed “What do you mean? Can you tell me what happened, I’m no good at remembering.” He laughed at a little.

He gave you a second chance, if you fuck this up well… Yeah, you aren’t going outside “I was on a train and there was a guy who was around twenty seven creeping me out and-”

“You are her?” Luke smiled “I thought I was never going to see you again.” 

You smiled and blushed a little “Oh yeah, haha. I am glad I got the right person. Well anyways, I was just explaining my terrible love life.” You said, started to get nervous, he did remember you and you didn’t expect it. Luke was going to say something but your phone started to ring and you went to your clutch grabbing your Iphone6 out and saw it was your mother. You sighed and answered “Hello mother, it’s Y/N speaking.” 

“Y/n! Get back here right now! They want you ten minutes early!” She started to shout.

“I’m sorry mother, I’m coming now, it’s not far I promise.” You said, cutting her off.

“You better!” She said before hanging up the phone. You grabbed your shoes and ran for it, you heard Luke behind so you turned a little and said “Sorry, it was nice meeting you though!” You shouted before rushing off.

~ Luke’s POV ~

It was the private girl! Holly shit. I saw her again, I had completely forgot about her but seeing her now as an adult, she has grown up well unlike me. Though she was still friendly even if she left without a proper goodbye. 

I tried to chase after her because she left her bag but when I finally caught up to her, she was at a fancy building with security. I was guessing her mother and the guy she is getting set up was there to greet her. She placed on the heels that looked painful to walk in before heading back inside…  

Now I have her bag and not her name. I quickly rushed to Calum’s place where the boys are going to be. They invited me over but I wasn’t feeling it for a strange reason. 

I walked threw the door of Calum’s house and saw all boys there and thankfully no one else. They were there when I helped the poor girl out from the awful guy. 

“Luke, what are you doing with a girl’s purse?” Ashton questioned “And how did you get a hold on a Michael Kors bag, they are expensive as fuck.” 

“How would you know that?” I asked, confused as him about my situation.

“I have a sister. Judge me.” Ashton mumbled “She wanted one for her birthday but it’s like four hundred bucks for a small bag like that, well anyways why?” 

I chuck the useless purse aside “Do you remember when a girl was getting harassed and I helped her on the train a few years ago? She went to a private school?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess, you did talk often about it afterwards but ya know, yeah go on?” Michael said.

I smiled “I met her again tonight, she had a beautiful white dress with a flower crown, her eyes were beautiful and yeah. I was about to get her name but she had to go… And well she rushed into some fancy partly she didn’t want to go but her mother was going to kill her and-” 

“Do you know anything about her? Like she may have a boyfriend.” Ashton interrupted.

I smiled “I actually talked to her, not knowing it was the same girl, and well she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she didn’t seem interested in any guys, especially the guy her mother is trying to set her up with.” 

We kept on talking about it and I sat next to the purse, was this fate or what? Oh, I may be overreacting because it might not be anther three years until I see her and I don’t think she would stay single for so long. 

The door banged and we knew it was anther person, and in walked Calum’s girlfriend Y/BF/N. I placed the girl bag besides me and she greeted everyone, when she got me I got up off the chair and hugged her “Hey, is that Y/N’s bag?” She asked, she got out of my hug and grabbed the purse and checked it out, she looked at it strange and then up to me “Since when did you know Y/N?” 

“Who’s Y/N and are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, I saw Y/N with this purse at the party she invited me to and now I know where she went off too in the middle of the party.” Y/BF/N mumbled and looked up at me and winked “Anyway all serious, when did you know her?”

“Eh, complicated, how do you know her?” I asked.

She shrugged her shoulders “My dad knew her dad and once hung out and that happened when we were eight and now we are eighteen.” She explained. The boys started to burst out laughing and Y/BF/N took the bag and sat next to Calum “What’s so funny?” Y/BF/N asked, confused.

“It’s funny how we’ve known you for five years, he met this girl three years helping her with a guy on the train and he didn’t get her name and she was insane because he wanted to get to know her for a few months, but kept it secret thinking it was odd and now tonight he somehow caught up with her and was about to go psycho for not knowing her name while you knew her, all this time.” Ashton explained, I gave him a death glare but that didn’t stop him and the boys were making comments making me blush like a tomato.I just wanted to talk to the private school girl… Or now the fancy girl who is probably far out of my league. 

anonymous asked:

"Can you come over...." Pokeshipping please!!

Geez, I had to scroll through so many other, newer requests to find this one! Agh, I didn’t realize how many I had!

Anyway, here ya go, anon-chan! I admit I went on a little longer on this one than I wanted to, but it felt like there needed to be a proper amount of leading in order to reach the climax of the fic. I’m still a little touch and go on how I feel about it too, which makes me sad, but it gets a very good point across and puts Ash in a delicate situation, which is always fun for me to explore.

I hope you (and everyone who happens to read it) enjoy this fulfilled request!

Title - “challenges”

Summary - All of the times Misty had watched awful things happen to him because of his own stubbornness? Let alone the times she’d gotten personally involved, either by helping him out or simply stopping him from making anymore rash moves… Well, maybe it’s finally time to pay back some of those dues. Pokeshippy/friendship.


He’s home for the first time in almost a year when he receives the phone-call.

“Ketchum residence, Ash speaking. How can I–”

“–Oh, I’m - like - sorry, I think I have the wrong number.”

The person hangs up and Ash pulls the handheld away from his ear and stares at it with a quirked brow for five or so seconds before hanging it up and walking back into the kitchen to get the drink he’d previously been pouring before running to pick up the ringing living room phone in the first place.

Only, as soon as he opens the fridge door, there goes the phone again so he sighs, mumbles to himself that someone clearly doesn’t want him to quench his thirst, and backtracks once more.

By the time he’s gotten there, Pikachu has beaten him to the punch and has just grabbed the receiver in his paws and tipped it towards one of his big ears.

“Pikaaachaaa!” he croons in greeting to the person on the other line.

From the one meter or so distance between him and the headset, Ash can hear the person trying to make sense of his best buddy’s ramblings of his own name. So, smiling and sighing all at once, he pats the electric mouse on the head and takes the receiver back into his own hands.

“Sorry buddy, let me get this, okay? Thanks for your help though…” followed by, “Ketchum residence, Ash speaking. Is this the person who called me a minute ago?”

“I swear, I’ve totally got the right number!” the airy-fairy female tone states confidently and confusedly from their end of the line, “Look, I’m sorry, I’m - like - trying to reach Delia.”

“Oh, yeah, Delia, that’s my mom!”

“That’s your… then this must be…” The young woman on the other end falters and dissolves into a fit of giggles before doing her best to pretend she was clearing her throat all along and doing her best to reinitialize the conversation, “… Is this that Ash kid? You might remember me. This is Daisy, one of Misty’s sisters. You traveled with her a couple of years ago–”

“–Yeah, I remember… And I remember Misty too… You don’t have to make it sound like it’s been that long, Daisy.”

“Well, anyway,” she blows off his skeptical tone with her jubilation and continues, “I needed to - like - speak to your mom. Is she around? It’s important!”

“Ah, no, sorry… She left town a few days ago to join Professor Oak and his assistant Tracey on a survey expedition. I’m house-sitting for her.”

“Oooh,” Daisy groans in negativity, the first time she’s lost her charm since the conversation started, “she was our last chance though!”

“Uuh, sorry…?”

“The Sensational Sisters have a photoshoot in Goldenrod City a few days from now. We’re taking - like - all of the local members from our charter with us as part of the crew so our little sister - Misty; you said you remember her, right? - is going to be running the gym all on her own.”

“I… don’t see the problem. Didn’t she do that when you guys went on your trip around the world?”

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