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can you do one where josh and the reader are childhood best friends and grow up to be in love with each other?? but both don't know it! thanks love u :)


It was sort of inevitable for things to end the way they did.  It was easy enough to tell from the start, just by looking at him. Y/N was quite simply the most beautiful human being on the earth, Josh had never had a doubt about it. How could he do anything but fall madly in love with you?

His friends tease him sometimes, Tyler and Mark poke fun at his zealous confessions of passion, because he’s only 18, after all.  What does he know about love?  But Josh knows all kinds of things that Tyler and Mark do not.

Y/N has been his best friend since before either of them could remember.  Even though she was two years behind him in school, they’ve been stuck to each other like glue for years and years until they knew each other better than anyone else knew them. Most days it felt like they knew each other better than they knew themselves.

So Josh is a bit of an authority when it comes to Y/N. He knows exactly how she likes her coffee, and all the words to every song her favorite band sings.  He knows why she hates wearing socks, and that her favorite color changes depending on the day of the week. And he knows more than that. He knows all of the things that Y/N is afraid of, and all of the daring adventures that she intends to have, written down on an old scrawly notebook titled “The Bucket List”, and a million other tiny little precious things that Y/N has never told anyone except for Josh.

That’s really what Josh is in love with, in the end. The beautiful little parts of Y/N that are reserved just for him.

The tricky part about it all is that there’s nothing that Josh can do about it . He’s fairly certain that if she felt anything more than friendship towards him, he would know. After all, he knows everything about Y/N, right? It’s pretty obvious to him that she sees him as nothing more than a friend, and Josh is still trying to be okay with that. He doesn’t have any other option. He can’t jeopardize his relationship with his best friend of fourteen years, so he’d rather suffer in silence than admit how completely, hopelessly, head-over-heels he is for the younger girl.

And if he secretly wants to punch every person Y/N ever touches, well, that’s his own business.

You’re like 99.99 percent sure that Josh Dun is the most idiotic person on the entire planet.

Normally that’s not a problem, because it’s Josh’s charming naivety that made you fall in love with the dark haired dork in the first place. He’s always the first to smile, even in the face of horrible situations, and the way that he continues to be excited and fascinated by a world that isn’t fair to him makes you physically, positively melt. No, idiotic Josh is usually nothing but beautiful to you.

But in this particular instance, the fact that Josh is too dumb to see that you’re in love with him drives you absolutely insane.

It’s not like you really expect anything to come of it, because when Josh looks at you with twinkling stars in his eyes, (the one that makes you go weak in the knees), it’s exactly the same charmed expression that he gives everything else. Josh is in love with the world, and you’re just  a small part of it, so it’s not like you expect that if Josh knew how in love with him that you were, you both would ride off into the sunset and have a happily ever after or anything. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a part of you that wants Josh to know. Even if it made things weird between the two of you, you still wanted Josh to know… the affection drums that loudly in your chest.

But as Jenna has taken the pleasure to tell you at least 100 million times, droning on about a love for your best friend of almost a decade and a half was not such a good idea. So if keeping your mouth shut meant that you got to keep your best friend, well, you supposed that you were going to have to deal with it.

You were smart and mature enough to take steps to resolve the situation. Because this year was their last year.  It was their last year together in school.  Their last year living next door to each other.  Their last year before everything changed, before Josh went off to college-  You couldn’t just leave the situation unsettled. Being a high school student in love with your college-aged best friend, however many miles away, just had to be unhealthy, right? So you did the only thing you could think to do; you went out and got yourself a different boyfriend.

It’s probably one of the smartest moves of your entire high school career, you started hanging around the athletes and their group.  And soon later, one of them asks you out.  The instant you says yes, you’re in.  And Michael really is gorgeous and he’s smart and sharp as a whip, and definitely the kind of person that you could fall in love with and not be miserable about it.

Except that you can’t.

You give the relationship a good go, spending a month and a half letting him take you out to movies and shopping and holding his hand and kissing. But the problem is that no matter how many dozens of good qualities he has, he doesn’t have everything that you need. He doesn’t have that one irreplaceable, deal-breaker quality.

He isn’t Josh Dun.

Meanwhile, oblivious Josh is trying to be a champ about it all. He grins enthusiastically with the news of your new relationship and cracks open a beer that he stole from his dad as you tell him.  You search his face for a sign that he might be faking his excitement, that he might be even just a little disappointed that you have found a boyfriend, but there is none.  Not that you expected there to be, because this is not about anything other than moving on. The goal here is not to make Josh jealous, because that would just be immature.

Josh is absolutely, positively, not at all jealous of any of Y/N’s new boyfriend, Michael, because that would be very juvenile of him.

He wants her to be happy, really, he does. Just because it wasn’t meant to be that Josh would be the one to make her happy doesn’t mean that he wants her to be alone forever.  It’s good that she’s putting herself out there and looking for love. Josh sincerely hopes that she finds it. Even if it isn’t with him.

He’s sure the boiling pit of molted lava that appears in his stomach every time he sees her holding hands with that mammoth is just a coincidence.

You feel bad.  You really do.  At this point, you can’t even really fake it. Or rather you can- you’ve been faking a relationship with a sliver of intention including seeing if Josh would get jealous. But the more time you spent with Michael, the more you actually grow to like him.  Like.  Not love.  He still wasn’t Josh.  But it was enough to make your insides squirm with the guilt of leading him on.  

“Hell, I’ll date him,” Jenna scoffs.  “Michael’s such a babe, Y/N.  And he’s sweet and kind.  You really need to get over Josh.  Accept that he’s just a friend and move on.”

You nod, genuinely absorbing Jenna’s advice.  But you smile to yourself, because in that moment, you realize how wrong and unpleasant that sounds.  You were in love with Josh.  You would always be in love with Josh.  And he had to know.  

“This is different…” Josh tries to explain to Tyler one afternoon.  They’re aimlessly playing video games when the topic of conversation happens to float to Y/N.  “She’s different.  This whole thing is just… different.”

“I know… but she’s dating Michael man. You gotta move on.”

Josh grips the controller extra hard and focuses his attention back on the TV.  

It shouldn’t be this hard to be happy for his friend, and that isn’t fair to Y/N, but it’s different now that she and Michael have been together for so long.  He couldn’t just “move on” like Tyler suggested.  If it were that easy, he would have done it a long time ago.  

Breaking up with Michael was harder than you expected.  The way he pleaded and begged to know why burned a hole through your chest.  The way he claimed to understand that it just “wasn’t right” made things hurt more.  But once it was over and done with, you felt like a weight had been lifted off of your chest.  Your next step was to find Josh, wherever that was.  

Tyler tells you he’s home, so that’s where you head.  No plan other than confusing you undying love.  No big deal, right?

Josh is raiding the fridge when he hears a knock at the door. He turns to the sliding glass and is shocked to see Y/N standing, shivering in the cold.  

The grape between Harry’s fingers gets crushed. “What’re you doing here?”

“I just came from Michael’s—” her voice does that high-pitched thing that it does when she’s about to disclose something and Josh snaps.

“I don’t want to hear it,” he sneers.

“What?” she says, pretending to be innocent.

“I don’t want to fucking hear it!” he repeats, because it’s the only thing he can think of to say. There are actual tears springing to his eyes and he can feel it.  He’s about to become unglued. “You can’t- you don’t just-”

“Josh, you’re not making any sense,” she says, trying to sympathize.

“You can’t date him!” Josh half-shouts, reaching out to grab the counter with his hand.

“Josh,” she says gently, “calm down, it’s okay-”

“It isn’t!” he yells. “It isn’t okay! You can’t date Michael, you just- you can’t!”

“Hey,” she says desperately, palms out before her like she’s soothing a wild animal.

“I’m serious,” Josh says passionately. “you should be-”

He cuts himself off and bites his lip hard, looking away from Y/N with an expression that reads little more than misery. Josh swallows, heart pounding away in his chest all of a sudden.

“When I should be what?” she asks quietly.

“When you should be dating me!” The words burst out of Josh before he can stop them, and they just keep coming. “You’re dating other people, but it should be me who goes on dates with you and me who posts pictures of us kissing and it should be me you talk about to your friends because I just love you, okay?”

And before Y/N can get a word in, Josh is pressed up against her, one hand cradling the back of her neck and the other on her hip, crashing their mouths together in a kiss that’s messy and rough and mostly just in love.

Y/N lets herself go weak under Josh’s touch, lets Josh get out that first desperate rush of pressure before she starts to kiss back. And Y/N doesn’t particularly want to pull back and talk, so she hopes the way she moves her mouth gently back on Josh’s, expresses all of the “I love you, too, idiot” that Y/N wants to fire right back at him.

At some point the kiss should probably die out or at least get less desperate, but before long their hands are scabbling at one another like there’s space between them to eliminate, breathy little groans escaping from the crush of their lips. Y/N hears herself whimper a little, needy, and has to pull back for her dignity’s sake. “Shit.”

Josh grins, his stupid, cheeky little dimple appearing. “Better than Michael’s tongue?”

You blush furiously and try not to imagine whether Josh’s competitive spirit will lead him to prove his tongue’s worth in other arenas as well. “Yeah, well…. Yeah, you’re the best kisser out of anyone….”

“I love you,” he says again.  This time looking directly into your eyes.  “And I know you’re dating Michael and all that, but… it should be me.  And I’m sorry if it’s rude to say that but—“

“Josh, stop,” you interject.  “I broke up with him.”

“What?” he sputters.

“Just before I came here… I broke up with Michael.”

“For me?” he asks, in disbelief.  

“‘Woah there…’” you say with a sly hint to your tone, “You haven’t even asked me out yet. Don’t get cocky.”

“Will you go out with me, Y/N?”

“Maybe.  I’ll think about it,” you smile as you bring your lips together again.

Josh Dun x Reader : Convinced With A Kiss

A/N: i am very sorry! i’ve started some new writing projects that could actually maybe get me discovered or published, so i’ve been slacking off the fanfic lately. super sorry! i was extremely disappointed that i wasn’t able to post a new one yesterday. i think it’s my first time not posting something for a day. so here’s this one. thanks for bearing with me, requests open as always, but it might take a little while since i’ve still got some stored up. you’re the best! thank you! i hope you enjoy!

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An imagine where Josh and the reader are dating as teens and Josh’s mom finds condoms in his room and she sits down to talk with them? And Josh is really awkward and adorable and it ends with fluff?

You spotted him across the hall as you went down the stairs, grinning. He was wearing a red tank top, black skinny jeans, and the new sneakers you had bought for him a couple weeks ago. Sure, you had already seen what he was wearing this morning, but damn, did he look hot. “Hey,” you smiled as you approached Josh’s locker after the bell rang.

“Hey y/n,” he greeted you with a kiss on the cheek. “How’d your day go?”

“Fine,” you responded. “I think I flunked the Biology quiz though.”

“It’s okay, I think I did too,” he chuckled.

“So I was wondering what you had planned tonight…” you hinted.

“I thought we were going to hang out,” he reminded.

“We are,” you nodded. “I just, was wondering if you had anything planned.”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Anything sounds good to me, as long as you’ll be there.”

“What a flirt,” you rolled your eyes.

“Nah,” he laughed. You took off the hat he was wearing and fixed it on your head.

“I think I look better in it,” you joked.

“Whatever,” he smirked as he put on his backpack and stole back his hat. “Let’s go.”

“Your house or mine?” you inquired.

“I don’t know,” he gave you a sly smile. “Your house has the better television and sofa.”

“But your house has the better food and better privacy,” you whimpered.

“Y/n!” Josh exclaimed, but you both burst out laughing.

“Okay, how about this,” you suggested. “We’ll go to my house and watch a couple episodes-”

“Can we cuddle?” he interrupted.

“Yes, we can cuddle,” you giggled. “Anyways, we can go to my house and chill for a little bit, and then maybe go to your house later for dinner and snacks.”

“Can you spend the night?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I think my mom’s working late shift,” you agreed. “Why? What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” he smiled innocently. “Maybe I actually did have something planned later tonight.”

“Joshua!” you cried and you both chuckled again. “Anyways, what do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” he nodded.

You got in his car and he drove to your house. On the ride there, he played some of your favorite Panic! at the Disco songs, and you both sang along. One of his hands were on the steering wheel, the other on your knee, and you had rolled the windows down, letting the music blare as loud as you could. It was a good thing Josh liked loud music like you did. You pulled up into the driveway and he turned down the music and rolled up the windows, giving you a quick kiss on the nose before you walked to the door.

When you got in the living room, you both sat on the couch and you scrolled through Netflix. “What do you want to watch?” you wondered.

“Sex in the City!” he laughed.

“No,” you shook your head and giggled.

“How about Titanic? We can watch the nude scene,” he teased.

“Oh shut up,” you rolled your eyes.

“Okay, okay. How about Stranger Things?” he suggested.

“That sounds more like it,” you decided. You searched for it and clicked on an episode, easing back into the couch, Josh’s arm wrapped around you. There were some instances where you jumped, and he would laugh, giving you a quick kiss, and you would settle down a little bit. It didn’t take long before you gradually rearranged yourself so that you were basically laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around your waist, your fingers tangled in his hair, your head tucked underneath his chin, your legs settled in between each other’s, his stomach pressed against yours. The episode ended and you were both way too comfy at the moment to get up off the couch, so you just sat in silence.

“I love you,” you sighed happily.

“I love you more,” Josh joked.

“Do you now?” you raised an eyebrow, lifting yourself off of him and he sat up, you basically sitting in his lap.

“Yup,” he nodded.

“I don’t think so,” you argued. “I think I love you more.”

“Well how will we ever find out?” he wondered.

“I don’t know,” you smirked. “You tell me.”

“Maybe I will,” he winked. He leaned closer, your faces only but centimeters apart, and he smiled before pressing his lips to yours, kissing you softly, your hands pulling his shirt off and roaming his bare chest, your fingers tracing his muscles, his tongue slipping into your mouth, your bodies so close but not close enough. He pulled away, leaving you both to catch your breath, and stared at you, a thoughtful expression on his face, and then he closed his eyes. You looked at him, confused.

“What’s wrong?” you inquired.

“Nothing, I just…” his voice trailed off.

“Just what?” you asked, placing a hand on his chest gently.

He held your head with both of his hands, leaning forward to kiss your lips gently, and then pulled away. “We’ll finish this later, okay?” he wondered.

“Sure,” you nodded hesitantly. “Is everything okay?”

“I um, I think I forgot to put something away,” he stammered. “Uh, you know last night?”

“How could I forget?” you chuckled.

“Well, I don’t think I put away the box. I got up late and I was in a hurry and I totally forgot and I just-” he ran a hand through his hair and your eyes widened.

“Wait… The box?” you raised your eyebrows. “As in the box of condoms?”

“Yeah,” Josh cringed. “Geez, I don’t think my mom is home yet. We can hurry, see if we beat her.”

“Well why would she even be in your room?” you questioned.

“It’s laundry day,” he groaned. “That means not only will she be in my room, but she’ll be searching through the stuff in my room too, looking for stray socks and t-shirts on the ground.”

“Damn,” you frowned. “Well, let’s get going then.”

“This isn’t good,” he murmured. You crawled off the couch and he picked up his shirt, slipping it back on, and you turned off the television. You both got in his car and this time didn’t blare the music and didn’t sing along, rather, put the playlist on shuffle and let it play quietly. You glanced at Josh, seeing the fear and worry in his eyes as he drove, and you placed a hand on his shoulder, so he took that arm off the steering wheel so you could hold hands. He was nervous, and you sort of were too.

You had left a great impression on their family when you had gone to dinner with them, and having Josh as a boyfriend meant bonding with his family too. Sometimes you’d go to his house and they would take you out to eat or have a barbeque in the backyard, and you’d always be able to hold a conversation with his mom and dad. You were good friends with his mom, and always updated her on how Josh was doing in school, and she was so sweet she even insisted you called her Laura instead of Mrs. Dun. To think that she might discover a box of condoms in Josh’s bedroom, it made you embarrassed. She would probably ask questions or lecture you, or even yell at you. She usually wasn’t one to yell, but you wouldn’t be surprised if she could after today. You felt the tension in the air as Josh drove down the road to his house and pulled into the driveway, only to reveal that his mom’s car was already there.

“Shit,” you cursed. “What do we do?”

“Well maybe she just got home,” Josh tried to stay optimistic, but the shakiness and wavering in his voice proved otherwise. “Maybe she hasn’t gone to my room yet.”

“Come on,” you tried to gather up whatever dignity you still had left. “I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah, but I lie to my parents a lot,” he bit down on his lower lip. “If they find out about this, they might find out about other stuff. I just don’t want you to get hurt, y/n. I don’t want to have to break up with you or have my parents yell at you or think you’re not good enough or you’re a bad influence. I love you, so much, and I don’t want to loose you. You mean so much to me. I can’t imagine living without you. To think that my parents could possibly want to take you away from me, I can’t let that happen. You know?”

“Josh,” you put a hand up to cup his cheek. “I’ll be right here, okay? I’m not going anywhere, no matter who tries to take me away, I will fight forever just to be with you. I promise.” You leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath. “Let’s hope things go way better than we expected.”

Josh and you walked up to the front door and he opened it up with the key in his pocket, and you both walked in. Laura wasn’t to be found, but as soon as you both entered and shut the door, you heard her voice. “Is that you, Joshua?” she inquired. You and Josh exchanged a look and he closed his eyes tight before replying.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he responded. “I’ve got y/n over, too.”

“Can you both come here for a second?” she wondered. You followed Josh to the kitchen, where she was sitting at the dinner table, the box of Trojan condoms in front of her, her arms folded, and a disappointed look on her face. Josh stared at the scene for two beats too long, and you felt yourself instantly turn red, both of you freezing in place. “Why don’t you both sit down and explain yourselves?”

Josh exchanged a glance with you and then slowly pulled out a chair, ushering you to sit down, and then pulled one out for himself, the two of you sitting across from his mom. “Um…” Josh was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say.

“I’m waiting,” she cleared her throat, arms still crossed, looking at the two of you. You wanted to shrink, hide in a ball, jump off a cliff, something, anything, to just get you and Josh out of that situation. You were completely covered head to toe in embarrassment, all your confidence disappearing as she stared at you, and you instantly felt a sickening feeling in your stomach.

“Well uh, you see, um,” Josh stammered, trying to gain composure. You put a hand on his knee underneath the table, letting him know it was okay, trying to comfort him, and he took a deep breath before starting again. “We’re teenagers.”

“Of course you are,” his mom narrowed her eyes. “I already know that.” He racked his brain to try and think of something else to say, but nothing came to mind.

“We’re teenagers who make mistakes,” Josh added onto his sentence, and she just stared at him blankly.

“And?” she prodded.

“And we’re very sorry,” he also included. “We don’t know what we’re doing, we’re irresponsible, we’re too young, and we’re um, we’re really sorry.”

You kept quiet as Laura glanced at you, thinking it was smarter to stay silent than add anything else and make the situation worse. You already felt miserable, and you didn’t want to feel twice as bad.

“Anything else you’d like too add?” she inquired. “Y/n maybe?”

“Uh,” you glanced at Josh and then at her, tensing up. “I’m sorry, for disappointing you, and for letting you down, and for being a bad influence on Josh.”

“Don’t-” Josh began to instantly argue with you, but he caught himself, realizing that this wasn’t the time or place. You rubbed small circles on his knee, letting him know it was fine, and he bit down on his tongue, instantly wishing he hadn’t said anything at all.

“Did you want to say something else, Joshua?” she asked.

“No,” he shook his head. “I’m good.”

“I thought you were about to say something though,” she insisted. “Care to share you thoughts?”

You looked at him and he looked at you, opening his mouth and then shutting it, rethinking his decision. “I was just um, I was going to say that y/n isn’t a bad influence on me,” he confessed. “Y/n is the best thing that ever happened to me. It wasn’t y/n’s fault, it was mine.”

“So you take the blame for this?” she wondered.

“Yeah,” Josh gulped.

Your heart was racing, unsure of what to do. You felt so out of place, so scared and guilty and absolutely embarrassed. “Well it’s good to know you two use protection,” she gave a light smile. “But I don’t want to see these in my house anymore, understand?”

“Yes ‘mam,” you replied.

“Yes mom,” Josh answered.

“Good,” she unfolded her arms and pushed out her seat. “You two behave from now on, okay? I don’t want to be finding any more strange boxes in my son’s bedroom, understand?”

“Yes,” you both responded quietly.

She walked away, probably to her room, leaving you and Josh at the kitchen table, your fingers still tracing small circles on his knee. As soon as she was out of sight, Josh let out a huge breath, running a hand through his hair and leaning back in his seat. “Whew,” he whispered. “I thought I was dead for a second.”

“Me too,” you admitted.

“You think she’ll ground me?” he turned to face you.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “Probably.”

“Eh, my dad would probably talk her out of it,” he nodded his head slowly. “Look, I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I should’ve been smarter.”

“It’s not your fault,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t ever blame anything on yourself.”

“But it was my fault,” he argued.

“No it wasn’t,” you shook your head.

“Do I need to kiss you again to convince you?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You’re so silly,” you rolled your eyes.

You both chuckled, but when you laughter died down, you both glanced at the box of condoms still on the table. “Uh, you going to take those home?” he wondered.

“Hell no,” you scoffed. “I would get killed.”

“Well where are we going to keep them?” he asked.

“Josh,” you giggled.

“No, really. Like, what are we going to do with those?” he inquired.

“Fuck, don’t ask me,” you laughed.

“Whatever, we’ll figure it out later,” he decided. “For now I believe we have something to finish.”

“Didn’t your mom just tell us to behave?” you reminded.

“What does she know?” he chuckled.

“You’re a bad boy,” you narrowed your eyes. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

“Will that be a problem?” he questioned.

“No,” you replied. “I love getting in trouble with you.”

“Do you now?” he winked.

“Come on,” you tugged on his arm. “Let’s go to your room.”

“I thought you just told me you didn’t want to,” he whispered.

“Well what if I do now?” you shrugged.

“Let’s go,” he rolled his eyes and scooted out his chair, grabbing the box of condoms and walking you to his room, where you sat on his bed and he locked the door, putting the box in the back of his dresser.

“So are we going to be needing those right now or no?” you winked.

“No,” he instantly answered. “Then I would for sure get grounded.”

“Another time,” you reassured.

“Whatever,” he laughed, sitting on the bed with you and then tackling you into the pillows with a hug, both of you falling back into the mattress, him on top of you, kissing your neck and making you gasp.

“Josh,” you grinned as he snaked his hands underneath your shirt, rubbing your back as his lips traveled to your shoulder.

“Hmm?” he wondered between a kiss.

“Come here,” you told him, lifting his head up and kissing him on the lips passionately, then pulling away to both of you smiling. “Let’s try not to get caught.”

“Why would we get caught?” he smirked. “The door’s locked.”

“Well what if they hear us?” you reminded.

“I’ll keep you quiet,” he whispered in your ear. “I promise.”

“You can’t promise that,” you shook your head and grinned.

“What if I could?” he challenged.

“Nah, I don’t think I could control it,” you murmured with a sly smile.

He leaned in close, and then stifled a laugh, looking into your eyes. “Why do I always have to kiss you to convince you of something?” he laughed.

“Because it’s more fun that way,” you explained, pulling his lips towards yours, the rest of the night still waiting for the two of you. You loved him so much. You didn’t know a single person as amazing as he was. Yeah, Josh was sometimes a little bit of trouble, but he was always worth it. You wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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Do you have fic recs? or a link :)


I don’t have an official list here but I think of my bookmarks on AO3 as my version of recs, if you want to check that out!

ALSO, I just made this nice little list of fics I love SO MUCH (too much) that I’ve read each at least twice and fall MORE IN LOVE with each time (they’re in my bookmarks too but whatever)

[edit: I made this a read more because I clearly don’t know what it means to pick only a few favorites…also I cut myself off at 20 otherwise we would have been here until I linked every single fic in my bookmarks. xo, C]

1. Maybe (I Fell In Love) // badjujuboo

The thing he feels for Harry is what every best friend feels. Not that every friendship involves sex without strings whenever Zayn’s back home or Harry’s come down to London to visit.

It’s just who they are.

2. Fifteen Minutes // ohthativy 

It’s the morning of the X Factor auditions in Manchester. It’s raining and Zayn is stuck in front of a guy dressed as Britney Spears. He’s ready to peace out but Harry can’t wait to go in. He’s not being smug, but he knows he can sing, so when the judges say no, he’s devastated. Zayn finds him crying in the toilets before his audition and realises that he doesn’t want it that bad. Four years later and Zayn’s living in East London and about to graduate from Central Saint Martins while Harry’s in a band and living in Camden. Their lives couldn’t be more different, but when their paths cross again will they get what they want this time?

3. Paper Lips // withinwithout

Harry’s world is so huge, so bright and sparkling, and Zayn is just a small blot of ink in the corner of an ocean, fighting to be worth something.

For the prompt - ‘Harry is Zayn’s sugardaddy, but something makes it complicated.’

4. it only happens when i dance with you // ab_hinc

Or, the one where Zayn and Harry were together until they suddenly weren’t, and this one day might be their chance to fix things after half a decade of radio silence.

5. When All I Want Is You // estrella30

Zayn and Harry move in together and don’t have a lot of money and everything falls apart (and then gets put back together)

6. Catch You If I Can // this-onegoes

AU where Zayn’s a freshman, Harry’s a senior, and lessons are learned.

[also the sequels, My Mind and Memory & Don’t Make It Bad]

7. All The Days of My Life // rilla (flomps)

It’s 2016. At the end of the band’s last tour, Zayn and Harry get married in Vegas. It’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to them, but it certainly comes close. Half fix-it fic, half woke up married.

8. The Teacher Trap // stormdancer (ridiculouslittleidiots)

With the help of meddling teenagers sure their teachers are in love, a few musical numbers, and a New York City winter, can Harry and Zayn get a second chance for happily ever after—the right way around this time?

9. Wild Is The Wind // magalima

Everybody’s favourite BBC Lifestyle pastry chef, Harry Styles has never in his life met up with a challenge he couldn’t conquer. But he might have one in his best friend, Zayn Malik, too-serious television writer who’s gotten into a bit of a funk after the end of his ten-year marriage (one which he thought was perfectly blissful until his sweet-as-anything former wife, Perrie, served him his papers and that should tell you a lot about the kind of person Zayn is, actually). Harry, who considers himself something of an amateur matchmaker (he’s set up loads of his other friends, he’s brilliant at it basically), believes he can help get him back in the groove—or at least get him laid.

But of course, that’s when everything goes to shit.

10. too low to find my way, too high to wonder why // ymorton

based on an amazing tag prompt about zayn as a hipster first-time novelist and harry as a popstar. they meet during an interview in nyc. zayn expects to hate harry, manufactured shill of the music industry. HE DOESN’T. STUFF HAPPENS. SEX STUFF.

[also these little follows up: take a seat, black lace knickers & very scientific]

11. Dancing on My Own // rilla (flomps)

A Four Weddings and a Funeral au. Zayn and Harry keep meeting at weddings over the years, and slowly fall in love.

12. Maybe Happiness Is This // cantgetnoworse

Part of him wants to quell Harry’s worries immediately, but another part screams at him to tell the truth. That they probably shouldn’t go there. That it’s a bad time for Zayn, to be starting up something so new. That there’s Liam who Harry doesn’t yet know about and that there’s Zayn who’s still a bit fucked up inside.

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anonymous asked:

Ok so a classic Sam doesn't think he's worthy for gabe he thinks his souls is tainted and gabe gets PISSED before making G sure Sam knows that isn't true

Okay this will literally always be my favorite thing and I’ve been meaning to do my own version of it forever, also this is the perfect excuse to rant my Sammy feels, so thank you for this <3<3

Also, shameless self advertising, I’m counting this as a prequel. 

(And I’m absolutely god awful at writing Gabriel the archangel so please be nice I’m going to be doing a character study when I finish my current fics ;-;)


To say things were difficult with Gabriel would be an understatement. He was used to having what he wanted when he wanted it, and spending days in the car, surviving on the bare minimum, only to shack up in disgusting motels - yeah, not at all what he wanted. The brother’s endured endless complaining and tricks, threats, and at one point even a very angry and confused moose - Sam learned very quickly to not to talk back to Gabe after that incident, he liked his body without fur, thank you very much. 

On the bright side, because there’s always a bright side, Gabriel had a home. He didn’t need a permanent place to stay, the brothers were his home, the impala, the countless motels, because at the end of the day, they were together. He hadn’t had that in thousands upon thousands of years, not since Lucifer first rebelled, maybe even before that. The boys accepted him, even liked having him around - especially when he finished a case before they even had time to question the locals. When Gabriel wasn’t being a nuisance, they had fun together, laughing and joking. 

He made them food - proper family dinners - and naturally, they never had a shortage of sweets. Dean was particularly fond of Gabriel’s pie selection, and they could often be found eating pie out of the tin at ungodly hours of the night, talking about their numerous conquests. A ritual Sam was not particularly fond of, though he couldn’t tell why. Actually, Sam wasn’t fond of anything Dean and Gabriel did together, be it working on the impala (I never need to buy new parts again~), to watching Dr. Sexy reruns on a television that was the size of Sam’s bed (come sit wit us, Sammy, it’s high def!”).

It took longer than he cared to admit -nearly three years, but who was counting?- for Sam to realize he was jealous of his brother. He wanted to be the one the archangel spent time with, he wanted to be the one responsible for that laugh, for that smile. He did spend time with the angel, but it usually consisted of talking about hunts, or Sam asking about some history event that Gabriel had lived through, rarely just talking for the sake of talking.

It was fitting though, angels were just more inclined to spend time with Dean, Cas, Anna, and now Gabe. It was only logical, Dean was the good brother, Michael’s vessel, the righteous man, raised from hell. Sam, on the other hand, was dirty. He was the boy king, the one with the demon blood, coveted by monsters. He was a pawn in the demon’s games, he had started the apocalypse, why would something holy want to be seen with him?

When they started living out of the bunker, it made Sam’s life much easier. He could avoid the two when they were together, throw himself into going through the library. Unfortunately for the Winchester, though, Gabriel did happen to pay attention. It didn’t take long for the angel to realize that Sam made himself scarce whenever he was chatting with his older brother, and it didn’t take him long to start wondering why. 

“Heya Sam-o-rama! Want some help?” Gabriel asked happily, flopping into the chair next to Sam and picking up the nearest book. “I guess, thanks Gabe,” Sam smiled, then went back to taking notes on the book he was reading himself.

They sat in silence for a while, contentedly lost in their own worlds. After Gabriel finished his third book, though, he turned to Sam, staring until Sam put down his own book, “yes?” Gabriel leaned back, propping his feet on Sam’s lap lazily, “any reason you run and hide whenever I hang out with Dean-o?” Sam pailed, shoving the other man’s feet off his lap and standing up, “I don’t know what you mean.”

Gabriel rolled his eyes, standing up, then climbing up on the chair to be eye to eye with Sam. “You know, I could just read your mind, but instead I’m asking, you could at least tell me.” Sam shook his head, “I don’t-”

“Yes you do”

“No, I-”

“Yes, you-”

“Okay, fine! I’m jealous okay?! I want to be the one spending time with you but you always hang out with Dean instead!” He snapped, glaring at the angel. As the rage melted away though, his blood ran cold. He hadn’t meant to say that. Didn’t want the angel to know. How could he be so stupid.

Gabriel just chuckles, hopping off the chair, “if you wanna hang out Sam-o-llama you could just say so.” Sam shakes his head, “no it’s… I…” Sam trailed off, and Gabriel rolled his eyes, “oh that’s it, I tried,” he closed his eyes and Sam could feel the force in his head. He tried desperately to scramble his thoughts, but by the look in Gabriel’s eyes when he opened them back up, he failed. Badly.

Gabriel knew. He knew how Sam felt about him and about himself. He knew how badly he wants to be with the angel, and just how unworthy he is. He had seen the clips constantly playing in his head, the demon blood, Lillith, betraying Dean, Jo and Ellen, Pam, everything he had done. All the friends he had killed. Everything Sam saw over and over, Gabriel had now seen too.

“Sam Winchester, what the hell do you take me for? Do you think I’m some fledgling who doesn’t know how to see a threat?” He let a small amount of his True Voice leak from his vessel, just enough to have Sam’s teeth rattling. “Do not take me for a fool, I can see your soul, I know you better than you-” 

Sam shrank back, creeping away from the archangel, who seemed to grow before him, stumbling over a book and falling onto the floor. At the small sound of the crash, Gabriel seemed to shrink back to his normal self, anger seeping out of him, “oh, Samshine…” He rushed to Sam’s side, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Sam whimpered and cowered away, he fucked up, he fucked up bad. “I don’t… I.. I’m sorry, Gabriel.” 

Gabriel rolls his eyes, “oh hush, Sam, listen to me,” he cups his fingers under Sam’s chin and gently coaxed the taller man to look at him. “You called me Sam,” Sam whispered, wide eyes, “that is your name, is it not? Now, listen to me.” Sam nods and Gabriel presses his lips to Sam’s forehead for a brief moment before speaking.

“Sam Winchester, you are one of the bravest, most loyal men I have ever met. You’re brilliant, empathetic, and kind, even with your martyr-complex. You and your brother have two of the brightest, most beautiful souls I have ever seen. Those things you blame yourself for? You couldn’t have done anything different. The demon blood? You were a child when it started, Ruby? You wanted to save your brother, then the world. Lillith? You had no idea what killing her would mean, and you went head to head with the devil to fix it, after saving the life of an archangel. 

I knew you two were the vessels, if I wasn’t so busy hiding I could have figured it all out, warned you. If you want to blame someone, blame me. Your friends? They died for you, yes, they died for the greater good, there was nothing you could have done. They were hunters. That’s the life, Sam, you know that. You’ve died as well, so has Dean, so have I. You are amazing, and I would be honored to have you as my mate.”

Sam stared at the angel with tear filled eyes, watching those brilliant golden eyes search his face, “do you understand, Sam?” He nods slowly, letting his body sag against Gabriel’s, smiling to himself when Gabriel draws him closer, planting a kiss in his hair. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, kiddo, I love you. And if you think I mean it the same as I do when I say it to Dean? Well you haven’t been paying attention.” 

Sam peeked up at the other man, feeling uncharastically small, “then why do you spend so much time with him? I would have… It seems to me like he’s the one you want.” Gabriel scoffed, smiling fondly at the man, “Dean and I? A couple? We would kill each other. I wanted him to like me, call me an optimist but if he’s ever my brother-in-law…” Sam’s jaw went slack, still staring up at the other man. He had to be dreaming, this couldn’t possibly be real life.

But he could never imagine a kiss that perfectly imperfect. He could never conjure up the sloppy, too wet, tear-filled, clanking of teeth that would be their first kiss. Could never imagine Gabriel’s long fingers tugging at his hair oh so perfectly. Would never imagine all the thoughts Gabriel sent bombarding into his head, about how truly beautiful Sam was, the images of his soul, shining pure white. Couldn’t begin to comprehend the feeling of Gabriel wrapping him up so completely in his grace if he hadn’t truly felt it. 

No, it couldn’t possibly be a dream, and if he ever doubts that again he just needs to at his chest, Gabriel’s handprint standing out clearly over his heart, marking the human hunter as his, and his alone. Of course, he could always look at the tattoo Gabriel had insisted on getting as well, Sam’s handprint, marking the angel as his

But when two, much smaller, handprints come to join his on Gabriel’s ribs? Well… He can learn to share.

Picture This

Summary: Dan and Phil meet again after a full ten years of not being together (based on [x])

A/N: Just a quick thing I whipped together whilst on holiday (I wrote this on my Nan’s laptop god bless)

Ten years is an awfully long time.

In ten years, you can fall in love, get married, have a kid or two.

Yet, equally, in ten years you can lose a kid, get a divorce, fall as far out of love as it’s possible.

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rumaan  asked:

From that prompt list you reblogged - Bellarke: hey you’ve had a rough day so let’s get in our PJs and watch a cute movie together and cuddle bUT IT’S TOTALLY PLATONIC ALRIGHT - please!

0Usually it’s Clarke needing the comforting. Her job at the hospital can be beautiful - art therapy can be very helpful to sick children - but there are days when she has one less rapt student than the day before. Those days are the worst. 

So she’s surprised when her roommate and best friend (since elementary school, thanks ever so much) is sitting on the couch when she gets home. Bellamy is wearing his most ridiculous pajamas (some touristy thing he bought in Rome) and poking a spoon into his mostly melted ice cream. 

All the sirens in her head go off at once. Def con 2. 

Sure, Bell can be a whiny baby, but that does not usually involve his “historic” jammies and chunky monkey ice cream (ugh, Bell and his nuts). This is serious. 

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Random Imagine

Wondering how many people would like imagines like this..

You sighed and closed your laptop. Nothing on Tumblr was interesting, there was nothing nice to watch on television and Steve wasn’t here. Everybody knew that the two of you were best friends, with Tony, Clint and Natasha teasing you about you two being something more. You’d always shrug it off, blushing, although you did have to say you had a massive crush on Steve.

He’s been out on a mission for the last three weeks, and had messaged you that he’d be on his way home tonight, which instantly brightened your day, because sometimes you can’t always tolerate Tony’s humor and Thor’s need for poptarts.

As you headed to the kitchen, you saw none other than Tony Stark himself drinking coffee. You fake saluted.

“Hey Stark.”

“What’s up Rogers.” Tony smirked. Despite yourself, you still blushed.

“It’s (Y/L/N) you idiotic creature.”

“Speaking of Rogers.” Tony put his mug down and made a thinking face. “Is he coming back later?”

You nodded. “Yup… He texted me.” Tony’s smirk only grew wider.

“Ah, I see…. He cares so much about you, yet of course he’d never text me or the other avengers. Totally best friends.”

“Shut up.” You stood to get a carton of milk. Tony shrugged. “Just my thought.”

“Anyways, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted.” Tony took another sip from his coffee, “Why don’t we give him a very warm welcome? Y'know, since he’s been gone for a while.”

You looked confused at this. “Warm welcome?”

Yet again, Tony’s smirk grew. “How else to welcome the Captain than a beloved prank?”

Now you smirked. “I’m all ears, Stark.”


You managed to get the other Avengers on this. They probably would want to lighten the mood, or would just want to see Steve’s shocked face.

You, Natasha and Tony got ready as your phone rang and saw your best friend’s number.

“Get ready (y/n), now go answer it.” Tony gave you a thumbs up sign. You stifled a laugh before nodding then answering.

“Hey (Y/N).” You heard the soldier call out at the end of the line. You prayed that your acting skills would pay off.

“H-Hey Steven…” You said, forcing yourself to sound weak. Natasha rose an eyebrow in approval.

“Hey listen, I’ll be there in around fifteen minutes since we just finished up here and, hey are you okay?”

You stifled another laugh as you replied. “I-I’m fine Steve. Oh, a-and great! I’ll see…s-see…” Then you purposely dropped the phone. Tony motioned for Natasha to take the phone once you all heard Steve screaming your name in panic.

“Steve? (Y/N)’s been shot… I don’t know how someone entered the premises, but you have to get here quick.” You could quickly here him starting to run.

“I’ll be there in 10 minutes.” He instantly hung up. The three of you all gave a high five.

“Brava to us! Now for the fake dying part….”


Steve ran up the hallways as fast as he could, tripping over twice. Why he didn’t use the elevator, he didn’t know.

“JARVIS, where are they?” He asked, definitely frantic. Of course he was, his best friend was shot!

“They’re in the operation room, Mr. Rogers.” Despite the knowledge of foul language, Steve cursed and ran to the room.

“Sir, it’s in the other direction.”

Steve nodded in slight embarrasment. “Right, I totally meant for that to happen.”


“Ready (Y/N)?” Bruce smiled from his spot where he would be acting. You smiled, excited to see the prank commence.

“Well I am definitely ready… I want to see how Midgardians do their pranks.”

Natasha smirked. “Well it’s time to scare a captain.”

After a few moments, Steve came knocking. You all posititoned quickly. He eventually entered.

“Hey what’s going, oh my Lord (Y/N)!” He instantly rushed to yourself. Tony and Bruce were “shouting” something…probably sciency stuff.

“H-hey there big guy.” You pretended to stutter. It was believable though. Steve shook his head.

“God damn it who did this to you?!” He exclaimed, genuinely angered about the situation.

“We couldn’t figure out, but it most likely was her former captors.” Clint supplied. All of you were genuinely surprised since Steve threw his shield across the room angrily, making it hit a model of something made out of glass.

“Stark research more about them. They’re going to pay for this. Also, why couldn’t you stop them?”

Before anyone else could react, you whispered. “Steve.”

He turned around and rushed to you. “Yes?”

“T-tell my parents about this when I’m gone.” You whispered again, making Tony adjust the heart rate monitor. Steve shook his head, vigorously.

“No. No no no please (Y/N) stay alive, you need to stay alive.” He kept shaking his head. You faked a cough.

“Steve, there’s nothing we can -” Bruce said in a sad tone.

“No! She can fight this -”

“Spangles the hit was pretty bad.”

“I don’t care!” Steve put his fist on the table. “She needs to live! She’s my best friend”

“Steven you…. You can start over.” Your breathed, pretending to hitch your breath.

“I can’t! Ever since I’ve known you I know I needed you… (Y/N) you need to stay please I need to stay sane.”

Tony’s eyes widened, almost breaking character. “Steve, I think it’s time to say good bye.”

“BUT I LOVE HER.” Steve yelled, his eyes widening.

“Wait what?!” Clint asked happily, officially breaking character. You gasped, not able to comprehend this.

“I, I mean…I loved Peggy but I….”

“WELL THIS WAS THE BEST PRANK TO BEAT!” Tony high fived Thor, which took a few seconds since Thor wasn’t used to the touch.

“I okay, so I love…. Wait prank?”

By this time, all of you were laughing your heads off.

Steve’s face went from anger to happiness to relief to confusion all in one second.

“Wait, what?”

“Welcome home Captain.” Bruce winked.

“I, I….” Steve fainted.

Winter (6/?)

Summary: Emma and Killian are together. And then they’re not. And then they’re snowed in.

a/n: break-up and make-up fic exploring the issues they might have after starting a relationship post-finale. :)

Part 1  Part 5  AO3  FFN

(had to be the dumbest thing that i could do)

Granny’s is crowded, but Emma sits alone in her booth. Her heart is pounding like she has just run a marathon, and despite all her efforts to slow down and breathe deeply, she can’t quite get it to stop. Li-ar, she thinks with every beat, li-ar, li-ar, li-ar.

Except he’s not, not really – except by omission and things that neither of them ever said out loud. That’s worse, somehow. That feels less like biting into an apple to find a worm inside and more like finding out that it’s some sort of genetically modified imitation apple that is mostly chemicals and still tastes friggin’ great, it just was never real.

I love you, he had said, that first night in this very spot, when most everyone had gone home and it was just the two of them under the fluorescent lights, so glad to be back in the real world, and

I love you, he had said, pressing soft kisses to her hair and her forehead and her cheeks whenever she’d wake thrashing in the night, and just last week, I love you, and just this morning, and this whole time – this whole time – he might have loved her, but he hasn’t trusted her.

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Clarification about the Swan Queen Movement Documentary

[Morning After Edit: I wrote this last night as I was overly emotional after some the things I’ve seen and been asked. As I reread it this morning, some editing needed to be done with a calmer head]

I’ve read a few of the posts that bnaz has posted and that I’ve been questioned about directly. So I thought, rather than just post back, I’m going to make this a GENERAL CLARIFICATION STATEMENT (bnaz my apologies for not coming to you first, but I felt the need to get this off my chest). With a bit of a rant on the side. You all may love this response,. You may hate this response. Or you may not even BELIEVE this response. I don’t really care as long as you READ IT WITH AN OPEN MIND rather than speculate, assume, or anything else that isn’t true.

The Swan Queen Movement: A Fandom’s Fight For Change is a documentary about equality, justice, and inclusiveness. We chose the title/name because it is where the idea sparked from. The SQM was created by one of the nicest people I know. She saw a problem and sought to do something about it. That’s where the “kill’em with kindness” came from. She sought out to try and create a group that consisted of POSITIVE Swan Queen shippers. She wanted to create a place where positive people could go to express themselves in a safe area that happened to be geared toward SQ shippers. But as things go on social media, backlash is bound to happen. Which is where that portion of the explanation comes from. The nastiness that I, Bia and even Tammy have seen since the announcement of the campaign has been unreal.

This documentary IS NOT ABOUT REPRESENTATION OF JUST SWAN QUEEN ON THE SHOW. Hell, I didn’t even know there was such a ship as RedSnow. I knew of SleepingWarrior and felt that storyline was yet another wasted opportunity and a bit of “queer-bating” tactic to a degree. But this documentary IS ABOUT ALL OF THESE TYPES OF SHIPS AS WELL. It is about representation OF A WIDE GROUP OF PEOPLE. It is also about several different issues WE ALL FACE; not just SQ shippers. It’s about activism in a digital age. It’s about taking that activism from behind a screen and on into actually acting. It’s about understanding things from a different point of view.

I have NEVER bullied anyone for not shipping or liking SQ, and neither has my fellow team members. The “Penis Parade” banner is not one I chose or use for my own beliefs or in my fandom experiences. I have never been one to call ANYONE homophobic as I feel the word is improper. NO ONE is “afraid of” homosexuals or “alternative” lifestyles. And it is NEVER a word I use in my everyday vocabulary. And to say I am any kind of “queer basher” is beyond ridiculous. Why would I stand in a glass house and throw stones? Who you ship is YOUR business and not my own. You could ship Regina’s Cleavage with Hook’s Hairy Chest and I wouldn’t care. Ship and let ship. That’s what I believe.

The concepts in my head when I went to bnaz with the idea for the documentary were justice, fairness, inclusiveness and creativity. I saw what the SQM was doing and the backlash so many of the members received and it gave me an idea. I wanted to step from behind my screen and actually DO SOMETHING about the many things I saw going on in shows like OUAT that just seemed not right. The SQM had taken the negativity we received and tried to do something more positive and that could drown out the “bad apples” of the SQ Fandom. Which gave me another idea; why not take all of the concepts I felt needed exploring and combine them with the group that is trying to change things already.

I am a biracial, queer woman of colour with Cyclothymia, speak 3 languages, university educated professional with a desire to fight the injustices and wrongs I see in the media of today. Having grown up in the UK, I never felt I had a place to “fit” and I hardly ever could relate to the stories I saw on telly as they never reflected my life or the lives of any of those close to me. But with the SQM, I found a place to “fit”. With a group of caring, understanding, open-minded people that had the same passion I have to DO rather than just bitch and moan from the ANONYMOUS ETHER of the Internet. I found family in these people. Even if I have never met any of them face-to-face, they made me feel comfortable where I could be open and free to express myself. From that, I wanted to take my idea to the people that could really relate to what I was going through. People that saw some of the same disparaging content, concepts, and stereotypes that I saw.

This documentary is NOT ABOUT GETTING THE WRITERS TO CHANGE WHAT THEY WRITE WHEN IT COMES TO THE SWAN QUEEN STORY. What the writers/creators of the show do with their characters is their business. How they want the story to go, is their business. I don’t want them to do anything but tell a good story that is believable and entertaining. I know that it may be 99.99999% reality that SQ will never happen and I am quite fine with that. It’s nothing new. And if I want to see queer story lines, I can look to others show for that.

But when you can count the number of positively portrayed people of colour on one hand on OUAT, that affects me. When the response to that last thought is always “Well, Lana Parrilla is half-Boriqua”, it makes me give the side-eye to the fact that “one is enough” in a world full of ethnic people. When the media continually portrays mental illness as EVIL, it affects me. When I see and know that my little queer cousin or millions of other queer children will never have a fairytale that ends “Happily Ever After” featuring a strong queer couple, as I never did, it affects me. When people send myself and others such hateful things like “go kill yourself you delusion faggot” or “your ship is a crack!ship, get over it already”, or even “oh shut up you fucking dike. Stop trying to shove your homo shit down our throats”, it affects me. When an entire fandom decides that one ship is LESSER THAN just because it is focused on the two main lead women, it affects me. I am still a human being with feelings. And if it affects me, I know it has to affect others out there as well.

I just wish I could get more people to understand that this documentary is about inclusion. NOT taking anything away from any other ships or shows. It has SQ at the center because these are the people I thought would be open and passionate about the things that are so greatly lacking on OUAT as well as many other shows/movies.

For example, why has there only been so few people of colour to win Emmy’s or Oscars? Why is it that there is only ONE (1) television show that has a woman of colour as the lead and it’s not an “ethnic centric” program? Why do people automatically assume characters are straight simply because you never saw them with a member of the same sex, or it was never mentioned? Why is bullying so strong and ungoverned in online and offline fandoms? (Trust me on this one, I am an officially SF issued card-carrying current member of the Star Trek fandom soon to have my uniform and all). Why do people think it’s okay to sit behind a computer screen and wish death or harm on other people because they ship two women, or they don’t “ship what they ship”? Do they do it because they can be anonymous and not have to own up to the things they say?

If with this documentary we can help Little Jane feel better about the same sex crush she has been taught was “sinful or wrong”, it is worth it. Or if with this documentary Little Johnny can believe that there are people out there working to change the portrayals of bisexuals, mental illness, gender identity, it is worth it. If with this documentary we can get more people to understand what heteronormativity is and how it infects entertainment media, it is worth it. We want to spark discussion, open minds and ignite change. We want to create a torch that can be passed to the younger queer people that they can pick up and continue to engage the concepts we are fighting against. We just want to leave our footprint in the sands of time whilst actively doing something positive for everyone.

Everyone just ASSUMES that since SQ in the title, we are load of non-human bullies looking to “FORCE” the writers/creators to do something they don’t want to. It bothers me that there are actually SQ shippers out there that look down on this idea without understanding what it is or the people behind it.

This is more than a ship. It is more than a fandom. It is a desire to ACT against such negative ideals and stereotypes. It is bigger than me and the the rest of the documentary team. We are reaching into the past to take the touch from those that have fought/died for us and carry it with integrity, openness and inclusiveness into today. And then hand it off to the young people of the future so, if it’s needed, they have more of a path to follow and less of a war to fight in.

Ask before you assume. Talk with rather than about. If you don’t understand, the only dumb question is an unasked one.

Nelson Mandela (RIP) once said, “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

Let’s teach rather than tear apart.. Be a part of something rather than sit back and let others stand at the front lines of this battle for change.

Okay, so I’ve been seeing a discussion on my dash lately revolving around basically like…who’s had it worse or which part of the fandom attacked the other first or worse or whatever the case may be

And let me just preface it with this…there’s been shitty behavior from every part of the fandom at some point. 


I know everyone wants to think like, “Oh, but my corner has been perfect, we’ve never done anything wrong, ever!” but that’s just not true. It isn’t. I’m sorry, but it isn’t and that’s shitty and I hate it because trust me, I wanted to be part of the fandom that was known for being chill and being more mature or whatever, but…that’s just how shit is. I contributed to it, I need to take ownership of it. 

But let’s just…travel back in time because it seems like a lot of people have forgotten how it really was. 

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Captain, It's Cold Outside

Emma and Killian endure a snowstorm in her new apartment. One shot with CS fluff between 4A and 4B.

also on ff.net

As far back as she could remember, Emma had always enjoyed snow.

It was one of the few pleasant things she remembered about her childhood. Even while she was being passed from home to home in foster care, it was something that always comforted her, despite having no real family to enjoy it with. She grew to like it even more as she got older, especially now that Henry was in her life. Some of her most beloved memories with her son had been made in the snow, both in Storybrooke and New York.

What she didn’t love, however, was the miserable snowstorm taking place outside.

The flakes had started falling quickly almost thirty minutes ago, accompanied by heavy wind, and according to Storybrooke’s weather forecast, it was a blizzard not stopping anytime soon. It was a Friday night, and everyone in town was currently being instructed not to leave their homes unless they absolutely had to.

Saying Emma was disappointed was an understatement. She had been in her new home for almost a week, in the apartment near the docks that she had secretly had her eye on since deciding to stay in Storybrooke several months prior. With Gold banished from town and the Snow Queen defeated, she finally got the opportunity to sign the lease and move her and Henry’s belongings in, both from her parents loft and their old apartment back in New York.  Henry, still exhausted from the move, had already made plans to spend the night- and now, perhaps the rest of the weekend- at Regina’s, which allowed her a chance to plan dinner in and movie night with her boyfriend.

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The Story of the Good Guys

So I see from a few people’s responses that a lot of people out there are angry at either Kurt (for hurting Blaine by leaving him) or Blaine (for hurting Kurt by dating his former bully).

The catchphrases are ‘It is impossible to come back from…’ and/or 'He could never forgive’ and on and on…

All I can say to any of that stuff is -  No it isn’t. And yes, he will (on both sides).

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BSM #4: Silent Treatment

Harry: Age 17: “Do you plan on talking to me ever?” Harry whines as you slam through the kitchen, getting things together to make dinner.  You ignore his pestering and go about your business.  “Can you at least tell me what I did?”  Silence.  “If I don’t know what I did, how can I apologize for it and make it better?”  Nothing.  “You know, if you don’t tell me what’s wrong, I’m bound to repeat it and we’ll just end up going through this all over again…”  “I shouldn’t have to tell you what you did, you should just know!” you snap.  “AH!  You talked, I got you to talk!” he exclaims happily.  You glare at him, throwing a glare in his direction.  He laughs at it before saying, “I still don’t know what I did to make you mad though…”  And the little game continues as such for the rest of the evening.

Louis:Age 12:  It had been the most silent day you’d ever had.  Neither you nor Louis had said a single word since your fight this morning.  Normally things cool down pretty quickly, but you’d just been too mad to even look at him after the argument.  Finally, you can’t take the silence and tiptoeing around each other anymore and you approach him in the living room as he flips through a magazine that had been laying around.  “Why haven’t you tried to say anything to me all day?” you question, securing your hands to your hips.  He lowers the magazine and looks over it at you.  “Because I was waiting for you to crack first,” he says through a smirk.  “And I gotta say, it was much easier than I thought it would be, waiting for you to lose your cool.”  He finishes his statement with a laugh, causing you to grow angry again.  “Oh, calm down.  You know as well as I do that you can’t go two minutes without talking.  Today must have been a new record for you!”  On that note, you grumble audibly and storm out of the room, recharged for several more hours’ worth of ignoring Louis.

Niall:  You’d made it blatantly obvious that you were ignoring Niall all day, making it a point not to speak to him.  He knew what you were up to and just let you be moody, choosing to spend his time playing guitar and singing mindlessly, occupying himself until you felt like talking to him again.  You’re seething as he continues to make noise, annoyed that he doesn't even seem to care how mad you are.  When it comes time for dinner, you make up a small dish for yourself, purposely only making enough for one person.  You enjoy cooking and usually love making dinner for the two of you every night, so when Niall walks into the kitchen to see there’s nothing for him on the stove, he’s truly taken aback.  After the initial shock wears off, he laughs and shakes his finger at you.  “Well played, well played.  Alright, I cave.  What has your panties in a twist?” he asks you, reaching into the fridge for something he could make himself.  “Finally!  I thought you’d never bother to ask what you did wrong to upset me this morning.”  “Here it comes…” he mutters into the fridge so you won’t hear as you begin to babble on.

Liam: Age 14:  After having a huge blowout, you told Liam that you refused to talk to him for the rest of the day.  He’s mad too, and just yells a forceful “fine!” before retreating to the basement to watch TV and be away from you.  After taking some time to calm down, he feels bad for the things he’d said to you in your argument and seeks you out to apologize.  “Baby?  Can we talk about what happened?” he asks.  You simply nod your head, not making eye contact with him.  “I’m really sorry I said those things, I was mad and shouldn’t have said them the way that I did.  We still should talk about all that though before it escalates to this point again.”  You nod again, still not saying anything.  “I mean it, I’m really sorry,” he repeats.  You pick up a notepad, scribble something down, then rip the paper off and hand it to him.  “I forgive you and I’m sorry too,” he reads aloud.  “You can't say that to me?” he questions.  You scribble another note down then hand him the ripped-off sheet.  “Nope, still kinda mad - and I meant it when I said I wasn't gonna talk to you for the rest of the day…” he reads before laughing lightly.  “Point taken,” he states, turning back towards the basement stairs.

Zayn: Age 16:  “So you really aren't gonna talk to me then?  Just because I said you were more vain than I am, you’re gonna give me the cold shoulder?” Zayn presses, as you do your best to keep from blowing up and yelling at him once more.  “You call me vain all the time and I laugh about it and we make a joke of it.  I call you vain one time and suddenly I’m the bad guy and a massive jerk for trying to joke with you.  Fine.  Whatever.”  He flops down next to you on the couch and stares at you, waiting for you to crack because he knows that drives you nuts.  Instead, you flip him the bird and proceed to watch TV.  “I can do this all day,” he warns you.  At this, you reach over and ruffle his hair, messing it up and ruining the effort he’d put into styling it.  “[Y/N]!  Seriously?  We couldn't handle this like adults?!” he freaks out, jumping up to go fix the damage you’d done, leaving you to snicker evilly, feeling triumphant.

A/N well this one sucked :/ I not very happy with it but this was requested! love you all! send me requests!