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Nessian Part Two by L.J. Lafleur

Glasses and goblets clinked, bursting laughter filled my ears. I shook my head to rid the noise, at first it worked but then it only grew louder. A gurgling growl erupted from my stomach, an acidic churn twisted around my insides. Instinctively, my hands braced myself against the bed post. It wasn’t my power, just hunger. The laughter grew louder, knives cutting against vegetables and porcelain. A distant headache formed in the back of my head.  

My stomach growled again, this time louder than I had ever heard before. “Curse you,” I muttered to myself, staring down at my stomach, covered in a jade chiffon dress. My sleeves came down to my wrists, trimmed with embroidered golden leaves. It was my first time wearing a color other than black-since the war. Since everything changed…again.  

I tilted my head trying to remember when I last time ate. It’s not that I didn’t eat anymore, I just didn’t eat with company. I raised my chin, straightening my back and headed towards the dining room. They were all there, all enjoying one another’s company-even Azriel had simpered as he passed a plate of what looked like green beans to Elain.

The room hushed, even Elain silenced herself when I trudged closer. I hadn’t seen some of them for weeks… including Mor, not that I wanted to see her any sooner than necessary.

Rhysand, with an unwavering smile, gestured towards the empty seat saved for me. “Nesta, I’m so pleased you could join us.”

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Episode 1 Rambles

Since Sunshine season 2 is finally here, and I’ve decided to try and be a bit more active, I’ll be writing up my impressions on every episode along the way. Expect just general thoughts and overall I’m probably going to be pretty positive with all this. I find how I think about the previous episodes can color my expectation, so this’ll be mostly gushing about things I enjoyed with a few of my incoherent thoughts thrown in. Hopefully, I’ll get one of these done each week. Just don’t expect something all that polished because I wrote this as fresh off watching the episode as I could.

Don’t hesitate to message or ask me something if you think I missed something important, want me to expand on something I mentioned, or just want to talk about the show more.

Oh, and these might have a bit of a bias toward Chika. I’ll for sure discuss everything that happens because I love all of Aqours, but I tend to focus on Chika because I love her character. Figured I’d give that bit of warning.

All my season 2 stuff will be tagged with llss2, so if you want to avoid spoilers, that’d be the tag to look out for.

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You're writing is to die for btw. Your characterization of both frank and karen is so on point. You write them so elegantly! I have a Kastle prompt for you. Karen gets attacked and before Frank can get to her she stabs her attacker but before he dies frank shoots him in the face so later when karen is having a panic attack franks like "technically I killed him" as he patches her up or something

(Alkshdflk thank you!!) ANGST. ALERT. But that’s kind of expected from the prompt, isn’t it? Lol. Hope this works for you! <3

The blood won’t wash off.

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I Know Your Dirty Little Secret - Chapter 3

Hey Guys, here it is the final part of this story. Once again thank you for the likes, reblogs, asks, comments etc. They are much appreciated.

Chapter 1 - link

Chapter 2 - link

Chapter 3

“You cannot imagine the day that I have had.” She dumped her bag on her chair, unsurprised to see that he was already in her room waiting for her. It had become their almost daily routine now, he knew where the ladder was, she left her window open just enough in the morning. She would usually need to hang around the school a bit later for her extra curriculars, something that he did not have besides the Blue and Gold which they were working on together anyway.

“Yeah it must be hard being Trev’s secret girlfriend.” There was bitterness in his voice that he couldn’t help slip out.

“I guess you have spoken to Kevin then.” She sighed. Her fingers massaging her temples as she tried to subdue the tension that she could already feel mounting there.

“Is it true?” He asked looking up at her from beneath the curl that had fallen over his eyes and he had not moved, hiding behind it.

“Are you seriously asking me that?” She looked at him surprised.

“I am.” He nodded. Taking a deep breath. She crossed the room quickly kneeling in front of him taking his hand in hers and reaching up to brush the stray curl away from his eyes, so that she could look straight into his.

“You know me Jug, whatever anyone has said, you know that I am not someone who would. That I would betray you.” She was tracing the outline of his fingers absent mindedly. When he didn’t respond she stood up and started pacing, a tell tale sign that she was nervous. “I lie-, well no actually. I, Veronica jumped to a conclusion and I didn’t correct her. Besides you’re the one who gave me these in the first place. ” She stammered as she blushed running a hand along her neck, he could see the faint outline covered under her makeup. “Anyway” she continued her story. “Then she told Kevin, who told Cheryl, who told everyone on the planet, which led to snarky comments all cheer practice.” He stood up moving towards her, placing a hand gently on her shoulder to calm her.

“I’m sorry, that my over amorous kisses caused you this.” He gently stroked the skin of her neck, tracing over the bruised areas, before reaching her cheek and she leaned into his touch.

“I don’t care, not really. Maybe I should have just told Veronica. Is it weird that we want to keep this a secret?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t done this before, any of it. But I know its special and I don’t want it to stop and I just don’t want everyone’s opinion, just not yet.” He pulled her into a hug, his hand stroking her back, soothing her immediately. The tension draining away.

“I think I know what you mean.” She confided in him, relaxing further into his arms. He jerked suddenly away from her, a thought hitting him.

“Wait won’t Trevor kind of give the game away.”

“Taken care of.” She replied. He looked surprised. “I texted him while Veronica and Kevin were gushing over the news. He was cool with it.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever been someone’s dirty little secret.” He pressed his lips to hers and she deepened the kiss. Bringing her hands to his hips.

“I’ve never had one.” She said against his lips. He pulled her body up flush against his, and her breath hitched at the sudden movement.

“You are incredible Betty Cooper.” He whispered to her his hands moving to her back rubbing small circles with his thumbs on her lower back. She groaned at the sensation melting against him. She moved her lips to his neck, pressing light kisses to the delicate skin there. He moaned his appreciation and she was spurred on by his reaction. The kisses against his skin grew more hungry and demanding, his hands tightened their grip on her. “Betts.”

“Don’t worry.” She smiled. Looking at the mark beginning to form on his neck. “I know how to cover those up.”

“Very funny Cooper.” He replied sarcastically.

“Well we don’t want everyone thinking that you’re having an illicit affair with Trev as well.” She started to laugh, and his lips captured hers again, stifling her laughter.

He made his way down the ladder, placing it carefully down by the side of the house as he always did ready for next time. He was still smiling to himself, his cheeks flushed from her affection. Right now she was everything and he couldn’t believe that he had found her.

“How long?” He spun around at the sound of the voice of Archie Andrews now standing in front of him.

“Archie, I was discussing with Betty about the Bl-.” Before he could continue Archie put up a hand stopping him.

“Yeah I saw you, through the window.” He stated, pointing to Betty’s bedroom window. “You weren’t talking.”

“I was going to tell you, we both were we just.” Jughead looked desperately at his best friend.

“She’s happy Jug.” Archie smiled at his friend. “Happiest I have seen her in a while.” When he saw the smile on his friend’s face a wave of relief washed over him.

“She makes me feel like I can take on the world, and I don’t want to lose her. I know what the rest of the school, this town thinks of me. Weirdo from the wrong side of the tracks. Drunk for a father, abandoned by his mum. But she makes me feel, like it doesn’t matter. None of it matters all that just disappears when I am with her. I don’t want to lose that, I don’t want to lose her.”

“I am happy for you and for her. You both deserve to be happy, just.” He paused.” Don’t hurt her, not like I did.” He almost choked on his words. He had regretted what he had done, that he hadn’t talked to her about what she was feeling. He couldn’t help the way he felt but he could have handled things better and he knew that.

“I wouldn’t ever.” Jughead assured him.

“I still cannot believe that you hid this from us.”Betty smiled shyly at Kevin and his judgemental stare.

“I guess you can be forgiven.” He concurred, buzzing with excitement over his friend’s new relationship. “But I will of course need details, on everything.” Betty took a deep breath and looked over at Jughead who was smirking at her. Archie seemed to be the only one at the table who caught the look between the two.

“Well Betty I for one am happy for you. You are positively glowing.” Veronica stated, giving her seal of approval.

Archie looked over at Jughead while the others gushed over Betty and asked numerous questions, he looked at her like she was the sun. He caught his red headed friend looking at him smiling and he smiled back, mouthing a ‘Thank you.’

It wasn’t long after their conversation at the lunch table that the truth came out. The couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other, making out in the Blue and Gold office when Cheryl came barging in with the rest of the group in tow, determined to catch Betty in the act not convinced by the Trev story. Kevin almost went into shock, Veronica gushed and cheered, Cheryl said they deserved each other before making a face and Archie just smiled to himself.

Thank you for reading.

This fic was created based on the following prompt from @ultravanityglamme

Prompt: nobody knows about bughead and when Betty comes to school with hickeys - Cheryl notices it first and tells the clique secretly, figuring out who she’s with. It will be Archie who realises it was jughead all this time but doesn’t tell the group (respecting their privacy)

If you have something you would like me to attempt please feel free to request, I have a few to get to at the moment, but if you don’t mind waiting a bit send them through.

Snatched (2/2)

Part one : https://superanimenatural.tumblr.com/post/165062049687/snatched-12

Warnings: Gun’s. Blood. Smut. Stockholm syndrome. Kidnapping. Death. Swearing.

Word count : 6175 

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   Days! Days since I had seen anyone. My food was delivered and I ate it. I was so hungry and I didn’t care what it was. I was going crazy in here, pacing to the wall and back over and over. The noise of the chain made me want to scream. I sat on the floor and grabbed hold of it, I tried squeezing my foot out but it only resulted in rubbing my skin off and I let out a huge scream, filled with anger and pain.

 The next morning when I got up to go to the bathroom, at first it didn’t register that there was no noise, it was only when I was sitting on the loo that I looked down and seen that the chain and the manacle had vanished and in its place, was a bandage wrapped around my ankle. I stood up and looked to the chain that was curled round on itself in a circle round the hole. I turned and looked up to the camera, “Thank you,” I smiled and moved back to the bed and sat down. “Have you nothing better to do?” Frost asked as he looked over Jokers shoulder and seen the girl checking out her bandaged ankle. "I do have things to do, but I wanted to see what she was going to do with a little bit of freedom,“ He leaned in closer, "Why?” Frost leaned in and sighed, she was pretty enough but he liked his girls darker and bigger, in both hips and breast department. “To see what happens when I take it away again,” Joker stood up and walked out of the room as Frost shook his head.  

It was another few days and I wasn’t even sure if it was day or night any more. I slept when I wanted, then I would walk around the room when I was awake as there was nothing else to do. My meals were delivered and I ate, then slept.  The door opened and he stood there, “Time to talk to your father again,” He pushed the door open further, "Is it going to require more whipping,“ I asked as I flinched "Maybe,” He moved to me and I held out my hands and waited and his eyebrows raised, "Handcuffs?“ I gave a nervous smile and he shook his head, "Are you going to behave?”

“Are you going to chain me back up if I’m not,” I gave the chain on the floor a quick look.  "If I want to chain you up then I don’t really care whether you behave,“ he snatched at my hand and pulled me after him.  "Oh, another step in the relationship, look we’re holding hands,” I gushed and when he looked at me I gave my best puppy expression and batted my eyelashes, trying not to show him any fear. He let go of my hand and grabbed the top of my arm instead, he didn’t look happy, “Oh touched a nerve?” I teased as I was pulled through the house and back to the huge room, this time I was pushed down onto a chair and he moved off to the table and sat down on the opposite side, so this time he was facing me and the laptop was facing him. “Good evening Mr (YLN),” he said coldly.  "Where is she Joker?“ My father’s voice made me smile and I wanted to run around and see him, but Joker threw me a look and I remained where I was situated. I didn’t want to be chained up anymore, if he trusted me then I might be able to escape. My whole body felt on edge, I was jumping at anything "Oh, she will be along any minute, but I wanted this part to be about you and me. I have what you want and I want to see how badly you want it. I want my sister, and you want what I have, now (YLN) you have a choice, I will meet you at a location of your choosing and I will give you what you want for my sister, so now your choice, my sister for you daughter,” Joker looked to her. My eyes shot to him, he was going to let me go, my father was going to agree to the deal, wasn’t he? My mouth opened and closed but I said nothing, I gave him a smug look. I was pretty sure which one he would choose. Joker looked at me with an equal smug grin and I didn’t like that, it meant he knew something that I didn’t. “What would happen to my daughter?” My father asked, and my breath caught, my heart raced had he really chosen to keep the Jokers sister. “I get to keep her, as my little plaything, she will be alive for as long as I want her to be, and I get to do everything I want to her,” Joker leaned back "You are a hard-bastard Joker. I will bring your sister to the warehouse on the docks, it is closed for a few weeks,“ He finished, "Oh not a deal until you agree that after you get what you want then you do not come after her! She is mine, to do with as I please,” Joker began to laugh and my father must have nodded because the Joker laughed harder, and as he agreed Joker turned the laptop around and he seen the look on my face, I felt so sick. What did the Joker have to give him if it wasn’t me? “YN,” my father said with shock, "Joker you bastard, why would you do this?“ My father shouted.  "Because I can! I will be at your warehouse at nine tomorrow night, and my sister better be there,” Joker flipped the laptop back round and then slammed it, "Back to you room then,“ He looked at me and I lifted my gaze slowly to look at him and my anger grew. He moved back as I got up and almost threw myself over the table at him, my hands were trying to lash out at him punching and scratching and I was sure that if I could bite him would do that as well. The force of me throwing myself at him had knocked both of us to the floor, but Joker had no problem in pushing me off, I laid on the floor staring up at the ceiling. "Boss when you have finished you have a guest.” Frost came in and I took the opportunity. I was up and I ran to the door. Frost really wasn’t expecting it and I pushed him out of the way as I ran out, “Oh fantastic,” Joker got up off the floor and glared to Frost, this man had been with him for years, and he would trust him with his life? “Oops,” frost said nervously as he stepped to the side as his boss prowled past him. I ran again, this time I had an idea of where I was going. Heading to the glass doors in the study, this time I was going straight out, knowing he would be right behind me,

I threw open the door I thought was the study and I skidded to a halt. There was a man in there, large and bald and he grinned at me. “Oh, someone else that wants to play” he looked like he was ready to eat me as he ran his hand over his mouth with a smile. I turned and ran. I could faintly hear footsteps behind me, I didn’t have much time. I headed into the room and to the window. It opened easily and I threw myself out, I was sure I could feel fingers on my ankle but I landed running. I pushed past the bushes and down over the grass. I had no clue to where I was running to and I didn’t care. When suddenly, I hit something. It was a spilt second of confusion, then came the shock as I was thrown back by the huge fence. I laid on the floor my hands tingled, I turned my head and both the fat man and the Joker were running at me. Somehow the fat man made it to me first and he moved to grab me, but the Joker pulled his gun and held it to his head

  “Back off this one belongs to me, I have claim on her!” He snarled out and the man moved back with his hands up,

  “Sorry, I thought it was a bit of fun you might have put on for me.” He straightened up, and looked to me with a little pout.

 "Go back inside and leave my staff alone,“ Joker didn’t move until he walked away, then he turned and crouched down beside me. He grabbed the top of my arm and pulled me up. He dragged me back to the house, not caring when I kept tripping over things.

  "I just wanted to go home! ” My voice broke and I dropped to the floor and I started to cry and I couldn’t stop. Joker sighed and he leaned down and picked me up and carried me back into the house, but he didn’t head to the cells, but upstairs to one of the bedrooms. I couldn’t help myself, I curled into him, my head rested on his shoulder as I tried to control the tears. I felt something soft under me, then he was gone and I was left alone.

I woke with a jolt which almost kicked me off the bed. I looked round trying to figure out what was happening. I wasn’t in the cell and it took me a few moments to remember the day before. he had caught me outside and brought me here. My whole body was shaking and I swung my legs out of the huge king size bed, looking back at it and the purple covers I thought that it might be bigger than a king size. I stood up feeling guilty that I was marking the beautiful fabric with my filthy skin and dress. Then I noticed the note on the bottom of the bed, reaching out I opened the note,

‘I have decided that you should move rooms.

Enjoy this one, the bed is all yours, and then

there is the wardrobe you might find some

things in there to your taste. The bathroom is

the door on the right, enjoy your shower, and you

may tour the house, but the fence is still on so you

will stay here till I want to let you go,’


Yours for as long as I wish


  I read it, screw it up and closed my eyes. Was he planning on killing me with kindness? Well two can play this game! I turned to the door and walked into the most lily-white bathroom, the shower was huge. A large, square shower head hung from the ceiling. I turned it on and sighed, this was going to be the best shower I had ever had. Pulling off the dress, I threw it in the corner with the underwear and I stepped under the hot spray. There was everything I could have needed, to do what I needed. Shampoo, conditioner, razors, and soap. I stayed under there till I felt as clean as I was going to get. The towels were fluffy and white, and I wrapped one around me and one around my hair, then I stepped out into the other room and jumped. The Joker was sitting in the corner of the room in a high back chair, his eyes on me. “Enjoyed the shower, baby girl?” He asked and he stood up, “I did thank you and stop calling me that.”  

  “Then what am I to call you?” He moved a little closer, his eyes dropped for a moment.

  “Miss (YLN),” I said firmly and he chuckled and shook his head

  “That will not do Baby girl, you are mine to do with and call whatever I want!” He moved even closer, his hand reached up and he pulled the towel off my hair and threw it back into the bathroom, he leaned down slightly and breathed in, he stopped the growl before it escaped his throat. I was looking up at him as he lifted his head slightly, he was so close to me, he smiled and then he leaned in as if he was going to kiss me. My reflexes kicked in and I stepped back and he looked like he had come to his senses and now he looked angry. "Would you like to join me for breakfast?“ He asked and I frowned. I was so confused now

  "Why are you being nice?”

  “Get dressed, I will wait outside and show you around the house,” he turned and walked out.

I went through the wardrobe and the drawers and pulled out a pair of jeans and a white fitted blouse, it all fitted perfectly including the underwear, even the shoes were perfect, and everything was brand new. I brushed my hair and left it down, then I moved to the door and hesitated as I reached for the handle. Would it be locked? Was he teasing me again? Playing games… but it opened with ease and true to his word he was leaning against the wall, his hands in his pockets, wearing dark purple dress pants and a purple shirt that was open by a few buttons. I looked to all the tattoos that stood out against his pale skin, he looked so neat and tidy, so calm, his guns were missing I noticed that now. Did he think I would try to grab for them?

  “I think I preferred the whipping to this,” I snapped and he raised a questioning eyebrow.

  “I am being nice,” He pushed away from the wall and started walking down the corridor, that reminded me of a museum, the way things were laid out and some things were in a glass case. There were vases and suits of armour, busts of people, men and women, and then statue’s, paintings of people and landscapes. 

  “That is what scares me. I know what you are doing and it’s cruel,” I almost walked into him as he had stopped and he turned to look down at me, trying to give me a hurt innocence look, “What is?” he gave a small shrug as he feigned confusion. “This, playing nice? The warm bed the shower, and now breakfast which probably will be the best meal I have had in a while, then when I let my guard down, bam! You throw me back into the cell as you take it all away from me, it’s cruel!” I moved around him and heard him chuckle, but I didn’t turn back. “I am amazed that you think that you know me so well, go left,” He added as I came to the end of the corridor and I turned left and they carried on walking. “Am I right?” I gave a quick glance over my shoulder, and he was smirking. “Maybe, but it would ruin the fun if I told you." 

  "Fun for you, but I know what your plan is, so I can stop it from happening,” I turned and walked backwards, trying to watch for him to give anything away.

  “And how are you planning on doing that?” He pointed to the right and I followed his gesture.

  “I am going to be so nice and sweet, you wouldn’t want to throw me back in the cell, and when you let your guard down I will cut your throat open!” I smiled sweetly and he let out a laugh.

  “Could you be a stone-cold killer?”

  “No, I am going to be a nice sweet killer,” I was about to turn around but he was there grabbing a hold of me, his arm around my waist and my whole body froze and stiffened.

  “You should watch where you’re going.” He nodded past me and I turned my head and seen the huge staircase, the railings either side were metal, at the bottom facing away from me was two huge lions that were sitting staring straight ahead to the largest wooden doors. “You could have just warned me.” I swallowed hard. The palm of his hand felt as though it was burning a hole in my back. I was pressed fully against him. His eyes moved over my face, his smile was gone, his gaze landed on my lips. “Stairs, careful,” He let me go and moved down the steps,

  “Don’t you not have some kind of work to do?” I followed him and he carried on walking through another set of corridors and then he opened two doors and there was a huge dining room and the breakfast was already set out. There was everything I could have wanted, from cereal to porridge, fruit to snack bars, then there was a choice of cooked items including pancakes. My mouth started to water and I could have quite happily sat and ate everything on the table. “I do, but not for a few hours, I can dedicate at least three hours to you.” He moved to a chair and pulled it out and I moved to it and sat down, “Tuck in.” He moved to another chair and crossed his legs and watched me. I reached to the pancakes and I devoured three, then moved on to the cooked breakfast, trying not to stuff my face but I stopped and looked to him. “Not eating?” I frowned and he shook his head, now I felt self-conscious. “I have eaten, this is all for you,” he waved his hand over the table and I swallowed what was left, it weighed heavy in my stomach, but I was still hungry and I slowed down in eating. After breakfast, I sat back and he stood up, "Oh what now, sit and watch movies, braid one another’s hair, talk about boys?“ I asked watching him walked round the room,

  "I thought I could show you around, show you where you can go,” he moved to the door,

  “Why don’t you just throw me back in the cell, and get this whole charade over and done with,” I stood and turned to join him.

  “Because this is more fun, I can make this a good time or a bad time,” He opened the doors again and stepped out and I followed. He walked down another corridor, one I didn’t recognise this time and I wondered how big this place was. "Are you not up for a bit of fun?“

  "You will throw me back in tomorrow, if you get your sister back tonight,” I stopped as he turned to face me,

  “She isn’t my real sister, someone that I was close to years ago. I look after her, but once she is back I am sending her away so no one can use her against me again,” Joker looked angry now, he hated the fact that someone could hold anything against him, he wasn’t one to give in to other people. “What is it that my father has traded for your sister if it is not for me?” I wanted to hear and I didn’t want to hear, 

  “Guns, drugs and control,” Joker leaned in close to me and closed my eyes.

  “My father wants guns?” My voice was no more of a whisper as I tried to process it. 

 "Let me tell you this, for one I am not giving your father anything, I am going to get my hands on my sister and when she is safe I am going to grab your fathers head and rip it off his shoulders, and if by some miracle your father escapes from me there is no way he will come here to rescue you, he will be dead before he reaches the gate.“ Joker looked so angry now.

  "You are a bastard!” I tried to turn away and he grabbed me again,

  “God knows what he has done to my sister and I am going to make him pay for it,”

  “Probably exactly what you have done to me, and if she is anything like you then he should slice her head off,” I snapped back at him, his other hand came up and wrapped around my throat and pushed me up against the wall, the back of my head banged off the wall and I saw stars. “Do not talk about her like that,” He snarled, “I think there might be something more than brother and sister going on here…” I whispered as his hand tightened and I was starting to struggle to breath.

  “I should kill you,” He moved closer to me and I looked into his eyes,

  “Why don’t you?” I asked, the darkness was starting to pull in and I was starting to black out, but I didn’t fight him, there would be no point, he let me go and I dropped to my knees. I coughed as I sucked in the air, "Maybe I should throw you back in the cell,“ He grabbed me again and pulled me to my feet.

  "Maybe you should, it’s a lot quieter,” I pulled free and he glared harder at me and ran his hand through his hair, he walked off a few paces and then came back.

 "Has anyone told you that you are very annoying?“ He growled out.

  "Nope, sweet, adorable, kind, loving, cute, gen………,”

  “Enough, now you can add annoying to that list.” He stood in front of me and his eyes moved over my face as if he was trying to figure me out and I leaned against the wall and watched him.

  “If I annoy you so much let me go,” I gave half a shrug and half a smile.

  “Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?” He moved closer, his hand moved to the wall beside me.

  “Take me to a movie? Dinner? Oh, oh mini golf?” I gasped as he pushed against me, his hand gripped my chin and held me in place as he lowered his head and slammed his lips onto mine. I couldn’t help it my mouth opened as he pushed his tongue inside, it was hard, he was trying to prove a point and I was ashamed that I wanted to melt into him. I heard a moan and realised it was me. I forced my hands into fists so I wouldn’t reach out and grab him, the thought of jumping up and wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck was so over whelming, one of his hands moved round and grasped my backside and squeezed hard. The hand that was on my chin moved down and grasped my breast, he pushed me further into the wall and I was squashed, I was losing the battle with myself as my hands moved up and slid into his hair and I grabbed handfuls and pulled, there was a deep throaty growl from him, his arm snaked around my waist and he lifted me up. He carried me through a pair of doors that were to his right. He placed me down and I realised I was sitting on a large desk. The kissing had gotten harder, more urgent, my blouse was the first casualty as he pulled it off and the buttons went flying. My hands moved to his buttons and I fumbled as I tried to open them as fast as I could and then my hands reached skin. My hands moved up his chest to his shoulders and I pushed the shirt down his arms, he let go of me briefly to rip the rest of the shirt off himself then his hands were back on me and unfastening my jeans. They were pulled away and thrown somewhere, he was back to kissing me, the rest of the underwear was pulled away with the tearing of the material, he pushed me back so I was lying down, his mouth trailed over my body and I panicked slightly as he moved lower but then he buried his head between my legs and I gasped, all logical thoughts were lost to the pleasure of his mouth and fingers.  My whole body started to shake, muscles jumped as my body shook through the first orgasm. I couldn’t help it I lifted my head and looked down and once I seen him there staring up at me I realised I couldn’t do this. What was I doing? I tried to sit up, and he stood in front of me. “This can’t happen, I don’t like you,” I was going to leave. If my damn legs would work! But before I could move he grabbed me again and kissed me, he grabbed my hair and pulled me to the floor, I stood on shaking legs and he turned me around so my back was to him, his other hand came around to pinch my nipples till I let out a gasp and then his hand moved lower to between my thighs and my legs almost gave way to the pleasure. “I have not finished with you yet,” He growled into my ear and he pushed me forward so I was pressed down onto the table, the wood was warm from where I had been lying before, "Oh lord,“ I looked back at him over my shoulder and he smiled. He was freeing himself and I tried to move but his hand pushed down on my lower back. His foot kicked my feet apart and I felt nervous. I bit my bottom lip trying to stop myself from moaning as I felt his hands moving over my backside, then I gasped as his hand came down on my ass hard, it stung, and then he did it again, his fingers rubbed my skin where he had slapped me then he moved his hand down and his fingers slipped inside me, "So close baby girl,” his fingers moved quickly and when I could feel the tightened with the oncoming orgasm he removed his hand and I almost cried with frustration but I cried out as he pushed himself  into me, his hands gripped my hips and pulled me back as he thrusted forward. He was hard and unforgiving. His fingers dug hard into my hips, but then he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head up off the desk. “I hate you,” I managed through the gasps

  “Good,” he let go of my hair and wrapped his arm around my waist, and he moved quicker and harder. Then he grunted in frustration and he moved backwards pulling me with him, He landed in the chair and I sat on top of him, his hands were on my hips and he moved me. I stopped and struggled out of his grip, and I could see he was about to swear and grab hold of me again, but I turned to face him, then I moved down as I straddled him, I sank down onto him, keeping my gaze locked on to his. I moved slowly at first, even with his hands on my hips trying to move me quicker. He leaned forward and bit onto my nipple and I moaned. His hands had now moved round to grasp my backside squeezing it.  “I thought you would of ran,” He asked dropping his head back to the chair.

  “I wanted to,” I moaned as I carried on moving my hips, bringing us both closer to the end. 

  “Christ woman,” He wrapped his arms around me and moved me even quicker. “Have to take control on everything?” My hands moved to the back of the chair. “Yes,” He lifted me again, I groaned I had been so close, then he almost threw both of us onto the floor. He hooked one of my legs over his arm. He watched me now as he thrusted into me over and over, harder and harder. He didn’t seem to slow. Every thrust was as hard and deep as the last. He let go of my leg and now his whole body was pressed against mine, then he leaned his head to bite on the top of my shoulder, with the pain and the pleasure I gave into the orgasm and I cried out, my nails raked at his back digging in and I was sure there was going to be blood, but he didn’t stop. I wasn’t sure how long this had lasted. I had lost track of time my whole body was like jelly. He had growled out as he emptied himself into me, then he laid there on top of me as we both tried to catch our breath. I laid there feeling his weight on me and it felt good, a kind of security, and once he moved to roll onto the floor beside me I felt exposed. I wanted to hide myself. I looked over at him and he was watching me just as closely. He pushed himself up and went to grab his pants and he pulled them on, but he didn’t fasten them he left them hanging on his hips, he leaned down and picked up his shirt and he threw it to me. Once I had it on he came to me and picked me up, my head rested on his shoulder and he carried me out of the room. I was sure he could feel the muscles in my legs still jumping. “Good God man, did you kill her,” Frost came out of another room and looked to both of us, “She wishes,” Joker grinned and gave him a wink.

  “Nope,” I managed to whisper, “Can go a second round,” I mumbled and I could feel myself wanting to sleep. “Maybe next time,” Joker chuckled and carried me to bed. I was placed in bed and his fingers moved down my leg, then back up, and I couldn’t stop the moan that escaped from my lips. “Get some sleep, you are going to have a busy night,” He leaned down and whispered to me. I felt my body shiver, but then he was gone, and I turned over, pulling the pillow to me and I fell into a sleep.

I was woken by the covers being pulled off and a slap to my bare backside, I yelped and looked up to him. At first, I was a little happy, but then I realised that he was dressed for business. His suit was clean, the shirt was again open only by three buttons. His hands were now clasped in front of him as he looked down at me, "Shower. Dress.“ He snapped at me and I frowned, but moved without argument.

  "Am I going somewhere?” I asked

  “We are going to meet daddy,” he walked off and I hurried into the bathroom and quickly showered. I dressed simply again in jeans and a tee shirt. I pulled on the trainers and stepped out of the room, this time it was another man waiting for me. “The boss is waiting in the car,” he nodded down the corridor and I walk behind him.

In the car I sat beside him, he held onto his cane with one hand, his fingers tapping away, his other hand was by his chin his thumb brushing his bottom lip as he stared out of the window. I looked round and still didn’t have a clue where I was, there was nothing around here, just trees and bushes along a long straight road, nothing was said between us, which did not help my nerves.

    It was a while before we pulled onto the docks, it was late and it was dark, no one was around. My fathers warehouse was a little further down, Joker was here alone, this was the only car unless he had sent others ahead of us. The driver pulled into the open warehouse and I sat in the car and looked through the front window. My father was there. He stood in front of four black cars, waiting. “Show time Baby girl,” He looked at me and I found I didn’t want to get out of the car. Once our car had stopped Joker stepped out, he walked towards my father the tap of the cane hitting the floor was the only sound, he didn’t rush he would do this in his own time. I finally stepped out and I looked to a large lorry pulling in behind us. I turned to see if J was worried about it, but he didn’t even give it any notice. I closed the door and started to walk towards my father, my heart broke as he didn’t even look at me. “Is that the guns?” He asked nodding to the lorry.

  “My sister,” Joker sighed. My father waved his hand and a car door opened and a young woman stepped out, she looked fine and in one piece. “Go,” Joker turned to me and I shook my head, he rolled his eyes and growled, "Go,“ he pointed to my father and my feet started moving. I past the young girl and she didn’t even look at me, but I watched as she past and I saw the gun sticking out of the back of her pants. Movement caught my eye, men above on the gangways were moving in with guns. It was a trap, but whose? I looked to my father and seen him look up and he wasn’t fazed, it was his trap. I turned to warn him, but as I turned she was already reaching for her gun, before I could stop myself I ran for her as she brought her gun round, before she could get a shot off I was on her back and bringing her down. We wrestled for the gun, but then all hell broke loose as there were gun shots and shouts. Then she got free from me and stood above me, the gun was pointed in my face, my hands went up and screamed as there was a shot, but nothing hit me. I looked up to see the shock on her face as she looked down to the hole in her chest and the growing red spot, both of us looked over to who fired the shot and Joker was still pointing his gun at her. He walked with no care towards us his gun still raised, he pressed it against her head and leaned in, "You double crossed me?” he snarled

  “Yes, and I would do it again.” She smiled coldly. I managed to push away and get up.

 "Why?“ he pushed the gun harder into her temple.

  "To have what you have! I didn’t want to share. I wanted it all, first you, then him, it would of all been mine!” She laughed then went silent as she dropped to her knees and all expression left her face as she fell forward, “Move now!” he grabbed me and pulled me after him. “(YN)” My father yelled and we both turned. My father glared at me and raised his gun in my direction. "You dare leave me for him!“ he shouted. I didn’t have time to answer as Joker lifted his gun and shot him through the head. "Batman!” Someone shouted and everyone started to run, they jumped into cars and the lorry and drove away, some didn’t make it. Joker threw me into the car and the tyres screeched as it pulled out of the warehouse. I looked to the Joker who screamed and punched the roof over and over. I didn’t say anything, what could I say? I left him to his rage.

It was months since I was taken and now I stayed with him under my own free will. I couldn’t see myself leaving him. He did his business and I didn’t ask. It was better that way, but I was here when anything angered him, and I knew when to leave him alone. 

I curled into the side of him after a long night of sex, it wasn’t making love he wasn’t that gentle. It was hard and didn’t stop until he was done. I moved up onto my elbow and looked down at him, his arm was behind his head and he turned to me.

  “I love you, you know that right?” I asked and he frowned.

  “And somewhere in this crazy heart of mine I think I love you too, but don’t expect me to turn into a fucking prince!” he reached up and grabbed my hair pulling me down to kiss him, and I was happy to oblige.



Another Fic Rec Post

As promised~

Ok so here’s the fic rec nonny asked for. If you’re interested in past recs, I have a tag called ‘fic rec’.

Slam By Smarty0007. I love Smarty’s stuff, and I’m sure I mentioned this at one point but didn’t officially rec it because it wasn’t done yet and I like to stick mostly to completed stuff for rec lists. This story uses that little fact we learn in the V-day episode about Arnold hearing beautiful music when he likes someone and if that’s not enough to be interested in reading it, Helga also performs slam poetry and rocks at it. So basically, two things I LOVE to see explored in one story.

Craigslist: A Love Storyby theps118confessional. All of K’s stuff is so great, ok. I actually drew something for this, because I loved the fact that Helga has pink hair and puts it up into buns when she first meets Arnold. Now that it’s complete I can officially rec it here too. This is an AU where the two don’t meet until they’re adults, and it’s all thanks to Helga being a) hella bored and b) trying to get Phoebe off her back about spending Christmas alone which all leads up to her posting a Craiglist ad offering to be someone’s terrible date to bring to the holiday’s unavoidable family get togethers. Three guesses as to who ends up actually taking her up on the offer, the first two don’t count. This is honestly one of my faves because not only do we get to see Arnold and Helga falling for each other despite not growing up with each other, we also get Helga interactions with Arnold’s entire family, Gertie especially, and I love it. Its also has some very funny moments and it’s full of schmoop, which I love.

Acceleration of The Bus and Other Feelings By Alexandra7. This is a really cute one shot of Arnold realizing that he’s fallen HARD for Helga and all she had to do was unknowingly do something that’s been known (to us anyway) to work before. Of course, it doesn’t help that he was already falling for her anyway. I can seriously see this happening too, where he realizes he’s at the point of no return because of something she unwittingly did that hits him with the force of a bus (lol pun intended, if you read it you’ll get it).

Grand Fir By Lachesism. Lachesism’s writing is always top notch, and this is such a great one shot it actually had me tear up a bit. When Arnold and Helga were kids they made a promise to meet each other on Christmas years from then, how long is she willing to wait for him? And will he actually show up for something that was promised years ago? It’s all in Helga’s POV, and we even get some nice moments with Phoebe and Olga as well, and what happens at the end brings everything together and I suck at explaining things/doing it justice so just read it you won’t regret it. It is a great shortaki Christmas fic.

Heart-Shaped Box by Reinamy. I’ve already gushed about “The Sensation of Falling” before but honestly all of Reinamy’s stuff is so great, and this is another favorite of mine. After seemingly never being able to get away from a certain someone no matter what, Helga ends up frustratingly getting stuck in an elevator with him, and learning things she never knew in the process. Question is, can she survive until help arrives to get them out of the predicament they’re in?

Fragile Moments By Angelic Guardian. Super cute one shot detailing Arnold’s slow realization that he’s fallen for his tormentor, as well as how things turn out after he does. I really like seeing things from Arnold’s perspective and noticing just how he gets from point a to point b on his feelings for Helga. This story does that really well.

Future Fern by Aiyta. I’m kind of a sucker for ‘present selves meet past selves’ type stuff and this is done really well and it’s super cute. Arnold, Helga, and Gerald decide to check out an urban legend Phil tells them about and get sucked into the future where they need to find a way back to their own time, with the help of their future selves. They learn things about the whole gang along the way and about themselves especially. This also takes place after FTI when Arnold’s trying to grapple with the whole thing and his own thoughts on what happened between Helga and himself. It’s full of schmoop and I love it.

I think this is enough for now, again I’ve rec’d other fics in my tag so be sure to check those out too!

Wands and Angel Grace: Chapter Four

Summary: When Lucifer leaves our reality for the Wizarding World, Sam and Dean follow him to stop him before he causes too much damage.  Will they be able to blend in at Hogwarts without raising suspicion?  Will they be able to stop Lucifer and Voldemort?  And will the Golden Trio trust the Winchesters, these strangers suddenly thrust into their lives?

Wands and Angel Grace Masterlist - Previous Chapter

warnings: none

word count: ~1430

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Miraculous Ladybug Drabbles: Purrfect Match

“..and that is why I will never again put my music player on shuffle when I am DJing.” the bespectacled teen explained

“That is great and all Nino, but that still doesn’t explain why you suck so badly at video games.” The blond pointed out as he trounced his friend in the racing game they had been playing for the last half hour. 

Nino put down his controller and sighed.

“Not all of us can be as perfect as you Adrien.” Nino joked as he playfully punched his friend in the arm.

“So what do you want to do now?” Adrien asked as he turned off his game station.

Adrien and Nino had been hanging out in Adrien’s room. After weeks of convincing, Adrien managed to convince his father to allow Nino to come over to hang out. The only exception is that he stays in the same room as Adrien, (he was not a fan of people running around his mansion alone.

Nino looked around the blond’s room, he couldn’t help but still be impressed by how massive the place was. It had a rock climbing wall in it for heaven’s sake. As he looked around he noticed a rather large poster of Paris lucky heroine.

“Nice Ladybug poster.” Nino comments as he points out the human sized poster of Ladybug on his wall. She was shown swinging on her yo-yo, it was a very nice poster.

“It is pretty nice.” Adrien said, unaware that he was looking at the poster with loving admiration.

“So I guess you are into spots.” Nino teased, watching his blond friend turn red with embarrassment.

“Well..I mean she is …”

“Dude its fine. I remember how you were drooling over her during that time the evil hypnotist attacked.” Nino reminded his pal as he moved up to the poster.

“I can’t help it. She is just so… amazing.” Adrien gushed, his heart beating faster as he thinks of his lady.

“Most of Paris is crushing on that girl dude, I am pretty sure Alya has a bit of a thing for her. But you do realize you do have a rather massive obstacle in winning over Ladybug.” 

Adrien felt a sudden pang in his heart, who could possibly be his rival for Ladybug’s affections.

“And who would that be?” Adrien asked, hiding his jealousy.

Nino looked at the boy with an eyebrow raised.

“Chat noir dude. You have seen how he is around ladybug. It is hard to beat a guy like that.” Nino answered

Adrien felt relief sweep over him. He couldn’t believe he was jealous of himself. But quickly realized he had to act bummed, since Nino didn’t know he was Chat noir.

“Right…” Adrien said with mock gloom, his head looking at the floor. He knew he modeled it perfectly.

Nino placed a sympathetic hand on his shoulder.

“Cheer up buddy, there are plenty of lovely ladies in paris besides Ladybug. I am sure you can find one even better for you then Ladybug.”

Adrien clearly didnt believe that statement, there was no one more perfect for him then Ladybug. But he decided to just nod.

“How about I try to set you up on a date. I already have my perfect lady, It would be great if you have yours.” Nino exclaimed. “Now tell me what you are looking for in a woman.”

Adrien sighed, he knew his friend was looking out for him. So He could play along.

“Well, She has to be passionate about what she loves. When she have a goal they won’t stop until they do it.” Adrien started. ‘like ladybug 

“Someone passionate and determined. Keep it going buddy what else?”

“She has to be clever, and creative. Also she has to be kind.” just like ladybug

“Good with kids?”

“Definitely. Also, if she can cook, that would be amazing.” Adrien went on. He could bet Ladybug could cook. Oh what he wouldn’t give to try one of her dishes.

“Well we definitely eliminated chloe.” Nino chuckled. “But enough about personality, what are you looking for in physical features?”

“Looks aren’t everything Nino.”

“Says the guy who models because of his good looks.” Nino pointed out. “I am not saying they are everything, everyone has their preferences. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what not. And while physical looks aren’t everything, it does make falling for someone easier if you find them physically attractive.”

“Okay I see your point.” Adrien conceded.

“Do you prefer light hair or dark hair?”

“It doesn’t really matter to me. Neither does hair length. Though I do like blue eyes over every other color. And if I had to choose, darker hair is more my thing.”

“What about body type? Are you for whats in the front, or are you all about the back?” Nino asked with an eyebrow raised.

Adrien rolled his eyes at Nino’s question, why did he have to bring that up? Though if he was being honest, he has found himself looking over his partner more times then he would ever admit, and she has quite a nice backside. So he most likely was for the back.

“I would say the back. But that stays between us.” Adrien stated sternly

“No problem bro, your interest in the backside on the down low.” Nino chuckled. “Anything else?”

“Her smile. It has to feel like the sun is hitting you with a warm light.” Adrien said with a romantic sigh, thinking about Ladybug’s smile.

“Anything else buddy?”

“Well, not a requirement, but if she likes video games that would be great. Oh and she should have a good fashion sense, it would probably be the only way my father wouldn’t hate her.” Adrien added.

“Let me just get this all down.” Nino said as typed on his phone everything Adrien told him. “Okay, I got it all down.”

“So Matchmaker Nino, do you happen to know a girl that fits the description of what I told you?” Adrien questioned curiously.

Nino looked over everything Adrien had told him and felt himself stop.

“You are not going to believe it, but I think I already know a girl that fits your description, To the letter.” Nino emphasized the last three words.

“Oh really? And who would she be?”


The air got silent as Adrien heard Nino say the blunette’s name. He felt himself think about it.

Marinette was passionate about her designs, and when she says she will do something she always does it, no matter what. She made the Banner for Alix, she ran and won the class election, she even won that fashion design contest that his father judged. She was able to show her creative designs and her clever way to prevent copies of her work, showing her creativity and cleverness. Marinette was also really sweet, he remembered hearing about how she babysat that one little girl that modeled with him at the park, back when stormy weather attacked. She was definitely one of the kindest people he met.

As for looks, Adrien had to admit that Marinette was definitely pretty. Both Nathanael and even Nino at one point had a crush on her, which was understandable. And while he would never admit this, he has seen that little happy butt jiggle that Marinette does when she is happy, it is adorable. Not to mention her parents are awesome. And while he never got to try anything she made, Alya claims she is an amazing cook, and as a bonus she is amazing at video games. Marinette was literally everything he wanted in a girl.

“Nino, I think you might be right.” Adrien stated in slight surprise. He always knew Marinette was a sweet girl, but he has always been so infatuated with Ladybug, he never saw Marinette in that light. She was his first friend, aside from Nino.

“So you think your in love with Marinette?”

“I didnt say that. I am just saying that Marinette does fit the qualities that I like. I mean if we went on a date, I don’t think I would be against it. But I am not sure.” Adrien explained. “Besides, I doubt she has any interest in me like that.”

Adrien did not understand how much Nino wanted to smack him at that very moment.


Interviewer: Normally, when a guy of your age starts acting there has to be gossip about them and at least one of their heroines. Is it because you’re already married that there isn’t any gossip about you?
Dulquer:  My ultimate girl is Amaal. I don’t know exactly why… I love her a lot… it’s been that way even before we got married. Even now, I think she’s prettier than any other girl I’ve seen. So I don’t think I’ll be distracted. I’m very much in love with her. 

This has been a Mrs. Amaal Nizam Salmaan appreciation post. Also happy birthday to her :)

More Than Friends-Anon Request

Hello, everyone, happy Sunday! First off all, I’m so sorry for publishing this really late. The computer wasn't available yesterday, blame my sister.

But seriously, here’s a new request. I have to admit when I first read it I completely froze because I had no idea how to start it and write it about but after reading it again(10 times) I finally found something and that’s what came out. 

I’m actually really happy with how it came out considering I had no inspiration at all on how to start it. But yeah, I really hope you enjoy it Anon.

And everyone else too :)

-Love, Sarah

c/n=Crush’s name y/n=Your name h/c=Hair colour e/c=Eye colour

”Can you do an imagine where the girl is on vacation in France over the summer, and she sees her crush? And it ends up with kissing and such? (Nothing to intense or smutty though, I’m not into those .-. ). Thanks! :)”

I’d been obsessed with France for as long as I can remember. I’d been begging my parents to bring my brother and I there for years and it had finally happened. We were spending the summer here, in France, more precisely in Paris.

Today was the start of my second week here and all I can say is that everything I’ve seen so far is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been outside a lot, taking pictures with my big camera. I already knew the pictures were going to come out perfect, I was in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Today I was going to see the Eiffel Tour for the second time since the start of my trip. I’d fallen in love with it and I couldn’t wait to go back there. It was also a very romantic place for couples, except I didn’t have anyone.

Well, I did have someone on my mind. (C/n). He was the best, perfect to me. He was tall, taller than me and he looked absolutely adorable with his (h/c) hair and his big (e/c) eyes. He was really funny, nice, and occasionally cocky. I let out a dreamy sigh as I thought about his arms around me. We’d hugged before but it was friendly, much to my dismay. I wanted to be more than friends, but that would only happen in my dreams.

After a short drive, a cab dropped me off at the site. It was just as beautiful and breathtaking as the first time I’d seen it. With my camera tucked securely into its little bag, I made my way towards the Eiffel Tour.

*Time skip ya’ll*

After taking pictures for over an hour and gushing over them, I made my way to a cute little café a few streets away from the Eiffel Tour. With a smile, I made my way inside and breathed in the fabulous smell of the food.

I made my way to the waiting line and as the time to make my order approached, I got more excited. I’d started to learn French two years ago and I was coming along pretty fast. Spending the summer in Paris was the perfect occasion for me to improve my French and I couldn’t be happier.

My turn to order finally came and I greeted the girl behind the counter with a smile.

‘’Bonjour.’’ I said with my hands gripping my wallet.

‘’Bonjour, ce sera quoi pour vous aujourd’hui?’’ She said with a wide smile.

It took me a few seconds to understand what she meant but I finally got it. ‘’Oh, hum. Un sandwich, s’il vous plait and, hum. Avec une bouteille d’eau.’’ I was struggling to find the words I was looking for and hoped I wasn’t making a fool out of myself.

‘’Will that be it?’’ I let out a sigh of relief when I heard her speak English.

‘’Yes, it will. Thank you, I’m not that good with French yet.’’

We both laughed and she nodded before giving me a small smile. ‘’No worries, that’ll be 9.75.’’ She said, her French accent barely noticeable as she spoke English.

I paid for my lunch and went to the side to wait for my order. After a few minutes, the girl from the cash register brought me my order and I smiled at her.


‘’Derien, enjoy your time here!’’ I waved at her and made my way out of the small café.

I couldn’t keep that smile off of my face as I walked around the streets of Paris while eating my delicious sandwich.

The sky was getting lighter and I could tell the sun would be setting soon. I really wanted a picture of a sunset and I was not leaving here without one. Luck seemed to be on my side when I spotted a park on the other side of the street. I excitedly made my way towards it and almost squealed in delight when I spotted a small hill in the center of the park.

I was gripping my camera tightly as I looked over the pictures I had taken today. A small cry escaped my lips when I was suddenly sent flying down on the ground after colliding with something hard.

‘’I’m so sorry, are you okay?’’ My eyes were shut close and I was gripping my camera, hoping that it hadn’t been broken. But that voice… It sounded so familiar… That couldn’t be him, could it?

‘’Miss, are you okay? Madame?’’ My heart melted as he spoke again. It was him.

I finally opened my eyes and smiled up at him. ‘’Hey.’’

‘’(Y/n)!’’ He grinned down at me before pulling me up by the arms. ‘’Sorry about that.’’ He laughed and I shrugged it off.

‘’I’m fine, just got scared because of my camera.’’

‘’Anw, crap. Is it okay?’’ He stepped closer to me and I let out a nervous breath.

‘’Yeah, it’s fine.’’ I nodded and he let out a small sigh or relief. 

‘’Sorry again. You looked like you were in a rush.’’ He chuckled and I nodded before grabbing his forearm and pulling him towards the small hill.

‘Yeah, I want a picture of the sunset.’’

‘’I see,’’ He laughed and I could feel his eyes on me as I snapped shots after shots of the amazing sunset in front of us. ‘’Having fun?’’

I nodded and glanced at him before going back to taking pictures. ‘’Fancy meeting you here, (c/n).’’

‘’Yeah… “ He cleared his throat and spoke again. ’‘How are you enjoying Paris so far?’’

‘’It’s great! And those French lessons are really paying off.’’

He laughed and poked my side. I shrieked and backed away from him. ‘’Don’t, you know I’m ticklish.’’

‘’Right,’’ He nodded and shoved his hands into his pockets. ‘’So, are you staying here the whole summer?’’

I nodded as I shut my camera off, the pictures looked great and I couldn’t wait to look them over once I got back to the hotel. ‘’Yeah, and you?’’

‘’It depends on my parents, you know how are they are about traveling the world.’’ I nodded and looked over at (c/n) to find him already looking down at me.

I sat down on the grass and motioned for him to join me. He sat down and after a few seconds I felt his arm go around my shoulders. I shivered and he pulled me closer to him. I hesitantly laid my head on his shoulder and smiled to myself when he rested his free hand on my knee.

‘’It’s so pretty.’’ I said as a small giggle escaped my lips.

‘’What’s so funny?’’

I shrugged and looked up at him. ‘’Nothing, I’m just really happy.’’ My eyes widened slightly when I realized what I’d just said.

‘’Does this happiness have to do with me?’’ He asked when I adverted my gaze from him.

‘’Don’t be so full of yourself, (c/n).’’ I laughed nervously and occupied myself with putting my camera back into its bag.

‘’Well,’’ My eyes widened when he suddenly pulled me in between his legs.

‘’C/n, what are you-‘’

‘’My happiness certainly has to do with you being here right now.’’ My breath caught in my throat when I felt him pull my hair away from my neck before I felt his lips on my skin.

‘’(C/n).’’ I whispered in a croaked voice.

‘’I hope I don’t sound like a creep when I say that I begged my parents to bring me here when I learned that you were going to spend the summer in Paris.’’

I frowned and looked over my shoulder. ‘’What?’’ I raised my eyebrows at (c/n) and he smiled, somewhat nervously at me.

‘’Listen, I’ve had this huge crush on you for the longest time… And I don’t like this, being friends I mean… I want us to be more than friends. I want to be the one to make you smile when you’re sad and die of laughter when you’re already happy. I want to be the one you call when you feel sick, and I want to take care of you, okay? I-I want to be the only guy allowed to kiss and hug you the way I want to. I want to cuddle and watch girly movies with you crying in my arms and hiding your face in my neck when we’re watching scary movies. I want you to be mine and I want to be yours.’’

I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. I couldn’t process what had just happened. It was everything I’d ever hoped for and I couldn’t believe it was happening.

‘’(Y/n), will you be my girlfriend? Please be mine.’’ I pulled away from (c/n) and put my camera bag away before kneeling down in front of him.

My heart melted as I took in his nervous expression and his pleading eyes. With a smile, I flung myself into his arms and wrapped my arms around his neck.

‘’Yes!’’ I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me. ‘’I’d love to, (c/n).’’ I pulled back and rested my forehead against his.

He was smiling so widely I thought his lips would fall off. ‘’Am I dreaming?’’ He asked with a small sigh.

I shook my head and he laughed before one of his hands cupped my cheek. My heart flipped around in my chest as his eyes drifted down to my lips before snapping back up. And then, his lips were on mine.

It was pure bliss. It was everything I’d ever imagined it to be. It was perfect. I couldn’t get enough off him. Kissing him was addictive and I didn’t want to stop; ever. I smiled into the kiss as I felt his thumb stroke my cheek while his other hand slid under my shirt to rest on my skin.

I pulled back, breathless and rested my head on his chest. I could hear his heart beating fast, so fast I thought it’d burst out of his chest. Both of his arms were now wrapped around me as we tried to catch our breaths.

‘’I’ve been waiting to do this for so long.’’ He confessed before kissing the top of my head.

‘’Please stay, stay for the rest of the summer. Convince your parents to stay here and if they don’t want to, I’m sure my parents won’t mind looking after you. Please.’’ I pressed a kiss to his neck before looking up at him.

He smiled and nodded and down at me. ‘’Anything to be with you. Anything for you, princess.’’

The End

I have to say this is one of my favourite requests that I’ve written so far and yeah. Check out the other ones while you’re here :)

I hope you guys enjoyed it, especially you Anon, cause I really had fun writing it.

Don’t forget to send in requests telling from which P.O.V. you want the imagine in (guy or girl, or both), it helps a lot :)

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Elisha’s story, because sometimes I can’t get people out of my mind once I’ve invented them.

Oh, and @flying-guinea-pig, you had some interesting tags on my last post with her in it. If you’re still interested after this, we need to talk.

On Ao3

While she had been looking for an affordable car for some time, Elisha never expected to find it in her uncle’s garage.

In fact, her uncle’s garage was the kind of place you expected cars to disappear from, not where they randomly showed up. The door was never locked and rarely even properly closed, no matter how many times his family told him something was likely to get stolen. He just had a little too much faith in the world to do right by him. This might be why, when Elisha went out there searching for a toolbox and instead found a completely unfamiliar car, he decided to forego calling the police and simply give it to her.

“I know it’s a little beat up, but you were looking for a cheap car, weren’t you?”

“A little beat up?” Elisha nearly shrieked. “It looks like it’s been through a garbage compactor. Does it even run?”

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do you feel okay?

It’s the first chapter of my Karmy fix-it fic! This will be going up on Ao3 once my account is okayed, but I’m posting it here first to give you guys an early look.

The idea is that it’s going to be a fix-it fic, rewriting season three of Faking It. Here’s what you can expect:

- Endgame Karmy

- Actual exploration of Karma’s sexuality, ending up with bisexual Karma

- Actual exploration of Karma growing and maturing as a person

- Background everybody else (Shanoah pairing because I love them, no Liam /  Lauren because Booper makes me nauseous, most likely some Sabramy in which Sabrina is not the literal worst )

- A focus on friendships for Karma outside of Amy, and outside of who she’s dating. Because I think that’s important.

- A Liam who is flawed but not a complete irredeemable doucheface. Speaking of, this first chapter has a fair amount of Liam, but please stick with it. It’s necessary because I’m killing Kiam (in the most mature way possible). There may be moments of Kiam or Liamy friendship later on in the fic, but I promise you, Liam Booker is not getting it on with either of the girls. EVER. (Can you tell I’m really worried people will see Liam in this chapter and stop reading instantly?) Just trust that I do everything for a reason.

Let me know if you like the first chapter! I haven’t written fic in years and this would be a multi-chapter thing, which daunts me a little. I’m not ashamed to ask for encouragement. :)

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“My First Love”......

After posting a few more “thirst trap” pics on Simstagram, and purposefully talking about my single status, I was confident that Moses would get the hint and reach out. At first I told myself, he didn’t see them since we don’t follow each other on social media anymore, but after our mutual friends re-posted my pics and status, it became clear that he just wasn’t interested. His ass moved on with his new Thot and obviously didn’t want anything to do with me. It’s been two weeks and I still can’t wrap my head around this. He approaches me at the cafe sort of hinting that he still has me in his heart even after finding out that I was with Trey, fucking my mind up, and now he sees I’m available and ignores it…Where’s the logic in that?? I worked hard to move on with my life and he managed to ruin that in just a few minutes, making me realizing I still love him and causing me to fuck shit up with Trey. Now, I don’t have him, I don’t have Moses, and I don’t truly have my happiness. I know a man is not supposed to define you and all of that but I’m honestly satisfied with everything else in my life. The kind of love that only your other half can give you, is the only thing missing from it. With this shit still weighing heavy, I managed to fix myself up and mentally prepare to see Moses as I headed into Nica’s wedding venue. Today is just the rehearsal for her big day, happening a week from now. With me as the maid-of-honor and him as the best-man, we had no other option but to be next to each other again.

Now I came in here with the intention of being cool, calm and collected, but I instantly forgot about that shit once I saw this BS. Did he really have to bring his thot with him?? To make matters worse, his aunt was talking to her as if she was part of the family. My eyes began to water as memories of Vivian’s hateful antics towards me flashed in my mind. Here this bitch is, loving the new chick, after driving a wedge between Moses and I, ultimately causing our break-up. As I felt myself losing it, I quickly got it together and held my head up high as I approached the waiting area.

“Leah!…I mean Tee since I’ve been demoted.” Moses said, smirking. “Took you long enough to get here.”

 “Wassup, Moses” I said, with a fake ass smile waving as I swiftly walked past him.

I barely noticed his ass cutting his eyes at me and carried on greeting Nica. While I was ecstatic that my best friend will be getting married soon, a part of me was bitter, given all my failures with men…Humph, one of which was standing just a few feet away with his new boo. Nonetheless I mustered up enough strength to put aside my feelings and give Nica the positivity, eagerness, and enthusiasm from her best friend and maid-of-honor that she deserved. After we gushed over the details of her wedding with the planning team, it was time for the rehearsal to begin. The rest of the wedding party gathered in the hallway while I stood silently off to the side, wishing they would hurry up so I could get this all over with. Moses, clearly not getting the hint, decided to come over and speak to me. 

“I bet this is the quietest you’ve ever been in your life, hunh?” He said, still trying to be friendly. 

“Who knows…” I said looking off to the side, clearly not in the mood. 

“Leah, come on, I’m just tryin to make this less awkward for both of us.”

“Are you know??…Humph, well you could’ve started by not bringing your new chick here. I’m glad to see your aunt is very accepting of her by the way.”

“Seriously??….Wow…” He said, chuckling in amazement. 

“I’m glad its funny to you.”

“Yeah it is actually. It’s funny because she’s not my chick, she’s my cousin.”

“Moses, please…You don’t have to bullshit me. She’s plastered all over your Simstagram…I’m not stupid.”

“Well, while you were snooping, did you bother to click the photos to read their captions? Because if you did, you would’ve seen that I refer to her as my cousin. She just moved here from living with our grandfather in Starlight Shores. He had a commitment problem just like my uncle and her mother was born while he was married to my grandmother. We just added Dream to our label and I was tryin to get her name out there.” 

“Humph, Shit, my bad then…” I said, trying to play it off.   

I turned around and started looking at my phone to appear unbothered. While I was happy to hear that he wasn’t with anyone, I started to realize that it changed nothing…He didn’t want me, despite being alone. It hurt even more to know that and the pain slowly started to get to me. Attempting not to think about it, I focused on the positive things going on in my life. After I gave myself a mental “pep” talk, the heartache subsided. So much so that when Nica’s wedding song started playing, I didn’t cry. It’s a beautiful duet by one of Moses’ RnB artists about true love. It took me a while to listen to it because of our breakup but once I was able to, I fell in love with it. As, I started to sing along, I noticed Moses smiling out the corner of my eye. At this point, I realized being pissed at him for moving on was stupid, so I put my feelings aside and acted as I normally would. 

“I know you’re not over there smiling at me. We all can’t sing as good as you Muses.” I said, laughing. “This is my favorite song and you will not ruin it for me.” 

“Shit, I should be smiling at your failure to sing but I’m not. I’m actually smiling at the fact that you like..wait…love the song I wrote for you.”

“Wrote??….” I asked, stunned. 

“Yeah, I guess I was all in my feelins then. Shit, remember that time I asked you to come through to the studio when we were havin issues and you declined??” He said, as I nodded yes. “Well, I had just finished it and I wanted you to hear, but umm you know…”

“Humph, Yeah I basically told you later that night that, I needed time to figure shit out and wasn’t tryin to listen anything you had to say.” I said, with my head down.

“Look, my bad…I didn’t mean to upset you…Shit it’s all in the past now.” He said, grabbing my hand. 

“No, It’s cool…You just caught me off guard” I said, trying to play it off once again. 

“Good, because there’s one more song, a remake, Nica is using that I produced and I know you loved it…Just givin you a heads up…So are you ready?” 

“Yeah, I guess so…” I said, feeling sad all over again.  

We walked in the hallway and lined up with the rest of the wedding party. Even though I used all my techniques to calm down, I was still filled with emotion and tried my hardest to keep it under wraps. This was definitely not the life I envisioned almost two years ago. I thought Moses and I would be still going strong and heading toward marriage by now but I guess life has a funny way of fucking up my dreams. At this point I figured it was a good idea to stay out of my head and listen to the planners’ directions. This rehearsal wouldn’t be long and once it was over I could go home and start moving on, this time for good.