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Scott McCall

I couldn’t wrap my head around what just happened. Scott told me he loved me. He didn’t even realize he said it. He just said it and then went to lacrosse practice. Even worse now it seems as if he was avoiding me. I sighed slamming my head against my locker.

“ew you reek of desperation what’s got you so emotionally unstable?” My bestfriend Malia asked opening her locker that was beside mine.

“nothing it’s just that Scott might have said a thing but I’m not sure if he meant that thing he said and I guess if he didn’t mean it that would be okay but I want him to mean it and now I’m worried that he’ll be weired out that I want him to mean it and you know now he’s avoiding me which makes me think he actually didn’t mean it and I’m just so confused and that’s why I can’t stop rambling.” I said finally stopping to take a deep breath.

“well what did he say?” Malia asked slamming her locker door shut.

“well he said I love you.” I said looking at my shoes.

“wow.” She said looking at me.

“yeah I know.” I sighed again.

“well good luck with that.” Malia said walking away.

“thanks for all your help.” I called.

I let Lydia give me a ride home, I knew I couldn’t face Scott at least not yet. I was sitting at the kitchen island doing my homework when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to reveal Scott. He was smiling like the cute puppy that he is. I wondered if he was here to talk about the thing.

“hey did I leave my lacrosse jersey here?” He asked.

I rolled my eyes. Really Scott really?

“I don’t remember where I put it.” He added looking in his lacrosse bag.

“Yeah you don’t remember a lot of things lately.” I mumbled hoping he wouldn’t hear.

“wait what?” He asked stopping what he was doing and looked at me.

“No your jersey isn’t here. Need anything else?” I asked.

Scott gave me a confused look.

“are we okay?” Scott asked grabbing my shoulders.

“Yeah I’m fine. I’ll see you at the game tonight.” I said not looking at him.

“okay well I love you.” He said dropping his hands and picking his lacrosse bag back up.

My head snapped up as soon as the words left his lips.

“what did you just say?” I asked

“I said I love you. I told you earlier today. Did you not hear me?” He asked confused.

“I did but I didn’t think you knew you said it and then you were ignoring me and that made me think that you didn’t actually mean what you said and I was just so confused…” I started but was cut off by Scott’s lips on mine.

“of course I meant it. I wasn’t ignoring or at least wasn’t trying to I was just busy. But I mean it when I say I love you y/n.” Scott said resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you too Scott.”

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Stiles Stilinski

It was as if my whole world was falling apart. I was trying to stay positive but the realization that my Stiles might be gone killed me. He was being possessed by an evil fox spirit and we had been trying everything to get him back but nothing was working. I was sitting on Scott’s couch as the pack discussed what to do next.

“killing him might be our only option.” Aiden said crossing his arms.

I stood up balling my fists.

“you even try to hurt him I swear to god I’ll take a handful of wolfsbane and shove it down your throat.” I growled at Aiden.

Aiden’s eyes got wide as I threatened him.

“look nobody is hurting or killing anyone okay were going to figure this out.” Scott said sighing.

I sat back down silently praying that we could get my Stiles back. I missed him. I missed how nervous he got around me and I miss how he geeked about everything. I was craving his touch and his lips. It killed me that he wasn’t here right now. The worst part is I think I’m in love with him and I’ll never get to tell him. Scott was about to say something else when the lights started flickering before going out completely.

“what’s going on?” Lydia asked panicking.

I heard Aiden growl and then glass shattering.

“It’s the oni and void, y/n Lydia get out of here.” Scott yelled.

I found Lydia’s hand in the dark and we started to sprint up the stairs. We got to the top but there was an oni blocking it. It pushed Lydia down the stairs before turning to me. I ran back down the stairs heading for Scott’s back door. I stopped seeing who was blocking the door.

“Stiles.” I breathed.

I knew it wasn’t him but I needed it to be.

“think again.” The void said laughing and approaching me.

I took a couple steps back but there was two oni members blocking me in.

“oops looks like you’re stuck here with me.” Void said laughing again.

I started to have a panic attack.

“Stiles please. I know you’re still in there. Please don’t do this. Stiles please.” I begged with tears in my eyes and in between shaky breaths.

Suddenly Void screamed. It looked like it was in pain.

“Y/n go now.” Stiles screamed moving out of the way.

“Stiles?” I asked with tears in my eyes.

“hurry up I can’t fight it for long.” Stiles said groaning in pain.

I knew at that moment I should’ve ran but instead I walked over and kissed his lips. I needed him and I knew that if I didn’t do it now I might regret it.

“please y/n I don’t want to hurt you. I love you.” Stiles said letting a tear slip down his cheek.

Stiles pushed me towards the door and I ran. I ran until I couldn’t see the house anymore. I stopped to take a breath when I realized…

I didn’t say it back.

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Derek Hale

“that was a close one.” I said wiping the sweat from my forehead.

“yeah speak for yourself.” my brother Scott said looking at the scratches that were healing on his torso.

“well you’ll heal.” Stiles said hopping in his jeep followed by Scott and myself.

We were trying to fight the alpha pack. Unfortunately our plan fell through so Ennis and Kali and the twins had chased us through the hospital. We managed to get away but not without a few bumps and bruises and well some scratches for Scott.

“Derek is going to lose his mind when he finds out.” Stiles said driving down the road towards Scott and I’s house.

“He’s not Scott’s alpha so it doesn’t matter.” I snapped from the back seat.

The truth is Derek acted like he controlled me all the time and it drove me crazy. Scott was my twin and I know he wouldn’t let anything happen to me but Derek for some reason thought he was incapable of protecting me. He treated me like I was a child. I couldn’t help without some comment from Derek.

“look Derek doesn’t have to know.” Scott said rubbing over his still healing chest.

“Damn Kali got you good.” I said looking at my brother with concern. 

Stiles pulled in our driveway and we were met with the hard glare of Derek Hale. Isaac stood behind him with a guilty look on his face. Damn I knew I shouldn’t have told him our plan.

“hey Derek buddy what’s happening.” Stiles said getting out of the jeep.

I got out with him glaring at Isaac.

“where’s Scott?” Derek asked Stiles but was looking at me.

“In the car uh sleeping yeah he was real tired.” Stiles said rubbing his neck nervously.

Scott hopped out of the car his chest still not fully healed.

“It was my idea Derek. The truth is I thought we could do it without you but if were going to take down an alpha pack we need everyone.” Scott said walking closer to Derek.

“Do you realize how stupid you guys are? You could’ve gotten hurt or even worse killed.” Derek growled.

He was talking to all three of us but I could tell it was mostly directed at me.

“well Scott did get hurt.” Stiles said causing Derek to growl at him.

Stiles held his hands up in surrender.

“We’re fine Derek we don’t need a babysitter.” I said brushing past him and walking in my house and up to my room.

A few hours passed when I heard someone open my door. I looked up to see Derek leaning against my door frame. I rolled my eyes turning back to my physics homework.

“here to lecture me some more?” I asked not looking up from my homework.

“I lectured all of you.” Derek said.

“please I know you were specifically directing that at me.” I said rolling my eyes and standing up.

“oh yeah and what makes you think that?” Derek growled.

“because you always do this to me that’s what! Derek you treat me like a child, okay you yell at me for wanting to help and gosh it’s like I can’t do anything without you criticizing me for it! Scott can protect me okay I don’t need you to babysit me all the freaking time.” I yelled letting all of my frustrations out.

Derek stood there for a minute not saying anything.

“I know he can, honestly you don’t need Scott either you could protect yourself I know that.” Derek said his voice just short of a whisper.

“then why do you keep yelling at me?” I asked more confused now than ever.  

“because I’m not good at this.” Derek said looking at my face now.

“good at what Derek?” I asked feeling my heart race from how close he was.

“look y/n I.” Derek started but stopped himself.

I sighed and turned around to go back to my homework but Derek grabbed my shoulder making me turn back around. In one swift movement he crashed his lips on mine pulling me close to his body. I kissed him back surprisingly.

“I love you.” he said looking down at his feet.

“Derek I don’t know what to say.” I whispered shocked at his confession.

“don’t say anything then.” Derek snapped turning around and walking out the door.


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Isaac Lahey

“has anyone seen Isaac lately?” I asked my friends at the lunch table.

Isaac has been kind of distance since the whole thing with the Darach and well the alpha twins who have been torturing him.

“I think I saw him near the cross country course.” Allison said looking up from her lunch.

I gave her a smile before making my way outside. I was stopped by Ethan and Aiden.

“where’s your little boyfriend?” Aiden said invading my personal space.

“we’ve been looking everywhere for him, we got some anger to let out.” Ethan added smirking at his twin.

“leave him alone.” I growled balling my fists.

I was just a human, a tiny one at that but I would beat them up if I had to.

“ooh getting feisty aren’t we baby.” Aiden said putting his hand on my arm.

“get off of me.” I said trying to shrug his hand off.

suddenly I heard a growl coming from behind me. Isaac grabbed Aiden’s hand flinging him to the ground.

“get away from her.” Isaac growled shoving me behind him.

“oh yeah what are you going to do about it.” Ethan taunted while Aiden got up.

Isaac’s eyes turned their golden color and his claws started protruding from his hands.

“Isaac this is what they want, they want to get this reaction out of you.” I said grabbing his arm. 

Isaac jerked his arm away before growling and running towards the twins. Ethan and Aiden took off running with Isaac close behind. I then took off after Isaac. I quickly lost sight of the three boys. I stumbled around in the woods until I heard a loud growl. I ran towards the source when I saw the twins holding Isaac by his arms. I looked around finding a sharp stick. I ran forward stabbing Aiden’s hand with it. He let out a growl dropping Isaac’s arm. Isaac grabbed Aiden throwing him into Ethan.

“I suggest you leave before I kill both of you.” Isaac threatened breathing heavily.

The twins smirked before leaving. Isaac turned to me now back to his normal self.

“are you okay? You shouldn’t have ran after them, that’s what they wanted.” I rambled checking his body for any signs of injuries.

“y/n i’m fine and I know but I couldn’t take him touching you.” Isaac said balling his fists again.

“look Isaac everything is okay, you can calm down now.” I said slowly unclenching his fists.

“no it’s not okay. I love you and their using it against me. I’m worried somebody is going to take you away from me.” Isaac said sighing.

I was silent for a couple seconds. This was the first time Isaac has told me he loves me.

“I love you too Isaac. I’m not going anywhere.” I finally said walking into his open arms.

I knew nothing could be bad now because Isaac and I loved each other and love was one of the strongest forces on earth.

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Liam Dunbar

It was about 3 o'clock in the morning when I heard a light tap coming from my window. I opened my eye looking at the clock before sighing. Whoever is waking me up at this time better have a damn good reason for doing so! I walked over opening my window to see my boyfriend Liam about to throw another rock.

“Liam it’s 3 o'clock in the morning what are you doing?” I asked looking at him.

He looked like he hasn’t slept in days. He’s been really different lately and I didn’t know what was going on. He wouldn’t tell me either. He just said that he was fine but I knew he wasn’t.

“can I uh come up?” He asked rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“sure just let me go unlock the door.” I said turning from my window.

I heard a loud thud and suddenly Liam was in my room.

“how in the world did you…” I asked looking at him shocked.

“I’ve been practicing my jumping lately.” Liam shrugged sitting on my bed.

“Liam my room is on the second story.” I said looking at him.

“look that’s not important.” He said looking down at his feet.

I walked over sitting beside him. He looked so broken, it broke my heart seeing him so sad.

“Liam what’s wrong?” I asked grabbing his hands.

“I can’t sleep I keep having nightmares.” He confessed looking down ashamed of himself.

I pulled him to my chest playing with his hair.

“tell me about it.” I said softly.

“I keep seeing this creature it’s made of all bones and it’s trying to hurt you.” He said sitting up and looking at me.

I felt even worse now that he was having nightmares about me.  

“Liam I’m fine babe. Nobody is after me okay and there are no bone creatures.” I said resting a hand on his cheek.

“if only you knew.” Liam said putting his hand over mine.

I was confused by his statement.  

“knew what Liam. You know you can tell me anything right?” I said scooting closer to him.

It looked like he really wanted to tell me something.

“uh just that I love you.” He said pulling me into his arms.

“I love you too Liam.” I said cuddling closer to him.

I could tell he was keeping something from me though and I was going to find out what it was.

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Brett Talbot

“Brett do you not see what this girl is doing to you?” Satomi screamed at her beta werewolf.

“She isn’t doing anything to me.” Brett defended.

I was standing hidden watching the whole thing go down. I knew Satomi didn’t like me but I never expected her to react like this.

“do I have to remind you what we are? Brett we are buddhist werewolves we don’t fight unless we necessarily have to are you forgetting that?” Satomi growled.

“it’s my fault not hers so stop blaming her for everything.” Brett growled back.

“she’s in a different pack, she’s dragging you in to their pack business. You keep getting hurt because of her. soon she’s going to get you killed. Not to mention she’s a former werewolf hunter.” Satomi seethed.

Her words stung. Brett was helping us a lot lately with the problems we were having in Beacon Hills with Theo and his chimera pack. I didn’t ask him too, he knew I could take care of myself but he insisted on helping. I tried my best to make sure he didn't get hurt. I was brainwashed by my grandfather into hurting werewolves but I’ve changed a lot since then thanks to Brett.

“she made some mistakes okay she isn’t perfect. But can I remind you that she saved all of our asses when the dead pool was going on. Lori and I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for her. I’m not getting hurt because of her, she saved me physically and emotionally and you can’t handle that I might actually be really happy Satomi.” Brett growled his eyes glowing their golden yellow.

Satomi growled back flashing her red alpha eyes. I finally stepped out of the shadows getting her attention.

“Satomi.” I said lowly.

She growled glaring at me. Brett came over pushing me behind him.

“look Satomi I know you hate me and I’m sorry for everything but I’m not that same girl I was. I don’t want Brett involved either and trust me I’ve tried to get him to stay away but he won’t. I promise to protect him Satomi, I promise to keep him out of things from now on.” I said quickly glancing at Brett.

Satomi’s eyes turned back to their normal color as she took some deep breaths.

“Satomi I love her.” Brett said looking down at me.

I couldn’t fight the smile that crept on to my face. Brett loved me.

“you love her?” Satomi said looking at him with a small smile.

“very much.” Brett confessed wrapping his arms around me.

“do you love him?” Satomi asked looking at me.

I looked up at Brett smiling.

“yeah I do.” I said cuddling closer to him.

“that’s all I needed to hear then.” Satomi said looking at the both of us.

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Theo Raeken

“he’s not good for you.” Scott said grabbing my arm and forcing me to look at him.

“can we remind you that he tried to destroy all of us.” Stiles said shaking me.

“seriously you’re pretty and could have anyone yet you pick Theo?” Malia said throwing her hands in the air.

I rolled my eyes and started walking away from my friends, but really they weren’t acting like friends right now.

“uh excuse me young lady where do you think you’re going?” Stiles said blocking me from leaving.

“Stiles move.” I growled trying to move him.

“Not until you tell me where you’re going.” He said stubbornly.

“except you’re not my father I don’t have too.” I said gripping his arm and moving him finally.

I may be a girl but I was strong and without the help of supernatural abilities.

“that’s a strong grip you got there.” Stiles said looking at his now red arm.

“look guys I know what you’re thinking but Theo is different okay He’s changed. He did also help us defeat the ghost riders are we forgetting about that? He’s hurt and he’s going through a rough time adjusting so could you at least give him a break.” I said looking at my friends faces.

“I don’t mind Theo.” Liam said finally walking in the room.

“see Liam knows what’s up." I said patting Liam’s shoulder.

"see you guys.” I said walking out the door.

Theo picked my up in his truck and we drove to an abandoned warehouse. On the way there we made small talk. He didn’t ask about the pack and I didn’t tell him anything.

“why are we here?” I asked looking around at the abandoned lot.

“thought we could be alone.” Theo said leaning in and capturing my lips in a kiss.

I didn’t waste time in kissing him back. Theo put his hands under my shirt lifting it over my head. I crawled over to his lap not breaking the kiss. Theo moaned as I moved my lips to his neck. That’s when I saw the pillow and blanket in his back seat.

“Theo what is that?” I asked pointing to his backseat.

He looked at me and sighed.

“It’s nothing y/n.” He said pulling my lips back on his.

I quickly pulled away not wanting to drop the subject.

“Theo are you staying in your car?” I asked looking in his eyes.

He looked so lonely so broken.

“does it matter?” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“what do you mean does it matter of course it matters!” I said moving back to the passenger seat.

Theo was about to respond but a knock on the window interrupted him. He rolled down the window to be met with a gun to his face.

“Theo.” I said my voice shaking.

We looked around and the car was surrounded by people but not just any people, hunters.

“Theo.” I said again this time with tears in my eyes.

Theo raised his hands in surrender.

“get out wolf boy." The hunter said with a grim voice.

 He started to open the door but I quickly grabbed his arm.

"y/n stop. If I don’t get out they’re going to hurt you. Now you listen to me okay. I’m going to get out and you’re going to jump in the drivers seat and get the hell out of here. promise me you’ll do that.” Theo said looking at me.

“No Theo you can’t they’ll kill you.” I said now fully sobbing.

“god damn just promise me” Theo growled.

“I promise.” I said my voice cracking.

“just remember that I love you okay.” Theo said kissing my lips before getting out of the car.

I did what he said quickly getting in the drivers seat and backing his truck out of the lot. I still heard the gunshots feeling my heartbreak after each shot was fired. I silently prayed that somehow he would survive because I loved him too.

so I wanted to try this out and I actually like how they all turned out. Comment if you think I should do more of these!

Believe It or Not. Part 6.

Summary: let’s just say home girl takes matters into her own hands

(Based off 1x06 “Heart Monitor”)

Y/n had left Stiles a few messages on his phone. She wanted to check in and make sure his dad was okay from the other night. He got hurt trying to protect everyone from the mountain lion, but she hadn’t heard anything back from Stiles.

She decided she would just wait until she saw him at school to ask him face to face, so she got dressed in her leather skirt, black boots, and a tan sweater before curling her hair.
- - -
She took her seat in her first class , which again, was next to Stiles who sat behind Scott. Just looking at the two of them she could feel the tension in the room. But for now, she ignored it and decided she was finally going to make Scott talk to her.

“Hey, Scotty.” She whispered to grab his attention.

He turned around and looked at her, giving her the ‘okay’ to continue with the raise of his eyebrow.

“Be home for dinner tonight, we need to talk.” She didn’t give him a chance to say anything back before she returned to sitting regularly in her seat and opening her book. Scott then turned his attention to Stiles who wasn’t talking to him.

“Still not talking to me? Okay, can you at least tell me if your dad’s okay? It’s just a bruise, right? Some soft tissue damage? Nothin’ that big - You know I feel really bad about it, right? Okay. What if I told you that I’m trying to figure this whole thing out, and - That I went to Derek for help?”

That last sentence caught y/n’s attention again.

Stiles didn’t look up from his book as he replied, “If I was talking to you, I would say that you’re an idiot for talking to him. But obviously I’m not talking to you.”

She hated to see the boys not together like normal. It almost felt like something was off with the universe those two were so inseparable.

Y/n knew it wasn’t going to take long for Stiles to give in and ask Scott to elaborate, and when he did he said, “What did he say?”

Y/n watched intently as Scott didn’t actually answer, he just gave Stiles a pointed look as if he should know already and he did.
Stiles sighed before speaking again, “He wants you to tap into your animal side and get angry?” He questioned.

The boys shifted their gaze to y/n to see if she was listening. She totally was but once she saw their heads start to turn towards her she looked down immediately so they would keep talking and she could find out more.

“Yeah.” Scott whispered to Stiles who just sighed, “Well correct me if im wrong, but every time you do that, you try to kill someone. And that someone’s usually me.”

Y/n’s heart rate had increased immensely after hearing what Stiles said. Questions kept piling themselves into her mind one after the other, but she couldn’t say anything yet. She needed to stay calm so she could hear more of what they had to say.

“I know. That’s what he means when he says he doesn’t know if he can teach me. I have to be able to control it.”

What the hell? Control what, she thought. Everything and everyone around her became irrelevant so she could focus on every word that was said between the boys.

“Well, how’s he gonna teach you to do that?” Stiles inquired.

“I don’t know. And I don’t think he does either.”

Both Scott and Stiles sighed, obviously stressed out of their minds. “Okay,” Stiles spoke, “when are you going to see him again?”

“He told me not to talk about, just act normal and get through the day.”

“When.” Stiles asked again, this time more of a demand.

They continued to share info back and fourth that Derek was picking up Scott after his shift at the animal clinic. That’s when Stiles came up with an idea of his own.

“That gives me until the end of the school day.” He said ubruptly.

“To do what?” Asked a very confused Scott.

“Teach you myself.” The lanky boy smirked.

However, listening to everything y/n’s stomach started to churn. Confused wasn’t even a strong enough word to describe what she was feeling anymore. She felt confused, and angry, and mislead.

After class y/n sneakily followed Scott and Stiles out to the lacrosse field where they were heard with a duffle bag full of God knows what.

Y/n don’t want to get caught so she settled for standing behind the bleachers furthest from the boys. She couldn’t hear what they were saying but Stiles handed Scott what looked like the monitors they use for the track team.

She watched Stiles back away from Scott after tying his hand behind his back. Which honestly, was kind of amusing for her to see.

“Are you ready?” She heard Stiles yell in Scott’s direction.

“No.” Her brother yelped back.

“Remember, don’t get angry!” Was the last thing that Stiles said before flinging a lacrosse ball straight towards Scott hitting him right in the stomach. She flinched at the sound of Scott moaning in pain. What the hell were they doing?

“Im starting- to think- this was a really- bad idea.” Scott managed to squeeze out between mangled breaths. Her instincts told her to run out and stand between them, but she was able to gather that Stiles was trying to help Scott control his heart rate, or his anger. She got lost in her thoughts trying to put together why he needed to control his anger, maybe it could be a lacrosse strategy?

The sound of Scott screaming, “son of a bitch!” Pulled her out of her own mind and back to the scene playing in front of her on the lacrosse field.

Scott started to twist and turn on the ground and y/n was about to run over to help him when Stiles ran over and picked the boy up by his arms dragging him to the boys locker room. It looked like Scott was losing control, but what did he need to control so badly?

Y/n was done waiting and stalking for answers. Obviously she wasn’t going to get anything from Scott, or Stiles. So she was going straight to the source herself. Derek Hale.
- - -
She got in her car and sat there for a second, she didn’t even know where to go. She decided to try the hale house, yes she knew it had been burnt down but where else was she going to go?

Her tires crackled through the leaves as she rolled over them and put her car in park. The house was terrifying, old and black. She was hesitant to even walk closer to it, she knows what happens in all the horror movies. But one step after the other, she ignored the sound of the leaves beneath her feet until she was standing right at the opening of the house. One more step brought her inside the cold interior.

“Derek?” She called out, no one answered. He was hiding behind a burnt wall up the stairs. He recognized her scent from being in the school a few days ago. But he had no idea who she was.

“My name is y/n McCall. Im Scott’s sister.” The mention of the betas name made him tense, of course she probably new everything her brother was going through.

“This is ridiculous of course he’s not here.” He heard the girl mumble to herself. He could feel her moving towards the door before he stepped out from his hiding place.

“Wait.” The voice made her stop dead in her tracks as she slowly turned on her heel to see Derek standing at the top of the stairs glaring down at her. She stood exactly where she was as she waited for him to make his way down the stairs until he was a few feet in front of her.

“What are you doing here?” He asked coldly.

“Are you selling my brother steroids?” She asked as sternly as she could, trying to hide the fact that this man actually scared the shit out of her.

She watched in curiosity as he rolled his eyes at her question, “why does everyone think I’m a drug dealer.” He mumbled more to himself then to her.

“If you aren’t, then why were you looking for my brother at our school. How do you know him?” She took a step closer, suddenly feeling braver.

“You mean you don’t know?” He stared quizzically at her.

“No- know what?”

“You need to get out of here.” He said while walking past her towards the door, as if he was going to be able to just get her to leave like that.

“Im not going anywhere until I know what’s going on with my brother.” She didn’t move at all except to spin slightly so she was still facing Derek.

“It’s much more difficult than stupid high school drama,” he stated walking back towards her, “don’t worry about your brother, he’s taken care of by me.”

I guess you could say this was her breaking point because before she could stop herself she just let all of her feelings roll out of her, “Are you kidding me? You want me to trust you? You’re living in a house that is just piled up ashes! Scott is never home at night and is doing practically everything he can to avoid me!” She had started getting closer to the man without even realizing it.
“You want stupid high school drama? Im about to break out in tears out of pure frustration so unless you want a sobbing teenage girl on your doorstep I suggest you start talking!” She finished taking in a huge gulp of air, feeling slightly light-headed.

Derek realized that she really wasn’t going anywhere until she got the answer she was looking for, besides. Maybe better him than the out of control beta telling her anyway. It might even keep her safe.

“Your brother is a werewolf.”

Y/n let out a slight chuckle, “you think this is funny-”

“No not at all. It’s very serious actually. Your brother was bit by an alpha werewolf, and no one knows who he is. Now this alpha is running around town killing people until your brother joins his pack.”

“Very funny asshole.” Y/n started to walk past him before he grabbed her arm. She was about to kick his ass until she turned around and instead of dark brown eyes staring at her, were glowing blue. She slowly glanced to notice that she was being grasped by claws.

Any normal person would’ve screamed. But instead it all made sense, well actually none of it did but obviously Derek was telling the truth. He dropped his arm from hers before saying one final thing.

“You have to promise you’ll pretend not to know anything. Scott has a lot going on right now, he needs stability. When he comes home he needs to feel like he has one place where nothing has changed until he figures how to control his killing urges, do you understand?”

She processed everything he said before saying, “that is if he ever comes home.”

Ignoring her, Derek repeated himself, “Do. You. Understand?”

She nodded slowly, finally grasping the intensity of this all. “I understand.” Without another word she left the Hale house and got into her car. She sat there for a few minutes. She had so many more emotions that she already did. She was scared, she was confused, she worried for Scott and his safety. She worried for Stiles.
- - -
As she was returning back to her house she caught probably every single red light. As she was sitting at one, nervously tapping her fingers against the staring wheel she watched as the jeep went by her, Stiles’ jeep and it was heading towards the school.

Without thinking she got into the turn lane and followed from a reasonable distance. It was getting late and she was trying to figure out why they would possibly need to be at the school.

She parked a considerable amount away from where they did and she remained in her car not needing to get out since she could still see them. They were meeting Derek.

She watched as Scott and Stiles disappeared into the school. About 3 minutes later, she heard the loudest, most ground-shaking… Roar? And then it hit her. That was Scott. And he was. Werewolf.

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Some time ago i learnt that firefighters actually have to be clean shaven at work for safety reasons (like proper use of breathing equipment etc.) so i’ve been thinking… about them sterek firefighters aus… and… I guess that’s it? sterek au with firefighter!Derek, whole 2.5k of it. But also not something you probably expect. // I don’t write fanfiction so anything you find under this is going to be clumsy and awkward af.

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You’re Mine, I’m Yours

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Part I / Part II /  Part III /  Part IV /  Part V

Requested: Yes! By the lovely lost-girl1996

Prompt: “ PLEASE DO ANOTHER PART OF SHES NOT WORTH IT! You are absolutely amazing 

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character: Liam Dunbar

Word Count: 2.599

Warnings: Nope

Type: I don’t think it has a type… Fluff, I guess? You decide


“ Sweetheart your are you sure series is amazing and I just wanted to tell you that I apperciate your writing and I hope that your finals went well. Keep up the amazing work and remember to take time for yourself to. It won’t kill us to wait for a new chapter:) ”

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine #3: Gone.

A/N: …..So, I’ve kinda been emotionally wrecked by Allison’s death and I don’t think I’m ready for next week’s episode.  Never the less, here’s another Stiles imagine that was inspired by the episode “Insatiable.”  Don’t be afraid to give me some feed back!  Also, check out thatoneimagines-blog.  You’ll find Teen Wolf, The Hobbit, and other kinds imagines up there ^_^ 
~Kiki *_*

She ran as fast as her feet could carry her.  As soon as she realized what would happen, she ran to him with no hesitation.  Her lungs were burning and for some reason, she couldn’t get any closer to where she wanted needed to be.  He was still out of her reach.  She got just close enough to make out the figures that danced in the dark.  Scott with his claws in its back and Kira with her katana pushing through its stomach.  The figure in between arched its back, letting out a yell simultaneously with someone else.

The girl turned towards the sound of the second person screaming.  It was the very one she’d been running towards.  He clutched his stomach as he fell to his knees.  "Stiles?“  Her feet began to move again.  Faster and more urgently than before, this time shortening the distance between herself and him.  After finally reaching him, she knelt down beside him.  "Stiles!”  Her breath was shaky and her vision was blurred, but it didn’t keep her from seeing the wincing teenage boy who began to fall over onto her.  Everything seemed to move in slow motion.  Kira’s and Scott’s attention had been turned to the scene caused by the girl and Stiles.

He said her name in a breathless whisper.  He was shaking in her arms as his cold hand reached for hers.  "Wh–Why are you here?  I-I told you to–I told you to stay–“

The girl shook her head.  "No.”  Her heart sank to her stomach and her face felt like it was going to combust with the steaming tears running down it.  "You’re alright.  You’re gonna be okay,“ she rushed out, more so for her own sake.  "We’re–we’re gonna get you to the hospital and everything will be fine.”

Stiles’ dry lips formed a small smile while he shook his head slowly.  "I’m not…going to be okay.“

His words struck her, drawing a sob from her.  She didn’t know which hurt more: Stiles knowing that this was the end for him, or him not even trying to put up a fight to live.  He’s just accepting it.  

A figure appeared in front of her.  When she looked up, it appeared to be Scott.  "Stiles?  You’re alright.  We’re going to get through this, man.”  Scott’s voice cracked and hinted doubt.  Giving himself false hope didn’t seem give him any reassurance.  Hope was the only thing Scott had left to grasp on to and even that was slipping through his fingers, just like his best friend was now.

Stiles’ pale skin only brought more attention to his reddened eyes that were brimmed with tears.  "You both will get through this.“

Scott sniffled before speaking.  "You can’t go.  Dude, you’re my best friend.  I need you.”  He took in shaky breath, “You’re my brother, Stiles.  If–if you’re going…you’re just going to have to take me with you, then.”

Stiles tried to laugh, but it came out as a mixture of a cough and pained grunt.  Blood dribbled from the corners of his mouth, hinting that the end was near.  "Dude, you can’t quote me to me.  Besides I did this for you.“  His eyes moved to the girl who held him in her arms.  "I did it for everybody.  No one else is going to die.”  His free hand moved to grab Scott’s hand while he struggled to keep the ghost of a smile that grazed his face.  "I want you two to live long and happy lives,“ his gaze switched back to Scott.  "Don’t let me down,” he whispered.

A sad smile grew on Scott’s face.  "I won’t, man.  I promise.“  He looked up at the girl.  She nodded her head in agreement while attempting to smile as well.  She didn’t trust her voice to enough to say anything.

"I’m finally going to catch up on all of that sleep I’d been missing,” Stiles joked, but no one laughed, not even himself.  A sigh escaped his lips.  "I don’t want to go.“  His breathing got heavier.  "I’m not ready to go and I’m scared…more than ever.”  His lip trembled and he shook his head.  "I don’t want to die,“ he raised his voice, only to result in him coughing up blood again.  A single tear rolled down his cheek, but he refused to let anymore follow it.

"Stiles…”  The girl bit down on her bottom, but it didn’t stop the involuntary whimpering noise that came from her throat.  Scott opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out.  He wanted to comfort Stiles, but what could he say?  All three of them knew that Stiles would not be okay, and everything was not going to be alright.  And that truth hurt them more than anything else possibly could.

Stiles looked up at the night sky.  "Tell my dad, I love him, okay?  Look after him.  Don’t let him do anything stupid.“  Scott and the girl nodded.  "And don’t–don’t forget me, alright?”  The tears he’d been trying so hard to keep in finally came like a tsunami, rolling down his cheeks like waves.  "Do not forget about me,“ he demanded.  His face twisted into a frown as if the very thought of his existence being forgotten disgusted him.

"We won’t,” the girl choked out.

Scott shook his head.  "I’ll never–We’ll never forget you, Stiles.“

Both Scott and the girl could feel a new rush of sadness washing over them when Stiles used every last bit of his strength to squeeze their hands.  "I–I love you guys…”  

“I love you too,” Scott said while gently squeezing his hand back.

The girl just sat there, letting his words sink in.  She felt his hand his hand go limp and she began to panic.  "Stiles?“  She began to gasp for air.  No matter how many deep breaths she took, she couldn’t get enough oxygen.  Fresh tears surfaced and spilled over.  "No, wait.  I love you too.  Stiles, I love you!”  The realization hit her.  She was too late.

Scott began to cry harder now and sobs wracked his body.  Stiles was his other half.  He knew Scott better than he knew himself and Scott had no clue how he was going to continue without him.  The more he thought of the good times they had together, the more he blamed himself for getting bitten by a werewolf in the first place.  The more he blamed himself, the less he wanted to live, but he made a promise to Stiles.  Scott didn’t realize how hard it was going to be to keep that promise until now.  Nothing but a hollowed place remained where his heart used to be.  He felt a new kind of emptiness and loneliness, and he didn’t want to feel that.  At that moment, he didn’t want to feel anything.

The girl continued to call Stiles’ name, repeating that she loved him even though it was way past due.  She knew now that he would never hear her say it.  She knew that any chances she may have had in telling Stiles how she really felt had disappeared.  It killed her on the inside to know this.

It echoed in their heads, the phrase that neither of them would dare mutter.  They still didn’t want to admit it to themselves, but Stiles was gone.