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open your heart to love, it is so worth the risk

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“Laying in bed, Taehyung’s mind skimmed over the events from today, always pausing to think about the extremely pretty girl who was staring at him earlier. He was determined to find out who she was, she wasn’t getting away so easily.”

Genre: Fluff | Angst
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word count: 1528

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BY THE PRIMES IT’S THE NEW YEAR. Exciting, is it not?? Come on, ya know it is. Because if it wasn’t obvious 2016 was an awful year and let’s face it, we all know it’s Barry’s fault because he screwed with the timeline and 2016 was the result. Okay, but in all seriousness I met some really awesome people on this site this year, and got to know people more that I had previously known!!! You guys made this year wonderful so thank you!! Let’s leave 2016 behind and welcome 2017 with open arms!! (Unless it too is an awful year than just PUT THAT THING BACK WHERE IT CAME FROM OR SO HELP ME.)

Below is a list of people who made my 2016 wonderful!! Sorry if I forgot anyone!!! This was last minute-ish. Stay lit guys!!!

The special people:
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The ones who know how to keep it LIT:
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“Who are you calling a child?”

Did anyone order up some non-silly D.Va headcanon? No? Ah well, just leaving this here then.

Me on Supergirl
  • My student: "don't you watch Supergirl?"
  • Me: "yes."
  • My student: "why?"
  • Me: "I started watching because I love super heroes and Supergirl's suit looked amazing; but honestly, I stayed for the gay."
  • My class: "LOLOLOLOL, you the realist teacher we have."
Her Making Them Christmas Cookies: EXO


“They taste wonderful, Baby~…”


“I’m going to laugh at them just like when you did when I baked that cake…”


“Well… they’re okay, I guess, but I wouldn’t compare them to BaekHyun grandmother’s cookies…”


“They’re so good, Jagiya~!!!”


222/10 would take a picture and caption it “They’re al for me” before posting on a media platform.


111/10 the one to burn his tongue while eating them fresh out of the oven.


“Oh! Is this the recipe that I taught you?”


“You’ll have to teach me how to bake.”


*starts happy singing*




Source:【Oh!バーロード】ものまね by まつもと
Full resolution: http://imgur.com/a/ASIoD


pt. 1  |  pt. 2  |  pt. 3

Stiles’ future husband doesn’t show up on the train on Friday.

Which is fine.

Never mind that he’s been there every Friday for something like three months straight and only once Stiles has attempted to establish contact with him has he absconded from the metro with a Sbarro receipt in his coat pocket that had been graffitied with Stiles’ name (and—less importantly—Stiles’ heart).

Did that count as identity theft?

Stiles certainly felt like something important had been stolen from him.

He’s not going to panic though.  He’s not.  It’s probably nothing… just a change in a routine that’s been so consistent he could set his watch by it.


This was it.  His entire future ruined simply because his dirty rocker model non-future husband couldn’t accept how perfect they were for each other.  Who the fuck was going to knit for him now, that’s what Stiles would like to know.

If he isn’t on the train today, Stiles thinks, drearily checking seats, then he’ll just have to accept that his future husband isn’t actually his future husband.  Instead he’ll be a story Stiles tells to his eighteen cats every year on his birthday until he dies and they eat his face off before anyone can find him.

Stiles steps into the second-to-last car and sees a miracle.  An impossibility.  A great shining ray of hope.  It’s as if the sky has parted and the sun is haloed all around the sleeping, scowling, booted asshole hummingbird that Stiles has fallen madly in love with.

It’s the conversational skills that wooed him, truly.

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  • [When somebody tried a pick-up line on Akashi Seijuurou]
  • Person: On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9 and I'm the 1 you need.
  • Akashi, straight-faced: No. I'm a 10.
  • Kuroko: *appears behind Akashi* I can attest to that.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wondering, is my pure angel son Credence okay? Did you find him?

Oh… well.

You didn’t learn this from me, but- you could ask him yourself, if you’d like.  Credence, if you’re feeling up to it? @dontthinkiwantto