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Can I just say I’m so proud of these kids acting is a seriously hard job and you can tell they put their heart and soul into it. They genuinely love what they’re doing and that comes across not just on screen but off screen to. Not only that but they’re professional and well spoken but also excited and fresh and not jaded. I love them


Is this a potentially challenging time to mount a show that has an earnest, straightforward story and that isn’t, perhaps, a cornerstone of musical-theater history? 

Benanti: We’re not “Hamilton.” But there wouldn’t be a “Hamilton” if there weren’t a “She Loves Me” or “Gypsy” or “The King and I.”
Krakowski: I did see Scott’s original revival. It feels, as it does now, like this beautiful jewel box. For a musical that isn’t as well known, it’s quite a perfect little piece.


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Yesterday, on @iamzachvalenti ’s SCS I gave my phone number out in the chat. I want to make something clear if you need it.use it. If you need someone to talk to I’m here.

Tell if something is bothering you and tell me about the things you are super excited about to.

I work so I can’t always respond immediately but I will always get back to you as soon as I can. I’m here for you. I’m not a mental health professional but I will be the hand that you can hold.

Zack and Zach’s roommate that goes for you as well.


Fuckyeahererifanfic has officially released an AO3 prompt meme - similar to the well known kinkmeme - for ereri fanfiction.

If you want to take part, all you have to do is read the [FAQ & RULES], and then you can go on to [SUBMIT PROMPTS].

The FAQ will tell you how to claim and full-fill prompts, and our ask is open should you need anymore details regarding how it works. We sincerely hope you will take part in this, even if that just means posting a single prompt!

Who knows… maybe we’ll even take part.

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So Mark is coming to my city on his tour and I'm really bummed about it because I suffer from agoraphobia and social anxiety disorder and I haven't been dealing very well with it at all (I've been meaning to see a therapist about it, but I keep putting it off). I know I'm gonna miss it because I haven't left my house in 6 months and it frustrates me because this is something the old me would be super excited for and I don't know what to do. :(

let me tell you that i completely understand you with both things. i get very nervous when going out for public events. there’s always that fear of getting swept up in the crowd which can lead to panic attacks. and boy, those are the absolute worst.

i’m nervous myself if mark ends up coming close to my city because i’m not sure if i can handle being amongst all those people. mark’s worth it, that’s for sure, but at the same time, i’m nervous that i will be swept up and won’t be able to find a spot to breathe and readjust myself.

i’m trying to see if i can go with my sister or a close friend. so perhaps that’s a suggestion for you too! bring someone who you trust, whether it be a parent a friend a sibling, just someone who knows you well enough and will be at your side. whether they like mark or have no idea who he is, it’s still better than going by yourself or only know slightly.

and don’t put off seeing a therapist! i, like most people, thought that seeing a therapist was the worst possible thing, that it’s pointless, but it’s not. it really isn’t. it’s not scary, it’s not unnerving. they’re there to help you and will listen to you no matter what troubles you may be facing. to get that weight off your shoulder, to have that subtle human interaction, it’s therapeutic and it helps you face those phobias and anxieties that you have. 💙

Something in the Woods: A Supernatural Mystery AU from the Creator of Coffeefic

Emiya Shirou can see ghosts.

It doesn’t bother him; it’s just the way things have been since the fire. It’s a reminder that he somehow survived that day when so many people didn’t, that he has to make the most of the life he has. That he can’t waste his opportunities, no matter what.

Plus, it’s an opportunity to talk to his sister. That’s always nice.

Returning home from university, the ghostly shapes and shadows that populate his hometown are one of the few things that seem to make sense. The path to heroism isn’t as simple as he thought, his feelings for his childhood friend Sakura have gotten a lot more complicated, and there’s a strange sadness in his father he never noticed as a kid. And things only get stranger when an old classmate disappears overnight…

There’s a cold shadow cast by the mountains around Fuyuki, and something strange and shadowy in the woods…

A supernatural mystery AU fanfic about a boy and his ghosts, inspired by the likes of Oxenfree, Stranger Things, Life is Strange, and Night in the Woods, with a dash of Deadly Premonition errr I mean Twin Peaks.

Length: to be released in six parts of approx. 10k words each

Pairing: Sakura/Shirou (it’s not all ABOUT how much they love each other, but they sure do)

Content warnings: themes of grief and mental health; Matou house being a toxic and abusive environment even if there are no bugs or sexual violence; character deaths

If you want a slice of this and aren’t already on the coffeefic mailing list, please just shoot me a message!

Related posts will be tagged with #spookyfic

Get ghosty, everybody

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Hey I ship Ruby with Oscar as well, but I'm having a hard time trying to grasp why or really come up with any headcanons/ideas with them. Do you have any suggestions?

Actually, I don’t have a lot of ideas myself. LOL!

I think right now it’s hard to come up with headcannons or ideas for Roscar, because we still just don’t know that much about Oscar as an individual.

BUT if Roscar is to become canon though I think it’ll be because they both will be able to confided in each other. They both seem to have a big role to play in saving Remnant from Salem, a role that neither of them asked for, and besides from each other no one else can really relate to that.

Soon I also personally feel like Ruby is going to take a really hard hit, something that she really can’t walk off, and will likely rob her of the blind child-like wonder we know her for. If that does happens I imagine she’ll grow up really quickly, and maybe then it won’t be so hard to imagine the cookie, rose child eventually being in some kind of a relationship. Till then, us RoseGarden shippers will just have to have faith! LOL

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Hello!! I read SHSG the other day and it was so amazing, so well written, so very well researched and all around so good! So.. obviously I have started reading everything you've written so far lol and I loved your kissing bet au and the marriage proposal fic so much as well! I'm very excited for the vegas fic you said you're working on.. but can you tell us what it's going to be like, please?

ahh thank you so much, this is lovely! i’m so glad you’re enjoying everything <3 

the vegas fic is me trying something new, breaking outside my comfort zone a little. it’s going to be a second person POV fic (so with an unnamed narrator telling the story to harry, calling him ‘you’), focusing on harry’s internal struggles as well as the actual plot he’s dealing with. i think second person POV is sort of unique in that it lets you get away with writing really intense character evaluation, which is really hard to wedge into a regular POV fic because no one in real life goes around thinking “well that was a shitty argument with my partner, it probably escalated because of my intimacy issues and my childhood neglect.” but second person POV does let you do that, because it’s an all-knowing narrator picking apart a character’s motivations instead of the character doing that to themselves. 

anyway, it’s going to be very different but i’m excited to dive into it, but also v v scared that it’s all going to go wrong, so. fingers crossed lol. 

as far as the plot goes, it’s sort of gritty modern noir vegas, where harry’s a down-on-his-luck musician with a string of failed relationships and who doesn’t know if he believes in love anymore, and he’s paid to be an opening act at a burlesque club where louis is a headliner, and of course falls head over gucci boots in love with him. however, he assumes louis is his julia roberts, the stripper with a heart of gold stereotype waiting for someone to sweep him off his feet, and louis quickly lets harry know that he is no one’s pretty woman, and harry’s gonna have to try a lot harder than that if he wants to catch louis’ interest. 

Gonna spend a week with a good guy friend of mine in New York. I can just hear my relatives already. 

Soo, tell me about your boyfriend.”

“Well, he is a boy and he is my friend, but he’s not my boyfriend cause I’m still very gay thank you very much.” 

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Any tips on typing children? Or are they not as well developed yet to be typed accurately? I'm curious because I've been observing my 8 year old stepdaughter for a while and I'm pretty sure that she's either NeFi/SeFi or possibly Fe dominant though I'm not so sure on that last one. Definitely an extrovert feeler though. I know when I was a kid I mistakenly typed as NiTe for a while but I turned out to be NeFiTe. (I just rely on my Te a lot) Any tips to tell these apart in youngsters?

You can type ‘em. Just look for the functions they use the MOST.

Se: actively DOES things, excited about the world.

Si: hesitant about trying things at first, fussy about what they (sensory) like.

Ne: more interested in stories, ideas, and dreaming than DOING.

Ni: dreamer, drawn to strange things, sometimes probing insights or certainties.

Fe: emotionally-expressive, talks about everything and how they feel about it as it happens.

Fi: emotional, doesn’t talk about their feelings so much as act on them. (Have a kid that has something negative happen to them, and runs off to be alone to process it? There’s your Fi.)

Te: detached / logical, wants straight answers, often tries to “lead.”

Ti: detached, may ask a thousand “WHY?” questions, wants to know how it “works.”

Remember: all kids are somewhat blunt / frank.

There’s a working theory that kids try out all the functions and choose which one feels most natural to them (kind of like how kids mimic others to learn) so look for the ones that show up the most. Leave it fluid. You may not know them as internally as you think, but the functions become evident over time.

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(trashian and proud…kinda)

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dear god i am so sick of girls freaking about ghostbusters the only reason you like the movie is because all the characters are women so shut up already

hello there and let me tell you a thing

The answer to your question is yes, we are absolutely freaking about the fact that all the main protagonists of this movie are women. We are allowed. We’re allowed because I saw two movies this weekend and sat through a combined 45 minutes of trailers. I’m not sure how many that is, I lost count after 12. There was one movie- Suicide Squad- with female protagonists. One. Every other movie trailer featured a male protagonist (one had SEVEN!) with either no female characters or a female secondary character whose purpose in the movie is to advance the male protagonist’s plot and probably to give him a prize at the end for doing a Good Job (the prize is her body).

Guess how many movies had a female lead character. I’ll give you a hint:

Originally posted by nachoosorio

In 45 minutes of trailer watching- over a dozen trailers- there was not one movie advertised with even ONE female lead. NOT ONE. NOT A SINGLE MOVIE. IS COMING OUT. IN THE NEXT YEAR. WITH A FEMALE LEAD. NOT. EVEN. ONE.* There sure as hell isn’t another movie with FOUR female protagonists and one male secondary character. 

So yes, yes we are excited. Yes, we are screaming, we are freaking out, we are crying tears of joy, because for ONE GODDAMN SECOND we are being validated by the entertainment we are paying for. You can literally have every single other movie that is coming out in the next year and a half, so please shut your mouth and back off so we can enjoy our moment without whiny spoiled entitled children getting upset because only 99% of the content produced by Hollywood this year is for you instead of the usual 100%.

Oh, and Ghostbusters is a really good movie. So suck it.

*you can make the case for Rogue One but that trailer didn’t play and also count for me how many men are going to be surrounding the leading lady and get back to me

I’m starting an art and music zine/blog

It will feature weekly playlists all related to a monthly theme. 

It will also feature art, writing, photographs, and well… pretty much anything that is creative. I mainly hope to have people talk about what they love, which makes me very happy. If you drew something recently, send it to me and tell me about it. If you’re on a trip, send pictures and talk about your experience. I just want others to share what they are going through.

If you’re interested in helping me out or have any ideas, send me a private message so we can talk about it!! And please reblog this in case anyone else is interested. Thank you!

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Can you do a gif reaction for all the members when their crush tells them that she loves him? (love your gif reaction idea and i'm excited for Last Romeo!!!)


Plays cool on the outside…

But on the inside…


-shy but extremely happy-


I love you more~! -lays on the grease-


*Wait what? Shouldn’t I be telling her that?*


(pretend the trophy is his crush lol)


-mental breakdown (but the good kind) and in disbelief- 


I’ve been meaning to confess as well. I love you too~!

~ Admin S

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I'm interested in your character Mona!! mostly 'cause it reminds me of me. Could you tell me a bit about her she looks like a really interesting character and I love how you draw her !!! <3

YAY I love it when people feel like they can relate to my characters!! I relate to her a lot as well!

Mona is 14 years old - she’s excitable, mischievous, a bit of a meathead, and loves toilet humour. If I had to describe her in one word it’d be ‘spunky’! She’s very forward about what she wants and gets stubborn easily, but at heart she’s quite kind and will make concessions for people she cares about. I can’t say much about her background but she currently lives with this giant dude named Rahman who is her mentor/father figure/roommate or.. something, who knows. She helps Rahman manage his bar because he’s too cheap to hire more workers.

Mona’s favourite past times are working out, practising her kicks, and eating. She’s afraid of being irrelevant and ideals of femininity, so she constantly needs attention but hates it re: appearance or being called pretty. The fastest way to her heart is to offer fries or strawberries! 

I love how many people are interested in her nowadays ( ^ ^)…

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Hello, my most favorite person of all time. I have to request a piece where hiccup has just invented his flight suit and he doesn't tell anyone he can glide with it. Then he proceeds to jump off toothless as Astrid is watching, and she gets really mad at him for scaring her. If it isn't too much, could I also ask for stoicks reaction as well, and Valka's as well. Thank you so much! I hope I'm not asking for too much, I understand your really busy!

You never ask for too much!

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Oh and don’t worry, I’m going to be with you again very soon.


hi taylorswift, it’s grace here. I just wanted to say I’m super excited (not that you can tell by the photos - I don’t do excitement in photos well) to be seeing you this here on December 7th and 11th! When I see you on December 11th it’ll be the second year anniversary since I saw you at the red tour and you laughed and smiled at my friend and I for crying/screaming so much. Maybe we’ll meet one day and I’ll get to say thank you for everything you’ve given me. I love you so much, forever and always 💛