well you can tell that i'm excited


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Can I just say I’m so proud of these kids acting is a seriously hard job and you can tell they put their heart and soul into it. They genuinely love what they’re doing and that comes across not just on screen but off screen to. Not only that but they’re professional and well spoken but also excited and fresh and not jaded. I love them

Gooooooodmorning! Has it ever occurred to you how excited the Doctor would be to go grocery shopping? Like granted he would complain the entire time and you’d have to trick him into going in the first place, but if museums are his history books then shops are his photo albums. “Iceberg lettuce! Oh-hoooo, iceberg lettuce – favourite aboard the Titanic, if you’ll believe it. Bit grim, but that’s what they liked. Never had much of a taste for it, myself. /Well/ – I’ll eat it, but iceberg lettuce, what sort of a rubbish name is that? Came out of nowhere.”

Plans for the weekend

I CAN’T wait for the weekend! When will it finally start?

You wonder why I’m so excited? Well let me tell you what I have planned.

Saturday is gonna be a rest day. I still have a  shopping-coupon from christmas and I so plan to let aaaaaall that money go. Even though I ate over my normal intake the whole week I feel great and I want to buy clothes for spring and show my body and my muscles and *happysigh*. I’m so excited, dear god. Lol.

My boyfriend will accompany me (poor guy, i know). We plan to get a good lunch and then go back home to pepare some food for the evening bc we are invited to some friends. Since they live in the middle of nowhere we will stay over night, so it’s like a pyjama-party, only for adults. ^^;

Meals planned are:

  • homemade hummus
  • salmon-wild garlic-cream cheese-rolls with dried tomatos
  • lowcarb cheesecake (thanks @ketoway for the recipe, I found a similar one and will keep you informed about how it turned out)

That’s what we are gonna bring, plus some nuts and curd cheese for me for breakfast the other day. The others will bring tapas and wine and vodka. Sounds like the evening is gonna me wild huh? (It definitely will be). I will take pictures for you guys but will not post them until sunday evening or monday morning.

Tbh, I will prepare the cheesecake already friday evening, bc it needs to stay in the fridge for some hours. I definitely will show you the result.

The weekend will end with a full body workout in the gym and start with my monday cardio workout.

What have you guys planned fo the weekend? Let me know and perhaps you have some ideas what else to bring to the party?

Coming soon: The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book!

I’ve been sitting on this news for a while now, and I’m SO EXCITED to be able to tell you…

I have a new coloring book coming out next spring with Sterling Publishing! It’s called The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book, and it’s an informative, upbeat guide to surviving many common apocalypse scenarios – with fun activity pages!

What can you expect to find in The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book? Well, among other things:

  • A bright side to the nuclear apocalypse
  • Tips on how best to deal with life in a frozen hellscape, plague-riddled wasteland, and more!
  • A quiz to help you assess whether your ally is secretly a killer robot
  • Mazes and other fun activities to help pass the time in your bunker
  • Finally, an answer to the question “Should I take a selfie with a zombie?” (Spoiler: NO)

And because it’s me, there’s body diversity and stuff, too.

The Apocalypse Coloring and Activity Book, guys. It’s going to be a thing. I’m still kind of in shock that a real publisher actually let me make this. (Shoutout to my editor, Kate Zimmerman, who has been fantastic to work with!)

I can’t wait to share this book with all of you. I hope you like it.

(And never fear, I’m still planning on self-publishing another coloring book before the year is up. If all goes well, The Robot’s Guide to Love should be out before Christmas.)


hi taylorswift, it’s grace here. I just wanted to say I’m super excited (not that you can tell by the photos - I don’t do excitement in photos well) to be seeing you this here on December 7th and 11th! When I see you on December 11th it’ll be the second year anniversary since I saw you at the red tour and you laughed and smiled at my friend and I for crying/screaming so much. Maybe we’ll meet one day and I’ll get to say thank you for everything you’ve given me. I love you so much, forever and always 💛

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