well you can if you watch the scene ok

i just watched fantastic beasts and where to find them and it was a good time but it was kinda distracting how my brain just kept going, “you see ezra miller’s character? charlie heaton would play it so well”

so it was constantly that plus me @ me going “yeah i know

“do you really tho?? let me remind you again. charlie heaton portrays timid, tortured characters so well!”

“i know i-”

“-remember jonathan byers? i would take a bullet for him. and shut in, while not a very good movie, damn, that scene with the [redacted bc spoilers] and the tears!! god!! he’s so good at playing characters with broken souls. is he even ok??”

please can we just watch this movie”

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Himawari: What was the point in the sacrifice thing if he was gonna get his memories back anyway?!

Boruto: It was properly set up with McGucket that the memories can come back! Plus, he saved his family and regained his self worth!

Himawari: But it ruined the weight of the action because now every time I watch this episode I’m gonna know he gets his memory back, and it won’t mean as much! It like when Goku dies! YOU DON’T CARE CUZ YOU KNOW HE’LL BE BACK!

Boruto: …Well, ok, you make a good point. But it means that afterwards we get all those heartwarming emotional scenes with him.

Himawari: …Ok, yeah. I just think it could’ve been done better.

Boruto: It could of, but for what it is, it was still a fantastic finale.

Himawari: Yeah, yeah it was.

Episode 12 theory

ok i was re-watching episode 12 when i noticed something 

in this part as everyone knows (well if you saw the episode) adrien enters the scene from the same direction that marinette did

but this is not the main point

 the reason why i’m talking about this is because there’s no other way to get to that place and yes we saw two stairs in the episode but if you go back to roger’s cop you can see this

and also if you look closer

there’s no way to get to that part because each stair leads to a different part of the place and what i mean with this is that

ladybug transformed back to marinette in that place and then she went downstairs and some seconds later ADRIEN WAS DOWNSTAIRS even tho he was the one to go first because his ring beeped 

i know it’s a crazy assumption but what i want to say is that THERE IS A CHANCE THAT ADRIEN WAS ABLE TO SEE LADYBUG WHEN SHE WAS TURNING INTO MARINETTE

because it’s really wierd that he was the first one to go out of the scene after they completed the mission and then he appears after marinette is back

(sorry if something is misspelled)


Ok so this will probably get buried in the all the crap on here today (cause I made the mistake of peeking in my dash and saw that its still very annoying and all)  but since I feel like writing i’m gonna do it anyways and find something more fun to do than rip myself up over a tv show.  So there’s that.. now i’m just gonna write.. just you discuss something ;)

Ok? Good…

So I will say with all honesty this scene rips me up something awful because I just hate watching my favorite characters suffer.. It just hurts me to watch.

(gif by @oohhshiny)

Daryl digging another grave is painful to me cause it seems like he’s dug so many and you can see it on his face as well. The weariness of it.

Carol watching him tear himself inside, and drink to numb his senses while he’s doing it hurts me too. Sharing a painful that’s just becoming all to regular for them.

You see Daryl’s PTSD trigger was hit again, pretty damn hard too. Hell Dwight didn’t just hit the damn guilt  buttons he smashed the damn keyboard.  Its like a repetitive nightmare really. The same thing happening again and again. Good people dying and here he is Beth’s ‘last man standing’ still breathing air and feeling worse about himself every time.

Daryl is back in his room again, that one with the open that Eastman described so well. The one that Carol has been stuck in for quite a while herself. Hell maybe they have adjoining rooms.

Seems like it sometimes.

It occurred to me think about the seemingly repetive storyline from a new angle (one which doesn’t involve me ripping writers to shreds btw just concentrating on storyline here)  and how it is almost like PTSD nightmare shown visually on screen. I mean how many times has it happened now?  3 times at least right?

People who live in this kind of nightmare have triggers that just send them over the edge, back into their rooms so to speak. And every time its worse. It builds into this terrible place where you will do anything to try and feel better.  No matter what that is.

I cannot blame Daryl for the reaction he has to this, because its cumulative and this time hits most directly into the center of his guilt issue Something that was molded into him at a very young age.

This is all your fault.

It is overtaking every aspect of his thoughts and the very fact that he can’t even look up at Carol, who is on her own ledge.. and see that she is ready to bolt, tht she’d cracking too, that is not his fault either. When we are in pain, deep in the throws of it, sometimes we have a hard time seeing others suffering too.

Its just too damn heavy to lift your head up. Its just human nature really.

Carol is, in fact, lost so deeply in her own pain that she’s gonna run away, not thinking about the consquences of that  for other people. Just like Daryl, running off after Dwight, they are lost in their own heads and its pretty painful.

Just because it appears that Daryl leaves before Rick gets the note is no indicator of how he may feel if he learns she’s gone. We still don’t know that he won’t either. HE WILL CARE. That much I know for sure. Because he is the only one that HAS noticed, recently and in the past, when she is suffering, and even when she’s gone.

Right now, whether you like it not, he has his own issues to work out too. They BOTH stuck in their respective rooms and are the only one that can find their way out of them. It’s why it always takes so damn long with them.

They are both essentially running away in their own ways. Smoking, Drinking, Taking off on their own without much thought to possible consquences that may result.

They are both being as destructive to themselves as a result of the pain they are in. And yes its painful to watch with both of them (at least for me). But the glimmer I have in this is this..

They did not share 3 very honest, emotionally driven scenes in a key part of the season for NOTHING. They were not meaningless no matter what some may think about the story-telling or the writing..

It’s part of both their processes of healing. And its long and excrusiatingly painful yes, but I’m gonna stick it out (in spite of how I may feel about the writing and storytelling) because I’ve come to goddamn far with this characters to give up on either of them and the relationship to give up now.

Its just not in my fucking nature guys. Just saying.

So i’m just gonna sit here, ship, and root for these two to find their way out their rooms. And as I know in my heart, back together.

If that’s alright with all of you :)

I’m quite disappointed with this fandom

Well with one of it’s parts anyway. 

I mean, I’m a whouffaldi shipper too, as you may know. It’s my biggest OTP ever and I don’t think any will ever beat it. 

OK, this episode. I won’t lie, it was… oh I don’t think I can describe it with words. Fantastic? Brilliant? One of the best ever? And we all know the reason why.

What I don’t understand is… how can anyone, who watched it… who watched the WHOLE thing, that speech, every scene… just go to tumblr and complain about Twelve and Clara not kissing. I mean… you’ve just seen it, ok, maybe you wasn’t so speechless as I was, I don’t know, and after all that, all you have in mind, is “I want my whouffaldi kiss”. I don’t want to point at anyone.

So that’s all you’ve taken from THAT episode? There, not-being a kiss between your OTP?

Maybe I’m just weird.