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Your a fucking faggot. Just reminding you love ;)

Thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot I was a faggot! You know what’s great about being one? Pussy all freakin’ day, baby. Love it.

Also, you’re* :). Nice try, though. But hey, I’m here to help, so here’s a list of common contractions to improve your grammar a little bit!

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There'd one fic I'm looking for- I think it's an AU where Yuuri didn't bomb the GPF but did go on to live a well-loved life. I think it was only uploaded on AO3 sometime in the past 2 weeks? I'm sorry, I can't seem to find it anywhere and thought I'd ask! >□<

Thank you @exile-wrath for finding the fic!

It’s Fields of Gold by Haro and you can read it here!

To The Ends of The Earth

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word count: 1147

Warnings: a little on the angst side, fluffy, cussing (when can I ever write something that doesn’t drop an F-bomb or two)

Request: @leenasleena-blog  asked:
First off I love your work and also I was wondering if I could put a request in for a Dean fic with the song With or Without you by U2?

A/N: This is actually the closest I think I have ever come to really embracing Dean’s true character. I’m guilty of writing OOC but oh well lol. I did actually make that attempt in this one though, it still ended up fluffy as fuck even though I TRIED so hard for pure angst lol. Thank you as always to my forever beta, @avasmommy224

This gif is the way I seen him saying to the ends of the earth…you’re welcome ;) lol​

This is freaking pointless. Why the hell am I going after her again? I would do this for anybody I’m close to, right? Yeah, that’s it, it’s just in my DNA. I’m a protector. I had to look after Sammy our entire lives and now I feel like I have to do the same for her. How the fuck am I even supposed to find her? Her phone is off, no GPS signal, I can’t track her that way. I guess you’re just going to have to stop by every cheap motel until you find her. Fuck, Winchester! You’re really losing it now, get it together and stop talking to yourself! After all, she’s just a girl. Just another strong, smart, beautiful…fuck, I’m in trouble.

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when ur blessed to be in the same room as riz/ahmed & billie/piper

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Tumblr has ruined the word Daddy for me so whenever you use it for your Voltron Family stuff, my mind just go straight into the deepest darkest filthy corner of my mind and I lose a smidgeon of my spirit. Bless your soul though for (maybe inadvertedly) redeeming the word.


Well, it hasn’t been ruined for me. I actually just ignore it because I also call my Dad “Daddy” too until now, and he gets upset and weirded out if all of us don’t. Even my relatives actually. All my cousins call their dads “Daddy.” It must be a cultural thing. I’m from Asia and from my place specifically, it’s like a default thing. 

Cute thing I saw a couple of weeks back, a boy probably 15 or 16 was holding hands with his Dad at the mall with their family, and I heard him say “Daddy, we should all eat at that Japanese restaurant.” Then the Dad just smiled and went “Okay, Daddy’s treat,” to all his children and I was like a freaking creep walking behind them internally cooing because I miss my family all of a sudden because we’re like that too (i miss the free food). OTL

Looool sorry for the random storytime HAHAHHA But thanks! :’D I just felt like Keith and Shiro might liked to be called “Daddy” by their children. It’s adorable. Hence, they fought for the title until the kids found a way to make it work. And usually, you really can’t get rid of it even when you grow up *cough me cough* (it would just feel weird to call my father something else). 

I mean, idk it might just be me but I love “Daddy Shiro” and “Daddy Keith” so much OTL I’m attached to it now ;__;

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2 and 16 for nessian or feysand? Please and thank you 😘

2. Who is the big spoon/ Who is the little spoon?

Already done for Nessian!

Feysand - Rhys is the big spoon. Definitely. I think all the boys are? Except maybe Elucien… anyway! My version of Rhys is kind of the taller, leaner build and I think that just fits Feyre so well because she’s rather lean herself. So even though Rhys towers over her in a lot of ways, their bodies just sort of match. They’re compatible, ya know? And I think for them, spooning isn’t really a big thing unless its playful. Like if they’re having a tender moment, they’d rather face each other or lay with Feyre’s head on Rhy’s chest. But when he’s teasing and tickling and attacking and flat out fingering/fucking Feyre, he’s behind her enjoying all the different ways her body molds in front of him, locked between his arms. He loves how she wiggles inward on herself when he tickles her and she tries to get away. He loves how scrambles forward to escape his teasing when he’s being an absolute prick. And most of all, he loves the way her back arches, head falling against his chest while her fingers grip his shirt and the sheets when he makes her come.

16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?

I don’t think either Nesta or Cassian is scared of them, though Nesta isn’t fond of water in general. The noise doesn’t really bother her so much though and it kind of matches that hot temper she has burning in her at all times.

Feysand, on the other hand, I think neither would be scared nor inclined to a panic attack from it, but I think Rhys would be the more uncomfortable one. I think the rain is gloomy for him, a sign of winter and sadness and less happy times. He can’t go flying. A lot of the shops in Velaris close for the day getting no traffic. All the training spaces are outside and getting messy in the mud isn’t fun. He has to pretty much stay indoors all day moping about less pleasant things like work and the Hewn City, but…. Feyre makes it better. She’s used to rain. She had to hunt in every element growing up, so she knows how to handle it. And she knows it bums Rhys out. The second it starts raining, she’ll start the fire place going and lay a blanket out, warm something hot up to drink, and sit with Rhys in front of the fire while they read together and listen to the rain. One of my favorite Feysand headcanons is that she’ll eventually reach over while doing this and start massaging his knee. The first time she does it, Rhys pauses his reading and looks down at her curiously where her head is in his lap. “What are you doing?” “Massaging your knee.” “Why?” She blinks up at him. “Because it hurts.” “How on earth do you know it hurts right now?” She’ll sigh, reach up and stroke his face once with a fond smile, and resume her work. “You told the Bone Carver. You told him one thing no one else knew about you so that I wouldn’t have to. And it was that your knee hurts when it rains because you messed it up during the war. I thought-” Rhys leans down to cut her off with a quiet kiss. “Thank you.” “Keep reading.” “Love to.” Suddenly, thunderstorms don’t seem so miserable.

How to write your book Step 204


There is no such thing as universal good advice. What works for some people will ruin others. The best advice in the world is no good at all if not heeded. 

Only you can write your book. Only you have the ability to take those words out of your mind and create them into a story. The next step in the process is always very simple, keep writing. Just relax and do it. Self direction is a terrifyingly powerful thing. Focus yourself into your novel, your words, your book. Write it all down. Heed the advice in the back of your mind. You know what you have to do. 

Have faith in yourself and your abilities. You’ve got this. 

Superheroes and Blogs AU

Character A is the best-known superhero in the city/country/world/etc, and in their free time, Character A runs a writing blog where they create stories and prompts based off of their superhero life. One day, they receive an ask in their inbox that they are not prepared to answer: "So you always post tons of superhero prompts and they’re really realistic and well-done, where do you get your ideas?“

Bonus: The person asking is Character B, a super-villain and Character A’s worst enemy.
Bonus Two: Character B always asks Character A for advice on the stories that they’re working on. Over time, the two grow close. One day, after Character A finally ends the battle with their major enemy (jailing them, removing their powers, literal death, etc.) Character B is unresponsive.

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hey I been wondering. what got you into voice acting in the first place? you are wonderful at it. I do that all the time for my little sister on YouTube since she can't read well.

I think it was cause when I was younger whenever people read stories or picture books the way they read it was so bland and boring. Which is why in primary school I was asked to have sessions in the library so I can read to preps (Which is after kinder but before grade 1) Then I saw some comics and comic dubs and some were amazing comics but only few good voice actors sooooo boom yeah lol

a few weeks ago my white boss started greeting me by saying “hey girl!” in this obnoxious voice with a neck roll wrist flick combo thing every time he saw me. i usually just look at him like ??? and keep walking

today he did it again but added “how it be” or “what it do” or some other AAVE question similar to that. i can’t remember. i was in shock afterwards. when i asked him why he talks to me like that (bc he talks to everyone else normally) he was like, “isn’t that how you talk?”

well no. and even if i did 1) we aren’t friends and 2) it’s completely inappropriate coming from him for multiple reasons



Hi all, I come bearing a sales post! Tons of wigs, but also a few cosplay items, a few Nendoroids, and a BJD are also there. Prices do not include shipping.

I’d very much prefer to be DM’d on Twitter (@linefaced) or emailed (taiho.kun[at]gmail) but messaging here will work as well. Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions or need more photos or details.

>> Full album of items for sale can be found here. <<

Thank you!!

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4, 5, 7 :)

4. How old were you when you started playing video games? (Or Zelda specifically)

I was born playing video games lol. As for loz, I got into it around the age of 8 (might’ve actually been 7) when my brother and his girlfriend at the time got me Ocarina of Time for Christmas. They had no idea what it was they were just like, “Here, maybe you’ll like this.” They were right.

5. What is your favorite Zelda moment?

There are so many good ones, but having recently played SS in the winter and really enjoying it, the scene where Link and Zelda finally reunite (THE HAPPY ONE)

7. Which dungeon would you say you enjoyed the most?

Hmmm, this is something I’ve never thought about before to be honest. I enjoy just about all of them for the puzzles they offer, but if I had to choose just one…..I’ve always loved the Spirit Temple in OoT! The drastic, yet kind of depressing atmosphere it offers with the music is something I really enjoy, and also the fact that it really feels like the final dungeon before getting ready to go up against Ganondorf himself (unless people did the Shadow Temple after the Spirit Temple lol I’ve personally never done that tho)

No One Loves Like Gaston

Pairing: Gaston (Beauty and the Beast) X Reader

Request: I see that now you are writing more than Hamilton, in light of the new movie ,and your new banner (!), could we get some Gaston/Luke Evans love and feels up in here? Please and thank you I love your writing. :)  - @leapslaps

Go LeapsLaps I guess . Dang that was fast

Word Count: 750

AU: None

Warnings: None, I don’t believe there is even cursing.

You were walking through the marketplace, minding your own business, when a loud, male voice boomed from your left.

“Ah, good afternoon Y/n.” Said the voice, the confidence that oozed from the figure immediately giving away the culprit.

“Good afternoon to you too, Gaston.” You said shortly, turning to face the smirking man beside you. You looked up to meet his eyes as you spoke, as it was polite although he towered over your frame. “How are you today?” You asked in an attempt to be polite.

“Well, better now that I am looking at a very beautiful girl,” responded Gaston, offering to you his signature mix of smile and smirk. He winked, and you decided to mess with him a bit as you knew of his distaste for a particular trio in pink.

“Oh, are the Bimbettes around here?” You ask using your nickname for them, sounding serious although a hint of a smile began to play across your features. A combination of panic and annoyance showed in Gaston’s blue eyes before he quickly composed himself again. You let out a small laugh as Gaston responded.

“Of course not Y/n, I was talking about you.” You blushed in spite of yourself, and to cover it you feigned surprise at Gaston’s words. Gasping and putting a palm to your chest in a joking manner, you smiled and hid your blush at the compliment.

“Why Gaston, you are so forward,” you say jokingly, brushing the blush off as you can not help but blush no matter who compliments you.

“I know,” replied Gaston cockily, either not noticing or choosing to ignore the heavy sarcasm lacing your tone. Although Gaston was usually only boastful and full of pride and confidence, his demeanor seemed to falter for a moment before he spoke again. “Y/n, are you busy tonight?” He asked as he used his hand to rub the back of his neck. The move showed his muscular arms off nicely, and he didn’t even notice. For once, he was showing off unintentionally.

“No, I don’t believe so. Why do you ask, Gaston?” You ask, his nerves going right over your head.

“Well Y/n, I wanted to know if perhaps you would like to have dinner with me tonight. At my house of course, provided by yours truly.” Asked Gaston, who for once sounded entirely honest and sincere. For a moment you stopped in your tracks, shocked into a moment of silence. Yes you and Gaston would flirt with each other sometimes when the two of you were talking, but it had never meant anything. Or did it? You figured there would be no harm in going either way. Besides, free food can never be bad. Unless it’s moldy.

“It would be my pleasure, Gaston.” You say with a smile. 

Gaston returned the smile as he spoke, “that’s wonderful. Will three hours from now be a suitable time to pick you up?” He asked with a grin still traced with a smirk.

“Three hours from now sounds perfect.”

The two of you walked in a comfortable silence the last minute or two to your small cottage. As you began walking up the stairs to the doorway,, Gaston grabbed your smaller hand in his large one, bringing it to his mouth to kiss it in goodbye.

“I’ll see you in three hours, Y/n.” He says with a dashing smile, all the while not letting go of your hand.

“That you will, but for that to happen I will have to go inside and get ready.” You say, trying to hint at him to let go of your hand. Although you had never thought about it before, now that your hand was in his you did not want him to let go, but you knew that to get dolled up in time he would need to.

“But darling, you already look so beautiful.” Compliments Gaston. The compliment itself made you blush, but butterflies erupted in your stomach with the ‘darling’.

“Thank you, Gaston,” you say softly with a smile. You enter your cottage and shut the door behind you, a blush dusting your cheeks and nose as you begin to prepare for dinner tonight with Gaston. Surprisingly, you felt amazingly giddy. Then it hit you. 

Do I have feelings for Gaston?

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I just saw a psychiatrist about being trans and he said that he thought I might be autistic and because of that he wants me to explore my sexuality before I make any life changing decisions. Is this normal?

Well no, it’s bullshit. Sexuality and gender aren’t even remotely relate besides both being tossed into an acronym together. Also, know that some people feel their genders ARE influenced by their autism, but that doesn’t make them any less valid. I’d find another psychiatrist. Hopefully the place you’re going to has other people you can see. They’re not supposed to get offended if you ask to see someone else. I’ve done it before.

Also, though, be careful. If you get a psychiatrist like my old one, they may try to rush you through your social transition. My psych took things way too fast for me and it made me uncomfortable. Make sure that YOU’RE comfortable, and explore your gender, not your sexuality.

~ Gene

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Barry comes back from the future, hugs Iris and Iris asks "Okay. Tell me what happened." Barry sits down, going "Well, you were gone, which was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. And apparently, losing you makes me look like a hobo. But I didn't care."


but I don’t know if he would want to tell her that she’s dead in the future, and they didn’t save her. 😳

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How did you know Brett was "the one"?

So I’ll let you guys all in on the secret, there is no ‘the one’. Relationships are hard work, and both sides need to be dedicated. There needs to be communication, both about what would happen if you stay together and what would happen if you break up. Lots of trust as well. As we always put it, ‘it is not about finding the right one, it’s about being the right one’ :) 


Battle Theme : 
Normal Battle - Battle In the Labyrinth City
Decisive Battle - Resuscitated Hope (Instrumental)
Battle intro : “Must we really fight..? Well, if you insist…”
Victory : “Oh dear - are you alright?”
Defeat : “Be safe…G…rishram…”
Taunt : “Oh! Are we… not fighting?”
Reacting to Taunt : “My! How rude!”
Tie : “You’re quite strong!”
Perfect Victory : That looked like it hurt! C-can you stand…?”
Final Finisher : “All the stars in the heavens… but I see only one future for you.”


Assist : “I’m here for you!”
Your muse down during Assist : “Hang in there! Let me take it from here!”
Using item : “Ah, is this why the stars said to bring this…?”
Healing/Buffing : “The cards are in your favour! Go!”
Tag Team Special : “We are all stronger together… let’s show them!”

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