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These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine. Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It’s mine.


The crazy scientist and his creation, “together”… What a twist.

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HR seemed astonishing to say the least. You watched him in an amusing way as Harry introduced him to the team. “And this..” Harrison pointed towards his right, where you stood. “Is (Y/N), you don’t need to shake her hand either” he quickly added.

HR turned his head around to look at you. His bright blue hues, twinkled in wonder as he stared you up and down shamelessly, making Harry narrow his eyes dangerously at HR.

“Hi” you politely greeted with a small smile and extended your arm forward, ignoring the grunt that left Harry’s lips. He quickly shook your hand, that glint never leaving his eyes as he kept looking at you in wonder.

“(Y/N), what a beautiful name” he grinned taking a step forward. Harry coiled an arm around your waist in a protective way. “May I ask a personal question? Are you, by any chance single? Which I highly doubt is the case, seeing as how stun-“ “She’s with me” Harrison said in a gruff voice, paying no heed to the way he interrupted HR, tightening his hold and pulling you closer.

“Ah of course. My apologies, just couldn’t help myself.” he backed away with a grin. “Yeah, right” Harry grumbled under his breath.

You silently giggled to yourself at how adorable Harrison looked when he was jealous.

Request: Is it possible to get an imagine. Imagine HR flirting with the reader who happens to be in a relationship with E-2 Wells

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I hate to say it, but it seems that saying "triggered!" in response to anything that mildly upsets or offends you has become a mainstream joke in multiplayer gaming. I've witnessed my 13yo cousin making the joke while playing Destiny with his friends, and I got the vibe that it was common, like it was sort of the current slang. I tried to set him right on it but idk if I got the point across well enough...

yeah like i said, it’s made its way into mainstream but i still can’t really buy the idea that people don’t really know what they’re saying, because the ‘joke’ doesns’t even work without understanding the concept of what it’s mocking

anyway, thanks for trying with your brother

Buncha people asked me if I have a pokesona, I didn’t but decided to make one for fun. Let’s just call him Quaree the mawile!

My fav pokemon is bayleef but I wouldn’t wanna be a quadruped sorry


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so this dude was like “yeah i have ifunny and have like ten followers” and me being extra was like “oh yeah well i have a tumblr blog with 3,623 followers” and he tries one upping me like “yeah well i have made over one hundred memes” and i was just hunty;;; sweaty;;; pls your meme game is weak boi

Imagine taking Dean on a ride.

Fandom: Supernatural

Gif does not belong to me.

o   You know there is a speed limit, right?”


    “So… maybe we should slow a little?”

    “Since when do you look at the signs?”

    “Sometimes I really need to hurry, it’s not the same situation!”

    “But you said there were sales at Taco Bell.”


o   All in all, you slow down, so he doesn’t get really mad, but he is still distrustful.

o   “How did you even get the license?”

    “Same way as you, Dean-o.”

    “Well, that’s funny, because I made it myself.”

    “Yeah, that’s funny…”


o   He doesn’t let you turn the radio on at first, because he says it will “distract you”, but he lets it go after a quarter of your whining and you end up coming to the town with the music blazing from your car, possible to hear from a long distance.

o   “Oh my gosh, Dean, just look at this doooog!”

    “The light turned green.”

    “There is no one behind us. Just look at it! Do you think we may adopt it?”

    “The owner is like, half a meter behind it.”

    “Doesn’t matter. I will distract him and you may catch the dog.”

    “NO. Just drive, please…”

o   You chose the sauces for like fifteen minutes, probably annoying half of the other customers, but C’MON, it’s an important issue.

o   After stopping at Taco Bell, you have a walk to a comic shop, because you insisted you needed to complete your collection. Dean rolled over his eyes, muttering something about childish behavior and growing up, but still went there with you. Soon after you find what you wanted, you look for him and see him at the other section, completely lost in another comic. You take a pic to blackmail him later.

o   Coming home, you both sing along with the radio.

o   Sam judges you silently when you come back to the bunker with all the bags full of food.

o   “Is there another apocalypse coming?”

    “We need the food. Besides, with you two together, no one can feel safe.”

    “Oh, come on!”