well written and well acted

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: freaks and geeks was way ahead of its time and was so well written and well acted with the perfect mix of comedy and drama and explored such interesting and complex themes as well as being the most realistic show about high school on tv and still resonating with teens today and i'm still not over the fact that it got cancelled after just one season

Actually, I think it’s quite appropriate that Gul Dukat has attracted a considerable, if misaimed fandom among people who are upset that he never had a redemption arc. The whole point of Gul Dukat is that he’s witty and charming, and when you’re around him and he’s flirting with you and laughing at your jokes, you can easily forget that he has the blood of millions of innocent people on his hands and is utterly untroubled by it. So the fact that his personal charm works not just on characters on the show, but on the audience as well, is testament to how well he was written and to Marc Alaimo’s acting skills.

Character Profiles

Height: 152cm
Weight: 50kg
Birthday: 5th February
Age: 252 (before the seal)
Blood Type: A
Handedness: Right-handed
Commandment: Piety
Magic: God (written as “demon king”)
Birthplace: Demon Realm
Special ability: Execution
Hobbies: Dragon hunting
Daily Routine: Goddess Slaying
Favorite food: Dragon meat
ream/Hope: Perfect Victory
Charmpoint: Nothing
Power Level: 61000
Magic: 10000 Strength: 47200 Spirit: 3800


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If you’re afraid of losing your happy ending, that means you found it. 
What is it?

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I would love to see Carol tease Daryl about his grey beard and black hair. 😉

That could be a fantastic scene if well written- we know it would be well acted by  Melissa McBride and Norman Reedus. :)

From your brain to Scott M. Gimple’s big pencil. 


We’re toxic together, you and me.

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top 5 lost gals & if it's not too broad star trek? i don't remember which ones u watched rip

thank you!! for the record, i’ve watched TOS, TNG, voyager and we started watching DS9 literally yesterday. coincidentally on women’s day!

top five lost ladies (i love all the lost ladies, they’re such a great cast of women and i’m terrible at picking a fave, so nobody take this as a Solid Fact)

  1. kate
  2. claire
  3. ana lucia
  4. charlotte
  5. danielle

and sun and alex and shannon and… this list and the order mean nothing really except, I LOVE THE WOMEN OF LOST aaahhhhh

top fives trek ladies

  1. seven
  2. janeway
  3. b’elanna
  4. i love beverly and deanna equally
  5. jaylah (maybe)

Things that are okay:

  • Loving Kilgrave as a character. It’s okay to love a villain THAT well written, THAT well acted.
  • Complimenting David Tennant on how terrifying he was as Kilgrave.
  • Recognizing the complexity of Kilgrave’s character.
  • Questioning if Kilgrave does actually love Jessica on some level.
  • Occasionally being drawn in by Kilgrave’s self-confident “charm”.

Things that are not okay:

  • Making excuses for Kilgrave’s choices based on his childhood.
  • Agreeing it’s “not his fault” given the nature of his powers, because he “never knows”.
  • Blurring the lines between actor and character. Tennant is NOT Kilgrave.
  • Romanticizing his relationships and intentions with Jessica.
  • Shipping Kilgrave and Jessica. DO NOT DO IT.

There’s a huge difference in appreciating/liking a character and agreeing with a character’s thoughts/actions, and that goes for both fans and actors alike.  Kilgrave is one of those amazingly written villains that requires you to keep a clear distinction between fiction and reality.

EDIT: Clarification on what I mean when I say “shipping”.

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still wanna fight harry for "when they stand close enough to feel their breath" and that whole scene tbh

omg i cried about this scene the other day because it’s just really well written and so well acted! the hurt and pain magnus feels at the end of that scene, alec’s hesitance and change in attitude throughout that scene, iconic!!! also harry? the facial expressions in that scene…. please!

eregyrn-falls replied to your post “Soos and Melody”

Yeah. I mean I’d extend that to never seeing anyone ever say a bad thing about Soos, too? Which is great. Melody was well-designed, well-written, and well-acted, and they did have a ton of chemistry. I don’t think it’s just that they’re canon, either? It’s them, too. (I mean, Robbie/Tambry are canon, and I just… don’t care very much about them? I don’t hate them, but ehn.)

Yeah, I’ve never seen anyone direct any hate toward Soos either.  He seems pretty well-liked in general.  And yeah, I think Robbie/Tambry were never talked about much in the fandom, at least not that I’ve seen.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is definitely my favourite vampire-related television series and one of my top 5 favourite tv series’ of all time.

The combination of horror, comedy and teen drama worked so well throughout all seven seasons. The characters (for the most part) were well written, well developed and well acted. The arcs and themes were so well done!

Buffy Summers is one of the best female protagonists I’ve ever seen. And she’s one that I bring up a lot when I’m doing uni essays on strong female characters in fictional media. What I love about Buffy is that she is a strong, badass warrior who is also a typical teenage girl. Her character was the perfect subversion of the “pretty girl in a horror setting” trope. Her sense of humour was witty (and slightly nerdy but, hey, I love that type of humour), she did get emotional, her love for her family and friends knew no bounds, and she kept fighting no matter what. And Sarah Michelle Gellar did a fantastic job at bringing this character to life, giving her so much depth, that Buffy deserves her place in the list of top most badass female characters.

The show as a whole was something that got better and better as the seasons went on. Did the show have flaws? Yes. Are there some arcs that I just skip completely when I rewatch it? Yes. Is that enough for me to hate it? Hell, no!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a series that is truly one of a kind. It had the perfect balance of ridiculous camp and emotional depth. And it’s going to stick with me forever, I reckon.

Okay, here’s the thing. I was not at the target audience age when this came out. I wasn’t even born when it started (I turn 20 next week). But, thank God for reruns, honestly! Also, my aunt loves it so she got me into it too so, thanks Aunt Helen!

Happy 20 years, Buffy! <3

Major shoutouts to my fellow BtVS fans @walkerfairytales @missielynne @notebelow @freyreh @oparu (and I’m sure I’ve missed so many more)