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BTS teasing you under the table

“Bts reaction to teasing you under the table and you end up moaning their name and all the other members hear it smirking at him?” - Anon

Thank you for the request!!  This is my first reaction.  I hope you enjoy! XOXO - Lace


As Jin used his remote to gradually turn up the vibrator he’d given to you that morning, it was becoming increasingly harder for you to keep quiet.  You usually would not worry about being quiet, but this situation was awkwardly different.  You weren’t only out to dinner, you were with the other members as well.  You decide to try and subtly ask him to stop.  That was a mistake.  When you open your mouth it just so happens to perfectly sync with him bumping up the toy to its highest setting.  Your mouth is already open so there is no way to further suppress his name falling from your lips in breathless desperation.  Earning a prideful smirk from Jin and slightly confused and horrified looks from the other members, your face becomes flushed with a colour similar to that of the marinara sauce on your meal sitting in front of you.  The members simply look at each other and then back down at their food, making a unanimous decision not to address the current situation.  You look at Jin who is very pleased with himself as he turns the toy off, satisfied with the reaction you gave him.


“Yoongi…” you moaned.  

You can’t hold it in anymore.  You had been craving your boyfriend all day, but he’s been busy.  He promised he would take care of you tonight.  When he made his promise, you of course were filled with excitement and anticipation.  It never once crossed your mind that he meant he would sneakily slip his hand under your dress while you were out having a delicious meal with the other boys.  His fingers, which, at this point, are fully in your panties, only getting faster as they continue to dance in circles on top of your clit.  He looks at you with surprise, which soon turns to a look of pride seeing how you could barely control yourself under his touch.  The members look up at you both, understanding what was going on by your single, whine-drenched moan.

“Jesus Christ Yoongi, let the girl just eat in peace,”  Namjoon speaks in your defense.  Bless him.  

With a dark chuckle, your boyfriend slowly removes his hand from under your dress, only promising to finish up when you two get home.


His look of artificial innocence and confusion as to why you just breathlessly, needily moaned for him was absolutely infuriating.  This bastard was two fingers, knuckle deep inside your core under the table of your favorite restaurant that you were currently at, surrounded by his fellow bandmates.  His pace was fast, curved to hit all the right spots with every thrust.  You kept quiet for as long as you could, but he finally broke you.  Everyone looks at you with the exception of Jungkook, who keeps his head down choosing to ignore what just happened.  

“Is there something wrong, Y/N?  You sound stressed…” Hobi says, barely able to hold back his laughter.  The other members now understand what was happening, a couple of them even finding it funny.

“Can you two at least wait until you go home?  Some of us are trying to eat.” Jin speaks up as he puts a bite of food in his mouth.

Your boyfriend just beams as he removes his fingers from your heat, leaving you feeling empty yet relieved.  You look at him, and by the look in his eyes, you could tell he was done but only for now.


You had been trying and trying to get Namjoon to turn off or at least turn down the vibrator he’d made you wear to lunch with the other boys as punishment, all to no avail.  There was only one thing left that you could do.  Embarrass him.  You didn’t want to, but with a growing heat that was washing over you and a tightening feeling around the toy, this needed to stop before it went too far.  You decide that if it’s a reaction he wants, that’s what he gets.  He just gets more than he probably wanted in public and around his friends.  

“Namjoonie…” You moan in the whiniest, needy, tortured, and breathless yet quiet voice you can muster without it getting too real.  

His eyes immediately widened as they look into yours with the most shocked expression.  You can see his face become blood red as he nervously fumbles around with the remote trying to quickly turn the device off.  You look at the other boys who are also looking at you, confused and horrified.  You sigh in relief and smile as you finally feel the vibration come to a halt.  You look at you boyfriend once more and give him a thank you kiss on the cheeks as he buries his face in hands.


You stare Jimin in the eyes, his face clearly overjoyed seeing how breathless you were becoming.  He’d been teasing you all through dinner with the boys.  Stealthily sliding his hand under your skirt and was rubbing your clothed heat while occasionally slipping a finger in your panties for direct contact.  It was all becoming too much.  He was playing everything off so cool, able to easily eat and carry out conversations with his friend as if he wasn’t bringing steadily closer to your breaking point.  It was infuriating.  You are trying to get a bite of food and act normal when you feel two of his fingers enter you without warning or hesitation.  With pleasure quickly consuming you, you are unable to resist letting his name escape your mouth.  He smirks down at his food, not looking at you once.  You are so focused on not being pushed over the edge in public, you don’t notice his fellow members staring at you until Yoongi comes to your rescue, sort of.

“Fuck, get a room.  You two are disgusting.”  He says with food and disgust very clearly filling his mouth.  

Jimin completely removes his hand from you, simply smirking to let you know he was only done for the time being.


“Tae,” you moan out desperately, “…please.”  

You don’t mean for him to please continue his relentless swirls, circles, and figure 8 patterns on your overly sensitive clit.  You would mean that if he wasn’t doing this under a corner table in a cafe while you are sitting across from the other members.  The boys immediately bring their eyes to you and your boyfriend in surprise upon realizing what he was most likely doing to you.

“I didn’t expect this from you, Taehyung.  You should stop, let her rest and eat.”  Jimin says concerned but obviously slightly amused with the situation as it’s evident that he’s holding back laughter.  

Tae looks at you innocently as he removes his fingers from you.  He flashes his signature boxy grin in victory, though he does feel a little bad about embarrassing you, he knows he will make it up to you after you both leave.


You can already feel the stares from the boys and Jungkook as you accidentally let his name slip from your throat.  You tried to fight the pleasure you were getting from feeling two of your boyfriend’s long, slim fingers wreaking havoc on your g-spot, but you were obviously losing.  Getting glares and a proud smile from Jungkook himself, you are overcome with embarrassment.  

“Can this wait, guys?  We are trying to enjoy this food.” Jin voice is laced with calm horror.  

You soon feel an emptiness between you legs, much to your relief.  Your boyfriends face just plastered with satisfaction in knowing you would now be wonderfully worked up for later, once both of you got home.

I hope you enjoyed! XOXO - Lace

'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Replies to Show's Racist Critics
Sonequa Martin-Green torpedos the trolls as the first ‘Discovery’ cast member to speak out on diversity criticism

“Well, I would encourage them to key into the essence and spirit of Star Trek that has made it the legacy it is — and that’s looking across the way to the person sitting in front of you and realizing you are the same, that they are not separate from you, and we are all one,” Martin-Green said. “That’s something Star Trek has always upheld and I completely believe that is why it’s been a mainstay in society in the hearts of so many people for so many decades. I would encourage them to look past their opinions and social conditioning and key into what we’re doing here — which is telling a story about humanity that will hopefully bring us all together.

“And it’s hard to understand and appreciate Star Trek if you don’t understand and appreciate that,” Martin-Green continued. “It’s one of the foundational principles of Star Trek and I feel if you miss that then you miss the legacy itself. I’m incredibly proud to be the lead of this show and be at the forefront of an iteration of Star Trek that’s from the eyes of a black woman that’s never been done before, though obviously there’s been other forms of diversity that have been innovated by Trek. I feel like we’re taking another step forward, which I think all stories should do. We should go boldly where nobody has gone before and stay true to that.”

Auston Matthews- Part One

Originally posted by tysbarrie

You sat in front of your full length mirror in your room, applying the final touches to your makeup. Tonight, you were going out with a few of your fellow interns from work. You attended the University of Toronto, and with amazing connections in the communications field, you landed yourself an internship with the Toronto Maple Leafs staff along with 2 other people. You loved your job, even though you knew very little about hockey being a baseball fan yourself. At times, it could be very stressful having to balance out work, college and time for a social life but so far, you have been managing it well. 

You finished your makeup look to the best of your ability smiling at the result. You normally don’t wear makeup, aside from a few coats of mascara, but since you were going out, you thought you would put a little more effort into your appearance. You looked yourself up and down in the mirror with a pleased expression on your face. You had on black ripped skinny jeans with a tight black top that made your chest look fantastic. You also added a pair of black heels that completed the look. 

You checked your phone and saw that your two other co-workers would be here any minute. The three of you had become friendly over the course of the past two weeks. You enjoyed sharing the experience with two other people who knew exactly what you were going though. A few minutes later, the door bell rang in your apartment signaling the arrival of Jake and Maddie. You opened the door and greeted them with a large smile. 

“Hey guy’s!” You said welcoming them into your apartment. They responded with hello’s and walked inside. “Let me just grab my phone and then we can get going.” You said as you tried your best to run in your heels. Once you grabbed your phone; you, Jake, and Maddie were out the door and on your way to the club. 

The ride to downtown Toronto was short, you only being about 5 minutes away from the heart of the city was convenient in many cases, but also sometimes annoying. You enjoyed your peace and quite. You came from a small town in western Oklahoma, so the city was a nice change for you. Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard Maddie’s voice. “You ready?” She said from outside the cab that you were still sitting in. “Oh! My bad, I totally blanked there for a second.” You said giggling before stepping out of the car.

The three of you walked towards the night club. You hadn’t really been into the party scene back in high school, and even in college. You did enjoy going out and having a few drinks with your friends from time-to-time but nothing too crazy. Maddie and Jake had a different idea though. They were both from Chicago and New York and were known for having a good time, something they were avid on showing you. Jake ordered the first round of shots for the three of you and you were pretty much lost after that. 

An hour later, you found yourself on the dance floor, separated from Maddie and Jake. You could feel your blood pumping through your veins. You shrugged and began dancing around, moving your hips to the music, not caring who was watching. You felt a pair of eyes on you and looked towards that direction. You gasped slightly when you were met by a pair of brown eyes staring darkly at you. The man didn’t remove his gaze from you. He gave you a sexy wink and finally tore his gaze from you, continuing his previous conversation with a skinner brunette boy who was standing next to him. 

You began moving your hips again, secretly hoping the mystery guy would be watching. You looked over your shoulder and saw him completely ignoring what the male beside him was saying, him being completely focused on you. You smirked and decided to give him a wink. Eventually, you got lost in the crowd, no longer in sight of the attractive male. You swayed your hips to the beat of the music, not dancing with anyone in particular. 

You felt large hands grip your hips tightly. You jumped slightly at the sudden contact. “Don’t tease me.” A deep voice growled lowly in your ear causing shivers to run up your spin, goosebumps erupting on your skin. You turned around, the set of hands never leaving your body, to come face to face with the guy who you were dancing for earlier. “You don’t like the way I dance?” You said in a sweet voice wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. 

“Baby, I love the way you move. Dance for me.” He said before spinning you around again placing his hands firmly on your hips. You let the alcohol take over your body completely. You had your arms around his next, rubbing your butt up against his crotch, feeling his length press up against your back. The harder you dug your butt into his crotch, the tighter his grip became on your hips. “Let’s get out of here.” He said before grabbing your hand and practically dragging you out of the club. 

You normally weren’t a girl that would partake in one night stands but tonight was different. They way this mysterious guy made you feel was electrifying. Your whole body felt alive. The entire ride back to his apartment was filled with sexual tension. He drove above the speed limit the entire way home with one hand on the wheel, and the other creeping up your thigh making your centre ache. When you finally arrived at his apartment, he hastily parked the car and dragged you up to entrance. As soon as the door shut, his lips were on yours. He ran his hands over your body and you did the same, feelings his toned muscles through his thin shirt. 

He put his hands under your thighs and told you to jump. You wrapped your legs around his waist, not breaking the heated kiss. He walked you to his bedroom and tossed you on the bed. Even in the dark you could see how pitch black his eyes were, filled with lust. He climbed on top of you and began to make out with you again. Clothes were being ripped off and thrown in every direction. Your body was on fire under his touch. He worked his way down your body with his mouth and his hands. The pleasure he made you feel was indescribable. When you both finished, you were too tired to say or do anything. You both were knocked out within minutes of reaching your highs. 

The next morning you woke up fairly early considering the events that took place last night. You recognized that you weren’t in your room. You checked your phone and almost fell of the bed when you saw the time. You had to be at work in an hour. You still had to find a way home and get changed before you could even think about going to work. You quickly put on your clothes, called a cab and ran out of the strangers apartment. 

When you arrived back at your apartment, washed up and quickly got changed into something more work appropriate. You grabbed a quick breakfast and flew out of the door. You had to be at the ACC in 7 minutes. You lived 10 minutes away. You got into your Jeep and sped to the arena, breaking several laws along the way. When you arrived at the arena you had 2 minutes to spare. You locked your car and practically sprinted, as fast as your legs could move, to get inside on time. You hated being late, especially when you were rather new to a job.

You ran into the main office of where you were doing your internship. You scanned the room and noticed the receptionist giggling at your appearance. You were out of breath, slightly sweaty, and looking around frantically for your co-workers. “They are headed down to the locker room to meet the team.” The receptionist said before you could even ask where everyone is. You thanked her before you began your sprint to the bowls of the ACC. 

Once you came face to face with the large silver doors that let to the hallway where the locker rooms were, you took a deep breath, trying to regain your composure. You opened the doors and searched for Maddie and Jake. When you finally spotted them you quickly sped walked to them. “(y/n)! Where have you been?! I have been worried sick about you! Why didn’t you answer your phone?” Maddie whispered to you. “I’ll explain later. What are we doing right now?” You asked frantically.

Before Maddie could respond you boss cut you off. “Everyone listen up! We have 3 new interns from the University of Toronto who will be joining us for the season. They are majoring in communications so they will be helping doing interviews, videos for the fans, and other generic stuff that you could probably care less about.” Your boss said in a monotone causing some people in the locker room to chuckle at. “I brought them down here so they could introduce themselves and vise versa.” He said before turning to the three of us. All eyes were on us as we said our names followed by a chorus of hello’s. 

You scanned the locker room, trying to take everything in, until you met a pair of brown eyes staring at you intently. Your eyes widened and your mouth dropped slightly. It was him. The guy you had mind blowing sex with only a few hours ago was standing in front of you. He gave you a small smirk that only you could see. You quickly broke eye contact with him trying to focus on anything else but your mind was turning against you. Images of the night before were replaying in your head causing your cheeks to flush. You quietly excused yourself saying you had to use the restroom. Anything to get out of that room. 


「hello everyone, Areen here! hope you are all doing well. Today I completed one year on this blog. It’s kinda hard to believe it’s been one whole year since I made this blog haha. Looking back, it really has been a fun year spent on this site making new friends, learning how to make graphics, dealing with constant glitches, getting into new fandoms…

I would like to thank all of my wonderful followers, my mvps for helping me reach this milestone. You all give me motivation to keep making new things and try to get better. My mutuals owning such amazing blogs but still follows me haha, you guys inspire me so much. All of you just make my blog what it is and with all of your support and love, I’m really enjoying my time on this site ♡
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someone needs to write a fanfic where diana and steve meet and talk about their lovers who died in the war cuz i watched wonder woman yesterday and i cried half of the movie ( also im not spoiling steve trevor would be over 100 if he was alive today)

if you’re looking for a wonder woman crossover fic:

The Odyssey by buckyjerkbarnes

“No,” Diana murmured, “we fight to protect the men, women and children who are suffering uselessly under the thumbs of infantile dictators. Those men are not leaders—they are whining children, bullies to those who hold less power than them.”

If Steve were awake, Bucky knew damn well he’d have hearts in his eyes.

He wasn’t the only one who seemed to be having the same series of thoughts as Monty breathed: “My god, there are two of them.”

[Alternatively known as “The Frisbee Friends” for Diana and Steve set to be future shield-bros. Ranges from 1944 to 2011.]

Re: amicable exes and meddling friends

Originally posted by imagine-a-pocket-sized-jungkook

+ “Make me.”
+ “I don’t like that look. You’re planning something.”
+ “You know, it would make things a lot easier if you and I didn’t work so well together.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1971
Requested by: dear Anon Mong J

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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                                500 of you!? thanks for the support!

well look at that! so many of you here and i’m wondering why, i’m such a trash and yet you all pick me and there are no words i could use to describe the amount of support you all give me! thank you for being part of my live! being big or not i still appreciate every each of you here and i can’t thank you all enough! i never thought i would be reaching this big milestone or even seeing myself keeping this blog after many stuff happened but here i am again stronger as ever and it’s all thanks to you guys supporting me when i needed it! i can’t ask for better mutuals!

some special mentions under the cut!

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NCT 127 Reaction To Their GF Being In A Victoria’s Secret Commercial


Requested by: @pinkamaryllis46 


Taeyong: Taeyong would definitely be proud of you and would immedietely congratulate you on your hard work. With that being said, he would also be super protective. He would be a little worried about how people may look at you after seeing you in such a private state, and would want you to know that, despite what some perverts may say, you’re a lot more than a pretty face for guys to fawn over.

Originally posted by taeyonghi

Johnny: Not only would Johnny think that you looked amazing, but he would be super supportive and super proud. From the moment he seen you on screen he would be like your own personal cheerleader, constantly telling you how beautiful you looked and bragging to the other members about how amazing his girlfriend was.

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Yuta: At first, Yuta would be completely entranced. He would think you looked amazing and would be really proud of how well you did in the commercial. Then, after realizing just how well you were doing and just how big the commercial was going to become, he’d be extremley protective. He would hate the idea of anyone looking at you with anything other than pure intentions and would not be able to hold himself back from becoming angry or jealous when somebody did otherwise. 

Originally posted by why-jaehyun

WinWin: WinWin would be amazed. Period. He would be in absolute shock over how amazing you did and wouldn’t be able to refrain himself from gawking at the screen. He would be super supportive and would constantly tell you how beautiful you looked.

Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Jaehyun: Jaehyun would be super proud of you. He would know that you worked extremley hard to get to where you were at, and while he wasn’t exactly fond of you being half naked on random guys television screens, he would know that you were doing something you’d always wanted to do and something that made you incredibly happy. He would be super supportive and would always make sure that you knew he was your #1 fan. 

Originally posted by jyofanclub

Taeil: Taeil, being the pure and innocent bean he is, would be in absolute shock. He would have no idea what to say and no idea how to react. All he would do is sit there and smile and wonder what he did to deserve such an amazing and talented girlfriend.

Originally posted by taesyong

Doyoung: Doyoung would definitely be against it, or at least at first. He would obviously think that you looked amazing, but would hate knowing that so many people were able to look at you in such a vunerable and private state. With that being said, after realizing just how good you did, he would be a little more accepting and would eventually be pretty okay with the idea.

Originally posted by taesyong

not to poke the hornet’s nest again but I finally found better words to describe what pisses me off about the design of female characters in smite and why “it’s lore-accurate” or “i know people irl who look like that” isn’t a legitimate defence.

First of all, take Aphrodite for an example. Aphrodite is a character who is deeply associated with and representative of sex and love, and was often represented scantily clad or completely nude in Greek and Roman art (though obviously she would have been called Venus in Rome). If you’re just looking at it on a surface level, or if you’re a fucking idiot like that game theory dude, you can be like “well she’s naked normally so her design in Smite is obviously fine since it’s accurate” but that’s wrong.

Nudity in ancient Greek art is not inherently sexualized, and when it is meant to be sexual it’s done so BECAUSE IT’S THE GODDESS OF SEX AND LOVE. The design of Aphrodite in Smite is literally straight up commercial sexualization. It’s why she and Neith are in all the browser ads you’d see for the game all over the place. The same goes for virtually every girl in Smite apart from a few notable exceptions like Bellona (who still has the “titty plate” trope in her armour design) and Amaterasu.

Lore doesn’t factor into the design of most of the female characters in Smite. They look like they do because Hi-Rez’s goal is to make what their demographic finds to be appealing, sexually, and capitalize off of it. As long as the characters’ glorified lingerie LOOKS Greek, looks Chinese, looks Egyptian, etc etc, they’ll consider that a job well done and finish the visual design portion of the character.

It DOESN’T MATTER whether the character is meant to be a seductress like Da Ji, or a goddess of war and death like the Morrigan, or a personification of the Night itself. The reason Hi-Rez sexualizes all of its characters is not remotely to do with lore, it’s to capitalize off of horny 15-year-olds.

If you’re defending these goddesses’ designs you’re just buying into it, plain and simple

MATT: “And you, little one?”

ASHLEY: Well, you said you have things that will fuck you up right, so what would that be considered?

MATT: “Oh, I mean no offense, lady, but you’re a bit small sized–”

ALL: Whoa!

MATT: “I mean that respectfully! Look, I’m just looking out for my patrons here. I don’t want to go ahead and send someone to the local temple.”

LAURA: She can drink most people under the table.

ASHLEY: Bring it!

MATT: “All right. I’ll take your word for it, then.”

LIAM: Over the earring: Pickle, will you get me one of those, as well, and don’t drink it before I come back?

ASHLEY: As a matter of fact, I want two of whatever that is.

MATT: “All right, coming up.”

@andsotheuniverseended replied to your post: @seekingoutfriday: I…. reminded you how determined…

…died smiling and looking at Harold. gosh who else do we know that did that?



(gifs from this post made by @genderbinaryisforlosers)

Do you ever just remember that John Reese picked Harold Finch as the right life to save and thought that it would absolutely be enough, and just start sobbing hysterically?

Look at that first gif – John’s smile is so full of utter fondness and love, mixed in with a little bit of smugness as well because his plan worked, TM held up her end of the deal, and Harold was going to be safe despite all of his stupid attempts at locking John into massive vaults. And John is so fucking happy that he gets to send Harold to the wrong rooftop and save his life, he’s so utterly delighted to do this for Harold that it’s astounding. 

And then we have that last smile – when John really should be focusing on the SAM agents coming to kill him, but instead finds himself looking back at Harold one last time while he still can, and smiling when he actually sees Harold walking away to safety. You can just see him thinking that this was absolutely the right thing to do and how glad he is that Harold is going to be safe and how he would do it all over again and how much he fucking loves Harold

Gah this finale was just a relentless onslaught of ALL THE EMOTIONS!!

Bts reacting to their gf being a famous olympic figure skater!


He’s away on a trip but he’s still watching your performance live. Once they call you up for first place he absolutely loses it and rings you up.

“Baby you did so good! I’m so proud of you! You looked absolutely magnificent and graceful! You better teach me when I get back!”

*is actually hysterical and so into your career bc “wow thats so cool!”*

Damn what a supportive bf… where do I get one?


“How could you keep this secret from me?!”

“What do you mean?! You never asked babe…”

“Well…It would’ve been a good idea to tell me sooner, okay? Also can you show me videos of you?”

“You wanna see my bod? ;)”

“If I wanted to see anyones bod it’d be mine!… maybe yours too… No wait shh just show me your choreo!”


After you show him a video of you doing your thing on the ice he starts praising you. Like you know how in church they have a rhythm to singing “Aaaaaameeeeen” well instead of that he says “Jaaaaaagiiiiii” in that same way.


He would ask if he could watch you practice. While he was watching you he was slightly scared at the stunt you pulled but also amazed.

“Dang you might just have more swag then me…”

“So what I’m hearing is I’m cooler than you?”

“Eh don’t push it.”


*Is amazed and shook*

“H-how?… You do it so flawlessly and effortlessly…You’re so beautiful and graceful.”

Look at that. You broke him again. stop doing that.


“Bet I could do that too.” *hella cocky*

“Jimin, what?”

“You heard me! Lets have a race or something, bet ill beat your ass.”

“Shut your bubble gum dum dum looking ass up.”

“;-; I’m just kidding babe damn chill. You’re glorious.”


“So I-im not the most talented one?…”

“Jungkook its not that big of a deal love.”

“How does an over achiever become a lower than standards. Is sand called sand because its between the sea and land? If you drop soap on the floor, is the soap dirty or the floor clean? Why do noses run but feet smell?”


In reality he’d be extremely proud and would call you guys a power couple!

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Today is Sonic The Hedgehog's Birthday! What do you think about the birth of The Fastest Thing Alive ?

today? :o its tomorrow June 23th XD hehe .. but well what i think about

its good, its good .. i’m very happy for the new games they look so promising! and it has given Sonic a very nice comeback after some hard years.. (until now :3 )  ^_^

although.. i would like to give some attention the Eggman this year heeheh XD  its also his birthday and our blue hero could not be the hero he is if he didn’t had his villain after all  :D hehehe

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Okay but can we pretty please have a Yuri to match leather jacket Victor like please please but only if you want naturally

I got several requests for Yuri in the outfit meme, and I’ll try to do a few of them :)

Unless you mean draw Yuri in the leather jacket outfit as well? In which case, probably not. I’m trying to avoid any repeat of the outfits. Sorry.

170622 - Vivi In Charge

Today’s bias is Sehun!

Sehun: “OMG OMG OMG guess what Vivi just did!!”

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Suho: “WAIT, I’m making breakfast, I need to concentrate.”

Sehun: “BUT VIVI!”

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Sehun: “But he gave me PAW~”

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Sehun: “I would do anything for Vivi after that.  Anything.”

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Sehun: “What’s that Vivi…?  Are you sure? … Hmm, okay.  Hyung, Vivi wants to be leader of EXO now.”

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Sehun: “Look at him, Vivi is a natural born leader.  He already has ideas to shut up the beagles.”

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Suho: “Oh, well… we need all the ideas we can get…”

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Suho: “kids settle down please…”




Suho: “i have a belt…”

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Chen: “…?”

Baekhyun: “…?”

Chanyeol: “…arf?”

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Suho: “I mean… I guess that worked, I don’t know…”

Beagle Line: **quietly doing chores**

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Sehun: “VIVI IS THE HERO OF EXO.  Which makes me hero by association.”

Vivi: “Woof.  Bark, bark.  I am top dog.  My plan for taking over EXO is almost complete.  Evil-woof.”

Sehun: “Yes, Vivi, I am very handsome, aren’t I?”

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If Wilford wanted to interview you what would you wear? How would it go?

This is an interesting question! I’m not a big fan of dressing up for “special occasions.” I tend to want to look like myself no matter where I am, so I’d be in skinny jeans and a t-shirt most likely, cardigan depending on the weather (cardigan’s are wearable comfort blankets).

How would it go? Well, as long as he doesn’t try to “tickle” me, I imagine it would go about as well as could be expected as long as I don’t pass out. (I don’t do so great in front of audiences…)


(idea came to me while reminiscing to 2NE1’s song Happy.  If you don’t want spoilers don’t listen to it till after. Or do idc it’s your life)


Gladio x Reader

SFW, Angst

Word Count: 1000

Gladio tugged at the collar of his suit again as he eyed the room looking for you. He was sitting at a table with a few of your friends, silently. He had met them several times before, but he still to this day could not remember their names. Hence his silence as he sat watching them chatter amongst themselves as he stuck out like a sore thumb is his black and silver suit.

Why you though the need to bring him here was beyond him. Then again, here he was. He knew very well that you knew him well enough to know he loathed these types’ of events. He would much rather be dressed in jeans and a tank that a sweltering suit.

Yet here he was.  

Making small talk with people he hardly knew or remembering people’s names that he could never remember. Listening to anything but this slow dragging waltz music that the band was playing for the umpteenth time in a row.  

Yet, here he was. There was no way that he could have said no to your request to join you.

He reached for his fourth glass of champagne that sat before him. Emptying it before tugging at his collar once again. The refreshing drink didn’t do much for him though, not even a small buzz. Not with how nervous he was feeling in this room, surrounded by dozens of strangers as he glanced around the room to search for you again. Either to rescue him from these people or to make an excuse so he could leave. Honestly he didn’t want to stay longer than he had to, yet if he left without letting you know… Well he didn’t want to face your wrath either.

Picking up the empty champagne glass he sipped the remaining drops of alcohol resting at the bottom of the glass. Looking over to the band he wondered, what would happen if he want over and snapped the mic in two. Of course you would yell at him, but he would be able to find you.

The image of your red face angrily glaring at him, it brought a small smile to his.  Gladio always thought you were cute when you were mad. Which in return only made you madder, making it harder for him not to laugh at you. He could never resist, no matter how hard he tried he would always chuckle. Making you think that he wasn’t talking you seriously. Feeling guilty, seeing you storm off he would do the one thing he knew you couldn’t resist. His kiss. A simple kiss and you would subside all while stating that you were still mad at him.

Gladio’s hear fluttered at the memories shared between you two. He once again started to eagerly search around the room for you.

It’s been 30 minutes, she should of talked to everyone here by now.

Yet here he was alone, you still missing, his heart sinking a little when his eyes couldn’t find you.  Grabbing another glass of champagne he swallowed it, debating on whether to face your wrath or stick it out for a bit longer. Making a quick exit was beginning to sound better and better with each passing minute. Taking in a deep breath he decided to sit for just another ten minutes, then he would excuse himself and leave. Knowing that you would have to search for him and scold him for leaving early caused him to grin.

Looking down at his watch he checked the time once more, only to hear a slight commotion across the room. Gladio looked over, when he caught sight of you, he smiled and was glad he looked. You were beautiful as you stood there, chatting it up with the people around you. Your hair was perfectly in place, held together with a large light blue pendent. All Gladio could think about was running his hands through it, ruffing it up. Your lipstick, light red in color, made you lips even more inviting, and self-consciously he licked his own lips. With every fiber of his being he resisted the urge to walk over and taste you, knowing how soft your lips were. Knowing that when you kissed him your hands always found their way to his chest which always gave him goosebumps. The lust filled look you would give him after that would send chills down his spine. He would always get lost in your eyes.

Those same eyes matched with his at that moment. You smiled before you held up your finger, letting him know you would talk him. Gladio smiled back at your request, nodded his head letting you know he would wait for you.  Then you turned back quickly finished your conversation. Watching the excitement and joyous behavior in your movements and gestures brought back another smile to his lips. He could honestly watch you for hours and never get bored, everything you did always made him so happy.

You were joined by a handsome man, wearing a matching suit to your gown. The bowtie around his necked matched the pendant in your hair. His boutonnière matched the lace detail of your white dress. He leaned in close, kissed you; your arm wrapped around his. Then the two of you smiled at one another. Happily.

Gladio turned back to the table, and reached for his fifth glass of champagne. He finished it in one swallow as he felt his heart begin to falter. Looking around the reception hall he searched for the exit, he just couldn’t do this anymore, not like this, not here. Walking towards the exit he glanced back over at you and your husband. A pearly smile still fixed to your face.

He wasn’t happy, but at least he knew you were.

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“It is just shocking. I mean, I don’t know if you guys look at this stuff, but… no matter how much a police officer overreacts to something, whether it’s a thirteen year old in a school who mouths off and he just… beats the heck out of a kid and tackles him and breaks his nose, people will always say in the comments of those news articles stuff like: ‘Well, you know, these police are putting their lives on the line every day!’ You know what I mean? They could do anything, literally anything, and there would be people who just rush to their defense. That happens because it’s a monopoly. People think that they have to choose between having law enforcement or not. And then ‘Well yeah if we have to have it, sometimes, people, they overreact or whatever but that’s the cost of living in a society of laws.’ But no it’s not. That’s the cost of living in a society where one group has a monopoly on law enforcement.”

-Robert Murphy, The Market for Security.

TMNT Bodyguard!AU

Leonardo/Part Four.

They had caught him of course.
The man, Aaron Ross, would be charged and locked away where he could never terrorize beautiful girls again.
But it was a bittersweet ending.
Leonardo sat in his father’s office, his brothers by his side. And he knew that Y/N was downstairs with her family too.
He wanted to run to her.
He wanted to kiss her and hold her and tell her that-
He looked up.
“Yes, father?”
The rat looked at him thoughtfully, his eyes twinkling with wisdom.
“You have done well, my son, as I thought you would. Your men have told me many things and I feel confident in my choice to retire.”
Leo smiled but said nothing.
“I know all of my son’s will take care of one another, as well as the company. And…I am sorry.”
The brothers all shared a look of surprise.
“You should not be so ready, so eager to lead at such a young age. I was hard on you when you were young. I wanted to take care of you, to make sure that you would not be hurt as I had been. But I made mistakes. I did not always think of your happiness, even though…it means the world to me.”
To say that the turtles were in a state of shock was an understatement. Each brother has a million thoughts rushing through his head as the rat had one finally thing to say.
“Leonardo, your men have told me many other things as well. And I can only tell you that you have my blessing to do what you want. But you might want to hurry, my son. She’s in the elevator.”
He was already running.
Leo knew that he could beat the elevator to the ground floor, it had been a game to him as a child. He was running and leaping and he made it. Just in time.
He was panting as the elevator doors slid open with a little ding. Y/N was surprised to see him and she stepped out of the elevator first.
“Leo, what-”
He didn’t let her finish.
In front of her family, the staff, and at least thirty ninjas, Leonardo kissed Y/N once more…and it was certainly not the last time.

(I loved writing this! Each of the turtles will be getting his own bodyguard series so don’t worry, they’ll be on the way.)

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jimon + 208 please and thank you 💕

anything 4 u kinga <3333

“Jace, get down from there! You could die!” Simon sighed, knowing that Jace was ignoring him completely.

Jace laughed from his spot on the rafters. Fifty feet above the ground. The sound was like music to Simon’s ears, and if Jace’s dumb ass really did die then Simon would never get to hear it again.

“What made you think this was a good idea, anyways?” Simon groaned, craning his neck to look at the stupid idiot.

Jace grinned down at him. “Well, if I have pure angel blood running through my veins, I figured that I should be able to do more than your average Shadowhunter.” He stood up and walked along the planks, and Simon’s heart felt like it was going to give out.

Jace noticed Simon’s tension. “Oh, would you unclench, I’ll be fine.” He swung himself from the different rafts like they were monkey bars, which they were not. “Why are you even here, anyways? I didn’t think you liked me very much.”

Simon felt his heart clench. Being secretly in love with your best friend’s brother was a secret that did not need to be shared. He knew that if anyone found out he would have to pack up his things and move to Hawaii. Or Australia. Anywhere with a lot of sun.

“If I let you die Clary would just kill me,” Simon said, lying through his teeth. Well, technically, it probably wasn’t a lie.

Jace was silent at that, still walking across the beams like he worked for the circus. Which he didn’t.

“Jace would you please just get down from there?!” Simon urged, crossing his arms.

“Your wish is my command,” Jace said, winking at Simon. And then he did a front flip from the rafters and suddenly he was falling.

Simon reacted on impulse, his vampire speed taking over. He’s not sure what he thought would happen. Did he think he was gonna catch Jace? Did he think he was gonna be Jace’s knight in shining armor? That’s a pipe dream if Simon ever heard one.

Instead, Jace fell right on top of Simon, sending them both sprawling to the floor.

Simon thought he heard a few ribs crack, but he couldn’t bring himself to care because Jace’s entire body was on top of him. He froze, unsure of what to do.

“What the hell, Simon,” Jace groaned, pushing himself up. “What were you th-” Jace stopped suddenly, seeming to realize how close they actually were. His face was so close to Simon’s that he could make out all the tiny details of his features. He could see where Jace’s eye turned from blue to brown and blue again. He could see his face, flushed from the fall, Simon guessed. He could see his lips, soft and inviting.

Simon began to wonder if Jace could feel the erratic beating of his heart inside of his chest, but before he had to much time to wonder any longer, Jace grabbed a fistful of his shirt and brought their lips together.

Simon’s system seemed to shut down immediately, and then power back on at full force, all of his senses going into overdrive. He could feel everywhere Jace was touching him, his hands running down his sides and under his Captain America t-shirt. He could even feel the brush of Jace’s eyelashes against his cheek.

Simon’s hands went to Jace’s hair and the golden strands were even softer than they looked. Simon groaned. People didn’t just get the things they wanted like this. No one was this lucky.

Simon made a noise in the back of his throat and Jace chuckled against his lips.

“Eager are we?” Jace rasped, tucking his face into Simon’s neck, and leaving marks as if he were the vampire.

“Damn you, Lightwood,” Simon choked before tugging Jace back up and kissing him over and over and over again.

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