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Meeting Michael

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Title: Meeting Michel

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,300

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is my first imagine/oneshot Michael fic. I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

This was requested by @flufy07: Imagine during the apocalypse you get taken hostage by Zachariah to get dean to say yes and michael falling for you during your time as heavens prisoner? (and is being a dick and stuff XD) please?

Zachariah threw you into one of Heaven’s prison cells.  He didn’t care about hurting you either.  You were only a ploy to get Dean Winchester to say yes to being Michael’s vessel.  You almost wished you could kill the angel who took you.

“Let me out of here,” you shouted, grabbing onto the bars of the cell.

“Not a chance [Y/N],” Zachariah sneered.  “You’ll be lucky if I don’t end up killing you.  You’re nothing more than a piece of meat.  The perfect bait.”

“Once I get out of here, I’m going to kill your ass,” you seethed.

“Hah,” the angel scoffed.  “I’d like to see you try.”  Zachariah walked down the hall and out of sight.

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onlysilentawe  asked:

“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.“ Nursey/Dex, please!

Full Body Blush

“This isn’t what it looks like,” Dex said desperately. He reached for the pillow behind him; his fingers sank into something soft and he grabbed it, hastily pulling it into his lap.

“That’s funny, because it looks like you’re sitting naked on my bed,” Bitty said. “And I’ll thank you to set Senor Bun back where you found him.” His tone was icy and his hands were on his hips. He looked as angry as Dex had ever seen him look – Bitty didn’t do angry, he was the king of ‘bless your heart, kill you with kindness, bury your body out in a field in the dead of night’ passive aggressive. This wasn’t good.

Dex looked down and saw he hadn’t grabbed Bitty’s pillow, but a rabbit. A well-worn stuffed rabbit, apparently named Senor Bun, that Bitty loved enough to bring along to college and keep in his bed. It would be chirp-worthy, if that beloved stuffed rabbit wasn’t currently covering Dex’s junk. Slowly, Dex replaced Senor Bun in his place of honor on Bitty’s pillow and folded his hands over his crotch.


“I’m going to need you to put on some underwear before you say anything else.” Bitty tapped his foot while Dex looked around helplessly. His underwear was nowhere to be seen, nor were any of his other clothes.

“Aww, does he have to?” And there was Nursey, right on cue. He was standing in Bitty’s doorway, a big grin on his face. “I didn’t know people could blush with their whole bodies.” He held up a hand where Bitty wouldn’t notice, Dex’s underwear dangling from his fingers.

But Bitty did notice. “Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on here,” he said sternly. Dex froze, his eyes on Nursey’s face. “Prank wars are for the dorms, not my bedroom, you hear?”

Dex nodded frantically while Nursey pressed his lips together, trying not to laugh.

“Now, Nursey, you give Dex his clothes back. I don’t even want to know what you two were planning. I’m going downstairs. I’ll be back up in five minutes, and I better not see anything in here that I would politely ignore in the locker room.”

With that, Bitty turned and left, edging past Nursey who stood back to let him out. Dex was relieved to see Nursey had the rest of his clothes under one arm.

“Get in here,” Dex hissed.

Nursey’s laugh finally broke free as he walked in and threw Dex’s clothes at his head. He closed the door and leaned against it. “Do you think he’d politely ignore us making out in the locker room?”

“We are not going to find out.” Dex thrust both feet into his underwear and yanked them up, then pulled on his shirt.

“We could just tell him the truth.” Nursey had his chill face on now. “Bitty wouldn’t care. The opposite, probably. And it’s not like we have to keep our relationship a secret.”

Dex paused in the middle of putting on his pants. “No.” Nursey did that stone-faced thing that Dex hated and he quickly added, “He’ll think we were going to have sex in his room. We’ll tell him - and everyone else - later, once he’s had a chance to forget about this.”

Nursey relaxed again. “Why did you even come in here? Chowder’s room is right across the hall, and he wouldn’t have cared if he found the whole team naked in there. He’d probably ask if it was some team bonding thing and if he should get naked too.”

“I panicked, all right?” Dex zipped and buttoned his pants. “Where are my socks and shoes?”

“Still in the living room. I was in a hurry when I saw Bitty go up the stairs.” Nursey pushed away from the door and moved closer to Dex, stopping mere inches away. He put his hands on Dex’s shoulders. “We should just tell Bitty. He’ll freak out because of what we were about to do on the couch, not that you ran into his room to hide.”

Dex’s face went hot again. “I am never doing a strip tease for you in the Haus again.”

Nursey leaned in and kissed him. “That’s okay. I’ll do one for you next time.”

La Vida Mocha (1/?)

Summary: Months after the fall of the infamous Fake AH Crew, gang activity is still booming. Jeremy was left in the dust after the crew he worked with was busted for selling out the Fakes, and now he’s returned to underground fighting. Despite money running thin, he has found himself spending every afternoon possible with the cute new guy at Starbucks. Little does he know that Ryan is actually far less innocent than he seems.

My Notes: If you don’t already know, this is a Jeremwood Coffeeshop/FAHC AU that spawned from a whole bunch of posts and asks. If you want to see the origins of this AU (and get an idea of where this fic is heading, probably some spoilers though), please check out the tag I have on my blog here, or the masterlist here. I don’t know how long this fic is going to be, all I know is that it’s probably going to be a monster.

Also, this first chapter is kind of a prologue, there will be a timeskip next chapter. :’)

Words: 6241



By all standards, it’s a fairly ordinary day when the Fake AH Crew goes under.

It’s summer in Los Santos, which means it’s humid as all hell, traffic is marginally better than most other times of the year, and gang activity is skyrocketing. In fact, Jeremy’s been recently hired by a small crew by the name of Pyrite. It’s no Fake AH Crew by any means, but it’s a name he actually recognised when their frontman approached him after another win at the underground fighting syndicate. He may only be doing grunt work for them, but it’s the first time he really feels like he might be moving up in the world since making the move to Los Santos.

Jeremy and another brute are delegated to play bodyguard for the frontman at a potentially dangerous deal, but it all goes over smoothly. Him and the others leave the deal pleased, frontman swinging a briefcase from his hand. “The boss will be very pleased about this information,” he says with a wicked smile. And Jeremy thinks nothing of it. Jeremy actually hasn’t even met his boss yet – he’s barely been working with Pyrite for a over a week.

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anonymous asked:

Buggy finds out about Riskua and Ace dating before Shanks. He predeceases to start a betting pool over this.

Fire Fist Ace looks over to Alvida where she’s off by the mast before his shrewd eyes return to Buggy, a heavy gaze that has him stiffening ever so slightly. 

He knows those eyes, remembers those few times Captain had looked between him and the red-haired bastard, back when they’d unquestionably been in trouble. 

It’s Captain’s kid, no doubt about it. 

“How do you get a girl to like you?” 

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This Step is Hard Too Part 2

Winchester Brothers x Sister Reader, reader is 15 years old

Warnings: Swearing, mentions bullying

Summary: The reader is going through some rough challenges with her sexuality and Charlie is there to help. But before they can fix the problem, a hunt gets in the way.

Word Count: 1,338

Part One

Originally posted by the-roadgoeson

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Servamp Headcanons!

Hey guys! I decided to share some of my headcanons that a couple of friends and I were talking about in @rubyleaf‘s chat. There should be some more soon, since I can’t seem to stop XD

1.) During the Spring months, Kuro secretly likes to look at the cherry blossom trees. Like he loves the color, and the way they flow in the wind, and whenever Mahiru walks past them, and he is in his cat form, he would secretly glance at them. But like, let’s say that when Mahiru is sleeping, Kuro goes to one of the trees that’s in their contract radius, and sometimes grabs some of the petals off the trees, and maybe makes flower crowns with them. Well, he adds other flowers with it that match the vast pink of the petals, and when he’s done, he surprises Mahiru with them by placing one on the Eve’s head. And like, Mahiru just flushes hard, and gives Kuro his bright smile, and the Servamp just gets flustered because he didn’t expect the crown to actually match Mahiru at all. And Mahiru puts something on the crown to keep the flowers  from dying, and he keeps it safe from harm.

2.)  Kuro maybe hearing dubstep for the first time. What if, while Mahiru is doing his homework, he has his headphones in, and he shares the other with Kuro, and they’re listening to it together, while Kuro plays his video games. It’s all peaceful until Mahiru’s currently soft song ends, and just a loud base drop happens, and it startles Kuro so much that he poofs into his cat form, and his fur is standing up on end with his tail puffed out to it’s maximun density, and he just flings himself across the room, knocking Mahiru’s homework and books off his desk, and the Eve can’t find himself to get angry, and he finds himself cracking up while leaning back against the chair because Kuro’s expression was just too hilarious not to laugh out, and Kuro’s complaining from where he landed across the room while Mahiru is just leaning back against his chair with one arm wrapped around his stomach and the other covering his eyes as his body shakes with his crazy cackling. And even though Kuro is slightly offended, and a little irritated, he can’t help but relax and feel content when he hears Mahiru’s laughter and Kuro’s game device just laid there playing the game over theme because in his fright he flung it across the room.

3.)  Kuro was pretty good at singing, despite his voice being kinda grainy because of his laziness? Like one day, he just starts singing a anime opening they watched together the night before, and Mahiru just happens to walk next to him to make them breakfast(because Kuro likes to watch his Eve cook) and Kuro doesn’t even realize he’s singing until he zones back from the sound of Mahiru dropping his spatula and Mahiru is just staring at him with a red face, and his jaw is almost hitting the floor…not to mention the pancake he was currently trying to flip was burning because he got so distracted

4.)  In Hyde’s hedgehog form, he likes to run around Licht’s piano, making really bad notes with it, just to get on the Eve’s nerves. But like, what if he was actually secretly good at it. Like, when Licht isn’t around at times, he would sneak in there, and just bounce around on certain keys, making a beautiful melody. He does this only when things are on his mind, but like, one night, after a nightmare or something, he goes to bounce around the keys again, and Licht actually finds out, and secretly listens to it for a while, and not that he would admit it, but it was kind of cute sight to see.  But when Hyde just stops bouncing, Licht frowns because the Servamp looks kind of depressed, so he walks in, and Hyde sees him, and puffs up because he thinks that he is going to be kicked for playing on Licht’s precious piano, but the Eve just scoops him up uncharacteristically gentle like, and put him on his shoulder as he sits down, and Hyde just relaxes against his warmth, and listens to the him play a certain melody, and when the song is almost done Licht notices that Hyde had curled up near his neck, and is completely relaxed, meaning he fell asleep, so he finishes the song, and just cuddles him to his chest, and lets him sleep in his bed with him for the night.

5.)  The times that Kuro and Mahiru walk back to their apartment in the winter, Mahiru always gets a little bit playful with the snow, much to Kuro’s dislike. Well, one time, when it was getting somewhat dark, Mahiru would once and a while pick up snow, and by the time the two were back at their apartment, he would have a head sized snowball. And when Kuro isn’t looking, he would just plain out toss it on the Servamp’s head, and Kuro would just let out this hilarious cat like shriek, making Mahiru snort in laughter, but when the Servamp turns around and gives the Eve this murderous(playful) glare, Mahiru finds himself running while Kuro just plain out tackles him and shoves snow in the teen’s jacket and onto bare skin, and Mahiru would be squealing and laughing that it’s cold. And Kuro could never find it in himself to be angry with Mahiru since the huge blush and one hundred watt smile is on his face and his Eve is just too cute to get mad at

6.)  After the fight with Tsubaki, and when they were alone, Kuro would go back into his human form and just bring Mahiru towards the bathroom, despite the Eve saying he was fine, the Servamp would sit him on the toilet and fish out the med-kit and even though he is really bad at dressing wounds, Kuro tries his best to patch Mahiru up, and after almost ten minutes, Kuro thinks it looks okay, and then he brings Mahiru towards the living room and the Eve just watches as his Servamp sets up an anime, grabs a big thick blanket, and just covers the both of them up. And when he sits, Kuro makes sure that every part of them are touching so that he could feel the warmth of Mahiru’s body. Mahiru has literally no idea why Kuro is doing this, but he intertwines their hands and fingers together and smiles when he feels all of Kuro’s tenseness leave his body. The truth was that Kuro was touching and making sure Mahiru was warm because during the fight, he was afraid he was going to lose the one that actually cared about him, and that he was going to lose the one that he grew to love

7.)  During one of the times Mahiru is making clothing for school plays, or something. As he finishes the last remaining clothing, the Eve notices that he has a lot of cloth left, and it’s like the super warm and fluffy kind. And he just gets this idea to make some pajamas for Kuro. In the midst of making them, he decides to make the main fabric light blue, and have a little black cat on the shirt that looks like Kuro when he is  in his cat form. When he’s done, he folds them carefully, and leaves them for Kuro to find, because he feels too embarrassed to give them to the Servamp himself. Well, Kuro does find them, and he figures out that Mahiru made them, just by the look of it, and during one night, he wears them to bed, and Mahiru can’t help smile with so much relief and happiness because he didn’t really think that Kuro would wear them, and he soon finds out that the pajamas he made the Servamp are his favorite because Kuro never lets the clothes out of his sight.

Daddy-Daughter Date

Request can be found here  for @jackyslittlesally

“A what?” you asked, taking your attention away from the TV and laundry to give your husband, Hoseok, your full attention.

“A daddy-daughter date,” he chuckles, before placing a kiss on your cheek. “You love going on dates with me, so I figured Ha-eun would too.”

“Well that a given,” you snort, causing him to laugh more.

“I do plan the best dates don’t I?” You used the shirt you were folding to smack him, which make him laugh more before giving you another kiss, this time on your lips.

“She has preschool tomorrow though,” you inform him.

“Ha-eun doesn’t have to go, my love.”

“Why does this sound familiar?” you smirk.

“Cause I got you to skip some classes,” he nods his head, “and call in to work a few times.”

“You are a bad influence,” you smile at him before kissing along his jaw line to his ear. “So very bad,” you whisper.

“Is this a yes?” he groans. His hands grip your thighs and move you so you are straddling him. When you continue your kissing assault on his neck instead of answering, Hoseok gently grabs your face and make you look at him. “Jagiya?”

“Only if I get a date too,” you pout.

“You can have as many dates as you want,” he laughs, surging up to kiss your pout away before flipping you onto your back on the couch. “Starting right now, my queen.”


“Are you ready princess?” Hoseok smiles down at his little girl, her mouth open wide as she takes in the Aquarium. When she doesn’t answer he gives the hand he is holding a little shake. “Well Ha-eun, you ready to go in?” his smile grows.

“Go Daddy! We go!” she squeals and begins jumping around.

“Of course princess,” They walk towards the entrance, Hoseok reminding himself to walk slower than he normally did so Ha-eun could easily keep up, especially since she wasn’t so much as walking as it was bouncing. “Mommy was excited when I brought her here too,” he chuckles.

“When did you bring mommy here?” Ha-eun asks.

“Well,” Hoseok picks her up so she can get a look inside the first tank, “it was when we first started dating. I decided to bring her here so she could see all the fishies and I could watch her beautiful face light up like a thousand stars.”

“Daddy watch me too?”

“Of course,” Hoseok points to the tank, “you enjoy seeing them and I’ll watch my princess’s beauty outshine them, just like her mommy did.”

“Okay!” Ha-eun turns her attention away from her daddy and finally to the beautiful rainbow like fish that graced the entrance’s view.


“You’re only supposed to pet the fishes, not swim with them,” Hoseok gently scolds his daughter as he changes her pants, socks and shoes out for one of the spares he had in the backpack.

“But how am I supposed to pet them when they swim away?” Ha-eun pouts.

“You just wait for more to come over.”

“But they take forever!” she whines. Hoseok chuckles as he puts her wet clothes in a plastic bag and stuffs them into the backpack. “They did Daddy!” she whines louder.

“Ok baby,” he smiles, “I believe you.” After putting the backpack back on he picks her up and gives her a kiss on the forehead. “How about we look at the fishes that can swim over our heads?”

“Over our head?!” she squeals.

“Yup, over our heads.” Hoseok walks out the bathroom and heads for the tanks that have a tunnel for observation. “All colorful fishes live there, and even sharks.”

“Sharks?!” Ha-eun gasps.

“Don’t worry, they are nice sharks.” He continues to tell her all about the tanks and the fishes as he makes his way there.

“Close your eyes baby girl,” he tells her as he stops at the entrance to the exhibit.

“Why Daddy?”

“It makes it more magical that way.” Feeling the need to add more he continues. “Mommy even said so.”

“Okay Daddy!” Ha-eun closes her eyes real tight, her face scrunching up as she does.

“When Daddy says to, open your eyes ok?” he kisses her nose and then covers her eyes with his own hand.

Ha-eun’s little hands come up to press his hand further against his face. “Okay!”

“So cute,” he whispers to himself, “just like her mommy.” Hoseok continues into the exhibit and steps onto the conveyor. He watches for when it looks like the tunnel is opening up to uncover her eyes.

“Okay, open your eyes!” Hae-eun’s delightful cry and the clasping of her hands makes Hoseok grin ear to ear and steal a kiss.

“Daddy!” she whines and pushes his face out of her view.

“I stole a kiss from Mommy here too,” he informs her and kisses her again.

“Stealing is bad,” she scolds.

“Mommy didn’t seem to mind,” he snickers. “Mommy loves when I steal kisses.”

Ha-eun’s brows forrow as she takes in the information. Suddenly she kisses Hoseok. His shocked but happy look makes her laugh. “Stealing kisses are fun.”

“Yes,” he cuddles her closer, “but you can only steal them from Mommy and Daddy. Okay?”

“Okay Daddy!” she giggles and turns her attention back to the fishes with a demand to go again since Daddy made her miss them.

“Best daddy-daughter date ever.”

Chocobro 4/20 Headcanons

Warning: I AM ABOUT TO TALK A LOT ABOUT WEED AND YOUR FAVS. If ya don’t like it, don’t read it. Also: for those who are inexperienced, for the love of god be responsible. Don’t go out driving. Know your limits. With that being said, also have fun. These are some ideas @insomniascure and I had talked about this morning. Some are based on our own flubs while under the influence. All fun, all silliness, all fluff.

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The Last One

Reader x Yoongi

Summary: BigHit Entertainment was supposed to be the start of your producing career, and when Bang Si-Hyuk assigns you to work with the popular group BTS, things don’t go according to plan because of the hot-headed, perfectionist: Min Yoongi.

Rating (Overall): NC-17

Status: On-Going

Masterlist Part 6

(Yoongi’s POV)


The next few weeks while working with Y/N was like a blur to me. I couldn’t help but feel spiteful towards her. She knew exactly what she doing and that bothered me so much more. To add on she wasn’t even mean, if anything she was the complete opposite. I was surprised she hadn’t snapped at me yet. She still continued to bring me coffee even after all the times I had deliberately rejected her, and even though she knew I was ignoring her, she still included me in her conversations about the track. And lately, I’ve started to notice the rest of the members had gotten closer to her. They never stopped talking about her, whether it was at home or at practice, I just couldn’t go a day without hearing her name.

“Hyung, why don’t you just give her a chance?” Jimin had asked me on the way back home. We had just gotten finished with our interview with a magazine.

“I did. Haven’t you seen us work together? Her work just doesn’t impress me.” I bluntly stated, looking back at the rearview mirror to see Jimin frowning. I wasn’t sure why he was always so pressed on me, as if he wanted us to be best friends or something. 

Knowing Jimin, I knew he was not going to let this conversation go, but thankfully, Hoseok interrupted Jimin before he could even speak.

“Well, if you’re not impressed with her work, don’t you at least think she’s cute?” He asked me while raising his eyebrows. The others looked at me with hopeful gleams, possibly hoping to get some positive things out of it. I turned to look at him, with a straight face.

“Does it look like I do?”

“Actually, hyung. You kind of do. Like your cheeks are a little more red.” Taehyung poked my cheek suddenly. I only rolled my eyes at the action.

“Being cute doesn’t make you a better producer.”

That was my last statement before closing my eyes and folding my arms, trying to show the members that I was obviously not interested in the topic of Y/N anymore. Was every car ride going to include her? Did I need to take a separate car home?

“True, but I think she’s great at her job. I mean I could see why Bang PD hired her. She’s amazing, and she catches on really quickly. The other day, I went in…”

I couldn’t hear what Hoseok was saying anymore. I had just drowned them out, instead I listened to the car’s engine, anything besides hearing about Y/N. The low rum of the engine, the squeak when crossing over the road bumps. I only listened again, when I heard Jimin’s shy, quiet voice spark an interest to my ears.

“…agree with Hoseok-hyung, not only is she an amazing producer. She’s really cute and nice.” Jimin added, as he began to blush. Jimin was talking in his gentle tone, whenever he was really shy. I had noticed that, of course, in the span of our years together. A smirk formed on my face. I opened my eyes and turned to look at him, seeing “smitten” written all over his face.

“You think every girl is cute.” I laughed, unconsciously joining in. I looked behind at the others, seeing Jimin’s face redden ever more.

“T-true, but Y/N is just so cute. Ever her name is cute, and her cute little giggle she makes whenever she hears something funny. Have you guys heard it?” And once again, I was out and no longer interested.  

I stopped listening to Jimin, because this was nothing new. He always crushed on girls after girls after girls, he even crushed on certain fans we would see often at meet and greets. I, on the other hand didn’t care about girls, they were too much for me to handle and especially after my last relationship, I swore I wouldn’t date or affiliate myself with another girl, not until I was ready. Music was my number one priority right now.

The next day, the members got up early to head to the studio, apparently P-Dogg and Y/N had finished their sample track and wanted us to come and give it a listen. I knew it was going to be good, since P-Dogg never disappoints me, but what made me nervous was Y/N. That was all I was thinking about the ride there. Was it going to be good enough for us and the fans?

Once we arrived at the recording studio, everyone immediately sat down on the sofa and got ready to listen. We didn’t have much time, as this was unplanned in some of our solo schedules. Most of the members would be leaving to do their own work. Jimin and I, unfortunately, were free, which meant more time we had to work with Y/N and P-Dogg.

P-Dogg complimented Y/N for her work before playing the song, I swore he sounded just like Bang PD. He finally stopped talking and clicked the button to play the track and the song echoing throughout the room. The beat was a mix of jazz and pop, a interesting combination. I didn’t even notice I was nodding to the beat even after the song ended. Taehyung was the first to speak out, then Jungkook. She looked towards at me waiting for a response, and in all honestly I didn’t have anything bad to say, so I just nodded in satisfaction.

After a while Sejin came to pick some of the boys up, soon after P-Dogg went to help Rin with a track. Therefore, that left Jimin, me, and Y/N alone in the studio. After hearing the song, I was inspired to write some lyrics, but I got distracted by Y/N’s foot tapping. I waited it out for a while, but she continued to tap and tap and tap. Rolling my eyes, I lifted my head from my notebook and looked up towards her direction.

Can you stop?” I groaned.

She looked over at me with puzzled face, not knowing what she did wrong.

“Stop what?” She asked.

I pointed at her foot and rolled my eyes.

That. That annoying sound coming from your foot.”

“I’m sorry it bothered you that much.” She replied.

I pretended to listen to my music when Jimin got up to ask her for help. It was obvious what his motives were, but she was too engrossed in his lyrics to notice the little movements. I shrugged off what he was doing and continued writing lyrics of my own, I mean in all honestly, Jimin can flirt with whoever he wanted to, I wasn’t going to stop him.

I peeked a glance towards the two “love birds” in the room, Jimin whispered something in her ear that I could barely make out of it.

“I like you.”

Right after hearing him, for some reason I quickly stood up from my seat. My feet pounded on the floor causing a loud sound, filling up the quiet room. It caught the attention of them both, as they turned around and noticed me standing up. Jimin looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

“Is something wrong?” He asked.

“Y-yeah. I saw a bug, so I killed it.” I quickly answered back.

Fuck. What the hell was that? A bug? I sat back down in embarrassment, I had no idea why I had said that or even stood up. Something had come over me at that moment. I shrugged it off and continued working on the lyrics I had in mind. Jimin made his way back over after a couple of minutes following my “bug” incident, cheeks flushed with a rosy tint. He sat down and gave a small, quiet giggle. I looked at him and gave a smirk, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach. Jimin is starting to like her.

We all got engrossed in our work that time had flew by fast, not even realizing we were hungry until we heard a noise. Jimin and I looked up from our work and stared at Y/N, whose face was filled with embarrassment. Her stomach had created the loudest growl, it almost sounded as though there was a ghost in the room. She looked towards at us and pressed her lips together.

“Are you hungry?” I asked.

Fuck. I don’t know why I had asked her that. I didn’t know why I even spoke up in the first place. I quickly looked away from her and stared at the floor. Jimin widened his eyes in surprise, contrary to my question, but noticed my embarrassment as he turned to me and grinned.

“Should we go up to the cafeteria and eat?” Jimin suggested.

She nodded and smiled at Jimin. He stood up and walked over to the door, waiting for her to follow him.

“Are you going to come to, Hyung?”

I hesitated but realized I could eat as well, so I sucked a little of my pride and decided to eat with them. We made our way to the second floor, and headed inside, the room was noisy. I looked over to the other side of the cafeteria and noticed the trainees hanging out. That’s why. Jimin turned to Y/N and began explaining to her that the a lot of the trainees, ourselves included, hung out there because it was where most of the snacks were available and accessible.

“Everyone is nice and friendly.”

I heard Jimin say before making his way towards the cafeteria. I quickly grabbed a tray and picked up some food before making my way towards the corner table. Jimin and Y/N following my footsteps after collecting their meals. Jimin sat next to me, while Y/N sat across from us. I was confused as to what she grabbed, a bowl of rice and one small serving of marinated crabs.

“How will you get full off that?” I stated.

Fuck. I didn’t know why I said that. Again, I’ve been saying things that sounded like I cared when I didn’t. I didn’t care whether or not she was full or hungry, I really didn’t. It didn’t matter to me if she just drank water, I really needed to stop.

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

“I’m still not used to the menus here.” She shyly answered.

Jimin laughed and gave her one of his bowls of stir-fry beef.

“Have this. It’s really good, and don’t be afraid to try anything. Everything is really good and enjoyable.”

We began to eat and within those times, were occasional conversations Jimin would bring up. Like:

“So Y/N, how do you like BigHit so far?” Jimin asked.

“It’s good. Everyone is welcoming.” She smiled.


“So is Korea different from America?”

“Yeah, the people and work environment is different, but there are things that are similar.”

“Like what?”

“Everyone’s passionate.” She answered.

We sat at the table to rest for a while before heading back to the studio. Jimin still asking her questions that were uninteresting to me. Until Jimin asked why her producer name was “n.RG.” I too had to admit I was a bit curious as to why she chose such an odd name.

“It’s a shortened version of “energy”, n-r-g sounds like energy. In hopes of giving me energy, I named myself that, so I’m always motivated and full of ‘energy’.”

She gave a smile and looked down. It was a nice idea, n-r-g. It was kind of cute–wait. What am I thinking? It was okay. Her name was okay, it’s not as good as AgustD of course.

After that, we headed back to the studio and began working again. From time to time, Jimin would sit next to her and ask her for help. It bothered me that he didn’t just ask me. I was going to hold this against him.

Jimin and I made our way over to the van to head home after work. Not much was done, but tomorrow there was going to be a meeting with some of the staffs from Big Hit. It was the same old meeting we had every year where majority of us would head to Bang PD’s lake house to work on our “teamwork.” It was useless to me and everyone just got drunk.

Once we were in the van, Jimin was suspiciously quiet, not saying a word. It was odd, I was expecting him talk about Y/N or something that circled that topic, but there was silence. I leaned my body forward from my seat to look at him, raising an eyebrow. To which he noticed, slowly forming a shy smile.

“What?” He laughed.

“Nothing. It’s just you’re quiet today.”

“Why is that bad?”

“No, you haven’t said a word about Y/N since we got in.”

He giggled and looked out the window. That’s when I confirmed it, Jimin had developed a little crush for Y/N. He sucked at hiding his emotions, whether he was angry or sad, he always expressed himself. I was going to tease him about it, but I decided to keep my knowing a secret, it’ll be fun to see what happens.

“She’s just a great help for me. She’s really good at doing her job.” Jimin finally said.

Hm. That reminds me. Why didn’t you just ask me for help?” I asked while poking my tongue against the inside of my cheek.

“Oh…Y/N just seemed less busy.” He answered with his head down low, obviously trying to avoid making eye contact with me.

“Not a very good excuse. First you ask Namjoon to help you with Tony Montana and now you ask Y/N for our track. I’m offended.” I scrunched my nose.

He gave his cheesy smile in hopes it would ease the tension. It wasn’t working. I rolled my eyes and turned away from him. Maybe I should just tease him about Y/N.

“I’m sorry, Hyung. I just wanted you to focus on your lyrics, I know how well you want this song to be. I just didn’t want to bother you.”

“Lies. It’s because of Y/N, isn’t it?”

He quickly turned over to me and shook his head no, while waving his hands.

“No! It’s not because of that!” He exclaimed.

“Then you hate my style then.”

Once again, waving his hands and shaking his head.

“No! No! It’s not because of that! Hyung! It’s not.”

“Then what? Why didn’t you just ask me?” I asked purposefully raising my tone a little higher, hoping to get a reaction. I didn’t know why he was getting angsty. It’s not like I was the one who asked Y/N for help, but I couldn’t help but enjoy myself seeing him jump. I knew it wasn’t because he didn’t like my technique, it was because of Y/N. I just wanted to see if he would admit to it.

“Hyung, I just didn’t want to bother you. Really. I really apologize if you thought otherwise. It’s just I didn’t want Y/N to think she was worthless at the studio. She is one of our producers now. I’m really sorry, I’ll ask you next time, I promise.”

 I nodded my head. He had given me a good enough answer that involved Y/N. Although this was  supposed to be a fun joke to see Jimin shaken, it did hurt me a little knowing he went to her first. Everything, whether I liked it or not, began to surround itself with her. My work, my friends, my team, my company. It still bothers me, as much as I try to accept her, I can’t…yet.

That’s it for part 6! I hoped you guys liked it, I continued to write in Yoongi’s POV so you guys could understand him a little, and his “reasons” as to why he doesn’t like her. If you’ve read up to part 6, you are the realesttttt, cause shit iz barely starting. kekeke. Untl next time, xoxo.

Strongest Stars

I have been imagining this scenario since I saw Rogue One. Once I saw this post confirming that Chirrut and Baze are old enough for this to have happened, I had to write it. 

Spoilers? Sort of?

“Master, not again,” sighed the young man. It was a refrain of concentrated exasperation. Unfortunately, the words had lost their meaning long ago.

“That sandstorm will be here within the hour, Obi-Wan,” Qui-Gon stomped up the slope, sand whipping at his robes. His long brown hair caught on his nose as he turned to look at his padawan. “If you have a better idea, please, tell me.”

Obi-Wan glowered up at him, mouth twisted into a grimace. He actually paused for several moments, wracking his brain for an alternative. Eventually, he sighed. Qui-Gon turned back around and resumed marching, and Obi-Wan trudged fast to catch up. The apprentice squinted into the blinding horizon, and then up at the massive sandstone statues flanking the entrance into the grand temple. “It doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

“What doesn’t make sense?” Qui-Gon asked, not turning around.

“Why should they have Jedi here?” Obi-Wan motioned to the cloaked, saber-wielding stone sentinels. “They aren’t Jedi.”

Qui-Gon turned and gave him a reprimanding look. “They are our brothers and sisters, Obi-Wan,”

“They’re heretics,” the padawan insisted.

“They are children of the Force, as are we,” said the master as though to a child, “And their Order is far older than ours; if anything, it is we who are heretics to the ancient orthodoxy.”

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Making Fun a Priority III

For Ash’s Writing Challenge Round 3. My prompt was Vibrator… never really used kinks in my stories before (intentionally, at least) so bear with me guys… Before I get started though, I think I should mention that I won’t be using the prompt how most people probably think it would be used… I know that might not make sense, but all I can really say without giving up too much is that I’ll be using vibrations and not a vibrator.

Summary: Brandi was on cloud nine. It had been a few days since she and Negan had been together, and she was still coming down from the high he’d given her. But despite how good she still felt, Brandi was sure that Negan was done with her. That he’d had his fun and that it was over… Oh boy is she in for a surprise…

Warnings: smut and language.


I felt amazing. I felt like I was on top of the world. My smile hadn’t left my lips once over the last two days. Nothing could ruin the mood I was in. I felt incredible. Well… for the most part I did. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was still buzzing from sleeping with Negan. I still couldn’t believe it had actually happened. But it had been a short-lived moment.

After we’d had sex, Negan and I had fallen asleep. By the time I woke up, it was dark and I was alone.

Negan had been nice enough to set some clothes on the end of his bed, for me to wear. Seeing as my clothes were still very wet and very muddy, he’d given me a pair of black sweat pants, and one of his white shirts. Of course, Negan and I had completely different body shapes and sizes… Where he was tall, I was tiny. Where he was lean and muscled, I was on the almost-too-unhealthy side of thin.

When I put his clothes on, I had to use my hair tie to tie pants so they’d stay in place. I also had to roll them up and hope I wouldn’t trip- though knowing me I still would. The shirt was baggy, but not to the point where I was at risk of revealing anything, which meant I didn’t have to worry about it too much. Though my anxiety constantly had me checking to make sure I wasn’t flashing anything. He’d left me some socks as well, which were the only form of footwear I had to wear, to get back to my room.

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rangertofu  asked:

Hi there! Started diving into making my own cosplay and I was hoping you can help with suggesting how to go about Hinoka's outfit in Fire Emblem Heroes; compared to her original outfit in Fates, Heroes has a sort of golden trim throughout her outfit. (Not sure if that's the proper term :X) but I'm not sure how to go about adding that. I am using bias tape for the white edges and am stuck figuring out a way for that golden part. Any suggestions?

Hello there!

Applique or iron-on vinyl are your best bets here. For applique, you would cut the pieces to shape (and some of those pieces, like the ones around the bolero, will need to be curved) out of a fabric like a metallic pleather that does not fray, and stitch it on using either a satin stitch or, since the material does not fray, you might be able to simply use a straight stitch, especially if you were able to fold the edges under (try the freezer paper method for that as well if the fabric can take the heat). 

Iron-on vinyl would also work well, especially for those complex designs on the skirt. Here’s a short tutorial on how to use it (the original blog was deleted, so excuse the link to my own blog).

You’ll then either use the same fabric to cover the gold parts of the armor or paint these to match.It’s easier to match paint to fabric than the other way around, so get your fabric first.

I hope that helps! :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

Accidental essay time again: I was thinking about my characterisations of Feanor and Celebrimbor and their differences, and started writing this out to help myself think it through, and it got substantial enough to seem worth posting. I reserve the right to change my mind about any or all of this as I go on, though :)

(did I mean to be working on fic instead? oh well)

So -

Where I start from is: Feanor and Celebrimbor have a lot of the same basic traits, but expressed very differently. Feanor grew up - kind of isolated, without any family except Finwe and Finwe’s complicated feelings of love and grief and guilt; whereas Celebrimbor grew up as the baby of a large family of intelligent quarrelsome personalities who loved him and were interested in him but did not necessarily always have much time for him.

Finwe loved his son deeply but did not, I think, always understand him very well. Feanor’s fundamental assumption tends to be that he is on his own and cannot rely on other people (they might go away and never come back and you might never know what you did wrong, why you weren’t good enough).

Feanor also - not entirely unjustifiably - tends to assume that he is more intelligent than the people around him and that when they disagree with him it is because they do not understand him. (This is not helped by the fact that he is not very good at explaining himself, tbh - he makes a lot of intuitive leaps that he thinks of as obvious when they are really not.)

Celebrimbor, on the other hand, has always had to accommodate himself to other people in a way that Feanor has not. He has things that are important to him but he is capable of letting things go in a way that Feanor has trouble with - if he really disagrees with someone he is liable to go quiet and sarcastic about it rather than getting into a fight with them. Which is to say, he has also managed to surprise people by being pleasant and easygoing right up until they run into an issue he really cares about, at which point he turns into a brick wall of “no”. :)

This is the way I think of it:

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I got people asking for a female body tutorial, so here it is. I’m by no means an expert, this is just how I draw girls. Sorry my writing is awful and I can’t explain too well, my biggest suggestion is to just watch how clothes move on your own body, eventually you start to understand how they fold. Also dont suction cup the boobs, why… just stop.

Reeah got, today, his larger terrarium. I have not fully decorated it but baby steps. The bg is one of those you buy and put on the backside of the terrarium, on the outside of the back wall to give some nice background if you can’t decorate that well. He does seem to like it. The pet store didn’t have any real door lock in so I use a piece of folded paper to lock the doors for now.

anonymous asked:

Whats dog-earing? And what does it have to do with books? Why such an accusation towards such an amazing book holder as well.

Dog-earing is the terrible practice of folding the corner of a book’s page to remember where you left off, instead of behaving like a civilized pony and using a bookmark.

I don’t know why I’ve been accused of this, me of all ponies, but ponies have some strange notions sometimes. I can’t really account for all the strange things ponies believe, all I can do is convey accurate information and hope ponies take it to heart.

Someone to love

Someone to love Five part mini series

Summary: You’d been there the whole time. Maybe now it’s time to let Steve know what he thinks he’ll never find.

Pairing: Steve x Reader Setting: from Captain America the First Avenger to Civil War.

Warnings: none for now. Notes: written for my 400 follower celebration requested by @angryschnauzer the song is Somebody to love by Queen. What was supposed to be a one shot grew into a four or more parts cause the idea just stuck with me. Hope you enjoy

Key: Y/GF/N = your grandfather’s name

Tag list: @winters-buck @marvelfanfichq @aquabrie


Chance meeting Part 1


 “This seat taken?” you ask spotting the only empty chair on this beautiful fall day, next to a man you’ve seen many times at this very spot the last few months.

He looked familiar, more so than just seeing him here. But you can’t place where you’ve seen him before. Now up close, sandy blond hair highlighted by the sunny rays beating down, warming those who chose to sit outside. His head bent till you’d spoken, breathe catching as his sky blue eyes land on you, half smile gracing the corners of his lips. You can tell somethings wrong, studying people being a hobby of sorts and part of your chosen career, though you bite your tongue not asking questions.

“Uh, yes, yes it is,” siting up, pulling his feet back under him from being stretched out under the small table

Trying not to take up much room as you’ve spied a sketch pad while placing your coffee cup down. Taking your computer bag from the left shoulder, finally sitting down, you take a deep breath of the fresh air. A smile sliding into place as you close your eyes and relax.

“That bad a day doll?” deep voice laced with concern.

Doll? Did anyone use that anymore? Evidently they did since the hottie sitting next to you just said it. But instead of answering his question you just stared for a moment finally realizing who he is and ignoring his question.

“Oh my, your,” pausing, swallowing hard. You’d never met anyone famous before much less a war hero you’ve heard about all your life.

Internally groaning, one of the many down falls to having a face everyone knows is being bombarded by people who want to talk about the past, to shake his hand and sometimes not let go. Not that he doesn’t want to talk about it, about life in the 40’s, his time during World War 2 and Captain America.

“Steve Rogers, right,” voice light, sweet to his ears because most addressed him as Captain America or Cap. But you, your different he can see the curiosity written in your eyes he’s just not sure for which it’s for. The man or the myth?

“That’d be me in the flesh,” he tries not to cringe at how stupid that sounded, not being use to today’s slang. Lowering his gaze back to the pad in front of him, Steve starts to add more lines, a little shading to the drawing of the New York skyline.

Not taking your eyes off him, while unpacking your laptop and setting up your work area. “Never thought I’d ever meet you. My Granddad spoke very highly and so many stories. ”

Head snapping up as the pencil paused, eyes searching. “Stories? Who’s your Granddad?”

 “Y/GF/N, of the 107th,” the grin is infectious as it lightens your eyes, affection and love in your tone. “He always says if,” you clear your throat dropping the octave as much as you can. “If not for Steve Rogers you wouldn’t be here lady bug, he’s the true hero saving all our butts.” 

At first Steve just sat there, a touch shocked, a touch moved. Not that he hadn’t been called a hero before, many times in fact that at some points it really didn’t mean much because most didn’t mean it. But to hear you say it even in that silly voice, it stirred something inside him. “Is he still alive?”

“Oh yes, very much so. Lives in DC still, house he was born and raised in since the 20’s,” there’s pride in your tone, as your own eyes drop back to your computer. Booting up the system you take a deep drink from you’re now warm coffee. “I’ll let you get back to your sketch, I’ve taken up enough of your time. Just pretend I’m not here.”

“No, you’re not bothering me doll,” flipping the pad closed, not wanting to get anything on it. The birds do dive bomb from time to time as he’s learned. “What uh,” he rubs the back of his neck, not wanting to sound self-absorbed, but curiosity got the better of him. “What stories did your Granddad tell you about me?”

You can see the nerves, something telling you that he’s uncomfortable about asking, his posture a dead giveaway, but interest is there to. “The good ones mostly.”

Smiling, seeing that you’re teasing him, “So he didn’t tell you about the time I toilet papered the General’s tent just to see how angry he’d get?”

“Ah no, but he did tell me how you mud washed some poor privets jeep,” you’re trying to hold back the laughter through seeing his shocked face does in you.

Folding over your computer laughing into the crook of your arm, you hear the sweetest sound ever. Guff laughter from the man sitting beside you that tickles your ears and makes you smile. You’ve managed to do what so few have, making Steve Rogers feel normal for once since the serum’s injection into his body. So many have seen him as nothing more than a weapon, or an icon for others to follow. Forgetting that he’s a man as well.

“Thank you,” he’s wiping tears away still chuckling.

“For?” your puzzled, regaining your own wits about you looking over at him.

“Making me feel less of a science experiment gone wrong and more human,” breathe catching in your throat when you catch the spike of uncertainty in those beautiful sky blue eyes of his. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud, but there’s something about you that he feels like he can honestly talk to you.  

“Mr. Rogers honestly you aren’t a failed experiment, you’re a human being who deserves to be treated as such,” placing a hand on his arm giving it a light squeeze. “Whoever told you that is an idiot.”

“Steve please,” heat from your touch warms him in ways he’s not felt since before going into the ice and only one other time, with Peggy.

Smiling, removing the hand from his arm, you’re unsure on what to do next. What does one talk about with Steve Rogers? It’s funny actually, you normally would sit here typing away at your next piece ignoring everyone and everything around you, yet right now you don’t want to. Instead you wanted to know more about the man behind the myth.

That thought is taken, along with what to talk about from you, as his phone rings. A frown marring that handsome visage as he listens to the voice on the other end. “Understood, I’ll be there in ten,” the cadence has changed, dropped an octave. “I’m really sorry, I have to go.”

“Of course it was nice meeting you Steve,” you rose with him offering your hand which he takes and shakes. On impulse you stand on tip toes, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his cheek. “For all you’ve done and will do but most of all for saving a man’s life you didn’t even know.”

Astounded, Steve tries to cover the light pink which dusts his cheeks though secretly pleased. “My pleasure miss,” tipping his head to one side he’s at a loss for what to do and no time to think of anything. The advice from Bucky doing him little good right now, “I’ll see you around?”

“Count on it Cap,” shooting him a cheesy smile while retaking your seat.

Groaning though the smile on his lips tells of a different story, Steve waves before taking off down the street and into danger. Wondering if he’ll ever see you again. You as well think the same thing, but push those thoughts aside. Today had been a fluke you wouldn’t be so lucky again.

Part 2

some muggle high school au george/draco for the @hprarepairnet​ and @slytherdornet​ summer vacation challenge!

  • draco doesn’t take art until his last year of high school which, by all means, is a very stupid decision, but fuck - his timetable’s a barren wasteland and he’s got to fill it with something and art should be easy enough, right?
  • the only other option was drama and they’re a clique over there
  • art, at least, is not a clique: but the teachers are intimidating and everybody knows everybody else already and he’s just awkwardly outside - pupils stare and watch him like a hawk, and he watches them stubbornly back
  • there are pupils, too, who don’t even seem to ever actually do any classes and just wander around the art department
  • one of them draco recognises easily, because he’s infamous: george weasley, who’s repeating a year to get his grades up and yet still doesn’t seem to be working hard, instead stapling up the little ones’ paintings and sitting away in the unused classroom with a singer sewing machine, working on a dress that’s a terrifyingly bright collage of colours and textures 
  • and, much to draco’s disdain, he’s asked to go and use said classroom to work on his sculpture project
  • george is there, coloured pencils scattered across the desk as he sits sketching, tongue poking out in fierce concentration; he sits back as draco comes in and bids a quiet greeting as he rifles in his bag
  • and produces a handful of nail polish?
  • “what’s that for?” draco frowns
  • “oh, it makes cool textures and colours,” george says cheerily. “they make cool ones like this that are glittery, or ones that are just clear polish with stuff in it…” 
  • “god, that fucking reeks,” draco groans as george starts to paint with them, and george just laughs
  • “didn’t think art was much your subject, malfoy”
  • “it bloody well isn’t; i’m probably going to drop it after the summer,” he grumbles, folding his arms. “i’m fucking awful; how do you people even draw so well?”
  • “practice, mostly,” george replies. “and don’t quit, you’ve got to keep going”
  • “that’s easy for you to say, when you can draw”
  • george rolls his eyes: “look, draco, if you want, come over and see me in the summer holidays and i’ll show you everything i’ve learned, alright? that way, you’re not disadvantaged and you know what everyone else does, and you’ve had some practise”
  • draco clicks his tongue
  • he’ll be fucked if he goes over to bloody weasley’s
  • “come over to my house, instead,” he insists, and george shrugs
  • “sure. i’ll bring my stuff.”
  • and, much to draco’s surprise, when summer rolls around, george does come over when invited with bags full of art supplies and a wide grin on his face; draco resists the urge to roll his eyes and lets him in
  • “hey, are you watching zombieland?”
  • draco blanches - he’s been maintaining the facade that he watches high-class art films for years, and here george weasley has ruined it by finding out draco really loves zombie films. “it’s a good film”
  • “it is,” george replies, pulling out a huge sketchbook and spreading it out on the floor. “okay, kid, listen up. first lesson: proportions. take notes”
  • and, as it so happens, george knows his shit and teaches it well; he understands that draco is new to this art world, and when he name-drops an artist, he pauses to look them up and show draco their works and he always encourages draco to produce drawings based on what he’s learned, and never seems to be disappointed even when draco’s sure they’re shit
  • and after the first few lessons, which drag on for whole days at a time, he starts bringing in sweets, too, and they sit on the floor or at draco’s desk with a bag of drumsticks and parma violets and pencils and pens and paintbrushes scattered everywhere
  • the best part is when draco gets to paint for the first time, and george comes armed with two paint-splattered t-shirts
  • “okay, wear this one, i’m pretty sure all your clothes are too expensive to ruin,” he says, shoving it over to draco, who blushes fiercely: it’s far too big for his slight frame, and it’s one of george’s weird charity shop t-shirts advertising some art gallery in arkansas, and it smells so strongly of george the smell never seems to leave his nose
  • and usually, people just smell gross
  • but george smells kind of nice, almost reassuring
  • “painting time!” george whoops, and god, does he make a mess when he’s painting: his arms, face, and shirt are all covered by the time he’s done, while draco remains entirely pristine 
  • “you’re meant to paint the canvas, not yourself,” he says dryly 
  • “i can paint whatever,” george shrugs
  • “fine, but let’s go get that washed off before you go, your mother’ll have me hanged,” he grumbles, guiding george up to the bathroom, which is beautifully white and the complete opposite of fresco george 
  • draco wets a face cloth and has a good scrub at george’s arms, only realising when he comes to carefully wipe the smudges on his cheeks how close they are, and how close george is, and that he can feel george’s breath on his face and feel the rise and fall of george’s chest so near to his
  • he’s not supposed to feel like this
  • but he does
  • “there we go,” he says, putting the cloth on the side of the sink. “sort of clean”
  • the next time george is over, when they’re working on canvas paintings that are definitely going to take more than one lesson, draco decides to order pizza, because - despite himself - he doesn’t really want to see george go
  • “you know, draco,” george says with a mouthful of pizza, “you’re not so bad”
  • “thank you for the glowing review, weasley,” draco grumbles, “but honestly, i feel the same; you’re a lot less obnoxious than i took you for”
  • “you’re a sweetheart,” george laughs
  • and draco is kind of very smitten, and he leans across, and, without really being aware what he’s doing, presses a kiss to the side of george’s mouth; and george puts a hand at the back of his neck and shifts to kiss him back and better
  • and the way he smiles afterwards is so sweet
  • “bribing me with pizza, huh?”
  • “well, it worked”
  • “pizza and painting. this is the life”
  • george has to leave, eventually, before his mother freaks out that he’s died and is sending texts to assure her he’s fine as a ghost, and as he stands in the doorway, he grins
  • “this time tomorrow?” he asks
  • “with pizza,” draco confirms