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This is how it is: Trump gets sworn in January 20th. We’ve still got 2.5-ish months under the Obama Administration. Between now and then there’s the chance to make a media circus out of Donald Trump’s upcoming sexual assault trial, creating more friction between him and his party, giving us at least a little breathing room in congress. He’s appointing three new judges this term, so checks and balances (which weren’t really adjusted well for a two-party system) won’t be in good working condition for the Democrats (which counts third-party and non-voters and basically any minority because welcome to reality). 

So first thing: fight for that media circus. House reps will do ANYTHING for reelection. Friction within the party will force them to pick sides.

Second thing: VOTE IN 2018. Mid-term elections are a thing. ALL 435 SEATS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE CONTESTED. Go out and VOTE. We can win back the house. That’s one victory we sorely need. 33/100 SEATS OF SENATE WILL BE CONTESTED. We can win that back, too. 38 GOVERNORSHIPS WILL BE CONTESTED. If your county’s red, time to turn that around. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH, 2018.

The clock is ticking guys.

All We Can Do
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  • Original Steven Universe fansong

A cheeky song about Garnet (and the others) looking after baby Steven!

Tagging the usual crowd plus some who I think might like it: @bluespacequeen @jen-iii @jasper-jen @basicblokc @harley-stuck-30

This is based on two one-shots, whose writers have very kindly let me use. The first is this one by @cardassian-andorian - the first verse is basically lifted from it (with adjustments for rhyming). The second is A Moment of Rest by @squaremomgsquad. Both are lovely adorable pieces with a wholesome dose of Rupphire as well, so go read them and leave all the reviews! The rest of the song is my own stuff. It’s also the first I’ve recorded with my new mic so I hope the buzz is slightly less!

If you like this song, check out my other 2 Steven Universe fansongs!

Lyrics (cut because it’s very wordy):

He’s on the warp pad, in the fridge, he’s on the couch, he’s on the ladder

He’s outside, inside, on the roof, floor, television, kitchen counter

He’s crawling everywhere, and Garnet’s got to keep her wits about her - her future vision’s going wild…

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Lallybroch Nights

For @iwanttodriveyouthroughthenight <3

 It had been almost four months since Claire and Jamie had returned to the Highlands. Four months since the tragedies of Paris had threatened to cripple them completely. But Scotland - and Lallybroch - had been restorative. The pace of life in the Highlands had given them a chance to slowly heal the gaping wounds left by the loss of Faith. Everything from the air, to Jenny and Ian’s understanding, to Murtagh’s gruff affection, to wee Fergus adjusting to a quiet, more homely atmosphere among family, helping tend even his more darker memories.

Intimacy had slowly made its way back into their bed as well. They didn’t rush or force it, only let it develop naturally between them once more. Long Lallybroch nights that turned words into quiet exchanges of touches and caresses. One night, two months after returning, those small touches and caresses became more. They’d turned wordlessly to one another in the hushed stillness of a warm summer night, finding again what they once feared had been lost to them forever. A connection that only forged itself from their intense coupling, a soul-deep connection stronger than even the darkest dungeons of Wentworth or the devastation of the loss of their blood. A connection that was their sanctuary. Through tenderness and later, raw, blinding passion, Claire and Jamie found themselves once again in one another.

Most evenings were spent with Jenny reading to them all by firelight. Claire and Jamie cuddled on the settee, drowsily passing the time relearning the shape of each other’s fingers and hands, exploring the tiny changes that came with working long hours with their hands in the fields or tending patients. One night - while looking for something she hadn’t read before - Jenny had found in amongst the old musty books in the library, one of Jamie’s books from the Université. A collection of poems both in Latin and English, that she said had been frightfully dull for her, and given it back to Jamie - who looked as though he could barely control his excitement. That night, as they readied themselves for bed, Claire took the book from him as she lay back against the pillows and opened it at random. Jamie took his time undressing.

“You’ve read this in both languages, I take it,” Claire said, scanning the pages.

“Aye,” Jamie replied as he slipped his shirt off over his head, watching her. “I quite enjoyed it actually, committed most of them to memory.”

“To regale all the dainty young French lasses, nay doubt,” Claire teased. “Nothing more erotic than a dashing young man who can pull Catullus out of thin air.” She glanced at him as he unbuckled his belt. He snorted.

“Och aye! Nothing like regaling lasses that hardly spoke neither Latin nor English enough to understand yon dashing lad! Falling a little on deaf ears, no?” He looked up at her then, a cheeky smirk lining every inch of his face. She laughed and went back to skimming the pages, then paused, intent, as a passage caught her eye.

“This is quite lovely,” she said quietly. He smiled, seeing her eyes light up as her smile touched them. He thought he knew which passage she read, but asked anyway. She settled more comfortably, angling herself so the candle by the bed illuminated the page better and began reciting; he could hear the grin plastered on her face clearly in her voice.

“Come and let us live my Dear, Let us love and never fear, What the sowrest Fathers say, brightest Sol that dyes today. Lives again as blithe tomorrow, But if we dark sons of sorrow, Set then how long a Night, shuts the eyes of our short light!”

Just as she was about to go on, she felt Jamie slide into bed behind her, naked, his arms coming around her body, thighs fitting neatly behind her own and his hoarse voice muffled in the clouds of her hair, as he continued - from memory - where she’d left off.

“Then let amorous kisses dwell, on our lips, begin and tell, a Thousand and a Hundred score, a Hundred and a Thousand more…”

He moved her hair off her shoulder, placing a tender, lingering kiss in its place. For some inexplicable reason, Claire found her eyes brimming with tears, emotion catching in her throat. It took a couple tries to swallow them away, even then, when again she spoke, her voice croaked and cracked. ““Da mi basia mille…”” she turned her head, pressing her cheek to his forehead.

Jamie’s arms tightened about her, pressing her back to him, his lips still on her shoulder. Then his hand slid down her body, pulling her leg back onto his. ““…Deinde centum…”” he replied, so faint she’d felt the vibration in his chest rather than heard the words themselves. He shifted then, gliding gently home.

Birthday at Wayne Manor

A/N Happy Birthday again to @imaginethebatboys, this is for you!

Your alarm clock bleeped and you groaned as you rolled over to punch the alarm clock.

Light poured into the room and you sat up and rubbed your eyes as you yawned.

“I didn’t realise how messy your hair got.” A voice calmly stated and you opened your eyes quickly, pulling the alarm clock to use as a projectile.

You relaxed as you saw it was only Damian.

“Jesus Damian, what the hell are you doing here?”

“It’s your birthday. I am surprising you.” Then ten year old said matter of factly.

You looked at him with a small smile, it was still his first year in Gotham and he was still adjusting to being a part of a normal family. You didn’t think you two got along well but here he was making an effort, on your birthday.

“It is today right or is this one of Drake’s pranks?” He looked unsure and angry at the possibility of being duped.

“Thank you Damian, it is today.” You grinned “ Does this mean I can get a birthday hug?”

He glared in response “I’ve acknowledged the day of your birth, don’t ask for more.”

You chuckled as you set the alarm clock back down and heard Stephanie rush into the room.

“We’ve talked about this Damian!”  

“But Y/N’s fine with me here. Plus they’re in clothes and I waited until they woke up.” He argued

“Boun-da-ries!” Stephanie clapped at him

“Which you clearly are in no place of teaching Brown.” He snapped back.

Stephanie went red in the face with either anger or embarrassment from being caught by Damian in a situation earlier, and attempted picked him up to carry him out.

“Sorry Y/N! Happy Birthday!” She yelled as she chased the small boy out of the room.

You chuckled as you watched them and slipped out of bed. Being a part of the Batfamily came with its perks. For instance if you needed help with anything, you had everyone with advice or the ability to tutor you. Full use of the Batcave, vehicles (only within reason), oh and a room in Wayne manor.

Climbing out of bed you looked in the mirror, your hair wasn’t too bad and you checked yourself out in your batman pyjamas.

“You’re aging well Y/N.” You winked at yourself before leaving the room and jogging down the hallway towards the kitchen, where you could smell pancakes and hear tension.

“You told me to surprise them!” Damian argued

“Not while they were sleeping!” Tim rebutted

“Grayson told me he did it to Jason and it was hilarious!”

“That’s different Damian.” Stephanie interjected


“Because-” Tim started

“Why are we complaining about tiny demon trying to do something nice for someone?” Jason asked genuinely

“Because it’s creepy.” Stephanie said

“I’m sure it was a one off, like his ability to do something nice.” Jason said.

You stood in the doorway and smiled at the scene before you, it was a rare opportunity to see everyone at the table.

Barbara smiled at your presence.

“We will deal with it if it happens again.” Bruce said sternly ending it there. “Happy Birthday Y/N.” he said and set off a chain of “Happy Birthdays” around the table.

“Thank you.” You smiled at him and sat down next to Jason.

“I apologise for my actions this morning.” Damian said to you from opposite you.

“It’s fine Damian, it was sweet.” You smiled at him and he turned to Bruce’s wife.

“Does this mean I will be punished?”

She chuckled in response and shook her head “Damian it’s how you learn boundaries in the first place. Everyone has a different line where they draw.”

“Like how Brown and Drake were-” Damian got caught off by Dick’s hand clamping over his mouth, to which he responded by biting.

“OW!” Dick cried as Tim choked on his coffee “That’s my hand I eat my cereal with!”

“Boundaries Grayson!”

You snickered with Jason. You could’ve sworn you heard Bruce give a small chuckle too but his coffee cup was in the way.

“We have got you presents.” Barbara started and Cass nodded next to her. “You’ll have to get them after your patrol today though.”

You nodded and smiled, this was enough of a gift, just everyone being in the same room.

“You’ll get to choose your partner though.” Bruce added

You grinned and as you sat there trying to make your decision, Bruce’s wife walked up next to Alfred.

“This is so exciting!” She gushed quietly

“Yes Ma'am. I presume the presents will be safe guarded.”

“Of course, Oracle’s going to have surveillance and everyone else will be a step ahead.” She nodded

“I never thought I would see the day where Master Bruce would allow a patrol become a scavenger hunt.” Alfred smiled “Dare I ask how you persuaded him?”

“I’m on clean up duty and taking his meetings for the next six months.” She groaned.

It was worth it though she thought, there was nothing she enjoyed more than seeing the family have fun. It was such a rare thing, especially after such a hectic year. Even if it did come at a cost of her newly adopted son trying to strangle Jason across the table for the honor of being Y/N’s partner today.

Request (one line prompts) #2

Request: #62 “Just shut up and kiss me”, 59 “Why are you looking at me like that?”, 49 “Well this is awkward”, 44 “ will you just accept that I am hopelessly in love with you, and there is nothing you can do to change that?” , 26 “Just do it!”  with Markiplier

I’m super digging these one line prompt things dudes. this one is for @boner-hugs I hope y’all like it!

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I am a forty year old mother of two. I have a pair of degrees from a reasonably well-respected university. I am sometimes almost a mature, responsible, well-adjusted human being.

But tonight I am laying here in bed, on the cusp of an emotional breakdown (the good kind, I suppose) over a damn television show.

I honestly think this was the last episode. Maybe someday they’ll do a one-off special when the boys are on up in their years a bit. Maybe. But the symmetry of tonight’s episode compels me to believe that this was intended to be the extraordinary bookend on a truly exquisite series. Where else can they go from here? Sherlock was always described cleverly as “not a detective show, but a show about a detective.” And I believe our detective has reached his zenith. Sherlock has come to the end of his character arc. To attempt to go beyond this point would be superfluous, I think, and detract from the journey we’ve taken with him thus far.

Our boy has come a long way from “Caring is not an advantage.” He has a life full of friends and family - people who love him and people he loves. The list isn’t short. And I think what we saw tonight was the last of his emotional barriers coming crashing down around him - the climax, as it were, of his story.

I admit, I’ve always shipped Sherlolly (there are well over 150,000 words on the subject under my name on fanfiction sites as proof), but shipper goggles aside, I still truly believe that Sherlock meant it when he told Molly that he loved her - well, the second time, anyway:) The realization took him by surprise, certainly, but it was real. Sherlock Holmes is not only capable of love, he *does* love.

At its heart, the show has always been about Sherlock being in or falling in love. Filial/paternal with his parents, Mycroft and, lately, Eurus. Fraternal with John, Lestrade et al, and romantic with Irene Adler and then, my sweet Molly, who sees him, loves him in return and *matters*.

I didn’t need to see them ride off into the sunset together. The show runners gave me enough. They gave me Molly’s smile.

Sorry. I just have an absurd number of feelings running through me right now and nowhere else to vent them. I have been absurdly crying on and off as I’ve been writing this.

God, how I’ve loved this show. What an amazing ride.

The first sleepover

Alex had never have anyone sleep over in her bed before.

Well, except Kara when they had sister sleepovers, but that didn’t count. Alex slept in her queen size bed alone. So she liked to sleep in the middle of the bed. It was the warmest and most comfortable spot in her opinion.

So the first time one Maggie Sawyer spent the night in Alex’s bed, Alex had to adjust.

The two had been sitting out on Alex’s couch, talking about anything and everything like they did. God, Alex had never met someone that was so easy to talk to. She had never met someone who she was interested in getting to know that well.

But Maggie was different. In more ways than one.

There was a small lull in the conversation and Maggie had looked at her watch. “Jeez, Danvers, it’s almost 3 in the morning. You’re a little time sucker, you know?”

Alex blushed and laughed. “Sounds like it could be the name of an alien who time travels.”

“You think about aliens too much,” Maggie teased.

“Says the girl who spends most nights at a secret alien bar.” Alex did the thing where she put one eyebrow in the air in triumph.

Maggie just shook her head and she leaned in to kiss Alex, gentle and soft. This was nowhere near Alex and Maggie’s first kiss, but every kiss felt just as good as the last. Electricity shot through Alex’s body and she gave Maggie’s lower lip and playful bite.

Maggie was the first to pull away. “Not that I don’t want to do this forever, Danvers, but if I want any chance of functioning at work tomorrow, I better head home.”

Alex felt a small pull in her stomach. She didn’t want Maggie to leave.

“Well, look, it’s late for you to go home. Just stay here tonight. I don’t want to worry about you going home alone this late,” Alex said, trying to make it seem like a safety issue, rather than the simple fact that her heart felt a little empty every time Maggie wasn’t with her.

“Can’t beat an offer like that,” Maggie said, before kissing her again.

The two got ready for bed and Alex stayed in the bathroom brushing her teeth a bit longer, letting Maggie choose which side of the bed she wanted to sleep on.

Alex’s stomach filled with butterflies as she watched Maggie climb into her bed, get under her covers, and lay her perfect head on her pillow. Alex couldn’t believe this moment was happening.

Alex turned off the bathroom light and crawled into bed next to Maggie. They were both bone tired from a long day of fighting crime and a long night of getting to know one another. They kissed a little more before they both feel asleep.

But Alex awoke in the middle of the night when she felt something hit her head. She woke with a start, thinking someone was trying to take her. She shot up in bed at the same time as Maggie, who was rubbing the side of her head. The girls looked at each other and laughed.

Although they had both fallen asleep on their side of the bed, they were both in the middle now, practically lying on top of one another.

“Sorry.” Alex blushed. “I’m used to sleeping in the middle of the bed. My body must have gone there in my sleep.”

“Me too,” Maggie laughed.

“Maybe we can share?” Alex suggested. She laid down and wrapped her arms around Maggie and intertwined their legs. They both fell back asleep instantly.

Now Alex had someone sleep in her bed for the first time, and the middle of the bed felt warmer and more comfortable than ever before.

I’m more annoyed with Oliver and his treatment of Connor. He was using Connor in a lot of ways, not just sexual and his comment about Connor being damage was below the belt. Honestly Connor seems to be one of the few that is well adjusted considering what they have been through.

I’m honestly fine with Connor sleeping with that guy. One because Connor is alive and two because I believe both Connor and Thomas are free agents. Yeah it sucks that Connor would sleep with the guy who was wooing Oliver, but it takes two to tango. And it was Oliver who once again rejected Connor, he’s an adult male whose allowed to hook up with anyone he pleases.


Working with Professor Snape!

I would like to introduce you all to our newest member of staff… none other than Professor Severus Snape himself! (Well, a life size cardboard cut-out, but we’re treating him as a member of staff).

Every day that I have been working alongside him, we’ve taken on a new task. I’m trying to make his adjustment to bookshop life as seamless as possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go to plan.

Day One: Harry Potter Book Night, and Snape’s first day with us! 
Day Two: I thought it best to catch him up on what’s new with the Potters. 
Day Three: I asked Snape to sticker the stock… he just stickered himself!

We hope that Snape stays with us for some time yet - so expect many more photographs of his bookshop antics!


psd 58, remondpsds
This psd works well in a lot of tv shows, contains two options: one psd for light scenes and  one psd for dark scenes. I made this psd especially for the tv show ‘Conviction’, it’s colorful and very bright.

Please don’t repost/copy or claim as yours. Don’t forget to like or reblog if you download or like this resource, okay?! Adjust some layers if you need and if you have any problems send me a ask. See more resources here.

"I...I've never...well...I mean..."

Gimme a Percival Graves that one day attempts to dress up Credence but ends up flustered and fumbling with the tie’s knot and becoming increasingly embarrassed until he gives up and sighs heavily and stammers to explain to Credence that he was never good at tying his ties anyways without magic.

Gimme a Credence Barebone who takes Percival’s hands in his own and guides him through the motions carefully, slipping the knot, adjusting it tight to his throat, just enough to feel the pressure, pulling the two close enough so their noses touch and lips are only a breadth away.

Gimme a Credence that braves the move and lightly kisses Graves flustered self into calm, his fingers clinging to Percy’s jacket flaps needily.

Gimme the dorks that rely on each for emotional support after so much trauma.

Partners (Draco)

Requested- Could you do a draco x reader, where draco And The reader are still at hogwarts And at first they hate eachother. And they are both in slytherin. But than in an original way they fall in love! I really hope you Will write this!

A/n- haha I hope this is original enough xx

- - -

You adjusted your green and silver tie and left your room to the common room. It was quite early in the morning, so you expected it to be empty. But instead, you noticed a head stuck out of the back of a chair, to your annoyance, you recognised the person as the one and only Draco Malfoy. Despite being in the same house, you two never got along well. You absolutely hated him and he felt the same towards you. You glared him as you passed, and he looked up from his homework to you, saying nothing but frowning slightly. You found your way out of the room and entered the hallway. The weather was fine, but the sight of the boy and the fact that you shared eye contact with him kind of dropped your mood. You met your Potions partner in the library and started studying with her. You didn’t know the girl well, but you didn’t have problems with her.

The next day of yet another Potions class, you were surprised to hear that your partner was quite sick and had to stay at Madame Pomfrey’s. You rolled your eyes at your empty cauldron, mumbling under your breath. You had studied a rather difficult potion for this month’s project in order to impress Professor Snape, and now it had all gone to waste as you only had this period to make it. You told Snape about the absence of your partner, expecting to be told to do it alone, but the professor assigned you a new partner. “He was going to work alone as he didn’t want any partner, but he’d be fine for you.”

“Wait, who did you say, sir?” You asked.

“Malfoy,” Snape replied before going back to his desk. 

Your mouth dropped open, whispering an “are you kidding me” to yourself. You walked towards the boy unwillingly with your cauldron and dropped your belongings on the table rather carelessly. You said sarcastically, “hello, partner.”

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Home (Part 4) // Stiles Stilinski

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word Count: 2,880
Warnings: hella angst, cursing
Request from @a-queen-is-better-than-king:  “Hi could you do an imagine where the reader is Deucalion’s daughter and she leaves with him but returns to beacon hills. And she goes to see stile but it’s not really him it’s the nogitsuni. And since he was to feel pain he breaks her heart and tries to make her loose control please and thank you”

A/N: Well, I’m back I guess! It’s almost been a week so that’s good enough haha. Requests will still remain closed because I still have quite a lot to write, but I’ll continue working on them again :) There should be one or two more parts to this series and it will sadly be completed :( Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

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mochibuni replied to your post “mochibuni said: BEN ARE YOU READING THIS. BEN PUT YOUR WEIRD…”

Could you imagine if they did sit down and talk to each other, what those therapy sessions would be like? Would Anakin and Obi force ghost sit in?

It’s not a proper Skywalker + extended family therapy session if Anakin and Obi-Wan’s Force Ghosts aren’t there.

There would be so much yelling.

And so little actually talking.

So little actual explaining, because they’re all terrible at explaining their feelings in ways that are meant to help others understand, instead of just exploding or never talking about them.

Luke is probably the only reasonably well-adjusted one there.


Against Leia and Ben and Anakin and Obi-Wan and whoever else they drag in. I mean, this is our scenario, what the hell, let’s drag Han and Padme into this as well.

Now we can have TWO reasonably adept at talking about their feelings people!

Luke and Padme are immediately drowned out by Leia and Anakin yelling, while Han occasionally lobs a drama grenade into the middle of all of it, and Obi-Wan sits back and is like, “I’ve done my time trying to wrangle this mess, just let them tire themselves out.”

[SEEINGRED] posted:


>….. it’s been one hell of a year an’ it ain’t even a quarter way through yet.


>Shit’s changed, immensely, for me, an’ i’m… still tryin’ to adjust to it


>……. i guess this is just one more thing i’m gonna have to adjust to, right?

>last night…

>Gadget had the baby, two weeks early

>Almost killed himself in the process, but… he’s awake now, the kid’s healthy, and..


>….. Well….

>idk how good a dad i’ll be, an’ i ain’t had nearly as much time as i needed to prepare, but…

>she’s here now.

>…. heh

[SEEINGRED] posted a photo:

>Welcome to the world, Andromeda Aster. Place is slightly less shit now you’re in it.


Kugelpanzer Germany

Kugelpanzer is a spherical machine, a motor which rotates the two hemispheres, acting as wheels. Provided one seat for the driver, as well as the inspection hole and the rear wheel steering. According to various reports, the tank was planned to use as a light (5-mm armor) fighting machine to adjust artillery fire. Talking about it, and the staff of the Museum in Kubinka. According to another version the tank could be used for ramming infantry corps (machine weight 1.8 tons).

Under Arrest

Originally posted by girlin-luv

Featuring: Jungkook (BTS)
Genre: Smut
By: Admin L

As requested by you and you! I combined two requests in one - hope you guys don’t mind - it fit together well. :) That might also explain why it’s a bit long. Enjoy! 

‘Tell me how you like it.’

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In an effort to get people to look
into each other’s eyes more,
the government has decided to allot
each person exactly one hundred
and sixty-seven words, per day.

When the phone rings, I put it
to my ear without saying hello.
In the restaurant I point
at chicken noodle soup. I am
adjusting well to the new way.

Late at night, I call my long
distance lover and proudly say
I only used fifty-nine today.
I saved the rest for you.

When she doesn’t respond, I know
she’s used up all her words
so I slowly whisper I love you,
thirty-two and a third times.
After that, we just sit on the line
and listen to each other breathe.

—  Jeffrey McDaniel, “The Quiet World”