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Holy shit, I just realised I’ve had this blog for 6 months (from like a week ago) and just, thank you guys so much? Like just over 1,500 posts later and over 7000 followers and it’s just… that’s so cool. That I’ve been a part of someones fandom experience (hopefully positive, but there were a few… iffy moments), is mind-blowing even if it’s mainly submissions and stuff, which I thank you guys so much for otherwise this blog would be half of what it is. So thank you, I guess? I mean that’s basically what this post is for so yeah… cheers

i went and saw IT tonight and i fucking hate the people on this hellsite i could not stop thinking about those dumb ass pennywise sexual headcanon post and also that fucking dumb dancing gif of him so when that part happened i almost shit myself thanks! i hate it

anyway i’m gonna apply to library school

Doesnt really bother me to much but anyone notice how su songs love to repeat lyrics

I am made o o o off love

O o o off love

O o o off love

Let it stop let it stop let it stop let it stop

Its Okay its okay its okay its okay

Its over isn’t it isn’t it isn’t over

Its over isnt it isnt it isnt it over

What’s the use of feeling

Whats the use of feeling

What’s the use of feeling blue

I wanna be free free (or however escapism goes)

Korrasami Week, Day 8: Appreciation

I’m making this in response to this post.

I’ve gotta say, I’ve always felt a little odd in this fandom. All around me I’ve been surrounded by incredibly talented people - writers who produce epic stories and artists who make the Avatar world breathe with life through their stunning art pieces. And then there’s me… 

I’m sorta your average joe (or Jane in my case…? IDK, anyways…). I’m by no means an author - I can barely produce engaging short stories or poems - I’ve cut back on my time/effort as an artist and I’ve always very much been a lone wolf. I barely have any friends, I’m a socially awkward person with a loud mind and a quiet mouth, I’ve never been a relationship of any kind and I’ve always been plagued with huge insecurities in self-esteem and confidence. I’ve just been that shadow that no one bats an eye to and in all honestly, I’ve been okay with that - I’ve lived a very comfortable life thus far.

However, despite all of this, I’ve never felt this connected to something in such long time - and by that, I mean the Korrasami fandom. My love and passion… our love and passion… for Korra, Asami, their relationship as well as the Avatar universe has made me feel so in-tune with the people involved in this community.

At face-value, it almost seems a little silly doesn’t? To be so invested in a couple of fictional characters intertwined within a beautiful relationship. Except… they’re not just a couple of fictional characters - at least not to me.

Korra and Asami have impacted my life in more ways than I thought was possible. They’ve helped me come to terms with personal aspects of my life, they’ve shown me to persevere through obstacles thrown my way, they’ve taught me to be ambitious, brave and kind and they’ve also taught me to cherish life, family and friends.

Since December 19th, 2014, not a day has gone where these two haven’t been on my mind and I’ve been fortunate enough to share my love for them with so many people on this site. Maybe I haven’t really formed any rock-solid, close friendships as of yet, but I’ve cherished each and every moment I’ve shared with bloggers I’ve chatted with in these past few years. 

* * * * *

Here are a few people I’ve had the honor of speaking with. Check them out if you have the chance:

@threehoursfromtroy– You were one of the first people I’ve really talked with in this fandom. I’ve always been a huge fan of your work and I was EXTREMELY shocked when I received my first message from you months and months ago. It’s not everyday that you get to chat it up with one of your favourite authors after all! We’ve talked about a boatload of things from story ideas to headcanons to some emotional/vulnerable topics and I’ve love every single moment of it! I’ve gotten to see you grow more and more in this fandom and it’s been a beautiful thing to witness! You hold a great place in the Korrasami community and have helped to keep us feeling rejuvenated with your content. Thank you for everything you’ve done and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you!

(Also, thank you for that little appreciation post you made about me. It was very sweet :) ).

@thewillowtree3 – I should hold a grudge against you for making me so emotional all the darn time with your posts, but I just can’t. Your poems, musings and stories are breathtaking and are very indicative of how invested you are in Korra and Asami as a whole. We haven’t chatted beyond a few reblogs and tags, but I’ve loved/cherished every encounter we’ve had thus far! Keep being awesome and stop (but don’t actually stop) making me feel things… <3

(And THANK YOU for the appreciation post as well! You’ve always been such a kind and genuine person :D ).

@guileheroine - Yet again, your another one of my favourite writers that I’ve gotten the chance to talk to (but it’s been hard to keep up with that stupid summer job I had). I think you already know how obsessed I am with your content and how I can’t go over how talented you are at writing these characters (especially within a modern AU type of setting) and I also can’t go over how sweet and kind you are! You’ve been such a joy in this community and I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@fyasamisato - We’ve only kinda indirectly talked with each other through reblogs on posts, but I’ve been a follower of yours for quite some time and I’ve always had a huge affinity for your blog! You always make my mornings after I wake up, pop on to Tumblr and see a whole spew of Korrasami art on my feed! Also, your stories have been an absolute pleasure to read and I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into this fandom <3

@girlkaito - Though we share our differences on pineapple pizza, you’ve made me laugh and smile so much through our encounters! You’re my Asami-esque protector with badass cosplays, awesome art and a huge heart! I absolutely love your blog and I’m so glad we’ve been able to be goofballs with one another!

@bttrys – You already know how much I love you and your art! You always put the biggest smile on my face whenever we chat to each other and I just want you to know that I’ll always be there for you if you need a friend to talk to! Keep rocking on! :D

@damcore568 - I’ve been more of a silent follower of yours for quite some time and I can’t get over how dedicated you’ve been to the Korrasami family! It’s amazing to have some like you on our side creating stories, making posts and reblogging content involving our two favourite girls. I really love your blog and everything you do for this community :D!

* * * * *

But most of all, I would like to send my utmost gratification out to every single person who decided to press the “follow” button on this blog. Whether or not you’re into Korrasami, whether or not you create stories or draw - none of that matters because you all are so important to me! After all, some of my favourite times on this site have been through chatting with you lovely people via anonymous inboxes and messages. 

Simple likes and reblogs always put a smile on my face as it shows how much you all love and care about the Avatar universe. Together, each and everyone of us have created a huge Team Avatar family through our love of ATLA and TLOK! 

I love all of you my friendos and I hope I get to the oppurtunity to know more of you in the future!

Stay awesome <3

Oh man, I always forget how cute the Hotch&Garcia scene at the beginning of ‘Boxed In’ is. Hotch talking at 500 miles an hour as he rattles off a list of instructions to Garcia, Garcia joking about the number of acronyms he used by saying “consider it D-O-N-E”, “Garcia, I owe you another one” “No you don’t, get out of here”, wishing each other a happy Halloween as Hotch practically bounces down the stairs, Garcia’s “eek!” in response, Hotch’s really chipper “see ya!”, Garcia’s grin and delighted chuckle…

What good nerds and what a good scene.

And then it’s followed up by Hotch continuing to be his slightly awkward but adorable and earnest self as he’s supplied with a mysterious costume-in-a-box and also flirted with by Garcia’s well-connected friend (who Of Course is a drag queen fortune teller because Garcia is a magnet for weird and wonderful people).

And then he gets home, bounds across his living room carrying this giant cardboard box (”I come bearing gifts!”) and excitedly reveals to an equally excited Jack that he managed to find him a screen-accurate kids Darth Vader costume the day before Halloween, not only grinning his face off in the process but also doing a Darth Vader impression.

Gosh I love him.


books read in 2017: the grisha trilogy (leigh bardugo)

“You know the problem with heroes and saints, Nikolai?“ I asked as I closed the book’s cover and headed for the door. "They always end up dead.”

Take a Break - Attie/Julian Drabble

[Note: There is a cut, which might not be seen on mobile]


Attie’s voice came out more annoyed than they intended, but it was hard to avoid after having their book snatched from their hands. They squinted at the doctor suspiciously, arms crossing in front of them as they leaned away from the shop counter to regard the red-head fully.

“You’ve been working too hard. I think it’s time for you to take a much-needed break,” Julian replied, closing the spell book and setting it to the side. He was smiling at them, but Attie could see the underlying concern behind it.

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the job interview was good! they were very friendly and the lady that interviewed me was covered in piercings. one of the things i had to do was i had to go and choose items from the shop floor. one that i thought was a best seller, one that i thought was a staple item that all stores had and one that i thought didnt sell too well. thing is, a few days ago i was in the shop and i heard someone who must have been the manageror osmething say to one of the workers “the chargers are 50% of the tech income” so when i was in the interview i chose that as bestselling and the lady was like “thats spot on! chargers are 50% of what we sell from the tech section even though they only have 2 rows” and i was like B) wow really B) thats so cool B)