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Reader X John Shelby

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It was one of those awful nights again. Those nights where you spent tossing and turning and the twins were kicking you relentlessly. Eventually you gave up all hope of nodding off as you pulled yourself upright in bed.

“Everything alright darlin’?” John said sleepily as he turned over to face you.

“Yeah it would be if I could get some sleep, the twins just won’t stop kicking me - they’re driving me mad!” You whined, rubbing you hand across your stomach.

“They’re definitely Shelby babies, already little fighters.” John chuckled as he propped himself up on his elbow.

“Well I wish they’d stop, they’re leaving me feeling bruised and agitated.” You complained.

“Maybe daddy should talk to them, y'know tell them to give you a break.” John suggested, getting all excited like he usually did whenever the twins were brought up in conversation. Despite his fearsome reputation as one of the Shelby brothers he was in fact a complete softie where the babies were concerned, you loved being one of the very few to see this side of him.

“I’m at that point where I’m willing to try anything.” You grouched, leaning your head against the headboard.

John shuffled down the bed while moving your slip up allowing him to soothingly massage your exposed swollen belly.

“Hey fellas it’s your Pa here.” He began, his face mere inches away.

“Woah hold on a minute! We don’t know their gender, you can’t assume they’re boys.” You interrupted.

“They’re boys trust me, if the Shelby family tree is anything to go by then they are.” John countered. “Anyway boys, as I was saying before your mother rudely interrupted.” He continued despite you smacking him lightly on the arm in jest. “You need to give your Ma a break from the kicking, I know you both want to play active roles in the family business but they’ll be plenty of time for that when you get older. Let her rest for now.” He lectured before placing a kiss on either side of your stomach.

For the first time in two hours the kicking finally subsided much to your amazement. “Wow I think it has genuinely worked, they’ve stopped.” You sighed in relief.

“Of course they have, from now on call me the baby whisperer.” John laughed as he gave you a cheeky kiss.

December {l.h.}

this is loosely based off December by Neck Deep lmao enjoooooyyy (also don’t forget to like/reblog if you enjoyed reading it!)

Luke’s car took a left turn and then another, bringing him back to where he was parked before; in front of her house where he could see her bedroom window. He’s probably gone around the block a thousand times, stopping in front of her house every time and trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need to talk to her. He just needs to see her one more time before he leaves.

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**don’t delete text or you will never meet a magical bunny**

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