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Me when Square Enix releases a survey for FFXV’s future content and you can only vote once and all of the options should’ve been in the game since day 1:

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For those of you who were interested, the companion fic to Red’s angst fest is below the cut, in Liz’s perspective. *pulls blanket over head*

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Geno is leading the league in scoring this playoffs with 24 points and yet people don’t talk about him when it comes to players to watch? Like wtf????????

I was looking through my doodles and found a cute one I decided to finish.

it kind of amuses me that every time I see a victuuri angel/demon au it’s always ‘innocent angel yuuri’ and 'seductive demon victor’ bc yall are forgetting that the gpf is an actual thing that happened. I mean, sure, your little innocent angel yuuri katsudon katsuki got drunk off his ass, stripped, pole danced, seduced the figure skating legend, and then left him for months to die of blue balls bc he forgot all about it in the morning like some inconsequential fling he has dozens of

like, come on now 

MariChat Fic Rec 2017 Pt.2

It’s that time again!  (⊙‿⊙✿) –was that time, but! ten more, here ya go~

<<Day 1-10

Day 11 - Age-up Marinette

Day 12 - Sleepover

Day 13 - SIN

Day 14 - Age-up Chat Noir

Day 15 - Something Sweet

Day 16 - Flowers

Day 17 - Balcony Visits

Day 18 - Rejection

Day 19 - Identity reveal

Day 20 - Night on the Town

Thank you again writers and readers alike!

I feel like I missed a few, message me if the link’s wonky, or to add a fic.

Ryan Potter Gif Pack

Under the cut you’ll find #27 gifs of actor Ryan Potter from various videos. He is of Japanese and Ashkenazi Jewish descent, so please cast him accordingly. All gifs are hq, textless, and were made by me. Please do not redistribute, crop into icons without permission, or upload into your own gif packs. If you find this pack helpful, a like or reblog would always be appreciated.  

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OMG OMG OMGGGGGGGG!!!! The company I applied for, like, about a month ago, finally FINALLY called me!! I was already losing hope when they didn’t call me within the week I applied, but I still WAITED. And after all these weeks, it finally happened today! TvT Also, this might sound strange but I’ve been getting this feeling since last night as if something were about to happen. I’m glad something did happen, that something GOOD did happen! Now I’m up for the final interview (the third one to be exact) this coming Tuesday, AND I SWEAR I’M GONNA GET THIS ONE!


I’ve been drawing for maybe four hours and I personally think my arm looks awesome ^-^ Hope you guys like it a little too! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, I got really really drained from all the moving stuff and thinking about things and aaaaa right now all I can do is talk a little, draw, and watch youtube :/ sorry. As soon as I get a little better I’ll try my best to reblog more amazing art :) but for now I need to relax and rest. So I hope maybe this makes up for it a little but probably not :)) so oh well! I hope everyone has a really nice day!!!

  • Lance: Hey! Hey Hunk!Come over here!
  • Hunk: Lance, bud, what are you about to drag me into now?
  • Lance: Don't worry! Trust me, you'll love this! *pulls out some kind of alien vegetable* *places it right next to where Keith is sitting*
  • Hunk: Wha-
  • Lance: SHHH SHSH!! Ahem, hey Keith?
  • Keith: *turns* what Lan- *sees vegetable* *jumps five feet in the air and runs away*
  • Hunk: Holy crap, he's such a cat!
  • Lance: I know!

“Says the actress of her and Joseph Fiennes’ characters: ”[Fiennes and I] are the villains. Suddenly Trump is elected, and all this negative behavior comes to light. I start seeing these parallels between [my character’s] actions and what Trump’s doing. It’s in a weird way an inspiration but also a horrid parallel.“

Yvonne Strahovski photographed April 21 at The Beekman in New York for Hollywood Reporter [x]

“were you always this tall?”
“about the same height as you when I was your age.”
“how do i get as tall as you?”
“… don’t be so picky about the food Tessai-san cooks, you’ll be as tall as me in no time.”
“seriously. do i ever lie?”  


(translation in captions.)

Don’t have enough twitter doodles piled up yet to share here, (soon though, soon,) but apparently 5/23 is Kiss Day. Or something. So I did this.

Well, not like I needed much excuse. ¯\_(~o<o )_/¯