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Fred- Hiding part 1

Y/N woke up to the familiar sound of three month old Sirius fussing. Sound travelled in the small two bedroom Diagon Alley apartment fast. Y/N began to sit up when the fussing stopped. She turned to the other side of the bed to see her husband Fred missing from his side of the bed. She smiled. Fred adored Sirius. Every moment he could spare from Weasley Wizard Wheezes, he spent with Y/N and their baby. Wanting to see a moment between the two Y/N slowly crept out of bed and towards Sirius’s bedroom.

Fred held the soft baby. Laying Sirius down on his lap the little boy looked up at his father.Sirius’s big brown eyes observed him curiously. Although only three months old. Sirius had a full head of curly black hair. He was the spitting image of Y/N’s father Sirius Black. Sirius began to baby talk as if in his short three months on the earth he had so much to tell his father about. “ I know.” Fred cooed back holding Sirius’s tiny hands. Y/N watched at the door holding in her giggles as Fred cooed just as she did. Sirius soon discovered his hands and could no longer focus on Fred. “Oh, I see how it is. Your hands are more interesting than your old man.” Fred said jokingly disappointed. Y/N couldn’t hold back her giggles any longer. Fred looked up to the door. “ How long have you been there?” “ Long enough.” Y/N walked in. “ Good morning my two lovely boys.” Sirius heard his mother’s voice and took his hand out of his mouth and squealed. “ Oh I see, Mummy is your favourite?” Fred said handing Sirius over to Y/N. “ You’d be the favourite too if you were his every meal.”

Y/N began to get Fred ready for work. She began making his breakfast in the kitchen handing Fred a now full and very content Sirius.Fred sat with Sirius reading the Daily Prophet. Sirius’s eyes darted from moving photo to moving photo fascinated by the moving figures. Fred gave a small smile. If Sirius were older he would know the Prophet was now filled with war and the new government propaganda. Alast, Sirius watched blissfully unaware of the world around him. “ Love? Could you turn on the radio?” Y/N reached over the counter as she buttered toast and the radio turned on. Instead of the usual quidditch matches and helpful household potions the radio was full of grim news and the names of the dead. Fred and Y/N listened every morning hoping no one they knew would be called off. The part that upset Y/N the most was the ages after people’s names. “Henry Waterstone aged 29,Sarah Waterstone aged 27, and Emelia Waterstone aged 7 months.” Y/N felt her heart sink. Would Sirius’s name ever play on the old warn out radio? Fred felt the same feeling of dread as he looked at his wife growing paler. “ Turn it off Love. Let’s eat something.”

It was hard for Y/N to eat breakfast hearing of all the lives senselessly lost. She soon snapped out of her haze when Sirius started to whine. They say children can sense their parents emotions and Sirius seemed to be proof. “ You’re okay little man.” Fred said scooping Sirius up in one arm bouncing the baby up and down. Sirius let out a tiny giggle causing both of his parents to smile again. Y/N quickly looked at the clock. “ Oh Freddie! You’re late! George won’t appreciate opening up alone again. Here give em here.” Fred frown. Handing over his son. “ I’ll be home as soon as possible. Love you!” Fred stole a quick kiss before rushing out the door. “ Love you more!” Y/N called out from the doorway.

“Alright Sirius we have a busy day ahead.” Y/N said as Sirius lay on Y/N’s bed struggling to get to his feet. Becoming frustrated he yelled at his feet. “ Now now. Here have a teething ring. Okay we have laundry, dishes, sweeping and it’s mopping up day as well. Somewhere we need to fit going to the market and visiting your father for lunch. We can do it right?” Sirius chewed happily on his bright blue teething ring. Y/N placed Sirius gently in his cot in the living room. She combed his curly black hair out of his face. “ You have so much hair. I’ll have to give it a cut soon. You’ll be a ladies man like your father I just know it. Probably a prankster too. I’ll get tons of letters from your headmaster.” Sirius giggled as if knowing the future mischief he would cause. “ Alright. Let’s get ready for today.”

To Y/N’s surprised Fred rushed through the door an hour later. “ Fred?” Y/N asked perplexed as she did the dishes. “ Death eaters are on the street. We gotta get out of here.” He said in a calm but, stern voice. Y/N quickly dropped the plate in her hand into the sink. “Our documents are in our wedding box in the bedroom. I’ll pack Sirius’s things.” Y/N ran into Sirius’s bedroom where he lay quietly having a nap in his white washed crib. Y/N picked up her hospital bag. She threw an array of clothes and Sirius’s favourite toys in the bag. A huge bang at the door made Y/N jump. Sirius woke up from his nap and began to cry. Y/N scooped him up in her arms and hastily wrapped a green blanket around him. She headed toward the door. Fred had his wand pointed at the door. “ Who is it?” Fred asked above a whisper. “ It’s George. We need to leave now.” George said behind the warn maple door.Y/N grabbed her wand and followed Fred out the door without a second glance at their peaceful Diagon Alley apartment.

Down the stairs Fred and George peered around the door frame. Death Eaters had destroyed most of the shops leading to the apartment. “ Okay. We need to get out of Diagon Alley. I can fetch a cab to take us to Mum’s. I’ll go first. Then Y/N come behind me and Fred will keep an eye out for the back.” George whispered. Y/N nodded. She silently said to herself. Sirius baby, please don’t cry. Glass smashed with a large green bolts of light hitting the shop beside them. Sirius’s big brown eyes bugged out of his tiny head. Big tears threatened to give them away. Thinking fast Fred put a teething ring in Sirius’s mouth before he could cry out. “ Y/N, listen to me. George and I will make a distraction. I need you to take Sirius and run as fast as you can to the edge of Diagon Alley. Don’t look back.Get to the Burrow. George and I will meet you when we’re finished here. Do you understand?” Fred loaded the backpack of important documents onto Y/N’s back. Before Y/N could protest, Fred and George ran out into the street.

Y/N ran down the cobblestone Alleyways dodging bits of old shops she had once enjoyed getting her school supplies for another year at Hogwarts. A bolt of green light went past Y/N’s head. “ Stop!” A voice yelled from behind her. A dead end. Her back against a grey wall.She could no longer suppress Sirius’s cries. He belted out his tiny cries. Three black hooded figures stood in front of her. “ Papers!” They demanded. Y/N shakingly reached in her backpack. “ Hurry!” The voices shouted causing Sirius to scream louder. With a shaking hand she handed her identity papers. “ Pure blood half Malfoy and Half Black.” One said to the others. “ What about the child? Is it a half blood?” Y/N violently shook her head. Managing to suppress Sirius’s cries to a whine. “ Papers!” Y/N riffled through her bag and pulled out his birth certificate. “ Pureblood half Black and…half Weasley? So half blood traitor?!” The hooded figure threw the birth certificate on the floor and stomped on it. “ Take them.” The one said to the other two. “ Please don’t do this! He’s just a baby!” “Shut up! You’re lucky i’m not just taking the child!” Behind the hooded man a boom caught there attention. A barrage of fireworks caused the three hooded figures to desperately dodge the flames. Fred and George jumped through the smoke. Stunning the men. Fred yanked Y/N off the grounds. “Run!”

Outside the Diagon Alley walls were still unsafe. Fred reassured George that he could handle everything from this point and he could go home to his own wife and children. Y/N sat shaking on a park bench waiting for Arthur to arrive with a friend’s car to pick them all up. Fred sat beside her and pulled her close. “ It’s going to be alright.” Sirius bundled in his dinosaur blanket slept blissfully unaware of his parents anxiety. “ we were almost the names on the radio Fred…” Fred kissed Y/N’s forehead. “ I would never let that happen. You and Sirius are my world and i’ll be damned if I let those pure blood pricks take that away from me. We’ll make it. When this war is over Sirius will never have to worry about a death eaters or even a war. We’re doing this for his future.” Y/N gave a sad smile. “ I just want Sirius to be safe…” “ I know baby. Me too.”

Now knowing Sirius’s life was in danger the Weasley family gathered around the dinner table. “ We have two options.” Arthur said firmly at the table. “ We can lay low here and have the risk of being attacked or, we can go into hiding. I can’t promise everyone will be together.” Silence fell on the table. Molly sat blankly stirring her tea. “I don’t want everyone scattered across Britain.” Molly finally said. “ This war is bad enough without having to split this family up. Who knows how long this could last. Days…months and maybe even years.” Arthur sighed. “Molly you and I know we are not on the death eaters good list. If…if they find out Ron is with Harry we’ll be seen as a threat and hunted down. Maybe I can arrange something for Fred and Y/N..although with a baby in toe it might not be easy.” Y/N peered down at Fred’s hands on the table. His knuckles were white and clenched. Sirius began to fuss. “ Excuse me.” Y/N rushed away from the table tears welling in her eyes.

She sat in Fred’s childhood bedroom he shared with his twin George. Memories of wanting a moment of alone time to steal a kiss amongst the chaos of siblings came flooding back. Y/N fed Sirius with thoughts going through her mind of dread. Will we be separated? How long will this war last? They had left their whole life in London in an instant. Everything they have worked for their shop, their home and, belongings were gone. With only the clothes on their back and Sirius’s belongings. Y/N wiped tears from her eyes. She was stronger then this. Before she had Sirius nothing made her cry but, the prospect of something happening to Fred and Sirius was too much. The doorknob jiggled. Y/N quickly gained her composure as Fred came through the door. Without saying a word he crouched down on the floor in front of Y/N while Sirius laid on her lap. “ I’ve saved up some money stored away. Dad and I agreed it would be best to get Sirius fake identity papers. He doesn’t look like a Weasley.” Fred gave a soft sad smile looking at the sleeping Sirius. “ That way. If you or him get caught you he wouldn’t be attached to the Weasley name. Percy knows someone who can get them for tomorrow evening. Then we’ll leave here.” Y/N’s heart was broken. This war would take her son’s name. “ Where are we going?” “ I don’t know…we are not to tell anybody we are leaving. Not even George and Poppy. We leave after dinner tomorrow.” Y/N’s tears were too heavy to hold anymore. Her shoulders shook as she tried to silence her sobs. Fred got up and sat beside her on the bed. He was wiping away his own silent tears. Sirius lay fast asleep.

Meeting Brad on a Train The Vamps Imagine

The best thing about living away at University was being able to get on the train with your suitcase and know that you were on your way home.  I study English Literature down in London, and although I only live in Manchester, I don’t visit home as often as I should. We’re so bogged down by work and reading that I just get cooped up in the University bubble and forget that I actually have family and a dog that are desperate to see me at home. This is why I’m so thankful for Reading Weeks. I’ve booked my train home, reserved my seats and I’m so hyped to get back to my bedroom and my friends and of course my dog.

Dragging my suitcase behind me, I excused my way through the station being careful not to hurt anyone, and occasionally standing on a few people’s feet. I’d already got my tickets from the little machine, so I just needed to find my platform. That’s the one thing I hate about train stations; platforms. They’re just so confusing, and London Euston station reminds me of an airport, the whole having to wait for your train to be called thing doesn’t do for me. I take my seat next to an old couple who are sharing their cheese sandwiches; talk about relationship goals and open my book on my lap. We’ve been given a copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ to have finished by the end of the week, so I best get started now. The thing I like about being asked to read things is that it’s not like work for me, because I genuinely enjoy getting out a book and losing myself in a plot and a character. Do I sound nerdy?

The 18:45 Virgin Train Service to Manchester Piccadilly will be departing from Platform 4”

I pick my head up from my book, shove it quickly in my bag and route around for my tickets. I can see everyone rushing to the platform and I’m so glad my mum made me reserve my tickets. I didn’t think this train was going to be so busy; what’s great about Manchester anyway. I finally find my train tickets at the bottom of my bag, as always, pick up my case and make my way to platform 4. I’m on Coach B, Seat 56 so I make my way down. I’m helped by one of the stewards to lift my case onto the train and then make my way down to my seat, only to find that it’s been taken.
“Excuse me, um, Hi”
The man, his wife and their two children look at me, shocked.
“I think you’re sat in my seats”
“Well I think you’re mistaken, we’ve booked these seats”
“That’s strange, it says I’m sat here too”
I show  the man my ticket, looking around me the train is beginning to fill up, there’s nowhere for me to sit.
“There must have been some mistake” he replies, handing me my ticket back and showing me his own.  “We’re not moving so go and find somewhere else”.
“I’m sorry?”
“I said go and find somewhere else to sit, we’re not moving from here”
“There’s no need to take that attitude with this young lady sir”
I turn around to see one of the staff, who work on the train, looking down and the man and his family.
“But she’s demanding we move, there’s been a fault with your company clearly as these seats are double booked. And because we were here first, we will not be moving from this train. Finished.”
“Well sir, if you’re going to take that attitude, we’re going to have to move this young lady to another seat on the train…If you’d like to follow me madam”
The young man looked at me, smiled, and started to walk down the train. Dragging my suitcase behind me, I followed him. I didn’t know where he was planning on taking me; the train was already full as it was. Then we entered the first class section of the train. It was quiet, almost empty in fact. I guess people just won’t pay the prices.
“Excuse me, I didn’t pay for a first class ticket”
“I know you didn’t but because there’s been a mix up in the system, and because you booked a seat on the train, take this as our apology to you. You’ve been upgraded”
He smiled, and then made his way back down the train to check that everything was in order. Talk about a strange journey.

Picking up my heavy case, I tried to put it on the baggage stand, but I was having a little bit of trouble. I’m not the strongest person in the world, and this suitcase was not playing along with me.
“Need some help?” A guy with long hair and a beard asked.
“Um, yeah…sorry” I laughed
“Don’t worry about it” He smiled, picking up the case straight away and walking away back to his friends. There were five of them, who were sat on the next table opposite me. I took a seat by the window, put my headphones in and re-opened my book as I watched the train whiz past the beautiful British Countryside. One of the guys sat opposite, with curly hair and beautiful brown eyes couldn’t stop staring at me. I didn’t think much of it at first, but every time I’d look up, his eyes would be focused on me, and he’d smile. I smiled back, being friendly as you do, and continued to read my book. Do you ever have music playing and just forget that your playlist had stopped because you’re so into the book you’re reading? Well that’s what happened to me. I was in a trance. I was in the world of Gatsby.
“Brad stops staring at her man!”
I looked up to see the curly haired boy still staring, and his friend next to him, a tall skinny boy, nudging him and laughing.
“I’m so sorry if he’s creeping you out”
Taking my headphones out, I looked at the boy and asked what he’d said
“I said, my friend here thinks you’re beautiful!”
The curly haired boy was blushing in the corner, as his friend continued to laugh.
“SHUT UP MAN!” The curly haired boy shouted, digging his elbow into his friends side
“Yeah Tris, stop it man”

I shook my head and laughed at the boys childish antics and put my book away. There’s only so much reading you can do in one day. I put my headphones back in and started on my new playlist. The 1975 & The Kooks; my favourite bands. Putting my head against the window, I watched the world pass me by. The next thing I know, I the light next to me is blocked by a shadow and I see the curly haired boy stood over me. I think he’s been speaking to me but I’ve not been able to hear him.
Taking my headphones out, I look up at him
“I said, was that the Kooks you were listening too?”
“Yeah it was!” I smiled
“Awesome band” He replied taking a seat opposite me
“Oh god, was I playing my music that loud?”
“Just a little, but you were playing some tunes, so it’s all good by me”
I looked down and laughed.
“Brad” He said, holding out his hand
“(Y/N)” I replied, shaking it.
“So, I’d like to apologise for my friend being an absolute dick before”
“Oh, It’s er, it’s no problem”e He lhhh
“But I’d like to take you out some time”
I looked at this guy, this guy I hadn’t even known for five minutes, this guy who was asking me out on a date.
“You know nothing about me…”
“But I’d like to get to know you. Listen, I’ll leave you my number okay, if you want to meet up some time, give me a ring, and I’ll be happy to hear from you”
He wrote his number down quickly on a napkin and walked back to his friend, flashing me a quick smile.

I picked up the napkin and tapped his number into my phone. I mean, he was cute, and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Plus he had a great taste in music. If I just text him for a little while, and if we don’t get along, I don’t have to speak to him again do I?
Hi” I text
I looked over to see him feeling for his phone in his pocket, he picked it up and looked straight up at me. I gave him a smile and we talked for the rest of the train journey.

That was the day I first met my boyfriend, Brad Simpson; that cheeky lad from Birmingham with insanely curly hair.


I will say it once, and I will happily say it again and again.


There they are, moaning about him and why their women are swooning over him. Well, gents, here is the proof.

He is a well dressed, beautifully spoken, intelligent man who is serious when he needs to be, and can poke fun at himself when the occasion allows as well.

He’s exceptionally hard working and focused.

And foremost, he shows his woman the utmost respect, attention and care at all times.

This Valentines Day, don’t bother with the corporate shit. Take your ladies out somewhere they can get dressed to the nines and then treat her like the queen she is. Pull out a chair, keep your focus on her, give her your coat.

Chivalry isn’t dead!! It’s alive in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch and every male out there really needs to learn from him!!!!